Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on May 27, 1957 · Page 12
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 12

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, May 27, 1957
Page 12
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Taker EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD,, MONDAY, MAY 27 Strawberry Sweetheart Cake Makes Ideal Shower Dessert By GAYNOK MAlinov i ' i * i TM.. ..i i._ t/u\t f \ 13 (;cj«e s sliou'er luncheon. Whcn!nrnxim;iiplv sssn fnr •?<; annexe M,^^^,',.^ ..„—i:~.. 1057 By GAYNOK MADDOX cJkc nnke? Vb r ry , f vcctlloa 'l!'"o recipe is doubled cake makes a lovely des scrl for | as .. twin cakcs „ U)D cosl . »« f " Young Grantsville FRESH DREST FRYING CHICKENS lb . 430 Cut-up if you wish Genuine GronltvjIU Boneless CANNED HAMS Ready To Eat lb. 75f! HAMS SUFjar Cu,.d Hitkory Smoked Whslt only j. . (10 lo IJ lb>.( ... li,. OIC Picnic Hams Ready lo col Q7 (6 lo 8 Ibv] Ib. J 1 C Spiced Lunihton Meol J1Q er Sltrnllii W,,,,,,, lb, *t>JC Boiling Beef RIB or « Q BRISKE1 Ib C9C ECONOMY Beef SteaJ< T-BONl or Rib Roast 55c 39c Impoffed Conned PICNIC HAMS •»»• (6 lo 8 Ibt.) Ib lOC EVERYTHING A/^ FOR YOUR *W«ifcs PICNIC LVHCHEQH ^P^pf Hot Cups ; c'i oi «' iq r Paper Plates :<*?. ,< Combination 'Ys-'A Plastic Spoons ••*•> Sandwich Bags '^ Paper Napkins p- 3 iUC s> 17 C :; H rw 39c •=' " 19c I5c, 17c, 18c New Freih Roa Jumbo Can Iceberg Lett Col, ft,, Celt SANDW VVUNE Silver Milt lumbo Pea Goc Smal Canned 4 MM HOUAND HAMS loch 1 •*•» Smoked Taslies B on el « 11 — Icon (1'i Ib. avgj SimiJai to Cafidian Bo ton ontl Kolf at cheap! < 69c Filth Ground Hamburger *• 38c Potatoes 15 £79c No. l v/hin, siing Ears 4 '- 28c (Jonn 79c) taloupes °<h 35c uce . 2 "•''«'•• 35c ^io kfu 0 ., 11. )IQj» "j i. iiaik ' «iyc (ICH SOUS or MM « SUNS pl "- "' 8 A£C Cow or Carnation [ Q tail cant QQC nut Butter 'V 35c aCoia 6^ 25c I STORE HOURS—7 o. m. to 10 p. m. DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAY CLOSED ALL DAY THURSDAY — MAY 30th 1 SELF SERVICE 412 VIRGINIA AVE, - FREE DELIVERY - PA 4-3260 Friday Fare New Kish Chowder Pilot Crackers Celery and Olives Apple Pic and Cheese Beverage New i''ish Chowder Ingredients: 1 pound fish fil diced raw potatoes, 'i cup slice carrots, l bay leaf, '.» teaspoon •r 5 to 8 minutes or tinlil fish akes cosily when tested with > thyme.' •'« teaspoon nutmeg, Vt <or '«. Remove bay leaf. Add cay aside to soak. Cook salt pork! wedding reception menu. .Strawberry Sweetheart Cake Mix ] package whije cake mix according to package directions, "•tiding *i teaspoon pure vanilla ixlracl along with the liquid ingredients. Bake according lo di- . . 'cclions on package in two well-! If. " Vo " ul '"».<.•«', z fupsim imgc saucepan unui nghllyl ireased, waxed, paper- lined,'" 1 ' ' tup '' Bllt C1 'eara. 1 cupjbrowned. Add garlic, union and! icart-shaped layer cake pans, ii er [ is ' 10 < 1 saltines. V t cup cul>ed;celc-ry and uver low heat cook I nch deep. Cool on wire rack. sa " |)ork ' 1 clovc garlic 'inine-juntit vegetables are softened,! Meanwhile, soften t leas-poon C ,• !'" Cl ! pcl ' opJ>cdon ' 0 "'''' cu P! slirri "S often. Add water, po- ! unflavored gelatin in 1 tablespoon'?--—J:-_ r - Vl J_. cup _ *'alcr.J^cijp latocs. carrots, hay leaf, thymej .•old water. Place over hot water , , , [ami nutmeg. Cover and cook 10! o dissolve. Fold gelatin into j llearl cakc '5350', coffee <$I,12>,'minutes. Add fish, .salliuc-milk' ••-• • -••• • • croam and sugar 175 cents),'mixture, and butter. Bring to a (boil. Iteducc heat, cover and sim- THIRTEEN, - ~ — . Pile hard-cooked eggs, sliced In half lengthwise, wills • a ground ham mixture for "ciuiek-sluffed" " -6< " —"•- ""•> ivui - .™^ *-">num mixiure lor tmick-sluffed" cup butter or margarine, cay-, 01 " 10 '? lnslc all(J serve with a eggs. To the ground cooked ham crme, '/< minted parsley. ispnnklmg of minced parsley, lor the topping, add sweet Dickie Method: Cut fillets into bitc-: Makcii 6 servings --•• • • •••- p "" Kle size pieces; lhaiv if frozen. Mix'"- rrrr milk, cream and salthres and set , relish and a little mayonnaise. ' up heavy cream. ....,., „ 'ith 1'i tablespoons sugar and ",z easpoon pure vanilla extract. Spread a thin layer of whipped 'ream and then 1 cup sliced fresh strawberries between layers. Top ;ake with another layer of whipped cream. Kill in center ot heart vith Hi cups sliced, fresh strawberries, leaving a l-inch rim around the outside edge ot cake. Pour strawberry glaze over ber- -ics. Decorate top and sides of :nke will: remaining whipped :ream put through a cake decorator's tube. For twin cakes, double the recipe. Garnish with •Jdditional sirawbcrries and •iweclheart roses, if desired. This cake can be made up the day before and placed in refrigerator until serving lime. 'Strawberry Glaze One and one-half teaspoons eornsfarch, is cup water, > 4 cup strawberry puree c.% cup sliced strawberries pressed through a fine sieve. Vt cup sugar'. Blend cornslarch with water until smooth. Add remaining ingredients and cook until clear and thickened, slirring constantly. Cool. Also for shower luncheon, here's a wedding bell salad: Molded Wedding Bell Salad Soden 3 envelopes unflavored gelatin in 3 i cup cold water. Add 3'.* cups hot water, =, teaspoon salt and 1 cup sugar and stir until sugar and gelatine are dissolved. Blend in 1 cup fresh lime juice and '3 teaspoon pure vanilla extract and a few drops green vegetable coloring. Chill until the mixture is about as thick as fresh egg whites. Fold in 3 cups green seedless grapes. Turn into 2- quart wedding bell mold. Chill until firm and ready to serve. Unmold onto a serving plale. Garnish with salad greens anc additional seedless grapes. Serve with mayonnaise or fruit salac dressing. Note: Doubled to serve 25 guests, cost will be approximately S2.30. Bride's Shower Luncheon: (For 25 guests—total cost S13.27). Tomato bouillon with cheese sticks '$1.001. chilled shrimp with mayonnaise (52.25), wedding bel grape salad mold '52.30), ho lover's-knot rolls and butter (9. iccntsi. fresh strawberry sweet for pr<mc*ng, tut It yarJ aKfling of horn* idUn', you'll find thi bcil of what you wan| at Garliri fiielhin ...low prind «very tim«! fhon* or i hap in pttion... diliviiy (rt« on S3.00 Thci< prieei «ffetttvi all we*V. MarScel will b* CLOSED ALL DAY THURSDAY -. .MtmofTo! Dey. CHICKEN *•»«> to H.O. ,,,d s., 3% n,., Xrofl Velveeta CHEESE 2 = Co^pbiti . PORK 'n BEANS 8 Aluminum FOIL *•«. s.-,. 29c -Firetabs i™°»> i-.^;-,, ,(,„.. ,«! H«./ 89c , v 59c 69c- Tea Bags Olives *' '.„»'• "'• 49c Twin Po;l oi!«i— So., 8( Hcini Hcl Dog c".d Ho^b^g Relish ...... 2 i°> 59c Sardines 2 >r n , 21 c E*PC'i cr Gefntan BEER Co,, ct :< bo.i S 2.99 C-. o. .2 «„„, S 1.87 Co,= o! 12 |.. or S 1.69 'icks ibr icnics ,.., HAMS ... "the Fin«vl Meoti in Town' 1 — c» Goiliti Biolhtn Fot Pitnm—foi SnacVi—For Hearfy Meats Tht 'Buy" ihii w« B d ii Svwift'i Premium (Ameruo'i Fovorilf Brand) HAMS l"^' 1 .... (b . 57c ,'X.S.,. .... , n 59c ."„;'• 73c ^ b ,' ««K $4.69 FRANKSr.T.T.. 0 .'.. 0 !'".""" m. nv,. 49c SMOKED TONGUES °47c Arrfouf Srar 01 SwlflA P/rm,^^ CTPAWC Branded S'e*r Tender Cwb ^ • CMI\5>| — Ag«d tenrfer. wcidtilul for eoUid* "TO /SIC FRESH POULTRY ,b 43C I To u n, SO»SUII5 I J I lb, iu», 3',; Ib. »;». — Cut w ^ — Fftsh Cul Up P;«cet Frying Chicle BELTSVILLE TURKEYS, J.. s *. ,t... .= 49c M=,W,II HO.,. Coffee 3.. --o^, «» $1.29 Ocn'l Torgtt Coca Cola * ^ »-nrr 25c « w b.u. 99 C Buns P^VO«» cf a 22C — MoV.i ofif (ond-ith loil, b»^t«r Pfo^'fr'i Mi°xed C °Nuts BIj 15 01. SI 1 Q Vot,.™ Tin lila Deviled Ham 2 3 ^ 37 c Vienna Sausages 2 ' ~.«™ 37c Mrodow Gc^d Purt Citamefy BUTTER rb, pnM« 73c —Wad* from lrti>i »w ee f tfta^ NobiKo Silt CRACKERS ib. b«< 35c lily Plonk Cooi.d FiCNrC Cups & Plates 2 rA 5 . 35c Hormtl'i SPAM 43o .. lb, pV 9 . 37C — SfoFrtiS 4 pocV, mimm FrttS. Trader Home Grown Leaf Lettuce »>. 25c Crljp. Home Gfc-n. New SprEr.^ ONIONS 2 'S. k^t,,, 23C Cr*en, Solid, Ttot NEW CAHAGE O ffei *• ' fancy, 2«d ftiet, Florida Tomatoes b« »r 3 37c }u<(f Urge Coli'farnre. Si^VIif LEMOMS (300 *;i*) & f CANTAlOUPtS (36 i 33C 59c Stokely's Honor Brand "Garden Goodness Sale" Mixed Vegetables, i P i,,. 37c Sliced Strawberries, r \,. 23c LEMONADE, 0 "«o i ," 1 J° k ™; n ^;," l °' l '-"- v " t 2 6C1) °V 27c !.,.,,«, ,,,od,.,..f,y BEEF STEAKSV'" '""' 43c ir-fo.'.'!;^"?:.?:..!'."" COFFEE cAKE';;;;;;^7i c TA81E READY CO1D CUTS Fr«lhly lliced ot you buy them CHIPPED HAM |b. 7«e Onor Mayer CooVed Sofomi Ib. 69c Home Mado Ham Solad .... Ib. tic Swifl't Pre,n l»o( .....!.. Ib. «t Krofl'i. Cailno SWISS Chen lb.79c d 21 other dttUiaut VariaTit* PHONE PA 2-5960 BROS./ "Quick, Henry, the FLIT! Kill flying insects fast with FLIT FLY AND MOSQUITO KILLER contains AROIVHN* ...powerful new insect killer —exclusive development of Esso research-makes FLIT better than ever! Use FLIT Fi-Y AND MOSQUITO KILLER with Aromin to knock flying insects out of the air in seconds. Look for the familiar red-and-white can or handy aerosol container ... sold almost everywhere. ESSO STANDARD OIL COMPANY •T-K. E*r. U. S, J"*t. OI. J SO MUCH FINE FLAVOR YOU ACTUALLY USE LESS! The one mayonnaise with deluxe flavor- ... Mrs. Filbert's! News from the Filbert family! A wonderful new mayonnaise with deluxe flavor-so much fine flavor that you actually use much less. A dab of this deluxe flai-or mayonnaise docs as much for youi salads as a big spoonful of the ordinary kind! 'ihe secret? This is genuine mayonnaise, made to taste homemade. Craamy-rich with eggs and extra eggs (actually better eggs than you could buy to make your own mayonnaise)! Tsngy with real, lemon juice, a woman's own spice blend. What a flavor! Mrs. Filbert's Mayonnaise is guaranteed to taste as good as homemade-or your money back from the Filbert family! Taste that "homemade" flavor Eggs and more eggs • Reol lemon juit» • A woman's spice blend Hit. M. V. Rlb«rt MRS. FILBERT'S MAYONNAISE PLATES 2 p v 9 ,29c NAPKINS Pl9 o,uo29c Hoi or Cold CUPS 2 P v 9 ,29c lIPFOrV TEflBAGS p V55c Armour TREET 2 I2 «:;; 89c RITZ 1oo,35c Ntwl K«.bl.r Pololo SNACKS £"37c DRESSING q ,39c Ellen Dale CATSUP 2 IT 35c MUSTARD 2 ^210 OUvir 8 - 45c Hot Dog or B<jigcr ROLLS o p(V98 22c Hordwood CHARCOAL 8 t ': 9 79c New'! Keehler Nut fud s « COOKIES ..,^470 1 JAR HEINZ HOT DQG RELISH 1 JAR HEINZ HAMBURGER RELISH 59c BOTH FOR Grade "A" Cut ua for <h« po *"• Ch'kens *. 43 ( All-Mini • W'ners *• 45 C Worrell 1 , E-I Cut Leon Ground BEEF, Non. finer ..Ib. Sliced Aoorled i «" h Meats "> 49c Wilson'5 Connrd Hams 3 ,b, 1 2,98 4 iss. sjao Potomac Creamery BUTTER ^ S9c Nu-Tast CHEESE 2 ib. b.,' 69c FRESH FRUITS ond VEGETABLES lorg. Colif. So]id y.,| ow Rip( LEMONS o«.49c B'NANAS2'^2? Large Western CANTALOUPES .~K 35« Crisp Calif. Pascal CELERY i». ,«n. 29c Field Fresh 1'berg Lettuce 2o 9 . hd.. 37c U.S. NO. i N ,~ White POTATOES 10 b be, 49 C Frozen Food Specials Sfofcely's '•• Cream" «-'• 65c Musselmon'j Apple or Peoch PIE FILLING 2 59c VEGETASIES *• p ' StRAWSEKSKS pkj. 21 C R ' th l A1 e> WHIP TOPPING .. *tAC IEV.ONADE * <0 °n Cciold DutV C i sr. ORANGE JUICE ° «.n. No. 2 cans Market will he CLOSED MEMORIAL DAY, Thurs. May 30th. Open Tues. & Wed., 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. FREE DELIVERY ON ORDERS OF $5.00 OR MORE ON YOUR NEXT PURCHASE OF HOT OOGS OK HAMBV&GS& JUST A FEW BLOCKS FROM BALTIMORE S R«DGELEY, W. VA. DIAL RE 8-9511 PLENTY OF FREE PARKING SPACE I 1C.

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