The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on March 28, 1930 · Page 3
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 3

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, March 28, 1930
Page 3
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I FECIAL I Tat* nprotr DAILY iipuntnq \ 1 A 75c Value 1st for cakes, biscuits, bread, rolls, % waffles, muffins, pastries, and all home baking. mm Disclosed That Thirty-five Stater Have Asked for Convention. NONE ON DRY LAW Ekin Sunday school m.; preaching;: at —:G0 Shiloh Sunday school. (i:00 . m. 9:45 m. preachingjat 10:00 a. East Unioni' Sundav school, r •:• i 7:30 a. m. The Ladies jAid of Ekin will j • jrjve a penny supper in the church basement Saturday night, March j 29. J '•- i Revival meeting which is in! progress at tjie Ekin 11. E. ! church will continue until Tues- : day night an£ probably longer: owing to the Interest manifested. ; Rev. Leonard Wright and fam-i ily of Center, took Sunday dinner with Lemoine hWright jiad family. Robert Xofrick and family spent the week end in Muncie with Mr. Xoiirick's mother Mrs. • Alice Xorrick.'; Robert Burton and family were the Sunday ' iniests of Vernon Campbell and'wife of Tipton. Mrs. Delia': Ferguson spent Sunday with l?r. Harve Ferguson and family ofl-Kempton. Will Butler jiand . family near' Arcadia were jSunday guests of Mrs. L. H. • Rn'ss and family. Wesley Heriihinan and family. of Goldsmith ;?pent Sunday with J the former's:: parents Edgar! 1 was the Sunday guest of Mrs. I Rachel Ogle. Riley Thompson and family . and* Ray Noble and family spent : Sunday with Raymond > Garsho . and family of Omega. . . i William Thurston and wife en- i tertained at Sunday dinner Harry Goudy and family and Mrs. Jessie Jackson of Kokomo,. Miss Crystal Lockridge and Glen Dale Burton. Fonda Southard and family of Sheridan were after- rioon guests. Miss Veda Greathouse of Sheridan is spending the week with her grandparents J. T. Small and wife. Arza Welchel and wife . entertained at Sunday pinner Rev. Bacon of Indianapolis, Frank Simmonds and wife and Kenneth Welchel and family of Bakers Corner. ices assisted by his brother Leonard. •George Thompson of Anderson and Curly Rairdan of Los Ange- I les, Calif., were Saturday night i • • j and Sunday guests of the . for! mer's parents Riley -Thompson and wife. Mrs. Bertha Hershman of Arcadia is spending a few days with j Robert Norrick and family. Mon- l -day afternooon guests at the Nor! rick home were Lon Small and j wife and Floyd Mundelljand wife. | Mrs. Fred Tom and- daughter of j Fremont, Ohio, are spending the | week with her sister Mrs. George j Lee and famil>v • Mrs. Carey Honnold. and • daughter Madonna of Bakers Cornet visited Mrs. Ed Small Monday afternoon. John Teter and family of Eli wood were the Sunday • dinner Sunday dinner guests of Allen j quests of Mrs. Sarah Clark. Aft- Beam and wife were Riley Beam j ernoon guests were Pete Clark and family of Kokomo, Walter j and family, Paul, Floyd and Ruth Beam and family of Elwood and j Spurgeon. Bernard Beam and family nearj Saturday evening guests of Goldsmith. j George Fox and family we're Ray Among those who attended the! Forkner and wife near Sheridan, funeral of Harry Coil at Elwood: Miss Elizabeth Burton of Indi- Sunday were: Mr. and Mrs. Arch | anaDolis and Miss Roma Blanche Hershman andj wife. George Fox'and family visited i Mrs. George Lee, Rev. Horace Vesey land family near | Wright and wife and Lee and son John, Mrs,. Hubert Smith, Mr. and Mrs: Cloy Burton, Mrs. Kate Hillock, Mrs. Vessie Foutch, Mrs. Fred Cartwright Lemoine Leonard Kokomo Sundiiy afternoon. ' I Wright and family. Rev. Lemoine Mrs. Nan ri 'Sdge near Arcadia j Wright had charge of the serv- Nationally Advertised Fruits, Vegetables, dainty delicacies, stock your food shelves this week at a worthwhile saving! Burton of Sheridan. E. W. Wallace and wife of Sheridan spent Tuesday with their . son Larue Wallace, and wife. - %> Sunday guests of Walt McCarty and family were their daugh Barnett and wife of Arcadia. Cleo Law and family of Mun cie, moved Monday to the farm of Frank Ross of Ekin. Mr. Law will assist his father Dave Law in farming this summer. Willard -Roberts and family^of Westfield. were Saturday evening guests of Mrs. Robert's mother Mrs. Roe Biddle and sons. Mrs. Mary'Shull, Mrs. Clyde Ramsey and Mrs. Etta Heifer spent Monday in "Westfleld with Herbert Wh|;eler and family. Edgar and- Addison Harrison and Mr. arid Mrs. Glen D. Harrison of Indianapolis spent Sunday with their parents, A. S. Harrison and daughters. . Saturday evening guests in the Harrison home were Ora Bundy and family- and Mrs. Belle Small, son Everett and x daughter Deloris and Frank Wisehart of Noblesville. Allen Douglas and family of Muncie, spent Saturday night with Dvoa Thompson and family. Herman Lewis and family and Hap Pickett and family of Sheridan; were Sunday guests in the Thompson home. Miss Loretta Phifer of Gold smith spent Monday evening with Harriet Harrison., Claude McGinnis and family of Elwood called on Ovis. Miller and family Sunday. Than Durham and wife were afternoon callers also. Godfred Dell and family ot the --purpose:', of y amending one specified provision of our. fundamental charter, or thirty-two states'had asked -for a general 1 revision of the constitution, Congress would be confronted with the problem of determining whether any. of the memorials would'become null and-void by reason of the long periods elapsed Bi nee they were presented. In this -connection the question has been raised whether the effectiveness of a memorial lasts, beyond the life of the Legislature which presents . it to Congress. Other argumentative points have been advanced and in the opinion of some interested persons it might be necessary to call on the Supreme Court i to find the answer. - N BURIAL SQUABBLE. Suicides in Vienna Cause Family Trouble. .ClevelandrO., Jan.... 28.—.Mrs. Marie M. Watzl of Cleveland, wi- * i - dow. of :Dr. Erjien Watzl, chem.- i ist, who was found dead' with Mrs. Mary McGrahahan in Vienna, wants the two to be buried together, she | cabled • the Austrian capital yesterday. At the same time Paul P. Horvath, father of Mrs. McGranahan, continued to demand that his daughter's body be sent here for burial. Mrs. Julia Horvath, estranged wife of Paul Horvath and mother of the dead woman, said that she wanted the girl buried in Vienna ilso, even though Franz Watzl, Vienna merchant and father of the chemist, refused to permit him to be buried "beside the dead woman. Disposal of the^body of the wo man at Vienna is awaiting the lecision of the parents. DUCHESS GOES BANKRUPT. l-pkoop of Estate'of "Haunted" Castle in Austria Too Heavy.. ter Mrs. Hollid Pickett and hus-|- Sheridan "P ent Saturday evening band of Bakers Corner and Mrs. -j * ith clyde Ramsey and family* Mccarty's mother Mrs. Nettie j Lille Billy Beam of Kokomo is Carraway. ' spending'the week with his Delt Devaney and wife of sher-! srandnarents Allen Beaih and idan and' Henry Kassabaum of) Anderon spent Monday with Fred Devaney and wife. Truman Dunn and wife of Weed Corner were Tuesday guests in the borne. wife. . ' j Miss Marguerite Butler of near Arcadia spent the week end with her grandmother Mrs/ L: H: Ross Devaney I an ^ family. | Sunday afternoon PalnioliTe Soap Raisin* DelMlotttePrunes %*.**%9* Economy Brand ftnespple ncBurs Fancy Grade 2 No -*H cans :<i House BfUk §«uce »ij« £ No. 2 can* tall cam %§* • Walt Overdorf and family and Ralph Basey and family motored to Upland Sunday and attended a birthday dinner of Mrs. Overdorf's brother. Clare Hunt. Robert McCarty. and- family took Sunday dinner with Mrs. Mccarty's parents Charles v Goodnight and'wife near Sheridan; Clarence Moon and family were Sunday .guests of' Everett Straley and family near Kempton. 1 . i John ' Sharp and wife of Brownsburg-spent Sunday with Mrs. Roe Biddle and sons. Miss Mary McLaughlin - and Miss Wilms Ulm of Tipton spent Sunday with their friend 'Miss Fern Overdorf. - .' Mrs. Roe Biddle and son Dova spent Monday afternoon in Kokomo with Mrs. Chester Myers and family. Ray Devaney and Alice Ball of Indianapolis .were Saturday night and Sunday guests of Fred Devaney and wife. All motored to Sheridan "Saturday- evening and took supper with Delt 'Devaney' and wife/ - -: Shirl Overdorf and wife of Weed Corner visited Walt Over-, dorf and family Monday, morning? Miss* Marie Gunn spent the week end- /with!;^be^ parents ..Tom Gunn - and wjfe.. ^'^!Doyle Phillips and family of Tipton were Saturday night an j Sunday guests of Mrs." Retta Small and son.—- • Ai Mrs. Harley Gunn is spending the week with.;her iraother,Jjn:Ko5 komo. 1 : s *' A •:M™. Byron.^are^andiTO Sheridanaprat ^Tvawi 'ay- *• with 1 Jonn ^J ^wM^T ^KV ^Ii and'.wUc' guests of Mrs. Ella-Sturdevant were Oscar Phillips^ and wife near Sheridan, Mrs. William Teter and Basil Teter and family near- Goldsmith,: Lem Welchel and family and- Mr. Breese of near Noblesville, - Miss Gertrude Coverdale of near Olio, RuSstel Sturdevant ^nd family near Boxley and Oat Small and familyr. Gilbert Sturdevant and-wife entertained at Sunday dinner Leslie Cline and family neat Kempton and Frank Fishback and wife of Goldsmith. Art Gunn of.Aroma spent Saturday night and • Sunday, with friends in Ekin. f Mrs. George - Bishop near • At lanta viBlted Mrs. -Ovis Miller Tuesday, afternoon. Charles-Lewis, wife and son Herald near Alexandria, ~ spent Tuesday .with- Mrs. Ella Sturdevant. "• - v ll Noted Tennfe Stars law Washington, March 28.—At the instance of Senator Millard E. Tydlngs of Maryland the Senate ordered and its .secretary has' complied the application of States of the Union for calling a convention to revise the Federal Constitution. ~" : Senator Tydings's Interest in the matter_was aroused when ~he read a paragraph in the journal of a bar association gaying that | memorials praying that a consti- tional -convention be called had been addressed to Congress by thirty-five States. As it is" mandatory upon Congress to provide for assembling a constitutional convention if two-thirds of the states- petition for it, and as thirty-two states .comprise the .necessary two-thirds the information contained in the bar association publication suggested a sudden and startling situation of tremendous Importance to the nation. There has been no Federal constitutional convention since that which drafted the original Constitution. All changes in its pro : visions have been made by amendments, submitted to the states and adopted through the votes of their legislatures, each acting separately. But the information compiled by the Senate's secretariat, whik oh its face confirming the Bai Association 'a statement, does not appear to bear out any assump tion that Congress must issue the call. • Many, in fact the greater number of memorials' from State'leg-: islatures, ask that a convention be called for the specific purpose of amending the Constitution . sr as to provide for the direct election of United States Senators that is, by popular vote insteat of by the choice of State legisla tures as in the original Constitution. Such memorials, therefore are water gone over the dam for the Seventeenth Amendment providing that - Senators shall bf \ elected by the people was ratified by thirty-six of the, forty-eighi' rtates, each acting ' separately '.hrough its legislature, and waf= nroclaimed as part of the Constitution on May .11, 191.1. Twenty-seven states sent memorials urging that a . constitutional convention be called to provide for popular Senatorial elections and nine of them sent; more than one memorial in ttiej course of several years. •> • Others of the memorials were limited to specific constitutional changes such as prohibition of polygamy, control of trusts, the constitutionality of state enactments, and the election of President - and Vice President as well as Senators, <by popular vofe. , The Senate's completion showe that seventeen states memoralli- ed Congress to call a convention for the general revision- - of the Constitution but two -. of these, New York and Virginia may be eliminated, as -New Yorlr sent in | its memorial Inn 1789 and Vir- |lnia,in 1788. 1 1 fcjpf the other fltteen, Georgia's | .. petition for a general revlskmary 1 7I8B ^N0TdlC ¥rhit- 'conventlon"came .to-Congress Corinne Griffith and Ralph Forb es in "Lilies of the Field/* AT THE RITZ, SUNDAY AND MONDAY ATLANTA. j name of. John Edward Bath and • | was welcomed by a little brother. Mrs. Jo^n Ott of Arcadia vis-i Bobby. They are receivin* the ited Monday afternoon with Mrs. George Davis. Mrs.-Will Essig and son Meredith of Cicero were Wednesday guests of 'Mr. and Mrs. Max Steckle and son, Charles Max. congratulations of their many friends. Mrs. Marie Mitchell. Miss Elizabeth Lucas and Mis* Margaret Stitt called on their school mate | and: scholar, Mrs. Helen Decker Rev. and Mrs. ' Austin Smith | at Tipton Monday evening, and daughters, were Sunday din-j Ben Dickover has been ill for ner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Sam I the past two weeks with an acute Dickover. ' jcold., Mrs. Rose Jackson who has j I Klagenfurt, Carinthia, Austria, March : 28.— The Duchess Olga Leuchtenberg, who last year purchased an immense forest at. St. Leonhardt in the''•Le­ vant valley and took up residence in the far-famed haunted castle of "The White Lady," has made a declaration of insolvency. Her liabilities are about $4,000,000 and the failure is understood to hive been caused by the heavy expenses of maintaining the estate. The Duchess is a direct descendant of Eugene Beauharnais, jtepson of Napoleon I on one side and the Russian Emperor Nicholas I on the other.' She was born the Princess Repkin, a close relation of the house Of Romanoff, and her husband was 'Duke George, who fought on the Russian side in the World War and later organized a counter-revolt against- the Bolsheviki. been ailing for the past week is; slightly improved at this time. ! Mrs. Henry Lafeber went to Indianapolis to be with her: daughter, Mrs. Fred Mennell of! Indianapolis.L Mrs). Mennell unftj derwefit an operation a" few'weeks j ago-arnd is getting along as well: as can; be expected. Littte Joe, Lafeber who makes his home with his grandparents, will stay with Mr. and Mrs.- Will Flanhery until Mrs. Lafeber's-return. Mr. and Mr.s. Maynard Teal .motored to Peru Sunday where, they attended the opening of the circus grounds., Mr. and Mrs. Frank Stitt Sr., received the glad news of a son born to their daughter and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Bath of SKIPPER DIES SITM>E*I.T. Capt. Rind IWomr» III oa l)irecti»K Umer Into Port. Plymouth, England, March 28. —Taken ill on the bridge of his ship, the United States liner President Harding, while directing it into port here,' Capt. William Rind died yesterday of cerebral hemorrhage forty-five minutes after the ship bad reached anchorage. 'Rig Ed" fcahll. Tipton. The little one! whifh arrived Wednesday was "given the ' tis and peritonitis. Meriden, Conn.. .'March 28.— "Big Ed" Walsh, Chicago WBK» Sox pitching star of more than two decades ago. is fighting for his life in a hospital after an operation yesterday for appendici- 81,326 men applied for enlistment in the U. S. navy last year. Sprrial Prices FrMny 1 and- Data Given Away—One I^-OK bottle ot Club Vanilla Extract with 24-lb. sack Country Club Flour at JELLT POWDER—Same as JeUo, 2 full sue \jJ packages k £JC or half , 2 )4 sixe can, 50c APKIOOTS-Peeled, whole value, each 39c; CO 1 1MI 6 for SUGAR—With $1 or- C| r derormore, 10lbs; PEACHES—Large can, in heavy syrup, ! 6 for ..'.. . Lima Beans ^ lfe Combination Sale: 18-ox. bottle Country Olnb Catsup, 116-os. can Pork and 1 Mb. loaf of Bread, all for Peaches, Del Monte, 2 cant. 49c; Country ACJ Club, 2 cans ..... ^•'M ' Corn—Country Gen- ^CJ Peas, Avondale, 2 cans I^ngtibrn, lb. In ptf. and .then there was a. wide J fim ^S^vm Skn^nntil 189*. whan Texas's tto-lriZrVi&S&Z • J 29c 33e Lux Chips, large pkg. Lux Soap, . 4'fcr .i. Green new low price, Ho. 2 ka, tall 15c! •MBB .... f ^i r I 100 -ft.i .1 ,p~; until 1899, when Texas's me- tj^f^ iftoi,was-.recelred.'.-- •"•!„ JSGSs^L. •> In 1907)'there.appears to have OTiEP^Oood LttCk,. • somewhat widespread 'jgj^j^Tl. tj !T[ . .j _ _ »»E^^T^|^^s5BBSS^^iB*'^ J ^*^ Indiana, Iowa. Loulatana. Mto- 1 25 Us. itu D«ri, Nebraska, Carolina Nevada end North Carolina' presented •forials. MtaiHd by t)ktahoma Jn 1M. ..d -cjaunajk.d Wn* ipgtonrln 1111 , * v ^ilHuSt^, , „ Us it

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