Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on November 9, 1967 · Page 6
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 6

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 9, 1967
Page 6
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'Junior Editor Quiz on" Blackbirds PACK N. NEXT SPRING-\ EVERYONE OP / ~f . __ - — <CME AMERICAN BLACKBIRDS REO- WIWGED BUCKBIRD ^f-.l.LOW- IM.ACK- RUSTY BLACKBIRP QUESTION: What is the difference between a grackle and a blackbird? ANSWER: Scientists do not rccogniie a grouping called blackbirds. Most of the black-colored birds we see belong to the family Icteridae, which also includes such vividly colored birds as the bobolink, meadow lark and Baltimore oriole. In the lower right, you see four common birds popularly called blackbirds. Grackles, one of the four birds illustrated, are just one type of blackbird. The purple grackle is black, with an irridescent sheen; his tail is longer than the others and he walks along the ground. Grackles arc handsome, social birds and seem to enjoy each other's com pany. Nature lovers enjoy seeing grackles gather in huge flocks in the fall, preparing to migrate south. They know they will see the chartering, long-tailed flocks again in the spring when the grackles return. (Ricky Windom of Elbow Lake, Minn., wins this week's grand prize of a 15 volume set of Compton's Pictured Encyclo pedia for this question. Mail yours on a postcard to Junior Editors ill care of this newspaper.) TIZZY By Kate Osann "But, Father, this is a CLASSIC! Its been in the top 40 for three weeks!" SIDE GLANCES By Gill Fox "I thought it might bolster his ego!" Daily Times Herald Features . . . Comics Thursday, Novvmbtr 9, 1967 Midwestern State Antwir to Prwtout Puul* ACROSS 1 Capital of Kansas 7 The state motto "Ad Astra per f M * 13 Anoints 14 Kind of anesthesia 15 Acquire!; a second tan 16 Juvenal's forte 17 Bitter vetch 18 Caucho 20 Month (ab > 21 Observations 25 Placid 28 Doctrines .12 Nautical term 33 Artist's frame 34 Bishop's headdress 35 Musical instrument 36 Laminae 38 Deceive : 39 Dispatchers 41 Paid notices in newspapers 44 Bird of prey 45 Given to (suffix) 48 Driving shower (coll.) 51 Ascended 54 "Lily maid <rf Astolat" 55 Shouted 56 Go by again 57 Western cattle (pi.) DOWN 1 Biblical weed 2 Heavy blow 3 Favorites 4 Hieh note in Crtildo's scale 5 Cognizance 23 Retainer 24 Gastropod mollusks 25 Coarse hominy 6 Take for granted 27 Polynesian 7 State positively chestnut B Mineral spring 29 Elder kon of Isaac (Bib.) 30 Minister to 31 American wild plum 9 Deep hole 10 Geraint's wife 11 Uncommon 12 Fish sauce 19 Musical note 21 Sets anew 22 Dinner course 37 The snivels (veter.) 38 Postpones 40 Dead weight (ab.) 41 MJmicker 42 Take out 43 Blow with open hand 45 Small island 46 Shift course (naut.) 47 Conclusion! 49 Aunt (So.) 50 Abstract being 52 Rot flax by exposure 53 Island (Fr.) CARNIVAL By Dick Turner 'But, Dad, I'm taking a safe driver course at school and I need the car tonight to do my homework!" BUGS BUNNY By RALPH HEIMDAHL DON'T V WHAT'LL COME IN \I DO WITH HERE... I'M) THESE. WAXING ^GROCERIES? THE FLOOR! OUST PUT THEM DOWN SOMEWHERE AND SCWAMi CAPTAIN EASY By LESLIE TURNER BUT HE PIPW'T LAMP FEMALE J UP WHILE I WA5 LBARWIW'"HIM fe^ ilinBlllll» ^nMC XAiMller.^.1 - OUT OUR WAY •y NBO COCHRAN OUR BOARDING HOUSI . . with . . MAJOR HOOPLI BEP, l» HE? M9U PIPM'TSEE HIM ON THE BEP WHEW M3U CAME IN, DIP YOU? HE15 CREEP/W AWAY ' ACCOUNT OF VOUR THEM EXPLAIN THESE PCS HAIRS OKI THE BLAWKET, MISTER/ THE I REASON HE'S SNEAKING. OFF LIKE THAT \S> BECAUSE VOL) LET HIM UP HERE ANP THEM STARTLEP HIM BV 000TIN0 HIM OFF UMEXPECT- EPLY WHEkJ YOU HEARP MB OH THE STAIRWAY/ THE OLt? COLLEGE TRY BUT ATTORNlEY CRUMWELL APTEF? I VISITED ART, "DEALER-5 / EVERYWHERE-1 DECIDED HOW COM E6AD, COUNSELLORS ) HE I CAM 6E£ THAT LAW 15 30ST ONEOFYOL)R^FA\HTED y MANY TALENTS/ IT'S CEKTAINLV RARE TO FIND ANOTHER PER50N VIHO COMBINED LOGIC WITH AKT/4TIC THI'S RIP6 THE FORM CHART.' I HEARD CRUMWELL, JWA$ 50ROU6H Ht COULD POT HANDCUFFS,i )N BV PHON^ € ^ WATS 601N6 ON SHORT RIBS By FRANK O'NEAL HAVEN'T VOU HEMZP? THAT NAGOFH6MKEDHIMANP PUT HM IN THE HOSPITAL. 10LP HIM THAT rtop$£ WAS. MEAN.' THI FLINTSTONIS By HANNA-BARBERA PRISCILLA'S POP By AL VERMEER / JOWANN 4 STRAUSS WA-S CALLED THE- WALTZ " KINGr! HE MADE A FORTUNE IN THREE-QUARTER TIME.'] POOFJ MY POP DOES BETTER'N THAT/ \ r HE SETS TIME-AMD A-HALP f: \W b, NEA. Inc. T.M. lit,. U.S.' M. OK ALLEY OOP By V. T. HAMLIN VMBAN YOU'LL WELL, WHILE WE DONT UP WITH U« EXACtlY SIDE WITH uT TWONS NVWDMEN •) SUCHAN ACCePTH> I OUR MRN IS CAPnVBS?V CUaTOM,WPWONT I ANOTHER 60 TWAR OVER rr\ MATTER... WELL, ALL RIGHT.... BUT ...NOW \ WE'LL HAFTA HAVE f YEAH? WINTHROP By DICK CAVALLI I IT^A I FIJEAl TO BITE THAT FLS4.< ' © 1H7 ky NEA, Inc. T.M. tl{. U.S. foh Off. BUT \-fc NO oee- EAf2LV CHILDHOOD... iVeBEtlN COMMITTED TO A FDUCYOF FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By HENRY FORMHALS AAIMD THE JUST (^55 Trie BREAD/ MIST6R MAYOR. SOME- .Mp- BLEW/ A iT5 DRAIN- HOLE IM A WATtR. WAIN) ON) ING THE SHOULD LOCKED UB AND BREAD AKJO WATER! 1H7 t, HE*. Inc. T.M. >'.. U.S. >.. on THE WILLETS By WALT WETTERBERG GROW YOU I WASN'T , SPEAKING !

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