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The Chandler News-Publicist from Chandler, Oklahoma • Page 3

The Chandler News-Publicist from Chandler, Oklahoma • Page 3

Chandler, Oklahoma
Issue Date:

thought of making teaching their i The Denver Ad club held its an-profession in fact so young and im-lnual dinner at the Albany recently mature that they do not understand and the citizens of that fair city are their charges nor themselves a case of the blind leading the blind The-importance of first class primary schools has long been overlooked The vast majority of the school population of the country get? no other schooling High schools and colleges are more or less inacccs- still talking about it The menu had four pages the first of vhich was a facsimile of the Dhnver Republican reduced until it was possible to read tlie news items only with the aid of a magnifying glass Most of the news was about the meeting of the Ad dub and its dinner there 17ATED-A niDEEl AGEflT NO JlOVt KMJI IKhU unnl you rereivran-i approve 4 jourbieyrle Vh 7 UKK rtilV I ri'imnj iiuli lime you niy rule the huye triad pue t) Jny lot viu w-h It art eliri no! prrin-tly ir d) ne tlie bicycle wnp ba tv tit at our aini yon vtfi 6 put one cent FACTORY PRICES lumrh tl0 £Tdz biryclr it is possible lo nuke ivni iwvbii at one mil protu above uial lacii ry cost You save i(0 tfi fif rTMdlIemrn pmtni bv us Jn-i Ke tte etur uuc ut bnul your bicvle IH Mr Ucycte or a pur ot tirw from a nyono at nny fno until yoo rerptve rmr catilours and lea re our unheard ot prtes and remtr koo tfi ttl ofTrrt to nlr YGS) WILL BE a Vautifui mMiocme md IVU lllkb Db Mdl UAiOnCJ study our superb mot Ids the must If lv wr rva tnakr you t'n yr ir (r tr lor monr V' 4rs msth piua profit atKve ta lory cost Lb can sl our buytlca ULucr ycur name piste al double our pners Orders nllH the diy rjcrurX stCOM) II A II ltU CLKH Ue do tMt handle s-cond hind biryclrs bul uinlly hive a lumber on hand tiken tn tud our hirnjn ti! tros llue ivar promptly at pnen nnmjr Imm or 6IO Urwripiivj Urcnn lx's maned lr-e C0JSTER ES4US (m50 IIEOGETKORH PUHSICRE-PRODF hi ti i Pttgfil It! ft Tlfsrg A SAMPLE PAIR fill nojcc cLr iXlalHU Bill Tho of tflsio tires Judge Luther Perkins of Coffey -ville Kans has been In Chandler this week looking up the status of the Deep Fork drainage bonds County Atty Jones states that he wants more bootleggers The ones who have been serving time in th? county jail have just finished clearing the stumps from thirty acres of land at the poor farm there are more stumps but tin supply of bootleggers are giving out The ball game scheduled to hav? Luc played tutween the printers uiid the court bouse bunch la-l Sunday failed to male i ulize but Hie I'tlluWi at the court bouse feeling no doubt that they were up against the uai tiling pke'd Therefore the fan? were disappointed The Chandler printers now have ia regularly organized ball team and the rrs out-oi-iowu team they me to tackle is the (Hants Piu-j gue has a good team and they wiil seise to (onu t0 Chandler1 May 7th Game i ailed at at Hie fair grounds sible Few have entered high was a cartoon showing some of lie schools still fewer have or do on-j troubles of he "Adman" Tin sector college Tills is true even in thejoncl page was given our to ibe mr-citios It is this fad that makes ajnu and the third to the program of thorough grounding in the funda-'speeches tmntals of education so important On the fourth page wen- the fol-au! it Is amazing that the people jawing lines which are too good not have just begun to realize it and eb- to bo spread broadcast tnand a charge --Mail and Freeze "A ben is not supposed to have much common sense or tad but LEAL 1 1ST ATM TLANnI ELS every time she lays an egg she ac- Tho following list of transfers of 1 kies forth the fad some oon wavs to swat the FLY From the Louisville Courier-Journal So completely have house flies been exterminated in England that screens ari no longer used in windows and doors This shows what i an he done A solution of formalin or formaldehyde in water is the host and cheapest exterminator Put a bpoonfuM of water ami expose- it in a saucer in your room Try it once and you will see- Hum iy 1 thrum powder in a room and sweep out the stupefied tlies Or put twenty drops of carbolic avid on a hot shovel The vapor is deadly to the pest Put a dram of bichromate of potash in half a glass of water and sweeten Expose a little of the solution in saucers Sti ky fly paper also will do the work A Texas The Texas Wonder tires kidney and Madder trouide remove? gravel tires diabetes weak ami lame hacks rheumatism and all irregularity of the kidneys and bladder in both men and women regulates lladd' troubles in children If not sold by jour druggist will be sent by mail oil receipt of 1 One small but tle is two months treatment ami seldom fails to perfect a cure Send for testimonials from many states Dr 11 2926 Olive St St Louis Mo rr: rr per ft IO tut tntrsiiuO i't sr 7 irt semper fait Lp ftWi iiihictthofiiefStK K9 MOftE TROUBLE FROM FUKCTURES NAILS Tuck or Clnn util not lit lr ouL Silv ttuni)iid juirs sxjUI la: Uvrrtwo bund r1 ttiea-aud now ia Uif DESCRIPTION! Made in nil ie It lively iml ta- I uimt vviydnr'iMrjnd UfdiuMdewuti a stitviul I ol ruUtK-r win Ii nvvr becomes poiotn and hily clixu- up nudt puiwturrs will) vet nltory-tng tlu an loc'gape We liuve hundti Is of letters 1 10m satis-tieilaustoineisstatii'ie Hint their tires Ii ivcouly tveu )um u-l upoueor wu in a yy hole season They weekly i morel liatt at) oi dinar) the Ji'inctute resist if ypial' tiemg given t- -wtal liveis of (Inn Rpeviailv fu pared fain ic (ZZ tt Ctr jfca5uT )f ia Us "A rooster leit to show I Tt 1 I I I0 CA nfno SI Notice the ttitak rnliticr trend unit pi: net lire irlps hasn't got much but nonetheless enough good of I t-1 despis wav of 1 i'lu maragem nt of ti am is also arranging the Chandler a match with jtrls who are tie most persistent know lu little boos around by his the Lesion Llooait Lincoln county real estate are fur- nished the New -Publicist weekly by tlx Abstract Guaranty Co of roosters have April Li A I i to Sarah Lath nw 12-14-1 liiiin County court to 11 gdu 3-' sv sw 2-1 "-I Cm i r1' County to Tcnnis-m si Iv as above 1 1 ree Citorgiu Davenport to Teti-nison sanu above' Stxn Luxe gdn to Tcnni-soa same as above $7nu Apt it II row "The mule beasts has a ting people insistent bray "Tli' busy bulls billow watchdogs and el o' es ami I "The peiiccex spunks pigs ing and even touring this tic'ii Hoy buzz Mti ami cows moo and hark and Homestead Yeoman Lodge met bum Tuesdav j- n-l ulso run trn jN to ireyrut rim cot tlm Till tv tiro ulll outlast Htiy other tread The regular -of tins is s))er airlul V'y viVV u' un pos vare a Wing asm ial I to l-Vs I i M) the 1 1 ler of only pair All ord 'is shipped' irnne dav letter it rveiwd We ship f) on You do not pay in vat nut it you lnv examined nut found tl-vii M-ivIy i iepre-ented a ill allow riv-ty ilseoimt 'er lent (tlier iv making he ioV rer puri if you t-nf 14 11 CASH Wit'll and nv'we tlis X'ou run ro In en us nn order ns the tires may be returned at () evp if for anv -ason they are not satidaetory on exaannnion Wo are per loot 1 reliable and in nev sent to us is ns sale as' in a bung If you orbr a piir of these tnes you will find that they will tide tamer run tasirr wear better I i-t longer Hint lU liner lhvii unv tile you hyve ever used or e- en nt any pi ire We know that you will tie so II pleased Unit hen you want bicycle you will jtve us Jour order We aut you to Rend us a ul order aloucc remirgable lire otfer fC Yfigf mCCn Tiryirr' (ton'l Imv anv Ivimiulniiviirieeuntil you send fora pair of I MBA iVCiwfi b'dvet Piiik ture-groof tiles on nnprovil und nt the special introductory price quoted alsyi or for our lag Tire Hint Mind: whiclv Jc ribes utld tuolrs makes and Linds of tires nt about hull the usii tl ri rs nn Nmr SlyUT 'vrfcisn tKi-liltslav DO Ml 1 II I Iv OP lirvi( iy tiirvcte filCrfi Will I or a pair of tires lioin anrone until yon know the new mid Wonderful ofiey? we arc making 11 only costa a postal to team everythin Wole it NOW FEflB CYCLE COMPAHY CiUCAGO ILL 1 7 7 of th: in regular sts-iiuleis evening April" ii pig mis coo I Afer the usual orbr of bmin ss He spreads bus tail and sipieal and robins serp'-itts Know enough to hiss before they sting "Lut Man the greatest i "Lut Man the greatest mator- 1 members indulged an edd time spilling match for which three prize? were offered Tin battle was In ivt- ly fought by both side? until a late hour when the e-onte'St finally ended Mrs Jessy Laming won first prize Mrs A Sdudbinr came ut sec-otu! best while David Keller walked majestieally away with the booby prize After the prize's were awarded refreshments were served and a splendid time wa? reported by all County Atty Jones was called to Kickapoo township yesterday to investigate the report of an attempt to dynamite some of the colored residents of that section For some time certain colored re'side'Uts have been receiving thretening letters ordering them to leave the vicinity Luslness picked up at the county attorney's office Wednesday Five iutormatiotis were issued charging certain prominent citizens of the town of Davenport with being drunk in a public place Five informa-'iotis were also issued against five Chandler men for fighting A report was also niched from Awry that a privilogi about the Perkins home In enjoying this liberty he ate from the Perkins porch a pan of yeast It was Sunday and Silas coming with the family from church noticed Rhadamanthus stretched upon the ground much swollen apparently in pain He picked up the prizewinner to discover and remedy his trouble Rhadamanthus blcw up with a roar exploded In a hundred pieces one of which struck Silas across the face He ran howling Into the house his hands over his eyes and it was found that one eyeball was destroyed had one of Fred II Hoyt's attfntive to orders nor did sailors ever better comply with the commands of their captain than did the boys when the time came to show their loyalty to their instructor Ray Smith and Willis Ambler were winners of first prizes on Indian clubs and dumb bells and Earl Wilcox and (Hen Rea winners of second prizes on the same drills Messrs Collar Roopo and Grover acted as Judges in the above drills and in awarding the above prizes they highly commended all the boys for their excellent club work and tin improveme nts made The Junior department will meet NOT FI) REPTILE HERE Seeley Who Fitted the Czar of Russia Will He at the Norwood Hotel Sliawuee Seeley of Chicago and Philadelphia the noted truss expert will be at the Norwood hotel and will remain in Shawnee this Wednesday and Thursday only May 3rd and 4th Mj Seeley says: Spermatic Shield Truss now used and approved by the United States government will not only retain any case of rupture perfectly affording immediate relief but closes the opening in 10 days on the average This instrument received the only award in England and in Spain producing results without surgery or harmful injections Mr Seeley has documentary reference? from the Cnited States government Washington I) for your inspection All charity ca'es without charge or if tiny interested call he will be glad to show the truss without charge tit them if desired Anyone ruptured should remcniber ho date and take advantage of this unusual opportunity Home establishment i0 Dearborn street Chicago SAYFD HIS MOTHER'S LI IT to Moses Murphy s'1 21-17-f patent Lrooles to Eagle in piece that Nature could devise will 7 Keywcst $27 often stop and hesitate before he'll W'm Xedig to Chas Potter advertise!" 1-2 nw 20-16-3 $3000 Apiil 15 to Tas Roberts ne 9-16-: patent John Drake to Maria lioekemeyer ne 9-16-: $4000 Truman Pierce to 11 Hayes tie 24-ir-2 Ranks to 17-18-19 in 20 Stroud $600 April 20 Nora Dennis to Mrs Kggle-ston in 36 Chandler $17)00 W'hitacre to Robertson 1-2 sw 33-16-6 $20:0 Lank of to 1st National bank W'ellston 27 ftll 1 to 7 in 12 W'ellston Creek Nat Muskogee to Geo Sutton j-6 of $29: 6: April 20 Mary I W'ib to (b Arnold in 3 Chandler $800 April 21 Robertson to () Zoo 1-2 sw 32-16-6 $26d0 Walker to Knight 21-14-1 $f0oo April 22 It Warden to Zoo Warden 12 to 24 Collins add $800 Luney II Metcalf to Owens 1 to 24 in 6 14 to 17 in Chandler Apiil 21 Will 1ft in 4 Dudley $9mi A Larcus to Hartley 20 to 24 in 9 Alleys add Pimples Dlsapixar uml Complexion Cleans! Over Night New York: Thousands are taking advantage of the generous offer made by The Woodworth Co 1161 Lroadway New City requesting an experimental package of Le-mola the new skin discovery which is maile'd free of charge to all who write for it It alone Is sufficient to clear the complexion over night and rid the face of pimples in a few hours On the first application of Lemola the itching will stop It has cured thousands afflicted with Eczema Teeters Rashes Itehings Irritations Acmes Scalings and Crusting of skin alps of infants children and adults It is good for i the preservation and ion of ho skin scalp hair and hands for the prevention of the i logging of the pores tlie usual cause of pimples blackheads redness and roughness land also the treatment of burns 1 wounds sores edtappings as well as the toilcttce and nursery There was finite a bit of ail with jibe- rain wo had last Saturday night Cotton planting s'-luis to be tlie or-i eb of tho day Lcnjamin Slack was tlm likv man in the appointment for carrier! Williams to Frank 0lir nnH'-ipatcs 'chasing a motor cveje and making the entire delivery before noon Rev Faitli prea in at Kit Kapoo on Tuesday night next week and nt accident policies and received $2- 7m for the loss of bis eye Every wise man ought to have one of these policies typsics vve-ro robbing the gang of 1 alive MATCHED WITH CALL MOLLIS ller Eastern will Meet Prlil at Tulsa July Itli CHIU 11 NOT MS x- Fi'st of Christ Scientist Sunday si-rvi is II a in subject "Mv rb sting Punishment" Wednesday ewiiiug services a Sunday school I ii a All arc iordi-ally in to aCiml tins" sci viie's ltooi 7 IVsqujy huildiiig that time the prize money given by Messrs Hopkins and Hick? will be awarded the boys This will lie for tie pertinent the payment of dues and gene nil club business and tlie1 boy who lias the best record of attendance on tin (lut) and obedience to his club manager Mr A Smith ami Mr Ambler gave the hoys two dollars as prize money for an other Indian dub and dumb hell drill to he given in the mar future tlie time to he fixed by their inanag' Kerne hi this tlie dub room are open to vi-itors at all times ask you! to come at your convenience if you i a n't cnme when we ext i ml you a special invitation "Scein' is bdievlng" PAY OI TANKS New York April 21 A New promoter has surrooded in arrang ing a match between Albert New York's most prominent "white hope" and Carl Morris the giant Sapulpa engineer the most idely heralded of the western and late comiueror of Mike Schreck pur- I I Tlx 'In istian flitircli Subject for morning discourse at the is ia ii i loiri i) A False Distinction and a False Issue At night lonrth of tlie illustrated series will be pre seiiteu! ailing up to the Faulkner and family and enit tragedy have returned to Whit- Th church has arrang el for a -les Kentucky vival to begin May 1 wit 1 1 Murphy Mr and Mrs 1 Ev-aIul shu in charge This' evau-ans 18 a nirr-pennd girl gclists arc among the very best in Fiilman who has been on- nkl: iliouia and we ie-l cuiwident of weeks with rheumatism 1 ri suciess which will 1 lit the Tlie battle will he staged at Tulsa Those who have failed to pay u' OUla tlie Fourth of July Palzer is regarded as one of the most prominent heavy weights In the cast stands six feet two inches and weighs 212 pounds Tlie Tulsa tight will he a 2' round affair taxes are reetuestei to call at office and se'ttle at one? thereby saving extra costs THAS PUZZI Sheriff 19D the PR II II WYNNE OCULIST Randolph to Alice Durmire 1 i Dist Sunday to 2 4 in 7 east $12: Mary Williams to Lincoln county strip se so 27-14-3 $2: Nick Kllis to lisle? and Hawkins se 32-13-4 A Carpenter to Nichols 24 to 28 Mound City $::00 April 25 I Alexander to Frank Lartosli Sr 13 to 26 in 4 Alexanders add $200 County court to Keegan 13 to 20 in 94 1-4 23 in 77 24 in 70 14 in 14 13 in 14 Chandler decree' is some better Mrs Woody at Midlothian Miss Goldia visiting with James Eson Evans county Lorn to April fined seve ral in the Roy Missouri citv hills lat 1 Cameron minister at this writing of Guthrie is visit ini this wee Dodson of wkirk is Til If MM relatives and friends entile spei Till! STORY OF SILAS AND HIS DUCK Lll YDYMANTIII'S Silas and Rhadamanthus lived in Moines and Rhadamanthus had taken so inanv priz at Iowa poultry shows that was allowed certain MAKs OID Specialist of tlie eye ear nose and throat of Oklahoma City will be professionally in Monday April 21th at the otliee of Drs Davis Glasses fitted mi service com nn mora 1 1 "Four doctors bad given me up" writes Mrs Laura Gaines of Avoca La "and my children and all my friends were looking for me to die whe my son insisted that I use Lied ric Litters I did so and they have done me a world of good I will always prais them" Electric Litters is a priceless blessing to women troubled with fainting and dizzy spells backache headache weakness debility constipation or kidney disorders Use them and gain new health strength and vigor guaranteed to satisfy or money refunded Only iOu at A Wright LFTTFlt SCHOOLS FOL OKLAHOMA Kansas is not tlm only state to be gin the long needed improveme nt of rural schools The legislature of Oklahoma just before adjournment passed the bill providing that the state shall pay half the cost for buildings in graded si bool district? of not less than 21 s)uare miles in area the amount paid by the state not to exceed $2' no The farmers of Oklahoma wore lank of this legislation the suit of which it is hoped will be a modern siliool sy-tem in the new stat i count ry bools settlement Fiilman intends starting the first of tin wo Harry and sister Miss Lizzie' from near Kcndrhk were- vi I the 2 on anniversary of i he Englisii Lihlc will he in Id hv tin' Centra! Christian i loire-h Sunday evening April 2u at () ra house Special music and talks upon the history LMSOll'TIONS OF LI'SPMCT lames Live Ice -HU 11 111 and inline rice- ef the King ah' I tv hod cord ia I 11 'I I HONOR tot: Mii'-ten Sliic Lodg STROUD LADY I Oil I I I lllls dllc'-ls t-' iei -yriH -refiWtiN 1 ing relatives and friends in th munitr I Messrs Everett T-1-? and Raffe rty with timer Mis zie from ne ar Dave ert at ndo (losing exercises at Kii kapoo house last Friday night A large e-rowd a'te'id'd tie tainme nt at tie- Ki kapoo Friday night Rev Ii Railing fro-i 1 of ixjirrrR CZ Dl ACKtEGOIOS I) P'-rV-l-a V1 i ir IEG0I0S "1 4' to Mr- Iuhi It gram matron 'in Star a a I an- I le Okl In as much as the Supreme Arc hitect of the Universe has S' en tit to take from our midst our brother Winslow calling him from labor on this earth to rest and refreshim nt in "that house not made vv itL hands" le it rcsolv by this Lodge A A A First that in the death of our brother who was taken from us in tin prime of his Manhood end lave had it thus fop inly hrouzhi "ir 'minds that i- iide: un i and then i re 1 i "0- bedoved IIP la I LA' I Or I VIAL BImpJest Safest Surest SLiC'UIO CUTTLE cr vcccmat- a hundred V- 1 '-1 "iir -ml i cm Vs A i at If' a Th or more Sclli'11 I 27 ml 1 This means Oklahoma will go in the era 1 i i i lountry i I th "i a Iizii hod rc arm It ''ill tm a 1 1 adi- I e-Xpe' i I to a I lie place i tilings now teaching NOTICE Ml IT" i rs of i I lu rural lut' than the i or you ac! at-' older tliettise-lve: with no TO dose MEASURE Horse Stolen Lorn Thur-dij A ril 27 ti- 1 1 I I loud: i with his first purchase of ICO NO LUJID TO SPILL NO STRING TO ROT KEY UFA Committe-e ad nun stalties AT ANNUAL DINNER AT ALLY NY KOW IS THE TIME TO VACCINATE PttEVENr IOiSM ASD PROVIDE AGJVtNur tjr: DENY ML DEW ML S-jr UKWAUD Dark bay mare six years olJ star on forehead no brand about 15 hands hifjh weight about 1000 lbs black mane and tail Horse stolen from II Ilall Oklahoma City April 22 1111 km: war i) Send information to II HML o0l High Sircel Oklahoma Cify Okla USE Drug Store OiandltT Oklalionia call on wniTt res rstr booxlit When advertising nun get together for any purpose there is sure to he something doing that will startle but when they get together at the Albany Hotel in Denver to banquet well everyone ean take a back seat and watch the performance

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