Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 21, 1954 · Page 5
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 5

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 21, 1954
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY. APRIL 21, 1934 of Area Men In Armed Forces Pvt. Herbert D. Mr-Reynold*, husband of Mary .IcReynolds, 117 lanner St., Easi Mton. recently completed ensi- leer hasic train^ ng with a unit jof the 6th Arm- lored Division, at |F o r t Leonard 'Wood. Mo. ; River Hich School. Set. Reeder entered the Marine Corps in Pvt. Ross \n (Juided Pvt. Charles M. Ross, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Ross. 902 East Sixth St., has been assigned duty with Ihe Army's newest weapon, the guided mis- silo, pvl. Ross' assignment is with the First Guided Missile Brigade, stationed at Aniiair- . craft Artillery and Guided Missile Center, Fort Bliss. Tex. A graduate of Alton High School. Pvt. Ross attended the University of Illinois, prior to his Entrance into the armed forces on Oct. 9, 1953; Pfc. U'lnslow at Marine Base Marine Pfc. James E. Winslow, .son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Winslow of 1215 Rodemeyer Ave., is- undergoing four weeks of individual combat training at the Marine Corps training base at. Camp Pendleton, Calif, Sgl. Ileeder With Transport Squadron Serving in Japan with a transport squadron of the First Marino Aircraft Wing's Service Group 17 is Marine Sgt. Oscar K. Reeder, son of Mrs. Margaret G. Robinson of Cottage Hills, and husband of Mrs. Belle J. Header of 511A VVinkler St. A graduate of East Alton-Wood Stationed at the Kl Toro Marine Corps Air Station. Stanta ; Ana. Calif., he \va< transferred i to Japan in August, 105.1. . Fv(. Thompson af Ft. Lrp Srhool ; Pvt. Bobby Lee Thompson, son ; of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Johnson, Cottage Hills, is attending a general equipment repair course offered by the Quartermaster School at Ft Lee, Va He for! merly attended Civic Memorial I High School and entered sen-ice I January 1954. with graduation scheduled for July 10. 1954. Don Tutt on I SS Coral Sra Among the 163 men who reported for duty aboard the attack aircraft carrier USS Coral Sea was Donald L. Tutt. fireman. USN. son of Mr. and Mrs. Roger C. Tutt of 1105 East Seventh St. Pvl. Barton In Ordnance Pvt. E-l Donald M. Barton. whose parenls, Mr. and Mrs. Tillman Barton live at 429 Melrose Avo., South Ro.xana. entered the ordnance school at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md., last month. Krederlckson at 1'ope A.V.n. Charles L. Frederickson has been assigned to the 726lh TAG Sdn. of the 507th TAC group, Air Force, at Pope Air Force Base. A former salesman Frederickson was previously stationed with the 528th A.C. & W. Gp. of D/ Oper- afor. His wife, the former Josephine Zangori, and son Michael, 17 months, live at 220 Wood River Ave., East Alton, with his mothrr, Mrs. Helen Frednokson. He returned in February of this yea- from .lapan "here he served as crotmd R O . and from Korea »vhere he earned the Korean son ire medal, I'.N. medal, Japanese medal. Four Area Soldier* at ('•imp fhnffee Four Alton area soldiers hnvp been assi'tni-ri to Company C, 47th Armored Iruantrv F-attMion. ;:lh Armored Division. Camp Chaffee, Ark., for eommon basic ALTON EVENING TELEGRAM! training m the United Stairs Army. They \\rrc Pvt. Flo\d A. Kru«e, son of Mr. and Mrs Henry Kruse, P.t 1 : p\ t. Ray A. Neunabrr. son O f Mr. and Mrs. Limon N'eunahrt, Ri. |. r - f |. vxardsville: P\t. Kenneth K Brown. Rt. 1. Kast Alton: and Pvt. Louis F. Hesse, son of Mr. and Mrs. Louis F. flesse. 8 Rosa St., Godfrey. I.t. H«n«rlmrtn In Koren Army 2d Lt. Wiiham R. Han- --elman. ITi. whose \Mfr, Wanda Sue. li\es at ,Mi3 Second St.. Wood River, recentlx arrived in Korea for duty at the L'26th Ordnance Rase Depot 'A. Hantelman. la<t stationed at C«mp Atterlniry. Ind , is the o.-dnanee supply officer of the S'JI'id Ordnanrc Supply fYpot Company. Relore enterins; the Armv in I April Ifftl he was 'from the University of Illinois and worked for the Mechanics Planing Mill. Kriwards\ ille His parrnts. Mr. and Mrs William Hanselman. live at HOI KiRhth St.. Wood River. Px t Delano .lacobus son of Mrs Madalme .lacomi.s. rtf. 5. Oaninvillfv lecently uas graduated from the 1'Sth Infantry Di»i- sion Artillery Non-Commissinned Offu-rr Academy in dermany. A truck rlti\rr in tlie 107th Field Aitillerv Battalion's Rat- tov\ ("", .larolnis re>-ei\ed instrur- tmn m leadership of units, map readme and other military suh- jerf*. P\.t. .Mirohtis rnteird ihe Army in May W'rt and completed hasic training at Camp Chaffer. Ark. He arrived overseas last November. Pvt. Sorhifcr Knronte Hnrrw 1st Lt. Rirhard G. Soehlke, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Soehlke of r.i'fi Dry St. is enroute home from the Far f.'ast. He spent eleven months in Korea in the headquarters of thr llth Knei- neer i Hattalion I.t. Soohlke will Se separated from the Army next month. Pakistan is buying <M covered rattle-cars for its North Western Railvvav. I Next time you are mflkrffg • graham cracker-crust for a pf#, crush fine some extra crackers, so you have a half-cup of tfrd ; eraham crumbs. 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