Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on August 5, 1963 · Page 3
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 3

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 5, 1963
Page 3
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Students Build $16,000 House By FRANK A ZIEGLER Williamsport Sun-Gazette WILL1AMSPORT, Pa. (AP) — There's more than a diploma to show for the work done by about 100 high school-age students at the Williamsport Technical Institute in the past year. They've built a whole house, and, at auction, expected to return over $16,000 to the Williamsport Area Joint School District. However, the principal idea was to give practical experience many students as possible. Paqt 3 Garden Cliv Telegram Monday, August 5, 1963 rnent to help select colors and cecorations. Theory was taught in tlie classrooms — carpentry, plumbing, electrical work and sheet metal trades — and put to work on tha job. Where possible without disturbing the design, different MARMADUKE "Every student in the courses! lypcs of construction methods had a hand in doing the work i wcre used f °r a variety of training for the students. The roof, as on the Cotner. house," says head 0.1 the Clyde C. institute's building trade's department. As many as 30 to 40 students worked on the house at one time, and every bit of work was done by students under teacher supervision. The planning was done by WTI student draftsmen in 1961. Excavation — on land already owned by tlie schools — was done by Tech's heavy equipment department and students in masonry worked on the foundations and efiiar walls. • "When it was nearly completed, they even called in the girls School's homo economics depart- VACATION BOUND? there's never been a suitcase like this before... SKYWAY GUARANTEES ITl 320 N. Main BR 6-457T an example, wcs built with every type of rafter in common use. Local buh'frs, according to Cotner. wr-rc! high in praise for he project, as were union officials in the community* Although participation in the project did not automatically ; iialify the student workmen for jobs, the experience gained is ?oing a long way toward helping then to obtain employment when their course s are completed. Other technical schools throughout the state have ev- pressed ni'ereft in similar activity; a timber sent students on tour to vifii the work in preg- resa. HEALTH CAPSULES by Michael A. Petti, M.D. CAN LANOLIN HURT VOU \ SOME PEOPLE ARE ALLERGIC TO LANOLIN. IF VOU ARE, USING AN OINTMENT CONTAINING IT WAV GIVE YOU A RASH. I told you not to put that fence up across, .. his short cut' Kennedy Spends Free Weekend HYANNIS PORT, Mass. (AP)- Presldent Kennedy went back to Washington today after a carefree weekend at his Cape Cod summer home. Kennedy's only announced appointment for today was with the U.S. ambassador to Turkey, Raymond A. Hare. The weekend on Cape Cod was typical of those Kennedy has spent there since he was a boy. Most of the family was around —his wife and children, hi s parents, brothers and sisters, and their families. Most of them cruised Nantucket Sound Sunday and Saturday, on one sort of craft or another ranging downward in size from the White House yacht Honey Fitz. Syrian Prime Minister Shuffles Cabinet Again Damascus, Syria (AP)—Prime Minister Salah Bilar today announced formation of his third cabinet In five months. The cabinet shuffl c came during a heated war of words between President Gamal Abdcl Nasser of the United Arab Republic and Syria's ruling Ba'atli Socialist party. Many Schools Plan to Preserve Classroom,Religious Activity By GEORGE CORNELL I AP Religion Writer NKW YORK (ATM—One way or another, ninny of the nation's schools plnn to preserve n classroom religious note despite the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision banning prescribed devotional exercises. In some communities fine' observances were being dropped. However, they avowedly , were being retained in other places. The varied reactions wore turned up in a cross-country check by The Associated Press. Some schools plan to modify customs witli the Idea of getting around any head-on collision with the court ruling. But others indicated prayers and Bible reading would go on as usual. In some cases there was a ring of defiance. "We don't care what the Supreme Court says," commented Gov. George C. Wallace of Alabama. He nddcd daily Hible readings, without comment, will continue In all public schools, as required under state law. However, a proposal was being weighed to classify the practice as a course of study, rather than an extracurricular exercise. In some states, with similar laws, the approach was simply to allow past procedures Jo continue —'by local initiative. Georgia's school superintendent, i Dr. Claude Purcell, said th p court seems merely to have put chapel exercises on a voluntary basis, adding: "If the schools want to Include a rending of some sort, this would be up to them," In Idaho, whore state law also has required dally Bible readings without comment, D, F. Kngol- nx, state superintendent of public Instruction, said: "I see no reason to change our procedure on tiro basis of what has happened up (•( now. Unless some court tells me otherwise, I plan to udvfciG public school districts to continue to use the same procedure." f In torn* itatat whore Bible rmcllng, prayers, or both have boen required, state authorities linvr issued rulings against the practice, resulting In various al- lc>'natlvcs In some communities. In so nip states, without specific laws on the matter, the view was simply to let past school practices continue, including prayer and Bible reading, If Uiat Is the custom. ''We will go on having Blblo readings and prayers In the schools of thi s state just as we always have/' said North Carolina's Gov. Terry Sanford. Although the court ruled only r.galnst prescribed dcvotionals, an outstanding question seemed to be whether local school boards or oven D teacher, In spttins such devotional*, did so a s nn arm of government? Or were such teacher-Initialed exercises voliintnr.v? So inn lexal experts sny no, Yet tunny school bo.vda nrc Inking HIP position Hint locnlly ordered school roll- Rions exercises nrc not In Iho mandatory category. In 28 stntcs principally In tho Kasl nnd South, atato regulations nave required or permitted Hlbl« rending nnd often the txird's Prayer In schools. Ten stales, mostly in th<> West, prohibit such practice. Tht oth*r 14 states have no laws on the books about It. Surveys have iutilcntpd thnt about 50 per cent of tho nation's schools hnvo Included such devotionals, either under state law or 'without insulations on the matter. Such practices have been required in the District of Columbia incl 1.1 states: Alabama, Arkan- Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Mnluo Mnsschusotls, Now Jersey, Ponnsylvnla and Tennessee. In New Jersey, State Atty. GSR. Aitl tir J. Sill, Issued a ruling that (he law requiring the devotional observances is void, but the sttfj hns met with scattered challenges on the local level. ...... In Massachusetts, State Atty. Gen. Edward W. Brooke also handed down an opinion voiding tho state law n-qulrlng Bible da- votlonnls. This action, too lias met with various countermoves. In Education Com- misftloncr Arch Fortl says be knows of no action taken In rest «nse to the court decision. How-, ovi'i, a stntp Judiciary committee was considering a proposal by a finptiSt, minister for a study seeking means for continued legal use nf tho Bible and prayers In classrooms. NEW LINCOLN 180-AMP AC WELDER Now $110.00 WELDERS SUPPLY Phono BR 6-4861 Cor Inpirl SirvUt S«« , . . ALBERT BURNS with 15 year* of automotive mechanic! and atr conditioner servicing experience at ... ALLEN'S SAFETY CENTER •INTERNATIONAL MUFFLERS . . . With A Written Guarantee for at Lena at You Own the Carl _*t4.N,_8Hi __ BR If a 404on freight car and a 40-ton truck trailer were given identical 60 m.p.h. shoves on level track and adjoining highway, the freight car would coast five time s as f ar as the truck because of the lower friction of steel wheels on steel rails. America's first maker of globes was James Wilson, farmer and blacksmith of Bradford, Vt. (Published in The Garden City Telegram Aug. 5, 1963) 1964 BUDGET FORM FOR DRAINAGE DISTRICT District No. 2 Fbuiey County, Kansas NOTICE OF BUDGET HEARING Public notice is hereby given, in compliance with the provisions ol G. S. 1949, 79-2929, that the governing body will meet on ihe 15th day of August, 1963, at 10 o'clock, A.M., at Finney County Courthouse for the purpose of hearing objections and answering questions of taxpayers relating to the following budget and the proposed tax levy, and considering amendments relating thereto. C. A. MAYO, President. M. L. RUSSELL, Secretary. C. L JARMER, Treasurer. GENERAL FUND EXPENDITURES: Compensation of District Officers Attorney's Salary Other Salaries Maintenance Miscellaneous Litigation Settlement (I) Preceding Year (Actual) 1962 (2) Current (Actual and Estimated) 1963 180.00 500.00 450.00 1,790.71 600.00 1,500.00 (3) Proposed Budget Ensuing Year 1964 180.00 450.00 1,200.00 600.00 1,500.00 Total Expenditures RECEIPTS: District Unencumbered Balance, January I Ad valorem Property Tax Residue Sales Tax Back Tax Collections Total Receipts . . . Less: Expenditures Balance Forward BOND AND INTEREST FUND EXPENDITURES: Bend Principal Interest Coupons Commission to Fiscal Agency Total Expenditures RECEIPTS: District Unencumbered Balance, January I Ad valorem Property Tax 1963 Tax Requirement Back Tax Collections Total Receipts . . Less: Expenditures Balance Forward 3,711.64 3,462.72 1,798.92 220.50 .10 5,482.24 3,71 1.64 1,770.60 2,000.00 360.00 3.03 2,363.03 144.10 2,301.54 2,445.75 2,363.03 82.72 5,020.71 1,770.60 1,997.75 199.96 10.00 3,978.31 2,635.56 1,342.75 2,000.00 300.00 3.04 2,303.04 82.72 2,274.97 10.00 2,367.69 2,303.04 64.65 3,930.00 1,342.75 10.00 3,930.00 3,930,00 2,000.00 240.00 3.00 2,243.00 64.65 2,168.35 10.00 2.243.00 2,243.00 COMPUTATION OF DISTRICT UNENCUMBERED BALANCE, JANUARY I, 1963 General Bond and lnt»ri"«t County Treasurer's Balance, January I, 1963 1,770.60 Less Amount Credited prior to January I, 1963: 1962 Current Tax 0 June 1962, Residue Sales Tax 0 82.72 Total Deductions County Treasurer's Adiusted Balance, January I, 1963 1,770.60 Diitrict Treasurer's Cash Balance, January I, 1963 0 Total Balance 1,770.60 Less: Outstanding Warrants, December 31, 1962 0 Diitrict Unencumbered Balance. January I. 1963 1.770.60 COMPUTATION OF 1963—GENERA I. PROPERTY TAX REOUIRFMENTS 1963 District Valuation $536,613.00 Gennral 1963 Tax Requirement 2,577.75 Less: June 1963, Residue Sales Tax 207.29 Net Ad valorem Tax Requirement 2,369.96 Add 3% for Uncollwted Taxes 71.10 Total 1963 Ad valorem' Tax Requirement 2,441.06 Rate of Levy (Mills) 87.72 0 87.72 0 82.72 Bond and Interest 2,168.35 2J6R.3S 65.05 2.233.40 AD VALOREM TAX ACCOUNTS, JANUARY I, 1963 4.54 Total 1962 FUNDS L«vi»d g n.,a| 2.0I7.V3 Bond and Interest 2.«7.95 Computation of Percentage of Tax BONDED INDEBTEDNESS Purpose of Bonds Construction . ... 4,315.88 1961 Gen. Tax Levied 1.799.24 STATEMENT OF INDEBTEDNESS I Percent for Delinquent Taxes 20.18 22.98 43.16 Amount Distriuted 1.798.92 Total Deductions 20.18 22.98 43.16 Amount Uncollected .32 4.17 Tax Available 1-1-63 1,997.75 2,274.97 4272.72 % Un- Collected .02 i 5 " i-°i-i ' f i o « o _ O P — 5. > "oJL 5- 3 ~ - o D«t« Du« Amount Du« Amount Out 1-1-63 to 12-31-63 : 1-1-64 to 12-31-64 ^.i u ~ t>, woi^' "l.i M ? 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