The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 24, 1941 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 24, 1941
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, APRIL 23. 1941 "" Kausas City Church Man To Address Rally ^ LITTLE ROCK. Ark. (UP)—"Sour Sas,' the latest natural resource discovered in Arkansas, if developed, may place this state in a position which will be the most advantageous in the entire south, as tar as cheap electrical power is concerned. This conclusion is the result of a survey made to prevent 'i .shortaye of power, Defense industries are requiring an enormous amount of electrical ^H'rgy, thus exerting a terrific drain on the surplus. An indications point to a great need of more power. Reports from the Arkansas Oil and Gas Commission tell of 10 prorated oil pools in the state, that have a combined reserve of about 723.000.000.CUO cubic feet of gas and 224,000,000 barrels of oil. However, only two of the pools have an output of pure gas. One, the McKamie field in Lafayette county, south of Stamps, has an estimated reserve of 500,000,000,000 cubic feet. New Field Premising: The other is thc Big Creek field in the Magnolia district, having a reserve of approximately 40,000,000.000 cubic feet. These are the only pools warranting much consideration at this time, but there is another field in the Magnolia section which is expected to be even more important than the Big "*" iwc Creek field. It Is the Dorcheat field. s - nrucc on the southwest side of Magnolia. ^' c '"" It's reserve of 32,000,000,000 cubic feet is expected by the commission to triple in the near future. Usage of "sour gas" as fuel for generating electrical energy is an important issue. According to reports, powei< requirements annually, for an Arkansas plant, using gas in steam power generation, cost $958,075. This is 8124,425 less than a similar plant in Alabama, using TVA power. Surplus Power Cited If power for private industry should be produced under a joint agreement with the Arkansas Power and Light Company to furnish standby power and absorb surplus power, it is estimated the private plant would realize a yearly saving of 3100,000. Dr. H. W. Blalbck. retiring member of the utilities commission, believes that a big problem in 'cozi- nectiou with the utilization of, "sour gas" is the danger of large i export. Blalock is of the opinion that the saving to cities would be but, a "few cents" if this happens, "On the other hand," he said, "if we use the gas here in Arkansas and pipe it into generating plants,' these .plants would be an "investment of millions of dollars. An investment on which we could collect reasonable taxes." JLYTHEVILLE, (ARKQ COURIER NEWS HARRISBURG, Pa. (Up) _ A daily mail bag of 200 to 500 letters and packages, which occasionally swells to some 1000 pieces request- 1 ing anything from a state job to a j "hex" charm to ward off evil suir- U$, Ls the usual I>r. Orville John Nease Dr. Orville John Nease, general superintendent of the Church of the Nazarene, of Kansas City, Mo., is to speak at two sessions "of the Northeast Arkansas Churches of eces the Nazarene .one rally to be held and even hats tat-fHrtlort^lXT-... .. • - »*M.^v3. office staff lakes care of a majority ofi the requests, aeuding substitutes. Although the. answers to the daily correspondence does not always please the senders, they arc sure of one thing — every letter is answered. Meanwhile, James doesn't have to woiry too much about threatening letters from "cranks." One constituent has sent him a cardboard of four leaf clovers enclosed In a glass frame, which seems like ample protection from the half serious threats, and for the more seri- the Although a majority of the letters contains requests, varying from autographed photos of the governor to a $250 state hand embroidered Hag-, a number contain MILS most novel of which to date has been a piece of black and -white cloth sewn together with a note taken irom a body in a cemetery at midnight on a lucky day to protect you from evil spirits." A newspaper story that the governor is ill, brings down an avalanche of mail, all containing remedies guaranteed to cure anything from ial ing hair to water on the knee." Other requests are made for rep- the^tfse^^ CaPit ° ! builciin ^. old neckli^. ,'hn- K handkerchiefs Nazarene church to- Fortunately ior Gov. James, his the local morrow. Bishop Nease, who Is touring the state with the Rev. Holland London, of Little Rock, Arkansas district superintendent,, will speak at j 2:30 and 7:45 o'clock, according to! the local pastor, the Rev. Fletcher i °'iruce. Bishop received his A.B degree in Pasadena College in 19 IG. his A.M. degree in Boston University, took post graduate work in Ohio atate University, and received his Doctor of Divinity degree from Pasadena College. Besides serving n u m e r o u s churches, he has served as president of Pasadena College and editor-in-chief of the Sunday facnool Literature for the Church of the Nazarene. He was elected as one of thc four general superintendents of the church at a world conference of the Church of the Nazarene in Oklahoma City, June, 1940. Departmental reports from' various pastors and officers of thf» sone will be made at the rally. In signing his name, George Washington always wrote "G. Washington." COURTS Municipal Court clay included: C. D. Ayres, disturbing $20.75 forfeit. convictions to- Peace, Marriage License Business Booini Office Issues 21 PAGE lU ..,. ,, • ---' '"fc^ licenses •HU oeen Issued from the Blvth"- 1Jlrt olfice of the county court recently. Names of the cott- net the ministers, or officers pertorniing the ceremonies, if list-' «t. follow: Bell Williams and Miss Bailey, both of Manila; Serivner of Blytheville Jim ;.,:^ 0l ' cne Brothers/of Dell- stolen property, $10 fine. Two cases of public drunkenness, guilty pleas. $10 fines. William Stewart, reckless driving, $25 forfeit. both of Leachvillc; Ben and Mrs. Lena Carson of Blytheville, by T. R. Pleasant Lee Mary M. Andrew The word "gin" 15 a corruption 02 "Geneva," one of the names of the juniper berry. Draconids. leonids. and aquarids, are the meteoric showers. geminlds, names of ancl Mrs. -'i> and Mae Rider, both of Hie, by Magistrate T. L. Carmen and Mi.s.c both of , Marjorio T. Wllllaim. both of Luxpra. by the Hcv. W. C. Tharp- Jl »>lor Ward Crockett, of Holland """, Mj ? Mftfctte Pearl Thomn^ of' cooler, by Magistrate Cassidy. William Burel Pruitt of Armorel Mrs. Alma Hill Stewart, of Arizona was the last state admitted to the union. It has been estimated that there are 30,000 restaurants in the United States. STAMPS France May Get Food From African Colonies TTfHILE hunger stalks unoccupied France, officials of the Vichy government eye abundant supplies in French North Africa, consider armed convoys to bring fond 400 mile? across the British- pntrolcd Mediterranean. Record •orops have given Morocco, Tunis nnd Algeria ample surpluses of wheat, wine, fruits, vegetables. Getting them past the blockade is Francr'.s problem. Typical of many Moroccan cities is Sefrou, pictured on thc stamp above. Scfrou's people are not. worrying about ration cards. French North Africa has long been an important source of food for the mother country. During World War I, with thc Allies in control of the Mediterranean, a bridge of ships carried vast quantities of supplies from Africa to Europe. Besides grains, fish ami fruits, thc three colonies also sent pre-war France hide.", wool, cot-" {on, phosphates and metals KIDNEYS T~ MUST REMOVE EXCESS ACIDS Help 15 Miles of Kidney Tubes • - Flush Out Poisonous Waste If you have an cxrnssof an'fisiriyourhloofl yrwr 15 niilog of kulncy tubes nijiy bo overworked. Tlicdc tiny fitters nnd tubes arc work- poisonous matter to remain in your biocxi it may cause nagging backache, rheumatic pains log pains, loss of pep and energy, getting UD nights, swtaing, puffinesa under the eyes headaches and dizziness. Frequent or scanty passages with smarting and burning sometimes shows there is something wroaft vrith your tidneys or bhdder. , Kidneys may need help the same as bowels Fossb yourdruicist for Doan's Pilis,uscd successfully by millions for over 40 yca^ TI^V gVe hippy relief snd will help the lo'mifes of doey tubes flash.out poi^onoua waste from your ttood. Get Doaa> Pills, Maatouoia FOR 8 A. H. ATHLETES • Docs your husband sprint through the seconds from alarm clock to front cioor? .Upset if buttons arc missing? Keep him even-tempered with HANES broadcloth Shorts . . . with the new snap fasteners anchored in the cloth. They also come with buttons, securely sewed, reinforced. Your husband will like the comfort of thc seat. For double comfort, many men team them up with a HANES Undershirt . . . worn outside the Shorts. HANES SHIRTS AND BROADCLOTH SHORTS 35: FOR Extra quality. 50c each. HANES Bluo Label Shirts end broadcloth Shorts as low cs 27c, 4 lor SI. -fa Look for ihc HANES Label in buying underwear. It assures quality gnrmeals at moderate prices. A Complete Line of Hanes underwear Joe Isaacs, Inc. Curdwell, by Guy D. Mngec; Jack Mldlin and Miss Ruth Vance, bolli of Cm-iit hersville, by Nelll Reid- W. A. Turner and Miss Alva ISliiaa- beth Robinson, both of Ulvthc- vllle, by J. E. Clarke; Artie'l3ol- Hnycr and Miss Cleutls Tyler, both of Manila, by Mui4i.stnUe Cassldy Dan Baker, or Blylheville. and Miss Virginia TicUvell of Cnruth- £J^vUic, b MayLsu-au- Casslciy. Everett Bruce of Blytheville, and Mrs. Ruljy limce, of kcnnclt, by Lugene H. Hall; David Pllhoiirs of Hommvile and Miss Loniine Hoimm of Arbyrd. by the Rev t 1 ' i B. Wilinms; noil Widnei- and ML«s ' Muttie Dildim-. both of Blyilu-- vllle; Wayne Lewis and Miss Mnrv Arnod. both of Ko.seliuid, by M-I-,-- istratc Cnssidy; Charley Alxshlrc of Caruther.sville and MLssi tlax,d Bur- BOSS of R Wisely. Tcim.. by Nclll Reed; jBomnrcl H, n\vrd[ and Miss Ruby l-Y-r-uson ooih i i) "lu^isti'titc Givssiily. So rare were Meaks during the Modike BOW rush ihat they sold lor between $200 and $300 each. Two Ask Divorces Two divorce petitions were filed in Chancery Court here yesterday. They were: Homer Lee Groom vs. Jewell Deal Croon; and Mildred Ketner vs. John W. Ketner. NEW PILE RELIEF NASirS HEM-AID OINTMENT l s the latest addition | 0 the humus aunnimeed Nash line. Don't suiter the excruciating pt ,| n of ))ik , s , m _ other day without trying this umr- velous IK-W relk'l. " Woods Dnm Store. Hone Discs are Money LONDON iUJ*> - Eight bone discs have just been received by the British Broadcasting Company from the Cocas Islands as "one year's subscription to the B.B C's overseas program sheets." Both the money and the letter were stamped "J. 4*. Clunles-lioss." Clunles-Ross w governor anil owner of the islands and he issues Ins own money Wasteful of Time WORCESTER, Mass. (UP) - starlinus roosting on CILy Hall have time on their hands — and Don't Neglect Sli^iTi^r FALSE TEETH that's just the trouble, The irds ^,, arC ! UI1 ? on - the ^ands ofvthe Hall clock, slowing it down. The City Council has voted to drape the clock with a wire net and put an end to the nonsense. CHICAGO.-Chicago Cub fans insist the National League pennant y ° m Wrie1 ^ Fie ^ this thc Bruins ^ thlrd year n won ln s the magic year. FAS- ' Sllch f ' m , alkallllc to sprinkle on keeps m]» 0 , OPlh Inorc O vrs connclent f co n n& O f ecurHy' "»n. added comfort. No «ummy PASTED ',"1° 01> fCCll "K- Gc t store I0(lny nt nn >' dra B Adv. a MIDDLE-AGE WOMEN!! 2 n™ rt psc nerves and relieve distress due to this functional dlsfcurUanw. Taken regularly ~ Lydia' Pink >nmvi Compound helps buila UD •eslstance against such arnov «ymptoms. WORTH TRYING 3-THREAD SILK CREPES WORTH 69c t -^- M ~- ^^ ^^ ^^ All First Quality I fu// Fashioned! Hurry! -- --'•'r'i^v- RIVERSIDE Fl QUALITY TIRES! 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