The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on March 31, 1985 · Page 37
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 37

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 31, 1985
Page 37
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The Salina Journal Sunday, March 31,1985 Page 38 Jet-age Swiss Family Robinson finds idyllic life on isle POHNPEI, Micronesia (AP) — When the Nahnmwarki of Uh comes calling, the giant crabs are in the pot, and the perfume of the ylang- ylang creeps over their hilltop home, Bob and Patti Arthur know they have found that "better way" they were looking for. "It's not easy but it's nice," he says. No, she says, "it's paradise." For 14 years, these ex-Californians have lived out a fantasy that Walter Mittys only dream, setting up house and holding court on a lost, lovely little South Seas isle. They are a jet-age Swiss Family Robinson, slicing through thick jungle and mastering village poli- . tics, dining by flashlight and splashing through tropical downpours, bringing up their boys in a sometimes dangerous world of sharks, stingrays and winsome island beauties. Through it all the transplanted Americans have mellowed into middle age and become skilled ho- telkeepers, making their remote hilltop "Village" a favored way-station for Pacific travelers. Above all, Bob and Patti Arthur .have gotten away, thrown off what they consider the pointless pressures of modern American life. Mrs. Arthur explained it to a visitor this way: •y "We were set — a house on the beach near L.A., two cars, an airplane, a boat.... But we just thought there must be a better way of doing things." And a better place. Pohnpei, lying in the western Pacific 3,000 miles southwest of Hawaii, is a place of misty volcanic mountains and rainbow-touched lagoons, the kind of island whose flowery scent sometimes reaches seafarers long before its peaks rise into view. "It was love at first sight," the lanky, low-key Arthur recalled of his first landing here aboard a seaplane in 1970. Actually, the Arthurs' quest had begun two years earlier, when he gave up his job as a successful Los Angeles product designer and, with three small children, moved south to the Honduran island of Roatan to try to make a go of shark-fishing with a friend. Arthur was 37, his wife 31. "Essentially we dropped out," she said. But Roatan life was limited and sharks "not that lucrative," Arthur said. He went island-hopping in the Pacific in search of a new home. He discovered that Pohnpei, one of the Micronesian islands controlled by the United States as a U.N. trust territory, needed a hotel. "He talked me into this nutty idea," said Mrs. Arthur. "I said, 'We don't know anything about hotels,' and he said, 'That's the beauty of it!'" He found the ideal site — the spine of a hill that juts out into Pohnpei's turquoise lagoon, a half-hour ride up a muddy dirt road from tiny Kolonia, the island's central town. It took six years to finally open The Village, a trying period during which the Arthurs had to win over local landowners and island leaders to the idea, raise capital, and then oversee construction of 21 "ihmws," the thatched-roof, hillside bungalows that make up their unconventional hotel. They clearly succeeded: The Nahnmwarki of Uh, traditional potentate of the local Pohnpeian clans, sat on their first board of directors. And by 1983 an international travel newsletter had chosen their Village as one of its "Hideaways of the Year." The Arthurs, their children, a 150- pound Irish wolfhound and a pride of housecats live in two large ihmws atop the hill. The setting is Eden-like — bright- colored lorikeets fly among breadfruit trees, the ylang-ylang and other tropical blossoms scent the pathways, the sun sets spectacularly beyond Sokehs Rock, Pohnpei's Gibraltar. Life in paradise can be inconvenient. Patti Arthur must plan meals three months in advance — except for plate-sized mangrove crabs and a few other local products, food comes by ship from the United States. Power outages are regular; the telephone system is not. Vehicles deterioriate quickly in the salty, humid air. "You have to learn to adapt, be flexible," Arthur said. "Everything we do we have to learn." , The greatest thing they learned from island life, said Mrs. Arthur, Bob and Patti Arthur run the Village Hotel in a tropical island paradise. is that "people depend on people.... Family is most important." Their eldest sons, Peter, 24, and James, 20, grew up as island boys, swimming in stingray-infested mangrove swamps, learning to spot fish and speak Pohnpeian like natives, and in the end marrying island girls. Peter now is building a thatch- and-wood house nearby for his new family. James and his wife live on the hill. The Arthurs' 22-year-old daughter and 16-year-old adopted son work and study in Hawaii, planning eventually to come home to Pohnpei. In 14 years, the Arthurs have returned to California only three Fragrant clove smoke permeates Indonesia JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — If a country can boast a unique national fragrance, Indonesia's would be the aromatic smell of burning cloves. The smell is accompanied by a soft snap and crackle as smokers puff on kreteks — cigarettes laced with cloves. Sweet and spicy cigarette smoke greets visitors shortly after they clear immigration and customs; the sometimes-cloying smell seems to permeate the entire country. Kreteks take their name from the faint crackling sound made when volatile clove oil is released from the spice within while the cigarette burns. They are uniquely Indonesian, a booming domestic industry with glowing export prospects, at least until U.S. authorities recently raised questions about possible health hazards. Dr. Frederick Schechter, a surgeon at the University of California at Irvine, said he compiled four cases in which teen-agers who smoked kreteks subsequently came down with severe pneumonia-like illnesses. Two of the victims died. Dr. Sue Binder, a medical epidemiologist at the federal Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, said people can develop allergies to eugenol, the active ingredient in cloves. Euge- nol inhibits the synthesis of certain substances in the human body called prostaglandins which affect blood pressure and the action of some hormones and muscles, she said. One clove cigarette maker is being sued by a Huntington Beach, Calif., couple who contend that their 17-year-old son suffered breathing difficulties that led to his death after smoking several of the firm's Djarum brand kreteks on March 2, 1984. A spokesman for Djarum declined comment pending the' receipt of additional information from California. The United States is not contemplating any ban on the import of kreteks, according to a U.S. Embassy spokesman. More than 100 mil- lion were exported to the United States last year, compared to 16 million in 1980 when the Census Bureau added a special category for them in its statistics. No official Indonesian source could indicate whether, based on decades of use here, clove cigarettes offered a distinct health danger. Health minister Suwardjono Surjaningrat regularly urges the public to give up smoking but makes no distinction between kreteks and all-tobacco cigarettes which are known to Indonesians as "whites." Exported kreteks carry a "smoking is hazardous to health" warning that does not appear on packs sold within Indonesia. In strictly economic terms, kreteks seem to be an almost ideal industry in a heavily populated developing country. Tobacco and clove farmers prosper, tens of thousands of unskilled jobs are created and the exports earn foreign exchange. Permanently trouble-free fdrains & waste systems You can PREVENT back-ups, stoppages, clean-out, odor NOW YOU HAVE A CHOICE: Instead of fighting each failure as it happens, PREVENT costly, embarrassing back-ups, stoppages. . .ODORS, too. . .by ELIMINATING THEIR CAUSE. Why add the worry of expensive plumbing bills to the worry of drain and system failures: BIO-SURE Friendly Bacteria may significantly reduce the cost of operating your business or home. They recycle ALL the failure-causing build-up in drains and pipes, and septic and similar systems. . .so they WORK when chemicals, machines cannot. Here's WHY BIO—SURE works. . . In drains & pipes, which fill up like this: Drain traps are designed sell-Hushing, and don't stop up. Stoppages occur in pipes past the traps. Pipe bottoms stay clear, as creek beds do. Suds and light particles touch the tops, adhere, dry and accumulate. Ceilings grow lower and lower. Passing solids or (ailing build-up block passageways. Heavy chemicals can't climb walls to reach lailure cause in upper areas of horizontal pipes. Mechanical limitations won't let machines or cables remove build-up—just poke a larger tunnel, which soon closes. Nature's recyclers, FRIENDLY BACTERIA, leed, reproduce and multiply up, around and through build-up, recycling it back into good things like water, carbon dioxide and nitrogen. These flow out of your restored system, leaving it lunctioning like new. Then, maintain healthy bacteria colonies to PREVENT build-up reforming. Solids pass easily when pipes stay clean to the bare walls. Dry air keeps Friendly Bacteria from coming up out of your drains. Isn't our method simpler than fighting lailure after lailure? In septic systems, Bacterial digestion is the natural function that makes them work. You weaken — even kill — your system's original bacteria with detergents, germicides, chemicals. Chemical treatments poison it further. Overloading worsens the problem. Your tank^ies. 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BIO-SURE came through and we beat the diggers out of $1,000.00." — E.T., ARIZONA HOME OWNER "We now have trouble-lree drains." — D.J.B., Mgr., WISCONSIN AMERICAN LEGION POST "My septic system was CONDEMNED. . .I used your BIO-SURE lor four months as you advised me. . .The County Health Department could not believe their eyes. .." — J.G.G., OHIO INSURANCE EXECUTIVE "Every promise you have made regarding your product has proved to be true!" — C.W.S., WISCONSIN PLUMBER NON-POISONOUS • BIODEGRADABLE • NO FUMES! GUARANTEED when used as directed. BIO-SURE WASTE RECYCLE! Also works in grease traps cesspools FRIENDLY BACTERIA c>llto ^* np «;' BOOni treatment plants ANY organic system! Kastner's CITY ||PLUMBING CO. INC 127 South 8th times. "We have culture shock when we go back," he said. "All the pressure, the vehicles, the noise, the media." They do miss some things American — "browsing in a bookstore" for her; "a good hardware store" for him. President of Cyprus rejects parliament's demands to resign Neo-Nazis say they bombed Paris theater PARIS (AP) — Two obscure neo- Nazi groups claimed responsibility Saturday for bombing a movie theater that was showing Jewish films, and threatened more attacks against Jews. Eighteen people were wounded by the explosion and fire that followed. An undentified caller told The Associated Press that the Wolk United National Socialism and Column 88 Heil Hitler were responsble for the Friday night bombing of the Rivoli- Beaubourg theater. Three of the victims were hospitalized with burns and 15 were treated for shock and bruises. The caller said the attack was "in reply to the odious provocatioas of the faculty of Assas and the Lyon trial." Assas is the University of Paris law school where an anti-racist meeting was held earlier this week. Nazi war criminal Klaus Barbie, who fled to South America at the end of World War II but was expelled from Bolivia and returned to France in February 1983, is expected to go on trial in Lyon later this year. The International Festival of Jewish Films at the Rivoli-Beaubourg has scheduled a discussion Monday night on the planned trial. The caller said there would be other attacks against Jewish targets. "Our struggle is tied to that of Rabbi Meir Kahane," the caller said without explanation. Kahane, formerly a New York-based rabbi, is now a member of the Israeli Parliament and he is noted for his anti- Arab rhetoric. Interior Minister Pierre Joxe, who arrived at the theater within an hour of the explosion, said the bomb had been placed under a seat in the back row. The director of the film festival said he had received an anonymous letter and a phone call earlier in the week saying "everything would blow up, including the director." NICOSIA, Cyprus (AP) — President Spyros Kyprianou rejected on Saturday a second parliamentary demand that he resign, heightening a crisis that has threatened to cripple this Mediterranean island nation. Kyprianou said in a statement that the demand was unconstitutional and warned that its consequences "are unforeseeable and incalculable." The parliamentary vote, taken overnight, called on Kyprianou to conform to a Feb. 22 house resolution suggesting he resign. The earlier resolution censured Kyprianou for his handling of peace talks with Turkish Cypriots, who occupy 37 percent of the war-divided island. It accused him of rejecting peace efforts by U.N. Secretary-General Javier Perez de Cuellar and demanded that he adhere to majority decisions of Greek Cypriot party leaders on the Cyprus problem. Turkish forces invaded Cyprus in 1974 after a pro-Greek coup. Both the Feb. 22 and the Friday night votes were approved by the two main Greek Cypriot political parties, the pro-Western, right-wing Democratic Rally and the pro-Moscow Communist AKEL. The two parties hold a two-thirds majority in Parliament. The parties argued that Kyprianou, leader of the minority centrist Democratic Party, is obliged to follow the views of the majority, as expressed through Parliament. Kyprianou, whose party won only 18 percent of the vote in the last parliamentary elections, won a separate presidential election in 1983 after forging an electoral alliance with the Communists. lo tl 8< W ci tli th Y r< 91 P tr d b< Payless Cashways Springs Savings Insert of 3-31-85 — 4-27-85: 10' section split rail fence for $9.95 on page 6, should read: 10' section includes two 10' rails and one line post, not the published — 6'x 8' size features l"x 3"x 6' gothic point pickets. Post is extra. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. Building Materials 707 N. Broadway Salina Vacation at a Shopping Resort. 3 days, 2 nights. $ 142. S pend three carefree days and two luxurious nights at the Alameda Plaza Hotel, in tho heart of Kansas City's Country Club Plaza. Charming shops, intriguing nightspots and fine Plaza restaurants are just a stroll away. To make your stay complete, enjoy a delicious meal, impeccably served, in our award-winning Rooftop Restaurant, and dance to gentle jazz in our Rooftop Lounge. Our weekend package for two includes a welcome gift, two passes to our Health Club, continental breakfast each morning, a $10 gift certificate redeemable most anywhere on the Plaza, and a shopping bag of gift certificates for selected Plaza stores. Taxes and gratuities not included, reservations and prepayment required. Come to the Alameda Plaza. And spend a grand weekend at a gracious hotel. Wornall Koad at Ward I'arkway Reservations I-BOO-821-5502 In Missouri I-800-H92-5990 Free Covered Parking .\L\meoA PA/.X I HI HOI II (» K ANS AS (in

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