Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on July 5, 1974 · Page 10
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 10

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, July 5, 1974
Page 10
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10—Uklah Dally Journal, Uklah, Calif. Friday, July 5, 1974 Merry-gd-round Salmon feed promotes Living high off the hog food for fingerlings By JACK ANDERSON WASHINGTON - In response to our Investigative series on postal abuses, the postal authorities have been fencing with the facta. They have put on a dazzling display of dodging and thrusting. We reported, for example, that Postmaster General Tcjd Klassen had frequently dispatched his chauffeur to pick up his wife and bring her to postal headquarters to dine with him in his private kitchen, with the taxpayers providing the cook and waiter. The Postal Service assured inquiring congressmen that Mrs. Klassen "rarely has had lunch with the postmaster general." Quite true. She dines —not lunches — with him, as we reported. 1 t ' : We also reported that Klassen's favorite chauffeur (he has two) ran so many overtime errands that he doubled his regular salary. Responded the Postal Service: The chauffeur is entitled to overtime pay "on the many occasions when Mr. Klassen is called upon to fulfill postal engagements outside of regular working hours." A typical occasion took place on Sunday, June 16, after we had written our story. A government chauffeur drove 'the Klassens to a department store where they purchased some curtain rods. The chauffeur waited outside in a no-parking zone, the car's engine idling to power the air conditioner. When the Klassens emerged triumphantly with the curtain rods, the chauffeur popped out, deposited the curtain rods in the trunk and drove off with the Klassens in af car that had been kept cool for them. Most of our charges, of course, were more serious. We reported, for example, that Klassen collected a secret 922 ,917.67 fee from the Martin E. Segal Company in 1971 whUe he was on the Postal board of governors. The previous year, he had personally intervened as deputy postmaster general to award a contract that the Segal firm sought for a client. Thanks to Klassen, the Segal company was able to collect a generous 15 per cent fee. Then Klassen, after his promotion to the Postal board, accepted a $22,917:67 consultant's fee from the same firm. • Klassen, meanwhile, moved up the final notch on the postal ladder and became postmaster general. Thereafter, the Segal firm received a large postal contract to do a life insurance study. Klassen has now issued an indignant denial. He did not receive any "secret", fees, he his protested righteously. But if you read his denial closely, you will find he does not deny taking the money but denies only that it was secret. No one on the board of governors knew Klassen had taken a fee from a postal contractor. We interviewed people at the highest level of the Postal Service; they had no knowledge of the payments. Even Martin E. Segal himself, now retired from his firm, told us he didn't know that the firm he founded had paid Klassen. Not until my associate Jack Cloherty confronted him with the facts did Klassen concede mat he had pocketed the money. We believe the transaction, indeed, was secret. But the real point is that Klassen collected $22,917.67 from a firm that had received postal benefits. Here are a few more examples of post office hair-splitting: —The Postal Service denies that Klassen's office was. "baronial," despite the fact that it is equipped with its own private dining area and a day bed. He also shares with the Postal board an 11th floor penthouse, replete with oak doors, plush carpeting, fancy chandeliers and a $50,000 kitchen. The board meets there once a month; it is available to Klassen all the time. —Klassen's press aides originally told us that only dignitiaries received fancy, stamp albums from the postmaster general for Christmas. They had to trim their sails, however, when we discovered that Klassen's personal friends had also received stamp albums., —The postal poobahs labeled as false our charge that the mails are moving slower now than they did three years ago. They cited their own studies but did not mention that the studies were manipulated to make the mail look like it moved faster. Sometimes the mail was specially handled so as to move more quickly for the benefit of the studies. —The post office denied our charge that the bulk mail network had run into cost overruns. Since the denial, however, the House post office committee has verified our. charges. The Postal Service hasn't even attempted to refute' our findings that Klassen has packed the postal payroll with his old friends. Many hold do- nothing Jobs, pulling down as much as $40,000 a year, while postmasters around the nation are being told to tighten their beta. FORT BRAGG — Sportsmen, conservationists and sightseers will join here on Sunday, July 7, marking the third year of effort to restore yesteryear's teeming schools of salmon to the Men-, docino Coast. Appropriately enough, the object of concern also will be the star of the day — fresh- barbecued, and served to crowds at Noyo Mooring Basin. Television highlights Saturday's Television Highlights By United Press International Wimbledon Tennis Championships, NBC. 5 p.m. NBC Saturday Night Movie: 9-p.m. "A,Thousand Clowns," starring Jason Robards as a non-conformist who chucks the Manhattan rat race for a happy- go lucky life. Sunday's Television Hilites "CBS Tennis Classic," 2.-30 p.m.; Dick Stockton vs. Die Nastase in a first-round match at Austin, Texas. "CBS News Retrospective, p.m., reprises for the summer some outstanding documentaries. "Murder and the Right to Bear Arms" probes the gun control issue. The ABC Sunday Night Movie" at 8:30 screens 1966's "The Silencers," starring Dean Martin as a super espionage agent involved in protecting an 'American missile Rep. Charles Wilson, D-Calif., has now called Klassen and his cronies on the carpet for their wastrel ways. He might also find it instructive to study their dodges and denials as a lesson in the Nixon Administration specialty of government by public relations. NOW YOU KNOW By United Press International Sparrows first reached the United States in 1850, when the Brooklyn Institute imported eight pairs from England to protect shade trees from caterpillars. CBS "60 Minutes" with Mike Wallace and Morley Safer, moves from 6-7 to 9:30-10:30 p.m. for the summer. Monday's Television Highlights "The ABC Monday Night Movie" at 9 p.m. screens 1956's Villa Rides," starring Yul Brynner, Robert Mitchum and Charles Bronson in a drama about Pancho Villa and the Mexican Revolution « "The CBS Late Movie" at 11:30 p.m. screens 1951's "Payment on Demand." starring Bette Davis and Barry Sullivan in the drama of a wife who ruins the husband who seeks a divorce. "ABC Wide World of Entertainment" at midnight offers "The Break," starring Robert Shaw and Mary Ure in a drama about a wedding anniversary that leads to terror. By BARRY KEENE 2nd District Assembly Too many people are getting pushed around by government these days. One recent example of this involved the Manila Cooperative nursery school in the Humboldt Bay area. The owner of the school property, and an adjacent lot, wanted to rent a couple of mobilehomes on his lot next door to the school. However, he was told that in, order to do so he would have to provide a driveway access of at least 25 feet in width to comply with present laws. Now Manila is not a wealthy town but the people there are New Books at Library By SHARON CANTRALL Coins: An Investor's k Collectors Guide, by Mort Reed. This book represents one of the best approaches to analyzing coin values and coins as an investment that we have seen. Drew Pearson Diaries, 194ft- ltst, by Drew Pearson. A fascinating picture of the arrogance and. cynicism with which the affairs of great nations are conducted. How to Build Woodframe Hooses. Intended for an experienced woodworker who wants to construct a house. Ham to Make aad Play the by Chet Hue*. Examines. the' origin of the instrument and gives step-by- step instructions of bow to build * ifciV''""—' . The concluding •action is on playing the Kleber's Convoy, by Anthony Trew. Nostalgia for the hell that was World War II. Orbit 13, by Damon Knight, ed. A superior science fiction collection! Paradise Road, by David S. Milton. Colorful and fast- moving saga of the Las Vegas gambling world. Saturday Games, by Brown Meggs. A real find in psychological suspense. Snowbound, by Bill Pronzini. A shivery, spine-tingling, it- could-happen suspense story. Techniques of Novel Writing, by A. D. Burack, ed. Forty novelists, including Frank G. Slaughter, John Braine, Joyce Carol Oates, Joan Aiken, et al., offer ideas on writing book- length fiction. very proud. To do so would mean eliminating 400 square- feet of the nursery school's playground needlessly since all he wants to do is rent two units and ample driveway space already exists. So parents and staff tried to get an exception made in their case. In point of fact, the law was enacted to provide safe conditions for mobilehome parks that contain a larger number of mobilehomes. But working parents and staff were told that regardless of whether there were one or 100 mobilehomes they must comply with the law because "the law is the law". After running into a bureaucratic wall, the nursery school staff asked me if there was anything I could do to help them with their problem. I ran into the same unfeeling, unresponding brick wall. • As a result, and in some disgust with big government, I have prepared legislation that would preclude having to pave oyer the children's playground. This was done by reducing the minimum width required for driveways in mobilehome parks having three or fewer mobilehome lots. AB 3596 has been approved by the Assembly and sent to the State Senate for further action. I have every reason to believe that the senators will act quickly to approve the bill because they too recognise the frequent insenaitivity of big , government to the problems of the average citizen — in this case citizens who want to work to support their families and need that little nursery school In Manila. Hie purpose: to raise funds for three salmon rearing ponds id local streams. Price of the barbecue, served from noon to 6, is $4 for adults, SI for youngsters under 12. . The annual event is sponsored by the Mendocino Coast Salmon Restoration Association, and by the Ft. Bragg-Mendocino Coast Chamber of Commerce. The Association aims to restore salmon fishing to its earlier glory by stocking fingerling fish in rearing ponds on the Ten Mile River, the Garcia, and Big River. Its goal is 500,000 silver salmon fed and protected in these ponds, to be released into the ocean when large enough to fend for themselves. About one-half these fingerlings already have been received. Commercial fishermen of the Salmon Trollers Association will donate the fish for barbecuing. Adequate parking is available at Noyo, fishing community under the bridge south of Fort Bragg. Continuous music and entertainment is scheduled July 7, organizers said. I Recreation calendar I FLORIDA SUNSHINE - The Sunshine State, Florida is called, but when a sightseeing telescope in St. Petersburg wears a raincoat and packs an umbrella, it kind of makes you wonder. The hand belongs to Julie Durand, down there from Hartford, Conn. MONDAY — Public swimming, municipal pools, l p.m.- 5 Recreation playground program, FZ — Nokomitf schools, i pm - 4 pm. Weight lifting program, H.S. Wght. Shed, 6 pm. Women's Softball games, municipal Softball fields — 7 pm, Willits. Hornets vs. Hoaglens; ,9 pm, Sunshlners vs Johnson insurance. Ukiah Duplicate Bridge Club, Palace Hotel, 7:30 pm. TUESDAY — Women's Golf Club luncheon, Municipal Clubhouse, 12:30 pm. Public swimming, municipal pools, 1 pm - 5 pm. Recreation playground program, FZ & Nokomis schools, 1 pm - 4 pm. Men's Softball games, municipal softball field — 6:30 pm, Diver's Down vs Central Printing; 8:30 pm, Coca Cola vs Redwood Tree. Yoga class, municipal clubhouse, 7 pm. WEDNESDAY — Public swimming, municipal pools, 1 pm- 5 pm. Recreation playground program, FZ & Nokomis schools, 1 pm- 4 pm. Weight lifting program, H.S. Wght. Shed, 6 pm. Men's softball games, municipal softball field — 6:30 pm, Black Bart vs King Kong; 8:30 pm, Maple Bar vs Rinehart Oil. Belly dancing class, Municipal Clubhouse, 7 pro.* FRIDAY — North Bay Ladies Golf Tournament, municipal' golf course, 8:30 am. Public swimming, municipal pools, 1 pm- 5 pm. Recreation playground program, FZ * Nokomis schools, l pm > 4 pm. Men's , softball games, municipal softball field — 6:30 pm, Super-hitters vs. Ukiah Iiq. & Sp.; 8:30 pm, La Pacific vs Henne's. SATURDAY — Dolphin's swim meet, Ukiah Municipal Pool, Ukiah vs. Wikiup, 9 a.m. Public swimming, Ukiah municipal pools, 1 pm - 6 pm. Men's softball games, municipal softball field — 6:30 pm, L.D.S. vs. Sunday Funnies; 8:30 pm, likiah Sports vs Trinity. Ukiah Dance Club, Municipal Clubhouse, 9 pm. SUNDAY — Men's Golf Club vs. Little River, Ukiah Municipal Golf Course, 9 am. Public Swimming, municipal pools, 1 pm- 6 pm. MORENO'S CLUB Open from JOa.m. to VI p.m. Every Day LUNCHEON SPECIALS DAILY BURY ...I 0?... SAVE OTfooo AT OF MENDOCINO COUNTY It EARNS MORE FOR YOU Let your money build a secure future, the benefits are many — so stop in today, our counselors will be glad to help you with your savings plan. Your money can earn the highest interest under the law with one of our insured certificate savings accounts. 5°/c REGULAR SAVINGS ACCOUNTS Any amount. Interest figured daily compounded quarterly. Deposits by July 10th earn from the first of July. r 7 % % 6 % % -CERTIFICATES OF DEPOSIT Investment Certificate $1,000.00 Minimum Deposit - Four To Ten Year Maturity $1,000.00 Minimum Deposit 2Va Year Maturity. $1,000.00 Minimum Deposit For one year or more. 6% £ (500.00 Minimum Deposit For 90 Days To One Year. In the event a Certificate of Deposit owner is allowed to withdraw all or part of his certificate before maturity, a substantial penalty" will be Imposed, as required by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. T OF MENDOCINO COUNTY A FULL SERVICE BANK SOUTH STATE & WASHINGTON UKIAH Member Federal Deposit Insuranco Corporation HOPLAND FORT BRAGG SCHOOL A STANDLEY UKIAH

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