Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 19, 1969 · Page 21
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 21

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 19, 1969
Page 21
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f Mma or OVMWUVATI* GOT- NOTICE or wwi SAIX CKiajrc MAKD iman ci^j NOL 6 M 14 S now .AXD COVKTT BOABO OF On Monday. Marcb 3. IM. at IBM ESCCATIOK EUCnOK a.m.. Palm Escrow Co. ai duly »p- NoncE IS HEREBY GIVEN la the pointed Trustee tinder and ponnant TMm of the foUnrinc district oriU Deed o{ Tnat dated Maidi UUl. diltricU o( the Conntia M San Ber-'l96;. executed by JAY V. SAVACX nardlBs and BimiMe. eaJJfOraia. and ABLESE M. SAVAGE. Insbttd llMt a ooniolidated electioo forland wile and recorded Uareh 32. mnfaera of the Board or Bonds e(ll9S7. as iaitr. Ko. 17. in book CI91. ttc said district or disiriela as In-lpate 67, of Official Bcceids ia the dinted below win be held tm the I office of the County BecoRler of tMrd Tuesday of April, nam^. San Beinartlino County. California. Aprfl 15. isa>. for the parpose of WILL SELL AT PUBUC AUCTTOJ citetinc the number of nenben ofiTO HIGHEST atIH >ES FOB CASH the coraminc boutls af the districts! tpayable at time of sale in lawtel and tor the purpose of deetlnf a'money of the United SUtea) at the member of said County Board of'Korth entrance of the San Bernar- Bducation. AH newly dected baud idino County Courthouse, in the City latrobers will serve four-year terms.:of San Bernardino. California, aU the newly elected board'risht. title and interest conveyed to tor the county Board of and now held by It under said Deed Pnund antt'Americatn demonstrators in Turkey •y raiL NSWSOM tin FMOifB NwM AMiytt In Ankara. "niriBey, euis *»! year, VS. Astessador Bbbert I(Mt t«e yme UUed. W Koner watched from a window of a caispus buOdmg of ate- Xidffle East Tedmicd Two R <emliecs of tile Bedlands tfhifled School IMstrict. Three members of the Ssn Ber- •ardino Junior College District One member of the San Bemar- £ina County Board of EducatlDn, Trustee Area "E". niBcatioa will serve a two year of Trust in the prtiperty situated •"n- in said County and SUM described as: Lot U of Tract 4278 la the city j of Redlands. County of San Bernardino, as per plat recorded in ! Book 64 of Haps, page St, Becoids ' of said Cotmty. Said sale will be made, but witb- out covenant or waxxanty. express Vrecinct No. 1 sfaaO Indnde an ^cr implied, recatdfaic title.' posies- tac area emlnated within the ex- si on. or enenmbranoes. to pay the tcHor boundaries of San Bemaidine remaininjt prtecipal sum of the Dote Cotraty Election Predneta 'Bedlands'secured by said Z>eed of Trust, to- 5. t. 7. S. 41. 42. 52 and 7S~ within wit: S15.7292I. with interest from the Redlands Unified Sefaooi Oistrict May I. 19ea. as in said note proof San Bemardine Comity. vided. advances. If any. under tbe PoUinc Place: terms of said Deed .of Tnat, tees. Board Boom : charges and expenses of the Trus- 2S W. Lueonia Ave. ,tee and of the trusts created by Redlands. California I said Deed of Trust. PrecinC. No. 2 shall indude all: The beneficiary under said Daed the area embraced within the ex- of Trust Ijy reason of a breach or terior boondaries of San Bernardino! default in the oblKaUoas secured County Election Prednds "Mentone thereby, tieretofore executed and de- 8 and 9." -Redlands 1. 9. 12. 34. livered to the undersKned a writ- Si. S3. 54 and C" and the area em- ten DecUration of Default and Oe- braced witliin that portion of San mand for Sale, and written notice Bemaniino County Election Prednct |0f breach and of election to cause Bedlands 2" within the Bedlands | the undersigned to sell said property unified Sdiool Oistrict of San Ber- 1 to satisfy said obligations, and there- aardino County. j after, on Odober 2S. U6S. tbe <mdcr> roUinc Place: signed caused said *notice of breach dement Junior Hitb land of election to be recorded in 501 E. Pennsylvania book 7118. page 4S8. of said Oftidal Bwllands. California ReconU. Precinct Na 3 shall taidude aU Date: January 29. 19e9. Hnivapsity as kftwing studeoU cv'ertumed his automobile and at it afire. Then, itceonJiiig to Ote story, he sat down aixl ate I BS Itisdi with the university rector, nere. is no reoocd ofAtUntic main •Qoarei. About »,000 pcffoof were iip^ved, the ttn foms ilMUt equally divided. At disdpUnaiy action a^inst iiie studoits. In the latest outiiarrt, pro and aoti - AmeiJcaB dcmoostrahnl battled in one of btanbul's Ibe IMtts wm protcttine a visit to Istanbul of tte VS. aircraft carrier Foocatal and five dtbltoywi from the VS. «h Fleet Tiukisli ofGciab deny that student anti-Americanism and far left demands that Ttarfcey jfiet out of «ie Western Norft Treaty Organizatian (NATO) arc representative «f IWidA oiiinioB in general "Kemal Alatuik." they say. "turned m towud the West and we intand to ftagr (hat way. Fcr Komer, fcnner head oi U.S. pacification efforts in Scuth Vietaam, it was getting to be an old story. To tfadr shoots of "Down with the United SUtes!" the students have added "KBler Itomer!" to their list of epithets. Those who attempt to explain anti-Americasiism on a local basis find three possiUe causes. One is a general bdief that file United States aded with Greece against Turiny in tbe diqiute over Cyprus. AnotiMT is the prescnc* of American troops in Turkeyj under NATO and a feeiiae. exploited for propaganda purposes, that NATO infringe* upon national sovereignty. A third is tbe reduetka in! American aid to 'nokey, expected to be phased oat entirely in 1972. Quimby bill covers topless L^^^SiL^^iH>«*i««t «««° I^wfrtoft. Suf- ^J!^J^^J2tSiolk, Who disappeared Monday Redlands OoHy Facts Wednesday, Feb. 19, 1969-21 No traw HONG KONG (UPI)-Searcb Wo CAIRO (UPI)-Tlie edKor if party iffidals ^d today dMyj Egypt's most influential new^ paper said T^iesday glgtt es to covenip-iiader l>«isliti«B proposed Tuad«y by Aaaembly- man John P. Q^mby, D-Bidto. The measure species loeal governments may enact or£- nances to regulate tbe "appar^ d worn by a waiter, waitress night rowing a ddff near Baag{ Kong. another inevitable. "Sooner war with Israel fi or later tba Arata and the- Israelis wQl f^t." he said. "Tlie climax of the fi^iUng will be tile Egyptian tainers and at times no confront and the weapon oed wiB tumes at aU." be the Air Force Be said eonfusiim exists over "Cdd SheuMer" or enterUiner in an esUblidi-jwhat level of government is em- ment wliicb serves food, bever-i powered to regulate employe in olden times, when someon* ages or both-" 'dress or lack of dress. -lost favor with his host be wa« He said law enforcement agen-' Currently the state can suspend given the cold shoulder of mut- cies in bis district "have been or revdce tbe license of a barjtaa wliile the rest of tbe. unatte to control wbat they; or tavern on an administrative'were served tot coender to be 'improper cos. basis, toe unbecoming employe iTUs led to the espresriao, tumes' by waitresses and enter- conduct 'give one the cold shonUer." the area embraced within the ex- tertor boundaries of San Bernardino County Election Prednda "Redlands' 3«, 29. 31. 36. 37. 4S and 58" within . tbe Bedlands Unified Seiiool Oistrict of San Bernardino County. Polling Place: Cope Junior High . 1100 W. Cypfcts ' ; Badlands. California Prednet No. 4 shall indude an PALM ESCROW CO. as said Trustee. T. D. Service Company. Agtnt Ocnald J. Fairfax Vice President 37158 NOTICE OF INTENDED ECU : TRANSFER NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that tfae'aKa'embraced within the ex-,William S. Young, doing business terior boDndaries of San Bernardino as Bill Young's Brookside Sendee. COtmtT Election Precincts "Craf ton whose business address is 1325 Bar- .1?^ ^RSSd. loTllTaS. 39. 6«.iton Road Redljmds. Cylif Oniaty 70 and S4** within the Bedlands Uni-' of San Bernardino. California, is Sdiocd District oC San Bemar-' about to make a bulk transfer sale C^» ,to Jodie P. Partain. whose business naee- laddress is 1256S 13th Street. Yu- ^Otarton Sdiool Icaipa. Calif.. County of San Ber- Ul Wabash Inardino. California, the foUowing Badlands. CalifoialJi 'propert}-: Piednd No. S shan induda aU' All of the equipment. nMterials. Hie aiea cmbmced within the ex- 1 supplies, merchandise and other interior boundaries of San Bernardino' ventory of the reuil gasoline serv- Cteinty Election Precinct "East High- Ice station, known as BiU Young's lands 1" and the area embraced Broo'^"= Service. ,^ . ,_, withitt those portioiu of San Ber-' ^is property is located at 132S aardiiu) County Eleetian Precincts Barton Road. Redlands. County of "East Highlands 2 aiul 3." "Higbland , San Bernardino. California. S" and "Running Springs I" with-' This bulk transfer will be con- in the Bedlands Unified School Dis- ;'™mated on or after* March 10. trict of San Bernardino County. "69. at the escrow deputment ot Polling Place- Westward Escrow Co.. 4137 Almond Ciam School Street, Riverside. County of River- 29111 E. Base Line side. California. East Highlands. California Within the past-three years trans- Precinct No. 6 shaU indude an.terqr has also used the {"Rowing the area embraced -within the ex-,busmess names at the foUowmg tertor boui^aries of those Dortions' business addresses: rtSm B SS ^O c^ sjrtSS. rs"?? f Prcdnds "Forest Hon* f and, tone Blvd.. Mentone. Calif. Oata 1=^ wttSr the Red-i BiU Youngs Brookside Service, tandi Unlned Schocd District oT San 1325 Barton Road. Bedlands. Calif. gMM^jmueoaOTO. uismcs « oan purchase price wiU be paid as foUows: Cash through escrow. Transferee has Uken posacssioa of the premises and property betaig sold hereunder solely as the Agent PoUUw puce: FaUavale Scboel urn Creek Canyon Rd. Forest Falls, California Piednct No. 7 shaU indude an of Transferor pendiiig emidusion of the area embraced -within tbe ex- the sale. Tbe scheduled closing date, terior boundaries of San Bernardino as defined in Civil Code section SX^SSISf^P?L^^S3 ^:3 «p.l.^^n be no earlier than 24, M 30 ei 62, 86. 70 and 72" above date and at such time as aU wiUUn'the'Redlands Unified SchooljEfcrow condiMoiw have been com- ^I^-ina^: *=°""'>'-.'''SS^T^:?lbS^"lM Klraberly School 301 W, SouUi Ave. Prednrt No, S shaU iadud* aU the area embraced wlflUa the ex- tatior bouadaries at Saa Bernardino Ceoaty Election Pndaet* "Bedlands 3, 4. IS. 16. M. S5 and 74" wjlhla the Bedlands DaltKd Sdiool District of San Bernardino County. PoUing PUoe: Lincoln School SIS Ikxas SL Redlands. CaUfornia Prednct No. • sbaU include aU. tbe area embraced within the exterior bouadaries of San Bernardino JODIE P. PABTAIN. Transferee. WESTWARD ESCROW CO, P. O. Box 3»9. Riverside. Calif. Escrow Ma UOOt I NOTICE OF HEARING ON PETI- j nON FOB PBOBATE OF With AX» FOB LETTEBS TESTAMENTABT , No, 3S159 I In the Soperlor Court of the Stat* ct California, in and for the County ^ of San Bernardino. 'In the matter ot the Estate of P. W. DAVIS. ttneraUy known as FOREST W. DAVIS. DMeaacd. Simty-H^orpScScb --TidIaid. pe^S^ J 'B JSJ'S iS ^'^Iu^S'- 2S. 4«. 68. 81 and 83." "Yucalpa 20 Trust and SavrnttTSS^STa mi 42" and the area embraced naUonal bSilng^ScUuSi! £r the within that portion of San Betnar- Probate ofWmofFW SVtaTasm! dtoo county Election Predact "Yu- enSS taowi M l^irtW ^ftSi.^ catpa 6" within the Redlands Vni- above naaS dee ^eht ^kl Om SS. ?J*SSL°^" ^ issuantTM SttSST xStalStS ofno County. thereon to Bank of Aurlea Natirm. ''''"i5LiS?'sd ,oo. i^.T"^ ssr ^v ^s^s^i^ ami) Palo AIU Dr. Bedlands, California Piedud No. 10 riian bidode an tha area embraced within the ex-.«»m — terior boundaries of San Bernardino' Boom 308 of the above entitled Court County Electioa Prednds "Redlands^' «*' courthouse in the City of 13. 17. 18. 21. 22. 23. 33. 44. 56. 57 San Bernardino in the above dniga- «nd 65" Within the Redlands Uni- ""«' «>unty and state, fied Sdiool District of San Bemar- °»tad February 14. 1S68. dino Count}, V, DENNIS WAROLE. Qerk. PoUing Place: By EdiUi Houghton. McKinlcy Sdiool _ , Deputy Clerk. 645 W Olive ^- A- LEONARD. Redlands, California '"^'^ Orange Street. Suite 6. Precinct No. 11 shall indude ttt'lB'eSk^'rSir„rr,i, m-i £Sor "SSuSSS^ S^^eiS^ i A ^m^S?-!^ P ISS.^- &'nSSl5S'l?lSJta"!55SSSSS? > publication Feb. 18. 1,69) 1. 3. 3. 4. 5 and C." -Bedlands 78.,^ 7t and S»" and the area embraced! ..„„i*'f **l !S'L'^**I!HL. within those portions oC San 8er-,^'>O^^K mREBY GIVEN that natdino County Election Piecincu'** « a>«eting of Oie Board ot Di- 7" and "Yucaiaa 41 and ^ the Grant Water Com- -"-IPaay. heklootbelSthdwrofFaSru- petitioner. reference to which is hereby ma^ for furtlaer particn- lan. WiU be beard at •» o'dodc a.m.. «a Mardi 7, US. la the coort of tbe Probata Department. 55" wiOdB tba Bedlands Uaitted Sdnri Distriet of Saa Betaaidtao *^Mla« PUce: Mcntaoe Sdiodl 1320 Cralton Ave. . CalitMnia No. 12 shaU bidnda aU file area embraced withia the ex' ' I ot San Bemaidiao County Electioa Predncts "Mission A IK IB <9tk 91" MM< «h» aty. 1960. an assessment ot doUars per share was levied on outstanding shares of tbe Capital Stock of the Corporation. payaUe iiuMdl- ataly to the Secretary of the Cecpo- ratioa at the office of tbe a Grant Water Company. 611 Street. Badlands. CaUtorala. Any assesam upon any of — suck off the I4U> day of April, nt remaining mwdd the (aid share* of GRANT WA3CB COMPANT 1. 3. ». 12. 15. 18. ao. 21" and the| 1969. wUl be dedared delinquent aiaa embraced within those portions (and subject to a 31 penalty upon of Saa 3emardbio County Election the amount thereof, and such de- Fradncts -Missioa 10. 14 and 22"; umiuent shares or as many thereof. -wiUiin the BedUnds Unified Sdiool; as nia>- be necessary wm be sold District et San Bemardiao County, to the highest bidder for cash at millM Place: a public auction held at the offlcs ^l&sien School lof the company at 611 Chracr St. Bedlands Blvd. at Califmnta ; BedUnds. California, on the Ixt day llartlinili. CalUomia 'of May. 1969, at tbe hour of 3:00 •sKinet Na U shaU indude aU o-dock of that day to pay the •tPTSSTMbraeed^rithta Oie ex- ddinquent assessment taaeUicr with SSrtj-nSSS ^Predndi "Bedlands Dated Feb, 13. 1989. S L» ST* «^a!reT and Tl- LenoraJtoore JribS- £' SdtaSds nnl««I Sd»<il Secettor Sistliet ot San Bemardiao County, i a -.JIIng Place: • —^^^^^ *]Soote Junior High .VOTXX OF AMEMlKJrT SoE. Highland BEAB TAIXCT KXTENHOK WATBB lEtoiroa ^ia ' ^XD PIPE UNE COMPiUfT Ss ^SScSSs^SS;^; No^S ^reW =en ^'K. S^J?4a«7 tTwSd W^tti m«sing ot U» Board ot Oll«tels S-S nXndsUaSdSAool DI.-,Wd «= ' tSTS "l ^^uJr^ SS£ve"D,Sr&?'%r*itaSf *«*£«i?£,orf was levied upon Uie diares of the Bedlands. Callfomia \x,^^^^B^^ ^ ^ tha ana aaiknad jreniaias impaid ea the SUh Mr o( el SO) Bmiidiao Coaatr Bcdioa Predacte «/•: * T. n. la. IT, It and ai.- > |- ' V aad the am, litetarr, UM. wffl be iiljM""'^ aad oaless payncat bt natfa priat to hours af 1M a'dick aja. 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