Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 19, 1969 · Page 14
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 14

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 19, 1969
Page 14
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IMlandi Doily Faeb 14 -WMliMtdoy, M. 19, 1M9j ACUIfofest SACRAMENTO (DPI) - Vie Ameridn Cml Laterties XJmm (ACLU) today pcomised to ttet! in the eonrts tbe constitiitional-; ity'of a proposed ftringentj campus trespass measnre ap-' proved hy the Senate Jadidaqr; Committee. The committee endorsed the legislation by Sen. Donald L. Gmnsky Itesday along with two other bills specifically aimed at student and faculty nnlitants on college and imiversity cam puses. Gnmsky, R-Watsooville, aaid the titter trespass bill would enable school ofScaals to keep ofE disadenU who have beei known to cause fronUe. But Chailes Marston. an ACLU attorney, told the panel the proposal was unconstitu- tjoaal because it did not 'incorporate the clear and present danger standard" set by the tJ.S. Supreme Court Marston said only a "subjective standard" for the college or univeraty ofSdal would be established to determine if person should be barred from the campus. Be said that violated the right of free speech. "So from file constiintional requirement this could not pass constitutjooal muster," he said. "The bill could very clearly condemn the constitutional conduct the constitution protests." Marston told a reporter after the heating that ACLU would challenge the bin in court if it passes the legislature in its present fbrm. Sen. aaik L. Bradley. R-San Jose, accused Marston of "double talk" in arguing the con- stitatjffiial question. He said it was the type of contention col lege militants use to make their demands. "We can use constitntiottal rights we have to destroy the constitution," Bradley said bitterly. Sen. George Damelson, D-Los Angeles, told Marstoa fliat perhaps a special "conditian for entering" a campus should be enacted. Be said it would be similar to park regnlatiODs that prohibit fires. "I would hate to the greatest degree for us to ck)se our campuses, but I'm not so sure that's not what we're going to have to do," the lawmaker said. He said perhaps "until people are ready to exerdse the aelf- restraint... to protect other people's rights, we're going to have to seal off the campuses e.xcept for the naked function of teaching." Jay Michael, University of California lobbyist, said the "problem is the exerted action of persons on the campus and the guerrilla-like actions of some people (that) require some sort of drastic action." "We wish to avoid sealing off the campuses," he added. "We don't want a cbeck-pcrint Char lie situation." KCdiaels noted that 45.000 persons—stadents, faculty and visitors-4rek across the Berkeley campus daily. He said it would be "an absurdity" to tpr and identify each potential troublemaker. Michads said the university requested the tougher trespass measure, but urged and the committee agreed to make it permissive rather than mandatory for a college ofBdal to order the bamshment of a person. Another Gnmsky measure approved by the committee would make it a misdemeanor or a felony to assault a campus police officer. The measure would allow a judge to determine the seriousness of the offense. Present law makes assault on a campus officer only a misdemeanor charge. However, flie committee deleted a provision of the proposed bin that would have prescribed a miniminn five-year term fir anyone convicted of assaulting any law officer. A third uieasure by Sen. Walter W. Stiem. Makers- field, urging all school officials to prosecute law breakers who take part in a campus disturb ance, was also passed. • • ' THC MVIIINOK VeU - Stf he coold I TcasoB to cbaage • decision to cktse five stale -Teteraas farm and feeme loan oCBees. MARCUSE-Saidhehad '^eat disacreement" with the jdntaaoidiy of Dr. Beitert Mar- The day in Sacrainento (SCB25 - Stiera. D-Bak*ri- fieU.) BiDs introduced w> Deduct — Grants a stale fa- fi^fSSiTLf ^trSSSu Eduction for the trem iMMie aa jnyaie taaas amgont of tnitiaii uid at a union, tte Cnion Oil Ce. leak off JSShr college (SBMO- the Santa Barbara Coast SSte. ^TwL) .Jndidary Labor — Requires the inclu- Approved sin of labor law, labor eco- "RcspMi — Permits college nomics and the role of labor in or onnersity offidals to ban ajhistwy in the teaching of VS. person from a campos afteri history. (SB342 — Rodda, D- COK, the sdf-slyled marxist once Idling Urn not to return.)Sacramento.) - phnosopber at the Univeraty of (SB3I8 — Grunsky, H-Watson-j Rescdutions mtroduced Califtimia at San Diego. jviUe.) | Crime — Drges the governor Militants — Said he believed | Assault — Makes it a felony, to impose a moratorium on any a report that Negro militaBts |at discretion of a judge, for futther action by the California, flseateoed a state cc^ege ad- assault on a campus police irf-jCommissioD on Criminal Justice! missians dean with bodily harm,'ficer. (SB317 — Grunslqr^ R-;to implement the Crime Control forcing him to enroll a group of iWatsonville.) and Safe Streets Act o( 1968 on 10 atudents. - • • -mE SENATE Committees Joint Governmental Efficiency and Natural Resources Pmkh — Cdls on school — a regional baas. (SCB52 — from grade to graduate — ad-Schmitz. R-Tustin.) ministrators to prosecute those: THE ASSEMBLY who create a disturbance on a campus by breaking the law. Introduced Oil — Makes owner or opera- toe of offshore oil drilling oper< ation absolutely UaUe for any damage caused by OH leaks. (AB559 — Unmh. D-Inglewood.) librarians.— EstaHiiiies program fbr empkqring and trahi- mg sdioOl librarians. (ABS7' Dent R-Coneord.) Police — Requires the state allocation board, if the money is an>ropriated. to reimbane cities and counties for the cost ioeurred by police and sherifTsj departments for controlling disturbances on the state college or Univeraty of Califania xam- pnses. (ABSS6 - Mnlford. R- Piedmottt) Race — Repeals proviskMis re- qmring at least one race limited to Cdifomia bred horses on each radng day. (AB554 — Fenton. D-MontebeUo.) Horse — Prohibits allocation to purses more than 40 per cent] of the commission of a person liccsM4 to coodua hor$e races. (ABS53 — Fenten. O-Montcbd- to.) Fonograplty — Prohibits salej or distijbiititai of poraography to penoni nader u.years old. (ABSS2 — Rasad. R-ltajanga.) Poultry - Makes it a crime to sdl or advertise any pontey which vas frozen when received by the retaOer bat later ai- &nnn: (AB548 - TBerg, D- Sacramento.) Terms —Changes terms of| state senators finm four to six years and terms of assemUy- men from two to finr years. (ACA19 — Tomsad, 0-Tor- ranee.) Meat — MkM federal government to repeal laws restricting movement of meat from state- inspected plants in interstate commerce. (AJR17 — Briggs, R-FullertM.) Fair - Requures Ohision of Fair Effljdoymcnt Practices to engage m affbmative actions. (ABS4« — Bm Greene, 0-Los Angeles.) School — Reqi^es sdnol districts with live or more :schooIs to limit to 5 per cent or less^ the nnnber of dassroom teach- I year or less of| idimg experience in areas with a high percentage of poor] students. (AB545 - BiU Greene, D-Los Angeles.) . "Blue Sky Laws" The term "blue sky laws," as oaed for those laws regulating the issue and sale of certain securities, .is sivposed to have come from a remark of a Kansas bank commissioner, who said that some companies were trying to make a profit even out of the bhie sky. Making his money go a long way FXINT. aiich. (UPI)-Oetaa( Jensen ou^t to set himself up as a budget expert if he CM make an his moncgr go acfar as the confents of his waUet have. Jensen, a General Motors Corp. assemUy luie wortaer in Antwerp, Bdghun, left his bUUidd in the bade seat of a car late in December. A spokesman for the Bddt Division here said a Clait Transport Co. woriter fbond the waOet and mailed it back—a round trip of about 8,000 mOei. Facts Classlfled Adi Can Sen Anything Can 793-321 No classes but passing assured SAH FRANCISCO (OTD- Studeots enniM te «» ^ciH term of Entfsh xn at Sea Frandaon Starte CBDI» BMt for ae fint aad pahepe laA time Tuesdar. 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GOVERNMENT INSFECTEO CERTIFIESH.FROZEK, CEIIT1F(ESH«FI02EN GOLDEN FRIED,, KALMT £br • ••cnmTKtiorrwi FRESH DEraiDABlE QUALITY GROUND^ BEEF 31I?H S IM£' MUllOAr ancKMAST KEF SMIf MK 4X LARGE END STANDING RIB ROAST FRESH rtE -SEASONEO KUC CUT THBEI »TnBaSEFF£CnyElHUI «SLthnilK0 ,maM6 a. 59'» MIMDSTUK Z UU 49; lMMlHsFAII|iYSTEAK9S& m T-BONESIEM '^^ M?. WkSduHOur SAUSMEN lINC HAPfCNS UNTIL SeMtMOr SOU SSHnXINS' KATKIHtSttianrSKEK YMP NMPhy AMM Mi MarlHh An UcaM •» UniMraMy Mau LUGONIA AT CHURCH — REDUNOS •HE Q~ «« E 1SS I. «Hi IS

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