The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 20, 1939 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 20, 1939
Page 10
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German Sliips; Not .is Menacing as They Worn Feared to ' BLYTHETTLLB. '(ARKJ COURIER NEWS Craft That "Couldn't Defeat" Nazi Battleship f. Did Just That Vw. BY- THOMAS M. JOHNSON iNEA Service Slalf Correspondent '..Are the. famous German pocket - battleships pocketed? Has the British navy got the number of those mystery vessels which only tivc Allied capital ships were supposed lo have been capable of dealing • f'wllh? '•/. To answer those questions, there :Jiad to be a tattle. Now there has 'been one, whose results are lilghlv ;lntereslhig. iVThls battle ranged a. pockel bal- UlesJiip not against Allied capital Ships, but against cruisers. £ A pocket battleship has nearly ! a cruiser's speed ana carries nearly 1 :fl biullfship'.s.gmis. Supposedly her -11-lnchers could hit a cruiser before the cruiser's 6's or s's could vijeach (he Nazi. gL.'Th'e pocket battleships' very ex- Jistence scared the French Into "building (lie rjunk.erq.ue and the ^Strasbourg with 13-inch guns and f speed and they nlonc, with |e British Repulse, Renown mid ood, were thought to be able to 'end the German vessels' careers •;as commerce raiders BRITISHERS WERE TOO .SI'fEDV FOR THE SPEE '! Then along came (he balUc off •JTruguay. And behold— the six 11- *Tnch guns could not fire from their '£xo. turrets in enough directions' ?lnd with enough effectiveness to *nock out,. more than one cruiser : once, even though only one' Christmas Comes lo Movicland Splurge, Like Super-Colossal Epic By I'ACII/ IlAltKISON Ni:A Service .Staff Correspondent HOLLYWOOD, Dec. 15.—in sonic wuys, this doesn't seem much like the Christmas season. It's more , like a licsta sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce, staged by ' the major studios and directed by Hiisby Herkoley. The star in the c:i.',l Is a Neon sign on n hovering blimp. Technicolor cameras guard . (be mangei 1 . Holy music comes to i you by courtesy of Ihe Upsy-Dalsy i liiusslcrc Co. One trouble Li that the "season" begins, by commercial decree and with a big parade, on the day following Thanksgiving. Thai made it on Nov. 2^ this year. It is nlinosl to sustain a mood of the uiul platinum blond ones. In ai 'it'll ty store here is a tree painted M black and decorated with pearl ornaments, u'd shudders. i'OOIl KICI* Kin CAN'T WATCH TOVS In any tpwn lucky enough to yards, in (he battle with British cruisers oil the coast of Uruguay, carries 22 other rides, eight torpedo lubes nnd two planes, lie-sides (lie , ;.CruJser had 8-inch the two - , e wo others, 6-tnch. gum. And the Ad- TRY THIS PINE RECIPE FOR ' Inexpensive Sponge Cake Beat" two •egg's, one and a font, cup'of flour—two , 4 iVik.ingV.pbwcW:-' Half cup water. Mix inf teaspoon Add one teaspoon lemon juice and bake. : : You'll recognize •••1)19; excellence ; of ouriflgur ,fprali)i. SHIBLEV'S BEST FLOUR lira! Graf Spec's four 5.0 inch gun broadside could not make up the litfc-rence. War coiiiu the Spec's 20 knots get her away from (lie British cruisers; the Achilles could do ',12 nnd the other Britishers over 30 knots. And when they caught tip with Ihe Spec, they found her armor light, not a battleship's, but a cruiser's. ALLIED NAVIES HAVE WEIGHT OF NUMBKKS Now, Britain lias full 40 cruisers In the first line, hacked by 23 more over-age but still .serviceable —a total ot 440,000 tons. And France has 154.000 more, a total of COa.OOO tons, with almost a third ns much coming up In new con- two now structlon to counter-balance German pocket battleships being*, built. , Of ' course, not all the Allied cruisers can be dispatched in small groups lo gang up on the pocket battleships, but—figure It out. It looks rather like another "menace" un-mcnaced. Spanish Girl Becomes <: ''Darling 1 '; of Campus MONTEVALLO, Ala, tUP) — A small,, raven-haired uirl with mingled 'sadness and gladness in her heart, lins won the admiration of Alabama's r womcfi'p tl pgllcgoij She Is Encar'nticlon'' Ruiz. And she Is sad because of memories of dnys in civil 'war Spain mid glad because of the friendly spirit at Mflntevallq, .and, the. American 'liflblt' 1 of w6rk: A'.-;.' ' " • ': "Spanish ladies arc not s\ip- popd lo work Or even to know hdWj 1 ' -she' chains, '"kfit this is the American way—and I like it. "And all thb .Elvis here lell me hello whether ,-(!iey know me or not," she atidcd. Belle of the Breeze MEYER BROS. i '.•. Will Buy Your Government Loan Cotton We Will Buy Your 1938-39 GOVT. LOAN COTTON A. R. WETENKAMP & CO. 204 W. Ash SI., Blytlievillc Phone 75S Long Distance 2 :» Courtship and Marriage Studied at Penn State STATE COLLEGE, !'a. (UP) — Ignoring the old saw to the clfect Hint the chief cniise of divorce is marriage, Pennsylvania Stale College, has instituted a course in "courtship and marriage" aimed at preparing students for happy married lives. Professors of psychology, economics, sociology and physical education take ttinis conducting (he course, which is open only to juniors niul seniors. Three hundred students now are enrolled. Complete Stock Of LIQUORS WINES * + GINS and X CORDIALS EVER OFFERED IN KI.YTHBVILLE Buy In Case Lots ITEMS WRAPPED IN SPECIAL CHRISTMAS PACKAGES IF DESIRED Blytheville Liquor Shop Louis Applebaum *^ - So. Una St. 1'hone IB? 1 » Here nt last, folks, is Attanln's Scarlett O'Ktirn. Picked from a blossoming crop of soul hern debutantes, Miss Margaret Palmer, 20-yenr-old Junior leaguer, was found to have measurements closest lo .those of Vivien Leigh, wlio, plays Scarlett in the film, "Done With l )ia W '" tI -" 1 'liYlf*i' ll l^|i a ''i§ c * It ' l }/i9' IlL| i rl1 £9™.. '"• r 1 l pwn gone, wild frtn the wind; Miss I'almcr wrfs W belle' of the 'breeze YUS! she W IhegraiHl march at Atlanta's charity ball the night of the premiere. Read Courier News want ads. BUY r't stone* STANDARD TIRES •OTHER SIZES PROPORTIONATELY AT TODAY'S LOW PRICES! As Cftc Per Week Low As On Our BUDGET PLAN PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. New First Lady •'- of U. S. Fleet Mrs. J. 0. Richardson, above, becomes first lady of llic U. S. licet in January when her husband, Admiral Richardson, succeeds Admiral Claude C. Oloch as its commander-in-chicf. According to traffic experts, the major contributing factor in accidents In cities Is the lack adequate visibility. —PRESCRIPTIONS— Safe - - Accurate Your Prescription Druggist Fowler Drug Co. Main A Krrt Phone l For Christmas Give Her HEALTH AND BEAUTY A course of Swedish Massage Vnpor Baths and Reducing' Treatments. MRS. RUTH LAWHON At Margaret's Beauty shop Buck Benny rides again , . . on stuffed nae. it is to drive along Hollywood Boulevard when the (raffle lights are obscured by lines of large tin Christmas trees. The premiere pageant invariably includes several floats covered vrith cuties. along with swing bands, military bands nnd drum- and-bugle corps. You can't play "Jingle Bells" on a bugle. And you are not reminded of peace- on-earth, unless ruefully, while watching mounted, uniformed iroop flourishing unsheathed sabers. But for an ultimate discordant, touch, I nominate the spectacle of Jnck Benin- astride n s ituftccl horse followed levine with a shovel. by Andy SANTA IIBTRAVS SLIGHT ACCENT After Ihe first big parade, the Santa Glaus float moves up and down the boulevard each evening unattended except by a couple of motorcycle cops. This month the vhlskered saint betrays an accent is he shouts 'greeting® into n micro phone— "Folks, dis is de toitcenth year dat I been ridln' down Sandy Clans Ijinc In decoration and illumination, his huge conveyance looks faintly Japanese, but pure Hollywood Is the blowing device which erupts every few seconds and showers the float with bleached-cornflake snow. Of course the local weather distressingly dry and enervating at tills time, conspires against a Christmas spirit . . . sprayed wi faalo£ tree* have seasons, the nip of winter- enhances n grateful sense of snugness for people «>ho have clothes and food and homes. Tingling cold Is a reminder of others' needs, and a sUmulant lo human sympathy. But in Hollywood the sired crowds seem to Icel lhat the hot .sidewalks are enough to keep Snlviilion Army kettles boiling And Ihe perspiring bell-clanging Santa Clauses, lifting Iheir whiskers now nnd then lo mop their face.s, give little more than comic symbolism to charily. This morning I watched a couple of raggedy kids with noses flattened against the window of a department store loy display. Bui then appeared a far ' third Ibo.v. ._ .UUJH.C that drew, up at the curb ttTlet"a woman alight. The youngster flattened his nose against the car window and tried to see the animated toys. He couldn't get out. His wealthy father and second stepmother are afraid ot kidnapers. On Christmas morning he'll have plenty of toys, and a governess and a bodyiniard to help him play with (hem. His dad ami the blond dish whom he calls "mother" will be up al Lake Arrowhead with their gang. ^.WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 20,-1089 Noted Ace Says German Planes Can D c s t r o y British Fleet PHILADELPHIA lUPJ-tomkm, Paris, Berlin and the other great cities of warring European nations ire doomed to destruction "as soon is the nations finally are aligned plomaticaliy," believes Capt Eddie Klckenbacker, America's fore- Host ace in (he World War Rickenbackcr predicted the nn- iihilalton of the British fleet by he NIV/.I air force if the Germans lecide to pursue such a course • ,!', ce . 01 ' r °" r ' llanes attacking £,. b ,?"£!V.?.. mtl >: be s »<* down; Gasoline in Waler Well From Mysterious Source ARCH, N. M. (UP)-For the last few months w. p. Wade has brought up gasoline when he hauled the bucket from a water well at his store, but efforts to locate its source .so far have failed. Refinery tests showed the gasoline film on the well-water to contain tctra-elhyl lead, probably from a nearby gasoline pump but the leak hasn't been discovered Storage tanks and pipe fittings "ear (he well have bec-n dug up and subjected to air pressure tests without, revealing the leak. Trumpet Dloircr Divorced BOSTON (UP)-Mrs, Leo Mc- Kentiic WHS awarded a divorce because, she claimed, her husband woke her every morning nt 8 A M >y blowing a trumpet as loud as lie could. Rlckcnbacker said "but when (he V "J *••-»!*j«ij . JJUL 11 It II iljjptill - — .. to .*v uu^ii ^y UUllljUll far more pathetic figure—a '" 1918 . estimated the aver boy, this one in a limousine l )ec '«»cy of war pilots at j Meaning of "Suspended" Stumps Accused Driver SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (UP) — A youthful motorist, name undisclosed by attendants, was hailed into Salt Lake police court on a charge of driving a car. with faulty license plates. The defendant said the plates had just fallen off and he was heading for a garage to get them fixed. Judge. Reva Bosone fined him $5. but added: "Pino suspended." Tile youth started reaching in his pocket for the money, Judge Bosone suggested he look up the meaning of "suspended" in the courtroom dictionary. The defendant did, returned his hand to his pocket blushingly, thanked the judge—and departed. Filmland Santa . ibe North Pole. misses ihristmasy feeling. In previous years the shouts of newsboys :onld be depended on for a helpful touch. "Big Blizzard Sweeps Through East!" they'd holler. But tiie war has forced those stories off the front pages. There are no sleds in the toy departments, and skates are for :he refrigerated rinks. Only local ski slide is a slope covered with pine needles. The palms that line the avenues are dusty nnd brittle, though now and then some citizen will decorate one with colored lights In observance of the season. In dozens of vacant lots, Chrlst- mns-trce merchants sell dispirited little firs and spruces that have been trucked in from (lie mountains, many of them across the icsert from Arizona. When a tree Degins (o droop and lose its luster, ;he merchants take n tip from movie prop men and spray them with bright paint. Besides falsely ' ;reen trees, there are pink, blue Oyster Yields 47 Pearls WINDSOR, Conn. <UP> —White dining at the home of a friend, I George W. Bill, treasurer of the Windsor Trust Co., found 47 pearls in a single oyster. Most of them were the size of a pinhcad. Three were a quarter of an inch in diameter 1 . WED. & THUR. once aerial ^ rt ' »«.«, »iu, IVIIfJl UJf lanes start coming over In waves is just a matter of percentages" Hid* to He Wiped Out "Eventually, we win see London. Paris and Berlin destroyed by gas and lire caused by planes, hut 90 days after aerial warfare really starts the trained pilots of boll sides will be dead became of improved anti - aircraft fire Then both sides will go back lo trench and dugout, with only occasional aerial^ bombing" The World War ace who brought down 20 German planes ,M inio t: ._ , .. • ("w.jt,^ average ex- i at 30 days, warfare starts in earnest. Pilot's Life 30 Days "But it will be worth it" he i said, "not to the pilot but to his military forces, because in those 30 days his power of destruction will be enormous." Rlckenbackcr anticipated an alliance of Germany, Italy, England and Prance to .fight Soviet Russia eventually, and urged that the United States stay out of the con bat at all costs. "If the United States goes in" lie said, "we will have to maintain a standing army over there for the next 100 years after this war ends to see that another doesn't start." Tractor "Kites" Horse PARIS, Mo. (UP)—A horse on Herbert Houghton's farm switched Its tnil insultingly at a tractor (hat was running a threshing machine - and lost four inches of the appendage In a flywheel. Try One of Our Delicious HOT PIT BARBECUE SANDWICHES'. Ole Hickory Inn Across from Ilisrh School At your favorite package store Now Located at 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DO^^ EDWARDS, Proprietor All Slakes ot Rebuilt Typewriters, Adding Mackinw an* Calculators—Repairing—Part*—Klbbonj FRANK CftPHA'S MrSinilli fines To Washington ARTHUR • STEWART. A COLUMBIA PICTUKE Paramount News ROXY J. L. GUARD Optometrist Only Graduate Optometrist In Blythevllle. Glasses Fitted Correctly ) Wert Optometrist "HE MAKES 'EM SEE" Over Joe Isaara 1 Star* Phone 540 WED. - THUR. Turns in-.i n'""'wiveo^r eirrtior \-Wi With Riby Sanity & Hugh Herbert Also Sclrcicd Sliorls LISTEN TO KLCN 11:00 a.m. —12;45 p.m. —4:30 p.m. Fhono RKz 224 Phone Roxy 333 DIESEL AND TRACTOR FUEL OIL Number One Light Domestic FUEL OIL FOR Stove and Furnace PHANr DAY IMY N1UH ' 1 ' rnUHL 355 971 icfi IURNSDALL REFINING CORPORATION America's First Oil Rciir.ery C. B. Wood, Jr., Agent RUPTURED? BULBLESS — BELTLESS — STRAPLESS THE DOBIiS IS DIFFERENT No matter what truss yon now wear, you owe it to yourself to see the "Wonder" Dobbs. It does not slnit the rupture; it holds with n soft concave pad; it Is guaranteed to hold any rupture; it gives nature a clinnce to heal; it touches the body in only two places; it can be put on in five seconds; it can be worn while bathing- it can be washed with soap ond water. FKKK EXAMINATION AND DEMONSTRATION Reason should teach you not lo place a bulb or ball In opening of rupture, thus keeping the muscles spread apart J. W. DOUUS with the HOURS' TRUSS CO., of I.iitlc- Hock, Ark., will be in Blythcville, Ark., THURSDAY, DEC. 21sl, one day only at the GOFF HOTEL R .v All Means See This Free Demoiistmlion ARKANSAS & MISSOURI Farm & City LOANS LOW INTEREST RATES EASY PAYMENTS —LONG TERMS Fastest closing service of any mortgage loan company doing business in (his state. FLORIDA BROS. & CO. Life Insurance Fire Insurance Investment Securities Osceola, Ark.

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