The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 3, 1936 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 3, 1936
Page 7
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THURSDAY, DECtiMBEPv 3, 193G BLYTJIEVILLE (AKK.) COURIER NEW& Win ning Plays of 193(5 Max Scored Most Touchdowns; Russell Gainec Most Yardage i!y J. T. FlllENl) To Max Hulchins and Russell Mosley goes the honor of leading tlie offense of the Blytheville Chiekasaws during the 1936,season thai closed in Memphis last \vcek with the heart-breaking 7-0 defeat by the Ijee High Generals of • Columbus, Miss., the first to turn the trick hi 29 games extending over a three-year period. The Manila flash topped ths backs in scoring, with 85 points, while Mosley's 1304 lotal yardage gained far exceeded any other ball carrier on thj club. Hiitchins' score card showed 14 touchdowns and one extra point. j lie registered a touchdown against f I'aragould, two against Walnut " Ridge, four against Newport and Searcy, and three against Forrest City. The extra point came against Newport. LoRoy (Broncho) Brown had nine touchdowns and eight extra points for 62. Mosley crossed into pay dirt nine times and added un extra, point. Captain Byron "The Ripper" walker's forty-foui points were a result of seven touchdowns and two line plunges. Homer Besharse was fifth with 32, or five touchdowns aiid two extra points. Dan Warrington and Robert "Bunny" Scott pushed over two touchdowns. Jamas Burton, tackle, and James "Bab" Roberts, end, had one each. Alfred "Slick". Meredith bucked over five points. "Gcscl" 'Consistent Russell carried the oval 1GO times and lost only 137 yards while amassing his tremendous yardage He averaged 7.0 yards every time he lugged the leather which was best among the regulars. \Robert Scott's average was 8.8 but only on 20 tries. No accurate record was kept oil the return of punts, kickoffs, etc., but it is safe to say .that the younger member of the Mosley family gained at least DUO yards more during the ten game schedule. At Searcy he picked up a punt on the 5 yard line and galloped 95 for a score, the longest run of a Blytheville player during the year. "Gesel" was consistent .' throughout the campaign. Only J Columbus, Forrest. City, Jonesboro, • and Walnut Ridge held him to less • •. than" "a net 100 yards. He "enjoyed a fleld night at the expense of_lhe f-0? ALABAMA /N 14-6 OV£f?'VANDF.??8IL-T. PAGE SEVEN On The. Outside- Looking In ny "DUKE- Joucsboro Is looking forward""!^ | shown »(, Scarcy, Hie fnrUiesl wcet ' point tliu Chicks huvc been In yenr«, when they drew the greatest crowd that ever watched « football gtmie hi the White county capital. And the preponderance of visitors from Lttllo Rock, Hot sprliiGs, Fine Ululr, Kojio. sluttsnrt and other something like this next nil: Newport. Batesvlllo or Wnliml lidsc at jonwboro; Hot Springs ut loncsboro; 1'arngotild or Pine Bluff it Joiirsboro; Ssnrcy nt Joncsboro; MaylleM. Ky., (it MayfleM; Mttla "lock Catholic high at Joncsljoro, Millie Dock high nt Little llock, Forrest City ol Joncsporo; Hope or I'arngould al Joiiosboro; lllylhe- rtllc nt Joncsboro, Thanksgiving 3ay open. These giunes arc not definite but chances tire thai the JonesUoro schedule will look .soiria- like It. .aoldeu Hurricane officials are nlso negotiating with officials at ruissellvlllo, cmnden, For- dycc and El Uoriulo just, In case some of their present 'plans full through. : nij'lhcvltle, oil the plhei' hnml, apparently will Imvo :a Schedule something like this; PlggoU Imrc; Coming, here; wnlnul nidge, horc; ari'tmood, Miss., there; Scarcy, here; Forrest City, theroj PnrajjouM lierc; Jonesboro, there, with Thanksgiving and one- other dale open at this time. /.. . We believe Jonesboro ollldals deserve n lot of credit for attempting lo line up good gnmcs. As Coach Manning says: . , 'Play the good teams even you get beat, it's no credit to b club thnt everyone else bcals.' 11 y ART KitENE lert, nnir, wno spun anc r.v.cec, gsv- inc ten crur v=iic^ TO inc right to attract the attention of the back- enip on hl r side of the line Brnd- NEA Service Sports Artist ing it Id Nisbet, right half, who ford, 'Damn mialt/>rb!ick went back cut to his left. 'The.crimson Tide with Rilej to piotect on the pass •Alabama pulled a touchdown out luminary then faded back and to It is a Upical Notic Dame pass of the fire to take Vanclcrbllt's his right and tossed a pass to Joe pins, and \vas used bj Duquesne measure, 14-C, and here is a pass Kilgrow, fullback, who took it in this jcni when Bojcl Brumbaugh play that scored for the Red Elc- Iho end zone for a touchdown. tossed n 40-yarder Into the ch'A phants from the 15-yard line. Shoemaker, 'Bamn end, nlso went zone to Hefferle,.end, to crash Mar- Ball was passed to Jo; Rllcy, down in position,for a pass, and quctle's Rose Bowl liopas. 13-0. Soft Bail '.Stars..' Will Renew Feud On Court Friday LUXORA, Dec. 3—The. friendly feud which existed between Blythc- villc Steam Laundry and Nu-Wa Cleaners ill the Blythcvllle Girls' Softball League last summer, Is expected to glo%v afresh here Friday 'night wiien the _ Dell and Luxora basketball teams clash in the gymnasium. The first gamo will start at 8 p.m. Evelyn. Mc'Danielj .all-round ,slar and hitter deluxe; Edna George, hard-socking first sacker; and Euna Srott, catcher, whose six hits in her first eight times at bat was a record never equalled, three good netted 541 yards, losing 17, for 4.6. j reasons why Harold "Trigger" Walker carried the ball 50 • limes Wall's Laundry crew copped the and gained 350 yards for 7.O.. B3- gonfalon in the loop, are members 2li''yards from scrimmage. Hiitchins gained 832 yards, .by rushing-' in 124 trips: He lost 38, for a 6.4 average. Brown in iParagould Makes Plans For Ahletic Revival PARAGOULD, Ark.—Paragoukl's ambitions for athletic supremacy j in the future received considerable impetus at a meeting of Ihe Hundred and Letter clubs hero Tuesday night. The Hundred club, composed of interest followers and supporters of the Bulldogs, elected Franklin Wilborn, permanent chairman, Bill Trice, secretary, and Elmer Stuart, treasurer. Jones Home, \ W. Jackson arid Tom Watsoh were named with the three officers to form a committee which will direct tile work of tlie entire' crga'ni&ition. ;.':'. . i .-.^ _^ _. Bill Mcriwethcr. was elected Transatlantic Delivery Man rEj was called oh 4D times and came through with 341, for 7.3. He lost only 4. Scott gained 181, lost 5 in 20 Iries, for 8.8. Roland "Skeeter" Bishop earned 20, lost 4 in 5 attempts, or 4.4. No record was kept on the individual gains by passes of Ihe backs and ends. Wide Advanlaje Revealed Club records reveal the Chicks held a wide advantage over every opponent, including Columbus. The Maroon and White juggernaut ran up 178 first downs to GO by their ten adversaries, reached against The apex Greenwood and of Coach Marvin "Soak" Sanderson's Luxora sextette, \vhile Sadie Stamey, and the Igleharl sisters Marie and Wilma, ace pitcher, pit- i bee » t!>ke "- chairman of tlie "P" club, which is composed of letlcrmeii from flu local school. Hugh Ketchum v»i<, elected secretary anil Marian Trice, treasurer... . From all indications Paragoultl fans arc interested in winning athletics and it. appears that a definite step of advancement has cher and outfielder, .respectively, of the Nu-Wa aggregation, arc important cogs in the Dell machine. With this setup the game. takes on the atmosphere of a "natural." Last year Dell won county honors in the girls' group, with ths Pan- [ : ~ thercttcs runners-up. With their | JOHANNESBURG (UP) —"Golf The probability of-the hiring of an assistant coach was mentioned No names were suggested but an cx-Hazorback will probably have the inside U'ack at Jack bale's assistant-to-be. :iyde Pangborri. (above), triinii 'acific flyer,..Ijppca lo be the' irst ti ansoijeanio aetial deliveiy •nan on record i He isS preparing o flying a huge Brunbln ttans-' rort acioss Ihe AtJan'je from ilontreal for delivery to a purchaser in'England; Newport with 24 each. Piggott held them to 11 for low. They advanced the ball by rushing 3.S75 yards to 68G, piling up 508 against .a hapless Walnut Ridge eleven on a muddy field. Although not dependent on an aerial attack, the Chicks completed 34 forwards out of 7G, or slightly under 50 per cent. The gain was 587 yar<l= T-- .--- emy was able to connect only 32 times and failed on 99. In the opened with Corning. Bljlhcvillc made good six of niiK.. Nine of 18 were true in Memphis. Neither Walnut Ridge or the Lasliemcn Ihrc\v a pass in their encounter. Forrest City heaved, 21 and completed only l. Greenwood was held to two of eight for 34 yards. Blytheville's gain was H4. Weak On Exlra. 1'oints Blytheville kickers punted 02 times for an average of 34.5 yards. Yards lost by rushing, 222; by penalties. 555. The biggest weakness In the ; offenss was in the extra point department. Out of fitly tries to convert the Chicks wore abb to chalk up but nineteen. The opposition made good 5 of 6, only Newport falling. crack shot, McDaniel, fully recovered from a broken arm, and a well balanced crew around her, Luxora hopes for a victory to open the season. On the other hand, Dall has a two-fold incentive. They want to retain their honors, and avenge an old score. is the right antidote for Ihe hurry and strife of modern' life," T. D. Hall tcld the Science " Congress here in describing Ihe sports facilities . provided- for /European workers in South African gold mines. There'are 14 : golf., courses at the mines. "Slide" Meredith Iron Man of Chick Eleven At Blytheville. IVIon. Dec. 7 I's Champion Wood Chopper PeUT McLaren The New York Yankees liavo their Lou Gchrig. but the Chicks have an iron man all their own in Meredith, superb blocking back. "Slick" played every minute in nine gamps. 'BccaiiSe of a bruissd hip he was not started in the Piggott game but after he got in there was no relief. He played no small rols in Ihe fine offense. On several occasions ho blocked two at once, and at least twice was credited with eliminating three with one swipe. Hs has few superiors as a prep blocker. "Bab" Roberts, end; Jamss Burton, lacklo; Oncil. Craig, guard; :alvin "Htckernut Head'' Moody, watch pliarin guard; Besharse. end and back; and Russell Mosley, left halfback, started every game. i to 1.0 ] w A stronger Schedule Somehow we believe Blj'lhcvllli officials should, be. able to arrang 1 a more pretentious schedule lo the Chickasaws. We don't say to ni\t year, though:we would like I £ec a stilTer program.^ But wo d Eay thai it can and should be dor. Mincllmc. \\'c. have heard Iroi year to year (hat homc-and-hom arrangements with various team Including several "weak sisters prevent the dropping of such lean mid scheduling of bigger schoo llmt jear |n atul jeai out pioduc niorc iiowsrfiirclevons. Hut rtgi'co tnents'of the typo mentioned cei talnly run Iholv',course sooner, later. And jel we face tile sail proposition e\Mj >oii Now we don't "say. that-Dlythdyll school oll.icials ^should Inimb thcmsches lo th" point that thi haie !o take Ihe ciumbs—the ear games—01 thnt ^liey litue to agi lo p'aj only In ll.e home low of the so calloj big schools t... one uar cohtiicts in ordei to get game" We believe on their lecord 115 nn ol. slandlhg Unms icr the TiH thrc- 1 jears (and Bljthovlllo lins ind some pretty good teams in years past too), during : l\yo years of wl Ich Ihcj have been state title claiinints the chicks are entitled to CVTV coilslderalloujfrofri' ttio Big l^n schools * 4*~^- * ^ Fne C'ncks sliotild be nTile to get hOm°-ati liomc conlmcts ttltli tiny ;chcols in the state. Their record makes the i a fine drawing cird as Wholesome Ilccrcation Moderately Vriccd Blytheville Recreation Center ,31G W. Main - Former Home of Hell's Pharmacy GAHNHI APi'Uiov M \U\IN CHltPfclli olnls Indicated Hint the ould bo iv lop notch Attraction lywhcro In Iho stato (or outside r Uml miillor :>5 evidenced In the olumbus (jamo at Memphis): And ic Chleknstuvs, meeting rmy of o "big schools" horc, y,ll) rtinw out AS. biff n'crowd, n's.will turn" it nnywlicro In Ihe slate tor n gh school football game, so thcro otildn't be iniy worry ns lo'tlio mnclnl returns of n gnme licrc. Stay I'll—ur Clo .Down • We would liko lo point this ,out. tie victory slrcak of the Cliloka- iws has been stopped nt 28 ralghl gninc'i, WlUi the loss to ohnnhus n Inrgc p.irt of Die innglo mt has surrounded tlio Chicks In 10 eyes; of Arkansas and mid-. >ulli fnns failed; ,Tll<) ph|cks nro till undefcutcd In il'.ato•'••Wv6t6s, ul should the 'Chicks su(fcv v hu arly season to-is lo ; an'Arkansas cam next fall Uiclr prcsllga'.wlH ill back prolty far nlong the roiul 0 where It was before Carney l>ns- e assumed the head-conchtnj Job 1 1934. Despite the fact lliat th ililcks liuve had n number" of ad- nlftodly weak teams on their schedules Uielr nmaxliiKConsccutlva win recoixl 1ms held them high In ilnlo circles, and of course they've ind n Bood learn to back 11 up Dut lot Iho consecullvo gnme record dlsappcur wllh a loss or i«o next season mid Ihe Chicks will nlso fade, good team or bnd Icnm, because of tho schedules Ihcy pUy Playing .standout learns tlie 3!ilcki> nlli contUnic as a po\kei[ul Igure In slnlc circles whether they win alv>ajs gr lose occasionally But let Iholi fine iccoixl be piinclincd »nd the typo of schedule Ihcy'ie liccii playing will find tlicin light buk whcio they slaite;! fiom Ono otlici thing if tho ot'ici big schools In Ihc slitc just won t llslcn lo n fnli proposition why not Iry to bnok strong Icaim, fiom othci stales The aieonwood naiuo here showed \\lmt n ilmnlng card u good out-of-s.t^lc could Allliougli. a stnvflslv has no brain, It Is able Ho lenrii. 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