Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 19, 1969 · Page 11
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 11

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 19, 1969
Page 11
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GAA girls •p9rform in gymnastics WELCOME SCIENTIST — Mrs. Alan Gartcnberg, secretary, left, and Mrs. Howard XL Brover. right, president of Redlands chapter for the City of Hope, were present to wdcome Dr. Ernest Beutler, chairman of the division of nied> icine and director of the department of hematology at the City of Hope, when he spoke recently on the U. R. campus. Dr. BeutJer has achieved world^de recognition for his work on iron and red blood cell metabolism in certain ane­ mias and for other fields of research. Anyone interested in knowing more about the City of Hope and what the local chapter does on its behalf may contact Mrs. Brover. GMs at Beiflaads Mgb idMOI treated tpa gymaaitic damoostraliaB ghras by SaB BtiuaiJlBa' VaBqr OoUese gpa- •artie IMB ib a apedal pro- fffan piaentad lait wedc in TcnJer Gym. At tiia same time, bcal CM AtUetic As«idatk» raeabm cMBpettd in the semi-Onals of the Ctupnlacbi gynaailie eom-j pattioB. iba event, new in thel RRS nae Arts Show, wffl be ibdd the evening of Chepoleduj i and be judged at that time for first, second and tliird plaeings. ' Partteipants in the semifinals jincliided Yvonna Braeamoate. i Debbie Fink. Carrie Jorgensen.1 {Kim Muhl. and Pam NichoU.i jvith Debbie Fink. Carrie Jor^: jgensen and Pam Nichols placing in the finals. j Marilyn Balcback is currently \GAA. president and Kim Hoiil I is student Cbepuledii chairman.' : Miss Judy Ritncr is faculty ad. visor. \ ! SBVC students performing un-i idcr the watchful eye of Coach! {Dick Ga^eU incbided Margie' 'ifaleman, Rooi Haleman. Shar-: on Faust, Maria Ackman. Gin-j ger Cox. Jeanne Little, Anna! Rae Williams. DonniU Moist, and Kathy Economy. Students demonstrated gymnastic skins in the four olympicj events inchiding vaulting, balance beam, floor exerdse, and' uneven parallel bars.. { FINALISTS — Carrie Jorgensen, left, and Debbie Fink perform floor e.\ercise in the RHS gymnastic competition in which they were two of three final­ ists. The third was Pam Nichols. The event is in the Chepulechi Fine Arts Show this year. Quote of the Day Prob/em springs up Hughes gets ready for gold, Yorfy reveols heovy flood damage BERLIN—West Berlin police captain, commentios on East Gomany's harassment of traf-' fic betKccn Berlin and West Germany: anew in ^NifliHIIflfc Oft sfctfff ACCRA. Ghana (UPI)-The I government decreed today that former President Kwame Nkni- mah and 150 other persons LOS ANGELES (UPI)—Mayor "n"*" office in Sam.Yorty estimates damage G^anaforlOyMrs^^ ;in Los Angeles from the Janu- " LAS yfEG\S Nev (UP1» _ storm that struck Southeni mates indicate damage to pri- ~ ; "of Californu could total more than vale property could exceed $12 Behind the city walls ol ders. Demonstrators By United Prtfs InterMliaMl nist inffltrators for "the disw- ^f.^^^^^^vJ*' miH^^thict '"'""'^ diarged Nevada silver mines wnjcn, y^^y taformed Gov. RonaMjand repair of ptMc property •••nie East Germans without — --. police brutality. *•«"•* J"*"" <'"'^S™ Reagan Tuesday the city's esti-cost $7 million. douM s^^rth'y^ Undonderrj- in 1689. Protestant ""p^^ ^ ^^rt two princi- ^"^^'tV^Ti^t^""• conln>l ^aJT^ f ^m^ forces led by the Rev. George pal ngu «s have emerged: » Ti ^ce of SlvcT ^hich Beriin. We can certainly expect Walker successfully withstood a Prime Minister Capt. Terence P™* « ^uver wmcn more of this the election i attempt ^stalurant ' i MEXICAN AND AMERICAN FOOD La Hacienda afbrs Private Calarinfl in Hemes — Businasaa* — Scbaols — Churches CaH far man Infsrmatian m-ifn 1570 Na. Oranaa can cenauiiy expeci nainer ^u^.^.eawu^J w.uwiwu i —i"- r" Jmnned to 2S eenL<s an ounce is. kind <rf thing until los^ay siege by troops ^I^^^JZ^'i^J ^S^^^ CathoUc King James U Last '^"""if^^^ ^ "S^'ow'hK S2.50 an ounce last year Wilder to Direct 'Sharteck Homes' ''October, Protestant and Roman November« hovering at about CathoUc demonstrators fought '^Z'!!!^^I!,„,Z«r^r^il»- along those same walls m the TnTtofhe SStoT indS 1*0 price increase has not HOLLWOOD (UPl) - Billy worst outbreak of old antago-^'^^^^^ enough to reopen the wader took off for London to nisms since the ueo's. TLT" °f mines and^act the ore by set final producUon detaUs for Today they threaten the faU adminirtraton and ^e old methods but it has an end to anti-Catholic preju- rekindled interest hi the com- of silver has paid "The Private life of Sherlock of the North Ireland govern Holmes" which he wiU direct menL ^«"1n atwiririlir^rKJ^'He ""ercial possibilities for the Mirisch company. | j^, began when the denlS ^to^mUt mining in Nevada. ,;Irish Civil RighU AssocUUon as ..,u„Uc... Howard Hu^ I defied a ban against paradmg ^^^g Hev Richard Kyle s**""' "'"'0° f""" ""^ through Protestant areas ol pais,e,.. a rightu-ing firebrand l^an 500 rilvcr and gold miniii^ Londonderry to protest discrim- s^Mescribcd moderator of bairns toUUng over 10,000 iinaUon against Roman Catho-p^ce Presbyterian Church a^f^s. aides to the biUionau^c (SERVISO^) Gives you 3 woy! to hove SOFT WATER 1. REKTU AirrOMiTlC 2. tXCHlKCI SUVKl 3. OWK-TOUR-OWH Find OLTt which is }us^ nyht for you Call 793-23S9 Redlands 612 Texas St. iics in hoosmg and voting. "J^.^^ iTut'^nt^l Tr^m^" industrialist have confirmed. ! In the ensmng batUe. Wster three months sentence for' Hughes has no timetable for ipolice used batons and water „nlau-ful assembly. He has reopening the mines but obser- f^°v5^?^ , demonstra- uken over vuiual centitd oi vers heUeve he is betting on a — LJ " Northern Ireland streets. shortage of precwus metals by. "i" .u J- ^ charges his trial was the 1970s. Industrial consump- In the ^readmg disorders, fixed, defmes the chief issue as tion of sUver outstrips produc- ; rival (^thoUc and ProtesUnt "Bible Christianity versus Idola- tion and the dilfertmce is made •demonstrators fought each oth- trj-," and inveighs* against up primarily by the VS.i er and the police. ."Roman CathoUc agiUtors. Piriice blamed (he Irish; bone in Belfast. Paisley ESCORTED Treasurj-. E. L. Cleveland, 60, veteran !Republican Army and Commu-,^*^' f^'strong enough to tun miner who is a consultant to the, against O'NeiU for tha prime j Hughes organiialion. saH the minister's job in elecUons called'higher prices make it profitable Grand European Tour ENGUND. HOLLAND. KLGIUM. LUXEMIURG. GERMANY. ITALY. CATRI, AUSTRIA. MONACO. FRANCE AND SWIIZBtUND DEPARTING ~~~ SPECIAL GROUP TOUR FARE UMITEO MEMIERSHIP JUNE 16.1969 49 DAYS CAREFREE TRAVEL TOURS FOR INFORMATION A RESiRVATIONS CALL OR WRITI , Mrs. Austin T. Pork P.O. lOX 603, REDLANDS, CAUF. PHONE 792.44S3 Oft 7f^2S5S -OR- CLEM LAU TRAVEL SERVICE 298 L CITRUS, RB>LANDS. CAUF. PHONE 793.2555 for Feb. 24. He would, be declared, "clear the country of O'Neillism." to reopen the mines. "Tbe theory is that a major jpart of the silver is still these in Ulster's largest Protestant;those mines," he sakl. "We denomination, the Presbyterian'have 400 to 500 per cent better Church of Ireland, has denounced the extremists and urged urgent attention to a bettering ol community relr Uons. In predominantly Protestant Northern Ireland, civil rights leaders have followed policies which are strictly non-sectarian and non-political. Protestants are among thdr leading figures. But shKe CathoUes are the !main victims of discrimioation in bousing, voting laws and employment Paisley has been able to rally Protestants in what has become an hicreasbig' ly sectarian war. For the civil rights leaders, O'Neill's poliUcal sorvhral is a necessity. It is a case of bitter Irony that street demonstratiaos started by dril rights supporters may be the cauae of his downfall. TREASURI HOUSE Your unused fnndtiire or appliances iriir find a ready mir ket throntfi Oasdfied methods of mining than they bad in the boom days of those mines. The only advantage they had was cheaper labor." Tbere are reports Hughes has' come up with a new mining process invcdving location of the ore, refining it to separate worthless materials and making finished products at the site. Pete Fabbi. at 96 a veteran of the discovery of silver fai Nevada in 1900, has hundreds of claims scattered in tha desert Hughes has picked up an option on 52 of them and Fabbi said the billionahe's buying spree is "a stroke of genius." VacaHan Laant Draw Pralatt AMSTERDAM (UPI) - Some citizen groups have criticized as "immoral" special vacation loans offered by a local bank for Dutchmen in the 21-60 age group. The maximum loan is 2,SOO guilders ($700). After the vacation the money has to be | repaid in 12 monthly install-; ments. No odiateral is required. GRAND HNALE STYLE SHOP NASTY ! ends March 1 tramiriwiM, Th«.> W. 1 S*. 1 Mofc 1 T -M. 1 Wid. 1 nwi. M. 1 Sot. RACK1 Dnsaec-SHils Carta S—atara Lam Famala VaSaaleSSS 19" 18" 15« 13" ir« 10" 6" HACK 2 ValuMlaSSZ IT» 10" 9" 8" 7" 5" 4" 3" 6- 5" 4" 4«« 3" 3** 2" r Young WE HAVE THE LOWEST MEAT PUCES IN TOWN -r TRY US AND SEE 1221 No. Qitiiige s MOMY OlOBS AVAIJMLE PHONE 7924731 MARKET PRICES EFFECTIVE THURSDAY tiwMifli TUESDAY pRi. », », a, a. H'U

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