The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on April 23, 1959 · Page 4
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 4

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 23, 1959
Page 4
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The OTTAWA HERALD April 23, W59 laff-A-Day Mortals Which Way? What do we do? Take loythe cellar or ran tor the hinterland. This Is the question many are asking in view of the recent Civil Defense alert. Here in Kansas when a simulated attack was pulled, thousands from the metropolitan areas were supposed. . . , oa paper. . . . to evacuate and head for com rouniUes such as Ottawa. The all-clear had no sooner sounded on this lest than Dr. Frank Hoeckcr, KU, state chief of radiological defenses, said "people are going to get fried if they try to get out on the highway." Re was speaking of evacuation under nuclear at'^ck. His statement has been severely attacked by Civil Defense officials. Too, the fuss ha.*, caused considerable question among the general public. It's obvious that if nuclear attack comes, advance warning will probably be a matter of minutes. Few will have time to dn more than head for the basement. To head for the highway, in view of the normal Sunday attrition on the roads, is almost unthinkable unless we get the word days in advance. Too, Dr. Hoecker's contention that you will get "fried" if caught out in the open makes sense were a nuclear bomb to fa'.l, unleashing deadly radiation. At an afterthought he says we should build in the future with atomic attack in mind. . . build our public structures, churches, schools with basements which will double as bomb shelters. These Ideas from this expert makes sense, more than the bureaucratic "evacuation plans" now being promoted by our Civil Defense leaders. It would appear that our CD organization could use some expert advice. This And That byiph JPH WASHINGTON — Rarely have so many done so much for so few. Seldom has so much been sp«nt for such tastelcssncss. For those reasons th« new Senate office building has become as much of a tourist "must" as Mt. Vernon. The building is a home run hit distance from the Capitol. It rises five stories on a half- block of ground. It's white stone exterior has a dull regularity which suggests an Institution. It is as stimulating as pab'.um, The Interior is in keeping. There are endless miles of corridors with a monotonous sameness. Acoustical tile and trough light ceilings. Alternate marble and plaster walls. Rub, her tile floors. A prevading cense of emptiness. At t h c end of one long hallway we encountered a .tail man with a lanky, .New England look. He was accompanied by three of his womenfolk. "How," he said, with just a trace of desperation in his voice, "do we get out of here?" Thick, dark-stained walnut doors, all identical, open off the corridors. Each carries a four- digit identifying number. One says Finance Committee Hearing Room. Another, Private. A third, Senator Gore of Tennessee. A fpurth. Men. A fifth, nothing. At intervals there are banks of elevators viU) heavy bronze doors. There are rest rooms enough to care for any emergency. The atmosphere is one of money having been spent un- •tintingly to no effect. Although the building began to be occupied in January, it still has that half moved into look. There are oprhan file cabinets along the corridors. There are mail chutes decorated with two •igns. One schedules Hours of Collection and the other warns Do Not Use This Chute. There are- directory boards on which nothing yet has been posted. The senators whose seniority has given them quarters in the new building are as pleased as the Junior executive who for the first time sees hi* name printed on a door. Heretofore they have had to make do with three office rooms. Now they have five. Plus three private toilets each. Put even though this building represents an investment of more than a million dollars for each occupying senator, further refinements already are being demanded. The subway is to be extended, at a cost of another $4 million for a terminal beneath the Capitol and an escalator at the other. The expensive rubber tile in the offices is to be covered with even more expensive carpeting. The ramp to the garage below must be rebuilt because Cadi.lac bumpers catch on it al one point. The louvers in the thick walnut doors which let conditioned air in also let private conversations out. so they must be soundproofed. The mail conveyor system, in use three months, already must be modernized. The public address 8y»tems must be de-screeched. But why should any of us taxpayers back home begrudge our senators their added opulence? It's only money. Ours and not theirs. Prayer For Today When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child; when I became a man, I gave up childish ways. (I Corinthians 13:11.) PRAYER: Help us, 0 God, to grow in Christ- likeness this day. Strengthen in us the mind of Christ and instill in us the-compassion of His heart that we may cease speaking and acting in petty, unbecornming ways. Grant that we may become full size, mature-Christians. In our Saviour's name. Amen. AIM), rttirvtd., "1 was coming as Cleopatra, but we couldn't get a sitter." Your Good Health By DR. JOSEPH G. MOLNER "Dcnr Dr. Molner: Would you write about fever blisters? I get them one after another.— A.M." Call 'cm fever blisters, or cold sores; or "herpes simplex." They usually appear after a severe infection, although I had one after ;i common garden variety of cold. Since I didn't run a fever with the cold, I figure that the cold virus must have found a spot to gather in force, causing the fever blister. Often these blisters tend to fappear in the same location, I usually on the lip but some- It i m e s around the nostril [(where, incidentally, they I sometimes are very tender in[deed for a day or two.) They can, of course, be the I result of some allergy, a fact I which I keep repeating in rela- nion to a number of ailments, Dr. Molner since allergy is a much-overlooked cause of troubles. Hay fever isn't the only symptom of allergy by a big margin. Your report of getting these blisters "one after another" suggests allergy as a possibility. And, of course, any sort of Infection — and a fever blister i s a small, localized and annoying infection — is more likely to attack you if or when you are run down. Are you getting insufficient sleep? Is your diet wrong? Have you developed a chronic anemia? Is there some chronic infection In your system that doesn't make you obviously ill, yet saps your natural resistance? Here's a case where I suggest a checkup on these basic elements, because very often when you find some flaw in your health that can be corrected, the aggravating thing like repeated fever blisters subside. '•'Dear Dr. Molner: How many polio shots are you supposed to have? Our doctor says that after three shots you are supposed to get a booster cVery year.—R.H." 1 think you misunderstood him, or he mumbled, or something. After your third shot, you will need occasional booster shots, but not every year. Wo don't yet know how often, because we've had this vaccine for only about five years. My guess is that a booster every five years might be right, but that's sheer guess. Nobody knows for certain, yet. Definitely not every year, though. Dr. Jonas Salk, speakinj at Ann Arbor, Mich., last January, said fourth or booster shots were indicated, but the frequency of boosters is something he did not mention. "Dear Dr. Molner: 1 dropped a weight on my forefinger and middle finger. Now they are swollen. Would you say this was the beginning of arthrilis?-E.H.L." Are you pulling my leg? I hope not. I'd say you have some sore fingers. A blow, I dare say, can incite arthritis sometimes, but if every sore finger developed arthritis, there'd be more arthritis than there is. In other words, friend, don't go imagining or borrowing trouble. The joint or its capsule can swell from the injury. Common example — baseball fingers. "Dear Dr. Molner: When I expectorate, which is seldom, I have noticed for the past year that in the raised matter there are little specks or flecks of red. This has continued for some time at three-or-four-week intervals.—Mrs. D.D.M." Coughing of blood always should be investigated. The cause can be anything from a lung ailment to the mere rupture of a tiny blood vessel as a resist of the cough. So find out. This periodic aspect that you mention raises a further question in my mind. Does it coincide with the menstural cycle? In some women there is a "bleeding tendency" at this time — nose bleeds, bleeding gums and the like. In any event, if this continues, I think you ought to have a chest X-ray, blood studies, and possibly an examination with a bronchoscope. Afflicted with arthritis? You may find relict if you follow the advice given in my pamphlet. "Don't Quit Because of Arthritis." To receive your copy, write to me for it in care of Box 158, Dundee, 111., enclosing a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope and 5c in coin to cover handling. Auld Lang Syne 25 Yean Ago Mrs. Julia Shields, 804 S. Poplar, was quite ill. Mrs. A. F. Haynes, 301 E. 9th, fell and fractured a collar bone. O. A. Stanturf, of east of Ottawa, dislocated his right wrist while cranking a car. 50 Years Ago John Holenbcck, of 7 miles northwest of Ottawa, was hauling lumber for a new home. John Mace, coach cleaner at the Santa Fe, was off duty for a few days. A bicycle belonging to W. D. Gray, 7th and Cedar, was stolen from his front porch. Television Programs Channel 4, NBC Channel 5-13, CBS Channel », ABC THURSDAY 4-MovU e-Juntf Jtm 13— Hound • tM e-W*lt Disney 13— Gretchen-L'n FtV« (Ml 6— Ntwi 13- Sport* 8:5B U- Weather «)0t 8— Hound t3-N«wi 6:10 4— Sport* IS- BporU «:I3 13— Weather 6:15 4-New! 13-N*w« «:»• a-Weather 6:21 S-P«rion«lfty «:3l) 4— Jeff Drum &— Uicy B-Beaver 13-1 Lov« Lucy 7:nn 4— lawless Yrs. 6— Browning V'n »— V,<irrt> 13— DuPont Show 7:30 , 4— Mu»lc Triealie 0— McCoys 13- Dec. BrlcU H:nn 4— Laugh Line 9-pjit Boon* 13— Pat Boont SUM 4—Ernie Ford S—Playhouse 6—Rough Rlden 13—Playhouse t:flO 4-Bet Life B—Science Fie. 9:30 4—Bold Venture 9-Hnd A Mllloa 10:01) 4—Rockhurst 6— U.S. Marshall 9-News 13—News, Sport* 10:10 n—sport* 10:15 4—Jack Paar o—Newt 13—Weath« 10:20 13- Dev Nelson 10..TO 4—Playhouse SO 6—News 0-Movie 1?,-MovleUme 10.-.Iff 5-Theatr« 10:45 13—Dateline 11:00 4-.Mck p««r 13—Movletlme 12:00 4— Midnight 9— Pally Word 13—Sign Off 12:05 9-Slgn Off 12:30 II. m. B—News 12:38 5—Late Show J:00 S—Sign Off FRIDAY (1:110 411:55 5- farm Facts 1:110 4—Today 6-News 7:05 4-Farm News 7:15 5—Kangaroo 7:30 4—Today 8:00 6—News 13-Ncvvs H.IO 5-Take Five 8:15 6-Mornlng Bh'w 13—Kangaroo 8:30 5—Jim Dean 9—Homper Room 8:45 13-News 0:00 4—Let's Learn 5-Llfe of Rlley 13—Morning Play 0:30 4—'.'re/mirs Hunt 6—(iodfrey 9-Dally Word 13-Oodfrcy 0:30 0—Science 10:00 4-Prfce Rite 8—Love Lucy 13—Love Lucy 10:30 4—Concentration 6—Top Dollar 13-Test Alert 11:00 4—Tic Tac Dough B—Love Of Life !)—Suslo 13—Love of Life 11:80 4—Could Be You B—Tomorrow 0—Theater 13 --Varieties 11:45 R— auldlng Light 12)00 4—Cartoons B—News 9—Buddy Dean 13—News 12:06 5—Telcschool 13—Weather 12:15 4—News 13—Farm Report 12:30 4—Accent B—World 1-urns 13-World Turns 1:00 4— for Day 6—Nowa 9—Music Bingo 13— Jim Dean 1:05 5—Gardon Parly 1:15 5-Take Five I :.10 4-H. Baggls h—House Psrty 0—Follow 13—HOUBO Party 2:00 4—Dr. Malone 5—Payoff 9—Day In Court 13—Payoff 2:30 4—From Roots 5—Vfrrtlci fl—Galo Storm 13—Verdict 3 :(K1 •I—Truth or Con. fi— P.rlRhter l)a,\ I)—Amoa 'n Andy 13—Dateline 3:15 5—Secret fitorm 13—Secret Storm 3:30 4—County Fair 6—Edge ot Night S—You Trust 13—You Trust 4:00 4—People'* Ch'ce B—Early Show 9—Bandnlsnd 13—Bandstand 4:30 4—Theatre 9—Bandstand 4:45 4—Movie 8:00 13—runtime 6:30 9—Mickey Mov«e 13— Gordon Elliott 1:40 6—Take Flv* 5:48 6— New* 13—Sport* 4:44 13-Weath«r 6:00 4—New* B—New* 9—Annls Oakley 13—New* 6:10 4—sport* 6—Sport* J3-w««t)i*r 6:19 4—New* 13—New* 020 5—Weather 6:25 8—Personality 6:30 4—NW Passage S—lilt Parade 9—Rln Tin Tin 13—Hit Parade ::oo 4—Kllcry Queen 8—Rawhide 9—Wall Disney 13-Rawhlde 8:00 4—M-Squad B—Phil Sliver* 9 -Tombstone 13—Phil Silver* 8:nil 4—Thin Man 5—Gene Kelly 9—77 Sunset 13-c;ene Kelly 9:00 t —Sports Caval. 13—Whlrleyblrd* »:30 4—Bowling 6—Per. to Per. 0—28 Men 13—Per. to Per. 10:00 4—Country Styles 6—Death Valley !l—News 13-N«w* 10:10 9— EporU 10:16 9—New* 13-Woather 10:20 13—Deo Nelson 10:30 4—Garden Time 6—Theater 9—Playhouse 13—Jubilee 11 :OU 4—Jack Paar 13—Movlelime 12:00 4—Louis Pasteur 9—Sign Otf 12:30 a. m. 5—News 13-Slgn Off 12:36 5~ Late Show 2:00 5-Sign 0» Baby Boom is Under Way WASHINGTON (AP)_ A new aby boom apparently is under way. Marriages are on the increase, too. A record number of births for :he month was tallied in February, the national office of vital statistics reported today. This followed a record for any January a month earlier. The 328,000 February births rpn 3 Mi per cent higher 'han those in Ihe same 1953 monv.i. Births in January and February totaled 679,000, up 2.3 per cent from the corresponding 1958 figures. Marriages have increased after a drop attributed in part to the 1957-53 recession. There were 91,000 marriages in February, compared with 89,000 a year earlier. The January-February total of 187,000 compared with 180,000 in 1958. The Ottawa Herald 106-108 ft. IJsiD Published rtaiij except Sunday tod Holidays. Second class postage paid il OttawH, Kansas, RcDtrt a Wellington Edltoi Uuy Bnedaker .. ., publisnei subscription iaie« to trade area—aj mall, one month .£5: three monUu 111- ilx months »3.75: one year 17. Subecrtption rates outilde trid* area — by man. one month. JJ.60; three months H-Zti §U moottu J6.00; oat |»w IU.OO., WEEK-END FEATURES At Your RANEY DRUG STORE Prices Good Fri., Sat. and Sun. We reserve the right to limit quantities. CANDY DEPARTMENT • I Mom's" the Word! and PANGBURN'S - WITTMAN'S - GOBELIN Mother's Day Chocolates are the Gifts on Mother's Day! 69c to $5.00 You'll save time, trouble and money in coming direct to this friendly drug store any day or evening, or even on Sunday, for the perfect Mother's Day Gift! Announcing To Serve You Better We are pleased to announce that your Ottawa Raney Drug Store has been granted a Rexall Drug franchise which entitles it to sell Rexall Products in Ottawa. We are proud to join the nearly 10,000 other independent druggists in the nation who are members of the Rexall organization. Hereafter our store will be known as RANEY'S REXALL DRUG STORE. We are sure that our customers will welcome the famous line of Rexall products and the advantages they will share with us in having the Raney Drug Store as a Rexall store in our community. Under the company's unique program, .-Rexall druggists remain, independent business men, but gain the advantage of having, behind them the mass buying power of nearly 10,060. drug stores and the largest drug company in the world, plus the newest research in drugs and the latest merchandising methods. v Rexall Drug Company and its subsidiaries manufacture drugs, remedies, toiletries and cosmetics, stationery, rubber and first aid goods, fountain and confectionery supplies and other drug store products totaling 5000 separate items. Originally known as United Drug Company when it was formed in 1903, Rexall has over a half century of experience in manufacturing and drug store operation. There are Rexall stores in England, Canada and South Africa as well as in the United States. The company's international headquarters is in Los Angeles, California. Our entire store personnel has had much experience with Rexall products in the past, and we are all eager to serve you with them now. R. N. RANEY, Owner JOHN W. NUHN, Manager HARRY WILLIAMS, Asst. Manager ¥2 Price Specials! Cream SHAMPOO Buy one 57c jar of Shasta and get another 57c jar For ¥2 Price You pay 85c VETO Cream DEODORANT $1.00 Size Only p'us tax 304 S. Main FOUNTAIN SPECIALS HOT DOG Choice of Mustard or Relish Served with Potato Chips and Pickle Slices Plus a Large Pepsi-Cola 19c Fri. - Sat Sun. FREE! 7,500 RCA-VKTOR : CLOCK RADIOS! "Salespe«°^ ab01 " «»«'iSww?. $34.95 VALUE * Turns on and off automatically *New illuminated window dial * Lulls you to sleep, wakes you up NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO WIN! SUPER PLENAMINS give you 1 \ vitamins, 12 minerals in each tablet ...more than the minimum requirement of all vitamins with set minimums. Compare the formula with any other. In our Prescription Department, two registered Pharmacists are waiting to serve you at all times with the finest quality drugs available and the friendly, courteous service which makes your shopping more enjoyable. Registered Pharmacists John W. Nuhn Harry Williams DRUG Ph. CH 2-3092

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