The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on January 29, 1930 · Page 18
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 18

Brooklyn, New York
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Wednesday, January 29, 1930
Page 18
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BROOKLYN DAILY EAGLE' NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 29, 1930. 18 hi 150 Pupils Get " Dewey Jr. High Merit Awards Extra Curricular Work Brings Certificates an:! 'Medals to Winners Detvey, Junior 'High School students brought their term to a fitting -'close yesterday, when more than 150 of them were awarded certificates and medals for meritorious extracurricular service. Principal Warren M. Van Name addressed the students and their relatives and friends, while the various teachers bestowed the honors. George Moss, a graduate, carried off the chief honors, winning three medals. One was the Lesnich English medal, given by a local jeweler; the second the : Latin medal, and finally the silver Clarion (school paper) award. George Caparosa won the service medal for having done the most for Dewey. Howard- Anderson won the Alanzo G. McLaughlin medal for service and citizenship. Other awards were: ENGLISH Lesnles medal to Oeorge Mcso: honorable mention to Gerald Lawler. SPANISH Spanish Association medal to Rose Mazzo; honorable mention to Ida Rosenhouse. - LATIN Medal to George Moss: honorable mention to Eugene Wolln. FRENCH French Alliance medal. . to Oeorge Rosen; honorable meutiou -to Francis ottarskl. CLARION Silver medal to Georfre Mot; bronze medal to- Ida Rosenhouse; . : p . ,1s to Harry Swanson and Oeorge - - . ,t: i.iates to: :-'. ; Ooldflsher : T.irman ' Soler "itu'ia -ello oci -osen ,i- r mman n-rs V'.shnatsky V IP Wtss V ?.un Fadke HtMr.y L rsen CIKi. JLATION DEPARTMENT Certifl- CHt' to. .-.altfreir Oliver fc'irufy Sajeckl Alexai:tjer Walker AUV!'RTISINO DEPARTMENT S3 sold I lere tf Dorothy Singer. IV!' 3 Alonzo G. McLaughlin medal to J-.ovard Anderson, for good cittaeuaolp i:ml scr-lce. l'- go d piece to Romll Hadke for best ( r'ic.i ote book. . C-vti-.-cates to: ' ttoutr: Mi(rer Elvira Helander . loiepli Ceriralov-ske 8jlvla Kurland Clam " H ' 11 . TUF-TORY Silver : medal . to Mariano c&memvo. , ' QUILL CLUB.. Grace Mualem Tony Latlerrl ' ' Ttior Jirgensen ' . Antone Baroudy -. ;-. r .the-, Moldene Anna ZIotnek Hi .n Browne Norman Ritchls Joseph Lawrlck Llvla Vlscontl. Ileldegarde Bock DRAWING Certificates to: l.nuis Arzaro Ellis Lunde'H Samuel Joseph Robert Bennett Patsy Pizza Francis Baumau;. Gustav Bakkelld otioFratrlna James MacKenzte Mariano Camera " Ida Rosenhouse Emma Romano George Moss Antolette Baretta Sdward Ollntenkamp Joseph HaJJ Udeltne Bernstein Blagle Datre lfred Shagoury Dorothy Schwunze Frank Albaa Anto Petrell STENOGRAPH? Pitman medal to Josephine Patrenzlo: honorable mention to Ann Anderson. neinjuiiuu Magmua Christiansen riaine Qu&tav&eu Rita Preflacy Allred Shagoury Elble Dldzus Helen Hanson Lillian Peterson Bc-ehlld Larfion William Mulhern - Angelo Lamia-Rosalind Haber DISCIPLE HONORS CARRIE NATION Wreath to the memory ot the late Carrie Nation, famous woman dry crusader, was recently placed on memorial drinking fountain to her in Wichita, Kan., by Myra Mc-Henry, The latter, an able lieutenant, substitutes oratory for her mentor's saloon wrecmng activities. Patrolman Dave Lawrence is shown at left. Nation's Notables Seen - ' At 'Womanless Wedding certifl- TYPE WRITING cates to: Frank Browning Bernard Cook William Johnson Victor Nygren Annie Anderson Rose Carmlclno Eisle Didzus . Helen Hansen '. Mary Rejune Margaret Rogan Marie Sarlo Marv Sheehan Lillian Peterson Catherine West Alice Ottarsko Carmela Puterio Catherine Farina Elizabeth Mlntlck Dorothy Lee Wanda Mickieuriza Josephine Patrlslo UNDERWOO DAWARDS. P'lver medal to Pose Mazzo. bronzez medals to Florence Pendleton and Helen Wi'hnatskv. Certificates to: Stella Donahue Helen Wtsnniusi.y Ida Rosenhouse Carmella Nasso BOOKKEEPING Certificates to: Gerald Lawlor Charles Devlin Frank Piscopa . Honors to: m,, Elsie Didzus James Miller Margaret Thompson Rose Mazzo Raymond Dean Helen Wlshnatsky ORCHESTRA Certificates to: ... John Burton Herman Welnstela Strnlev Murray Kerner Wletrzychowsk! Mario Ranlert ULKE CLUB Certificates tot Sam Joseph Marie Sarlo , Ileien Wibnnai5Ky i.oreiia Murnmi Ilario Lattanzl '. Lillian Bucklev Roslna Oddlego Antornette Schairo Lucretla Gatta V incenzo Montana Billy Lem staphen Caravello Jennie Oarsky Theresa Viscont Charles Devlin Walter Llnskl Gerald Lawlor Marie Frantangelo Rose Mell Salvatore Morelll Elizabeth Twaskas AnnaGalaso Marjorie Howard Borgnlld La rsen Raymond Gent. . Florence Pendleton j "President and Mrs. Hoover," the butler announced. President and Mrs. Hoover walked dowh the aisle and took their places on the stage. "General Pershing and Colonel Lindbergh," cried the butler, and the two historlo personalities sat down on the stage. .. "Al Jolson and "Sonny Boy," was the. .next ultimatum of the be-whlskered butler, and sure enough, they responded. , - ;. "The Hon. James J, Walker," announced the inflated servitor. Uhe audience, as one : man. turned but no one appeared. "His Honor, Jlmmie Walker," 'j pleaded the servitor. But there was ' no sign of His Honor. Suddemy the sprightly Magistrate appeared, dressed in conventional silk hat, tight-fitting coat, cane, etc. The crowd cheered wildly. The Mayor apologized for his late arrival. And so they came to the auditorium of the Central M. E. Church, Hanson Place and St. Felix St., to attend a "Womanless Wedding," given by the Men's Club, with a cast of 80 men. With Henry Berman as leadiiw lady, and under the management of George W. Naylor, president of the club, the play was staged to aid the Oilve Gabrtslh Lucille Edgett I'ilcanor Betkowska Malverna Aukstolls Margaret deRoener Marie Frataugelo Rose Mell Marv Sheehan Julia De Nardo Natalia Dl Giordano Elsie Dldzus Lillian Peterson . . Lucretia Gatta Alice Halaby ri COLOR GUARD Certificates to: George Caporoso Ida Rosenhouse James Vallone Sarah Waldow Jnmes Miller Helen Bratowskl ' Itenrv Larsen Phllomena Avallone GeoSrey Moldene Sliver medal to Margaret Rogan. Certificates to: President. Patsy Plfza; vice president, Magnus Christiansen; secretary Klttv Christiansen: custodian. Renins Medera'ckl; reporter, Albert Smith. I.lBKAttY yeruncaiea w. t onis Azzaro Be- r.ard cciien John Cubjru Ed nard De .er.; J rues plllon Joseph Lawrtli Mito Natrella Irene Klonskl Sylvia MoskowUS Francis Ottar'kl Catli6Si:t fioier ??lrk p.:5.icn rave1 Gilbert fettle D'Onofrio rdna Llnlnski rroela Nasso Cda Rosenhouse yeleq, WishnatiiUy. . Irwlft Newman ' Marie Rnmlro George Rosen Frank SzaNRoroski Kathltoen Jaskecy Additional honor certificates were won by readers of uonflctyon; George Moss Harrv Swanson Edward Grant Harold Hansen Thorb.ioru Margaret Thompson Jorgensen Joseph Lawrick SHOP School Art Leaaue medals to John Derenoslty and John Sorensen. PENMANSHIP 34 oud received d 010- mas for Palmer writing. fULlCB certincates to retiring uapi. George Capareso. and to Lawrence Larsen. Lewis Tessltora installed as captain. Student assistants in clerk's olTlce Certificates toi Howard Aronson Max Berkln Stephen Pendias Harry War Paul Welntraub Arthur Khawry Fdward St. Nicholas Thomas Maber . Peter Delarco- . .liana Sagona Howard Drlriclr Philip Patlcchlo fund for the new building, now In the process of construction. ' The cast last night Included: Clinton Morris Thomas Orf Avery Sutton Glen Woodford George Naylor Samuel Kover A. E. Anderson William Brandt j. MacCrute . Dr. Wesley Boyhait Walter Jones Orville Jones Allen Wilson Kenneth Peterson - Harry Broughtou Harold Brown Carl Carlson ' J, William Price , Charles Rubens wulum Alcock : Henry Thomas Charles Johnson Herrlck Smalley Millard Davis C. M. Mccrodden Don 8. Bolley Samuel Busteed .Gordon Johnson Everett Schoen " Charles F. Halsled Robert L- Harding Richard Selfert P. B. Fairbanks John H. Patrick a. Thompson Harry Stow Albert Ross , J. B. Selders John B. Oliver Harold Llndberg. William Wilkes C. I'. Ed-minster .: Janres Ferr's James de Socarros Howard Perdleu William Coimelle.?- -' Howard Ferris L. E. Sutton Charles Gumble- J. H. Asmussen ' " A. E. Fostr - Frank Hansen Harold Hanson William Armstrong U. E. Niles J. H. Lowery " Walter Harrison 'Walter Hill P. M. Tuttle O. Moore Bernard Bllsoo. . WBlter Hewson Charles Gray . -Paul Isenberg D. A. Eisenberg " Henry Balgooyen William H Johnson Philip Eastman . A. W. Edminstwr Clarence Hawkins , B. W. Lewis Henry Berman Temple Men's Club Takes 'Dry' Stantl The Men's Club of Temple Emmanu-El of Boro Park declared itself for prohibition last night when the members voted' almost unanimously for the aiiirmative in a debate on "Is Prohibition Beneficial?" held in the vestry rooms of the temple, 14th Ave. and 49th St. The victors were Murray C. Spett and Julius C. Pelt. Morris Levine itnd Ben Eayved spoke on the negative. The iollowing officers' were elected for 1930: ; . - Louts Soil, president. ' ' ' ' '. " . ' Vark Frarkmau. Iirt vice president... ': Ben Rayved. second .vice president. w -S. J. Mlschnolf. tlilr vice presldelit. Bentanilu Gretns'itiu., lreisurer,. , . Julius O. Feit, stcreierj. t Elliot Nager, reourdin seetary. Board of Governors. . E. D. High Gives Diplomas And Awards to 300 January ; Graduates Hear Judge Nova's Address 3Iany Honors and Prizes Graduation exercises for the East ern District High School were held last night In the school auditorium, Marcy Ave., and Keap St. County Court Judge Algeron t Nova, delivered the address of the evening. ; Jacob C. Klinck, president of the Kings County Savings Bank, acted as presiding officer at the exercises, at which nearly 300 graduates received diplomas. .. The orchestra of the Eastern District High School and the Glee Club of the school furnished the music, .- Prize .Awards Made. , Judge Nova eulogized the work of Dr. William T. Vlymen, principal who retires Feb. 1. Dr. Vlymen Is In Florida recuperating from an Illness. Awards of honors and prizes were made by Matthew J. Murray, acting principal. Dr. Thomas CO Baker, district superintendent, who also re tires Feb. 1, presented diplomas and certificates. - . Awards Bella Grantz, Latin scholarship medal from New York Classical Club; Janet Simon, Alliance' Francaise medal In French; Estelle Riemer, French Institute In the United States medal; Samuel Gorman, Institute de Las Espartos medal: Julius Levine and Sonya Bronfman, medals from American Association of Teachers or epanisn; Helen Olcha, Anna L. Phillips prise; Mona Graubart, service medal, The graduates were: General Course. . , Abraham K. Kanfer Abraham Katz Molly Brecher Beatrice Brenner Florence BriU , . Clara Broder "Sonya Bronfman Beatrice Brown . Cells Brslsky Henrietta Buckler Raohel Budnltsky Kate Cohen v ; Mary Demko DI Oregorla Sylvia Donner Pauline Ehrllch Sadie Ente Molly Epstein May Feldner Prances Pisbman Anna Plam Ruth. Frank ' Lillian Fried Anna Friedman. Ruth Friedman Ruth Oanz Charlotte Garflnkel Ethel Oartenhaus Goldle Gassman Helen Oelber Minnie Olsser Frances Oluck Sadie Gold Beatrice Goldman rreda Goldstein Frieda Goodman . Dorothy Grayman Rose Orlts Svlvla Hausman Mimrea Heoier Bella Hershkowits evelvn Herzog Bertha Hochman putn Honman . . Yetta Horowlta Hilda Indlaner Sadie Isaacs Sylvia" Isaacson : Ruth Kadish Pauline Kaffler Minerva Kminsky B!1a Kanfer Psullne Kaplan Tda Karro Svwia Katlms Frances Keenan Arista member. Kamle Leventhal Sylvia Leventbal Anna Levine Anna tevy Sarah Liebmsn Rosalind Lotstcln Ida Luplon Ida Malament Fannie MallsoS Anna Marcus-Yetta Menack Beatrice Meyers -Frances Mlntzer Mary Mlrkin Rav Mogelefsky -Sylvia aiorgenrath Helen Olcha . Lena Pagowits Sadie Paltls Vivian Pantlnovltl Anna Plutzker Annie Polllner Anna Prlsant Clara Puoplck Dorothy Rapp Mae Rannaport . Yetto Rein Ida Ronis Ethel Rose Lily Rosenblatt Alice Rouka Bertha Rubin Doris Sandler Sylvia Sass Lillian Schwartz Mollfe Schorr Bessie Schwedock Antoinette Serfln Beatrice Shapiro Rebecca Shapiro Gertie Sldoraky Ida Clara Slegel Hannah Silverman Bella Slavis Helen Sllwa ' Tessle Spiegel Ida Stein Jean Stein Sarah Stolts ' Eva steirman Rebecca Welnles Clara Welsburd Bessie Wllensky Gussle Winter Rose Zucker. - i Szold . I. Pekarslty ; Philip Abrams Irving Sweet . ' Les'er Rabino-. M. .'. Bogart RowenaAdler t Benjamin R. Alpert lgnea Anello Abraham Appel 1 Harold Appelbaum Oertrude F. Avldon Mever Balis Harry Barr Abraham J- Barso Leon Bergstem Florence Bernstein Esther Blasko Tessle Blumenthal Minnie Brieloft Loula Bromfcld Jacob Bromberg William Burkhoff Bertha R. Carlson Josephlna Carust Cataldo Castellaneta Israel ChalUI Olga Civets . ' Simpson E. Cohan Frank Cohen . Hilda Cohen Nalhan Cohen : Samuel Cohen Sol Cohen Mamie Czmek Katherlne De Blast Oeorge J. Diets Svlvla P. Duttln Rmma Eagle Benjamin Elsman Ida Epstein -Morris E. Erbsenhaut- -Ftobert E. Feinstetn Jack Fensterhelm Arthur Fuersleln Blanche Freundllch eorge Fried Eli' Fuchs- ' Isidore Galperin Ethel Oervaut Fannie B. Gevisenhelt Leo Gewlrts ' Joseph ooldfarb Walter Goldklsng Ruth L. Goldsmith Harry Goodman -Samuel Gorman Edith Gottlieb Belle O. Grantx John T. OrelcWs Arnold Greenberg Rebecca V. OubermRn Bettv R. Halpertn Frank P. Hufperln Samuel M. Hamm Rose Hecht Philip Heller Julius Henig Louis Herman Morris M. Hlrscn Svlvla M. Hofiuer Antoinette Homowskt "Id ward Hornowskl Esther Borowua Ralph B. Kaufman, Murray Keyles J Mollle Koopersteln -Mildred Kranes Hyacinth Krumhola Rose L. Krupnlck -Vincent G. La Falce Milton Lambert DBnielLang Oeorge Lerrer David R. Levine Herman R. Levine Julius Levine Harry Lopsky Marie List Joseph MaUr Abraham Mandelbaum VHariB MnllKheft ' Nicholas Mestrandres Beatrice R. Miller Patrick Montagno Howard Novltt Sidney Paley Barbara Poems Benjamin Radln Lillian Ratner Oscar Rlchman Estelle D. Riemer Morris Rodman Dorothy Sartorl Frank N . Sauczuk PaulUie Scheninger Pauline Schlem Aaron J. Schneider Gershon R. Schneider Bessie Schwartz Morris Schwarts Murray Schwesky . Mary Scorsone . Frances Seer Felicia Sendilak Ksnnle Bllverberg Jennie Sllverberg Janet Simon ' Leonard Slutzky Emanuel A. Smith Dorotby Sobel Meyer Solodkln Frances R. Soloway Irving R. Spats Benjamin Soivak Charles R. Srlbnlk William Stelnbach William Straus -Jack Talg Harry Toltne George Turctf . Hyman Waaman ., , Jacob N. Weiner ItoseWelner Estelle Welnreb Murray Welnsteln Leo Weiss T W'"-"'','8ki Rose Winter Jacob Wlshner Bella Wohl Oscar Yosko Anna Zyburo Name Dean for IN. Y. U. College of Fine Arls Prof. K. Raymond Bossange, chairman of' the department of ar chitectue at New York University, is the fl-st dean of the university's Colleee of Fine Arts. His appoint ment was announced today by Chancellor Elmer Ellsworth Brown. Although the College of Fine Arts at N. Y. U. was established In July, 1927, this division is considered the heir to the oldest tradition of art instruction in any educational institution in the country. In 1835 what is believed to have beert the first chair of art instruction to be established in an American college was occunied at New YorK Unlver slty by Samuel F. B. Morse, painter and Inventor of the teiegrapn. Professor Bossange has had wide experience as a practicing architect, an educator and administrator. He is a member of the American Insti' tute of Architects, the Beaux Arts Society and the .Architectural League. Cuts Off Her Husband Without Cent in Will Mrs.' Margaret B. Foster Rau.'who died in England on Dec. 29, cut off her husband without a cent because. she charged, "he deserted me about seven years ago and has not contributed anything to my support since." - . Mrs. Rau lived at 631 Eastern Parkway. She was the wife of Edward F. Rau., The residue of her estate goes to her children, Florence E. Neuschafer, Charles William Smith and David Smith. There are small bequests to other relatives. 87 to Receive School Honors For Civic Work Brooklyn and Queens High School Pupils to G. Commencement Awards To 87 Brooklyn and Queens high school students will go this week medals and awards for helpful par ticipation In school government and school civics. These honors will be presented In connection with com mencement exercises. Announcement of the awards was made today by Frank A- Rexford. director of civics in city high schools. The Co-operation In Government Committee, of which Mr. Rexford Is also director, and which authorized these awards, has undertaken not only to recognize students at the time of graduation from high school but in later life as well. -Louis II. Fink Honored. A ,few months ago Louis H. Pink of Brooklyn was awarded the 1929 award for being most helpful In governmental affairs. v High school students honored In Brooklyn and Queens are: ; V Alexander Hamilton. Wllliant Mlstroff Robert Qoldsteln Milton Oluchofsky Bernard Israel ' Bay Ridge. Lillian O. Larsen Ruth Janice Lawson Boys. Seymour Miller Ssthan RurTsteln David Ualorsky Nathan Rothman Joseph Sllversteln Seymour . Wecker Brooklyn Technical. Frederick D. Des- Richard Shaw V mond David Topn - William P. Hess Bryant. Ettore L. Oontlnl Dorothy Lewis Arthur N. Anderson Bushwick. wnitam Oonsola.. Isidore Fortes Lillian Klahr Ellen Edelstein Eastern District Oscar Rlchman Morris Behwsrta Estelle Riemer Frieda Goodman Erasmus Hall. William Parson William Halst , Russell Flood Svlvla Belson Thomas H. Low Jr. Howard Torgeson , '. Far Rockaway. Ruth Lapldus i Claire Rothenlierg Flushing. Martha K Greene1-wald John GUI Paul Orr The most famous toboggan slide In the world Is the one at St. Moritz in the Swiss Alps. Franklin K. Lane. Erna O Brambora Doris O. Bardcn- Fenllnand L. Roth . bagen Abraham Piltcb Girls. Grace Tesster ' Florence Cohen' Uiorla Kadelsteln Girls Commercial.-r Anna D. ' Evelyn' A.1' De. Vest-Freda Goldberg '- - em Jamaica. Leland B. Eggleston Theodora M'. ,-I.utter-Walter a. Abrahem- olf sen - Eleanor Levy Jaines L. Hymea Rudvard B. Uzzell k James Madison. -t7rr Michael J. Casclo Lawrence L. Hackow Jane M. Owen 1 i Howard L. Olazer Sanford 8arney Lucille D. Seltzion . ' Manual Training.'' ' Joachim Rotolo ' Louis Williams Ed Schuh. . . ' - Newtown. Robert Smith - ' Howard Adrlanee Paul Col Theodore Olowa Clara Leach Mary Warner " New Utrecht. Bernard Greenberg Donald Oppenhelmei Boiomon uiorieine - Saul Jaffe Thelma Levine Miriam Anshlne Ida sorkln Bicbraond HilL : Robert P. Thompson Raymond F. Whlta Ruth KneUer Gertrude S. Coursen ; Thomu Jefferson. George Wlessen Isidore Abramofsky Jscob Klvatlnets Bertha Klionsky Dan forth Rubinstein Ida Schlndler Mary Menascbt There are over 3,000,000 working men and women in the American Federation of Labor. CALIFORNIA PASSENGERS SAVE BY USING TOURIST CAR FROM WASHINGTOIt Many travelers o points Wert oj New Orleans now go in comfort ana save approximately one-half of their sleeping car fare by choosing the thru AJCashington-iiunset R o n 1 1 e Tourist sleeping car leaving Washington, D. C, daily for California without change. Low 'winter rail fares now in effect via New Orleans, Houston, San Antonio and El Psso. Write Tor illustrated booklet "B," fares end other details. . ' C.V. McArt. Passenger Agent, WASHINGTON SUNSET ROUTE McPherson Square. 15th At K Sis, N. W. Washington, D. C ABRAHAM f f UlTON ST.. ot HOYT Straw KENT HATS c (A The Season's First Kent Straus! KeNT hats, famous for quality, style and grace of line! They are made in graded headsizes, 6? to 7 xz. .Really a find. to discover them in straw at this price. Straw Tagal in off-the-face modes and fancy hemp straw brimmed. AiS INEXPENSIVE HATS THIRlS FLOOR. CENTRAL- Commercial Course. Virginia Allano Sophie KlelcsewsSa Helen Aroaotklt Ida Bartell Bertha Bass Sylvia Berman Sylvia Bernstein Anna Blernlck Hannah Blumsteln Anna Boyarsky Ulllan Breath . Esther Klelnteld Bessie Krevullu Theresa Lang Mollle Lautersteln Beatrice Lavendel Majel Laver Rose Lee Time Lesslnger ABRAHAM f (A FUITON ST. ot HOYT Washable o o 7V, r - z 53 i Cap Sale! eskin Pull-on y Colds are often serionj. Ncvei iH'g'eclaculd. Ka;h (lay millions of rK)Dle nse- llrove's Laxative HP.OMU QUININE tbe recognized standard remedy. Al ell u'rurjisfs 300. Glove's Laxative QUININE Tablets Successful Since 1889 Get Relief p c svnd ton YOUR r K tm Km SAMPLE NOW TESTtliegoodnew of KONDON'3 for cold in head, unui trouble, natal catatrh, head ache, cfrrnoac. kicking cuukK. otarrhul ifneM, hT fever, roM euld, throat trouble, io-e,tlred feer,ebilblaini,tore tace rroro ehsvinjr, hspped handa and lipt,burn, duatv autnmobii-or and work places. Drug Store JiX and t)0c GLOVES 1.95 SoFT lightweight washable capeskin gloves, full pique sewn, the usual price would be 2.50. Interesting darker shades of the-typc worn best with these mid-season clothes. Long wearing and easily washed. Black, medium brown, dark brown, mode. y AiS OLOVE3 STttBlTT FLOOR. ' CENTI1AL . FUlTON Sr oHOrT WHIGH ABRAHAM f 7 c IS THE MILLIONAIRE'S DAUGHTER : Brown Caracul Kolinsky. . . . xith ' . .$148 Black Caracul. . . i$148 . Kaffee Caracul . . . '$148 THE young lady at the left, is. wearing a chic, trim, ever-so-youthful ocelot coat. Her equally smart friend on the right "s wearing one of those new, shaded trimmer coats.; One of these -two has a father worth a cool million or two. Which one? . Frankly, we have forgotten. Can . you , blame us? ' For in this day and age Style is no longer the prerogative of wealth. . And 'It is our especial business to sell merchandise that is authentically right in style at prices to suit the average budget. o o ' 7- Flarei Silver Musk rat. Raccoon. . . , "Krimmer.,, J14S .$148 .$148 ON THE LEFT: An Ocelot Coat with deep scalloped cufTs and Johnny collar. .$148.;- ;':';'. ON THE RIGHT: A Shaded Krimmer Coat with new, notched lapel collar with reinforced back. $143. Raccoon, Krimmer, Lapin and Other Fur Coats No W . Mink-dyed Musk- ' rat..... $148. Natural Dark Muskrat ' with Leopard or - ;'; Fox, ......... .$148 Gray or Tan Kid- ' . skin. ..,..$143 Imported Nutria-dyed A Lapin......... $148 Hudson Seal (seal-dyed muskrat).. ... ..$148 mm :' v;V.;.'";' : --: r Formerly $195 to $250 YOU CAN AFFORD THE RIGHT STYLE AT ABRAHAM & STRAUS ALWAYS! o ran shop third, central CATARRHAL JELLY MLNNEAFOU8. MINM.

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