Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on July 5, 1974 · Page 5
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 5

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, July 5, 1974
Page 5
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Nation's unemployment steady at 5.2 per cent WASHINGTON (UPI) - The nation's rate of unemployment held steady at 5.2 -per cent in June—the same as May—but, another 400)000 Americans found employment, the govern­ ment.said today. The jobless rate was 5.6 per cent in April and has been steadily around that level since January. Many private forecasters had predicted the energy crisis, slowing industry, would push the unemployment rate up to 8 to 10 per cent. The administration has been more optimistic, suggesting the rate would increase slowly and peak somewhere short of 6 per cent by the end of 1974. Herbert Stein, chairman of President Nixon's Council of Economic Advisers said today that the continuation of the unemployment rate at about the 5 per cent plateau for the past six months "is one of the more gratifying economic development of 1074 so far." Strictly business BY GARY FAWSON While we're here in Ukiah trying to get through the Friday after the 4th, golfer-refrigeration expert Jack Wegesser is attending the Kiwanis Convention in Colorado. He reports from the mile-high city there's no smog but 95 to 100 degree heat. He watched in the Adolph Coors plant while 1,000 six packs' a minute came off their production belts. The plant, he says, is bigger than Ukiah. There's a new tire shop opening in our town. Therlow Lightel, the local Phillips distributor is expanding to open Lightel & Son tires. He and his son Steve will carry Phillips and Eldorado tires. Down on South State Street, there's a bright new building face with the inscription "Electric by Oliver." Ralph Oliver, who has been in the electrical contracting business in Ukiah for over 20 years, and his nephew, Leslie Oliver have put a lot of work into the store at 903 S. State. The store will be a retail outlet for do-it T yourselfers and a home base for service and maintenance work. Last week we put Marshall's Employment Agency in the wrong building. The agency is across the street in the offices where Lee White Insurance was. However, the Ram has been converted into some beautiful offices by Al Sousa and the offices are for lease. World Scene Galloping inflation continues throughout the world, forcing nations into restrictive economic policies.. During the last 12 months, Japan has felt the price panic the most, with a 24 per cent inflation rate. The next seven hardest hit (in order) are Italy and Great Britain at 16 per cent; France, 13.5 per cent; Belgium, 11.5 per cent, Canada, about 11 per cent, USA, Over 10 per cent; and West Germany, a little over 7 per cent. So if you think the grocery bill is climbing higher each month, consider what it would be like in Japan, at twice the inflation rate. That information isn't worth a pinch to your pocket book, but it may give you a little peace of mind knowing inflation is biting other countries even harder than our own. At the End Our marriage is 50-50.1 make 50 and Janet spends 50. BALANCING "ROCKS" — The rocks in your head, like these, are magnified 5,000 times by a scanning electron microscope for this photo made at Ohio State Univeristjr. They are part of the balance organs in the inner ear. Researchers are studying the results when the rocks are exposed to gravity conditions different from earth's, a condition that may face future space explorers. New Presbyterian pastor nominated by committee The Pastor Nominating Committee of First Presbyterian Church of Ukiah will make -its report and nominate Rev. Albert M. Damon for election as pastor at the 11 a.m. worship service. On that day Rev. Damon will deliver a sermon "Faith by Sight?" Scripture texts are Proverbs 3:1-8 and John 20:2431. Immediately following worship there will be a congregational meeting of all members to act upon the, committee's recommendation. After months of work and consideration of over 150 applicants, Rev. Damon was unanimously , and enthusiastically selected by the group charged to fill the pastoral post of the church. Headed by Clerk of Session George Nelson, others included Walter Dil, Rusty CardweU, Carl Facciano, Mrs. Billie Johnson, Mrs. taurine. Parrett and Miss Peggy Logan. Rev. Damon was ordained hi 1954 and. served as pastor" at Hopewell United Presbyterian Church, Bloit, Kan., from 1954 to 1958. He then became pastor for the Ingleside United Presbyterian Church in San Francisco, serving in that position until 1964 at which time he undertook the duties of organizing pastor for the First Presbyterian Church, Milpitas, and has remained as its pastor until the present time. In addition to his wife, Bernice, his family consists of three boys; Joel who just graduated from high school and will be entering college this fall; Charles who will be a junior in high school; and David who will be attending junior high school. The Lord's work through Rev. Damon is very evident at Milpitas which started from four families meeting in homes to a present membership of 420 .with 225 attending church school in their own chapel and education unit. . Rev. Damon is an excellent preacher, teacher and administrator. He is strong in youth work and lay participation. Special music for the service will be given by soprano Mrs. Barbara Steadman, combining talents with cellist, Mrs. Paula Worster. "Teach Me to Love" by Peterson has been selected by the wellknown pair. Despite the usual influx into the labor market of students looking for' summer jobs, the number of out-of-work Americans totaled 4.8 million in June, virtually the same number as in May, the Bureau'of Labor Statistics said. Employment, on the other hand, edged up slightly last month to 86.2 million. The number of Americans holding jobs has now increased 400,000 in the past two months after six months of virtually no change. As usual, unemployment was highest among teen-agers, but the 15.6 per cent jobless rate for this age group was the same as in May, the BLS said. The job figures are adjusted for seasonal variation, including the annual surge of young job-seekers following the dose of the school year. The teen-age increase this June was about the same as in recent years, and thus had virtually no effect on the overall jobless rate.... The stability in the unemployment picture in June carried over into other labor force grbups. The jobless rate for household heads, 3.1 per cent; adult men, 3.5 per cent; and adult women, 5.1 per cent, were nearly the same as in May. However, the rate for married men rebounded to 2.6 per cent last month after the temporary slide to 2.2 per cent one month earlier. About 8.8 per cent of black workers were without jobs in June, compared with 4.8 per cent for their white counterparts, but these figures were unchanged from May, the BLS said. Young Vietnam-era veterans, those 20 to 24 years of age, continued to have a tougher time finding work than those of the same age who did not serve* in the military. N. Ireland must find peace plan LONDON (UPI) — Britain has told Northern Ireland to come up with its own plan for ending the province's political unrest and finding, a solution to nearly five years of religious strife. In an official white paper, the government Thursday ordered elections for a new Northern Ireland constitutional convention. The paper said the 78- member convention should draw up a formula for governing the violence-torn province. "If the Northern Ireland community can reach a broad consensus of agreement' any one of a number of possible patterns of government might well be workable," the white paper said. "But if agreement is not reached, the troubles in Northern Ireland will not only remain but could intensify. No one will be able to turn this defeat into a victory. That is reality." The British government reimposed direct rule on Northern Ireland May 29 after ..the collapse of the province's moderate governing "executive," which shared power between the majority Protestants and minority Roman Catholics. The executive fell after militant Protestants paralyzed the province with a 15-day general strike protesting plans to establish a Council of Ireland between leaders in Belfast and the Irish Republic. The white paper, a statement of policy, said direct rule cannot last indefinitely and the convention would give all Ulster's political groups a chance to discuss possible alternatives. CYO benefit dinner set for July 19 A benefit dinner to raise money for the purchase of necessary equipment and uniforms for the Catholic Youth Organization basketball league will be held July 19 at 7:30 p.m. at the Pomo Inn in Hopland. It will be a chicken barbecue. Tickets at $15 a couple may be purchased at Medico Drug or by calling 462-6381. Coaches of the CYO league are sponsoring the event. CYO basketball includes novices and junior basketball players in the fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth grades throughout Ukiah. .¥ft%::':'?SSft¥ft '^ : :": : a : :"S : S: : : : :%%"*: Friday, July 5, 1974 Ukiah Daily Journal, Ukiah Calif.- Amtrak cars deratl, 28 persons injured! FOOD PRICE PROTEST — Making a big noise about rising food prices, can-rattling women of New Delhi, India's capital, march on the food minister's Hundreds of them. home in protest. MELVERN, Kan. (UPI) — Six cars of ah eastfopund Amtrak train—the old Superchief'- . jumped the tracks .near Melvern today, and four sleeper cars slid down a 50-foot embankment, injuring 28 persons. There were no fatalities, but officials said serious injuries included broken arms and legs and head injuries. Santa Fe railroad officials said trees along the embankment cushioned the fall of the sleeper cars. Two cars, a lounge car and a dining car, rolled over and seven other cars derailed but stayed on the roadbed. The train was carrying 317 passengers in 18 cars and three diesel units. Officials said the uninjured passengers were taken into Kansas City on the remaining cars or by bus. "The cars just rolled down the embankment," said Melvern town marshal Ron Logan. "The derailment occurred right where the railroad went over an overpass and the cars just slid down the .bank to the road, laying on their side." ,' Rescuers took cutting torches to the scene, but Logan said they weren't used. "They had to go through the top (through windows) and grope through to find the people," he said. One of the two tracks on the Santa Fe line was torn up as the derailed cars slid along on the sides before stopping about a quarter mile from where the derailment occurred. Cause of the derailment was not immediately determined. USE voui BANKAMERICARD / OR MASTERCHARGE .... 5-in-1 Eye Make-up Kit "THE COTY EYE" VALUE 1.79 Includes undereye con­ cealer, '3 powder eye shadows, mascara and sponge applicator. For appealing eyes ; ..and eye-catching glances. 675203 Effervescent ALKA-SELTZER 71 2.19 VALUE 1.39 72 Tablets in 36 convenient "stay fresh" foil packs. Relieves upset stomach, and cold distress. 457047 Wizard Smokeless Charcoal LIGHTER FLUID SALE! 49 C Quart Can. 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