Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 20, 1954 · Page 15
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 15

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 20, 1954
Page 15
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ALTUN KVfcMMU TifcL&liRAPH , APRIL 20, -American Air ton* mm, «otMt» to «in-M Veltmhih tfoops in Indochina, line up for chow northern Indochina.—(AP Wtronhontol State. Lenders PAGE FIFTEEN ANNOUNCEMENTS — -• -—....., MK.* H>- « I W •, /tv»E,ffUT Confidential invMttfatlons, All types •nywhwe. Llcfnwfl A bonded, call «J«y or ntfht. Granite City. in. nil- neln (lll« f to EMPLOYMENT f frr HollscS hftve *'" remow from the site of new-housing projejct on Rlley avenue, and gradint for the buUd- fJEKrt 81 i ? " ****** ^ "•"*' tompg ; a rth Which* wa* dlMuZd foundations of a house were taken out Staff photo. Of Democrats Slate Dinner ART 3IATTHEWS (second from left) discusses jet propulsion with members of the 9699th Air Reserve Squadron Monday night. With, him are, from left, Lt. Col. Ben O. Moore, commanding officer; Sgt. John T 'Search, first sergeant; A/3C Lewis Qoodrich, and Mai. Charles Barnett, executive officer.—Photo by Schreler. Air Reserves Hear Jet Engineer Arthur Matthews 1old members of the 9699th Air Reserve Squadron Monday night that, the principle of the turbo-jet engines employed on Air Force fighters and bombers today is as simple as an inflated toy balloon released in the living room. The assistant project engineer for McDonnell Aircraft Corp. spoke before 50 regular squadron members and visiting engineers from local industries at Civic Memorial Airport. An aeronautical engineer who helped perfect McDonnell's famed Banshee fighter for the Navy, Matthews began his discussion on jet propulsion by inflating a colored balloon and letting it whiz about the room. He went on to explain that compression and temperature were the chief problems in perfecting the turbo-jet. Today the jet engine generates more power than four conventional engines on a B-29 bomber. Chief difficulty for turbo-jets, according to Matthews, is caused by foreign matter sucked into the air Intake. Fuel consumption is also a problem. He said 1 housands of engineers are working to correct these faults. Matthews added that, in the ] 10 yeai-s, the turbo-jet engine has made obsolete the conventional-type reciprocating engine. In the matter of a few years, commercial aircraft will be powered by jets, Matthews said. Visiting engineers included T. H. Laity and R. L. Bengston, Shell Oil So. refinery; R. A. Cooley and E. D. Ambrosias, John Jenkins' Riles Will Be Held Wednesday EDWARDSVILLE — Funeral services for John Jenkins, 70- year-old former Kdwardsville resident who died Friday in Chicago, will be conducted here at 2 p.m. Wednesday at Weber Funeral home. Interment will be in Woodlawn Cemetery. Jenkins, employed as a coal miner in this vicinity for a number of years, was born in 1883 in Ohio, a son of the late Douglas and Elizabeth Moody Jenkins. Survivors are a brother, William Jenkins of East St. Louis and two sisters, Mrs. Blanche Cox of St. Louis, and Miss Ruth Jenkins, Los Angeles, CaJif. Woman Held, Shot Her Former Husband GALESBURG, 111. #—Mrs. Betty Hasselquist called police to her home Monday afternoon. They found her former husband, Roy, 54, in serious condition with a gunshot wound in the thigh, his head and aims slashed witb a knife and bruises from a hammer beating. "I just shot my former husband because he was hounding me," Police Chief George Fuller quoted Mrs. Hasselquist as saying. Mrs. Hasselquist, also 54, is 5 feet tall and weighs less than 100 pounds. Hasselquist, whom she divorced 18 months ago, is about 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs about 160 pounds. Police held Mrs. Hasselquist without charge pending ..a report on the condition of. Hasselquist in Cottage Hospital. ,-.'... Andrews Tells (Continued From I'HRP t.) lain 1.147 cases of builders \vhi he said sought to pay the 26 pe rent capital gains lax rather than the 52 per cent corporation incom tax on excess profits. From his Augusta, C,a., vacation headquarters, President Eisenhow er Monday ordered that the rev enue service open its income tax files so the Banking Committee cai look into the returns of these build ers for the 1942-1953 period. The apartment construction program, which died in 1950, account for only part of the questionable housing activities. Also under scru liny are complaints that FHA did little 01' nothing while householders all over the nation were swindlec by fast-talking home repair sales men who induced them to get gov ernment - backed improvemen loans and then failed to perform work promised. Olin Industries, and E. L. Eggi- riiann, Sinclair Oil Co. New gasoline development boosts power as much as 15% Discovery of new additive overcomes lead and carbon deposits — re-powers engines Whether a car IB a current model driven only a few thou•and mileg or an "old faithful" It can deliver as much AS 15% more power. This statement was made by Shell Oil Company engineers in describing the action of Shell's new gasoline additive, which is blended Into Shell Premium Gasoline and sold under the trademark TCP. They explained that every mile * cap travels Jt bulldi up J depoiiu are the gr«»t«t dngie caus* of power loss Jn engines; today. Twta F*w«r Th*» deposit! affect perform. •nee two ways, it was said. They build up in the combustion chamber where they glow red hot. This ignites the fuel Ing, reduce engint much •• 15%. power as i Surprise Hollyday told the Banking Committee Monday that he still doesn't know why Eisenhower asked for his resignation. He contended that as FHA chief he put into effect new regulations to block "unscrupulous promoters" and that he removed 45 employes, one of them on a "very serious allegation" of having had a $10,000 "transaction 1 with a builder. Sen. Douglas (D-IllVa commit- lee member, said in an interview he thought it "incredible"-that Hol- l.vday should have been fired "without the ordinary, common decency of someone telling him why." The Banking Committee met a blank wall Monday in efforts to question Clyde L. Powell, who has tried to resign as assistant FHA commissioner in charge of rental housing. His resignation has not been accepted. When the committee started questioning him, he declined io answer claiming his Fifth Amendment privilege against possible self-incrimination. Motorist Is Charged With Perjuring Self CHICAGO ^-Jerry Leverson, called "world's champion ticket getter" by a judge who recommended that he be barred for life from driving a motor vehicle, has been ordered held on a charge of perjury. Leverson was held to the grand jury Monday after Charles C. Smith of the secretary of state's n/fice said Leverson had obtained a new driver's license by lying. Judge Joseph Butler continued to July 1,9 charges of failing to have state and city licenses and driving while under suspension. It was Judge Butler who fined Leverson $5,349 on 71 traffic tickets last September, recommended that the 27-year-old "world champion ticket getter" be barred forever from driving in Illinois, and suspended Leverson's driving Jj- cense. Another judge cut the fine to 5200 which Leverson finished serving out in jail Jan. 2. It would have taken nine years to serve out the original fine. To a steelman, a spy ]• no t a man engaged in espionage but a steel bar selected at random for inspection. CHICAGO A> — Illinois Democratic leaders will pay $100 a plate for a fund-raising dinner to- News of Grains Soybeans Cross $4 Mark on Board B.v WIM.IA.M KKItlUS n ;^t « ^ . u , L CHICAGO ^—Soybeans crossed night and to hear speeches by j lhe $4 .oo mm . k m ,, B d f Sens Kennody (D-Mass. andlr,-^,, lodfly but )n , , h( , Douglas (D-111) and Rep. Dawson | K1 - aill mnrkpt hnd a " docidedlv weak lone. Soybeans moved over n wid range in a big Irade. New cro months sold under .the prevlou close, but the May and July coi Iraets hopped into new seasons high territory at one time. Muc of the buying ramo from trader who had been short in thes months. Good rains In Illinois crealei some pressure on new crop soy beans. Wheat weakened in the ah sence of export demand and ap proach of the harvest season Feed grains eased on report more cash corn would be offeree by the country on any furthei pi-ice upturn. Estimated carlol receipts at Chi cago: wheat 15, corn 90, oats ] rye 3, soybeans 5. »_ CHICAGO /P-Cash wheal: none Com: No 1 and 2 yellow 1.59- No 3 1.56»,4-58Vi; No 4 1.55H-56H; No S 1.53; sample grade 1.43-1,54^ Oats: No 3 heavy white 81. Soy mis: none. Barley nominal: malting 1.20-62 feed 92-T.14. High Low Clone Prcv.clnsc Wheat May 2.15',i 2.12% 2.14U 2.15-1'!% Jly 2.12V, 2.10«i 2.1074 2.12?i-? & Sep 2.15% 2.13% 2.14 2.16H Dee 2.20>,i 2.18% 2.18% 2.20%-2 Corn May 1.5314 1.52»i 1.52'i 1.5314.* blonde, blue-eyed (D)-nn. Cook County Chairman Richard J. Daley said a capacity crowd of J1.300 will attend the meeting at the Conrad Hilton Hotel. * Adlal Stevenson, 1952 Democratic candidate for president and former Illinois governor will be unable to attend, a spokesman said. Stevenson was due to leave Passavant Hospital today after having a kidney stone removed a week ago. National Chairman Stephen A. Mitchell, here for the meeting, predicted Monday that his pai-ty will win control of the national House of Representatives in the November election. The present lineup is 219 Republicans and 215 Democrats. Mrs. Plulbrick Led Grim Life By DOROTHY ROB Associated Press Women's Editor Eva Philbrick's love of husband and country enabled her to live a grim and desperate life for nine years. Eva, whose beauty reveals a staunch New England strength, is the wife of Herbert A. Philbrick, the man who led three lives as On active member of the Communist party, an undercover mail for the FBI and a struggling young advertising salesman. After a nine-year masquerade, he appeared as the government's surprise witness in the 1949 trial of America's top 11 Communists and his testimony played a large part in their conviction. Mrs. Philbrick, mother of five daughters and a baby son, now lives a peaceful life in White Plains, N.Y., with her husband and children, and tries not to think about the long years when she had to pretend to be an enemy of her country. She speaks reluctantly of those difficult years: "The hardest time of all was at the first, when my friends kept telling me Herb was attending Communist meetings. "Finally I had to ask him about all these rumors, and all he said was, 'Someday I'll tell you.' "Finally he explained to me and an agent of tho FBI came and lalked to me, too, and asked me to help out. "If we had known what we were getting into, I don't know whether we could have gone ahead with it, even then. But we did. And no one ever will know the blessed relief we felt when it was all over, and Herb was able to tell his story in court." During the years when Herbert Philbrick was attending Communist meetings at night, coming lome to write his FBI reports and hen going on to his advertising iob, one of the most difficult things o face was the attitude of their 'riends, says his wife. 'Most of them just drifted away," she says. "We couldn't explain things to them, and we un- lerstood how they felt about us. 2ven our families were curious about Herb's activities, and the iterature they saw around the house. But they stuck by us." Jly Sep Dec Oats May Jly Sep Dec Rye May Jly Sep Dec 1.54% 1.53>,i 1.53U 1.54V4- 1 ! 1.52 1.51 1,5114 3.5214 1.4614 1.45 1.45% 1.46'4 .76«i .72% .75% /rc'* .73% .72% .72% .72 .72V« .73% .7414 1.06% 1.02V* 1.04% 1.07 1.09% 1.09% 1.07% 1.10 1.12V4 1.08% 1.10% 1.13% M7 1.13 1.14VJ 1.17 Soybeans May 4.02 3.91 3.9R 397% y 3.97% 3.87 3.91's 3^4 % Sep 2.99% 2.91'/ 2 2.92Vi 2.99-981, Nov 2.73',i 2.67i/a 2.68 2 73%-7 Jan 2.77% 2.70*4 2.71 2.77'/i-% After 17 years of tests, a Swed- sh scientist has grown a two* pound apple. er Ad«Utive Boost* Power To correct this waste of pow' and fuel, Shell research -- --- „ »Mt,4, K74iCll it scientists sought a fuel num. uve that would change the na> jjl, 01 e "S lne deposits. That additive, the company reports, was found and i* called TCP , that TCP addlttfe actually flreproofe depogftt combustion chambers to vent pre-ignitlon. 0»e spark plug conductive an! circuiujjg «nd j. So rapidly does TCP additive work, .ccorillng to U ifendfr* j —ita non. •hort' news, that wginet met »w " Beautiful, Ever-Blooming 2-Year-Old Stock GARDENIA BUSHES Produce Prices At St. Louis ST. LOUIS ^-Produce and Jive poultry: Fowl, heavy broods 21, bare backs 16-17; fryers, commercla crosses, barred rocks white* 24 broilers (2 ]b down) 22. Other prices unchanged. Schramm Quits As U. of L Dean To Do Research CHAMPAIGN, III. #-Wilbur" Schramm has announced his resignation as dean of tho University of Illinois Division of Communications in order to devote full time to research and teaching in this field. Schramm said Monday that his resignation becomes effective July 1. He said the increase in research in this line at the university is responsible for his resignation. The communications department was created by Schramm in 1950. It included the Institute of Communications Research, The School of Journalism and Communications, and Library School, the Universiay Press broadcasting activities of the university, and the public relations office. Schramm came to Illinois in 1947 from the University of Iowa, where he had headed the school journalism. of h«d teen tunup before the second tankful l gasoline containing TCP Uve is consumed. yr cnarge prematurely, before the Shell warns however th«t "tfon rea Th e il "• pf . OP * r <irin 8 ! because deposits constantly ac' Hardy and •••uttful Flint 'tm NOW! PUnt •ting short plug* n4sfl». .Shell fugtaeeri spark plugs ere- j Shell calls TCP the er circuits. Spark j gasoline development sine discovery of tetraethyl report th*t *nd state* it •• * twin power robber*, pre 104 IP*!* plug SMI Premium Dealer itaUong. lead U e in BROADWAY & MAIN PRODUCE MKT, Panel To Hear Wage Hopes of Alom Workers WASHINGTON # - The wage demands of AFL and ClO union* at three A-bomb rwaterial plant* at Oakr Ridge, Tenn., and Padu- can, Ky., will be aired at a hear, ing here May i of the President's Atomic Energy Labor Management Panel. The panel proposed the hearing dale in telegram* Monday to the unions and the employer, the Carbide and Carbon Chemicals Corp. The unions had threatened to strike unions their demands were met. The panel will hear the demand* and counter-demand,- ggg recommend a settlement. lfte»d Teiegr»pfa Want Mi Daily! Livestock Prices At East St. Louis NATIONAL STOCK YARDS, til JP~iUSDA> - HORS 9,000; bul 240-270 Ih 27.50-28.00; scattfrin 280-290 ]b 27.0Q-25; bulk 150-170 I •.'8.00-50; sows 400 Ib down malnl 25.50-26.00; hrnvlr-r sows 2'I.,V) 23.23; boars 18.00-21.50. Cattle 5,300, cnlvos 1,300; ROO and lilsh choice steers Inr 21.00-21.2."); commercial nnd goo 19.50-21.00; Rood and choice hei rrs and mixed yearlings 20.00 23.00; utility and commercial cow 12.50-H50; canners and cutler i).iO-12.00; bulls 50 higher; utillt. and commercial 13.50-15.00; cutte bulls 12.00-13.00; good and choicr vealers 21.00-25.00; few prime f 27.00; commercial and low gobd 15.00-20.00. of Stocks Railroads, Motors Depress Market NEW YORK * - Railroads and motors turned the slock marke downward today as early gains bj top-quality industrials faded. Vol umc approached two million shares against 2,430,000 Monday. Selective trading produced some substantial gains among such is sues as General Electric, Westing house, Allied Chemical, Vanadium and Climax Molybdenum, but the advances narrowed considerablj during the afternoon and some dls appeared altogether. Climbers included U. S. Steel Bethlehem, Montgomery W a r d Sears Roebuck, Booing, Douglas Phllco, American Can, Phelp Dodge, American Tobacco and Pai American Airways. Lower were Republic Steel, Gen eral Motors, Chrysler, Goodyear International Harvester, U n i t e t Aircraft, National Distillers, Ze nith, American Cyanamld, Now York Central and Santa Fe. NOTiCi, NOTICE OF SHAREHOLDER'S SPECIAL MEETING Public Notice In hereby given lha a •peclal meeting of the Sharehnld er« of the Pinna Buildinn and Lonn A »«o<: atlon will be held at the office of said Corporation, 214 West Third Street. In the City of Allon, County oj Madison end State of lllinol.. on Monday, the twenty-sixth day o April, A. n,. IBM, at 8:00 p. M Daylight Saving Time, to vole upon the following questions: 1. The election of a director of said association to nil the unexplred term of Leland G. Kreld. deceased. a. To vote on the proposed merger of the Illinois Building and Loan Association of Alton, Alton, Illinois with the Plas« Build- Ing and Loan Association of Alton, Illinois, and any other matters growing out of said questions. Dated this first day of April, A PIASA BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION, J. Mather Pfelffenberger President. Attest: OTTO K. CICHLAH, Sec'y. April «. 13, 30 NOTICE OF SHAREHOLDER'! SPECIAL MEETING Public Notice li hereby given that • special meeting of the Shareholders of Illinois Building and Loan Association of Alton, Alton, Illinois. will be held at the office of the said Corporation. IMS Washington Avenue In the City of Alton, County of Madison and State of Illinois, on Monday, the twenty-sixth day ol April, A. D., 1084, at 7:00 P. M Jayllght Saving time, to vote upori he following question: I. To vole on the proponed merger of the Illinois Building and Loan Association of Alton, Alton, Illinois with the Piasa Build- ln« * l*>*n Association of Alton, Illinois, and any other matter* growing out of said questions. iy °' Aprll> A ' ILLINOIS BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION, 2. J. McPHILLIPS. Pres. Attest: .. £. WILSON, Sec'y. April 6, 13, 20 SEALED BlblTwl7n»~wctiTMd~at" he office of the City Manager, City Julldlng. Wood River, III., up to 7:30 " M., April as, IBM, for the renova- .".J" .r,"".? 11 ' " nd Men '» re » l rooms t the Wood River Municipal Bwim- m ".l %'• fiP« cl «<*Mon« «re on file n the City Manager's Office. All bids 10 «? 5®""* 'n 'n envelope plainly "ool " " «. HABBAUGW, City Manager. ANNOUNCEMENTS -- MBlidftV- OF .„, .„„,. Pulks, who died April 20, U4B: ou have laid «sJde ypur urmor Kor the rob* of spotless while; And with Jesus you we walking Where lh» river sparkle, bright. We have latKir«4 tort to««h«r. We have labored tide by side, Just a little while before me You kav« mw*«d the roiling tide. JfWH»tBw MoBumMli ^ Marker* on Ol*pfa BUMMAOB SALE—St Prnil'. tttlreo- ' Cturrrh. Thursday. April 5a., « i. RUMMAtrR~s7T.R"l">Tr7rMMhn«it»t Churrh, «th and Market. Friday eve —-;, S to 7 p.m. ---"•• TRAPTKn No. 77S. O r, S Stated m**ttn« Wednesday, April Jl 7:48 pm. Otient nl«M. PIASA LODOIC- No. J7 A. f. * A Si'.u IT^i* 1 m «''n« Tuesday. April Splh. MM p.m. Work in 2nd ri«itm Vlmuni brethren welcome Richard N. BUhop, \V. M. WOOD RIVER t,0no» - No. 1(WJ Slated me*llnf, Wednesday, Aprl aut, 7:30 p.m. nuilnein. Vltltlni brethren welcome. Mmirlce «. Lent*, W. M. WOOD ntvttn LODGE NO. ion*. Special mr-»llnf Tuesday, April 30 1 o'clock. F.C. degree. VUltlng Brethren welcome, MAURICE S, LEGATE, WM. FRANKLIN LODGE—No. 35. Stated meeting Tiienday, April 20th, p.m. Vlaltlnf brethren welcome. A. J. llalbert, W. M. TV I.ORT — HTKATItn —BTOLRN LOST— Child'* •yegl»aea, Monday loth -! *» H". morning. Phnn«a-fll7B LOST—Green parakeet from Rlh St. In Wood niver. Lam «een an Fergu. •on. Ph. 4-B427 If found. LOST—Top and pump nt apray near Maple and Blair St«. T. Bnit, 3-3114(1 after 4 p.m. MISSING—Male beanie hound, brown blnck «nd white, 14" IHgl). Nome "Midnight." Reward. Adolph Haar Bethaljo. III. Phone 7:U1. LOST—Downtown Alton, *tOO In Travcleri Checki. John R. llagberg Valdez. Allnkn. Phone 2-IM72. NOTICE—From thla day forward I will no longer be rcupotiirlble for any detain contracted by anyone other Hum mynelf. April 20th, 1064. Frank McPhei-aon, A2R Cherry St. Esul Alton WORMS b MINNOWS OPEN A A.M. to D P.M. DOWNTOWN PHILLIPS 401) Belle, Alton Phone 3-0007 WILL 1 OR BOTH— Of the young women who HHW the accident on Bond'* elevator Feb. 1.1 plente en I 3-8240? . OANIZATIONS, CARNIVAL & PICNIC SUPPLIES. NOVELTIES, COMIC HATS. BALLOONS. CANES, WHIPS BANNERS, PREMIUM GOODS TOYS. J.&D. DISTRIBUTING CO. S54 E. Brollt 'wi«y :i-0:i47 __ __ WANT AD INFORMATION 13 WOrdi— 1 time ................. f, IS Words— .'I time* ............... 13 12 Worda— 7 tlmei . ........ .....2,il! 12 Worda— 3D tlmea ............. «,4J ADJUSTMENTS Errora not the fault of the adverllae whlolt clearly leaaen th« value of th advertlaement ahould be corrected th drat day when one extra oorreote Inaertlon will be made without charge The Telegraph asuumca no reaponnlbll Ity for error after the fhrat Iniertlon Want adi are accepted until 11:M A. M. for publication name day. All copy subject Io editing or re Jectlnn ALTON TELEGRAPH, III E. BDWV ___ JHONE 3-6641 GARDEN PL'6wWB^Y8rd~7veT(nT light huullng. Phone 2-flnB.V STATE LICENSE AND NOTARY SERVICE CHARUE_qLAjm. (IOB E. _Broadwa_y l—<5~h o o > e frTiin .. •amplei. Bland Art Shop, :i02f) Cnl- lege, flmt home, east of Uhurtleff tennla court. 3-3713. JflDERS— To fit. touTt from Woot lllver or HarUprd, 8 to 6. 4-87B4. \75TJLD LIKfTO~ET{B5lANOE— Hldel to and from Clayton, Mo. Ph. 8-37«4 fOK WANtED-fo~lheii: "Hour«;~"B to 4:30, Monday through Friday J.2487. •bout April 23th. Take one puimen- ger, share expensed. Woinnn. 20 to 30 yeara old preferred. Write Bo 940, care Telegraph. GET (J.S. adV^T JOB—Men-women 18-SIS. Htart high as Ulfl month Qualify NOWI 23,000 loin open. Gx perience often unnecessary. C e FREE 36-page book showing jobs salaries, tests, requirements. WHITE Box 710, care Telegraph. 14 MUSIC. DANCING UKAMA ACCORDION—And guitar InitructlFn Instruments rented. Royal School o Music. 3-9342. PIANO & OHOAN "iNBTRUCTlbN"- By Lawrence Roy. Popular music and Improvlser. 3-8342. EMPLOYMENT _ —MAI.K EXP'E'HTENCED —"corn »5ri~Sr~~... grader. American Employment. Serv- Ice. Phone 2-8734. MEN—If you en]o i y~meeiTny" "peopTeT you may qualify at a public relation! man In the Alton area with an eatab- Ilihed concern. Integrity and ambition more important than experience. Upper Income bracket, opportunity for advancement and accur- ity. No traveling. Apply in perion. Stratford Hotel. E. L. Men.e, Wednesday, April 2Ut, 9 to 11 a.m., 8-jlo 4 p.m., 7 to 9 p.m. SALESiMAN — NuTloTTaliy ' 'advertised food manufacturer has an opening In ihlt 'territory for an experienced salesman. Salary, car and expenses will be furnished. Wonderful opportunity fur man under 30 year« of age. Write full details concerning yourself and experience too. R. L. Cokely, 540 Mistletoe Lane, Klrk- woud 22, Missouri. HEM' W A HtKn-fKtftTl.K """"^ GIRLS—Steam table and dining room American Employment Service. Phone y734. WHlfl'WOMAN—br girl ureiTTfor 2 children w|ille parents_work. ^H80l VANTEO—Woman to cure fossick patient, prepare meals, light home- keeping; good wa|«*. Write Box 1000, we Telegraph. WANTED—Whire l»d"y~drawin«~sb- clal security; horn* and salary. 3 •dulU, 2-28fla o cart for two children; stay or go. Phone 4-2834. EAT. yffiwa UDV —'w-'soTTo ajslst loangger hiring, training and supervising new wnploye*. Experience unn(*e»»ary. Full time, permanent employment. Excellent opportunity tor advancement up to *UO per week. (42 salary per week to start after 3 day* free training. Apply Wednesday, 8 p.m., no other time. Mr. Clayton or Mlu Harrison. btrqUord Hotel. Mo phone cull*. UELf »m-M4MijfcTjffi^^ WANTED-Man or woman for part" full time work, excellent in- WOOt t*pti'itnct4. 2501 Stprt, Finir Clean- - ANTD S VOtTWO COt^>LSS TO WORK W ITR OtjAN MTLLS STUDIO. MUST BE BETWEEN 18 AND 48 YKARS fREE TO TSAVEI, AND WILLING TO TRAVIS, Wf Affl WHf.N NECESSARY. SALARY, COMMISSTON A TRANSPORTATION PAID. VACATION WITH PAY, fRW HOSPITAL. IZATION; EXPERIENCE UNNTCES- SARY. YOU WILL BE WORKING UNDER DIRECT SUPERVISION OF A DISTRICT MANAGER. MUST HAVE HIGH SCHOOL EDUCATION OR EQUIVALENT. THIS IS A PERMANENT POSITION, NOT A SEASONAL JOB. AN EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY IF YOU CAN QUALIFY THESE JOBS ARE OPENED FOR IMMEDIATE EMPLOYMENT. SEE MR. ORIFFIN AT MINERAL SPRINGS HOTEL. WEDNESDAY, APRR. 2IRT. BETWEEN 3 AND R P. M. D. D Stnrki-y a« dealer In West Madunn Co>mt\» 2000 famine*. Ex- pcrlenr* not nerpnary. Fine opportunity to «t»p into r>M prnfttahle bu«- lne«« where RmvlrUh Products have hrrn «olrt for 30 year* Good prnf|l» for • htHtlrr. Prodiirti fur- nlnhrd on credit. Writ* or «ce H A. Dnlton, Ml Randle St., Edwardn- vllle or tvrlte Rawlnth'n, Dppt. ILD- MHMB2, Freeport, III ATaSMlN^AS f Kb""mTi»r«.afirT goml pay every week of the year. We have a \e>vt prmiire outdoor improvement «ervlc« (hat 8 out of 10 pro*pecti buy and VII prove tt Car needed. Earnings paid in full weekly. Qlvf us (l hours per day and we'll do the rent. Write R. B. S PUtrlct Manager, Brighton, HI, PERSONAL SERVICE n - aroma H. A. NEVUN VfOVtMC STORAGE ACROSS rat stiamf LOC A AL ( arTd LOM.f58tANCt ISM Washington Age. 7.1 jjuJEPiBo itooii ---.„„ nlffpint room, t --.--.. '°T working cotrple. U prlvnegM; smn «lngl* tlee&fnf Wood River. Phone 4-9778. COMFORTABi'e 8LUB1MNO ROOM- For t fentieman. " fnan- 3-9184. « 1 **P |n t room, line, clam t« " Jl?i? * TIOS * y AMT En—M AI.E fiBV, lB-»"5uT of "ncKool, wlshiw garage, service station, porter or light lamtor work. Phone 8-3791). go office or business place. Experienced 2-4.176. _^ . I. ft*6808, PL1CA9ANT ROOM-PrlWrt*. efttr«flc«. "• >»•«» from bus line. 844 Danfotth. J* _~'KOOM~I: BOAKft ^ AI S!55-A.' ew j" Ie ^. M* a_w «, Berkeley. keeper wltheii day work, 2-B425. i4~ i ?EATr-oi."B~"''" sitting. 2-0218. _..„. .„„.,.„ position niTdental »— slitant, Alton or Wood River. Write Box 8flO, care Telegraph. ROOT BEER ORIVltrN—Wltlinvlng quarters, on two highways, B7-1H. * Godfrey "Y". 14 acre of ground Painted white. Godfrey, 111, $8,800 contract. _ iCt"CHlAM"—Conlfectlonery and sanil- wlch shop, downtown Wood River location. Old enUblldlied business Slnck, fixtures and business for (2200 R. H. HESSKNFLOW, REALTOR • Wood River Ave. tl WANTRD tO nOHROW RELIABITS YOUNG COUPLE— Would like Io borrow $21100 for one year, Will pay back In large monthly payments. Willing to pay t<H, Interest In advance. Box »80. care Telejpaph. PERSONAL S» IHimSMAKINO-TAILORINO l.v mnde. Free eillniate* and »ample> 4-SJ4a. ALTERATieRTAND SOWING IBia Main Si. NOWI.IN Phone .1-.1H07 I.AIINORRINO ' Mini lie able to bring to me and Pick up. Phone J-5M9. "Wttb Ol^lSKw tnlni. Call 4-7BnJ. ANNOUNUKMRNTI And remodeling your home or building n new home. Cnll Ollhprl W. Smith, Plumbing »c lleatlnd for free ritlmate. My new loi-flllon, 811 Marie, Alton, 2-3X70. Get your lawn mower iharperiad & repaired before the runh. Hand and power. Latent eqvilpmcnt' lined. Mntom rcpnlreil nnd overhauled. All mahnt. STANK A aARAGE, North Alton. WELL DRILLING * Experienced JOHN E. REYNOLDS Rt. 2, Godfrey. 'Phone 2-2016 ----- nlPAlirW5flT? -Plumbing, hentlng, guttering promptly done. .1-3232. repaired: alio light hauling. Guaranteed work. Pick up and deliver Phone 4-204^ Cleaning, repairing, revorlng. 2613 Stale. Alton. 2-0234. DITCHING—Baiement digging, )awn dirt, driveway Mune. KAHL SITES 4-1223. GUTTERING Spouting, furnace, pipe replaced. Free entlmnfpii. Whllr'« Tin SI.op. 2-1424. CONCRETE SEPTIC TANKS /(EALKV A mcifKR Godfrey • 2-7710 WELL DRfLLiNG All Now Eriulpinenl. Kxpenencfd. Opera tor MAKE APPOINTMENTS NOW WATSON DRILLING CO. 600 N. Liberty 81. Phone 3S8W Jerncyvillfl. IlllnolK LAWNMOWERS SHARPENED anrt Repaired. A Stupperlch, 3100 Alby 8L TREE SPECIALIST Trim Tops, Take Down & Haul Away Insured. Free Entlmatei ED KRAUT. Ph. 4-0343 WATCH CRYStAjJS rfffEb"'- A'ny make, while you wait. OTT'S. BtraV- .lord. Hotel Bldg. FLAGSTONE For walk', putlo*. Building atone for wnlk» Gllleuwalcr. Dial 3-8308. RED & WHITE SANiTAnY~SKTivTcl Ceupooli and SppUn Tonka and OuUlde Vault Cleaned Owner ALKXANDEH BREWER 133 St. Loula Ave.. Eiiat Alton, III. Phone 4-8062 or 4-3469 WANT TO SAVE MONEY On starter, generator repair o exchange. See Wicker Auto Electric 2IJKI Walnut Ph 2-47SO _8X _____ HI/JMMNO CONTKACTOB8 _ CONTHACffN8^R"ooflng repalri. All klnU« of ouriienter work, Call 2-622( CARPENTER hlPAlifS~^~B"tociri Ing, concrcete work, mwer and plumbing. Free eitlmaie*. 4-HOU1. ~ for anything from adjusting the •torn) dour to building your new honip. Free eitlmute. Financing. ELMER KANUEHS, 4-6727 or JEWEL, MAXEV, 2-8548. ______ C?ONfHA"iBT--Biook and cemeni work of all kindi. ilerrln Broa., 2-1041. CONTHACT CEMENT WOHK — Of all kinds. Union work Free eitl- maUi. LYNN WOOD. 3603 Franor. Phone 3-0203 - :i-5161. DECOKATINO INTERIOR — And exterior painting. Very reasonable. Free eitlmatea. Call <-BBBfl. ALtS~WASHED^Wailpaper ciealT- ad, wlndown wanhed. Interlur pulnt- P-t ^fSiSSSf^- J?.! 1 . oll S_VT? 0 i ___ INTERIOR — Exterior" decorating; plantering, patch planterlng, removing wallpaper. Free tittiinaie. 2-U6U4, 3-3106. TLOOll SANDING & REFINISHING— Interior painting Reasonable rates. For free estimates dial 3-6314 or ji KAuio *jy_ _ WILCOX RADIO & TV Service all makes TV and radio 2612 State _Jt!l*? N; Alton RADIO AND TELEVISION SERVICE SQUARE DEAL SHOP 720 E. BROADWAY-3-9411 SEVEN MEN TO SERVE you RnSBHVICe - Be «T factory trained technician. We service any make radio or TV net. Also Install UHF converters and antennas EBBU5R ELECTRIC 3-7SB8 «i 2 Sut . STOVE, FURNACE * BOILER "HiV PAIR—Parlt most all make*. Quick jervlce Try us W1SJCMAN. Ill* « Broadway Phom 2-8284 r- T_ r-~^ ,1 j ^••»s> f*wmm '«» !*WM« MQVlif «nV MT — SL *W1*»0 ROOM— tot .!?"> Nlc « neighborhood. 4-8768. MODERN SLEEPING ROOM —: Pence. 4-3395. ItntlMMA. ... VLEEPTNG ROOM — pri»ll«tei; on bun '•am'"' 1Wa " nd U28 *• 4th "*• 1 s fi SK3 ! e?«? Adulta. 703 WMhlnaW ' , 1 ,' 'own, wired lor electric er tal itova AdMlli only, Phone 3-8330. ' - -. . Private bath And entrance pownatalr.. a block* off State 81 per month. 3-7530. ^, unfurnlih«d roomi'ie? Belle, Phone ' • - ktoinette all in exchanie "or while parent. . -uriript 1 . Wnl Private entrance, full b«lh. Tu room«. «a« /urnaee, electric atove. or< Adulu ' Ington Ave. Private entrance, garage* basement facilities. Adulti on" Utlllllot furnished. MS per month Call 3-5814 between ^a.m. to 6 pn> or a.604l from 8 to B p.m. 3, ROffSl—Unfurnished apt Private bath and entrance. Adults. 4-7MB after 4:30 p.m. __lT nfSSST'A'M>:—Private, entrance and" bath, wired for electric stove, two block* Irom -• —- — - 3-7MO. HdOMs-ia? We.t Foreit. Hartford, 111. Clout In. 4-0003. FHOOMS - Privat., and" jvater furnlahedj prefer adulti. 2-9824 JL"nturnlihed rooma. 312B Brown, a-room efficiency, unfurnlihed. Pull. man kitchen, utove and refrigerator heat and water furnlahed. Mica Playground for children. One at Alton » nlceiit apti. 1113 Waihlng. _tpn. _ Apt. 49 or call 2-8260. 3-room moriern apt., heal, watar~ nrage Included. 3^3fl«. , W> — targe unfurnUheJ apari: ' Blver Up "'""'* 1 303 Wood 7 p.m.. 4-»47a. dAkAdB _ 3 am'afl rooma modern. Water fumlihed. Jlent tss. Sidney atreet behind 701 Mnln, THocTM APT.-Unfurnlahed; gv»i!. Jitjlltle« furnUhed. 2-48B5. * nfOM APt. - Partly furniahedT hent and water furnlahed. Adulta. private entrance, 3-6200 nSogM-APr-tiocated In Upper AiT ton; heat and water furnlahed. 3-3332 ... , :.,—- APAKTM1NT1 BAHKMEN'f APt.—3 furnished rooms' private entrance, utilities. 145 ner _mo£th. Call 4-B465 after 4. 3 HOOM—Modern furnished apt. PrT- vate entrance and ibath, large aloset "—' - J buUtrin • ' ' hdOMS — And aun porch; private entrance and bath e'Um bltnda, ulllltle* furnlab«d.' Illinois Ave, Eait Alton. riSOM— Modern furnUhed »pt. Prt" ""* priv * te • ntr » n <». Ph. TWO" 5-ROOM— Furniahed apla, Gal heat, all uUHtl« paid. |100 and »12fl _per_month, 3-6470 or a-6030. 4 ROOMS— »ath7 2 porchei. garage', laundry. Adult*. Dial 2-8888 after 5^30. 4~ROOM APT.-Prlvute bathi autS: mntlc heat and hot water, front and buck entrance. Couple only, no pett ^-3480. 1232 E, Seventh. _ _ 3 KOOMS— Water and heat furnUlv ed. Northilde. S40 month. Call 2-9422 or _3-a220. ___ _ 3 RO"OM FURNISTIED APT. — "<55 light*, water furnUhed. Private entrance. tIS weekly. 4-0724. 107 E. Birch. Hartford. 111. _ DELUXE^) room modern apt. Jtn- Itnr service. Immediate occupancy Apply Schwartz Appliance, £dw*rda- _yllle, III. _ 3 ROOMS «t BATH-Prlvate 'entrance, Jjtljjtjeji furnlihed. 2-9860. 3 ROOM— Nicely furniihed modern" apt, good location, Adulta only. Z FUHNISHKO ROOMS-Lights, g'a~s7 hot water and bath; refrigerator, ^private entrance. Apply 1118 E. 4th. 2 FURNISHED HbOMS-Lighl*. gasT heat, hot water and bath; refrigerator. Apply 204 Henry. Ph. 3-7331. 2 HOOMS—Water and heat furnished: North Side. «40 per mo. 3-8423 or 3-3Z28. 3'"HOOM—Furnished apt. for 3 enTT ployed girls. Private entrance and bath. Utilities paid. 2-8D1S. 2 nOOM—Modem TurnTsTTed apt. Pri- _vate_bath and entrance. 821 E. Bth. ' rooms, private bath. Close In. Em* ployed couple, day workers pro. jThOOM"^Fu'fnished apt., all modern jjartford L 100 East Hawthorne. 4-4.797 2 «S?,9 S - £ ? a " men ' ,»P».- 'Wished: . 4 ROOM-NeWF" furnUhed and dec-" orated apt. Heat and water, Adulta only. 3-6508 after 6 p.m. «"""« EXCEPTIONAL APT7~Modern. — FurnUhTd apt. Private en- a~or~«~gobM FURNISHED— Adulti." Mo pet*. 118 E. Date: HwUord. UOUSBi FOR -r-T-Z -. _,,i"~J^*"^ w ***** OklPd • 3 ROOM HOUSE—AHon-EdwardsvlilS road, acroiK f TOM Silver Star tavern. I ROOM—Modern house for rent. - r.*£ D S iddlea « e< * coupl*. On bug line. t>*ODa>4j(. GOOFHKY-For l, M e. «Jght room modern house, gu heat, large lot, reference*. A valla We May lit. Writ* Box 800. care Telegraph. « BOOM MODERN HOME -' inquire WIKon'a Cafe, Wwtfwd, or phone 4-2038. ... ROOM^Modern duplex with ftiU basement, conveniently located in Wood River. Price S80 toonUOy. 4-3UOS.

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