The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on November 22, 1930 · Page 3
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 3

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 22, 1930
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BROOKLYN DAILY EAGLE, NEW YORK, SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 1930. M I Job Campaign-Reducing Idle, Harvey Hears $2,000 in Rents Paid by Queens Big Sisters as Relief Drive Proceeds Hundreds of seasonal workers are being retained In their Jobs as the result oi Buroush President George U. Harvey's appeal to factory heads and business men of Queens In the "Give-a-Job-fo r- Christmas" campaign launched to stimulate employment, letters received ' by the Queens free employment bureau reveal. One manufacturing corporation, with plants in all boroughs, informed Borough President Harvey that, while it could give but a few additional men jobs for Christmas, it was retaining 250 laborers who otherwise would have been laid off at this season of tile year. David D. Cohane, secretary in charge of the free employment bureau, announced today that 780 men have registered since Monday and that 41 have been placed in permanent positions. In addition to the men given new Jobs, employers have rehired men laid off during the last few weeks as the result of the bureau's activity, Cohane said. He cited 20 letters received from factory managers and business men advising the Borough President that they would re-employ the men they laid off. Confer With Donoghue Officials of the Queens emergency committee for the relief of the unemployed, which is raising $50,000 for charity work among the families of the Jobless. w'H confer Monday morning with Prank Lee Donoghue, director of the bureau of public in formation, Borough President Harvey and Mr. Cohane on the possibility of co-ordinating the efforts of the Job-getting bureau and the relief organization. Axel J. Swen-son, general chairman of the committee, and Fred Lemmerman, president of the Queens Borough Chamber of Commerce, also will confer with Mr. Donoghue on ways and means of bringing the activities of the emergency campaign before the general public. Rents Are Paid Commissioner of Public Buildings 6. Meredith Strong Jr. today turned over to the Catholis Big Sisters the rear of the basement of the Jamaica Town Hall as a free food-dispensing station. Parley on Child Health Nearing Peaceful Close Children's Bureau Conflict Had Threatened a Successful Ending Washington, Nov. 22 OP) President Hoover's Child Health and Protection Conference came today to its final act, the adoption of a forward-looking program. For two days the harmony of its meetings has been threatened by conflict over the Children's Bureau, but those directing the conference work hoped to reach a successful conclusion with no open hostilities In the final general session. The reports of the various sections, summaries of everything agreed upon by the committees, were first on today's program. The conference leadership suggested that all matters in Controversy be left untouched In these presentations, to be studied and disposed of by a continuation committee which will take up where the present aS' sembly leaves off. However, there was no plan to have the sectional reports adopted by the whole conference. Discussion alone was in prospect. After their reading Secretary Wilbur, the chairman, planned to develop an expression of the conference's intentions for the future of child welfare work. This he was to report later in the day to a national radio audience. Today's Radio Programs Population of U. S. Is 122,773,016 bv Revised Figures 12,588,066 in New York State Is 2,202,839 Increase Over 1920 Total Mrs. Crater Fails To Solve Mystery Bv Ouiz Answers j Replies to 47 Questions Denies Knowledge of Judge's Money Matters Mrs. Joseph Force Crater's answers to 47 questions put to her in her hotel m Portland, Me., on Wednesday by Assistant District At-tnrnev John L. McDonnell and made public by District Attorney Crain, failed to throw any light whatever on the motive for the disappearance of her husband, the missing Supreme Court Justice, or his possible whereabouts. Mis. Crater's answers were that she had no idea of her husband's banking manipulations when he was onnnintprf to the Bench last May, nor of his reported friendship for Connie Marcus. She said she had not heard of nor from him since he vanished on Aug. 6, that no domestic quarrel preceded his disappearance and that the Justice told her he was going to New York from his summer home at Belgrave Lakes t "clean up" some worn. . Meanwhile. Chief Assistant Dls trict Attorney Unger announced the rtisrnverv of two additional bank accounts held by Crater In the Em plre Trust Company. The first, known as Special No. 1, was opened on Feb. 20, last, with a $6,000 deposit, but withdrawals in May brought the balance down to $40.80. the oresent account. The second account was opened March 22. 1929, with a deposit of $5,000, and $3,000 balance April 16, last. was withdrawn on Washington, Nov. 22 P) The 1930 population of the United States is 122,775,046. This figure was announced today by the Census Bureau as the final total of the compilation it started at the beginning of the year. All re visions have been completed. The census report shows the num ber of Inhabitants of the 48 States increased in the preceding decade by 17,064,426, or 16.1 percent. The 1920 population was 105,710,620. In the column showing the per centage of increase by States was a key to several important trends of the past 10 years. Leading in this table was California with 65.7 percent, Florida on its heels with 51.8. Third, with 32 percent, was Michi gan, center of the fast growing automobile Industry. Fourth was Arizona with 30.3. New Jersey had 28.1. suggestive of the shift to suburban territory; Texas, 24.9, and North Carolina, 23.9. Oregon had 21.8, a, symptom of ths Westward shift, while New York, ninth In rank, had 21.2. For tenth place West Virginia and Louisiana tied at 18.1 percent. California led also In total gains, adding 2.250.390 Inhabitants, while New York State gained 2.202,839. Michigan, Texas and Illinois were the only other States to gain more than 1,000,0000. Only one State, Montana, lost population, dropping 11.283. The 1930 population of New York State is 12.588,066, an increase of 2,202,839 since 1920. Flatbush Parking Can Defended by Merchants' Head Donald Carr Denies It Will Caune Congestion in Various Side Streets Donald Carr, president of the Flatbush Dependable Merchants Association, today answered the protest of William B. Andrews of 19 Clarkson Ave. against the erection of 45-minute parkin signs along Flatbush Ave. by declaring that Andrews erred In saying that the erection of the sirns would lead to slri street parking. Mr. Andrews In his complaint said that the ruling Is fair only to merchants along the avenue and that parking on the side streets would increase Are hazards because of the more limited space. Police plan to erect the signs In about week. Mr. Carr, whose association sponsored the move for erection of the signs, said this morning: "We never advocated side street parking. But we do believe that if cars must remain in one place for several hours or more they should be put In garages. All the garage owners have agreed to a 25-cent parking rate. I do not believe so much at tention should be paid to the complaint of an Individual when it Is known an entire organization takes ft diHerenU stand." Call Love Expert, Here From Berlin, 'Einstein of Sex' Dr. Magnus Ilirsrhfeld Is Greeted by Judge Lind-sey and Mrs. Dennett Dr. Magnus Hir sen fold of Berlin, whom a distinguished committee of medical men and sociologists, headed by Judge Ben B. Lindsey, advocate of companionate marriage, hails as "Oermftny's Einstein of Sex,' arrives in Brooklyn late this afternoon on the North Ocrman Lloyd liner Coltimbus, docking at Pier 4, Atlantic Tidewater Terminals, foot of 68th St. Others on the "honorary com mittee for the reception of Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld" Include Dr. Harry Elmer Barnes, Dr. 8. A. Tan- nenbaum, Mrs. Mary Ware Dennett and. Ocorge Sylvester Vicreck. A communication sent out by this committee characterizes Dr. Hirsch feld as "the greatest living authority on love." and says that he Is here to study conditions after an absence from the United States of two decadts. Dr. Hirschfeld's work in the In stltute for Sex Science In Germ in v includes a department which gives advice to prospective matrimonial partners, following a searching pnysioiogical and psychological examination, the committee also savs. Among liners sailing today, log permitting, Is the Panama Pacific liner California, with Miss Dorothy Bromberg a pa.seenger. Miss Brom-bcrg won the title of Queen of Long Beach in a popularity contest held last summer under the auspices of the Long Beach Hospital Auxiliary, and also won a free trip to Havana, which she Is now taking. Mayor Prankel of Long Beach and Mrs. Charles Kolllsch, president of the auxiliary, were among those at the pier to see her off. Passengers on the outgoing Fur-new Bermuda liner Bermuda today include Mrs. Eliot Cutter of West- hampton, L. I., and the Baroness de Steubner and Charles Welsh of Southampton. L. I. Miss Jeanette Brown of Brooklyn and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Watts of Richmond .Hill are among those leaving on the Fort fit. Oeorge of the same line. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Tickle of Brooklyn are leaving today on the Ward liner Havana, gfiOK. WABC 349M. :aO P.M. Football Sourenl-program. Songs of North-wexiero and Notre Dame. 2 I Northwestern - Notre Uawe FootbAli Oame. 5 OO Warwick Hotel Orch. ft (M Tom Dick and Harry. H 15 Barblzon Plata Orch. : I5 Eno RfOLter. 7 no rootball fecorri. 7 0s Crockett Mountaineers HiU-blllv nurabera. Bill in the Lowk round, orch. Oit Avar Old Man. iolo, Johnnv. Animal Fair, banjo snd jew'B-harp. Square Dance, calls by Albert. t 15 Columbia Educational) Features. Komance or American Industry. Charles H Orakelow. 7 a Necco Surpri-- Party. Ben A'ley. tenrr; Henry Bjt-hijt: Nccco Eextet; Freddie Rich's Orch. Brbeft In Tovland. Can This Be Love? from "Fine and Da.i.'y." Svlvia, tenor solo. Ben Ai- lev, tust artiitt. living Berlin Cvcle. Hrnry Burbi 8iecialtv. Song of the Vagabonds. saxc phone cextet. Bmilin' Through, lenc solo. Ben Alley, guest artist. I'm Yours. I Know That Yin Know, from "Oh Pleese." Give Yourself a Pat on the Back. 8 OO Dixie Erhres. Naro Spirituals, directed by Rosamund Johnson, with Tavlor Oordon. tenor. My Lord 6ys He's Owlnc-ter Rain Down Fire. Otmmie Yo' Han. D OI' Sheep Done Know de RotvJ. Sinner Cryln', Come Here. Lord. Brother. Were You Thefe? X Want Die Easy When I' Die. Walk In Jerusalem Jes' Like John. O Oimmte Winas. Get Rtcht and Stay Right. Mold de Wn'. 8 .IO Dancing Yeterdavs. Freddie Rich's Orch. and Round Towners Quartet. Babes in the Wood Who 'quartet on sscond chorus i. tJo In the Clouds. Mv Blue Heaven. Avnton (quartet on second chores! . Cross Your Heart. Lt Me Call You Sweetheart. Sweetheart of Sigma Chi (quartet on second cho-rust. Remember. Llmehouse Blues. I'm Jimt Wild About. Harry (Quartet on second chorus 1. WBitlng for the Robert E. Lre. 8 45 Wallnre Silversmiths. Classical program. Serenade. Valse Bluett, fiopg of India. Flight of a Bumble Bee. Pilgrims' Chorus. from "TannMuser." 9:0O Carborundum Hour. IndMn Le?ends with Orbo-ri'ndum Psnd. directed by Edward D'Anna. Prepare for Action. Zamptt. Two Guitars. Spirit of Youth. We MacGregor. Old Scout. f .TO National Radio Forum from Washington: talk to Secretary of Interior Wil bur on "Results of White House Child Hralth Survv 10 no Hank Simmons' Show Boat. "A Kentucky Ro- rranre. " 11 no Mount Roval Orch. ll:.tO Roval Canadians. 1 OO-Biltmore Orch. 13 no A.M. Nocturne. Ann Leaf at the nrtran. La Oonole. from "Day In Mm"' Suite. Bflrt Music, from "Ftust " Prt I. Allegretto. Adagio. Allegretto. Moderato Maestoso. Rnanish Br-nade. La Golondrlna. 660K. WEAF454M. 14SP.M. Yale-Harvard Football Oame. 4 ItO The Marionettes. ftrOO Ladv Next Door. 5 no Ten Timtrs. :4 Rex Cole Mountaineers. 6 OO-The Jimeses, sketch of Amer'an family life, with Percv Hemus. Adrltni Thmason. Marcella SMtWi. . Cafhernne Renwick. Wade Arnold and John Shea. John 8. Young, annuunrer. 6 1ft Black and Gold Room Orch.. direction Ludwig Laurel. Alwvn Bach, announcer. Srld irrs Tiorui. from " Fau'i." Overture. Romantic Album Leaf 'No. 1 in "Ly- ' ric PtoceV't. 1 Melndte. Onus Ifl, No. 3. ! Arsh(iqtie No, 1. In Falrvlond. Butte. Incantation. The Water Sprites. The Satvr and the Nmrh. The Fairy Ring. '45 Uncle Ahr Devld rurhl sketch. 1th Phillips Imd ani Arthur Allen. Jamer. waiiinTton. announcer. 7 no Football Scores. 7 05 Whvte s Orch.. direction Peter Van Pteeden. Nee! Enlen. announcer. T no Silver Flute. Legend? if Wanderine OvnuT. S O0--Salon Smrers. Patrick MacOtll. "Is There An Humor in Ireland?" mixd c ho rn: orch.. direction Cess re Bodero. James Wallincton. announcer. one of the Vikings. Salon Singers. The Meuenger, Salon Singers. Lov Is t Ike a FirflT. frim The Firefly," Ladles En-eemble Tl re Blind Mice. Salon lingers. Mv Iat Cruise. Male Kn-smb'e. A Bavou Serenade. Salon Ftr-rs. The Oarrin of Me ffMrt. di'et. soprano and tnor. Cantain Jinks. Salon Singers. Swt and Low. Salon Singers. no CareVss Lore, dramtle Tonight's Features 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 1:45 General Entertainment p.m. Dixie Echoes, WABC. pjii. Rian James, Brooklyn Eagle columnist, WMCA. p.m. Carborundum Hour, WABC;' General Electric Hour, WEAP. p.m. Minstrels, WJZ. p.m. Chicago Civic Opera, WJZ; Show Boat, WABC. Informative p.m. Football Games: Yale-Harvard, WEAF; 2:15 p.m., Navy-Maryland, WJZ; 2:45, Northwestern-Notre Dame, WABC. 6:45 p.m. Digest Topics, Lowell Thomas, WJZ. 7:00 p.m. Football Scores, WABC, WEAF. 7:15 p.m. Romance of American Industry, WABC. 9:30 p.m. Secretary of Interior Wilbur, wABC. Dance Orchestras 10:00 p.m. Lucky Strike Orch.( WEAF. 11:00 p.m. Mt. Royal Orch., WABC. 11:15 p.m. Heidt Orch., WEAF, 12:00 p.m. Spitalny's Orch., WJZ. . The Eagle's Lost and Found Advertisements are broadcast every Tuesday at 12:05 noon and every Friday at 2:40 p.m. over Station WLTH. a 1 5 Solnttiali: Diles Duo. a :m- Ualv Orrh 4 on Current Fvents. Oejrge Liovd. 4 l& Nat BtofTman Musical. 4 .- Wilon Orch. 1 1 A B Siednvm. nlano. .V:t Crawford Orch. On P.-nthouse Plavers. 6 UO -Jewish Federation. J. J. Dukas, talk: Lvdia Luck, sonrano. 4 5 Fisno Interlude. tf 50 Evgnpehne Dav, astrologer. HOOK. WGBS 499M. 1 aoP M. Finkenberg program. 2 ;.u Vagabond's Orch. 4 on Virginians. 4 8lbert-V'llson program 4 4 Wiliner McLaughlin. jar I tone. V I ; -Prof. R. C. HanawaT. 6 .tO Buche.ald s Juniors. H OO -Dollar Club Orch. h ao Tl-s of Hodman. 45 Snorts Talk. 7 on Vladimir Radeet. baritone 7 15 Nat Rojs rlano. 7 Itn Croslev Hour H an Norman's Sport Char : inieu sneaker. John Uw, football ruarh. Notre Dime. 8 4 5 Louise Vermont, contralto; Palon SvmDhonists. OO Allen-Lundell Trio. 9 .10-Ridxenood Orovg Boz-inv Bout a in . to Paul and Joe. 1 1 no Dollar Club Orch. 1 1 30 Arcadia Orch. Negro sketch; Incidental mu-Mc. Milton J. Cross, announcer. 9 OO- General Electric Hour. Walter Damrosch conducting. "Adventures in Science " Floyd Oibbor.s. John 8. Young, announcer. Overture. Carnival. Suite. frm 'S'lvta." Prelide. Vsise Ltnte. Ptzzirati. Good Friday Spell, from "Paralfal." Flight, of the Bumble Bee. Neapolitan Scenes: La Dense. La Fete. Irish Reel. Molly on the Shore. 10:00 - Lurltv Strike Dan urrn. aawnra 1 no run nun. announcer. . ll:0O Troubadour or the Moon. Lannv hobs, icnor. with string trio. Alois Uav-rllla, announcer. At the End ol the World. Entracte Valse. string trio. . A Song Remember, Lsn- nv R06S. tenor, with trio. CinyuNiiLOne. string trio. 60 BeaU Mv Heart fT You. from "Rah. Rail. Daze.' Ljnnv Ross, tenor, with trio. 1115 - Heidt Orch. t3;00 Vallee Orch. 760K. WJZ 39.HM. 3 1.1PM. Navv-Msrviand Football Oame (NBC service from Annapolis Maryland and Washington studios to WJZ. WHAM. KWK, WRU. W8M. WMC. WJDX. WFA.'.. YOAfl. 5 no C-immis Carollers. 5:15 PtocK Market prices, R..:n Blue Ares. 9 on Htistng Junior. Wh- trna Serial. Domestic skit with Aline Berry and Peter Dion. Kelvin Keecn. an- nouncer. ft 1 5 Ball Orrh. 0 40 Football Scores. ' 15 Literary Digest Tooiei In Brief. Lowell Thomas. Ed ward Thrp"rsen, announcer T OO Pensodent program Amos 'n' Andv. blackface comedians. Bill Hav. an nouncer. 7 15-Tastyeait Jes'ers. male tto: Dwlght Lsthsm. Wsmp Ca-leson. Out Bonham, sonrs with mandniute eccompanl ment; Swedish dlalet stories. Ford Bond, anno mer. She's a Gorirrnus Thing. Elsie Bhultzenheim. I Miss a Little Miss. Poney. Ding Dong Daddy From Dumas. T'HO -' Emptr Stoves.' Jsmes W. Barrett, r itv editor of the Morning world. 7. 45 -Plckard Fsmlly. Southern folk songs: novelty rch J. P. King, announcer. Cisev Jones. Family. Mocking Bird. Ann. !il L'ra Jane. Family. Pass Me Not, Familv. Ovrr ihe Waves. Family. ft OO Dixie's Circus; incidents In the lives of a rtr-ciis farrllv, clown and circus hand. Ford Bond, announc er. A 1 5 "Rm-Tln-Tln Thriller dramatizations; tnrtden t a 1 music Ted vearson. an nouncer. 8 30 Fuller Msn. Esrle S"V ecr. baritone; male quartet orrh. .dirj-tton Don Voor hes. Kelvin Keech. an nouncer. The Certain Feeling, from "Tin T"'S." ensemble. Button Tt Yur Hci'rt. VanderMit Re-vii." orch. with vocal terlude. Bvlvia. Mr. Solrer with or-h. x'frnts from "Ntna Rosa.' Nina Rosa. orrh. Your Smiles. Your Teara. Mr. Snlre". -eradr of Love. oren. Nin Rom. quartet and oirh.. with vocal Intrr-hfie. Sing S'-ne Ctrl orch. with -oral interlude. Carmtiltft, Ms. Splcer with orCh Rwrdv nn 'rem "Pen-ntne atones." ensemble. ft OO Fdwin Stsn'ev Seuer oreri!t. T. Hediger. ai noun-r, F'nue in C. oran. Largo, from 'Concerto In n Mtnor. organ. Minuet, frrm "L'Arle sienne S'Hte." Wifhtn a Chinese Osrden. orgsn. Dance of the Candy Fairy, organ. Up the SaTienav. from "St. Lawrence Sketches, ' organ. W a tutch Mspters Minstrels: male auartet: Harrv Drnaghy. bas; Steele Jami son. Harold 8. Branch, tenors: Curt Peterson, bentone Carson Robison. noveltv vo calist; Paul Dumont and A Bernard, end-nen; lnalru- m-ntal trio: oich.. direction Harold Sanlord, William Shelley interlocutor. Cur. Pearson, snno'i rc 10 OO Chicago Civic ,eia. borenzaccto." Son 1a Shsr-n o v a. Maria Clausen. Charles Hacfcett. Vsnni Mar- coux. Jean Vieuille. Chase Bsrom-o. LCdouard Coutreuil. Emil Cooner. cunductor. 11:00 Slumber Mu⁣ strlnis ensemble, direction of Ludwig Laurler. Alwvn Bach, au-nouncer. 13:00 apltalnv Orch. 7I0K. WOR 422M. 8 OO P.M. Oeorge Bo vti tenor. a 15--Sonrano Recital. a.OO Tin Pan Alley. 3: 30 Tenor Recital. 3 45 Brntone Recital. 4 15 Tenor Recital. 4 HO String en5emo!e. 5 no Empire State Orcft. 5 3n I. H. Oortlove. 5 40 M:tzt Rich, contralto. 5: &n Edward McBnde. sonss. ft hs-wmi ooid Band. H no Uncle Don. 30 Snorta Period' ft 45 Chats on English. 7 01 Brothers Collegians. 7:30 Hotel Monte lair Con cert. :Ol Romancers. 8 15 Bob Tatman snd Joe worms, banjo and niano. 8 an- Hotel St. George Con cert urcn. f no Old Oold Character Rearilngs. 0 15 Organ Recttsl. ! 45 Oiet-nwich Village. 1015 Orch. with Anne Ron nell, sololnt. 10:44 Jjucs Beach Commu nity. 10 45 Olobe Tntter. 1 1 OO Wrather Report. 11 03 Hotel stor Orch 11 aO-Moonbeams. directed bv itforee snactcjrv. Arthur Q. rtrvan. announrer. Theme. Slumber Boat. If Love Were All. Kirla. Alice. Whre Art Thou? In the Moonlight Glow, rlrls. Theme. Slumber Boat. ChtnuiM. girls. rVrnsde. violin. Lollsbv. i'r:i. Them -J. Blanket Bay. 570K. WNVC 526M. i fl OIPM -Bmd of Ftre Oe-narmnt. Chi-f Oecrce F Brirgcl condu'ti. T on-Police Cho-istere. 75-?ootbiil Seores 7 no--Police Alarms. Civic Information. T 35 Raymond Triggei. yi-anlst. 7 15 -Triangle Trio. ft OO Countv Mao Boys. 570K. WMCA 52fiM. I 30 V M - Tush s Band, a oo-Keffer J'irv.rtfn. 3 30 Allan Prefcott, i !l 15 Happy Chappies, harmony. 3 on- Louis Nirer. I 3:in Piano Interlude, 3 1 5 rwrbrek T-lk. .1 no-Ptsno Interlude. 1 a 35 WeMfrn A'r Express. 1 3 ' -Daisy ..nd Bob, harmony. 4 on Canadian Fur Trap- pers. , 4 an Slenffa-Forn.ers ft on Oolrtr-irg prrgrsm. 1 ft an No-o-Dr Flilow Time, ft 4 5 Red Devils, a) an Reverting to Tvne Rlxn James. Brooklvn Eagle. M in Zukor A.isto'-rats. 0 on Club Plate O-ch. f an Oolden'a Ofh. in OO Hollywood Orch. in 3l Three earhs. in 15 FrhO'S of Music. 11 on MrAImn Orch. II 30 New Stimmarv. 1 1 35 - VcAlnin Orrh 13 OO -Beaux Ars Orrh. 14 31 A.M. Romanrrs. 1 OO-A. C O. Orch. 10K. WPCH 370M. 130PM. Edna Smith, so-orano. 1 4" - Cnrlton Club Orch. 7 15-Anita Woir pianist, a an -.lurvmen; Ruth Burns. cnntrslto. ft OO Allan Prescott. 1010 K. W R X V 298M. H OO P.M. Dixie Singers. H an Moscow Inn Orch. 9 OO Margaret 8 Den as, soprano: John Patieron. teta-or; Q. Amati. violinist, ft ao Avlon's program. 10 no-Vllla Richard Orch. 10 30 Rorco's Conrert. 1 1 no Curman Si Cushmsn. 13 OO Villa Klc.i-rd Orch. HOOK. WLW 1-272 M. 6 OO P.M. Grelano Stella, tenor. O 30-Orch. an I.lovd Willev. ossso. O 40 Dr. D. Chflord Vartln, 7 (in-itts. Old and New. 7 30 Prof. Joa-t h Moriarity 7-40 Orch. 1 300K VV HAP 2 30M. T an p.m. Music. 7 .40 Americanu." R 1 5 Franklin Fnd. H - 4 5 MUbiC. ft OO-Dr. Charles Fama. 0 45 Listener s Letters. 1350K. VVMSG 222M. . 1 ao P M. S'.udlo presentations. S (n - rmef'il Tonlrs. 3 I5Dan McCarthy, tenor. no Kudv ard cnsrue. 15 Lou Fox. violinist. :an Ralph Slear. baritone H:40 Air.frlran Tiling Duo. a t .ln Miirtav. 70 Margaret Neyell. Sfotch soprano. 7:15 Tom Oreen, tenor. -f -Armnnrl Music. 7 4,-,Alberta Jons and Beatrice Wade, spirituals. A no -Snorts Resume: Thomas Sheldon, tenor. H an Frsntlin Air Man. 8 ;;o Harmony Crooners. l-WtK. V'EV1-230M. . 1 oo P M Unc'.e Arthur. 3 OfWHossmann s Musicale. 3 15 Kittv Cred. sonraro. 3 an Chsrls Hovev. flute. 3 15 Lrorore Wilder, songs, a nt Carlls'e Y. C. rlub. 3 15 Mildred Ooldwasser. sonrano. 9 -ti R.lar1m Mimlrisns 3 15 William F. Long, bar! tnn 4 ooDeufrh brothers Hour n nn Allan R Hrnmn ft 15 Nell Laughlon. Musical rBo Kris Frln-fe Korner ft oo-Msdeltne Meyer, songs. M 15 letter r.eiss. poorir, :3n Srhn-td-r's Parkier. 4r- Forest Pleveri, v in--Natloniil T1 lWt. 715 James McDonough. baritone. 1 40f K .WITT H 2 1 4 M , m nn P M. Cheer Qlvrs Club B an H. Lincoln WUhan s. tenor. 4 5 Serv-U Pharmay oro- trrnm. ; on RotItm'cII Terrace. 7. 15 Landau's Oren. U00K. VV BBC 2I4M, n sp,M. Harper String Trtn 4 no Albee stage presents 5 nn-Tnni Brcthrrs Musical Phoemn. ftn rrnlr and Rov. avpf. 7 15 -Lincoln F. Sandkaut, ha rltnn a nn Dan Pnd Mellne Tra montano. clarinet and piano. bi5 vng.nia-s. tf an - .Wish Hour. lO 3V- Rush's Nvs. to 45 -Parka" Orch. i nnTrtni' Orch. 11 15 Wallace McKerite onss. 1 1 30Stand,tr1 Svicooatori, ii f,o-.Kinf'' Ta OiriTi. 13 30 A M. Frielman Orch. 1400K. WSGH 214M. 1 ao P v. Ida Ellis. 1 '- Children's Play. 7 OO Peirl Madeline Rehn. 2 in Johnnv Naples, songs. 3 ao Frflph Neil. 2 15-Hnl Bsrton. songs. a nn Fox NeW(. 3 35 -Certtude n1 Loretta Marotfl 3 an Psnlo end piano, ft nn Fox rw ft 1 5 Rixing Pots. O an- Black snd White Dro- grem. ft 45--Boxing Bcuts. OTHER LOCAL STATION'S S'a'iens. Kiiocvries. Time. WOV. Manhattan liio 00 a m.- 5 30 n.-n WPP Manhattan - . join 5 .10 p.m.- 8 00 p.m. WHN. Mfnhettsn 1010 l .10 o m - 5 30 o m WCDA 'snhsnan 130 0 no p m.-n oo m. WODA Patei-.on t?V) a 00a m -11 00 n m WCAP Aburv Park - 1?80 in 00 a n -12 00 ra. WAAM Newark - 1250 7 00 am- 01 D.m. WLBX. Lonr mnd City - 18no 2 00 m.-ia 00 h. WVJ. N'srV - 14 ".n io oo a.m. -12 00 m. WWRL. Woorlrfe 1500 lOMni. 1:00 s m WAAT. Jnev Cttf P40 ft l i m - S 0C p.m. Guilty, Trankie And Johnnie' Cast Escape Penalty But Actors Arrested in Jamaica Theater Raid Will Appeal Decision Fifteen members of the cast and stage staff of the drama, 'Trankie and Johnnie," who were convicted by a two to one count In the Queens Court of Special Sessions yesterday, of giving an Immoral ex hibition, today through their at torney, Harry Oshrin, are preparing to submit briefs to the Appellate Division in an effort to have the de ctsion set aside. Harry Brandt of 305 West End Ave., Manhattan, and his son, Louis Brandt, 516 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, lessees of Brand t Carlton Theater, Jamaica, where the play was raided, will not be tried on a complaint changing that they nave permission 10 siage me snow, until the decision Is given by the higher tribunal. Justices Featherston and Freschl In the Court of Special Sessions, after trying the case for nearly a day, found the defendants guilty of violating Section 140a of the Penal Laws, recently passed, making actors and actresses guilty If appearing in an Immoral show. A vote of acquit' tal was made by Justice Solomon, the third Judge on the bench. John W. Kirkland, producer and author of the play and husband of Nancy Carroll, motion picture star, was sentenced to the workhouse for three months, but the execution of the sentence is to be suspended during his good behavior. Justice Featherston told Kirkland that the court was taking this step because of the fact that there may have Deen merits Irom a literary viewpoint. Kirkland was warned that if he should be arrested on a similar charge he will have to serve the three months' sentence Independent oi any otner. Sentence was suspended, with a threat of a lengthy jail sentence should they be arrested again on the same charge, on the others arrested in the raid. The chief members of the cast on whom sentence was suspended are Anne Forrest, 50 E. 58th St.. Man hattan, who regularly plays the role of "Frankie"; Josephine Evans of 28 W. 68th St., Manhattan, who was playing the role as her substitute the night of the raid, and Frank McOlynn Jr. of 610 Riverside Drive Manhattan, who has the role of "Johnnie." Assistant District Attorney James Conroy urged the Court to exercise clemency in behalf of the defend ants, pointing out that all objection' able matter has been delected from the play since their arrest. The show closed a run at the Republic The ater, in Manhattan, Saturday night and expects to ope.i in the Bronx two or three weeks hence. WILLIAM HAZARD DIES Hempstead, L. I., Nov. 22 Wil liam Hazard. 72. for many years owner of a wholesale woolen houe in Manhattan, died at the home of his nlere. Mrs. Howard C. Peck, 507 Front St., Thursday, after an illness of five weeks. . He will be buried Monday at Kingston, N..Y. PICK IONVENTKN DELEGATES Long Beach. L. I., Nov. 22 Charles Welntraub, president of the ncwly-organlzed Young Folks Leasue of Temple Israel of this city, an nounced today the apolntment oi three delegates to the seventh an nual convention of the Young Peo ple's League of the United Synagogue of America, which opens Thanksgiving Day. The delegates are Jerome Nadelweiss, Ml&s Rose Jacobs and Miss Mlml Fink. Ask Fillmore Av e. Assessment Cut; Excessive, Charge Marine Park's Civics Say Reduction Would Help Speed Widening Plans A resolution was unanimously adopted last night at a meeting of the Marine Park Civic Association in Public School 207. Fillmore Ave. and Kimball St., urging the Board of Estimate and the Board of Alder men to push the bill for the reduction of Fillmore Ave. assessments. These are, It was said, practically double what they should be. The association Is seeking to ac quire title to Fillmore Ave. and be In position, through the assessment reduction, to continue with the pro. posed 80-foot widening of the avenue, as it will partly bound Marine Park upon the latter's completion. A committee has been appointed, it was announced, headed by Miss Jennie Ross, to urge the Board ol Education to speed up its plan to add new wings to Public School 207. Evidence of overcrowding was shown In figures presented of 1.300 students and but 826 seats in the school. While the new Public School 222 has been built at Quen-tin Road and E. 34th St., inconvenient part-time schedules are in force at Public School 207, It was said. All the present officers of the as sociation were nominated for re election. Archibald J. Dalton, pres ldent, presided. L I. Parks Earned $121,181; Budget Asks $.).609,510 Ocean Boulevard Parkways Will Funds, Moses and 2 Receive Reveals Babylon, L. I., Nov. 22 A total revenue of $424,184 was received from Long Island State Parks In the first 10 months of this year, It was revealed today when P.obert Mo.;es, president of the Long Island State Park Commission, made public his budret request for next year, which totals $5,609,540. All of the funds akcd are to be used for new construction. About four-fifths of the appropriation requested, Mr. Moses said, is to be used for the extension and improvement of existing parkway and the balance , for improvement of the parks under the Jurisdtctien of the commission. Approved fcy Council Included In the requests, which have been approved by the Slat Council of Parks and submitted to the Director of the Budget, are: $1,180,000 for the continuation of the Orean Bouleard from the, Nassau-Suffolk line to Oak Beach and the construction of a spur from Oak Beach back to the mainland: $162,000 for dredelng work necessary to obtain the fill for the extension; $810,000 for three new bridges on the Southern State Parkway and th extension of the parkway; $781,000 to start the construction of th Northern State Par'.-way, and $650. 000 for a bus terminal and refreshment stand near Zachs Bay at Jonel Beach Park. In addition, Improvements at the various parks are estimated to ccsl as follows: Valley Stream SUM Park, $33,500; Hempstead Laki State Park, $83,000; Meadow Brook State Park, $38.0ou; Belmont Laka State Park. $75,000; Fire Island State Park, $18,500; Heckscher Stat Park, $132,000; Montauk Point State Tark, $18,000; Orient BeacB State Park, $8,000; Sunken Meadow State Park, $260 000, and Wildwood State Park, $60,000. Jones Beach State Park produce) the greatest part of the park revenue. Income from all sources at this park were listed by Mr. Moset at $332,023. In 1929, when this park was first opened, the Income was only $59,402. Queens Boy Asked to Choose Grandmother's or Dad's Home RITES FOR MRS. A. J. FOX Huntington Station, L. I., Nov. 22 Mrs. Agnes J. Fox, 72, was to be burled this afternoon In the Elmont Cemetery following funeral services at her late home. Mrs. Fox was the widow of George W. Fox, who died four years ago. She Is survived by six children and six grandchildren. The children are C'hauncey J. Fox, fire commissioner of the Huntington Manor Fire District; Mrs. Lillian A. Moir, Harry J. Fox, Mrs. Elizabeth B. Romano, Charles W. Fox and Oscar W. Fox. Francis Morra, 12. who has been living with his grandmother, Mrs. Caroline Caputo, at 61-28 1 84th St., Hollls, since his ' er and mother separated six years ago, will have to chose between his mother and maternal grandmother on the one hand and his father and step-mother on the other when he is taken before Justice Burt Jay Humphrey In the Supreme Court at Jamaica Monday. Justice Humphrey yesterday reserved decision on the writ of habeas corpus sued out by the father. John Morra of Manhattan, to gain custody of the boy from his grandmother. The Justice directed the grandmother to bring the boy before him Monday, saying that he would then let the boy decide with whom he wishes to live In the future. The grandmother stated In an affidavit that the boy ha, lived with her since his mother. Mrs. 8arah Morra, left her husband In 1924. 1 after repeated beatings at his hands : and threats acainst her life. LM September, the affidavit stated, Morra procured an Enoch Ardea divorce from his wife and subsequently married another woman, promising at that time, the grandmother said, pay her $7 a weeli for the support of the boy. He told the grandmother, accord Ing to the affidavit, that he was afraid the boy might cause troublt between him and his second wife. When Morra's first wife learned ol his second marriage she went to the home of her mother and has since assisted her In caring for her son, the grandmother said. Brooklyn n e e d its Chamber of Commerce. Have you subscribed? O. H. MrKAY. VETERAN, Bl'RIED Oeorge Hamilton McKay, vet eran of the Civil War, who served during the entire period of hostili ties, was burled yesterday In Calvary Cemetery. He formerly re sided at S95 Decatur St., and died on Wednesday In a sanitarium after a lingering Illness. He. was 85 years old and is survived by his daughter. Mrs. Paul A. Cooper of 708 Ocean Ave., and four sons, Oeorge, Charles, Henry and Julius J. McKay. Mr. McKay served In the 47th New York Volunteers. His father, James J. McKay, served In the 47th New York State Militia, and his father-in-law, Charles Ward, served In the 3d New York Volunteers, Ind. Battery. Mr. McKay formerly was a member of th Abel Smith Post, O. A. R. New City Subway Extension Along Liberty Ave. Route East New York Taxpayers Assert Pitkin Ave. Is More Serviceable Plan More than 300 persons attended a mas meeting sponsored by the East New York Business Men's and Taxpayers' Association at Public School 158, Belmont Ave. and Ash-ford St., last night to protest aRamst the proposed extension of the new city subway east from Its pre.sent terminus at Alabama Ave. and Fulton 6t. to Chestnut St., along Lib erty Ave., now known as Route 11QA. It was claimed by ornclals or me association that the extension would i parallel too closely .the lines of the Long Island Railroad, along Atlantic Ave., and of the Broadway-Jamaica B. M. T. elevated, along Fulton St., respectively one and two blocks from the proposed route. The Board of Estimate could better serve the needs of the community by locating the extension further south along Pitkin Ave., now the route of the Fulton 8t. elevated, officials declared. A ptltion is now In course of preparation for presentation to the Board of Estimate. Memoers oi tne i transportation committee of the is- ; soclatlon who are fighting the Lib- j erty Ave. route are: Sfnlnmln W Mdmin rntin.1. I Mlftin! T. rrrr enml Cnnpff Dfivtd ntnmindBtmn S tan John nucklty robrl Kiirln4 Lro Bull Dr. Alft Luer CLUB CLASSES in ENGLISH for we0nmeT IS n hour Im by tprt ttrhtr tnd rmrll VnflUh letnrr ovr WEAt Network. Mtthod la Dttiotvwida dm by banki and othttr corporation F..... MILLER SYSTEM of CORRECT ENGLISH H.Im far SmIiI Lira in rraaOtrai Hi lixn Evenings Imr Mn anj Wmmtn (mil , Tufdmy $ f SVfla Tamf, Utk Afternoons Ur Mian Wmn ( A Hm, W tin f day 3 I 4 ltfi WMMtlftT. K.mlw 1Hta A..r... COLUMBIA BUSINESS INSTITUTE tl nTard vrr. kbooklt Of. N.Tlm Pit. $mwtf SUIUfc hw ?!( St. fBOKl KtTTNf IMS f"' J . " AU ! 1 1 Uou Again we take the opportunity of thanking the thousands upon thousands of families in Brooklyn and Long Island whom we are happy to count as our satisfied customers. Since we can't tell you personally, we take this method of assuring you that: "The high quality of our products will be maintained ALWAYS. "The splendid service will continue M. H. Renken, the founder and pres-ent guiding head, will see to that." If you are not already taking Renken's Milk, ask a neighbor who is. Then we know you will. PHONE: PROSPECT 6740 AND ORDER YOUR MILK, CREAM, YE MIL, BUTTER, EGGS, ETC. AKRenkenDairyCo. Established 1888 and growing.

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