Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on May 24, 1957 · Page 18
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 18

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, May 24, 1957
Page 18
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EIGHTEEN 27— female Help Wonted XtltrfCf, 3S (o 45 d. rileht turn. 11 (o *. Kal.e'i RfHauraM. 731 Virginia Avc. E"x"PKHl"ENCKi)""ll7eftsed beautician*, cunrftnteed top salary plui commit- »lon, plcittnl wotklnft condllLonr. Good noun. V»ralion and hosplUI- Izalioo insucam-f. Rrpllct tltii-tly confidential. Write Box RS& A, c/c Time i-News. PAINTING—EXTKH.O* niEB ESTIMATES. GKT THE DE.ST1 i. U WILUEKT PA 2-6SS5 PAINTING. Spoulinc* Roofing. Coin" I'Eet* repairing. Cement and block work. Guaranteed! Kuhn and Durr. PA 4-0647. PA 2-4847. 28 Mol« Help Wanted SALESMAN WANTKD ~ GOOD PAV SKK MH. LICilTENSTKlN, 176 N. CKXTHK ST. SIDING and roofing applicatori, aluminum itorr.i door, <a*h. and arcing tnHnllers. Ex per lr need only. Apply -JH HtndertQa Av*. URGENTLY NEKDED — S*ml-trucX driver, yo'JSf man 6e tired, JJtnJf Wflcn, Jlinjo ('onr*J»ion, Katr- S roundi, Cuniberlanti. Saturday dt*4- .o*. .'ACATIONEHS. hive the home town r,p«j follow you while jou are auaj from home. You can have the Cumberland New* or Evening Timff matted arvy where In the Stalci (or 6c per copy: Sunday Times lor )0c i>cr copy. Before you lake .jour (rip Phone the limes-News Circulation Department: "" to jirtlgr your paper, WANTED — Pa^e^VeV^o^7iiformV IS. Share expo/iirs. 28-Mof* Help Wanted PITTSBURGH Plate Glass Co. WORKS NO. 7 CUMBERLAND, MD. Applications are now being received far job openings in the Maintenance Department to be filled in the early part of this summer. Hourly rntes of pay for (he Dept: — Electricians .. $2.62 per hour — Machinisls—Shop .... $2.61 per hour — Machinists—Plant .... $2.45 per hour — Pipe Fitleri $2.45 per hour — Mfflrlghtj $2.45 per hour — Carpenter-Painter .... $2.28 per hour Applicants must be qualified Journeymen in order to receive consideration. For further information call PA 2-8500 or write: Director of Personnel. 39-Pointin9, Pdparhonging IB-Roofing, Spouting 40-Penonali HOOFING. 114101. All antes Itool painllnj, repair*. JC mof. to paj. MHO Urrwtt, BlllLnccr. MA, l-'b, CM 5 2601 5(K j TrurJc Scan i- Ojnv. Tops. Diarvi-y t SU|i Cover l-'abrie. Window screens made to order. Aluminum screening fc molding available. I Oiancsr Slicerbrecic, Wo oil, 60c yd IKO. mi AGO. I.aValc. Md. I>AHell Jun . . Call PA 4-5524 after 4. 43—Piano Tuning PJono Tuning & Repairing Laurence Gri/fith PA-2-1633 43-Piono Tuning ROBERT W MOHELJIND.XSl .. ruaei, Repatri School, Cburcfi, HODM PlanM. Pi HOM. Uud Piano*. 51 —Vacuum Cleaners 45-Radio Service CUSTOM MADE FrJFlN.ITURE Recovering and Spring Repair C. E. Erode 555 Grecr.e PA MB90 GUAilANTtKlJ AADIO 9KHVICE SpeclaUitn* bom* * auto ridioi DOLAtiS 1] N GMr» SL PA *-iS 46-Television Service UPHOLSTERING KffiSS" AUTO CONVERIIBLE TOi'S TRUCK SEATS lARI'AULINS HASTINGS ALUMINUM AWNINGS CUMBERLAND ELECTRIC CO. CV tcrrlc«« on til malt** — UuaraBiaHl •erv.c* available PA J-61il •7 —Real Estate For Sale WA>,TED-Boj-j Pait School Aj« To Help with Garden Work Apply: 130 Federal &1. YOUNG MEN TO ASSIST ... ManaRpr In local branch of <o»Jl-(o-coa*l chain ore«nieitlon. Experience unnecessary but must be able (o convene intelUxtntly ftnd b« nUifitd with. $70 p*r ueek (o Mart. Rapid advancement lo those accepted. For Appointment Call: MR. PULSIFER, PA 2-3925 9:30 A. AI. lo 1:30 P. M. BUDGET ANALYST THA-NEK Mtril System position with Slatt Dept of Bucket i- Procurement in Baltimore Musi be college graduate uiih specill zaticn in buf,nc« admlnislratlon, puh Uc administration, or political science. Must have driver's licensf. Salary £*., Bxlla. 2. SUPKRVISOn. TRAFFIC RErORDING EQUIPMENT I Merit S.vstem posilion with Md. Slat Roads Commission. Requires traveling throughout Md. .Must be hi^h school tradu . working with photoelectric Cubes t relays, amplifier lubes, aulomallc Iralfic recordinfi equipment, electric rnoto friction clutches anrt/or cams Paid vacation 4: sicV tcnvc. aulomatic sal »ry Incrtnxcs. r«llrcment i- ioclat te- curlty benefits. Salary 13201 to 13842- max. reached Jn 5 years. File applica Uon by June Slh with St*l« Commls sfoncr t>l PerAr>nn*1. 31 Light St., Bal- Umore S, (S\ 7-iQQQI. M AN WANTE C - Utux fwcl«d cha n£« causes vacancy In E. Alleghan? County. Splendid opportunity ior year-round Income- Many full timr . Dtaler* earnlnR S100 *nd up pei week. For dela[] s write Rawlclati' n<-pt. \lDE-2Q-328, Oicster, Pa. 29-Sateiincn Wanted S A r,ES_MAN wanted for cVmbei-,a"nd Territory to represent Mfg. of San iUry Products. Mutt have car, week Iy advance a^ainat commission «^rnca. Write Rochester Germlctdi Company. 23 South Diamond Square Pittsburgh 3, Pa 31-Situations Wanted IF IN NEED of experienced offie* worker*, household, nursing, etc c PA 4-IK2. Tn-State A*tncs. 32-fnstrucHons LEARN TO DRWE _ Dual Control,, Automatics, Stralffbl Shifts. 9 to 9 Howard 1-rriKX. 154 Bedford. PA 3-733! 35-Miscellaneous WELL DRILLING t» >TI. Exp. Modern steel eqtilom*at Fump ItiitalUtEnnt. GaU*n!i«d Casinc F. V. CARPENTER WELL DRILLING P. O. Box 052. Cumb.. Ph. RE 8 9300 SHOVELS — DOZERS Mobile Cranes, Back HMJ. High Lifts Coroprejji>r». p».-jnf Breakeri. Drills, Traclor.Tralltts. Low Bed Trailers Pole Trailers. Trucks or »ll Vinils. Fill Smiind and road material. We hare nort than 300 fttctn of BAUGHMAN CONTRACTING Rt. 40 West. Dial PA 2-4SSS Septic Tanks Cleaned "0 LKHOY KEXNEU. Hyndrnan IU-R-S; Cumberland PA2-<«1 SEPTIC TANKS CLEANED $25 «quipT Bi-Stale Disposal Service Writ** nr Phong Lonaconitig HO 3-440 Exca vat in g BuHdozTm Atphclt DrlcriiToyj — PerMny LCt» fill dirt Top soi Orric Sensabaugh PA 4-5953 N'EV LOCATION—SHATJt^ LANK HOUT CONSTRUCTION Shovels, Dozers. Trurfcs, <;r*o>r, Rollei*. Stone Rpreadcrj. Fill Dirt Phone PA 4-5575 or PA 2-632 Block Laying, Cement Work PHONE PA 2-2699 TOR EXCAVATING OF ALL TYPE, Chert Fill [&r Drlreway»T R H. JOHNSON'. RT. i. PA 4313 n.OORS - TAYlNGTsANblNC. Flls" I.SHI.VC Free exllmatcs. Cliirlc Burch, Ml. SAVAKC. Phone CO V4W1 LAWN MOWERS JHARPENKI). HAND OH POWER. !< OAK ST. PA 2-23S1. 36-Wotch, Clock Repair* Humbertson's STRAND TV SMei fc Servle* 1^40 L*\'Ale PA 2-7220 Open 'til UNlfED~TV W* rtL,;'r *U 4 Brdfi>rd b.. idio, T-V PA *-t*4 Sales 4 Service . PA2-M36, 9 a.m. H p.m Two adiolnlng Iota JSxUS, .Mont omery Ave. icre(« block building 30x40 non led xi garage, lot 60x22i. 9Vj mllcj u1 Old i own Road. J. -S. UUTTOS, nealtor f!ey. W. Va, HE 8-B700 OXY BUNGALOW. Wiley Ford. 5 roomi, modern balh. AH clly conveniences. .Vewly dtcoratcd. Rxceltent condition inside and out. Immcdlaxe possession. Dial HE S-8977. AT FURNACE ACRES m.lei out Route 28. Another A & A lome for sale. Will be completed about un« 1st. For price and inform a Hon. hone A *< A Builders, Fort Ashby 10. 1 UST OUTSIDE OF CITY — fi Tooin bricV, wood fireplacr. Inside xtfage-, automatic h*!*l. IX)t 80x1-40. |14j500. Ople Annan, 58 N. CenU« St., PA 40200. :HESAPTOWN — Ideal family house 3 bedroom*, large level lot. SLOOC down and assume Gt Morte, PA 4-4303. ^RODUCING 70-acrc Dairy Farm, 5 bedroom botisf, all moifcrn conven lenrcs. Stock and equipment, S14.600 For inspection, (Jnon* Bedford Vall«> IA 1 K buyers [or 5 or 6 mom d Heal Estate, 1'A 2-2152. hon fain 'EST SIDE surjslantia) 12 roonibricy; v;ith furnished apartment. Hot \satci heal, garage. Treiocr Oeal Eilste PA 2-6230. lEUFOnl) IJOAD Two btilrooms. Ur modern hilchen, large Land PA 46798. tirick bungalow e living loom ped lot KMI-BU\GA1.0W. 5 rooms, modern excellent condition, basement, hot-air furnace. City water snd gas. Located 1 at "L" St. Potomac' Park. PA 2-5571 *fl*r ^ p. ni. EVENING TJMliS, CUMUERLANP, MIX, |.'JHDAY, MAY 2J, 1957 OOr Nepal/* ft Net* Roofs. Shingle, 5UU Hull! Up. ilol Aftphalt Coatluii K. W At^ll, PA »-7lll lOOKING. SIDING, PalnUnj, Spout (»«. General reptlr*. CflU Otmb. PA 434M, ilyndman 137-ll-i Fre* «»U ma let Bittlnger-Burkelt, POSSELT'S Cuitom t';>bolstering, Furnllur* llep^irt, Awninff & larpauJIni 31 Frederick St. Oldest, most re.inHt Dial PA 3 4715. Orer J5 yeari In cllj- UPHOLSTERING John TroicU. 223 U*v;ason PA 1-2WH 51 —Vacuum Cteanert VACUUM CLEANERS K«" i Reb'illi. Fully Cus^aniecd: PA11TS k SERVICE. ALL MAKES VACUUM SIOKKS PA lisi PICK UP I, DELIVERY HOOVER VACUUM CLEANER SERVICE J A 2-5070_KJ02 VA. AVE. IN'CER vacuum rlcancr. RcpossesTeiT May he purchased for balance due _S_inRer Co.. &.S Ha Him ore Si- Oiui 1'A 2-1600 for a WANT AD Taker Serving Maryland's Top Grade, Choice Foods at moderate prices! DECATUR HOUSE DINING ROOM Decotur at Davidson FREE PARKING Open Daily fiom II o.m, to 7:30 f>.m /idayi ond Salordayi lo 2 a.m. DANCE Saturday, May 25 Mwii< by Frtddi* lock and The Dudei Weiterr, Swing Bond At Slone's Tavern SanrJ Polth, Po. SPECIAL this week-end from our Toke-Ouf Window 3 Large All Lump Crab Cakes $' 1 V/irh Tartar Phone PA 2-0244 'from 12 Noon Buck Nite Round & Square DANCE SATURDAY NITE DAVE GUNTER'S GOOD FOOD in La Vole Delicious Dinners PRIVATE OININO DOOM Special Dinntri Iw SHEEHE'S RESTAURANT ((Cor, N. M«hani< and Fr*dii!tk ... for o leisurely meal at moderate prices, come to Joe Lyon's historic Clarysville Inn where superb food is lovingly cooked by Gene Campbell, Chef. DANCING ' at • -•- ' 40 MiUi W, t t of Cvmbifland I on Regl« 40 TONITE I Music by the Mclodferi SATURDAY NITE By Tommy Smirhem, | Cumberland's Favorite DINNER MUSIC Sunday Noon until 8 p.m. by Lillian Keller! Nilcly Dinners from 5 p. m. kJf\\A/ ACTION) PI W TT COMEDYl ii in THKILLS! DOUBLE - FEATURE COMBINATION THAT TOPS THEM ALL! »H *IIM« *itiin ncivri AT — 12:00-2:30-5:00-7:30.10;00 Af — l:27.3;55-4:25-9;00 Melody Ramblers Bowman Addition Fire Hall AHGt; LOTS in the country Meal Tor >ovir prei«nt home or to live on wh«n you reUrt. Trrms S100 caih, halancp monthly. Opie Annan. Phone ill- FLOYD P. GRACE REAL ESTATE . VV. Va. Phone KPT S 9202 ACRES, 6 room house, city wat*r, EXS. Down payment, balance ai rent, Potomac Park, PA 4-U21. MOD EH N 6 ROOM HOME Nice Residential Section 303 National Highway. LaVafe XCELLENT Location, 333 Patlcrson Avenue, 3-Bedroomj. Utodern Bath. CootJ condition. Insulaltd. Large yard. PA *-58S7. Dave Gunter's GOOD FOOD in La Vale Phone PA 2-0244 ^^^^^^^^_^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ LET US KEEP YOU IN GOOD SPIRITS MARTIN'S Liquor Store 15 Boltimore St. Next to W.M. Crossing FREE DELIVERY Dial PA 2-1459 Hi-Roek DRIVE-IIV . s. 220 Tlieatre. ^ 1EDC7C&D — 416 Maryland Ave , & room brirt. 1!& balhs. ga§ furnace, Rarage. Venetian blind*. JllJOO. Dial F'A 4-3660. $550 DOWN! 5-room home, bath, heal 636 Rc-dford St. Owner left town. MILI.EXSOX Real Kstale. PA A-35SO I ROOMS, bach, lurnace, yard, 3 car sarage. May be usee4 as duplex Phone PA 2.6171. IliVE MILES from (he cily — 9 room pre-Civil War brick, fircp.are, thrre balhs. steam ht&l, boxivond hcd^e Ileauliful countr> - home. Will finance J3p!e Annan. PA. 4-0200 or OR 84921. Atte ntion Hou se^TaTteT'ou^eTi Vour monthly rent wUI pay for a lot down and $15 per month including j water and elect ricily services, er Up, pa.ed *tieet. Size o{ lot, x I20\ Located- near McMuUeo Blvd., 2 miles from Cumberland HOWARD BUCHANAN. INC. Office 5« N. Centrr, PA 20650, Evenings, dial PA 4-3250. .AIlGE hnmeiUes, beautiful trees Growing area. 100 It. frontage. J500, cash or terms. PA 2-0347. BUILDING a x 8. 5 feet high. 2 win- flowi. light fixtures, ttesk. Excellent lor L'ied Car Lot. CaU 733 E'roMbure Good price Cor quick iale. WILL, BUILD 2-Bedroore Rambler 18,175. 3-Bcdroom *5,950. Split Level tlOJOO. Mauk Construction, PA REAL ESTATE SERVICE Let us list your property We Get Results! The HAROLD R. FLETCHER CO 2* N. LIBERTY ST. DIAL PJA 4-H23 MAYBURY.POLAND REALTY HEAL ESTATE BROKERS PFION-E PIEDMONT 6011 KM KENT AVENUE - 8 room brlrk". Ras furnare, hot waler heal. balhj. RaraKt. PA 2-1J33. We btve c«sb Duren for modern DOrnea. Gnaranteeo Result* or no coit to you. Vouf Inqulrtea wetcomed. M. D Kelahart Ascncy-PA 3-2111. MODERN 2 bcsroom home — VHche dinette, spacious living room, xor location In I.>V«)«. Phone PA 4-3232. COLUMBUS pr*-cu| hi frill, aecnt- Model on Rradtiock Road, appoinlmcnl only, rial PA % Down To Veterans 701 III1.I.TOP Di. brick bungalow. 3 bedrooms. *. Phone PA 2-2323, COTTAGE t>n pri front. Long IP-,,; „ PA 4 16«S a[(«r 6 p. NK\V ULTRA-MODK.RN 5 hi me. AI!rAcl(t't fircplA<i trie Vitchrn. Johnson'* J 4-02«0_ , . PA * 0200. TAST. EFFICIENT WATCH REPAIRS JOHN NEWCOMER J15 VlrHoi« Ave. PA 1 SSil hrirk. bath, hot 515.300. Opir An ROOM cocicictp "bifiVk"," udin bascmfnl, 707 Pierfmor.t Avc. *Mctfrt hy appointment. 6-9^30 p. Would you have the guts to point a finger at • guy and say: GO GET KILLED! CClOl If ^—' TECHNICOLOR _ , &} THEY'RE Ull HERC...THE WEST'S WORST BADMEN1 RANDOLPH SCOn SPENCER TRACY ROBERT WASHER THE MOST TALKED ABOUT PICTURE OF THE YEAR i.w X7 £ctU*te7ttenbi*~ _\^ SkTRAMD * STARTS TODAY! UNBELIEVABLE! Sii A 6 FOO T MAN SHRINK, SHRINK, SHRINK, UNTIL THE NORMAL WORLD BECOMES A WORLD OF TERROR AND DANGER! Hour after hour he gets J: Tfil Wr*^ smaller. Bailee smaBf , | «-^l-*-< r '^^ —^ I '/ "SHBINKINO HAN" Ii30 - 4:25 . 7:15 - 10:10 -XEUY AND Ml" 12:05 . 2:55 - 5:50. M5 GREAT CO-HIT A FOUR-FOOTED PAL TAKES A SONG-AND- DANCE MAN TO THE TOP OF BIG TIME! i T- A'l PIPER LAURIE MARTHA HYER" n EXTRA! SAT- 12 NOON! MICKEY MOUSE FUN GARY COOPER « William Wylers PtOBUCIlOS "KISS OF DEATH" Alurrf.f «y,l, ONE COilPLETi; SHOlv" STARTING S:15 tn I r CKJ oci ng ANTHONV PERKINS, the most exciting screen discovery since James Oeai STAR Restaurant 31 BALTIMORE STREET SATURDAY DINNER SPECIALS ! ROASI YOUNG CHICKEN .................................... 8J( irg _ Gra-y — N,w Whipp.d Pololej, -- Bok.d Star,, _ Cfc«olal. Nul Sundo* — Cofft, HAM STEAK (Swifl'i Fr.m.J BREADED VEAL STEAK, fcmoto S 0 ot. GOME EARLY Avoid the Crowds Don'l Miss Thlj • JUST A SHORT BREEZY DRIVE ON RT. 40 • G^at Road SHflW TONITE & SATURDAY SORRY HUNDREDS WERE .TURNED AWAY. NO SPACE FOR CARS MANY PREFERRED TO STAND TO SEE THIS AMAZING ATTRACTION IT! THANK YOU Mr., Mrs. ond Misj Cumberland for your greot response to thli wonderful attraction in helping u> break all attendance records. WE APOLOGIZE To all those we rumed away and caused inconvenience due to lock of car space <n our Drive-In Theatre last night. POSITIVELY NO ONE UNDER 17 ADMITTED! H Adm. 65c Shown In RnUlm w » on d PimVcfaS SI !5 • POSITIVELY THE ONLY SHOWING IN THISAREAV 1 "^ BOID-V//JD TRyf-but Clean and Moroll PENN PREMIER SHOWS "World't large i ( Motorized KIDDIES PARTY Sat. May 25 1 P. H. lo 6 P. M. MANY FAINT NURSE ATTENDANT __ FREE MAIN GATE ADMISSION FOR FREE ALL SCHOOL CHILDREN FREE at lha CUMBERLAND FAIR GROUNDS THIS AD GOOD FOR 5 Beautiful Prizes Given Away Free ONE FREE RJDE ON CHAIR PLANE r 37-MetolWeatnerlf ripping Defiance Weothersfrip Co. . rBEPERICX C. HAAS DUL PA 4-OJ10 38-Moving, Storing ~ GRAPES TRANSFER Dial PA 4-5622 MEDERS IRANSKER, IjOCAL LONO DISTANCE ACEN1 NORTH AMERICAN VAN UNCS PA I M<M BENNETT %£?£ £ Local—Long Distance PHONE PA 2-6770 AGENT, MAVFLOWER TRANSIT LOCAL. LON'G DISTANCE MOVING XLAVITHN TBA.VSFER PA I-377S JOH.V APPEI CRANSrER LOCAL. LO.VG niSTAXCE UOY1XO AGCN1 GREYVAN UNE« FA t-l( ROOMS, hath. buriRaloi. Ca< city «»tcr. l.arjc lot. J jtnall bulHints. Brant noirt. Cruaplcmn. ROOM C-OTTAC'E" liiirt^ SmiS Rtanch. C LINE'S. 1211 Klla Ave *? « *POTOAAAC* " WINCHESTER ROAD 48-Roolrng, Spouting HooHng. Spoullnff, SirJinff. Auninp.* nir«« rc*r> lt> pay 'iuar^Qiecd work Andrew Witt. Pfioi* CO «-5t'< N'cw Roonni, Fitnnnt. Gutter* Metal Work, all iyp«*. Estimate* trtt, M yr» E«p A1c« J 5;btitc PA J-&50S HUMKS Home rrnprovcmtnt Co ral contractiTi? in roolinj? J M anq Itiitl&rlc "idjn£ Also Aloniiuum Sid -I Ing No down payment. Phoni PA j 2-lS9t, PA 4-3S&. 337 Oa^-fdson St. . JARLITZ Home tmproverneBl Co. Buildint Contractor. -?r>hn*-ManTiJl» Iniclbnc Sldinr. Reonni. HlocV lif Inj. PA <-OJ«, 1. EN WIDE SCREEN THE FASTEST GUN ALIVE WE CHALLENGE YOU Gun or 8:45-12:30 Cartoon 10:30 . Las Vegas 10:3S *~ Atcoo Atumlnum Siding Bj the Square fli Complete Job No Down Payment s yr* to Pij Cumberl»n<J Horn* Improvement U. W. YOUE». PA MOM, Bedford BO. . 2. COLOR AND "* CINEMASCOPE -K MEET ME IN LAS VEGAS ^* Amerito» rnoH fobyfou^ fdorll in COLOR ind CINEMASCOPE DAN ""* S C1D DAILEY-CHARISSE w - 5larrir ls ^ Glenn FORD > Jeanne GRAIN Brofcrick CRftWFORO i»i RUSS TAMBIVK the ACTUAL BIRTH So Young! "NO PLUS Another Thrilling HIT ! ! So Eager ! So Desperate I So Lonely ! MAN'S WOMAN"

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