Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on January 17, 1972 · Page 5
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 5

Estherville, Iowa
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Monday, January 17, 1972
Page 5
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Set Fund Dinner for Neu ESTHERVILLE DAILY NEWS, MON., JAN. 17, 1972 Page 5 Present from Gramps puts her on the spot By Abigail Van Buren lt> \m by Chleifo Tribant-N. Y. Ntwt Sntf., Inc.) DEAR ABBY: The letter from the young woman whose husband's new stepfather made improper advances to her gave me the courage to write this letter because I have a similar problem. Only it's with my husband's grandfather. I never encouraged Gramps, but I think he likes me in a way I don't think is very nice. At Christmastime he gave me an expensive bottle of perfume wrapped in two pair of lace panties. This I did not like, but I couldn't very well make a scene when I opened it in front of the whole family. Everyone laughed when they saw what it was, and my mother in law said, "Oh, isn't that sweet? Gramps bought those for you himself!" Gramps whispered to me later that he hoped I would model them for him sometime. I pretended not to hear. Now he's started to come here during the daytime which I don't like at all. I have a small child and plenty of work to do so he knows I'm always home. He makes me nervous. I just couldn't hurt my mother in law by letting her know bow I feel but I am on the verge of telling my husband. Should I? NERVOUS DEAR NERVOUS: Yes. What are you waiting for? A valentine? DEAR ABBY: Our son was married last May at a beautiful church wedding. He married the daughter of a socially prominent family [we are, too] and the young couple received many costly wedding gifts. TThere were over 390 guests.] In September I started getting calls. ["Did Joyce ever get our wedding present?"] I mentioned this to Joyce and she told me she was "waiting" for her monogrammed stationery. I told her I'd be glad to buy her some appropriate stationery and even help her write the notes, but she said she was "awfully busy" getting settled, and she'd wait. [This girl is a college graduate.] Come December my friends were asking me if Joyce ever received their wedding gifts, so I bought some note paper and wrote a "thank you" to everyone I knew had given them a gift. I signed Joyce's name, and mailed them off. Then I told Joyce what I had done. She was furious. My son isn't speaking to me. I really don't think I did such a terrible thing. What would you have done in my place? MEAN MOTHER IN LAW DEAR MEAN: Your humiliation and impatience were understandable, but I would have let Joyce suffer the consequences of her procrastination and bad manners. DEAR ABBY: A high school sophomore voted for himself in an open election. He later, had second thoughts about whether he had done the right thing or not, so he wrote to you. In order to assure him that he had, you quoted Rabbi Hillel, the famous Jewish scholar, who said, "If I am not for myself, who will be for me?" But the quote continues, "But if I am only for myself, what am I? If not now, when?" The message being that we must stand up not only for ourselves, but others as well. W. D. N.: CHARLESTON, S. C. CONFIDENTIAL TO "SHARP-EYED SHIRLEY": The husband who knows he is being watched constantly doesn't become more faithful, he becomes more careful. DEAR ABBY: My son, Bernie, lived at home until he married Arlene a few months ago. Bernie is a wonderful boy, but why he Waited until he was 30 years old to marry a 21-year-old girl who can't do a thing I'll never know. She's no cook, no housekeeper, and she sure can't iron. Every time I see Bernie in one of the shirts Arlene ironed, I could die. I never saw such a mess. The white ones aren't even white, and the collars have pleats in them. I told Bernie I would be glad to tell Arlene I would do his shirts for her, but he said, "No, Mom, let her alone. She is trying." Bernie is a salesman and his appearance is important. Should I ask Arlene myself? I think she would be glad to let me iron Bernie's shirts. She knows she can't iron. MOM DEAR MOM: No. Leave her alone, Mom. She's trying. In time, if the opportunity arises, offer to teach her. TV Tonight . . . Oscar Levant Plays Gershwin on Special DES MOINES — Friends and supporters of State Senator Art Neu, Republican of Carroll, will honor him at a fund-raising dinner on Thursday, Feb. 10. Proceeds from the dinner will be used to support Neu in his bid for Lieutenant Governor. Neu, 38, is a veteran of five legislative sessions and many key committee chairmanships.. ... _ In announcing the dinner, State Senator S. J, Brownlee, Republican of Emmetsburg, stated that "This event will give everyone a chance to help Art with his campaign." Brownlee is state chairman of the Neu campaign organization, Citizens for Neu. Brownlee noted a Nov. 12 Cedar Rapids Gazette editorial that stated Neu's primary election opponent "will be well-funded for he has the support of several organizations that do extensive lobbying in the legislature." Neu's campaign will be based upon "many small contributions, School Property Tax 'Arrested 9 Presented by COMMUNITY TV SIGNAL CO. MONDAY JEANNIE — Comedy: Jeannie makes things hot for Tony, who said he was going to the North Pole, and then sneaked over to Honolulu. 6:30 p.m. Independent Cable Channel 7. GUNSMOKE—Exercise in feminine wiles: Newly's hooked by a charming young widow who's proving adept at playing him against a vicious gunman. At stake; $5,000 originally stolen by her husband. 7 p.m. CBS WONDERFUL, 'S MARVELOUS 'S GERSHWIN-Special: A Gershwin extravaganza. A musical genius is recalled by a famous wit and pianist who knew him well, Oscar Levant. 7 p.m. NBC PERRY MASON - Mystery: "The Dubious Bridegroom." Mason spies a gorgeous blonde in truder climbing into his office window. 8:30 p.m. Independent Cable Channel 7 TUESDAY GLEN CAMPBELL - Shirley Jones as a piano student spurn­ ing advances from her amorous teacher (Paul Lynde). 6:30 p.m. CBS. VIRGINIAN — Western — "Long Ride to Wind River." Benjy Davis threatens to kill Kobey Kendall, who has made advances toward his wife. 7 p.m. Independent Cable Channel 7. HAWAII FIVE-0 — A blackout in a missile — tracking system provides the only clue to an enemy scheme. It's in the conclusion of a two-part episode marking the return of Khigh Dheigh as a Chinese agent. 7:30 p.m. CBS. CANNON — Crime Drama— "Blood on the Vine." Filmed at a winery near Cucamonga, Calif. 8:30 p.m. CBS. PERRY MASON - "The Watery Witness." George Clark asks Mason to investigate the possibility that his wife is the daughter of actress Lorna Thomas. 8:30 p.m. Independent Cable Channel 7. MERV GRIFFIN — Tenatively scheduled: Ernest Borgnine, John Cassavetes, Ida Lupino, Lee Marvin and film director Robert Aidrich. 10:30 p.m. CBS. DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) A rise in school property taxes of only two per cent for 1972 has held the total property tax increase in Iowa to 3.77 per cent, State Comptroller Marvin Selden said Thursday. The comptroller told the Senate Schools Committee that the relatively small increase, along with higher valuations, has caused a drop in the average millage rate. "For the first time since Tve been here, we have been able to arrest the growth in the property tax," Selden said as he credited the school property tax freeze passed by the Iowa Legislature last session. Selden has been state comptroller for 10 years. The two per cent school property tax rise this year compares to 10.7 per cent last year. But Selden noted that county property tax is up 7% per cent More Smoke Than Fire At Lincoln There was more fear than fire when the Estherville alarm sounded in sub-zero weather Friday afternoon. Firemen rushed to the Lincoln Elementary School where teachers had ushered the children outside after the building had filled with smoke. The dense smoke remitted when oil collected in the boiler, then ignited and burned and smoke puffed out the furnace doors. Teachers said the children filed from the building in an orderly fashion without panic, just as' the evacuation had been planned during fire drills. 170 at Cancer Detection Program Here Approximately 170 women of the Estherville area attended a Community Health Education program, "Cancer Detection Program for Females" that was presented Tuesday afternoon and evening at Holy Family Hospital in Estherville. Mrs. Aileen Schacherer, Coordinator of Continuing Health Education at Iowa Lakes Community College, expressed her gratification that so many took advantage of the program. Mrs. Schacherer thanked individuals and groups who made the program possible; the Noon Kiwanis Club and Estherville Chamber of Commerce for their financial support; and Dr. Lawrence Donovan, pathologist at Holy Family Hospital, who was me main speaker, and Dr. E. K. Vaubel, Dr. A. E. Montgomery, Dr. R. P. Bose, Dr. Hugo Lindholm, Dr. D. E. Wolters, and Dr. John L. Powers for participating in the panel discussion. Appreciation was also expressed for the meeting room facilities provided by Holy Family Hospital. Similar cancer detection programs will be held at Spirit Lake, Spencer, Emmetsburg and Algona in the future, dates for which will be announced later. Top Area Students Several area students are in the first group of outstanding high school students to be admitted with recognition to Iowa State University next fall. They include William C. Larsen, Estherville, agricultural engineering; Marcia K, Paulsen, Lakota, sociology; James E, Mino, Ledyard, forestry; Pamela D. Fisk and Lynne C. Gould, Spencer, zoology; and Roberts. Ross, Spencer, fisheries and wildlife biology. Students recognized for superior scholarship are admitted with recognition, and receive certificates attesting to their scholarship. High school seniors admitted with recognition to Iowa State rank in the top five per cent of their graduation class. Additional names will be announced during the next few months. and city property taxes are up 14 per cent. The comptroller said the total property tax bill to be paid by Iowans in 1972 is $775.4 million, up from $747.3 million in 1971. "Property taxes were up 10.35 per cent in 1971, up from $677.2 million in 1970," Selden said. The comptroller said that property valuation in the state is up 4.56 per cent this year, resulting in an actual decrease in millage rates "for the first time in recent years." Total property valuation in the state this year is $7,709 billion for an average millage rate of 100.587. This compares with a total valuation of $7,373 billion and a millage rate of 101.348 in 1971 and a valuation of $7,266 billion and an average millage rate of 93.192 in 1970. Selden said the budget for Iowa school systems for the 1971-72 school year is $607 million, up from $577.2 million for the 1970-71 school year. Despite the increase, the percentage of the budget from property tax has dropped from 56 per cent to 52 per cent. State aid is currently providing 42 per cent of the schools budget, up from 39 per cent last school year. Miscellaneous sources, mostly various federal programs, accounted for five per cent of the budget last year and is accounting for six per cent this year. "Hopefully, we can get the percentage of property tax to go down even more," Selden said. not just a few large ones," the campaign chairman said. Emphasizing mat Neu already has campaigned in 48 counties, Brownlee stated that Neu "is one of the Republican party's hardest working candidates" this election year. "Art deserves all of the support we can give him," die Emmetsburg legislator concluded. Tickets for the dinner, which will be held at Holy Spirit Auditorium in Carroll, are $10 per person. Persons interested in purchasing tickets should contact Mrs. Robert Merritt, dinner chairman. Her address is 118 West 13th Street, Carroll; her telephone number is 712-7922539. Neu, a lawyer, has chaired the Senate Higher Education, Ethics, Rules, and Environmental Preservation Committees. He also has been appointed three times to serve on the Legislative Council. He'll Pick on People SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - A hangman who has tortured and killed four household pets says he's through with animals. "I'm not going to kill animals any more. Just people. I hate people," he says in his latest note. The note was found in a residential neighborhood west of Twin Peaks attached to the body of a white cat that had been beaten to death and hanged with clothesline. Before that, two dogs were found hanged and beaten on Dec. 31 and Jan. 3, and a striped tomcat Jan. 8 — all in the same neighborhood. "We have teams and extra patrols working on this and consider it a serious crime," said Police Chief Donald Scott. When the first cat was found last Saturday, a note expressed regret that people were keeping their dogs at home, "but there are always cats, and of course people." The latest note, found Tuesday night, said: "I kill because of varied reasons, but I'm not going to kill animals any more. Just people. I hate people. People are so stupid. For now, I'll just wait. ". . . Just remember even though I pass by you on the street, no one suspects its sic me. No one will ever catch me prowling or the like— I have a method— I don't go around looking for trouble. People are stupid." The note, signed "La Mort," was printed in an uneven hand on ruled paper. Thomas Measures Angus In National Program John H. Thomas, a registered Angus cattle breeder from Estherville, measured the weaning and yearling weights and grades of 26 head of cattle during 1971, Lloyd D. Miller, executive secretary of the American Angus Association reports. The records which will help Thomas breed faster gaining more efficient cattle were recorded in conjunction with die Association's Angus Herd Improvement Records (AHIR) program.. They were processed on the Association's modern cbmputer data processing equipment at St. Joseph, Mo. The AHIR program is designed to help cattlemen do a professional, scientific job of cattle breeding by measuring the economically important traits of a beef cattle herd. After cattle ! are weighed and graded on the' farm the information is sent to the Association office. Special reports are prepared and sent regularly to each Angus breeder enrolled in the program. This gives the breeder the weaning Ordine Olson Dies at 71 Ordine Olson, 71, Estherville, died at 5:04 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 15, 1972, at Holy Family Hospital. He was born Feb. 11, 1900, at Leland, HI., to Oscar and Anna Olson. He was educated in the rural Graettinger schools and was married to Adaline Sandvig Jan. 20, 1923, at Fairmont, Minn. They farmed in die Wallingford and Graettinger areas. He was a member of the Wallingford Lutheran Church. Olson is survived by his wife, Adaline; one son, Harley Olson of Graettinger; three daughters, Mrs. Robert (Ardys) Walker of Fort Dodge, Mrs. Delbert (Phyllis) Faber of Forest City and Mrs. Oliver (Shirley) Ness of Omaha, Neb.; 12 grandchildren, four great - grandchildren, two sisters, Mrs. William Nelson of Laurens and Mrs. Wesley Sevdy of Humboldt. He was preceded in death by his parents, one brother and one sister. Funeral service was held at 2 p.m. Monday at the Wallingford Lutheran Church with the Rev. John Pannkuk officiating. Burial was in Wallingford Lutheran cemetery. Pallbearers were Don Richard, Robert Fay, Dale Young, Vernon Fredericksen, Ole Refsell and Porter Thorson. Reese-Henry Funeral Home of Estherville was in charge. Debate Team Places 9th Even though Iowa Lakes Community College was the only two- year school having debaters, a team from ILCC came in ninth out of 36 at the Mankato State College Invitational Friday and Saturday. All other teams came from four-year schools. The team of Sherri Krier and Mike Anderegg compiled four wins and two losses to place ninth. Verdeen Anderson and Mary Fransdal had a record of two wins and four losses. Chuck Doyle, an alternate for the latter team, participated in one of the debates. and yearling weight and grade record of each animal in his herd as well as the lifetime progeny recod of their sires and dams. The AHIR program is the fastest growing department in the American Angus Association. Last year there were 71,899 weight records recorded by Angus breeders, an increase of some 20 per cent over a year earlier. Rehearsals Begin for 'The Crucible' GRUVER — Rehearsals have started at Lincoln Central for "ipieir forthcoming production of Arthur Miller's "The Crucible." This play, by one of America's foremost playwrights, tells the story of the Salem witchcraft trials of 1692, and will be presented at Gruver on the nights of Feb. 18 and 19. "The Crucible" tells the story of John and Elizabeth Proctor, a farmer and his wife, who live near Salem in 1692. When Elizabeth Proctor is accused of being a witch, her husband, in offering proof of her innocense, is accused of witchcraft himself. The resolution of the play involves the conscience of the audience, as John Proctor decides whether to confess to witchery and save himself from death, or go to the gallows with his honor, dignity and integrity intact. His final decision has been stunning audiences since the play first opened in New York in 1953. Arthur Miller, author of "Death of a Salesman," "A View from the Bridge," and "After the Fall," has constructed a play which comes to gripping terms with the effects of hysteria and hatred set loose in a small village. While the play takes place in 1692, lessons which apply to modern life can easily be drawn from it. Included in the cast of 20 are Connie Kay Moore, Bruce Berhow, Lori Thiel, Connie Knutson, Chris Neppel, Kathy Lenox, Gordon JuhL Janet Yackle, Deanne Yackle, John Kleen, Sheila Mahin, Randy Yackle, Gary Jorgensen, Diane Hoganson, Bruce Christophel, Douglas Swartz, Rodney Prather, Dick Sunde, Mark Thiel and Terry Friesner. Curtain time on Feb. 18 and 19 is 8 p.m. On Dean's List A number of area students have been named to the dean's honor list for the first semester at Augustana College, Sioux Falls. The list includes Janet Espeset, Estherville; Susan Looft and David Nodland, Spirit Lake; Diane Kuehl, Hartley; Marilyn Saltan, Ayrshire; Linda Gries and Barbara Holt, Spencer. Banquet Reset Estherville Jaycees' Awards Banquet has been rescheduled for 6:30 p.m. Jan. 31, at the V.F.W. hall. Illness has caused the postponement of the banquet. Cong Watches U.S. Election SAIGON (AP) — Secretary of die Army Robert F. Froehlke predicted today that Communist forces will stage some "spectacular" attacks in Indochina for political purposes because they are unable to achieve military success. He said the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong leaders "aren't unmindful that we are in an election year in the United States." Froehlke also mentioned President Nixon's trip to Communist China during me last week in February. Some analysts believe that Hanoi may launch an offensive to discourage China, which has backed North Vietnam with military and financial aid, from making any deals with Nixon on the future of Indochina. Winding up a five-day visit to Vietnam, Froehlke told a news conference: "I presume there will be, as Secretary Laird describes it, some spectaculars for primarily, I believe, political purposes .... I don't think they can achieve military success and therefore I have to assume they're doing it for political purposes. "Based on what I saw, I am confident that from a military standpoint the majority, the vast majority of these spectaculars will prove to be unsuccessful. Rites Wednesday "Also being realistic, I assume that in the weeks, the months ahead, that on occasion the South Vietnamese will lose an occasional skirmish. But I'm completely confident they're going to win most of them and they're going to win the battle." Froehlke said the Vietnam- ization program "is proceeding with cess. perhaps amazing suc- He said that morale among the remaining U.S. troops "generally speaking, is pretty good." Froehlke flew to Bangkok for die second leg of his first official visit to U.S. Army units in the pacific. Farm Class to Discuss Wildlife Production Farming Practices and Wildlife Production will be the topic for the Estherville Adult Farmer Evening class Monday night. The meeting will start at 7:30 p.m. in the Vocational Agriculture room at the high school. Ron Howing, wildlife biologist from Wallingford, will be the speaker. He has a slide presentation on pheasant nesting cover. This presentation was taken from a study conducted at Thoreson Rites Held Saturday Services were held Saturday for Charles Thoreson, 55, of Henry, S.D., who died Tuesday, Jan. 12, 1972. Thoreson, brother of Edwin Thoreson of Estherville, had undergone open heart surgery two years ago, during which three heart valves were replaced with plastic and metal. Funeral services for Edwin E. Carson, 99, Armstrong, have ^ _^ been postponed until Wednesday. Car Damaged The funeral had earlier been set for Tuesday. Reese-Henry Funeral Home in Armstrong is in charge of arrangements. Migrant Funds WASHINGTON (AP) - The Department of Health, Education and Welfare has awarded $70,663 to the Iowa Department of Public Instruction. A car operated by Elmer John Thorn, Estherville, was damaged Friday morning when it was hit by a car at 9th and Central. Richard McGee Munson, Estherville, was backing his car on the D-X driveway when the auto went over the curb and hit the Thorn car which was stopped at the time. It was the only accident reported by Estherville police over the three-day weekend. Garner over a two year period. He will discuss nesting cover, food supply, and winter cover on the farm as it pertains to wildlife. Ron will discuss the existing governmental programs available to establish wildlife habitat. One of the programs every farmer should be fami- lar with is the A-3 program. Anyone Interested in conserving our wildlife and how to help do it should plan to attend. Refreshments will be served afterwards. Twenty-one local and area farmers were present at the last meeting. They discussed the future of farm product prices and the 1972 farm program. Murder Trial Set STORM LAKE, Iowa (AP) Buena Vista County District Court Judge Richard Cooper said Monday the murder trial of Michael D. Peterson, 19, of rural Storm Lake will begin March 21. Peterson is charged in the rape-strangulation death last October of his fiancee, Jeanine Marie Christensen, 18. LEAGUE BOWLING TARDY LEAGUE THURSDAY Top Hat 6 2 Young-McFadden 5 3 Liberty Five 5 3 Kent Feed 5 3 Chuck's Red Owl 4 4 Esther Maid 4 4 O.K. Barber Shop 4 4 Timmins Realty 3 5 Consumers 3 5 J. D. Webb 1 7 High Team 3 Games O.K. Barber Shop 2562 Young-McFadden 2512 Top Hat 2475 High Team 1 Game JD.K. Barber Shop 917 Young-McFadden 898 O.K. Barber Shop 862 High Individual 3 Games Gene Strube 596 Don Dammann 590 John McFadden 557 High Individual 1 Game Gene Strube 219 Ike DeGeest 216 Don Dammann 215 Spanish inns serve fried doughy churros with cups of coffee. STAN YOUNG INS. LEAGUE THURSDAY Life Timers 4 0 Bond Belles 3 1 Commercials 3 1 Liabilities 3 1 Camper Cuties 2 2 Homeowners 2 2 Cycle Set 1 3 Fire Bugs 1 3 Auto Annies 1 3 Farmers Daughters 0 4 High Team 3 Games Life Timers 1622 Bond Belles Cycle Set High Team 1 Game Life Timers 568 Commercials 560 Bond Belles 541 High Individual 3 Games Nancy Casperson 631 Ethel Whitacre 536 Donnette McGregor 535 High Individual 1 Game Nancy Casperson 227 Linda Keeler 220 Donnette McGregor 206 Nancy Casperson 206 JUNIOR BANTAM LEAGUE SATURDAY Long Gone Away Oakridge Atom Smashers Hot Rods Vitality Idiots E'ville Social Club Dynamites Jinxed Cats Blom's Bums Handicapers High Team 3 Games E'ville Social Club 1923 Blom's Bums 1872 Oakridge Atom Smashers 1821 High Team 1 Game E'ville Social Club 668 E'ville Social Club 665 Blom's Bums 647 High Individual 3 Games Joe Steil 515 Steve Whitehouse 466 Jim Blom 460 High Individual 1 Game Larry Kibbie 215 Joe Steil 183 Jim Blom 181 R. E. Lester DENTIST 214 North 6th Phone 362-4747

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