Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on February 13, 1952 · Page 2
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 2

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 13, 1952
Page 2
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TWO EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 1952 Phone 4600 for a WANT AD Taker AFL Engineers Will Receive Wage Increase The federal -wage commission has approved wage Increases averaging from 15 to 17 per cent for operating engineers in this area. The rate increase, retroactive to the first pay period after January 8, 1952, was approved by the Industrial Wage Stabilization Commission, Washington, upon application of the Baltimore chapter of the Association of General Contractors of America. Robert Jones, area business agent for Local 37, Operating Engineers, said the decision will affect about 225 members of the local In Western Maryland by late spring. Ths new rate schedule Will provide a weekly rate of $2.85 an hour, or a daily rate of $3 an hour for operators of back fillers, cranes, derricks, shovels and back hoea. Operators of compressors, pumps, rollers, and engine driven welders will get $2.20 an hour by the week and (2.35 on a day rate schedule. The new rate for auto patrol graders is $2.05 by the week or |2.16 by the day. Operators of excavating scoops, bulldozers , asphalt machines and spreaders will get $2 an hour by the week and $2.12% by the day. Oilers will get $1.80 by the week and $1.70 by the day. The new rates are effective in all counties of Maryland except St. Mary's, Prince Georges, Charles and Montgomery. A subsequent decision will be handed down soon for seven West Virginia Counties under Local 37's Jurisdiction. They are Grant, Mineral, Hampshire, Morgan, Berkeley, Jefferson and Hardy. The new rate* were negotiated last May between the Maryland Contractors Association and Local 37, Operating Engineers (AFL), subject to approval by the wage board. Jones said the boost is the first granted here for operating engineers since 1949, when Baltimore rates were approved for the flood control project here, raising rates about,20 cents an hour. The MATURE PARENT We Can't Be Casual About The 'Borrowing' Habit New Factories Open In Sicily ROME—(fl 1 )—Ninety new factories have been started in Sicily since last fall In a campaign, backed by the government, to increase industrialization of the heavily populated island. The government Is granting special tax concessions to new industries starting there ' The new factories Include 30 for food and sweets • processing, 10 chemical and pharmaceutical factories, 12 for building materials, nine mechanical industries,' eight wine-processing plants, five textfle mills, five paper mills, four small oil refinery establishments, and others engaged in glassware, -shoes *nd leathergoods. and electromechanical production. HEADACHE RELIEF always buy St. Joseph ASPIRIN WORLD b L&ROtSl SH-LLH AT IO« Need a Laxative Almost Every Hiqht? Then r*ly on this! Take Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablet*. They »r» all vegetable and so mild many folkn have taken them for years—no need to increase dortaee. 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When his mother called sharply, "Al, get up here and wash for supper!" he was so startled that he dropped his nail. Overwhelmed by life's frustrations, Al roared up the cellar stairs, "Stop pestering me! Don't you know I'm too busy to b6 bothered?" Al's mother is a reasonable woman. She turned down the gas under her vegetables and descended j the seven steps to the cellar. There, sizing up the rudder situation, she said, "You're going to need glue as well as a nail to hold that rudder tight. You certainly can't work on a tough job like that now with everyone wanting you to come to the table. Get upstairs now and do as you're told. I never can figure why you make such a fuss about washing for dinner. How would you like it if I came to the table wearing my dirty apron?" Does Al obey? Yes.-Does he like his mother? He's crazy about her. His respect and affection for his mother may have something to do with the fact that her/ discipline fulfills all the conditions set forth in a wonderfully helpful statement made by Dr. Frederick H Allen, Director of the Philadelphia Child Guidance Clinic. "When a parent," writes Dr. Allen, "can respect a child's negative and resentful feelings, while holding firm to what is required, the child learns to respect and use that firmness without feeling that he is surrendering himself to a force bigger than himself." By showing her interest, in her little son's carpentry problem, Al's mother has shown understanding of his resentment at having to post- pone his work on It. By^not yielding her demand for' obedience to * basic home rule, she has held firm to what is reauired. By suggesting that she herself has to prepare herself properly for the table, she has implied that she as well a: Al has to conform to that basic home law. She has made it quite clear that Al Is not surrendering himself to an adult merely because the adult is more powerful, but to a low that is bigger than either of them, We have all noted how Insistently teachers In nursery schools u*e phrases like these—"We do ' not spit" . . . "We do not spill milk in our laps" •. . . "We do not cross the street until the traffic stops ..." Though the "we do this—we don't do that" approach is helpful in disposing of children's impressions i that we are a separate, specially privileged class, the thought back of the approach Is, of course, more important than any phrases we can use. There's no use parroting phrases if T.'e still think of children as antagonists, opposed to us, divided from us in the struggle to dbnform, Until we see that the children stand beside us, facing the hurdles with us—the little jumps for them, the higher ones for us—we'll just be bullying, no matter how many "we do's" or "we don'ts" we use. 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