Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on May 27, 1957 · Page 1
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 1

Cumberland, Maryland
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Monday, May 27, 1957
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The Weather Fair, cooler tonight. Low 4654, fair tomorrow. 'Utah in 70s. High, 89; ~loiv,.64; noon 75 Rainfall—.04 inch. River— 3.69 feet. Humidity—55%. VOL. LXXXVIII.—NO. 146 Asmiotti f,ts> Semco-tf CUMBERLAND. MARYLAND; MONDAY. MAY 27. 1957 ~ /~w, Hm s«,w c . ^7^ 6 CENTS Labor "Protection" Law Offered b Issues Offer To Russians Adenauer Asserts He Will Consider Buffer /one Plan BONN. Germany Uf> — Chancellor Konrad Adenauer told the Soviet Union today that his government would be willing lo consider a demilitarized zone in Central Kurope if the Russians would agree lo "reunification of Germany in freedom." In a 4,000-word message, Adenauer said he wanted to reassure the Russians his government is willing lo accept any legitimate Soviet proposal that would guarantee a free, rcunilcd Germany. Would Make Concessions He made it clear that he was witling to make some concessions, saying: "If the Soviet government seriously fears (he revival ol German 'militarism' it is free lo demand, logclher with the reunification of Germany, effective guarantees of its (Russia's) security." Adenauer again rejected the Soviel proposal lhat he negotiate German reunification with the Communist East German government. The 17 million East Germans, Adenauer said, arc not free lo make any decisions for themselves. They are. he added, under "the domination of Communist functionaries, who are falsely called the working class." The note was handed to the Soviet government in Moscow Friday. It was the third exchange between the two governments in 24 hours and was in reply to a Soviet message sent last October. Adenauer in the past has firmly opposed a neutral Germany but has said he would agree to keeping all weapons out of whal is now East Germany if the nation is reunited. He appeared to lake a cautious step further in today's message. Adenauer pointed out (hat Ihe Ittissians. in their October message, had said they svould view wjj£ "interest. . .the selling up ol a dcmilitarized zone in Europe between fast and West," and al the same time asked Bonn if it would sign an agreement renouncing the use of force. Calls For Reunification "The ideas menlioned in these statements," Adenauer replied, "could be important elements in a security system which could guarantee reunification to Germany and peace and freedom to all European states and also to reunified Germany." Bonn, he added, "has no hesitation about linking an agreement on the reunification of Germany with contractual obligations reaffirming the reunificalion of the use of force." Deale Paraders Felled By Heat "J\.<j», n Jluto-itJ iu I ,, Md. 10—More than 50 liams fold the court. persons collapsed yesterday while marching in a Memorial Day pa- leave io The ° rade in sweltering heal. Several spectators also col lapsed. All those affected were and ice packs, four ambulances of the Bethes -- -- -•••—• --.--"-.,. »»*.,L dvliylka it-lie oa-Chevy Chase rescue squad and power of the underworld." the 7th and 2nd Districts ot the Anne Arundel Fire Departmen helped treat the victims, "They were dropping like Hies right after they passed the re viewing stands." said Dr. Har N. Jones, who treated most of th victims. "It must have been close to 100 added. Rooncy Signs Contract To Slar On CBS-TV casting System. her" of Su-mimite shows and have him make a relurn appearance in lor screen Ihe Playhouse 90 scries. A weekl -.- -^ — .»... .. .,s_ w »ki_i .»IILI milt. *nj«i'is rft nor show of nis own is also planned Benny mugging at Benny. Fight Defense ' House Group Youth Charged In Girl Killing Would Avert Severe Slash Marie Ann Mazur. U. shows her brother. Joey, three, the inscribed ball which bounded at , lc !. ted lhe . Kouse w° uld make a Crm £s l a£ f S r h o emP S h Cu^ 2 ^ ^ to^T^ ? P £ ™?™* ™' ^ "» ri * -ents^cLmeSby i^A^ Marie delivered (he ball laler'to Mrs. Currv >« sears or urg arj, to his infant sons priations Committee. Johnson Contends Ike Fund Request Not 'Untouchable 9 By WILLIAM F. ARBOGAST WASHINGTON un— House Republican leaders mapped a Jast- minule campaign today to restore a portion of the 2'A billion dollars he House Appropriations Commit- ee cut from next year's defense unds. Rep. Martin (Mass), the GOP eader, summoned members of his >arly's Policy Committee to de- ermine how much of the money hey would fight to restore. The House today taeWed details if the $33,541,225,000 measure—$2,586,775,000 less than President Eisenhower had asked. Says Cuts "Shocking" Sentiment expressed during the irsl day of debate Friday had ndicated the House would make ew, if any, changes in the allot- Showers Due. At Weekend BALTIMORE «v-Five-day forecast: Cooler lonight and Tuesday, wanner Wednesday, cooler Thursday and Friday. Showers again about Thursday and around Saturday. Temperatures will average about normal while rainfall will average close to one-half inch. ..- ..-.., vut.J, tj, ^t.vlllg IV>U Marie delivered the ball later to Mrs. Curry. Trial Of Dio Postponed In Federal Court NEW YORK w — The Federal jovernment today postponed trial of John (Johnny Dio) Dioguardi and three others in the acid-blinding of labor writer Victor Riesel because Viey witnesses refused to cstify. U. S. Ally. Paul \y. NViUiams, n asking that the case be removed from the trial calendar in federal district court, said this "does not close the book." He said immed- ale trial "would be inviting an acquittal." Williams told the court that the witnesses' refusal to talk "reflects Ihe power of the under world." "May t say that il may be gangster ethics but it is not the kind of ethics the Department of Jus- ice will tolerate," Williams told Judge William B. norlands. Dio sat in the courtroom, occasionally smiling slightly. The two key witnesses, Gondol- o Miranti and Domenico Bando, previously convicted in one phase f ° r conlcm P l '" refus - ---t- ^- it; pi e lo answer questions before a talks. VGI'S Ravage States In Southwest DALLAS «•—Torrenlial downpours lashed parts of wealher- beaten Texas yesterday and thousands of persons in Texas, Okla- loma and Arkansas fled overflowing rivers. Stassen Set To Air Amis Cut Proposal LONDON UV-Harold E. Stassen arrived in London today with new American proposals for a disarmament plan with Soviet Russia. President Eisenhower's special disarmament representative new into London Airport only a few hours before the five-nation U. N. Disarmament subcommittee was lo resume discussions and told reporters he would negotiate "care OJcla.. some -too persons, were ;vacuated into adjacent Fort Smilh, Ark., when a foot of water Tom the Arkansas River washed nto the town. Moffett was unpro- f - -.- -"-..*•; — "- puntis. lie wouia negouaie care- ot the case were given additional fu j]y and cautiouslv" with Soviet "° " presentatives at" the London federal grand jury. "The government has now done r all it can under the law to compel buildup" these witnesses to testify." Wil- j c an plai ,..,..,. . . aiiiuii, iiiuiJMirca steps Without belaboring lhe point, 1 reduction instead of a what forces have compelled us to follow Ihis desperate course. "I will continue lo nress vipnr. ously these testify. Their actic ( a B«<™cnt covering all weapons. He cautioned against expecting fast results from the talks, point- ;ed to piex" •fleet the " Benny Has Fun Watching Self On Television Quake's Toll Fixed At 52 degrees in lhe sun," Dr. Jones Benny Hooper Jr. appeared on a arirfl " i national television show last night and got a big kick out cf watching himself on an offstage monitor set. The youngster seemed completely recovered from his 23!i- e ISTANBUL w _ Rescue teams in a cave yesterday were found digging through the ruins of earth- today. The,- emerged from the rt quake-shattered villages in north- experience a little hungry and u eru -Turkey today counted at [east harmed. ° " ...... "" ' " 52 killed and 70 injured. .,,,.„,,.._,. lucieiy iLtoverca irotn ms 23 i\E\V ^ ORK «}-Mickey Rooney hour ordeal at the bottom of a h«s signed a five-year television well al Manorville N Y Mav contract with the Columbia Broad-1S-17 Benny was interviewed on Sieve ' ^ • . ~>-,IMJ "oo imti vic»vt.-u on oieve The network said yesterday it Allen's NBC-TV show. The boy plans to star the actor in a "num-could scarcely pay attention to Allen after discovering the moni After that, viewers at home saw White Men Go On Trial In Anti-Negro Terrorism •J MONTGOMERY. Ala. HV-Trialidcr, 27. were indicted on the capi- ef two young white men charged tal charge of dynamitin» the wilh dynamiting Negro churches home of Ihe Rev. Ralph D Aberm a wave of terrorism last Jan- nathy while his wife and child uary opens today in Circuit Court, slept inside. No injuries were re Police said the bombings, part ported Raymond C. Brill Jr., 27, and Sonny Kyle Livingston Jr., 18, Two other white men, James D. York, 52, *nd Uenry Alexan- He said his general aim was to •evcrse the "competitive arms mildup" in Uie world. The Amor- can plan, he said, was aimed at 'small, measured steps" of arms for quick decisions. lAf Pbotofa*) :ected by levees. In Texas, the ity • T • ""' Dallas, but began falling last night. Police estimated some 2,500 persons were evacuated from low- ying areas. Another 4,000 persons evacuated flooded areas of Fort Worth over the weekend. Some flood-weary residents in Dallas planned lo move after seeing their homes inundated for the third lime this spring. "I'm moving out," said Mayce Ross, 34. "I haven't thought about where, but I'm getting tired of being flooded." Ross was one of hundreds of/|et-c persons being cared for at dis- afto stations in Dallas and Fort HoKrffl.'V «• j . acciuents Memorial uay s downstream were cvacu- Nati()na , Safet Cmmci f in anhplnatlnn nf -,« A..A_ ... . atinj in anticipation of an overflow of the spillway tonight. Writer, Children Rescued Iu Cave aimeu. ._ ---,- — ' J ohn Pfeiffer, 42. took his son Casually reports mounted rapid-Tony. 11, and two of the iad's y as searchers reached the area companions, on an outing yester about ICO miles southeast of Is- day to explore caves in this east .anbul^ where the quake struck cm Pennsylvania area. The party-entered a commercia yesterday. Officials in Bolu province, which felt the brunt of the shock, estimated 52 dead. There were unconfirmed reports ot scattered came lost and Pfeiffer's wife deaths in the adjoining provinces.—'-•* " At least ISO houses were destroy- . .-ren „ ^ Lave, located at Raubsville, five Chiang Kai-shek directed police rescue mttes south of Easton. They bf •--*--- '- -'- L — : '- • - ' , also shook tourist-jammed Ankara and Istanbul, were villages south of the provincial capital of Bolu. night. Slate police, aided by volun .. , ....,,. , . . """^ i'""ti.-. aiura oy vomn- More man 200 neters were re IlardeM hit by the quake, which teers and cave exploration ex- ported already under police de ;SO snoOK lounst-lammpn Ank-ara wrl« cna™K™l «Kn „., *_j ,-_.-__ i... , , ., contacted the group by shouting, ed. But Martin said he wanted the 'olicy Committee to know "the ull extent of the damage" he said would be done by what he called 'shocking" cuts in lhe budget figures. He said he expected proposal of amendments on the House floor aimed at "restoring a good portion" of lhe committee's culs. Senate Democratic Leader Lyndon B. Johnson cf Texas said he does not consider Eisenhower's defense request as "sacred and untouchable." He-did not say how much-he , ... „..„,_, avors for defense but commented carried a Bible in-his pocket w nat no budget recommendation s sacred. Congress must still ap ply its judgment as to the size ol the recommendations." Sees Future Problems Deputy Secretary of Defense Robert A. Quarles said even the ?1,300,000,000 ot House committee years." Eisenhower had described hat amount of the cut as a book-keeping move. Quarles said in a television interview that (o slick (o the other $1,200,000,000 of lhe cuts would be "positively unwise." That is the part Eisenhower had told his news conference would "cut directly into defense," especially buying of aircraft and guided missiles. Safety Council CHICAGO Lfl — An estimated In Oklahoma the level nf r nV-0 oamrf th. -ii ttuwAUU L« — An estimated ^en. i^eon lamavc, army chief , n, n sp" 11 "}' stage 120 Americans will die in traffic who had tried to rule the restive uam. nesioents and in- accidents Memorial Day, savs the Negro republic since last Tuesday, ownsiream were evacu- M-,*;™.^ c-.r~t,. *-< :i " Pni Ani rtT1 ;« i.-«u, . j" . The council's estimate is for the 30-hour holiday period from 6 p.m. Wednesday until midnight Thurs day. care and caution, we estimate that 120 persons will be killed on to °k 'he oath. peri an imme. '° r a non loliday Thursday at this time of the year." . . _^ 1 aipci Rioters cavern known as Carpenter's TAIPEI. Formosa (.fl-President today to intensify a hunt for agi- nating the search from Westovcr ..»......».,. u,,u i ,t;nui » wiie re- lators who slirred up violent anti- Air Force Base said yesterday ported the parly missing lasl American demonstrations in Tai- Civil Air Patrol units in Pennsyl. Friday. More lhan 200 rioters were re- been alerted. —.„ u ,,u va.t c.\inuiduun ex- porteti aireaay unaer ponce de- me Loast uuard also is aiding v ""-' *-«3i>i«.ii} tiu«u 01 10, perts. searched (he cave today, lention. but presumably the ring- in the hunt for Dewcy who icUP !atl > so " Square Garden One member of the search party leaders had not been apprehend- Lockhavcn without filing a flight nis!lt Contacted the croun hv ?;hrn]lini? «H nlir. n fr;*,:'.i,- <.-,:j Ronald Marrone. 18, who always carried a Bible in his pocket, looks downcast at Paramus, N. J., after confessing to the rape-slaying of Ruth Starr Zeitler, 15, in a wooded * f«r Photo/ox) High School Student • »«<: "ew administration bil Held In Sex Slaying^j^S^^ •••HACKENSAGK,-N. J. Lfc—An 13-year-old youth who always such Iunds on wilibh lax exemp arried a Bible in-his pocket was thanrpri with ™,,r^=. ,.„..,„...,;... Iio 1 i or deductions are allowei ,_. in the rape-slaying ot pretty Ruth Starr Zeitler. Mitchell Presents Ih-oiui Proposals To Senate Coinmiuce WASHINGTON t* _ The Eiscn- lower administration broadened ts proposals for protection of la- jor welfare-pension funds today to cover all funds and to provide criminal penalties for stealing from them. The broad new bill was pre- scnled lo a Senate Labor subcommittee by Secretary of Labor Mitchell, who said in prepared testimony that findings of the Senate Rackets Investigating Committee, other congressional probes and his department's studies had brought the conclusion "that our original proposals may be improved and strengthened." The new proposals went far fa- ward meeting objections which Jen. Douglas (D-II1) had raised In he former administration proposals in testimony prepared for the same hearing. Douglas is the author of another bill on the same subject. Would Provide Penalfiu Douglas' prepared testimony had said that while the framers of the original administration bill "have good intentions, the work of their hands is a toothless crip- pie." Douglas' bill, like the new administration plan, would apply to both union and management-operated funds and would provide criminal penalties for misuse. House hearings are also to slart n a few days on similar legisla- ion a major step aimed at curb- ng labor corruption. An estimated 75 million workers and members of their families are beneficiaries of these funds. The new administration bill would ; provide for registration ,,,, ,. . . , "•=" <"> piaiia covering employe; ^lda,_rirs;_assistant Bergen County prosecutor, saidjin any induslrv affeclin" inter T>nniM ir_ T-. • . _l_i_ = all ;xemp- under the federal lax laws, as well as plans covering employes Worker Idol Sworn In As Haiti Leader •By LARS Y ALLEN uuu PORT AU PRINCE l^Crisis- Bible, ridden Haiti had a new provisional president Ronald Marrone, a Fair 'Lawn High School sophomore, had dictated what Galda called fession to the lovers' lane >' e;)r Prison term for anyone con- strangulation of his 15-year-olc classmate. -Galda quoted the youfh as repeating "I'm making this statement to God. fm telling this to "lod" as' he held tightly to his government were lo be made pub- ~^~"-V^ •'"" ••"•••"•"• The youth was among more than Daniel F , g n o 1 e, 43-year-old W persons questioned since Ruth s - ' • - - mathematics professor and idol of Haiti's workers, was ssvora in yesterday as some of the clashing Clements temporarily set aside their differences in an attempt to avert all-out civil war. One of Fignole's first acts was to accept the resignation of Brig. Gen. Leon Cantave, army chief seminude body was found in a wooden' glen in Paramus last Thursday. The girl, a pretty brunette, had eft for afternoon classes at the ligh school May 17. She did not °PP° s ed filing government reports - ^ , — . Col. Antonio Kebreau. commander of the Southern Military District, was named to Cantave's post. Cantave and Haiti's police chief,. t----— -......,, fvij uLuuysy i L'L Col. Pierre Armand. who had had been raped. •Unless the extra dangers of threatened civil war in a bid to holiday traffic are met with extra tal; e over the army command, both stood at Fignole's side as he r> i • r> -i T T s ' a ' e search, continued today fo I OUCe JXOUllCl Up commercial pilot Dewcy Fishei T^;«^; Tl^toTc, 31 missing since last Thursda Hunt Pushed For Airmail CHICOPEE, Mass. Ws—A three state search continued today for ;her . on a 300-mile trip from Lockhaven Pa. to Norfolk. Va. A spokesman for the 46th air which is coordi- state commerce. The bill would provide for a maximum So.OOO fine and five- victed of embezzling such funds OL- falsifying or destroying fund books or records. The former administration bill iiad proposed that it be discretionary with' the secretary of labor whether data filed with the arrive for classes and never came home. When her body was found, her white belt was knotted about her neck. Some of her clothing was rolled up in a ball nearby, and a wad of cleansing tissue was stuffed in her mouth. An autopsy report said the girl Contrary To XAM Idea The new bill says all plans should be covered and Ireated alike. In this, Mitchell went contrary to the desires of the Nation a I Assn. of Manufacturers which has on management-run plans. Ap- jroximately 90 per cent of all welfare-pension plans for employes are management operated, many of them through banks and insurance companies. Galda said Marrone had picked Ruth up in a car at 11:30 a. m. on Ihe day of the murder, drove (Continued on Page 2. Col. 51 Graham Decries Wedded Couples Violating Vows NEW YORK ',T> — Evangelist J Billy Graham says "there is something desperately and tragic' ally wrong wilh the American home today." He attributes- Ihis to marric UU. (VlllLll IS COOFQl- —•.-.......t*j .<IL.. lu iiiaiiinu rch from Westovcr cou P Ios ' "breaking and forget- n Reich Leader Begins Talks WASHINGTON IP - Chancellor Konrad Adenauer of West Germany begins formal talks with Secretary of State Dulles today lo follow up his man-to-man conference j-csterday with President Eisenhower. World disarmament will probably figure as the main topic during his three-day stay. Eisenhower and Dulles will want lo assure Adenauer that his government's views will be fully tak- tf an. vania, Maryland and Virginia have ling" laws governing marriage as!,, f ci u /-i stated in the Bible. jKcils Shell Vjiicmov Jraham siwkp nn "Prnhrmrvc nfl the The Coast Guard also is aidins Graham spoke on "Problems of TAIPEI w _ The Chinese Com- -ie American Home" before an-'munist.s fired 243 shells at flue- other capacity crowd ol 18,500 atimoy today in the heaviest bomb- plan, officials said. Kills Algerian Leader *** * ^ * ** France Shocked By Slaying Near Paris Stadium PARIS Wi — One of France's]French politics as former Pre- Sed'fJi^a'fa'llr,?,,^; mier R ™< P '-cn continued his of a series of seven, and six shoot-^Abcrnathy is vice president ol SS.d'^Urfw rtSSort^nte! 1 "'" RCnC P1CVC " C ° nli ™ C(1 his ngs at city buses were intended the Montgomery Improvement the nose of President Rene Coty i s Pad<work toward nomination of o intimidate Negroes They fol- Assn., which conducted Ihe year France and Ihe European com- a ne «' Premier. lowed racial intcgralum of city long Negro bus boycott. rminily of Algerian were pro buacs Doc, 21 on federal court or- *>-*>» «—- ••—»-•-'--* • - ' " der. «. ^ — -.-j-un. inumty vi .'Mgtuau \vtrc pro- Bntt was indicted on counts of roundly shocked at the killing of! bombing Abernathy's church, the Emir Ali Chekkal, 60-ycar-old vice! Isegro First Baptist, and the Hut :J —' -" "-- ' chinson St. Baptist Church early gerian Assembly. j --.,- v ....,..£,.,.,,.. «.,, i Up \,,,Lii3uki ut. udgjubi i*nurcn early were indicted on charges that Jan. 10, and a taxicab stand in coupled with a new mere carry maximum sentences of 10 the morning of Jan. 27. Livingston rebel attacks across ,' years imprisonment each. was indicted in connection with over the weekend the ass; I wrt mnftr umiTA n^nn I'msar- ih^ IT..l*O<:«.._.. fL 1-11 t j .. .. ... the Hutchinson St. Church dyna miting, president of the now defunct Al j «u t *^L Yt ..«».«.,... .>.vi., u .,u,, « ivm n ijn/ [o i/ie pa^emcnc oy me nair. t o- ped through Chekkal-s bodyguard circulated tracts saying Chckkal lice grabbed him and restored or- as he left a Paris soccer stadium had been condemned to deaUi. der among the screaming crowd. yesterday and fired a pistol slug assassina tion gave Ihe already important Algerian question added weight in Urn A jobless Algerian plumber slip Last February, after Chckkal helped plead France's case in the Algerian question before the UN. General Assembly, the Algerian National Liberation Front (FLN) j -».^. — ^ .<ii» ui*,u a j/ioiui 3iU£ OUI. II 1C as&clMillI, if-YCal into his back. Coly's limousine Mohamed Sadok, told police: — .— ........... u .j. miu ,1,0 uairt. v.uiy £» 1M11UUSUIC Coupled with a new increase in had passed the spot only seconds *"' '" Algeria before and the stadium crowd for a lime began a panic, believing Ihe President had been the vie - last;ardment of the Nationalist off- ishore island since May 10. Ingrid's Mate Seen Ousted Due To India 4 Love Affair' NEW DELHI spokesman> room in the Taj Mahal Hotel for India's Home Ministry' saidlnear Ihe one occupied by Rossel- today the government is cielibcr-ilini. ating whether to extend the cx-i Ministry officials were checking was a Francophile. I chose;pired visa of Roberto Rosscllini'also with West Bengal officials «.._kkal because he was the lasljin view of reports linking thcibccause Hari Das Gupta, husband Moslem friend of France." [Italian movie producer romanti-'of the Indian woman, is working Sadok was nearly scalped byjcally wilh a pretty Bengali scripUin Calculla. furious bystanders who pulled himjwriter. ] liossellini has been making to the pavement by the hair. Po-j She is married and the motherdocutnentary films in India since But the assassin, 27-year-old "I have no political connections and I take the responsibility for my act. For some lime I had decided to lake direct action and sboot down a Moslem personality der among the screaming crowd. The assassin came from Bone, Algeria, four years ago. Chckkal died a few minutes after reaching a hospital. President of two children. Her husband is'his arrival last December. Semiof- said lo have complained lhat Ros-jficial sources in Bombay said the selini's presence in India is threat-igovernmont had ordered a tempo- enmg to break up the marriage, rary suspension of work on the O -" -*•».*"« Wf «>!». IIIUIILUgv. 101} CU3|JV:lk3[lHL VJI « UI IV Ull IflK The spokesman said the minis- films. The word in New Delhi was ^i IVOV.-IIUIB a iti»|jiiai. rmiucniitry is conferring wilh Bombayjthat Home Ministry officials were ^oty went to the hospital andiolficials because the scriptwriter,jtaking up the subject with the spent several minutes at the Mrs. Sonali Das Gupta, lives in'Ministry of Information and deathbed. Jthe oily of Bombay. She occupiesiBroadcasting.

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