The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on March 28, 1930 · Page 6
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 6

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, March 28, 1930
Page 6
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YAW IK family. Miss Crystal who has been very sick the past'week with nervous trouble, remains the same. . '• * Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Beam and baby,' Mrs. Laura Mahaffey, Mr. and Mrs. Charley Mahaffey and baby were ' Sun)day dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Allen day' with, eleven members ipres- J Goldsmith -and: My. and Mrs. Robert Smith and children were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Henderson of Shiloh. Other guests were Mr. and Mrs. Cade Burton, Mr. and Mrs. fed Small, Mr. and Mrs. Philip Small and family, Mr. and Mrs)-Huston Myers of Indianapolis, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Gunn of Beam and daughter Mildred and i Veedersburg and Willie Hinder- Mr. and Mrs. Ora Beam. Other | son. guests were Mr. and Mrs. Riley i Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Hofer and Beam and children of Kokomo, daughter Gene, and Raymond | Mr. and Mrs. Walter Beam and Long were Tuesday guests. ofj we re Sunday guests of Leo Stew- daughter of Elwood.' | Mrs. Hazel Plummer and Mrs/j art and family of Kokomo. class .social in the basement. Sunr 1 Mrs. Oscar Cline and family of and Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Williams '' ' ' . \ • ' .•• • 1 i and daughter Dorotha of Stock- ent.- Rev. Franklin Arthur wife were invited guests. John Ramseyer, wife and .daughter Myrl were visiting at Russiaville Saturday. Miss Marguerite Terhune spent Sunday evening with her parents, Andrew Terhune and family near Sharpsville Mrs. Weaver Kemp and daugh-! we i] were the Sunday guests of.' ter Isla spent • Saturday after-i Mr. and Mrs. Wflrard Holman noon in Kokomo. ' ; near Goldsmith. . - ' S' Ernest Cline of Tipton was the i. jjr. and Mrs. Leslie Cline and Sunday, guest of Mr. and-. Mrs. j family Mr. and Mrs. Prank Fish- Neal Miller. /' ! back, near Goldsmith, Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. John Gritton, Mr; ; Mrs. Russell Sturdevant of Box' and Mrs. Ermal Gritton and j ley were the' Sunday dinner Mr and > TS Will Stewart Mr I daughter Irene . Mr. and Mrs. j guests of Mr. and Mrs. - Gilbert ' Charles Bozell of near Kempton | Sturdevant and family of Ekin. land Mrs. Harry Plake and soni- Siace Ready All e! lis Most Work We Specialize in All Kinds oil Work Clot ties \ For jots ifiidoors and out—and for vrork that requires white {Collars — or soiled hands,; this store features adequate stocks of work gadnents. We \ would hate tc think that our customers felt they would have, io leave us when they .stepped out of tbeir dress clc)thes. 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Mark Ashley of Indian!,__.-_. • iapdlis was the Sunday dinner guest of Mr. and .Mrs. Cash Tyn- of j Mr. and Mrs. Churchille Barr 1 and family were Sunday guests of. Mr. and Mrs. Otto Illges near At-] lanta. " | Mr. and Mrs.. L. O: Teter and] I er, and Sunday night guest family entertained Sunday, Mr.' A]fred Campbel , and family and Mrs. Ralph Teter of Ander-, Mrs Margaret Cnappe ], Mrs. son and Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Shook. ' Mrs. Margaret Chappel, Rebecca Smith and Rev. Dunlap i spent Monday afternoon with i- Harold Johnson of New Ross Aunt Fanny Hamilton of Koko; was the Sunday guest of Mrs. m0i wn0 has been very ill. j Louie Magnett and family. j Mr.jand Mrs. Floyd Smith and Mr. ana Mrs. Earl Smith and children, Mr. and Mrs. i Tom • family and Mrs. Lee of, Indian-'Towrisand were Sunday evening 'apolis were Saturday night guests ] guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ora Smith Roads in this vicinity were im- j passable Wednesday. In many j places -the snow drifts were as! high as the fence. .! Saturday evening a few friends | gathered at the home . of Mrs. William Ramseyer in honor of I her 58th birthday. Avery de-| lightful evening was spent and; dainty refreshments were served! to'Mr. and Mrs. Will Stewart, j Steve Rogers, Mr. and Mrs. Har-j ry Plake and son _iid Mrs. Roy], Land and children. ! Mr. and Mrs. Car) Stroup .entertained a few friends at a dinner in honor of the 21st birthday of their daughter Doris. A large angel food, cake with 21 candles was the centerpiece for the prettily decorated table. A bounti- j ful dinner was served to the fol-! Kokomo were Sunday guests of ! lowing guests: Mr. and Mrs. John j GENERAL CRACK GEORGE PREEDY near Atlanta. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Binton of Copyright 192g by Dodd Mead * Co., Inc. The Warner Bros. A Vttaphone production (tarring John"-Barrymo're, is based on this novel. j of Mrs. Rebecca Smith, ana on ! Sunday, accompanied by Mr. and ] Mrs. Lora Smith and daughter j Mary, all were the guests of Clar -J Mr. and Mrs. Ed Cloud .and son j stroup and children of West Mid-; jence Kinder: and family oT Box-.Omer. j dleton. Misses Marguerite Ter• ley. | Miss/ Loretta Phifer was the] hune and Mabel Adler and Har- ; Howard Secrest spent the week, Monday night guest of Miss Har-i ve y Gross. 'end with friends at Nappanee. I riet Harrison of East Union and; ; Rev. and Mrs. Dunlap and ! Sunday guest of Mr. and Mrs. Ev- ( j Grandma Dunlap attended a big ] erett Cline near; Kempton. j j birthday dinner given in honor of: Fred Smith a'nd family and j j Mrs. Cynthia Smith's-84th birth- Harold Bess were Sunday guests] General Crack, toldier or fortune, has routed the enemy and prepares to crown King Leopold emperor. The latter steal* away from the camp, incognito, bent on seeing the Princess Eleanora. to whom he had once been affianced, and wham he had to yield up, tor state reasons: to Crack, as the hitter's price lor entering the. lonr Oabor. a treacherous rascal dismissed Jrom Crack's service, surprises ' Leopold and Eleanora at dawn, and receives two large diamonds as a hrihe. He informs Crark. who has liim nagged and shot, with Leopold a witness. l_KMPTO>--SCIW.n,EVIId-E. Mr. and Sirs. Frank Moulder day anniversary at the home of j of Guy-Orr and family of Kemp-; of Groomsville were the Friday ; her daughter Mrs. Other guests were Ed Dawson.'ton. . i • supper guests of Mns. Carl Mc Mrs. Lizzie^ Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wimer en-j Daniels and children, i Spaulding and daughter Lela of ; tertained Sunday/Mrs. AndTew. ! near Sharpsville. , I Bilby of Tipton, Mr. and Mrs. Fay Miss Ruth Carter and Louie | Moore.- Newlon spent Sunday at Peru! Air. and Mrs. Joe Mobley ! with friends. j Tipton were Sunday guests of Miss Opal Carter of Kokomo, j.Mrs. Ellen McNeal and daughter ^vas the week end guest of her j Flossie. parents, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Carter. Other guests were Mr. and Mrs. Don Hinkle and family, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Carter of Russiaville. Mr. and Mrs. Will Bilby .and ' j daughter Edith entertained Sun- fiOI.DSillTH. Sunday scliool.l; 9:30:' preaching 7 o'clock! t- Hopewell Sundiiy school, 9:30; preaching, 10:30J- •Tetersburg Sunday school. 9:30. Normanda Sunday school, 9:30. Miss Eva Gibton and Shirley Shuppard of Tipton were Sunday evening guests og T.. O. CofTman and family. . ? Guy Wimer anc. family were Sunday dinner giiesls of Glen Smith and familr, south of Tetersburg. ''[•:. Mr..and Mrs. iJoe Graham and son entertaihed ever Sunday, Mr. •nd Mrs. Floyd .Thompson and children, Mr. Earl Bouseman of Muncie, William;; Joseph Boube- man of Normanca. Mrs.. Grah-m and son Stanley- were Saturday guests of Mr. and Mrs. John Graham and AuM Fanny Hamilton at Kokomo. Aiint Fannie who has been' very s-ck for a few weeks is no betur. ' Mr. and Mrs. lA.ron Mclntire and family were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Glen McCain near West Middieton. : Mrs. Maude Card well was hostess to the- Norminda Ladies Aid society Thurscay afternoon. There was a gocd attendance at meaiberB. The nlizt meeting will ,be with Mrs. Alfred Campbell Sri- Theraday in April. . ~Mri. -aujiele i^ibbeps enter-: iitaiMti Sunday Wendlei Smith and day, Mr. andMrs. Alvin Thompson, and Miss Bernice Miller of Tetersburg. ' Mr. and Mrs. Will Cole were [ton, i ' j Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. | i Ora Harrold of Kokomo. j i Mr. and Mrs. Hershel Eller hndj j children were Sunday guests ofj ! Mr. and Mrs. Jim Ulm and family of Tipton. Other guests were Miss Florence Ulm of Danville and Mr. and Mrs. Robert "Dim. Mr. and Mrs.. Hiram Lockridge and son of Sharpsville were. Sunday evening guests of Charley Lacy and family near Normanda. Mr. and' Mrs. Fr?nk Fishback and son, Mr., and ; Mrs. Leslie Cline and children, 'Mr. and Mrs. ftussel Sturdevant .and family Ora Jones and family were Sunday afternoon guests of Orzin Allen and family of near Normanda. Miss Juanita Drake of Tipton was the Saturday night guest of Siiss Hazel Tefer. Mr. and Mrs. Orzin Allen and family were Thursday guests of Mrs. Carolyn Whitcomb of- Tip- I'RAIRIK CKNTKR. I 1 were Sunday guests '- of ' Gilbert Sturdevant arid family near Boxley. ' .' Mr. and Sirs. Oren Foster entertained Sunday, Mr. and . Mrs. Glae Foster and daughter Julia Ann, Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Vandevender, and soil Wayett Curtis, Mr. and-Mrs. Dave Smith, Misses Esther and Alice Dawson.' Evening guests were Mr. and Mrs. Churchille Barr and ' family of Hopewell. . v . Mr. and Mrs. Will Shuck. of Tipton were Sunday guests of Miles Day and family. Several neighbors and friends attended the funeral of Perry Coil at Elwood Sunday afternoon at the Main - Street Christian church. Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Lockridge and son entertained Sunday, Mrs; ^ene Douglass and daughter Mr. and Mrs. Jim Roach and Wm. lockridge -of Kokomo. . , Mr. and Mrs. Ross McNeal and. family entertained Sunday, Mr.: and Mrs. Jess-Harlow and family J family of Uormsnda and Miss, 1 *' « d Mr » *»* * nd lly, Mr.^and Mrs: Doris Glass and family.-Mr. andJMi*.'Oito Brelt-^ -Minnie Burton. 5 :">.-JIr. and Mrs. CCluride Will Campbell; Campbell - and : family •y*— &k Sunilay ''t^bi.-: Fannie- Hamilton ifternoon "with of Ko- Opal StqopV and family, el Ron ack and family y -«u sets or Mr .-.and: V: Hokaek and daughter lot - Hoycw-eU- - J-fternaon >0. JUMid -'Vaai weleer and family, -Miss. Martha Kleyla and Paul M «Bdenl |ali. Mr. and Mrs J Phillip Hinkle of Tetersburg, Miss -.Marjories Ben- -tett, Gny Bilby, CJie-ter", Larue and family were 1 SuadarKueata of Mr. ^\Uh .jA ^^U>^ ' -HiM_Halm/flli-kla?of.P8Mua Unlvertlty tosa^ni Ue apri_9 mmm Wm. Harlow and family near Kempton spent Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. David Har low. . Mr. arid Mrs.- Vern' Maggart and baby of Kokomo were Sunday evening guests of Mr. and Mrs. Loran Maggart. Mrs. Myrta Haskell returned to her home in Russiaville Sunday after spending the past .five weeks with her daughter Mrs. Jesse LaGarde and assisted in caring for Mr. LaGarde who is. slowly recovering after a serious illness. Doran Mitchell of Kokomo was the Sunday guest of his parents Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Mitchell. Other guests were Mr. and Mrs. Ramsey and- son Ralph of Kokomo. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Vawter of Kempton were Sunday guests of William Vawter and family. Mr. and Mrs. Buel Nash, Mr. arid Mrs. Will -Duncan were at Indianapolis Sunday visiting ' with Mrs. Harry Raton, who hsd just returned to her home from the Methodist hospital where she had been operated upon for gall stones. Rev. Bodenhorn, wife and son of . Marion were Sunday - evening .guests of Mr. and Mrs. Loran Maggart. Prank Wlsehart of Noblesville, a talented violinist. Is.visiting in this - community, with relatives! and friends. Mrs. Bharman „ .M-Daniel and; children attended' a- Ko-; komo 8unday "~evenlng. A - Mr.. and- Mrs. Lewis New and; children took Mrs. New's sister. Mary Baker'to Indianapolis Sunday. 8he was on her way to Shel byviUe after spending the past week with them. *'Mrs; Daisy Carter and son Ev •rait of Tipton • were Sunday guiil _ti;'of -• Mra. Mollie-Orr. In:the •ttarnoon .they' .called on .John' iiM_M>*r and family. J 7Mt :i and Mrs; John Oritton, Mr. iad j Mfs. Ermal Orltton sand a &hiktor,llr.>ud^Mi_.^Ckas. Bo^ '^9 _^_B_s -&BeffiRM ^ay : Mr. and Mrs. and daughter, Helen Bloomington Sunday visiting with i ot | friends. . M Tom .Mount of /Tipton was the j Monday guest of his mother,! MrstMary Mount of Kempton. Miss Mary Cooper spent • the week Tipton with relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Jes» Meritt and son Wiilard and Miss Maxine Peters were Frankfort visitors Monday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Ad Redman were the .Sunday guests of Mrs. Vern Barnett and family of Little New York. : Mr. and Mrs. diet Floyd of Tipton were.the Sunday guests of Mr. and. Mrs. John Bozell and family. ;Mr. and Mrs.' Frank Stanfield of Oakwood, 111., who have been visiting in Kempton for a few days returned home Sunday. Mrs. Earl Floyd, Miss Marie Floyd, Miss Iva May Owens, Miss Edith Amos and Mrs. Bonnie Peters and daughter Miriam were Frankfort visitors Saturday afternoon. . Miss Anna Floyd was the Sunday' dinner goest of Mis_ Louise Cunningham of near Kelnpton. Rev. and Mrs. Sanders ' were Sunday and Monday guests of relatives in Hartford City. Mr. and Mrs; Harry Barnett and sons entertained at a bountiful twelve o 'clock dinner Sunday, Rev. and Mrs. McMurray. and son, of Thorntown, Mr. and Mrs, Lafe Beaver and children of near Kempton, Mr. and Mrs. James -Jackson and son and Frank Seavers. • Mr. and Mm. Harvey Henry of Ekin were the Sunday guests of William^Amos and family. Mrs. Guy Orr and . children were in Kokomo Wednesday visiting with relatives. Misses Zelta and Jane Redma£ spent Saturday night and Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Noble Ploughe near -Cempton. Mr. •and Mrs. Fred Smith and family, of Goldsmith- were the- Sunday guests ot Mr: and Mrs.i Guy Orr jand chlliilrenj XIX Leopold, lodged, at last in the palace-at Frankfurt, sent for Hens; dorff, wbo. with other civilians, bad i painfully followed the progress of i the victorious army. 1 "So. Sire," we arrive here at last!" said Hensdorff, grimly. "Nor have' we been so long upon the road: Prince Christian has fulfilled bis contract to the very letter." "I have scarcely seen him, and not spoken to him." replied Leo. paid, hastily, "but every one shouts Charles Clark tor him. I hear of nothing else, were at • Count, at last I can breathe and think a. little: since we left Lira- burg I have not had a second: ai ways on the march, always on the alert." . HensdorfT did not answer. "What." asked Leopold, desperately, "shall l-'do?" , "Yon will he crowned," said Hensdorff. quietly. "Then. I think. drval Redrii 'ori of -Muncie was: * Sunday guest of Mr. and Mrs. Ad Redmon and family- - iMr. arid Mrs. William Amos, were tlie Friday supper guests pf their daughter, Mrs. Edgar War den. and family- of Kokomo. - Mr. and Mrs. Frank'Algobd flf Frankfort .were the Sunday/ guests "of J Mr. and Mrs., L«l Ow.- ens and family <• . ~ •tuo^So^r^audliMrs^; Q-rrit| aomrdi_n«^_»«lIy.->.^-v r :J;j ^^j''^^'*— '*~" " replied the minister, scornfully. He brought out his wallet, "and pro ceeded to transact some necessar; business. Leopold signed every document that was put before him without even glancing at the con tents; and a quiet smile twlstei Hensdorff's thin Hps. When these matters were ovei and he had. risen to take bis leave be.said, carefully: "There is one other piece of new:that I must give to Your Majesty the Duchess of Schonbuchel b dead." "Dead?" muttered Leopold. "She and Gabor, and Pons—all • dead" How near death comes to us. Hens dorff! But she was old, was slfe not?" be added, anxiously. "This— this did not kill her?" "Yes. she was old," admitted Hensdorff,' drily. "About my age. Sire. 1, too, often feel death very near—a brush of his wings across one's face, now arid then to remind one of bis passage. Well, she Is dead; and without,speaking, as far as I know. I heard the news yesterday. She died in Dursheim. These hard winters kill the old folk. Sire!" . "She cursed me!" shivered Leopold. "I know she died cursing me —and that's an ugly thing: twe curses, Hensdorff, his ' and hers. What did'Pons say: 'Blast him tc all eternity!"' "One does hear," replied Leopold, with a rigid smile. ."And there's another of them, Hensdorff: and what about dim—what about Chris tian, when he hears-ieh?" j "We must not think of that," said Hensdorff. . ' . "And for her," demanded Leopold, passionately; "must we no) think of her? Is there nothing to be said or done there?" "Nothing." INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER TRUCKS 4 AND 6-CYLINDER M0D8L9 IN SIZES * RANGING FROM f-tOfl TO 5 TONS FEATURES Ihatqrebasie reasons for international popularity TkM ASE y«» etwrn e «-B»ariaai-Ui. 1T * Cmanate mm lateraatiaauil Truck, part tar prnrt, cmutrbetkns, witli aay and farm year awa aaia_aa. Thm more yaw kaaw abaat track cooatraetiaa UM hatter yawl Bha Inten 4 -WHEEL B RAKES on EVERY MODEL 1 Low Gas and Oil Coniiwnplion. Low Maintenance Costs. Choice of Powerful 4 or 6-cylindsr engines in rnosl models. 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That Will be a .pretty v .scandal with which to begin your reign. Sire!" j'But U 1 '» unthinkable." replied Leopold, "that I should not marry her; ; . But he knew that he spoke from convention, not from passion. Apd Hensdorff, shrugging fiis bept shoulders, said: "The whole, affair. Sire. 'has been unthinkable.'' . "The - moment must come when he wilj know," whispered Leopold: and tjien he added, fearfully: do-you think It possible so to gloss it PT«r (bat he will never know?- I ha*e Writen to her so often, Hensdorff: but she never writes to mf." : Hensdorff did not answer, but stared .'out at the'snow, which looked to blank and bleak beyond the gold and purple brocade- of t|ie stiS'flUrtains. "l-jihouid like to take her away frokiKOttenbetm.'^ : continued Leo polo, fa -the ektreme or uneasy an SuMh,| ^r-elae to^aend my. sister, tketj :jl >had thought of that. Hens"-. "UiM^Ulte .impossible for Tour' ^itj to marry this lady." be Itty .Vt 'iThe scandal of such llj _g.<wot |ld pull -your crown i.<jMU >d again." ^IvCOfttd Leopold. In ner- l «tUaea.^What Is a crown j :ftvis>yoavaad your like. Ul^f.triba: o.f ydui mini-. ^|inW-iut*;tkru*t It on 'epJ_a4fe 'lB ''a;.fiari; iSSHaw r?,i «l_d;T ;|Ha L EOPOLD knelt before the Papal Legate: bis purple mantle lined with ermine bung from bis shoulders down the gilded steps. He held In one hand the heavy sceptre, and In the other the 'glistening glohe: the Imperial signet ring was on bis linger, and he was girded with Caesar's Imperial sword; on his bead was the Ducal bonnet ol Austria. The old cardinal, bent beneatl the weight of vestments, that wen as heavy as" any warrior's culrasp held .above -the'young man 's' blorii head (he diadem of Saint Leopold • He was.then able to move, and with bis heavy robe beld np b> page?, mount the steps which ler to. the Imperial Throne, arrangec on the right of the altar, beneatl. a: canopy" that "'gleamed' with goldei" eagles. : Leopold- glanced round.' His blue eyes flickered, from one to the oth ef. caring for. none of them: look tag tor'one face.only in all thr gathered press. Near the steps oi tab throne he found It—the face oi Christian of Kurland. rigid In hif mantle over hfa uniform, with uti- hat nndpr bis arm. And, as Led pold gazed down, at him. be gated up at Leopold: for the first Urn* since that day, when <_sbor bad been shot In the bare field outsfdt l.lmburg, the glance of these twr men met. Leopold drew back almost Imper ceptibly Into the gorgeous recesser or bis throne, and Christian, with out moving a muscle, continued tc gaze at- him: He sat stiffly on the. throne whflt the Involved ceremonial worked tc its splendid conclusion. . As the Latin chant continued tc rise and rail on that still. Incense- sweetened air. be slowly tnrnea his head again and looked down at that group of nobles to bis right; and there-was General Crack, still iooklug at him. with no expression au all. but with an unblencblng steadiness. Again Leopold bad to show himself to the men who bad chosen hjm. The Papal, Legate took bim by the hand, and led blm to the front of, the altar; and - made the I gesture }ot. presenting, blm to hi* Electors. !.•" ••• • :• I Three times"" they shouted tor him,': wiln^a continuous and steady voice; - put Leopold did t not head these shouts. He looked at one nian only: Christian: and ''that man did not open.^isjlps. but remained wl{b Ji folded; arms;-; listening and watching, slleat, while:tfae othen gave their steady acclamations; ^•qpold put his hand to bis throat, where the" gold .corda that beld^kla mantle tugged'bard at bia neefc'^ _ . _ , s: la,alienee be allowed,blnasetf to Truek and Repair A: Complete Line of I. H. C. Bfachinery and Implements (Three Used Tractors and P'ows—Right Prices) HULL BEOS. Court Street Mrs. Malissa Forkner of Kempner of Kokomo and Mr. Richards of Chicago, were > the Thursday guests of Mr. and Mrs. James Forkner. " Mr. and Mrs. Joe Fellin of Tip- Kempton. iMr. and Mrs. Karl < T nok and' son were Kokomo visitoiv Saturday. ' Mr. and Mrs. Carl Edwards and daughter of near Kempton. ton'were the Saturday evening! Mrs. Mort Bundy, Mr. and Mrs. guests of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Mc-j Ralph Bundy of Elwood wtrr \h- Daniels and family. "Mr, and Mrs. Everett Christy and daughter Mary were Saturday .night and Sunday guests <>f Mrs.! Mary D. Shockley. Other Sunday guests were Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Shockley and daughters of Indianapolis, and Mr. and Mrs. Ray fShockley and daughter Betty; Gene of Kokomo. Mr. arid Mrs. Elmer Mitzen- berg and son Woodrow entertained at- dinner Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Lineback-of Koho-i mo and Mr. and Mrs. Oren Johnson near Kempton. • • " • •Gretcheri; Wilson and Margaret Rood were-the Sunday guests of Sunday guests of Everett Cliiif and wife near Peetsvilli'. • Jean Alice and, .M;ir_:ir»*i Thomas of Indianapolis WITI-'I)H" Sunday guests of Airs. Mary I'. Shockley. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Mr.Mnllaii and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Ernie -Quick and daughter. Mr. and. MB . Det Johnson were the Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Carmet Tunis and daughter I Mrs. Alice Scott and Hazel Davis of Scircleville attended a I birthday dinner at the home of , Al Spurgeon.Sunday at Ititlishurg t. ja nlimbpr of other guests were Miss Margaret Cauble near i : present. New National Junior Middleweight Champ •ighj,aa,the^pdrtai|U)ia mantlea w.*re lifted Yraiu kU tlred^ ^'A^iMM^?'^ _5 •parUlrig;: r aad^Mpiaa«e_t ^vsj. ?^k ^^_i _i^~? I Mr. and Mrs. Ed SInore enter- I tained Sunday Bert Roiidebusli and family of Nohlesville. Dr. and Mrs. Claud Donald and family, Mr. and Mrs. Charley Ward and family, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Scott and family. Mr. and Mr.;. Clint Pruiti. Mr. and Mrs. (•Marvin Scott and family, Mr. and j Mrs. Carl Cowden and John W'ell- j man arid family. ] Mr. and Mrs. Walter Clark <:( Scircleville were the Sunday :if:' ernoon guests of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Clark and. daughter. Eleanor. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Holmes of Pj'Little New York were the Wed- '/f • nesday guests of his mother. Mrs. Charlotte Holmes and daughter Iva of Scircleville. Mr. and Mrs. George Auble and- son George were the Sund.iv guests of Boone county relatives. Mr- and Mr>«. Clarence Smith. Mrs. George Auble and Mrs. Joss Kemp were Indianapolis visitors •Friday. Miss, Gretchen Kemp who is a student at, Butler, returned home with them. , Be* ieckieT. af Salt take Off. Utek. to, the an nadioaal Junkw 'ut flat rethhT df Ua re- Atllo Owiers Ibj-vw_Bt*aUlcd___MU matie Ak -M_it« g*m*m at thi MkMr •mmOfitlfm, ^^Wgac|

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