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The Democrat-Herald from Newkirk, Oklahoma • 6

Newkirk, Oklahoma
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Underground Cisterns and Filters HOW TO BUILD THEM Notice i To the brazen humbug paraded as mental healers which seem to-infest even the city of Newkirk It is with reluctance that I ami forced in denouncing such a practice and etnas this system among the frauds but I cannot help it! The truth as 1 see it must be told no matter who feels hurt I cannot believe that any half-edu-1 eated man would be taken in by! those illiterate ignorant quacks! Mental healing is the greatest woolen platform will support the fully cemented mortar joints1 eoncret- eovr until it is self- Likewise I -foot from the top sustaining To provide for a lay a similar connection for the manhole opening take 1-ineh pipe leading to the downspout boards 6-im-Les wile ami build a' Instead of using a square inside bottomh-ss Ret 3 meho deep 2 form for the filter a barrel may ft-et square the top and 18 in- used In the filter place a ehcs vjuare at the out- galvanized screen of -inch mesh il- m-aMirenj-nts Another plan over the pipe opening to the eis-i to have the tinsmith make a tern Fill in It? inches of coarse round tin form 3 in- charcoal Cover the charcoal 2 f--t in diameter at with 6 inches of sand and gravel the top and inchf-s at the bed- place the slab cover on the filter tom after the pattern of a large 334 the- cistern is ready for use di-fa pan without a bottom Greay Below is given the amount of the manhole frame and set it on materials required for the cis-the platform wbre the opening tern and filter Since the prices skle e-parat-Iy) pre iou to Jije- the cistern is dired An iron jven are liberal by getting quo- manhole frame ami cover can al- tatkns from local dealers the so be used By a similar use of a cost of the cistern may be found section of a gas pip- or small be less drain tile 1-ave an opening for The estimate is as follow: the pump stock if an out-door Crushed rock 11 cubic yards at pump is to be u-d Around this $iao $1210 sand 5s cubic opening in the soft concrete place yar(js at $1 £50 Portland ee-bolts (washered! for the pump meQt barrels at $250 $43: To locate the bolts correctly set reinforcement (189i 10 rods) them by means of a wooden block 93 ibs at $002 ll $210 total in which holes have been bored $470 spaced exactly like those in the v0 timate of the labor is iron putnp base given as the suburban or coun- Over the entire platform spread try dwellers can easily build his 1-ineh of concrete For reinforc-! own cistern with ordinary farm ing quickly place on this concrete lalor 10-foot lengths of H-inch From the viewpoint of tl in- tolligont housekeeper there are few things more important than an ahurulant supply of soft water In the kitchen laundry ami bath-room it means lightening of labor and economy The ideal soft water in ram water and the old-ti ne rain parrel long an invitation in th country is still extant in' tortie rural dbtricts It is the purpose here to discuss the ideal barrel" a reservoir unlimited in capacity that may made indestructible and impervious for all time something eheap as to first cost and never needing repairs The perfect CROSS-SECTION OF UNDERGROUND reservoir is the underground cistern of concrete The first underground cisterns wore always prone to leak In wet weather the ground water rods running in both directions' Double Saving (crw-cross) and spaced 1 foot Bind a piece of old blanket apart Bend the ends to a hook! around the top roller of a man-shape Strengthen the platform gle No buttons will then break around the manhole opening by and the clothes will be squeezed placing two rods on each side! very much drier than usual a Bring the cover to its full thick- great boon in winter The rollers ness by immediately tamping in too will last longer as they can-the remaining 4 ineh-s of con- not possibly crack nor wear away cretc Fininh the surface with a so soon wooden float (a trowel) the same1 as for sidewalks Lf the tin forn Notice! is used the manhole cover may All dogs not registered and seeped in and transformed the dirt from crumbling and falling soft water into water as hard as into the cistern that from the well in dry Mix the concrete 1 part Port-weather such cisterns were empty land cement to 2 parts sand to 4 By means of concrete property parts crushed rock In measure delusion of the times the great-: est insult to human intelligence the strongest proof if proof be needed of our low intellectual-standard of the muddled condition cf the brain of our citizens and eitizenesses Yes people must have pretty empty skulls if the miserable jumble of unintelligible drivel enunciated by a para-J noeic who visited a certain home in this city where a baby girl is suffering frorft typhoid fever As he entered the home and rendered himself receptive in the manner known to therapeutists of type He found that! the soul had already in part sep-erated from the body just a few motions of the hand gently brought the soul down into the body and caused the disease to vanish Now what do you think of that! What a glorious thing it would have been for this lordly healer if Bamum (of cireuk fame) could have heard of this wonderful healer and those who helped him officiate at the time this wonderful phenomena took place there would be no longer need in going about the townj into other peoples private affairs I have met some pretty radical people who adopt a sort of conciliatory attitude toward mental healing is-something in they will tellj you is some truth in it I condemn such a conciliatory wishy-washy attitude most emphatically There is something in mental healing! there is no truth in it Whatever there is of a courageous cheerful attitude in mental healing is not peculiar to it Even the old physicians knew the value of cheerfulness very well they cultivated it themselves and encouraged it iu their patients As to what is peculiar to mental healing that matter is non-existant that disease is only an error of the mind that germs are a fiction that the worst disease can lx? cured by a jumbled-up prayer all this is so stupid and false that I lose patience when confronted with the necessity of discussing it No my friends there is no use mincing words when speaking of mental healing the whole thing is an insane delusion and its very na me most impude-nt prostitution holy name of science It! use wasting more time on mental healers they are to regarded as common frauds bunco steerers and they should! be treated accordingly Do you! think that it is net an imposition upon the peopde that a certain in- dividual who has not even as much as a common school eduea-tkm be permitted to bamboozle thousands of people tinker with their bodies and endanger their lives is right and proper? For while I think that a man Las a right to be stupid yet he mist not abuse the privilege I would call fraudul-nt any system of medicine which would claim to cure all diseases by one method of treatment I hereby challenge the Mental Healer or any other system that claims to cure all diseases by one method Whenever you inform your patients that that is the case remember that you right then and there- arc telling him something that you do not believe yourself To some people this may seem taxes paid thereon by June 10th wiP be taken up anel disposed of Owners please take notice WARREN Marshal Pure Ohio Maple Syrup at Arnold Poundstones rrt- fcl ft fc CISTERN PLATFORM gang the pit that it may be qakkly erectM ami the extern finished before a possible shower makes the hole muddy For siding use I-ineh boards on 2 by 4-ineh upright spaced 2 f--t As oon as the hole is dug v-t up the form on 6-ineh eube or bricks of concrete with 1-Lneh reruovaoV wedges between the forms and the bricks The side wall forms will later support the platform on whb-h the concrete cover will be built a nd uni- the-- wedge are ire-d the forms will bind and be difficult to remove Join the forms at the corners so that they CONCRETE CISTERN AND FILTER can be easily taken down after the cistern is finished Against thb earthen walls and braced to the inside forms set 1-inch boards 12-inches wide so as to prevent ing the quantities consider 1 bag of cement equal to 1 cubic foot If gravel is to be used proportion the concrete 1 jmrt cement to 4 arts clean gravel For the floor have the concrete just wet to flush a little cement mortar to the surface when tampd into place See that there is an abundance of mortar around the con crete blocks supporting the forms Immediately begin filling the sidewall forms with concrete mixed mushy wet ami placed in 8 to 10-inch layers around thp entire cistern Be careful not to shovel the concrete against the carthern sides as dirt in concrete is liable to make a leaky wall Do not stop until the forms are filled At the proper points insert an overflow' opening (if desired) ami a sewer pipe connection for the water from the dowi -spout or the filter and the pipe connection for the pump in the house This pipe should car fried 3 t' 1 fe- under ground out of danger of freezing To keep out mice vermin scrub water or filth every cistern should bo covered with a concrete platform reinforced with steel rods After the concrete walls have been brought to ground level set a wooden frame around the outside of the cistern so as to hold the concrete for the 5-inch platform To run water off the finished cistern cover slope this frame l-inch in the direction desired Five indies below the finished fop of the cistern cover construct a strong wooden platform of 1-inch boards for flooring Build this on 2 by 4-iucb joists nailed to the uprights of the aide forms This HEZE MAH'S GREAT REFORM II CKrmidti P- Jg if 11 STm Mtft ft lll (A Ltr4 iNMt A mi King hezekiah or Jsda baa a wonderful record aa a man of God- a refortner a patriot yet be waa the tom of a bad father who In tun mi tho on of a good fatberwbo la tor waa the son of a bad father The alternation between good and bad' for fhnr generations Uloatratea th fact that althoogh heredity baa much to do with every member of oor race nevertheless there are counter-balances In nature I We are all members of fUe-fly and as such we are all sharers ha tho tesertl weakness mental meftl and physical which for six thousand years has descended upon os SL Paul refers to this saying one disobedience stn entered Into the world and death as the result of sis and thus death pagaed upon all men became all are Inner Romans 5:12 The downward or sinful tendency Inbred la oar very constitution la so strong that none la able folly to overcome it The best that Oottnftmf i4U any of us can do la to aet oor wills la opposition to oor inherited weaknesses and to fight courageously against them The Apostle assures ua that lf It were possible for humanity to fully gain such a victory over its fallen self as to bring itself back to perfection then doubtless God would bare provided that way of salvation Hezekiah the Reformer The father- had Introduced idolatrous erecting altars and groves to the worship of BaaL God's temple was atrewn with rubbish Under the direction of the King the Levites began a cleansing work It required eight days to carry out the rubbish from the court etc Then the priests who alone were authorized to enter intd the Holy or temple proper were directed to cleanse the temple it-self But as a preliminary work before the cleansing of the court or the temple began the King directed that the priests and theLevites sanctify themselves afresh to the Lord and His service How appropriate! How In harmony with the words of the Prophet Isaiah who lived at that time and who was the ye clean that bear the vessels of the Lord's Isa But let us not forget the Instruction of SL Peter upon this subject Comparing the priesthood of Israel with the Institutions of the Christian church St Peter gives us the thought that the priests of olden times do not find their antitypes in the clergy of today but In God's saintly or sanctified people whether In or out of the public ministry Thus St Peter says to all of the consecrated Church of Christ are a Royal Priesthood a Holy Nation a peculiar people that ye should show forth the praises of Him who has called you out of darkness into marvel ous light" The Divine Bleseing The conclusion of the feast was a Divine blessing upon all the people through the Priests and Levites So there goes out a Divine blessing from the Lord's sanctified people all the consecrated of the household of to the people in general-to their neigb-bors their friends and visitors from afar Let such be our orer influenceamongst men In this connection let us remember the power of the tongue of which the Apostle said praise we God and therewith curse (or injure) we Let our tongues and all our powers be used In blessing the people as well as iu praising our God The King wisely began his reforms tlon at the temple and gave the priests and Levites the first share therein It was later that the Idols of tbe city of Jerusalem were gathered and hurled Into the valley of Kcdron and It was after the fervor of tbe Passover occa Ion that the zeal of the people In gen eral rose high and they went forth all the land destroying the Idols tbe grove of Basl and every symbol of disloyalty to God And so today: Everywhere tbe light our day Is showing more and more the meanness selfishness corrup some of It centuries old and some of It bred of special privilege and opportunity The call for reform Is heard on every hand although some times but feeble The proper pi gee for reform la as In Hczekiah's day with the sanctification of the priests and the Levites themselves If the Church of Christ could but faithfully perform her responsibility onder the direction of tbe King It would mean a great revival of religion I W' A yf Ki 4 i i I i ft! 1 i 'i I 15 'i i i if re I' '0 tf" owners are able now to build their own cisterns that arc jointless watertight and large enough to store an abundance of soft water even in the dryest season Concrete cisterns usually consist of two general typesuuder-grotind and surface cisterns The choice is dependent upon the amount of space available in the yard Cisterns on top of the ground will be treated in a later issue Construction of underground cistern: Underground cisterns may be built in any shape desired For the same umount of concrete a round cistern (with a depth equal to the diameter) will hold the most wat'r However since round form are not easy to frame most cisterns are made square To illustrate tlm usual method of building consider the const ruction of a cistern 8 bv 8 feet iu the clear with walls inches thick and with a capacity of 121 bar rels Before beginning the work 1 Camera Traps Moonshiners Muskogee June Hereafter moonshiners in Oklahoma will be by the camera inste by the winchester according to is the of the is no the le be cast at the same time as the remainder of the floor Reinforce the cover with short length of iron rods laid cris-cross As a lifting ring for the cover usej half of an chi bridle bit or a hitching post ring the end pro tvr PUMP SET ON CONCRETE vilti with knob of twisted wire or a nut and a largo washer tor holding it firmly in the con- Crete If th- wooden form is csr-fully remove it after 5 hours After 3 days build the manhole cover the same as for the tin form with this exception place grtaed paper or card-board around the tdg-o? the opening to prevent the new concrete from sticking to that of the piatform To rank- th- ma hole cover lighter in weight before placing the concrete spread 1 V- inches of w-t sand over the wooden platform in the manhole opening and then tamp in th concrete Take care to plac- th reinforcing within 1 inch of th bottom of the manhole cover When the cidern platform is two weeks old re-aiove the manhole cover and saw an opening in the wornl-n floor Descend knock out the 1-inch wedges under the side-wall forms take the forms apart and pass them out through the manhole opening It is generally advisable to filter rain wafer For this purpose provide a filter on the outside of the cistern proper Construct this filter in the same way as' the cistern was built except that the reinforced concrete cover should be loose so that it can be removed Therefore mold it on a smooth surface such as a wooden floor aDd later put it in place Make the cone ret? walls and bottom 6 inches and the cover 4 laches thick Under most conditions a filter 2 xcet cquare and 3 feet deep in the clear is large enough Carry the walls a few inches above the surrounding ground At the filter level connect the filter with the cLsfern by means of a to 8-ineii sewer pipe or drain tib laid with carc- of IJ is of of Kell deputy collector of the United States revenue service Kell goes into the wooded haunts of the distillers and if he unable to capture them immediately he photographs their still If he is successful in arresting his mn he photographs their still just the same The photographs are to be used in prosecutions th? federal courts here Recently when the still guarded by Maud Black who styles herself of the of Eufaula Okla was raided the different parts of the still were laying about on the ground The deputy collector made a special trip to the rendezvous and after assembling tht different parts photographed the still Clark A Gavel Wrecker Washington June 3 Speaker Clark ha3 another hew gavel This one came from Kiliamey Ireland and has a face that resembles that former Speaker Cannon It is blackthorn root and was brought to this country by Father cf Hartford Conn Arthur Reilly son of Representative Reilly of Connecticut presented it to the speaker Three gavels have been paind-ed into kindling wood by the gentleman freon Missouri but the Irish members of the house believe that the Killarney wood will hold him Crowded British Metropolis In' London 900000 persons are living more than two in a room and 26000 six or more in a room CONCRETE CE1TERN rLATKORM WITU MANHOLE COVER funny to me it is terrible It is terrible to contemplate that out ami out ignoramuses who can not even write two English sentences correctly should have the -unlimited brazen qualifications to cure disease I am very much inclined to apply statement have ninety-three millions of people and most of thorn are 1 would suggest to the meddler bo look this over very carefully go to your fall on your knooi and ask the good lord for more brains and not so much you will feel better and your neighbors will got to think much more of you RICHARDS have all the nuteriab on irunl slightly more than require-! Locate the cidtern in the moot convenient plaec Since the wall are 8 inches thick lay out the hole 9 feet 4 inches square The concrete bottom is 6 inches thick Therefore dig the pit to the depth of 8 feet 6 inches Since the concrete cover -or platform will be 5 inches thick the top of the cistern will be 5 indies above the ground which is a desirable featurl 5 If the earth walks stand firm Only an inside form ill be needed otherwise make a similar form for tbd outside of the walls Thi form ahould be built (each.

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