Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on January 17, 1972 · Page 3
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 3

Estherville, Iowa
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Monday, January 17, 1972
Page 3
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Garden Talk ESTHERVILLE DAILY NEWS, MON., JAN. 17, 1972 Page 3. The Interesting Points of New Mexico By JOSEPH GABRIELSEN Graettinger Travel con: Pine, spruce and junipers dotted most of the mountains in refreshing green along Interstate 25 as the road flowed before us like a gray ribbon with no end. The motor droned on as we crossed into New Mexico with dusk beginning to fall. We came to Raton. Near Raton is where a ranchei and scientists discovered the famed Folsom points, skeletons of prehistoric animals and early Folsom man which dated man much earlier on continent than had been believed. We drove on to Springer and rented a motel for the night. On the highway, we had spotted a sign pointing the way to Taos. This made me mink of frontier days in the wild west. Taos was the home and headquarters of the famous scout and mountain man, Kit Carson who had a Spanish speaking wife. Outside of Taos, is a weathered gravestone marking Kit's remains. Nearby are the Taos pueblos which have no modernization such as electricity and running water. New Mexico is an arid, desert looking land in the main but it furnishes most of the natural gas for California, 42 percent of uranium and 80 percent of natural potash for the nation. Historically Santa Fe, the state capitol, was founded in 1610 and was one of the terminal for the famous Santa Fe trail over which big freighters, loaded with needed supplies, rolled westward from the U. S. From now on, our course paralleled that of the Rio Grande i 5 OSCEOLA 7 DICKINSON 3 EMMET 2 trmmirm CLAY PALO ALTO / 12 13 3 1 J PLYMOUTH CMSMOMCC SUENAVtSTA POCAHONTAS L 10 3 3 5 SAC CALHOUN 19 l MONONA KOSSUTH WEBSTER CARROLL HANCOCK \camo(Mmo» HAMILTON [HARDIN 13 FRANKLIN \ BUTLER 13 ^POTTA WA TTAMIE\CASS 26 I MILLS UtOHnOMimi ADAMS 1 FREMONT \PAOE AOAIIt novo GRUNDY GREENE BOONE STORY 13 10 MADISON UNION WARREN 16 CLARKM: \LUCAS MARION IOWA TRAFFIC FATALITIES, 1971 MAHASKA APPANOOSE \ DAVIS MONROE I WAPELLO \ J EPPERSON \MENRY State Traffic Deaths Decrease Iowa realized nearly a 10 per cent decrease in traffic deaths during 1971 when compared to 1970, according to a year-end report from the state Public Safety Departments State Safety Commissioner Michael M. Sellers said that 824 lives were lost on the state's highways during the year just ended, 88 fewer than had been counted during 1970. He stated the roughly 84,000 accidents resulted in about 30,000 injuries in addition to the deaths and that property damage crashes totaled some 62,000. Using averages furnished by the National Safety Council, the Commissioner noted that the accidents and casualties resulted in an economic loss in excess of $103 million for the year. "As regrettable as this is," Cattle And Hogs Are Up Today Cattle were 25 cents higher and hogs were 50 cents higher at the John Morrell & Co. market here today. 10:30 a.m. Grain Quotes Soybeans $2.95 Corn No. 2 Yellow, easy Discount scale $1.02 New Oats 65c PRODUCE (Prices quoted below are for delivery at Estherville) Eggs, A large 17c Eggs, A medium 12c Eggs, B large 12c Eggs, undergrade 8c Eggs, A small 10c Eggs, No. 2 small 8c CATTLE (By John Morrell & Company) Steers Hi Choice to Prime Quotable $35.50-$36.00 Choice Steers .... $35.00-$35.50 Good Steers $31.50-$32.50 Prime Heifers Quotable $34.50-$35.00 Choice Heifers .. $34.00-$34.00 HOGS 210 to 230 Base No. 3 Hogs $24.50 Desirable No. 2 Hogs .. $25.00 Superior No. 1 Hogs .... $25.50 Overfinished No. 4 Hogs . $24.00 Sows $20.75 Officer Speaks DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) The senior public affairs officer for the United Nations, Dr. Whitman Bassow, will speak here Wednesday. He is the U.N.'s representative for the Conference on Environment in Stockholm next June. Sellers said further, "Iowa will place very near the top among all states showing an improved traffic fatality picture." "Another indicator of our progress in the traffic safety area," Sellers continued, "is Iowa's mileage death rate which during 1971 dropped to an estimated 4.6 deaths per 100 million miles traveled compared to 5.0 during 1970. According to reports submitted by investigating officers, at least 255 persons would be alive today had they been wearing a safety belt at the time of the unexpected fatal crashes. Officer's reports also show that a total of at least 288 persons died in crashes related to excessive drinking. Turning his attention to 1972, the Commissioner gave warning to those who drink to excess and then drive. "It is estimated that about seven per cent of the driving population habitually combine heavy drinking with their driving and thereby contribute to upwards of 30 per cent of the traffic deaths." "Those are the real debauchers of our highway society and we are going to be waging war on these killers in the, state of Iowa this year." Iowa Couple Wed Mile Above Waterloo Home Goodbye Old Main CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (AP) — A bit of Iowa history will come tumbling down this week when wrecking crews demolish the picturesque Old Main building on the Coe College campus. The first part of Old. Main was built in 1868 and the remainder in 1884. River which rises in Colorado. More often than not, it looked like a creek. However, two big dams impound water for irrigation both for the U. S. and Mexico. Sparse growth of sage, scrub brush and mesquite covered the vast and lonely expanse of desert. Now, the southern range of the Rocky Mountains were bare and rugged appearing dun colored with only a few scraggly junipers clinging to the slopes. We passed small, sleepy towns and interesting places such as Truth or Consequences and Las Cruces. At long last, we finally arrived at El Paso where lives daughter Faith and husband. El Paso is a sprawling city of some 325,000 souls. The concrete channel of the tamed Rio Grande seperates it from sister city, Juarez, population nearly 400,000, across the border. Old Fort Bless, founded in 1848, now a missile base with all its service personnel and buildings snuggles beneath the mountains and joins the city. The houses and service buildings are neatly landscaped with evergreen shrubs such as eunony- mous, viburnums, oleander, pyracantha and others. Junipers and other tropical trees grace the lawns. Since only 7.5 inches of rain has fallen all season in this sun region, everything must be watered or they die. The Iowa-Louisiana footfall game of Dec. 18 of 15 to 32 score, played in the Sunbowl is now history. Instead of the predicted fair weather, they played in a drizzly rain of 37 degrees temperature. The Iowa players did well but were frustrated in second half by well timed Louisiana plays. Governor Ray and Texas governor Smith along with Louisiana governor sat together in the bleachers. We saw a few Iowa fans and tooted our horns at passing cars with Iowa licenses. Iowa was well represented at the game. Best wishes in the New Year for the publisher of the Graettinger Times, The Estherville Daily News and both staffs, Marge Vandervelde of World at Our Feet, and all you good people who have made this column possible. God bless you one and all. |- Quotations ———— STOCK MARKET1 ... FROM FIRST CALIFORNIA COMPANY 113 N. 6, ESTHERVILLE (10 A.M. AVERAGES TUESDAY, 11 A.M. AVERAGES OTHER DAYS) REPRESENTATIVE STOCKS AT&T 47 3 /4 Anaconda 16% Bethlehem Steel 29 Collins Radio 14% Chrysler 29Vi Ford 72V 2 Gen. Motors 83 3 /s Harvey Alum l&A Int. Funeral 8V8 IBP 22% EL&P 19% IP&L 25 Leasco 20V2 MMM 129% Mobile Oil 54% North. Nat. Gas 46 3 / 4 J. C. Penney 70% Rapid Amer 17 Reynolds Ihd 64 Rexall Drug 48% Sears 99 3 /4 Texaco Inc 35 United Brands 11% U. S. Steel 31% White Motor 25 Winnebago 57 3 /s OVER THE COUNTER Artsway 6%-7% Cencor, Inc 23-23 3 / 4 Fortuna 6%-7 General United 2% -2% General Growth 34%-35% mini Beef 6%-6 5 / 8 Kayot 9%-10% Life Invest. 25%-26 Payless Cashway ... 34%-34% Pennzoil Off. Gas ... 10%-10% Spencer Foods 11%-11% Westgate 7%-8% Younkers 25 3 / 4 -26% DOW JONES AVGS. up .60 Transportation up 1.99 Utilities even Volume 5,560,000 WATERLOO, Iowa (AP) — Jeanne Sue Vaughan and Renato Balestra were feeling a mile high on their wedding day. And that's where they were Saturday—one mile above Waterloo in an airplane. A wrong of friends and relatives in a flying service building below heard the couple re- Some Tax Forms Will Be Late DES MOINES — Several important forms will be slightly late in reaching taxpayers this year, it was announced today by Richard C. Voskuil, Assistant Director of Internal Revenue Service. Among the late arriving forms will be IRS Form 3468, Computation of Investment Credit, which is of concern to many Iowa farmer and business taxpayers. The main reason cited by IRS for the delay is the fact that tax law changes were passed late in 1971 and, in order to accommodate the changes, many forms had to be extensively revised. IRS is making every effort to make the delay as short as possible. Taxpayers will not be greatly inconvenienced, however, because some forms will be late. Most have already been distributed and are available to the public. Even in the case of certain categories of farmers and fishermen who have a March 1, 1972 filing deadline, Forms 3468 should be available early enough to afford them amply time to file a timely return. Joins Campaign DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) Former Alaska Sen. Ernest Gruening plans to campaign in five Iowa cities early this week for Democratic presidential hopeful George McGovern. Gruenlng's visit comes on the heels of the South Dakota senator's campaign trip through Iowa last week. Gruening plans to appear in Des Moines, Council Bluffs, Mason City, Waverly and Waterloo before leaving the state Wednesday. peat their wedding vows over the plane's radio. The bridegroom translated the vows into Portuguese for his parents, who were in the plane, as was the bride's mother. And of course also along were the Rev. Donald lies, who performed the ceremony, and the pilot. The pilot, who was not identified, at intervals radioed play- by-play action, such as "the groom now is kissing the bride." The bride's mother had inadvertently suggested the unusual ceremony. Mrs. Vaughan told her daughter that she didn't want to go to a wedding in a big church. Jokingly, she said to her daughter, "Why don't you have yours in an airplane?" Mrs. Vaughan said "when they took me seriously, I thought they were crazy." The newlyweds met at St. Francis Hospital in Waterloo, where both are employed. "We wanted to have the ceremony when we were right over the hospital at exactly one mile up," said Jeanne. CHILD HEALTH CARE Childhood falls and accidents, though seemingly unimportant at the time, can be a major cause of illness and disease. A chain reaction takes place — the fall — the slipped vertebra — the loss of normal body function and resistance — eventual sick- n e s s and disease. Nervousness, emotional illness, sleeplessness, frequent colds, sore throats, and bronchitis, loss of appetite, headaches, asthma,, bowel irregularity, digestive, circulatory neurological, muscular, and kidney disorders can all result from spinal subluxations which interfere with vital nerve function. Periodic chiropractic examination of your child's spine and nervous system should be made a major part of regular health routine. Presented in the Public Interest for Better Health by E. L. Willey, D.C. 408 W. Central, Estherville, Iowa. Phone 362-3455. PUBLIC NOTICE PUBLIC NOTICE Consolidated Report of Condition of "Iowa Trust & Savings Bank" of Estherville in the State of Iowa and Domestic Subsidiaries at the close of business on December 31, 1972. ASSETS Cash and due from banks U. S. Treasury securities Obligations of other U. S. Government agencies and corporations Obligations of States and political subidivions Federal funds sold and securities purchased under agreements to resell Other loans Bank premises, furniture and fixtures, and other assets representing bank premises Other assets TOTAL ASSETS LIABILITIES Demand deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations Time and savings deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations Deposits of United States Government Deposits of States and political subdivisions Certified and officers' checks, etc. TOTAL DEPOSITS (a) Total demand deposits (b) Total time and savings deposits Other liabilities TOTAL LIABILITIES RESERVES ON LOANS AND SECURITIES Reserve for bad debt losses on loans (set up pursuant to Internal Revenue Service rulings) TOTAL RESERVES ON LOANS AND SECURITIES CAPITAL ACCOUNTS Equity capital, total Common stock-total par value (No. shares authorized 3,000) (No. shares outstanding 3,000) Surplus Undivided profits TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS TOTAL LIABILITIES, RESERVES, AND CAPITAL ACCOUNTS MEMORANDA Average of total deposits for the 15 calendar days ending with call date Average of total loans for the 15 calendar days ending with call date Unearned discount on instalment loans included in total capital accounts We, F. T. Shadle, President, and Verlyn Vedder, Cashier, of the above-named bank do solemnly swear that this report of condition is true and correct, to the best of our knowledge and belief. F. T. Shadle President Verlyn Vedder Cashier CORRECT-ATTEST: F. T. Shadle George H. Shadle D. V. Sunde Leo E. Fitzgibbons J. M. Greig H. S. Greig Directors. State of Iowa, County of Emmet, ss: Sworn to and subscribed before me this 13th day of January, 1972, and I hereby certify that I am not an officer or director of this bank. My commission expires July 4, 1972, Dorothy Hamilton, Notary Public. SEAL (Jan. 17, 1972) $ 1,337,337.37 2,609,161.67 200,000.00 2,558,380.47 700,000.00 9,718,732.24 275,895.44 221,329.46 $17,620,836.65 5,572,458.31 8,784,924.23 116,834.34 1,401,475.92 49,855.15 $15,925,547.95 $ 6,128,786.94 $ 9,796,761.01 272,598.67 $16,198,146.62 190,000.00 $190,000.00 1,232,690.03 300,000.00 400,000.00 532,690.03 $ 1,232,690.03 $17,620,836.65 15,869,281.80 9,699,819.80 124,401.88 No Drama FORT DODGE, Iowa (AP) A federal district court judge has denied the request of a Lake Hills drama teacher for a temporary injunction which would allow her to resume direction cf all drama productions of students at the school. Judge William C. Hanson of Jefferson refused the temporary injunction for Martha Webb, 24, now an English instructor at Lake Mills High School. She filed the action after school officials refused to renew her drama coaching duties because of alleged profanity and simulated drinking in three productions she directed during the 1970-71 school year. Killed by Blast VAN CLEVEL, Iowa (AP) A rural Van Cleve man, Paul Pothaste, 25, was killed Saturday when a tank that was part of a water well pressure system exploded. Investigators said Pothaste was working on the system when the explosion occurred. He died of compound fractures. "THE GREATEST TRACTION ON EARTH". TIRES Tirettont 23° BAR ANGLE TRACTOR TIRES GIVE IMPROVED, TRACTION...UP TO 16% In dollars for one year or 500 hours, it could mean to you... $84°o FUEL SAVINGS $ I00 00 LABOR SAVINGS 40 more tilled acres per week 500 hours @ 7 gallons per hour equals 3500 gallons. At 15^ per gallon comes to $525.00 per year total fuel consumed. 16% equals $84.00 savings. 500 hours @ $1.25 per hour equals a total labor expense of $625.00 per year. 16% equals $100.00 savings. A farmer normally tills 50 acres per day. 16% more traction equals 40 acres more per week he will plow with our 23° rears, or he gains almost 2 full day's work per week. * Compared with higher bar angle tires. THREE 23° PRICE RANGE CHOICES! Economy Priced FIELD & ROAD 1970 Original Equipment firtston* ALL TRACTION FIELD & ROAD Our best quality DEEP TREAD "Extra Seasons of Wear Field J Road All Iran ion firld I Road - Turnout IM CALL 362-3557 LET US CHECK THE TIRES ON ALL YOUR EQUIPMENT FREE, NO COST TO YOUI We can SAVE you valuable time & money. In-the-field service is our specialty! A great economy buy! CHAMPION Full 4-ply nylon cord tire AS LOW MS 95 6.00-13 Blackwall Plus $1.61 Fed. ex. tax and tire off your car. Whitewall 914.95. Other sizes comparably low priced. 3 ways to charge.. • 801 Central Avenue, Estherville, Iowa Phone 362-3557

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