The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 3, 1936 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 3, 1936
Page 6
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BLYT!TEVIU,E (ARIU COURIER NEWS CAIN IS ABLE XAD fM CHICKS •py EliHth May Also Be ^'-"[Scheduled; Only Two 1 Or Three Dates Open • * -, •fteven and possibly eight of the tDaifS the Blythevillc Chlckosa'As leading claimants of the 1936 stat° title, faced fills fall ulll again t» on Ihe schedule In 1931 W. ,D McClurkhi, superintendent of iBIythcvIlle schools, announced this] morning. ( V?hile the exact dates have nol yet. teen determined it appeared certain today that Parasould. Wai- Hut'Jiidge, Forrest City, Jonesboro Se'arcy, Greenwood (Mlis) nut Piggott or Corning, probably boll of the Utter, will be opponents o: .Blythcville next fall. r "WHh a maximum schedule of II games the Chicks have only thrci open dates, including Thanksgiving ju; this; time and if both of trie Cla county schools, piggott anil Corn JMj^nre played, there will bo onl, orie"opsn date beside the Thanks irivnisr D^y game. It Is \ery likely jhat Plggott will oppose the Chicks An. their opening game and Cora- >lng In Hie "second gam? ns in I IIP •recently closed season ' J failure of Blythevllle and Hoi .Springs officials to get together on 'a 1937 date yesterday appears lo Jlea;e the Chfcks with little ehancr ^that they Tvlll meet a team fiom [' (the so-called "Big Ten" of Arkansas 'lootball next, year. Mr. McClur- 'kjn said this morning that final lefforts lo get together wltli Hot .Springs for a game next yenr 'failed yesterday. He said thai '•while each school was willing'to 'play" on a homc-and-home two»year contract that each school , wanted the first game of the two- jyenr agreement to be played on ills home Held. McClurkin said i Blythevllle wanted the first game Jot the here-and-there series played .nt Blythevllle because other ''big" games of the Chicks ai" | scheduled away from home next i year. He said that. Hot Springs •advanced the same situation ns the | reason why it must have the first .game of ttie series played at Hot • Springs As a result negotiation 1 ;fe!l through. , Mr. McClurkin" said that ne°o- >Uatlons -acre opened this morning 'looking toward n'gqme with Co- ;iumbus (Miss) here next,fall to ,flll In one of the vacant spots on • the Chick schedule. Columbus defeated Bljtheville In Memphis las' .Friday, breaking the winning streak ^., 9f,th£ c Chicks,,at 28 straight games • The Fqrre.',-,?;[ty, Jonesboro and MV/lStfS/7? OP WASIW&fotJ BALL O\flf?/&?S Chopping.'Champ'.' Issues ChaJlongc.' To Local Axemen to nny contestant falls to chop tine Iwo-tlili'ds the tlm p.nt takes, The onl Peter McLaren, who claims the wood chopping championship of own axes with America, will meet nil comers In i nolhlnn to enter the contest, a log eutiliiK contest and demon- ] stratlon nt II a. in, Monday, December 7, It wiis announced today the Hubbavd Hardware Co. Hardware Co., under whose sponsorship lie will ills 'exce)l(:nt physical condition to appear. ' The contest, to bo held In Hie rear of Ihe sponsors' stores, will I uc open to anyone who has not ! na'rcJ hTis estimated that 1035 pro- prevlomly competed against Me-' ductlon of cigarcts In "' 1-ui'cn. A prize of $50 will ho paid totaled 138,058,0(10,000. if McLaren ough a log In 1C tllC COlUCSl- ly restriction \i wilt be allowed axe, the brand Choppers wlsh- Hilcl bring tlielr icm. II casts he contest. vf. of Australia, llty as a wood idrcds of thou- try and abroad, d, he attributes cal condition to cs to chopping. tnicnt ot Oom- J that 1035 pro- Ill tills country The , world's largest imitation moon I? at the Griffith Observa- iory, In Los Angeles. Ill has a. diameter of 38 feet. ..._., _ . Relief for Veterans . . »r for any other citizen lhat !s suffering with ATI!U"I'E'S FOOT, ITCH, TETTER, CMIGCEIl BITKS, POISON IVY, HAD FOOT ODORS, MOSQUITO KITES or KCHKMA: blessed anil instant relief for Itching with a single application of the marvelous- liquid antiseptic called BROWN'S LOTION. CHIC 0 E II S are killed instantly or your money back. ATHLETE'S FOOT completely cured svftlnn fourteen days no matter how had the case. HROWN'S LOTION comes in two 3i7,es. (iflc nnij St. 01). :ir THURSDAY, DECEMBER 8, 1938 Although .lightning seldom sUrlkos balloons, -three entries In U?c 1023 Gordon Bennett balloon race were struck, and fell to ciulli in flames. WANTED Government Loan Cotton I'hnnc 107 APPLRBAIJM BROS. COTTON co. Bcrlij Illiljr. niylheville, Ark. Forrei I Greenwood" .played away from •Paragould, Walnut, Rtdge. searcy, By Harry Grayson (james wlll^bc and cornln?, if the latter ,Is booked, -nlll be played here. •Keiser Teams Defeat |.\ DeU by Wide Margins • KHISEB, Ark—Keiser boys and |girls defeated Dell Wednesday ,nlght for their second victories of • the current basketball season Last ^Tuesday they defeated Yarbro. • The score in the girls' game was ,35 to B Frances Anchlin made the •most points for the Yellowjackets you. America's miraclo ' inah ot the turf Is heading for Tioplcnl Park, 'Florida. There; on'Dec,. 14, he will begin his attempt lo do wlml no other trainer in history, ever ha: done—send lo the pobt his 200tli winner In one year. This man is Hlrsch Jacobs, a quiet sort of nn individual, who, after leading trnlncis the last three season;,, Is outjn front ngnl" (his year, having sent 160 vlclois across the llnlsh line. It Is a far cry from conditioning pigeons, which \ was Jacobs' flrsl job, lo conditioning hoises A thoioughbre'il equine is as tcm)wr- amental .as'a coloralura soprano as flighty as a kite, and. as uncertain as the ^ealhci. a iaigo- slzetl job to tackle when it come, lo conditioning. Jacobs' secret of success is that he treats horses as If. they were little - children, "All there Is to training horses Is common sense," is the.way the sorrel-topped expert pills It, -"Yoi get to kno\\ n lioisc as jou Jibs nnmo btcnine .associates vlHi the stnules, of Isidore Hic- bci'K, Mrs. Dnmon Rnnyon. W. N. Adrians, nud Henry Liuglebnck. Most of his runners now carry he silks of his wife. •; Jacobs' uncanny ability - to spot a horse's talent hidden in the obscurity of a claiming race 1ms given .several outstanding horses to him niui the stables lie hus worked for Among them were'Sun'Mission. Angells, Octnrqro, Character, On Tap, Jack Biener, and Irish Marine. Still running for him are Jesting, Microphone, iind Action, the Intter a 1-year-old son of Olambala, out of Violet Play, I which won 11 of 12 slarUi this year after having been given up by his previous, owner, the San- lord Stud. • .''• [ It was hiird for the old rall- blrds to accept this comparative youngster'.,He. was pitting his skill ngalnst that of such veterans tin Sunny Jim FHzslmmons, Williiur. Woodward's trainer; Andrew Jackson Joyncr,' Wklcncr handler; Singing Dob Smith, former trainer for Mrs. Isabel Dodge Slonne, antl others, eciiially illustrious. Knows When Horse Is Ready Hut lie has proved beyond doubt that lie can do more with just an ordinary racing horse than a lot of other trainers cau with the with him. You know Just how! most expensive horseflesh. . much work he'll stand, and you Hard work— and if you think thoroughbreds walcli Jacobs- Jand Stamey Dell. * Anchlin, . , ,vUttr beautiful team-nork from >the other two forwards," scored 28 ;of the 35 points. ', Captain Curtis Mies led the •scoring, for the boys that put [, 'them out on top, 25 to 2 He shot I ;il points. Maje made Dell's single -tally. , ' Rev._M R Grifftn w«s referee. don't work him, too hard. Yon ; training Jittery feed him properly, give him the isn't hard,, just care and consideration that you'd keeps his stable in shape and ivc a child, and he'll win for wins for him— that and knowing v/licn a horse is ready to run. "Of 'course, there's the Unman "When n horse feels the urgf> ,- , Debater 'Wins in Hospital . NORTH , MANCHESTER, Ind. HUP)— Welcome Weaver plays end ,for Jlie Manchester College foot- .ball team, but is also a debater. •When a dislocated knee put him pn the :hospital, a scheduled debate .•was transformed to hospital ••ward. Propped up in bed, Weaver ..^helped win the debate. : The only two words in the Eng- ki Mlsh language having three double ' .letters" in succession are "bookkeep- ;er" and "bookkeeping." equation to consider In horse rac- to run, it is only logical to as- 1 - ' Ing- the jockey means good Jockey simie that he -will run for you. difference between winning and losing a race even if: you have the; best thoroughbred in the country running. for| you." : Expert at Claiming Horses Thirty-one.years old, the Brook- lynite has been In the dodge-for come 12 years. It was back in 192-i • that Charles ' Perrara, a pigeon fancier with whom Jacobs worked, became ^nteresled in horses. Jacobs did, ~too. They watched the running of some nags which friends of their owned, and the first thing he knew young Jacobs was hanging around stables, gathering Information here and there. Finally lie picked up a cheap plater named Revelllon, which won races for him. "You can't make him run and win when he's not In the mood, so forget him until lie is fresh again. Humor him .and baby him and he'll \>K a different horse nil 10 time.". 1 Jacobs has set a goal of 200 winners • this' year. With only 3-1 lo go nt the Tropical Park meeting, it's .as safe a bet that he'll hit that goal as It is to bet on one of his fit horses. Texas "Danger" an Alien HOUSTON, Tex. (UP)—Imrl Sc- mendl, 37, worked all - summer ns a Texas "Ranger" at the state's Centennial Exposition In Dalhis, but admitted to immigration officials that he did not know what spurs arc. He faces deportation to Ills native Rumania for being In the United States Illegally. "fOR WRMANEKT WARMlHl' "'FAIJWF WlNTERBHSl'f JWPIY GREAT/" p the original •WINTER BEER in Bottles / ^) GET II m4y&! WINTER / IT TAMES THE COtD WAVES! Everybody's warming up to FalstafrWinter Beer—the most sensational scorcher that ever blazed into town. Cheer up and pep up to the exhilarating tingle and taste tang of this cold-wcather treat. Order Falstatl, the Original Winter ~ x, by case or in handy six-bottle "tafce-mc-hpmc" bags. The Choicest Product &ft/>e Brewers'Aft Kirby Bros. Drug Co. but not to you who act promptly \ For a short time only'buy diamonds at "depression prices" from Brodnax \ Because Brodnax anticipated the rise. you can choose diamonds to give (or to own) at the present moderate prices. But you must act promptly. Remember, rings may look alike in an illustration yet be so different when you SEE them. Therefore you owe it to yourself to visit Brodnax before you buy — and see one of America's most extensive diamond displays. T. BRODNAX, Inc., Jewelers ' ' MAIN AT MONHOE . MEMPHIS Do You Know Diamonds? If Not — Know Your Jeweler. BUDGET PLAN — Pay only one-filth now, balancg monthly. DIAMONDS ON APPROVAL-Write for memorandum package. Choose in your home. No obligation. LAYAWAY DIAMONDS now—a small sum reserves any ring at present low prices (only 18 shopping days left till Christmas). ' .Oilier lirotlnnx Diamond Rings — $f> to §500(7 Other Itrotlnnx Wedding Rings —§5 to $400 •MODERNIZE YOUR DIAMONDS this Christmas—any ring illustrated is available for your diamonds. ABOVE Jl-l—3 diamonds, natural ' C n-s—n < natural J25.00 IJ-2—7 diamond.*, sr 1 $20.00 .$50.00 11-&-3 dfa n^tuial -$50.00 f dCamondi, »__S50.00 H-l—10 JlaTiloruSs-, • IrUlluni COK fUl I latlnum >J If J. UU 11-11—5 i 485.00 D-5—10 diamonds, Icldlum platinum. $65.00 H-G—1 diamonds, iridiwn • cm c on ptatlTiurn—H)! 1O.UU n-"—1 diamond, n-U—7 diamond, a'C-Ji oo.oo 1-11—17 dlimondj, rlallnum—$185.00 n-15—Z3 aUmonii, ^^200.00 B 8 / Everything for your enferlalnmenj anil corufort AT RIGHT dlamondt, n.lj-u Indium M allr«m_$500.00 11-11—23 diamond*. Jl-18— 23 IrUlum IMI—S3 dl»mond«. iu^$l 000.00 nrodnai ns!» m\j llr.llt 6 r«4l et pllUoura Which li.ICO pstli Iriaiura unl KO pkrl't pUtlnura. J93J C.VTAI.OaTjK-t WRITE ron yotjR cos-x Last Time Today THE DIONNB QIHNTUI'LKTS in "Reunion" With Jean Hcrsholl, Uochelle Hudson, Helen Vinson, Slim iummervillc and Robert Kent lie dramatic home-coming of the kwiilry ilocinr's 3,000 grown-u|i 'babies' 1 'ar.imoiint News anil Comedy— "No Place I.Ike Home" Friday - Pal Night Z Adults Admitted for 1'rJcc of 1 A HERO TO THE LADiES! Bui what ho runs np against his first murder mystery (off the screen!)-" ZASU Pins . TED HEALY EDMUND OWINC4 LDGAR KENNEDY Diitcttdbr Georfl* B, Sehr „ ^ Also Seleeteif Shorts —Admission— Matinee—10 & 20c Night— 1G & SOo TUESDAY, DEC. 8— §75.0,0 BANK NIGHT! ROXY Adm.—Always 10 & 25e—Ic Tai Show Tvery Nijht Matinees Friday, Saturday, Sunday Friday & Sunday Matinees—2;1S Saturday Matinee —' Continuous Showing — 1:00 Till 11:00 I*. M Last Time Today PAL HIGHT! 2 iWnlls Admitted Tor Trice of 1 Patsy Kelly and Charley Chase in 'Kelly the Second' "Memories of Spain" and Comedy Friday Only Matinee & Night exposes the moral decay of

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