The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 13, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 13, 1930
Page 5
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i'MNDAY, JANUARY_13, 1030 K. (ARK.-) COU KIUK-MOWS B30 & NEA Service Inc. JW LAURA U3U BROOKMAN UKCIK HKILR TUIIAV Aftrr JUDITH CAMKKOK. K*w Vurk warrJrd to Arthur Hiilpbt. Chf uf |hc Urui UHlKhl IN n \\\t~ im rr, faihri «f UTO TOM. hi. U I'^rni.r-. nnj JIIMOH. ID. tnunic inuu kun»it tt» ll.\.\. 1'ht IkfMt wcrU «r mnun in lit rmudn U n pnrnrilHr tj f nnn«y dn> M nni] niimnlJ i nl-bi«. i-nFtli u rttm. fur- rft. In »Eilch iifr* K^r i- R rnr h n rue. tint^kl «a>« hr Judlrfe iiiu-ii rdum tu M irrr V Ijunt. hvf dci»iirl OTO Jnccr. SI WIT mrilLrr at intpht '* t-ijllitrrn hnn licitt lotd linut i he iiiarrLi^t-. Juitlih il krc Uk' Ji> mi Mink wiirrir* ii kin:; t ,e.rr i»lan« f Iilrh i. no IT <nte «>i hfii ti.nle:il i NOW <;o n,> \\rn . 1UDITII [int cute (mid 10 her \J -Hui H's rnjilihifv" she . fi'ntn (Jio cur. I'm on liuu] n^ .Arthur rc^itnlcit her you fee! "Of ctnir^c. I'm nil right Jo ",'l\o<f \-cni 1:11 I lie \vf»!l; In SUNDOWN $ T »s By MAHY 11IUIUM BONNKIt The Unit lllai-H uioi'k, wllli Ills li«glc powers c[ tui-nliiK tho tlmo toward or Im-kv.anl, \\us doing lib IB had the/ li PAGE FIVE CLASSIFIED ADS Phone 306 *•• *•»• » wd tor «m far web tor tt* Oue Tli;i('s «li:\l MI- arc our uh«l cars. dress btciml walling in t.ho ^<jor "Mrs. U'hvuler. itic liousfMteper,' 1 1 Knight explained. "l!ee:i here tor : l " lr " 1 - "CooJ morning," Mrs. Knigfil, llie ooman said. "I hope Jou had a good voyage, ma'am?" Morning sunlight came years. As they came up Ihe jtoi^ V ey.Ac heartily: ."Uooil nininlns. Mr-». Wlitttc-r. Fine in to home a^Lilnl Judith ; this Is Mn. Wheeler, who ran tell 'you tiveryililn^ I!K:P ,.- tn icnrv about Ihc htni-rc. Mia. tt'hceioi. lira. Knight." Juillth iiuik ilia [:mi5ckce;ier's ham! anil tinilcil. ol:_- LJJV r v jiir.-:: njlddleiiiicd iviiiuati iv.tii pn ,iir ol capability. Airs, iviieeivr ,ISE florid-faced and wor-j ^.i^ses. Her dark hair was pilcJ Irlo >• niai • kaob at the top or ner iipad. rihe seemed aggressively alert. "Good morning, Mrs. KLiUlii.' Ihe woman said. "1 nope you hail a good voyage. Ma'uvnY" "Oh, yes, a lino voydgc you." They hail sUppcit ima streaming through llie ornate cur- j iains. Heavy over-stuffed ftirnllure jarid several chairs of mahogany stnod about. There were innumerable foolslools. small lablea and oc'.aslonal pieces. Two Chinese russ covered Iho floor, very good ones. Nothing was radically wrong vvilh tlic ronni. Judith told her.-clf. livcryihine tn It was In good Insle. The whole simply failed lo fU lo- gciher. Us atmosphere lit there could he said lo he a trace of such a quality) V.MS stolid, unintelligent \veallh. "When would you Ilko luncheon. Ma'am?" Ihc housekeeper coi" tinned. Knlglil had drawn a cigar from a humidor aud was lighting It. "Have It any time you want, l; k I dear." ! mind he told Judith. "You won't Jialhvay wlilcri seemed to be ttie center of Ihc liousu. A winding stairway arose in Lite Luckcntunil. Boois at eatli siiie 'eel Into larger rooms. Judiili ^ausht i --111:11 Int- of dull, unobtrusive fi:r- . Nothing .<l-lod oul Inter• eslliigly tjuf-thcre "was "a- hu'gt boucjuot of rcil roses tri a 'ilileou? vise upon a l:\ltle. Everything £Usteiieil and sllone vvltit uolish. It must all have been GUI. in readiness tiuricilly and i'--»lrl telt she ehi,ijld be aiinm-, vu. "Finvv nice evc.-iyUiing looks! Judith said, inruiiig to Mrs. Wheeler. "Oil, 1 shall have lo nsk you EI t'rcat many question and liavo n long talfe llils aflerooon I.Ira. Wheeler. 1 know you can lell me so much." A younger girl In a maid's uniform stepped forward to lake Judith's and Arthur's wraps. "Tills Is Harriet," Mrs. Wlieeler Introduced tho maid. "How do you do, Harriet," Ju|( dith answered, offering cue girl her *• hand. Kniglit murmured a creel- ing, half of. wljicli was nol beard. U 1 wail, do you? It \'I R S. WI1EELEK followed Jud'.ih 1 and . Arthur Inlo the Ililns room whor« logs were cracfeling In tho fireplace. It was a long room TTlti wtadowa ol tba cast «Dd Thought 1M like to run in and gel hold of R. (J. (U. G. Hunter) before lie gels off tn the club. I'll be back quite orly iiut I'd ralher not lake time for lunch. Sure you ilou't mind?" "Not In thp_ least!" Judith, scred him, smiling. \Vhat e coutd sTie^say to a husband so eager lo tie oK? "You can serve me In about an hour and a half." she told Mrs. Wheeler. "I'm going to want to rest a hit." "Would you like lo go upstairs now, Ma'am?'' "Why—I—" Judllli . hesitated. "Yes, I suppose 1 would. You're going to leave right away, aren't you, Arthur?" He had already summoned Harriet and was putting on his top coat. "Be back by four o'clock sure," he told Judith. "Rest up. Mrs. Whceler'll attend to anything you want. Gooclliy, dear." • • • TJTSTAIRS Judith found another ^ central hallway corresponding to the oue below, and sis bedrooms. Somewhere at the bacfc of the house ihcre were quarters for the servants. Harriet, lite new maid, bad been years ago anil dismissed after tlie house was closcil, !yjr$.^.Wheeler felt that sho haa been "extKniely. fortunate In obtaining Cora's BCr. vices ugaln. Berl, .(ho .chauffeur. also took care of trie walks and lawn and did the odd Jobs that needed a man's hindi. "And here's your room. Ma'am." Tho housekeeper drow hack tlic door and Judith entered a bedroom. It was nol llio largest of Iho six It had three windows and an Mr ot reshnesa and sunlight, the furnl- ura was old-faaliloned.walnut and ho girl loved It instantly. A rtuatnt, scilate charm pervaded the 'com which had a doorway leading nto another chamber. .Mr t Knight's." the housekeeper volunteered demurely. Judith looked Into the room-beyond, it wes much like'all liio others which slio had seen. , "1 Ihliik It's beautiful," sate Judith. The triumph of the big house was yet to come. Judith supposed she hud seen all of It, but no—! "You'll want lo see. Miss Tony's room," the housekeeper,-, urged "Here—down tho hall." .'./;, Wondering. Judilh wallied aftc her. Mrs. Wheeler threw tho door open and. stepped .hack. Judilh ooked Into a lavish -French, "boudoir. '.-.'.'' hired only a Wheeler said. week Then ago, Mrs there Cort, who had been tin coo* two The room was rcry girlish—that :s, It was exactly what the lasts of i 17-year-old school.girl would he likely to dictate If .sh'o had been old lo inslritct a decorator exactly low to furnish a bedroom, sparing no expense. '• . "Her falher gavi It to Miss Tony on her last birthday," the older woman eiulaincd. "My—ain't It'ele- gant though?" " . "She's coining, you. know, lonior-j row morning." Judith'Bald. "Yes. So Mr. Knight's message said. Well, we'll have plenty going on all right with Tony here!" Judith scarcely heard. Sho was still marveling at the .lavish rose and blue taffeta curtains, tho rose velour chaise Ion cue Kith lla Innumerable lace pillows,, lliQ bed. dressing tablo and other piece* of Louis XIV furniture. Genuine woods, delicately constructed «nd prodigiously expensive! There was a Inco coverlet thrown ovei rose satin upon Iho bed. A whole family of French plerrot and pier- rcllo dolls languishing together npon Ihe coverlet. Souvenirs of a dozen parties were clutlered about. "Tony nevfir would let me chango ,ny of those things." Mrs. Wheeler vas quick to defend herself. • • • rpONY—Tony—Tony. *• "Do you want to ace Arlliur unlor's room?" the, housekeeper asked. "Thank you," Judilh spoke up pilckly. "I do waul lo rest and freshen up so I think that can wall. I Trant u vory simple luncheon, Mrs. Wlielcr. Just soup and nn flinelet or something quite llyht." 'It'll be rcaily In half an hour, Ma'am," Mrs. Wheeler assured her. Judith returned to the room which was to lie hers and shin tho door. She looked about. Tho charming old walnut was beautiful but It would have to go. She felt like an Interloper. She -slipped oft her garments, picked up a silk robe und sicppcd inlo tba severe white-tiled Iwilh- room. The adjoining o.ith was the only touch of luiury the bedroom afforded. Tho aflcrnoon was lo bo devotcrl to household duties. Judith pulled the beige crepes frock over her head again, paused before Iho dressing lable mirror to take mi Inventory of her niipcaranco and (hen went down stall's. Rho found Mrs. Wheeler In Iho reception hall. "Luncheon's ready. Ma'am. 1 was just going In call you." lime way. way u:u-k. Only a littn; while before tin: children had gono to n picnic with liliu up in the an-, and now lie lui.| turned llic ti:ue 10 lur back lli.n tliere were no IIOIIM-I nruinul, :ople were luin^ Ui raws, proven Tho people lookud like ol'nm tlu- Celled, children h;ul MTU before when tin. 'hcvllle, Aik. Liltlc Diad: CUhk had iu ra «l the time way. w.iy back. They dliin'i say very iinx-h. and they swnu'd lo Inive such an unply M rt uf n woihl In which lo hu'l Now UK- I'hildieii saw snnie ol lliesc iwniih- din«ini; IIK-IIIIVS in their cave. 1 -. Hie plctinvs '.lei-e nut sa very re mnrknblc. 'riii'j were 1101 muol belter than pK-unx-s Juhn IUK! By could <lraiv. bin it W.T, siu-!i fin to watch thov aruwii-up p. nriklnu ii!itii!i-i on llieir caves.' John nn<l iv^Bv wiiii-iied one man uakhiK a iik'.uic of a goat, anil un- olhcr was niakhnj n pk-lnrc of » wny, and ihcy made Ihcsc iilcliircs by using n sliaip niece ol sione 0:1 the rock ol ihiHr caves. "You're SCOIUB the very first writing In the world," snhl the Little Black Clock. "Up to this lime there has been nothing written. No one has knoun how to \vrlle. No one at all! "But these people are Irylng put their words down In writ] and as they have no letters as yut they are drawing picuncs to show what words they mean. "The man who cul the picture o! the goal Is doing as you would do u you wrote down the word '[ The children ihnuglii how wonderful it was to be able lo wrlli this way without having to lean how to spell or write letters, and ycl Ihey thought It might be difficult not lo have any more will Ing than this. It was ralhcr n' puzzling question Announcements I'or County (,'ourt Link .MKS. JOHN l.ONO. WANTED-'rt colored families to make i'1'op. See Hoy Drlnkley, Alkt\ii;as. r'O» SA1M 11A11Y CHICKS -All vftrlellus, from Hocks. Custom Iluldiimi Muiflyn llnleheiy. ULy- Ock-lf MORE VALUE Than Ever Before >'">' "" (Tomorrow—"DecldliiE the Ques tion.") Juililh followed Into the big, square dining room, fi ivas rather dark, ami mahogany funillure added to this Impression. Judith sat down. A moment later Harriet appeared bearing a tray with a bowl o[ steaming brolh. U was chicken soup will! rice, rlcli and well seasoned. Judith ato It slowly. She was here In Artltur Knight's home, a bride, and »lio was having her first tm'a! «lon» (Tn lie Coollnucd) NCE. UPON AT1ML rim; k hrlli'vlne, C'liini! arounil il SIT ulial MC Itiivt or call 177, 1Q or till anil IK- will ghdly bring car out lo your I ionic for cmonstrullon. !>27 Moilt-l K.i.iilsk'r. liuits Kuoil and ivcll wurlh tlic prk'o ..................... $1»0 Aludrl Tuurlnj. More llnin «uilh the incnuy. . .5110 PKRSONAI, W. J. KNOX repairs sltooi good •So. 204 West Miiln. STOVE Kcpalrs Uy 111! S. llroiulwny. Sam Sickles, 13pk Jun 18 WAKN1NO (IKDKK Clntncory Court. Chlrknsan-ln nls- Irlcl. Mlsskslppi Counly, Aikntisii^. Elllc Mnnsi-ll, 1'lnlnllll vs. No. -W50 Nevvlcn Munscll, Dcti-nihuit Tin: urtonnant, Nc-wlon Mnn::cll I; wiinml to nmiciir wllltln llttily days In Ilio coitrl nnnswl In llie cap- tlno hereof niul nnswcr the coin- plaint of Iho plnlnllit Elllc Mnnscll. Ualcd Jan. 13, 1030. W. W, HOliUPKTEK. Clerk. I)y L'll74(l>clli Dlythc, D. C. Claude P. Cooirer, Ally, for Pllf. Jan. 13-20-21, Fef. 3 WAKNINC, OHIIKK EI2U Miulrl Tudor. I'uiiilllhin i Model hukk (!ui;il mutur .. TEp-lup ......... $125 U2U JIuilcl AA Stake llmly Tuidi, l-:\crlli-nl riiuill- lias bccu driven Uun. than SOU fG75 810-811 I'lilLiai'S MOTOU CO. Autlioilidl Ford Dealers Comer Walnut anil Fifth >fenus Clmncrry Court. Chlckasnwlia trlct, Mlsslsslpiii County, Arkansas. J. L. Morris, I'lnlndir ' vi,'. No, <040 Eflle Arthur Morrb, Dcfpinlnnt The defendant, Elflc Artltur Mor- vls Is uui'iicd to nppcitr within thirty days In the court nnmcd In the caption licrcof and answer tlic complaint of (lie plaltitllt, J. L. Morris. Dated Jnn. 13, 11)30. \V. \V. HOI.Ut'CTER, Clark. By Ellr.ahcth lllyllio, D. 0. W. D, arnvcUo, Ally, ntl Lltcm. Jnn. 13-30-27, Fcf. 3. FOK SALE—Hay. In ton or cm- mad lots. Si'C j. It. uaoos ^ Bon. Blyllicville lionle No. 1, or A. Con- Wily, DlyilR-vilic. iit>pKia-b. 1. i: OK ADMINISTRATOR'S 1'CTITION TO SKI.I, REA1 KSTATK Nollcc- h hereby given Hint Ihe ndcrslgncil ndnilnhlrnlor of Ihc Eslnlo ol Cl. W. Bradley deceased, tiller four weeks from llie, pub- Ication of llils Notice iwllllon the robalc CoxirV of Mlsblsslppl Conn- H)U KKNT Busier Kcaton. movie star, fell all iho way d n w n stairs, when a bouncing baby nf six months. "What a Imster." remarked the late master magician. Houdlnl, Thus ads read "Duster. Kenton" rnthtr than "Joseph Kijilon." h I s real name. FOR nEHT—10 room house, modern convenience*, 12-1 East Ky Sec or cull K J. Uiowtic. I'Uono 'lo SlU. I2ckll FOR HENT—Fnriiblied Aiutrtmunt IDiJ West. Kentucky. 1'lionc S83. 10pkl7 FOR KENT—Furnished Apartment, bath, M5 Dougnn. FOR KENT—Modern rooms imd balii, Plionc 110. HpklU lU-sldcncc C Ur. Sallha, llliV.18 WANTED FOR RENT— Large comfortable fnniMicd roqm, Cinr.ige If desir- 10-li Wcsl Walnut. I'lione 117 llpklG ed. WAN'i'ED—Downstairs room, wel heated, for couple. Wife Is rcg- isleu'il nurse. Call Marshall Fcild Courier-News. 1QMFJ.3 WANTED—Boarders nnd roomers $7.00 per week, 112 East Cherrj street, rhonc lil)2. 8pkl5 1'OULTRY WANTED—We have sc the pncc for five years. Marilyn Ilalc-hcry. lilylhcville. nek Feb. 1 .y, Alknnsas, CltlckiiAawba District for tin older lo cell tlie following described Rcnl Estate In MLwlsslp- d County, Arkansas, to-wll: An undivided om-liaff Interest in nnd lo nil of Lot 12; the North 21 fool of Lot 13; nnd llic Srmlli 30 leel ot Lot 11; nil in Ulock "C" Morris. Ad- ' diUon to (he City of Blythc- rlllc, Arkansas. Property of said decedents Estale. This sale U for the purpose of funds to ptiy debts of said By SISTER MARY NK.\ Srrvke Writer Nearly cvcr>' home-maker Itarns, 11 time, how uiBlcult II- la to cater o an Invalid or convalescent who 'iinnot have the food that Is pre- nircd for Iho family. Desserts euch is paslrics and hot puddings have a place on Ihc hick-room tray, bub luring the whiter months many 'iimtllcs demand these henrty coa- coclloiu fov everyday tare. The returning at length of Ihe invalid often depends vitally upon a jjooil apiKtlte, so every effort should bo nmtle lo tcmiit tlic in- viilhl l o cat well and regularly. Time spent In preparing special dallies should not be considered wasted effort. Variety and the element ot surprise arc highly Important, Meal limes nrc verltubhj oases In the monotony of tho Invalid's day, but If eggs and toait always appear In the same form Ihc patient has little to look forward to. A NcmrliUnj Dnueti The dessert made, with milk and eggs udds quite us much nourish- inenl lo Ihc meal' us the. "main dish," although 'the dessert should nYwttys be very dainty and appetizing. Never servo n sick person anything that Is nol perfect In its way. If the, custard is over-baked and seems wnlcry, don't serve It. Let somo well member of tljc family, eat It to* "save It," but prepare a fresh one for the Invalid. Use tlic utmost care in flavoring. Too sweet or too highly flavored desserts will nol please an Invalid whose semlblllllu arc unusually acute in every respect. Custards, Junkets, Jellied frluls, baked and stewed fruits, simple lee creams- and lees arc all good desserts for Invalids. Prune souffle Is an excellent dessert lor the winter 'invalid.' franc Souffle The following in- Estate. J. NICK THOMAS, Administrator. Virgil Greene, Attorney. Jnn. 13-20-27, Fchy 3. Plumbing, Slciim, Gns mid Hot Water Honling l»y "AL" the Plumlicr (A. C. Aitkcn) ['hone 894-W 316 N. 9th. WERT lie Makes 'Em See dividual portion: One egg white, 4 tablespoons mashed stewed primes," 1 tablespoon sugar, lew groins salt, few graiiw cream of tartar, 1-8 teaspoon vanilla. Wash 8 or 10 prunes and soak in cold water for 3 or * hours. Cook In the same water until soft. Remove stones ftud'TutfltlfbtiBh a sieve. Add sugar. Bent .white of CBS until stiff, adding salt, cream of lartnr and vanilla. Fold In prunes and turn Into lightly buttered custard cup or smnll mold.'Put Into a pan of hot water nnd bake « minutes In a moderate oven. Serve wltli whipped cream or custard sauce made with yolk of egg. Royal C. Mills Public Accountant and Auditor Specializing in Income Tax, Bookkeeping Systcms t Phone 52 Ingram Bldg. Blylhevllle, Ark. New York Cotton NEW YORK. Jan. 13. (UP) — Open High Low Close L Jnn 1731 1730 I72S 17371 Mar 1750 1757 17-10 1753-55 May 1774 1781 1765 1777 1 July 1763 1755 1782 1792 Oct. 178G USD 1780 1705 Dec 1700 1806 1730 1805 Spols closed steady at advance of five poinls. Orlccms Cotton NEW ORLEANS. J:m. 13. IU!') — Open High fxiw Clow Jan 1713 1717 1705 1711-13 Mar 1733 17-15'1730 17JO--1I Maj' 1167 1170 J756 1765-06 July 1783 1784 1173 mob Oct 1782 1782 mO ITiBa ^ec 1788b Spots quiet and unchanged, middling, 1724. E. Y. Fitch Plans Series of Meetings at Wilson OSCEOI.A. Ark.—rhc first of a scries of agricultural meetings to be conducted weekly during the months of January ond February nt the Wilson High School under the supervision of E. Y. Filch, instructor in vocational education will be held Ihere Wednesday afternoon beginning at 2 o'clock. The subject of discussion at Wednesday afternoon's meeting, which is oiicn to farmers of (he Wilson community and others in the soulh enrt of the county, will be llie successful growing of alfalfa, and S. M. Scantling of Kansas City, agronomist for the Association of Alfalfa Seed Grower, will be Ihe principal speaker. Head Courier News Want Ads. Read Courier News Want Ads If you need roofing let us lell you • about the different kinds in our stock.. Anything from a window pane to a home complete. .LUMBER E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. COUJNKI, GE'l'S THE I,0\V])0\VN • (' VUY. BCT YOU GUMtlS W3C. U.OJCS M MOST 1UAT TWLBE.VT Or YOU WOJLD HW/L TO BE OP Oil HIS hRt \OU TRVltlG KIP ME.? JE.VJELS HICE CLOTHC 1 ;. BOUGH ! SHC. SWD M50UT MINES 111 MEXICO. VLUSTMH - W-IO HOVJ P.OHT w-iv mot VIE^) J MOVING PI&NOS ? HV GW-iE KtiO I'LL BET IF (\GUNM H!\D WOPWNO ON POP HWWG R,\CKET ne KKECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS OSCAIt'S SIEMOUY IS (iOOD! X CCT^T SAY |fi7ROOOc£0 To 1W, L (WT TW.'Jl'? -L HAD EEM vooa PICTURE IS TO ^OOfc R1SUT- OF TUS STATES HERBERT HOOVER OoWT SW AW HE ASKS VOUTo. 1 ' , := y UJr p Vn rjr^pp^uci % -/ai'ri ^—-.-t _<*==:

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