Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 21, 1954 · Page 7
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 7

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 21, 1954
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY. APRIL 21, 1934 GRAFTOV. Mi v /Frank Rprrfp and -on. Pick, and \Vilma and Jprom» Plnmmrr of Chicago sprnt thf urrkfrifl at the horrid of Mr. and Mr.«. Paul Pliimmor. Mr. and Mrs. Cliarlrs Harp flnd four children ha\o moved to flip \Vr.-i ly Lpcale farm in FT*? M;-ii-qiirlK> AIM. Mr. and Mr*. Harp arc from (liornfirld. Robhy Smith, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Q. Smith, ha? hern ahsrnt from srhool thr past two \\ffk* suffpring with a strep thinal. Kdward Amhiirg. son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Amburg, re- j turned to his home Monday from I Sr. Joseph's Hospital, \vherr he -~uhmit,tcd 'o an appendectomy . Issi Thnrsda; . Betty Marshall, daughter of : Mr. and Mrs. ("laude Marshall. i spent Kastcr at the home of her 1 aunt and uncle. Mr. and Mrs. Hersi h'MI Randolph of St. I.ouis. .\fr. ;md Mr<. ^::,|•nest Uicele nnd dmieh'er of Klmhursl, 111., visited at the honv of Mr. and \irs. Aithur \\ilson last \\eek. \ir. and Mr--. R. C. Musi, k of Kairview xxne also miesls at the UiNon home Ksster Sunday. Mrs-. Rjgpie- and Mrs. Musick are sisters of Wilson. Miss Mary Jane Burns and a classmate, Miss Connie Mock, have returner' to their studies at Mrirqucite fniversity in Milwaukee- alter spendme Kastrr boh- days at the home of Mrs. Margaret Burns. The Kasler cc;;; hunt, xxbich i was sponsored by the American j Legion Auxiliary xxas attended ALTON* E\TNtNG TELEGRAPH Catholic SraHffagjfiP^rf Warden C Shipman Explorer To Receive T n **" r1i: Atl Altare J3ei Craw Sunda ""'" nf *' PAGE SEVEN SHIPMAN Kishnp William , A. O'Connor will confer the Art AltaiP pej Onss on \Vi)h,-»m Mill.« nf Kxplmrr 1'ost 41 PI Shipman in the cathedral 01 : llv Immaculate Conception | Sunday afternoon. Mill? and j So other scouts of the Spring- Plan Dinner At .GrccnfieMChurrh GRKKNFIKt.P. - plans have field diocese will he- honoiedi hrrn r °mplrlpH for the haslet vVorden- dinner ij;___. , , „ .. • •>•!>i. ii, ..117,. r.iuinR \Yintcr in the processional he K miiinK j mnnrt *"" fellowship meeting in IVrenian of SI. l^uis- Mis «t 1.-.-V) p. rn. <DST> and (he; thp recently redecorated social I Charles Hcinemeier of Staunton! service will hp open to the pub- j ' °° "is of the Presbyterian anf ' lie. jriuirch at fi;.Ki p.m. Wednesday. The Ad Altai-p Pfi axxnrd is : Apt H 'JS. Three persons wrrf cored to •aih at Khnrgptir. India, xvhen j 1 I a stray hull, " the infhi- ' '• enre of some intoxicant*." police s.iid. van amok in a congested si reel c~> \VORPK\ Mr. and Mr* : "Tins is really had luck." said "illiam l/iemke will ohserxe ,,„,, , r , . . , • i, • -. 11 j, Madeline Patagoand. of St. Na- 'heir eolden xxeddins ann \ersurv i ,;,.- t.. „ , . ,, , , Sundav at open house at tbeir ,". ^f ' ' . ' ''" lr . mhontrd <!> 1 .ifill "You rant icsHlenie beuxcen L' and I n m u . 1 ' "'• have moncx and poin-r " she The couple xvas married April adder). :M. 1901 at Trinitx I.niheran Hiurch m Uorden l-> Ih,- late Read Telegraph Want Ads Pnilv! Hex. P. Hanscn, Their attendants \\ere-Kretl llagemrier of '/** late Herman Vcaland of .Nokomis. Mrs. Lormker xxns the former Mls.s Anna Hasrwteier of Wot- ON PAID UP STOCK $100 PER SHARE ALTON BUILDING ft LOAN ASSOCIATION 620 E THIRD ST. hy .">() childirn SatuidHV. Mulled cider i« delicious to j serve xvilh a snack on n cool _niuhl. Heat the cidar xvilh hmx\Ti sugar to taste and a dish of cinnamon, cloves and allspice. If you use a slick of cinnamon and whole closes and allspice, strain the cider hefore serving. If you use ground spices, straining is not necessary. Perfume manufacturers use 2000 Ions of orange, blossoms every year, according In the Encyclopedia Britannica. • he h. B hr« scouting award ,h« i The rc.ular April meeting nf | ^^Tnd"^^^,-^ can be won h> C.alholie Scouls the Missionary Society of llv i lived here sinrP their in/irringo. | and is presented only on author- ! church, xxhich xxas scheduled (or \ Tnr >' are parents 01 tvxo sons! ity of tch bishop of the diocese, ' 'flnirsday afternoon, has heen '• Waller and Khncr Loemker and aft-r a Scout attains first ,.| n « '' 1 ° st ' lonofl " Mlil l|l(> f«"»lv nighl • « rtaughlcr. Mi«. Karl Kas! of rating and fulfills all retire- i ;" Pc! ' nR . A " r ;' '- >s - M™*™ of | \\ordcn. Thcv baxe 11 c ,and- mrnis stipulated bv the Na- '. SorlPly 1lwv " » rr *W« Ihe children and srx grcHt-gramlchil-: . ' • • ' prok'ram and Miss Ruth Mellis I dren Hoiml Comnultee on Catholic J of S t. t.ouis. who has served as 1 Scouting In New York. ] M missionary in Cirroce, will he ! {You *»> i>«* Hum itt not tm* it) i! Kollfuung (lip roreniony, ro- ci|iipiiL,s, thr-ir Irnops nntl lenders xull parfiripatn In thf an- mini niirtxx-pst pilf>rlnmff<! to the tnnih of Abraham Mncoln. K\plnirr Mills slnrtc-ri Ills In I hp troop imrior Scout maslrr Klxis Dosspt. When NO OTHER SIDING DOES SO MUCH- ^^^^ cS", ?£ Le ° NG - FO * tYFALUM n.nd, fir.c in in SO UTTLE [ e ' d «• benutifier. procwor. to pay iti own cost in i few yeard •WIT ITTAiUM 9IYM YOU 411 THIS! IXTHM Inttolltd In Ont Wteh * ***"• wh "« b »~»r Marcal Home Impr. Co. 2414 EAST BROADWAY Ihe speaker. Mrn. 1'nrk« CmKKN'FlKLD. -Mrs. Georce T. Parks enlerlained memhers of her hridse ( luh honoring t\xo oul-of-tox\-ii members, Mrs. C. O. Posler. of Harvey and Mrs. Kle- nnore. Mitchell, and her cne/t, Miss (Irace Sxvanson, of Da\en- Aliout 90 per cent of I'.S. (oal is produced east of Ihe Mississippi River. Wonderful Help Itf Itching Misery f MNMrf hy Skin Dryness : t inui'linc. tio-i*-plrki!i|r ftnrift (ni> m»-nllntt r*s*ln( iii-|%nt-p nftfn IP||- iBl* 1 sicni* nf Tm-XA in m< ... utlr infrst p> 41 o.if nt r*-rrv thrrr \ifr. may t,r vlrtinn nnd not know (t. To (rrl rlii of Pin-Worm., thr», |w-i« mii-t nut onlv (>r killril. hn( Villrd in Ihr lt\r)fi» ifttr--tilif whcr* Ih.-v liv» (ml muHiiily. Thill'f <•»- •rtly *h«l J»tnr^r.XX t*hlrl* Hn ... »nd hrrc'n how Ihry do It: I'trtt- H Ri-irntjrtr coHlinir rur- ri'i Ihr t«W,.t. Into lhf> IM.WT!- h»- fr.rr Ihry <tl««nlri>. 7'fcfpi - 1*W» niodtM-n. mMlti-nllv'Mpiifnvrrt In- »rr<lii-nt gin,,, riplit \ 0 work-(ill* rin-\Vorms qtiti'k!v unit ptiftjty. Pnn'l t«kr rlmnrni wilh thl« HRnttrrnus. hirhl> contHKlotm rnn* dlllnn. At the (Irr't tlfn of I'ln- Worrni, ink jnur Hnntulst for arnuinr J«jn«'« P-W Vi>rmtr«i«,.. thenmnll. r««v-lc>-l«ki- In hint» pfr- fcrtfd hy fummm Pr. P. .lnync A Snn. nn^'iiiliKt" In worm rcriirdlit fur nypr 100 yrnrn. hp became K.xplorer RS,P hn was | poi't. loxxa, Monday allcrnoon. advanced to the Post to \\ hich j-^' iss '^ nl > BMIPP xvas also a William Lynch is advisor and Lloyd Wiltshire Is assistant. Vinlsnn Kite,, Richarrt O'Pell of C'.odfrey. Mis. Aith'ur Hicks and tors, Jean and Pntlx, visited SHIPMAN — Kunrral sr-rv- irps for .lamps \Valson, SI. of Shipman XXCIP conduclpd al St. Dpnls Catholic Chin rh by . Mrs. O. .T. Bull, Miss Sxxanson, and Mrs. C. B. (aiy rceeu rd pri/.es. i low of moisture—no common to I aging «kin—cauws Mubborn. itchmj! J torment. laxnliH t, ( h Rcninnl Ointment V. rclievfn »matin|5ly. Spccinl mrrltrit- tion» Kxiiht fiery Itch—lanolin oili and io<tcn« dry ikin—relicf lollow I I I I I I O'Hnra Monday at y a. m, Pallbearers \x-crr: Hobrrl Watson of Alton; Waller Sweel, One Jacobs, Henry Mills. Rob nnd .Tim Drew. Interment was in SI. Denis Cemetery. SHIPMAN — Kunene Krue R . Romann, oldest, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Biuesst-mann, left Monday for service in Ihe V. S. Army. The Brueppemann family were enlcrlaineri at several dinners and parties prior to Kiijiene's enlist menl. His fi- Hiicee, Miss Vcrna Wlllshire, entertained \vilh a jiicnic dinner at Reaxer Dam on Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Ren Pitman entertained the family at dinner Tuesday evening. Kujjene's grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry dinner and his aunt, Mrs. Robert Cooper of Fosterburg gave « farewell party Friday ex'ening. Shipmnn Xoten. SHIPMAN — Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Breitxveiser and family, Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Matlack and Linda, Mr. and Mrs. Joyce Hunt and Mr. and Mrs. •Don Hunt and Tunis of Des Moines, loxva, were Sunday dinner guesls ot Mr. and Mrs. friends and relalixes here Sunday, Mrs. Hicks' parents, Mr. and Mrs. Royal Deahl, accompanied her home. Mrs. L. M. Hell/ and dau K h- Icr, Kli/abcth, and Mis. Arch Cunningham of St. Louis spent Sunday xvilli Mr. and Airs. G. W. Miller. . » DELUXE AU-PUKfOSt ENAMEL .nn BrueRgeniann gave « last. Thursday evening Happy Is The Day When Backache Goes Away ____ NHREinRlnrknrhr. IHSM of pppunilfni-rRy, hondiiclic.. iiii.l (lr/-4lni'«» mny he due In uliiw- dnwn of kidni'y funrtinn. l)fu-tnr« fray KHIK! klilnry fiincLJun in Vc-ry jniportnttt to K<HH| hmllli. When wimp pi-rrytliiv rondlt inn, unrli in HIITSS nnd mmjn. cii\i8r« tliin impnrl»nt fimrliiin toxliiw clnu-n.niuny I nlli!< miiri'r TIHR. Kinjf Imi-kHclic— I'cel niii*orBl»li>, Milmr hJnil- dfr irriiHliiiim due in culil m tvrmiK diet rimy ' INSIDE Worfe with Alkl-therm H looks -like porcelain outsiot Inside or outside, Flexico cannot be equaled for luslroui beauly and durability. Ideal lot wnlk, Nvoodwork, eobinelj, furniture. Flowi on smoothly. No bruih marki. Driei quickly. 18 colors. Ti| Dnn'l ni-Rln'i yuiir kiilnryK if . cimdl- - tliinn linthor yuii. Try Dunn's Pill^-n n\llrl diuretic. Used mirui^nfully by niilliiinn for over Mi yi'nri. It'll iniin/inK limv ninny times Dmin'n irivn huppy velicf trnm t\iw di«rnm- fiirtR- help the 1 iimileKnf kidney I uhpe »nd HI. Ui» flush out »-»«te. Uct l)onn'« rill« tod«yl O'BRIEN PAINTS BUCK'S Pnlni & I'lnnr ('(ixcrlng Stnrn 65ft K. Hrnndwit.v. Dial 3-.1U3I Your SAVINGS at THRIFTY Now and Every Day Redeem your filled booklets Good for ... * WE NOW GIVE AND REDEEM EAGLE STAMPS THRIFTY ORUO STORES In Alton and Ate Now REDEMPTION STATIONS For EABLE STAMPS . . . announcing the GRAND PRIZE Drawing! THURS., FBI. AND SAT. APRIL 22 • 23 • 24 DURING OUR BIG OPEN HOUSE! FREE GENUINE Skelqas RANGE or an «quaf amount of credit on any of th«s« quality appliances ... CONSTELLATION HOME FREEZER by Sire/gas SKEIGAS THRIFT-OMAT1C WATER HEATER SKELGAS-HAMILTON aOTHES DRYER if you Have not y«t registered . . . COM! TO OUR STOBI! REGISTU NOW PiUS HUNDREDS OF OTHER / VALUABLE PRIZES & AWARDS / OPEN THE SKEIGAS TREASURE CHEST HURRYI Th*r«'» v»ry linl* »im« UHI If you h.v« not y*t r*gift»r*d far the Gr«nd Prii. . . . if yo g h«y. nO ( y«l r*««iv«d • k*y . . . cam* in »«d«y tnd we'll giv* to Tr**M>r» CHwt lock. Cam. in . . . ,a. »h. ..citing **"'•••«•« . . ya«r bay la madam living) MAY win m. Or»nd »ri*a ... yaw mty win ana •f ma v«lu*bla Traatura C»»a»t Pri»a» •. . . ar yati MAY W '* J^l COMI IN ' TiY VOUt IUCKI Win • wandarfwl BriialYYa* MM< iMrf ba j*m*f f« win) NOTHINGJO^BUY ... NOT A CONTEST *•*» •«* •*»* >n FREE GIFTS FOR EVERYONE PLUS REFRESHMENTS 1164 WASHINGTON AVE. UPPER ALTON DIAL MTI6 TCP givesyou uptol5 ted fromy Blended into Shell Premium Gasoline, TCP* releases power locked in by lead and carbon deposits. It's the greatest gasoline development in 31 years. You'll feel your engine's had a tune-up before youVe finished your second tankful. IBS, your engine may be 15% more powerful than you think! And the reason it thin: Lead and carbon deposits are constantly building up in your engine. They "lock-in" power that you should be getting, These deposits get red hot and set off the fuel charge ahead of time . . . before the piston reaches its proper firing position. Power works you-not for you. This condition is called pre-ignition, and automotive engineers consider it the biggest cause of power loss. You also lose power when these deposits make your spark plugs misfire. Building-up on spark plug fnsula- tors, they short-circuit the spark. Both of these power robbers-pre- ignition and short-circuited spark plugs -are at their worst when you need power most-when climbing a hill or accelerating. Now, however, you can change all this. TCP, a Shell-discovered additive, blended into Shell Premium Gasoline releases the "eaptive power" in your engine. First, it "fireproofs" the deposits in your combustion chambers-to stop pre-ignition. making thede- posits non-conductive, TCP additive stops the short-circuiting of your spark plugs. Shell Premium withTCP acts quickly, too. In fact, before you've finished your second tankful, you'll feel your engine's had a tune-up. But, remember, because these deposits accumulate constantly, continued use of Shell Premium with TCP additive is essential to retain its full benefits. It is the greatest gasoline development since the discovery of tetraethyl lead. Shell Premium with TCP is available at all Shell Dealer Stations. * Shell * Trademark for thii unique gainlinji *ddittv« ri*velop«d by Shall R«»rarch, Putrnt upplied for, SHELL PREMIM WITH The Most Powerful Gosol/ne Your Cor Con l/fil V

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