Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on May 27, 1957 · Page 13
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 13

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, May 27, 1957
Page 13
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FOURTEEN _ EVENING TIMES, CUMBEKLANU, Ml)., MONDAY, SI AY 27, 1057 licst Liiid Plung Always Fold U|> EMPJHE. Ore. Mi-David 01- Bon, 61, was preparing to move from a trailer house into a four- room collage. Dial I'A 2-4600 for a WANT Al> Taker While lie was away, some onej lne trough. Self-Service liELLKVJLLJC, II). lift — Oscar E. Lehman doc.sii'1 have lo bother filling the water trough lor his year-old llolstein bull. The animal lakes care of it himself, using a horn to hold down Hie liandlc of a faucet (hat loads lo Mary Haworth's MaU Small Change Kdilor's Note: llon> find tme love? And how lie sli-onK? Asks sir! %vho laVts life loo seriously. DEAR MARY HAWOHTII: I broke into the trailer and stole] Northernmost town in the Unit-amln"average 2l" Jus clothing, groceries and „ Kim cd States is Penasse, Minn., at «j who maybe thinks ' a little loo girl , ., That night the cottage burncdldogrces 22 minutes north lali- P oi sy aboulife lo (lie ground. itude. ' Drink to your health . . . There's a world of good health and energy in every glass of Queen City milk you drink. That's because milk is nature's wonder food . . . packed wirh the body-buifding food values you need to really get the most out of life! And it tastes good, too! Drink 3 glasses of Queen City every day 'My main QuEEnCrry ^^I^BBHMHMBMT ^mmmmJ DAIRY 31 D S. Mechanic St. Dial PA 4-0400 The ONLY Dairy in Western Md. With COMPLETE Daily Laboratory Control! thoughts concern the future, and 1 flounderingly try to gain a solid approach to life, by which 1 can be strong .and a person whom I would admire. Another of. my main thoughts is a quest to find true love, fell really in love a few years ago and lost him. It seems to ;have laken something out of me ;but jt left i))e stronger (had f was before. 1 have tried to fall it. jlove again, but. things jusl don't work mil. My philosophy is. choose the man. then fait in love. Sounds sensible, doesn't it? Yes, hut ; there's one thing missing. Someone I have known only a short time found out my sccrel .desire for love, and told me: "To [find love you must have love in iyour heart." 1 have begun lo | realize tliat that is what's missing in my solid approach lo life and love. I don't really love people any more. 1 try to be a good Christian, but there are selfish m fives in everything t do. I want to have love in my heart, and I want to share it. But I honestly don'l know where lo begin. Miss Haworlh, please tell me how to love.—B.C. • DEAU B.G.: Self-understanding does much (o correct a great deal that is wrong with most of us. J think. At least it lights up the darkness in which we had been lost before, ami encourage; us to do what can be done, to put things right. The fact that you wish lo be strong in life indicates that, deep down in your nature, you feel weak, helpless and threatened — as if shorn of all protection by outside sources. As if nobody cares for you at all, not even your parents! And this conviction, for which there may he some slight founda- lion — say, of maternal neglect; or of lifelong family favoritism towards a brother or sister — is probably at the root of your whole problem. That is, your problem of thinking loo much — worrying, rcaaly — and rot going out to meet life in an enthusiast!: self-forgetful spirit. Furthermore, your desire to be a person whom you could admire suggests that your real self lias been pretty severely slighted b\ certain powerful influences your background _ authorities who reared you, teachers whr bossed you, and the like. Maybe you were often criticiz ed. scolded, overlooked, pushe aside, and compared to others more admired, in your formativ early years; and lectured on ho'. | the ideal child should behave, s 'as to win grown-ups' approval. The effect of that sort ot thins on a sensitive love-hungry younj ster is to make him or her fee unaccountably inferior, apologeti and, finally, defensive and stoic— hardly daring to feel, much 'to show, any attachment (or al traction) (o anyone, or any dc sire lo be Icnderly chcrishec :iThe proposition is something lib avlng a person out in the cold, nlil he is frozen stiff — then ondermg why he isn't more armly alive! Figuratively speaking, youi 'VC-fcelings have been refrigcr led, and your self-cslcein is .-city ragged, like a floweiint anl that's being picked lo ieces by persons who ought lo now better. You should be growing natural , iinself-consciously, from the Ciller of yourself, warmed and ourishcd by sympathetic approv 1 from significant sources ms becoming the personality ou were horn (o be. Bui, in lead, you've been frying to tun ourself into a magnolia, let's ay, when nature intended yot o be a rose. You've been trying lo grow ac ording lo a pattern not you — pattern that has roots in .some ody else's feelings about you feelings llial are none lo kindly galher). Love is a by-product of self especl, an overflow of good celing ahoul self, a delight in ' ig that spontaneously lake thers lo heart. To get the pitch ou ought lo have two or three ood talks with a firstrale psy hologist, who will teach you ir eact from your soul — not will azed reference lo critics' view — in being you.—M.II. WOMEN'S White Play Shoes Thursday • Friday • Saturday _ s^»*^ft.i3^£;S2£f BOYS 1 AND GIRIS' | SANDAIS! ^179 i 1 $2.00 Value Mon'i and Eoys' .Tennis Shoes Womerv'i and Children's Canvas Oxfords 199 MIN'S end BOYS' BEACHCOMBER FULL FOAM CUSHION INSOLE CANTON, Ohio Uv-The Uniled ilatcs mints did NOT make a hin dime in 195fi says Eugene Can- o! Canton. One at 16 mem- >ers of an assay commission ap- minted by President Eisenhower -'arr helped in the check to see loday. liat 216,055,100 dimes produced asl year were all the right thick I la counsels throuKh her column, not Ly mail or persona! interview, wrile to her in car« of The Kvening Tlmtj, CKmj; Features Syndicate) Jose de San Marlin, who play d a leading part in helping Ar eutina, Chile and Peru to ome independent of Spain, ailed the Napoleon of Veteran W. Va. State Policeman Retires CHARLESTON Wl - LI. H. A. McClung, a veteran o[ almost 21 years with the West Virginia Stale Police, is retiring effective June 10, Supt. Hazcn H. Fair announced McClung, an electrical engineering graduate of North Carolina Slate College, will leave soon to accept an engineering position in private industry in Florida. Since 1946, McClung has hecn 1341 a s s i g n e d to department headquarters in the capital here, handling administrative and personnel mutters. He joined Hie department in 193C. He served two years in parlinont headquarters, then wa( stationed al Logan from 1938 t* On military leave from the SlaU Police during World War II, In served in Hie Navy as a communications officer and also as a military government officer in Korea. heads agree: Calvert tastes better Clear-headed men prefer the Calvert taste. The reason? Every drink, every bottle is dependable, constant in taste and quality! Calvert Notiiing finer in American taste •150 4/5 01. I i., PINT AMERICA!) BLENDtD WHISKEY • SB PROOF • 65S GRAIN NEUTRAt SPIRITS A bright new car a powerful engine... ULTRA-HIGH OCTANE GASOLINE! New CROWN GOLD with ,h. 0 ,her highest octane premium gasolines, Ye, i, cos* you much THE FINEST FUEL THE FINEST CARS CAN USEI Here s a new gasoline that supplies full pomr, yet comes to you al less coat than other ultra-high octane gasolines! How has Crown been able to refine a better gasoline at a louvr cost? Crow was the pioneer in high octane gasoline. And when the power demands of ultra-high compression cars called for a richer fuel, Crown research and experience came up with the answer. Not only an ultra-high octane luel, but a fuel as fine as any on the market today-oi much less cost per gallon! If you want to know the fuli beauty and power of ultra-high compression performance-then treat that wonderful car of CHOWN • For users of repilar fssoRrw CROWN ©DDff offers Storting Pwfwmaoc* at rep** price! CROWN CENTRAL PETROLEUM CORPORATION P'Q'teer in titgh Qclene PliOUUCElis . REFINERS • MAKKKTRHS GENERAL OFFICES-BALTIMORE. MU.

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