The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 20, 1939 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 20, 1939
Page 9
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PAGE NINE BLTOIEVILLB, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION bally fate per line for consecu- fjve Insertions: plie time per line 10c V>o times per line per day.,.,08c. Three limes per line per day...06c Six times per line per day 05c Month rate per line 60c Cards of Thank's 50o & 75c Minimum charge 50o Ads ordered for three or six times and stopped before expiration will be charged for the number of times the add appeared and adjustment of bill made. All Classine'd Advertising copy vibmitted by persons residing out- Jide of the city must be accompanied by cash. Rates may be easily computed from above table. Advertising ordered for irregular insertions takes tlie one (line riiic. No responsibility will be taken for more lliari one Incorrect Insertion of any classified ad. For Rent For Sale •10 ncfes 2 miles south of Blythc- vllleon Highway til. Ideal location for suburban home. Jas. 13. Clavk, phone 191 or 481 -Vf. 19 ek 27 Cable-Nelson upright piano. Good! - condition. Will sacrifice. Mrs, J. ! P. Smith, Phone 450-W. i5;ck-22 t room cottage, 2 other houses. 10! acres land. Highway city. Thomas band Co. 61, near 1-ck-lf Severn! good mules, marss young horses. Paul Byrum. and . 2Gcktt Lalo model tractors. Rebuilt and rcflnlshed. Good as new. Paul Byvuni. 20-ck-tf Welding EXPERT ELECTRIC, AND ACETYLENE Neii* 5 room ddvvnstairs apartment at 911 w. Walnut, Will be vacant Jan. 1st. Equipped with Butane tjas heat, ne\v, large gas range, ( tfcridtftii blin'ds, two large screen-/ cd iJbl'eiies. Garage. I'hone 'JV. 20-ck-li] .^ .. -^^^^_^ : , | 3 rpoiij furnished apartment. 108 W. Kentucky. Phone 683'. i9pkati Th'fee room furnished house, with water. On Davis St. Phone 975. 16-pk-21 2 rboiii niodcrn furnished aparc- ment. Reasonable. 1129 W. Ash. iG-ck-21 WELDING hie an tf heavy wi specialty. Barksdale Mfg. Co. Drag line ani! heavy weldihj specialty. Phone 19 or Res. !0U Farm Loans Large Or Small At Low Interest itatcs. We are equipped lo handle large or small loans on any sized tract of farm land, at low cost, and (it a low interest rate. TERRY ABSTRACT & REALTY COMPANY 213 Walnut «x Blylheville, Ark. 6 room house or part of house. On Chickasawba near High School. Inquire 128 E. Main. 15-pk-22 Jan. 1. Modern five room house. v Built In cabinets. Attic fan. Apply 325 rJougan. Phone 647. M-cfc-21 2 roohi furnished apartment. Also bedrooms. 102 W. Davis, phone 385. 2-ck-tf Nice, comfortable room, close in Men only. 310 Walnut. 5-cfc-U Comfortable bedroom tor business woman. 1028 W. Main. Phone 239. 27-cfe-tf. Nice bedroom with twin beds. Coii- retiient to bath. Men preferred. JDO W. Moil), phone 770. 24ck2-24 5 rooms furnished or imfum. Furnished, Bath. 014 Hearn. 23-pk-12-23 OnfurriisHe'B apartment in Shane Apar'thVent Biiildin'g on Wes Main St. CK11 571 of 197. 8-ct-tI Found Two automobile keys, of General Motors make, b'ri small wire ring. Owner may have keys by paying cost of this ad. Courier News Office. 193S Arkansas \i Toii Traiiur Li. cense. Number 281-308. Owner may have same by paying cost ol this ad. Courier News. A Real CHRISTMAS GIFT For (he Whole Family Sec ami Drive One of the Phillips' USED CARS Clean & Reconditioned Througliout '37'rcrrapliine Coupe 5325 '35 Ford Coiiuc 5105 '(15 Ford Tudor $159 '36 Ford Tudor $2J5 '37 Ford Tudor 5359 '38 Ford Tudor 5179 '39 Ford Tudor $585 '38 Chevrolet Coach JIGS — TkUCKS — '37 Chcv. 1J1 Ton $331 '30 Ford I'ick-Up $105 '36 Cher, 1'ick-Dji 5201 '35 Chev. Tick-Up $175 PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Repairing Expert Gun Repairing, see E. M. Damon at the BlythcVIlle Arni- ory. Personal Arouse Slajrsish Liver, work off the bile to rid yourself of constipation, gas pains, and that sour, ounk feeling. Take one box of KIHBY'S ACTIVE LIVER PliXS 25(i at all Kirhy Stores Notice Bargains In USED TIRES AND RADIOS Some Repossessed, Good as New, SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. PHONE 35 Wanted to Renl 100 to ICO acres of farm land. Would buy mules, tools and feed. Apply Wade Furniture Co. 112 W. Main St. . 'l8-ck-2<3 OPERA STAR HORIZONTAL 1,4 Pictured pfirria donna. 11 Circular wall. 12 Pertaining to n diary. 14 Room recess. 16 Actual being. 18 Containing tin 19 Leg. 20 Trees. 22 Upright shaft. 23 Ankles. 24 Elms. 26 Cowis, 27 Itianl. 29 To bark. 48 In. 31 Musical iiote. 44 Bull. 32 Frost, bite. 50 Dress 34 Minute object, fastener. 36 Roosted. 53 therefore. 37 Slrong winds. 54 Water 35 Railroad. scorpion. 40 Curious inspection. 41 Picture border. 42 Crime. .43 Form 6J "be. 1 44 Tnmor. 45 Cheat. 46 Peak. _Answe'r <» Frevia'us P'uzile 5ti Church vesi'menls. 58 Single things. CO She has a soprano . voice. 61 She has a brunet type of —-. Caruso. 13 Pronoun. 15 She is famous '" for her acting -^-^ also. 17 Weird. 19 Boy 2S Sutures. 23 Toward. 25 Root finial. 2B Chord v/hich bisects a circle. 36 To coil with tin alloy, 31 Monkey, VERTICAL 33 Scheme. I Peril 35 . Rotten stone. 2'Caucasian. *?"*' « ~ . .. 38 And. 3 Paid publicity 42 Co i tor) doth 4 Buckets. 44 Scepter. 5 Measure. ^5 To accom'plish 6 Ninth part, 47 Flower. 7 Right to 49 Beret, speak. 50 South Africa. 8 Ejl. 51 The tip. 9 Lions' homes. 52 Blue grass. 10 Trees, ge'nus 55 Father. Uimus.- 57 Before Christ 11 She sang (abbr.). roles with 59 Chaos. Corner 5!Ij & Phone 810-811 for Blythcvlllo, Att. Walnnl Demonstration Alarm Clock Used To End Overtime Glass Period EVANSTON. 111. (UP) — John ecry'.s Nor! h western University latsmaU'.s no longer will Ue .•subjected to overdoso.s of learning. "I owe II all lo my nlaiiu clock," the Jamaica I'hilns. Muss., sophomore said. Students in an lUTOUntlns class complained that rwy Ihere WHS 10 to 15 mihuti'S too long Ix-civvtse the Instructor s«Ul he WHS unable lo hear the hell endiitR Die period. To remedy the fatntnoss of Ihc school bell," Seory brought nn nlann clo^k to class, I J rOh\plly al 3:50 Ihc hell ijcijiiii to claiig tln- nily (roni behind iu liarriraclo of OVC1TOIII.S. The instniclor ii.ssured stiulenls that (Ii6rea'tcr they would be released oh time— and without need of an alarm clock. TERMINIX TERMINATES U TERMITES BRUCE-MEMPHIS Dog's lllle i.egiil Ksuo I hud the Good luck to escape, lie 1'AHADUNA, Oiil. tUP)—Judge) I; l'"vank c. Collier hns ben called upon lo answer one that Solomon FOR CHRISTMAS Spi-uiiils Kor This Week Only Jfiiv Hoi- a Recnmlilioiioil Car IVnm Tom Mdlc Chevrolet C'(IIU|H|tlv.- IM'J Slaslci- Deluxe Clfeublol Town Kt'diiu ............ <iOM ' For Sale or Trade MULES For Sale <ir Trade See Floyil Simpson al Helta Ii)i- plcmchts, Ihc. . 8-ck-lf IMS Muster Deluxe Chevrolet Town Sedan ............ $169 IMS Hudson Tm-uMimc Hrim- Klmm. Unilin & llonlrr. !.««' MlluiKc. A bi'iinly. .S|ii'clnl (Ills week ...... $309 I'.Ktt Chevrolet Town 1 Srifnn. Krai liny ............... $305 19311 l-'ord V-K Tailor. Uvms lll<e new ............... $415 WHO Cbev. Clinch. A Bounty $289 CDIIIIO. A-l 1933 Fnnl V-8 ronilllinn 193'! rorrt V-a Coupe. Only , We llnvc a !<'c\v Curs I'rniii to Sfij.W. ' doB lilies sbhidoiie, her husband cnn UQ held nubia for dam- , »5,00fl. i'hc clnmngc suit Is for ' H is estimated thai If nil (ho HUBERT UTLEY'S CAMPGRESCENT SMtVICK STATION AND CAFE 7 Good Reasons Voi Trading ni Hubert Utley'ri: I. jilodeiii Cnblns. a All popular brands of beer—10o. 3. 5 miles free rond service. I. Phillips "00" landed BUS—13Kci ciul. 5 Public long distance telephone with private llni). 8. Corllflefl, jiiodorn lientai real rooms. 7. All popular brands clgncetlcs, a pkgs. l!5c, coim'LKii'j 2i r nourt ONE-STOP SERVICE CRESCENT CLUB ---i'luc.SKN'rs—- Gill Wilson and His d-Piece Orchestra Sun. Dec. 24, Sun. Dec. 31, & Jan. 1 Vor Rcserviilloris Cull Holliiml 17 motor vehicles of the United :Sta(is —nearly 30,0'00,066—were lined ;.«p, : btirnpbr to bumper, they:-Wild nil liliic lanes'of a highway 8806 fhilea lout'. •••.'•• LASTING XMAS GIFTS FOR ALL MAKES OF GARS New Heater New Radio New Fog Lights New Seat Covets New Battery New Spotlight New Firestoiie Tires ' Kns.v Terms, 20% ttowii; liiihincc 5% Weekly or 20% Month!}'. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO, BUDGET j)Iil>f. 3th & Walnut i'hone 4lO I)'uy & Auto Painting Special paint job, J12.50. OiTer good until January 15th. Joe Atkins' Garage. So. 2nd St. Phone 28<! 14-ck-l-M Slice Repairing QUALITY SHOE SIIO Inv-isiblc liair-soliug. Full soles for every shoe nnd honl. Crcpc, leather, rublicr, or Grocord. Shoes dyed any color. Polish; laces null dyes. Shoes dyc-3 black—35c. Giur- anleeil. We call for ami deliver, rhohe lib. II. a Campbell Tailors War ii iaildr-feirtn siiif IhU Clilii'STAIAS. 533.50 lip. George L. Miiir Blylhevillc's Only Tailor Strayed or Stolen Reddish brown Chinese Chow, ciis- ajijicared Monday. Answers lo "Ghing". Reward. Telephone C3li. NU-Wfl Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 For Prompt laundry •rid Cleaning Serrlct REMEMBER LEFTY'S Service Station for Magnolia Mobiloil and Mobilffds Now Managed bv Walter Cox, Jr. and E. fti. Murray See Us For Anti-Freeze! Call Us For Prices Before Selling Your Lee Wilson & Go. Wilson, Ark, I,hie of Trucks, i'rlcrs J,:»•(*(• anil Small. Chevrolet, V., Doilfic, Ford, Int. HEMORRHOIDS Ciirtil Without Surgery, nnd Guaranteed A v«ry safe and harmless method; without conlincmciU lo bed, loss of time from worfc and with very Wile discomfort. All types of plle.5, fissures, fistulas, etc, treated by our office mctho'ds. TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock Guaranteed Best Pricei Kirhy Drug Stores DRS. NIES ^ NiES BiythoVl llo, Thunder to tho Rescue liV.PRRD iJAKMAN RYDER'S fiivMILlARL IVMlSTLEjTHUMOER. BOLTS 7GAVARD THE RIVECL-- " WHERE HIS MASTER BOJMO 6V ROPE AtJP SACKS, IS SWEPT IXSVVW RLJSHjWQ-fORCiEMT. ffWM THE SAWK ABOVE THUWDER. WHIklKliES-TH iEAP$ TO REP F&t>E I2.-2O , ^ - . 1!Y V. t. .HAAIUN HEV, TOC, LAUDED RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF ULYSSES 1 .SHIP. 1 NOW VOE. CAM BUM'f EAES nolA/W.' ^^^ THERE'S WO TIME . ^O^ FOC TWAT fJCW -.- |W, A N ' EVEN) NOW ULVSSES IS H*VIWG TROUBLE HoLDIMG IHp.RUPDER. STEAPV UP THERE AWD 'RIGHTO NI) HER BUDDIES WASH T(JF!IiS «0,MO,-IWCU UVlCOl.ll! VOD 6QTTA 6ET RID OF THAT SK6LETOM. HOLV SWOKE! Ifo L«E FOR A DATE WITH CMJOL t ws I'D BSTTEP •SNEAK IT KRKCKLKS AND IU,S KRJENOR lleviitioris I'liuiiicd IJY MERRILL MOW THAT HILDA'S OAO ISMT A POLtCEMAM - - -. i GLiESS zS?\ HILDA WONT SEE. MUCH OF LARD X COULO . SHOW HER. HOVW To • FD< HER HAIR.. A NO TELL HER WHAT KINP OF ClOTHES To WEAR. THEN J. BET LARD (.MOULD SEE ALL SH6 WtEDS IS A LITTLE PoC- ISHJNG - -X WOMDER IF SHE'6 BE OFFENDED IF JL OAVE HER 'A POINTERS?

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