Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 20, 1954 · Page 9
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 9

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 20, 1954
Page 9
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TUESDAY, APRIL 20, 1934 tipper Alton News ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH FORMING ft ,A*S FOft HOSPITAL OPE* HOUSE PJShs are moving forward for ' the huge open house at Alton Statp Wfwpftal, May 9. it was announced today. The public is invited to this special inspection which will hp held during Mental Health \Veok. Groups were invited and asked '•'tn make plans to InrltiHo a visit to thf hospital. College groups especially were reminded that the inspection of facilities at the institution might he considered an adjunct to their education. The hospital'completed a series of activities for the patients during the F.nster holiday. More than 21)00 CKRS were colored hy the occupational therapy department and groups sponsored various enter- "'tfiinments. Among them was a party for the patients by a Lutheran church group from Wood River. About 15 church women were in fiat-go. A group from the Roxana Presbyterian Church made and distributed book marks in the form i a cross to the patients in one of the cottages. A.VNT.U, HXrs BREAKFAST rn BK iiKU) Tiirustnv Annual breakfast of the \Vom- nn's Society of Christian Service will be held Thursday at S:1. r i nt Ihr Main Street Methodist Church. A review of the book. "Pettic.oal Town", will be Riven hy Mrs. II. E Winans, wife of the author. Kxecutive board will be hostesses. MAIN MKTIIODIST {WTS TWO MKfOlinS Main Street Methodist Church established records in attendance and accessions last Sunday, the Rev. Carl D. Mitchell, pastor, announced today. Some 600 worn present at the morning worship service to lop all ft tendance records j for that service in the past three years. The record accessions were made when -10 additions were received by the Rev. Mitchell on Palm Sunday and Easier. Seven infants were baptized during the Sunday morning worship. In other news, the church is now in a scries of " victory services which is part of a nationwide Methodist program being held from Easter to Pentecost, June 6. 3-6641 I EmphaMs is plsced on ehirrch at! tendance at Sunday evening services. "Virton 1 " sermons will he delivered by the Rev. Mitchell. All i members are urged to attend and visitors are welcome. CLARA nARTON BOI'Mlff. I A>l> MOTttKRS.TO MEET I Mothers Club will hold election of officers a* a meeting i and luncheon Wednesday at i Clara Barton School. j Ixmcheon will be served at , noon and the business meeting | will hcpjn at 1 :^fl p. m. ; Hostesses will he Mrs. Preston ' Chnlk. Mrs. C.POI'CO Abel, Mrs. F.luford F.rvin and Mrs. Junior Ayres. They will provide the meat dish, dessert and coffee. In other news, it was announe- I ed that the summer roundup | will be held at Ihe school Thursday from 9 to 12 noon. A spokesman reminded parents that chil- j di-en enterinc kindergarten or : the first grade next fall for the j first lime must register. A hirlh I certificate should he available for each child. Mrs. Albert Kolk i« chairmon of the i-eeisfrnfion. A film for the children will he shown. SPECIAL St'F.AKF.R AT rrnniK Tiii.mvEKK Men of Curdle Hoichts Baptist Church are rernieslor] to meet al the church tonight at 7 to work. They will meet again Thursday nisjlil al the same time for similar duly, il was announced. Iir. Anthony Calianrlro, founder of a Bible seminary in | Naples, Italy, and a native of , thai country, will he the speaker at the regular services Wednesday. 7::H) p. m. Wednesday, 7 p. m., there will be a teachers' mooting al the church and all are requested to Hi I end. Thursday, 1 p. m., there will he a class meeting at the home of Mrs. Ruth Soden of Porter St. Friday. 7:,"!0 p. m., there will be a Bible sludy meeting al (he home of Raymond Deck of Horn SI. .MRS. .IOHXSOX HAS GTESTS OVKR EASTER Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Barton of Eldorado left today for their PAGE NINE SPORT CLOTHES are ready when you want them . . . Outdoor oction colls for a quick-turn-over in sporf clothes. Lucky you have us to depend on for prompt and efficient dry cleaning service! PHONE 3-5566 home flffcr spencfinf the Easter holiday with thetr (laughter, Mi*. Eunice Johnson, 2S11 Brown St. Mrs. Johnson also had at home her daughter. Miss Ver- I nice Lea Johnson and her rupst Mi«s Gay Hoyt of Rosendale \Vis. The young wompn returned to Columbia. Mo. Sunday p\ ening L where they arp students at Christian College. They arrived ln«t Thursday. RROTVXIK TROOP IT TO tttKfc SAT! RflAV Brownie Ti-cnn 1" of Onra Rar- ton School will complete final plans at a meefinp Thmrsdav for a hike to Rork Sprinc park. The hike will he held Saturday i and it will he tonoed off with a wiener imsi. The Rron-nle« will meet at the school Saturday at 11 a. m. j \ew officers recently appoint- led are: Sue Walton, president: Linda f^aeemann, vice president: Vickie Seitzhurg. secretary: Randv Maronie. treasurer: ] Terry Witcher. flag henrer: and • Sharon Kimhro. Trudi Stilwell ' and Shelloy Rnono, flag guards. riRrt.R Forii TO MEET j WM1NKSDAV AfTF.RXOOX j Circle 4 of College Avenue Presbyterian Church will meet Wednesday. 2 p.m.. al the home of Mrs. Fred Seavey. 9'JS Main SI. Mrs. Frank Ilrabak will he assistant hostess. KEV. MARTIN IX HAMMOND, IND. The Rev. J. Curtis Martin, pastor of Calvary Baptist Church, left this week to conduct a two-weeks revival al the State | Street Baptist Church in Hammond, Ind. Ciene Wells will have charge of the devotional at the regular Wednesday night prayer meeting. B. R. Campbell will preside al the business meeting which follows the service. In other news. Girls' Auxiliary will hold a house parly beginning Friday and ending Saturday noon for all junior and intermediate members of Ihe missionary organization in the Madison County Association. Services will be held Friday, "il'.O p.m. and resume Saturday, 9 a.m. and end al noon. A luncheon will follow to close the meeting. Some 200 girls from about 18 churches are expected. Accommodations are being sought in homes for the visitors, Mrs. Martin said. Three Circles will meet Thursday at 1:30 p.m. Irma Frank Circle will meet at the home of Mrs. Emma Wells, 2430 Judson St.; Helen Scherer at the chapel; and the Clara Freeman at the church. Tonight the YWA will meet al the home of Mrs. Martin, STORK'S CLfANERSwfURRIfRS tMttl* 1665 Washington Ave., Alton, HI. Ph. S-5586 3019 Edmtirds St. tttttLS FTWfl CttP CHRfK LEADER'S I Those bicyrling jtirls who were I stopped hy n rop near Western ; Military Ar-mlrmy Monday (wouldn't dare mention the word i hut it is ohvious that they \VPI r 'the victims of ono of the nwert- pst "frames" e\er perpetrBted in I'pper Alton. Conni\in)j hetweon the police and B leader of Troop SO rondo it inevitahle that the Hirl Scouts I were (joint: to ho stopped and their hirycles rherkod. They also wei-e suh.jrrtecl to a qui/ on trat- i fir rules. ! The girls passod thr tr.«| with 'flying colors Inn they ha\r reason to feel they were victims of a slick hit of cooperation he| tween Ihe police and the proper ; authorities. ; But there is injustice in it to ia certflin extent. A check today j revealed that the cop didn t ask j the adult troop lender any questions about the condition of her ! biryole. She had bortwvod it for I the ridr and didn't know much about its mechanical condition. The girls found this out shortly after the cop turned them loose. Their leader plunged down Seminary St. hill under the viaduct Ihe hike did a frightful (IlillR. It shimmied, and kepi up this embarrassing dance at every hill It encountered. If a pel-son were faced wilh this situation how would he explain it to a cop. Would one declare the delect in the bicycle | or try to say it was innocent? In either case, what's the penal- ly for violation? MRS. HKNDKKSOX EXTKKS HOSPITAL Mrs. Edward L. Henderson, 3f>l!fl (iillhnm Ave.. WHS scheduled to enter Alton Memorial Hospital today and will undergo surgery Wednesday morning. She Is expected to be discharged in about four days. IMLK L. 1'KYTOV AND FAMILY IIRIIK AT/3 and Mrs. Dale L. Peylon arrived over the weekend and she and Ihcir two children will remain, as he will he shipped to a base in Malta. The family is at the home of hm parents. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Peyton, 3755 Aberdeen Ave., where a family dinner was held in their honor Sunday. The seaman has been stationed at Patu.xe.nt River, Md. and after a 15-day leave he will report for his new assignment. Mrs. Peyton and the children, Philip, 2Vi, and Vickie Lynn, I'/i expect to remain here about six months. Seaman Peylon has been in sciv- ice almost six years. Among those attending Ihe din- Obituary t r af*t*Ati' t! flt»*i*r ! "• BRrr Av<% - Gray wa *" mrmb *r drrcn fit IJTHV lofjoi-^yvH^Eiksnuh. i Surviving are his widow, two JKRSKYVH.LK - Warren Rich- hi-others. and two aid Uray. fi!>. a rnternafion- The body is a^f .tncohv Bros Fual Shiv Co . employe, died Sunday ncral Home where rites will he at S:.'!0 p m nt thr home of a ieis- Mrs Clnrn Murray. :'4^ nndiictod ThiirKdav af ? p. m. hv thr Rr\ . M. Kdwsrd* Rreed. North C-rand Ave St. Louis. Mo., ftm-ia! will be In Oak Grove Come t ory Friends may call at the funeral home after 7 p. ID. today. JUST A COVER-UP 'the driver of a Sunday »chnol hu» noted nnc mnrnlnf thai » tittle boy w»i ulaiterlnc Ulcum powder very liberally on his »lsler'» fact' and *n hit own. When aiked why he wa» doln» to, he calmly replied, "You came 10 early for u> thli mntnlnr that we did nut have time to wafth, to Mem laid, 'Cover your face* wlelh powder and Iliry. won't see the dirt'." Are you trying to rorer ip tb* alnfalneu el four heart hy Ihe Join it of an occasional "food work"? II to. be auured that It can't he done. The Bible layi, "For by frace are ye laved through faith; and that not of younelvei; It la the fill of God, not tbt worka le»V any man should boast." —From THE SECRET PLACE THE MAIN STREET BAPTIST CHURCH, HORTON PRESLEY, Pastor Sweet 9 n low You'll like the tweet ind low music from the Glenn Miller Story — You'll like the sweet and low cut shoes from Our johansen Story Story » lev* Medt Such Wonderful MIMIC) CTicHNlcOLOR> $«« »h« Glenn Miller Story it a guest of Lytton's — fust scop in our snot dipt, and with tach purchase of a pair of (•hanien Shots you will receive with our compliments a ftttft ticker to tee the Glenn Miller Story. If AIM Slut and White Brown and White 13 .95 \vliet-p hf hnrl hern staying rerrntly while rn-eivinjj treatment in St, l.nuis for i\ ranlinr eondition He \\iis horn A\ic '.Ml. 1SSI. in Si Klnio. His home here \VHS nl ner were: Mrs. Nellie Jarrett. i Mis. Ruth Kellouc and Din id I<i-o\vn of Van1f»lia; Mrs ^.'loi•^e ; Crane and children of Mi.lherry Croxe; Mr. and Mrs. .'ay Ra<on i of Clinton; M-s. Mahcl l^sford (and Fninlt .\fnrk of St. Ixinis; Mr. and Mrs. John \Voods from Roxana: and Mi. and Mrs. Clar- fnre Stoner of Alton. CIKCI.K FIVK TO MKKT WKDNKSDAV AT Clll'ltCII Cirrle 5 \\ill meet Wednesday, i p.m.. nt College Avenue Presbyterian Churrli. Devoliona'l will he led hy Mrs. R. II. Shoppurd and prosram leader vxill he Mrs. Francis Henderson. i Mil. AMI MHS. STOTI.fcU !T() >IOM. TO MAIIH).\ i Mr. and Mrs. Claude Stotler, i 'J.M'O Hiimherl SI., will move this ;wpek fo Marion \\here I li e y ' have hoiiRhl nnd u ill operate a j sttiall chirkon and fruit farm. i Slotler has heen employed al ! Laclede Steel Co. for 28 years. They have- been in Ihe Allon area for alioiil J9 yenrs lull are natives ol Marion. The ronple hd.« lluee sons and n dnushtor. One son. Wendell Stotler. and his family will remain here to opera I e his photographic studio, KUIon Sloller is in Ihe Air Force sinlioni'd in .lapnn. His wile is residint; \\ilh Ihe Slotlers and will move wilh them. Another son, Russell, 16, is a student at Allon High School and probably will finish Ihe term before joining his parents. A dntiRhlcr, Mrs. Duane Copeland of Roxana, also will remain. She is employed al the DeLuxe Cafe in Upper Allon. Mr. and Mrs. Stollor and Russell will be guests of honor Wednesday. 6 p.m., al a pollurk supper of Ihe Harold Hut si Training Union of Calvary Baptist Church, of which they arc members. The couple has sold the Humbert St. properly to Mr. and Mrs. Lee Webb of Brighton. AIRMAN VISITS 1'AHENTS IIEK1C Airman Second Class James Ronald Ballinger arrived this morninR from Cheyenne, Wyo., on u surprise visit wilh his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hurry T. Bul- liiiRer, 21M. Seminary St. After his hvo weeks leave. Airman Hallinger will he sent to Korea. Airman IJa Hinder arrived In lime to visit his sisler, M i s s Carol Ballin«er, a senior at the University of Illinbis, who later departed for Champaign to resume her studies. Miss Ballinger was accompanied by her sorority sisters and house guests, the Misses Archalene Amos, Dorothy Jean Jordan and Marie Johnson of Chicago. The four young women, members of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sororily, were members of the bridal parly of a sorority j sister, Miss Patsy llarclirnan, for' nier roommate o r Miss Ballinger, who wa.s married Sunday .fn Jefferson Cily, Mo. Ivan B. Kidd KinVARDSVII.I.i: _ Ivan B Kidd. HO die-d at fi:IXi a. m. today at his residence on Circle t)r. Hfter iin CM ended illness. A retired him- her sali'sninn. he had resided here Ihe past !VJ years. Born Jan. Ifi, IS!H, nenr Paris. 111., a son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Jacoli Kidd. ho was married Oct. in. initi, ill Dnnvillr to Miss fr^lhel Lake, who survives. Also survivinn are two sons and two daughters, Joseph Kidd of I'hieago. Charles Kidd, Mrs. l.yn- de 1 1 i Ann i Johnson and Mrs. Floyd I iRuthi Spengel. nil of Kdvvards- I ville; two sisters. Mrs. Addle Hmmhl of Paris, III., Mrs. l.illle Kurt/, of Rensselner. Ind.: a stepsister, Mrs. Helen Kelly of Clinton. Ind.. and six grandchildren. He VVMS a member of First Christ inn Church and Ihe Loyal Order of Moose. Friends mny rail at Weber Funeral Home from 4 p. m. Wednesday until II n. m. Thursday, when the body is to be taken to first Christ inn Church for funeral serv- j ices at 2 p. m. In charge of the ' pnslor. Ihe Rev. F. duy Brown. i Interment will he in Valley View I Cemetery, I Martin Prangcr NFlKLD — Martin F. . 58, assessor for Rtihlcom and Under Townships for many years, and a salesman for Murphy Seed Co. for 30 years, died at 1 a. m. today in Boy-i Memorial Hospital. Carrollton, where he had hfvn moved hy ambulance following a ivrrhral hemorrhage suf- lered Monday nt his farm home, west of C.reenfirld. Pranper. who vfra* born .Ian. rsn. 1SJW. was the son of George and Margaret Ruftc PrntiKer. He was a memhrr of Ihe lirrene County Farm Rurcmi and thiwigh his duties as assessor nnd us salesman he had traveled extensively nhoiit the county and was widely •"icqilHintrd Surviving are his father, with "horn he ninde his homr; a sister, Mrs Leo P;miy, St. Louis. Mf).. Jind three hmlhcrs. Leonanl .1 . F.dvvardsville: F.dvvard P., Roixllitiuse. nnd Thenrlore, Crtvn- field. He was n niemher of St. M). s Catholic Church and fu- riles Thursday nt If) n. m. Aid RAttt ROME If— The U. N. Food and Acriculture Organizations reported today that carp from Israel are doinR thrir hit to swell the food supply of Haiti. FAO shipped a hatch of Israeli carp tn Haiti last September to stork streams and ponds on the island. Farmers there can't grow enough livestock to support the population. will he conducted in the church hy the Rev. Father Joseph Roll. FHiriitl will he in St. Jtflin s Come- t"f\. Carrollton. The body is at Shields Memorial where the rosnry will he recited al 7:aO p. m. \Vcdncsdnv. Alton Toastmastfifg Mrrt at Mineral Springs Alton Toastmastors Clnb No. 230 met Monday evening at the Mineral Springs Hotel. Toastmasfer for the evening was Charles Chase. Speakers Were Bob ; C.rogerson, whose subject waa, "f. I Was Born;" Thomas White, tvho gave an autobiographical sketch; , Mike Kerstein. "Stop That Leftk." I C.uest of the evening was James Rukin. a former Toastmastet frofrt Ihe Honolulu Toastmasters Clofe. Telegraph Want Ads CLICK MAGNOLIAS Gorgeous Multi-Color Blooms in Your Yard Buy Noiv! M, Soubngcana SOLD ONLY BY MAIL AT SENSATIONAL SAVINGS /\ I / DQ /I UU. •"* i nr ror runt. Ihli h » r d y >nuii| MitjrnolU In vciur y«id and »ee It hurvt Intn thrlllln* liloom! 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