Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on May 27, 1957 · Page 11
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 11

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, May 27, 1957
Page 11
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TWELVE KVKNING TIMES, . CUMBKKLAND, MI)., MOMMY', MAY 27, 1957 Have a can of swcc'lcned Krape fruit sections ice-cold; drain and serve with orangft .sherbet (or , rcefrcsliing hol-woather dessert, Hot Rolls Rise To The Occasion Dice and sugar fresh fruit; put a spoonful of the fruit into a (all glass. Add a scoop of ice cream or sherbet mid fill with ginger! ale. PICNIC? Always take along GOLDEN i-'-f • -,M? n ; -V,ii^ 0 •• POTATO CHIPS Prepared In Pure Vegetable Oil OLD J-'ASIIIUNKU KAVOHITE— Su-tel inounfaln rolls are made with jTast and mashed potatoes. J!y fKC'II.Y JilUHVNSTONF. Associated I'n-ss Food KUitor SO.MJC I when you have to spend time in | doors, roll up your sleeves and IIAI.W AFTHH\OON,|do some yeast baking. If you've YOURSELF To Picnic And Holiday Foods! How About A Nice Swift's Premium If ABA liHIf! F or Your Holiday Picnic or Dinner 12-14 Ib. Average —Whole or Shank Half SPECIALLY PRICED .. Ib. 3/0 Oui Own Home Mod* HAffl SALAD ...n. 89c Mod. V/hk Swiffi P,,™ um Horn Swill'j Plenum SkinUn WIENERS Rib EnJ Cut PORK ROAST Place Your Order Early for Bar B-Q Chickens and Hams . , . Large Bar-B-Q Chickens , . 51.59 Bill In Town lean Ground JJEEF '">> 79C FRYING' CHICKENS > 43c Stokley's FROZEN FOODS Sliced Strawberries 2 pkgs. 45c DONAID DUCK Orange Juice .. 2 „„, 27c Everybody Likes Mrs. Snyder's Home Made POTATO SALAD ..... Pint 49c NUT FUDGE COOKIES 1 <» *, 49c M«W K«hi«,', Potato Snax n „. P v s , 39 C COCA COLA .......... . ......... 6 FOP 25c Plui Baltic D«poii1 Evcrydilng for your picnic . . . napkins plates, spoons, forks, paper cups /or hot or cold drinks. Olives, pickles, ionic, etc. Cantaloupes . . . Watermelons . , . Home Grown Strawberries! ARMOUR'S STAR Canned Meat Specials! TREET 2 'OR 89c CORNED BEEF " °> - 45c STAR BEEF STEW w, it.« M 45 C STAR VIENNA SAUSAGES 2.-0. 39c DASH DOG FOOD 8 'OR $1.00 ^ rail 303 Cam Cyp/ui Gord»n WhoU Grapef'l Sections 69c C,o,. ond 2 ' 12 "• Strawb'ey Pr'ves gVc V/oy-Pock Sweef Pickles - - 43c FRESH PRODUCE turga Co!If. Vint Kipin.J Cantaloupes CARL Florido Rtd or Whili New Potatoes 10 - 49c Ex Ir a Fancy Hothoun Tomatoes »> 49c gc Ho mi Giown kebt .ettuce never used ycasl and feel a liltle limid, ask a more expcrlencet neighbor lo come over and lone a hand. Kneading and shaping may be done successfully by fol lowing written directions, but it is always help/ul lo see how an experienced baker handles the dough. T)ic following recipe for rolls includes mashed potatoes be cause they contribute to Ihe light and airy le.\l«rc. This dough lias an advantage: it may be made ahead, refrigerated and used as needed. SWEET MOUNTAIN ROLLS Ingredients: I cup milk, 1 cup hot- - mashed potatoes, '? cup shortening. V< cup sugar, 2 tea spoons salt, ',i cup warm (near I0,i degrees water, package ac live dry yeast. 2 eggs, 5 to cups sifted flour, red jam. jtelliod: Scald milk, stir in ho mashed potatoes, shortening sugar and salt, let stand unti lukewarm. Measure water into a large mixing bowl; sprinkle in! yeast; stir until dissolved. Stir! lukewarm potato-milk - mix- jture. Beat eggs thoroughly for a few minutes and add with I'.ji cups flour; beafwcll. Cover andj et stand in a warm place until] till o( bubbles—about 1 hour. Stir in enough of the remaining 1-7 lo 5 cups flour (and any ex-' ra needed) to make a fairly! stiff dough. Turn out on lightly] floured surface; knead unlili smooth and elastic. Place inj greased mixing bowl; grease top: of dough; cover and •refrigerate.! Vbout 1 l 't hours before serving,! remove dough from the refrigera-! or and roll oul lo about li-inch! hick. Cut with biscuit cutter and place rounds of dough on ireased cookie sheet or in shal-| ow baking pan. Let rolls rise in a warm place, free from draft, jnti) doubled in bulk—about ij lour. Push thumb into the con-1 er of each round. Fill center, vith jam, using about 114 tea-! spoons for each. Bake in hot (400 degrees) over 15 to 20 minutes. "Serve hot. • i First step: flatten dough slight-; y by pressing it firmly; with the fingers of both hands, fold it over on itself toward you; use; a rolling motion. Second step: Push the ball of' dough away from you with the; part of your palm that is nearest your wrist; use both hands. Third slep: Grasp the dough with both bands and turn one- quarter way around on the board; repeat these three steps. The time it takes yeast dough to double in bulk will vary with Place wilted vegetables In Ice- cold water or between layers of crushed ice to freshen them. Then cover with clean damp cloth and store in refrigerator. Dial 1'A 2-1000 for a WANT AD Tai??r Cheese Twists A.reAppealmg Com P a »y Su P!W Cheese Twists are a savory holicup, and oil, Lei stand a few bread you'll be asked to mnkctininulcs. Turn into biscuit mix, Trv tills will, leftover cnnkcrf Cf '°"\ Z ° 5<y W ' lh Ollic "' Pal ' me - and slir lo nioke so!t A ° a ^0 "l'. s ."'.!!l. ! , 1 f f !P.!!f r .. c!0 r™,san cheese and paprika, they al- Turn oul onto floured board and cereal: pack while warm into a so bo a st a twisted shape which" . . . ,*"* wuov a l.>IDll:u anutJU WIIUJI! clean loaf pan, cool thoroughly; makes them quite appealing. Two remove from pan. slice and pan convenient foods, biscuit mix ' rv - and instant minced onion, lake roll thin to rectangle, about Sweet the temperature of the room, the liulc breads, amount of yeasl used, the type of flour used and upon Ihe other ingredients in the recipe. To test whclher dough has doubled its original size, press two fingers deep into it; if the holes remain when fingers arc withdrawn, the dough has probably doubled in bulk. When the shaped dough has stood in a warm place until it is puffy, press it gently with a finger tip. If a slight indentation remains, n js ready to bake. and instant minced onion, lake all the work oul of making these Cheese Twists Hi cups biscuit mix 1 small raw onion, finely chopped (Vi cup) Vz cup milk 2 tablespoons oil Vi cup mayonnaise l '« cup grated Parmesan cheese Vi teaspoon-paprika Measure biscuit mix into mixing bowl. Place onion in measuring cup. add milk to make :xl2-inches. Blend mayonnaise, mix cheese and paprika, and spread over ?i of dougl). F&ld unspread portion lo half cover remainder, then make second fold, forinin. 12-inch strip, of three' layers. With rolling pin, flatten slightly. Ciil into slrips aboul 3 ,i-incli wide. Twist ends o( each, and place on lightly greased baking sheet. Bake in hoi oven (425 de- giccs F.) about 10 to 12 minutes. Serve hot. Makes about 1 dozen. John Powers, of the Pittsburgh Pirates, paced Ihe Southern Assn- in home runs in 1956. lie hit 39 for New Orleans. Ever use cooked vegetables-in a salad? Boneless Smoked Pork-' . Shoulder Butl Potatoes Hoi Biscuits Three Vegetable Salad '•'"'• Fruit Compole Vanilla Wafera Beverage THREE VEGETABLE SALAD trigredicnts: 1 cup cooked car- rol slrips, 1 cup cooked snap beans 'cut in slrips), 1 cup thin strips raw celery, Vt cup mayonnaise, 3 to 4 teaspoons lemon juice, Curry powder, salt, pepper, salad greens, parika. ' Method: Toss Ihe carrots, snap beans and celery together. In a small bow! mix the mayonnaise and lemon juice; add curry powder, salt and, pepper to taste. Arrange on salad greens; sprinklo with paprika. Makes 6 servings. 19c I ! FOOD MARKET 436 Cumberland St. Phone PA 4-3480J FRf E DELIVERY OPEN DAILY 8 A.M. *o 6 P.M alii. Sunlfil .emons <" 39c MOKf FIAVO* FOR YOUR MON€Y! Bottled by PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY DIAl PA <l7470 IN BOTH P. S. MKTS. TUESDAY = Hams who', o, iFor.v H O ; RcxVlngrcn Ccck erf — rredy to Cot I HamS v '^o^ or ShorV HoiF .. . . ...... Ib. : 5~.ll'« P.rtr.i^m Tcucoiitd — Slut lobe! :Hams v/hci, c. SHO.-V ita'i ............ ib. f! K «" "-« J 16. con S4 69 ; Canned Hams ....... . ; Bunti,,, [Picnic Hams ...... iy 2 IB. .^$1.39 FRYING CHICKENS | FRESH SLICED IUNCHEON j COLD CUTS - CHippTC cr I, ,<H : Spiced Horn Ib. 59c : Gir, u ; nf : Chopped Horn Ib. 69c : ','e.nll , : Jumbo Bologna Ib. 49c : Horn Salad . . !b. 59c : End Si;,-, : Boiled Horn , . Ib. 79c : Jjho Uor, C.'/.T 5M., FOU5H : Boiled Horn Vi Ib. 69c : O.'i H,' c lo., Car",, : Bologna . Ib. link 75c Fr.lF, Ground Beef For Barbecue Try Thcit Delicio Veal Beef ib Pork Patties Cut-Up Chicken Parts Breasts "> 75c Legs and Thighs i». 65c Wings 3 it. 45c Livers . ib 69c Hearts and Gizzards b29c Backs and Necks3 b KAoisHe! 11 2 w>i. 19c Home Grown leal , k OE — UTTUCE . <C3C £?,'•& 2«». 25c CElERr HEARTS b<h - 35C Ho^p Grov-n O IBI. OE-* RHUBARB * bch A 3C lotjt Coll!. w . OQ^ Ponol CtVERY K ' *^C MPARAGUS ''• b<h ' 29C fiiroll 'i"6 1! "- 59c Calif. *Vew Whit POTATOES Wftin« 15-lb. ftQ« POTATOES E f(l, O**C larg* He* Hoi TOMATOES torg* Freih P'NEAFPUS WEIGHS . ..' "" ib. 59c •«•• 35 c «*>. 49 C "•• 41c I Franks ~\ Ib. pkg. 49c =•' Large Roasting Chickens »> 45c } A»oir<d snc«d : Cheese or Lunch Meat •- »>. 59 C i Slo<J. C^i ; Chuck Roast IB. 35 C ; Beftsville Turkeys < to 8 Ib tM< ib. 49c fcly^UTY FOODS ^232 VIRGINIA AVE. CUMBERLAND MD. Canned Chicken ^ ib < o, ,;« $1,09 ; Turkey & Chicken c "™"< 3 *°£ $1 \ Swonioo t plrtu oF ChicVen In brown a'ovy : Chicken Fricasse <=« 45c ! Pttrniet '• Chunk Style Tuna .... 6 « <*» 25c i Light Meat Tuna • '= »•»• '«^ 65c Kraft * Ifoli'an or i Casino Dressing bom. 3ici Horseradish i«« » or. •„, 39 C i Belt View ' ] Dill or Sour Pickles ig 2x0,. , Gr 35 C i 8,11 V^w OM Fo^.ior, Sw,,t - ; Cucumber Chips . •». to „. iw 3Q C ; Light Mustard «»«" 29c I Stuffed Olives >,. ,,r,;,. i« 49 C j Tea Bags ^. ». « sy c i lr»i!onl MAXWfU HOUSE : Coffee -.... r 0 * or. ,•„ $1.29 \ At good ai lh« h«it : Daisy Fresh Coffee MI.. «» 89c 1 Our Sfore j CLOSED j THURSDAY ! PHONI Decoration j PA 4-4360 Day 1 FREE! UNITED STAMPS 5^ FREE! ROGER'S Silverware POTATOES Washing Powder • AD • VEL • FAB 4 CHICKEN 31/4 c" 'I Ji«m O!< ARMOURS Milk 8 «n, '1 Piliibwr'" Fi> C.u.l Mix 0 CDnI 1 Old Virginia Pre'es Pineoppt. Penc^, Aprlcal Domion, Crap* 4 '£• $ 1 sonti Tissues 16.«". $ 1 Tuxedo Tuna 5 - '1 'iniiE CHIF Spoghati En icmola lauti 10 »«»1 Del Monte Catsup 5 ..... M Butter Beans in ilb *i • ** <an» 1 DM Vlt a ln!a S'rc-b.rrx Preservej 2 31-0" il i»n 1 Polled Meals 15 Starkis, Tuna 3 Kidney Beans™3c' Armour's Lard 5 ' Early June Peas 7 for for for for for $1 CHASI *"» SANBORN Kidney Beans ^10':'", for Tomato Sauce 11 """ for 6';rfor Couwy 7 4 Vegetables MI Appie Butter Str'wberry "•>— 4 Hominy 10 N Vienna Sausage 7 OhoppedBeef 3' Peanut Butter 2 for for for for for for for Pillsbury Flour 10 b '" g for Pork & Beans 3 "r, for Salad Olives 2".:; for Pork & Beans 6 K V« for Sardines 10""for Hunt's Tom, Paste 11 Pork & Beans WHOU KERNEL f ° r $ for^ 1 for for 'for i FROZEN PIES CHIC • BEEF • TURKEY 5 f or 1 8 N 7 Peas^-a., 10 Gut Green Beans 8 HUNT s Peaches 3 "° Tomatoes 7 Sauerkraul 6 N V n ?for Tomato Juice 8 N .l!ior Kidney Beans 8';: ,, 7 for vlGE A TA°v? R Soup 10 <"• for Wax Paper ™ «« 4 ««• for Colored Tissues 12'°"-for Pickles-" 4;?; for Cut Beets 8— for Coffee n-__ uorn Apple Sauce Pickles Corn CRIAM ' for c L~ o """ Tor 6 <=- for 2 ^ for 8 «•"» for 1 KUl-MNtiHAM OLD VA. HAMS 52<z Ib. Lean Chuck Roast V |bj. 1 $1 SALE E Armour's DASH 10 Conss l Juicy Club Steaks PORK CHOPS 2'/2 , b ,*1 )OG FOOD KING CARLO 1.O Cons J. VEAl SIS ANO 1O1N CHOPS 2 lbi . 5 1 MILK FED VEAL STEAKS 69c Ib. Sirloin Steak 2V 2 , bs5 1 Steakettes Veaf or Beef L it,s 1 Baby Beef Liver , . 4 Ibs. Fresh Pork Sausage 3 Ibs. ', , Smoked Sousage 2'/j Ibs.xl Poltack Filtetj ... 4 lbs.^1 Bacon Squares . 3 Ibs. Veal Leg Roost 2>/a Ibs. Ass. Lunch Meats 2 Ibs. Armors Bacon 2'/i Ifas.' Sliced Bacon Ends 4lbs.(t>{ Minced Ham .... 3 Ibs.tM Veal S'der Chops 2Vi Ibs. Skinless Franks T-/I Ibs. Leon Pork Roast 2 (bs. Mild L'gh'n Cheese 2 Ibs. Lean Pork Steoks 2 Ifas. Spiced Luncheon 2'/i Ibs. Tenderloin Steak 2 Ibs. Rump Roast . . 2Vi Ibs. Amer. - Pirn. Ch'se 2 Ibs. Slab Bacon 2 Ibs. SWIFT PREMIUM FRYERS n. 37c ROCKINGHAPA Picnics > b 34c FRESH GROUND Hamburg 4 lbi. GOLDEN RIPE BANANAS 10c Fla, Valencia ORANGES l si:, OE . 39c Large Head LETTUCE 2^,39c New Texas ONIONS 3»,23c GIANT PASCAL CELERY U. S. No. 1 N. Y. State POTATOES 5O ">• 609 .49 BLIC SERVIC 000 MARKET: 26 N GEORGE STREET AND CRESAPTOWN Phone Order* Promptly Filled Call Cumberland PA 4-0600 Cre»aptown PA 2-5212

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