The Peoples' Voice from Norman, Oklahoma on June 11, 1909 · 2
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The Peoples' Voice from Norman, Oklahoma · 2

Norman, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Friday, June 11, 1909
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The Peoples Voice BY JNO S ALLAN NORMAN - - OKLAHOMA A Parisian scientist declares that the secret of life Is simply a plain matter of chemistry Thus is triumphantly vindicated on natural principles the inuch-muMitned chemical blonde This scare about peroxide olondes being germ-infested to such an extent that deadly danger lurks In their kisses Is supposed to have been started by their Jealous brunette Bisters The conviction ot those 13 barrels of whisky at Cinelnantl for not bemj what they pretended to be establishes a dangerous precedent Suppose they should begin trying men on the same charge? Another Amerlcun heiress Is to marry a foreign nobleman Now that they are framing up a new tariff why not protect our own marriageable young men by putting in a stiff prohibitive duty on coronets? A New York milliner declares that she has never seen a suffragette wear a fashionable hat Taking the fashionable hat of tills spring ns a basis from which to reason this is a splendid compliment to the suffragette Persian nationalists are appealing to the civilized world to force the deposition of the shnh The ideas of representative government and of the abolition of absolutism are catching even In the conservative east ! Of course navies are built for lighting but let us not forget the great service they perform In Impressing our size and Importance upon the other nations of the enrth “We don’t want to fight but by Jingo If we do” etc It may be true as the Loudon Times says that England has an Inventor who can fly much better than the Wrights "if he wants to” but this sort of aeronautlng wouldn't win a prize at any county fair that we ever beard of It Is expected by French scientists that a photographic map of the skies will show between thirty and forty million stars The stage according to the stellar outburst annually announced Is running the firmament rather hard Pittsburg churches have taken up the matter of abolishing pew rent and have made considerable progress along that line Those that have tried the experiment claim their receipts are larger and their opportunity for doing good correspondingly expanded The rage to be an officeholder springs eternal In the human breast Thsl abnormal craving of American human ambition was shown lately In the case of a Connecticut postmaster who offered to trade his job for a yellow dog and who Is being deluged with offers People who believe that English Is likely to become the language of the world will find confirmation for their opinion In the fact that President Manuel Estrada Cabrera of Guatemala has signed a decree making the study of English compulsory In the primary schools of that republic Indians and cowboys going to exhibitions delighted London crowds by war-whoops and cries ns they passed through the streets This performance will leave an abiding Impression upon many London minds that the average street life In the I'nlted States Is of the same vociferous kind Down In Maine the long-vexed question whether eels breed like other fish or lay largo eggs like snakes has been settled by the discovery of spawn In one For a fish that haB been so largely used as food the eel has strangely escaped both scientific investigation and legal protection Whatever else may happen (hero Is a significance in recent occurrences in the east which cannot be misrepresented An enlightened world has decreed the downfall of autocracy and every despot great or small will act the part of wisdom in recognizing the fact and governing himself accordingly Of course there will be many opinions as to t ho militant preacher In Texas that thumped a bully who had made a practice of cursing the dominie on sight Put even the turn the-other-cheek non-combatives have a sneaking satisfaction that the abusive sinner did not have to wait until reaching the next world before getting what was coming to him A hypothetical question of 31000 words has been ruled nut by the Massachusetts court which was trying a murder case on the ground that it Is too long It is not surprising that it was ruled out but it is surprising that counsel ever proposed to put such a question No layman would ever devise a question that would fill three or four pages of a newspaper Certain snuffy royalties and near-rovalties with claims on the throne of Holland now find their noses out of joint The most promising method for strengthening their position in the next thn r years would be for the anthracite mine workers to take the advice of the anthracite strike commission regarding union 1 (‘organization The miners’ leaders will urge the convention which is to meet soon to accept the new offer made by the operators JURY pens BEFORE VOTE IMPLORE HEAVEN FOR GUIDANCE IN ITS DELIBERATIONS DEATH PENALTY IS ASSESSED HT M The Defendant was Unmoved When Verdnct was Read — Thank Hie Attorney and Goe Back to Jail Ada OKIa — Imploring the guidance of the Almighty in their deliberations and the blessings of tile Lord upon the man whose fate they should seal directly with a solemn verdict the jury In the case of the Suite of Oklahoma versus IVnii-l Scrlhner charged with murder Immediately upon retiring to the 1 r room Thursday night at 10:30 o'clock knelt uisn the floor ami prayed The prayer was led by G W Garrett of Stonewall and was suggest i'd by J C Scott of Hoff The law-abiding citizenship of Ada and of Pontotoc county -have been ag greived beyond measure in the recent ipast by the unlawful action of a mol) and this fact boro heavily upon the hearts of the jury Their duty was the most extreme that man Imposes ufKiu man and the thoughts of it directed their minds to a- higher power Instantly the room was death-still Tears welled Into the eyes of strong -men Then with ono upcord they knelt upon the hard ilne floor every man serious devout prayerful The twelve men arose Tears flowed fro-m -their cheeks but a burden had been taken from their hearts P Y Partuln the foreman addressed them “Gentlemen” lie said “aire you ready to ballot?” Twelve men nodded their assent The next minute thetir votes had been cast and Daniel Scribner had been found guilty and -the death penalty assessed The jury then lay down and slept The report of the jury was received Friday morning at 9 o’clock The court room was not crowded as It had been ! during -the trial owing to the early 1 hour Foreman Partaln handed in the verdict It read: “We the Jury drawn impaneled and sworn to -try the case of the State of Oklahoma versus Daniel Scribner according to -the taw and the evidence find the defendant Scribner guilty as charged In the Indictment and assess the death penalty” Dan-iel Scribner sat unmoved beside his attorneys as the verdlet was read Not a muscle twitched visibly not a -particle of color came into his stolid face When court had been adjourned he shook hands with his attorneys and was taken back to the county Jail Epworth Cmmencement Closes Oklahoma City— Music and ora-tory were features of the closing of tho commencement exercises of Epworth univonlsity Thursday morning when seven seniors were granted degrees of bachelor of arts Two other degrees were granted for the first time in tho history of the school Mrs Florence Chambers of the faculty was given t ho degree of inrhelor of literal ore while Joseph C Adamson of the Edmond normal faculty was made master of arts Cement Plant Closes Down Ada Okia— As ft result of a labor strike that has been in operat'oi for the past ten days the plant of tho -Portland Cement company which en- 1 ployed 250 men was closed down The company is opixised to union ltbor and hence has ignored the laborer's - demands for a rais tn wages Oklahoma Indians Meet Taft Washington — A delegation from : Monroe Mich -'lie birthplace of Gen- j oral George A Custer Thursday in- vited President Taft t-o attend the tin-1 veiling cf the Custer monument at that t plaeein October The president said he would lie glad to come if he could so arrange it Shortly after this invitation had been extended a party of nineteen Cheyenne and Arapahoe Indians from western Oklahoma were presented to the president ami shook liandswith him j Mills of Oklahoma Prosperous New Orleans La— That all the oil mills of Oklahoma are in a prosperoiu condition and the business of all character was booming in -tlie new state was tlie di-ckiration of 1 R Altord of Shawnee Oklahoma before the annual convention of ol mill suerin tendents which convened in New Orleans Thursday Alxiut forty Oklaho- -mi a owners and superintendents of oil nil ills are in attendance at the meetings Fight For Child Denver Col— Mr ami Mrs Alford Baker formerly of Watonga Oklu engaged in a fight Thursday night over tlie possesion of tln-ir five-v ear-old son As a result both were lodge 1 In jail Newspaper Man Dies Ia is Ang-l s Cal — T W Eckert 69 year of age for many years a prom I nenl newspaper mail of the middle west and well known In xlltics in Kasns dropped dead at ids home ber recently of heart disease INSANE MM SHIS FIVE! OTHERS MAY DIE FROM WOUNDS RECEIVED IN PACKING PLANT STUBS GOVERNMENT INSPECTOR FIRST Wields Nine-Inch Knife and Yells in His Glee as He Stabs Other Employees Then Tries to Escape no-don — Yelling in Insane glee and 1 with a long butcher knife in his hands j John urpliy an employee of -the Somerville brnneh of tile North Packing ' company Saturday ran among his fel-I -low employees wielding a knife to the right and to the left killing five ( men and dangerously wounding four others The injured may die When he saw that his bloody work must I cease and that he would be captured I the man -made an attempt to -esc-ipe hut was captured after he had attempted to scald two uneii who had stood in Ilia path to liberty by throwing scalding water at -them At 2 o'clock Saturday Murphy went Inwime lie was working on a slightly elevated platform on the seventh floor of the -factory with 125 other workmen At this moment Dr Daniel B Hayes of Waltham tho government meat inspector came on his usual rounds He spoke casually to Murphy The “pig header's” brain snupiwd and he ceased his regular mechanical plunge at the row of passing swlno carcasses stepped down from his little platform and Without warning plunged the knife into Dr Hayes groin Dr Hayes staggered The blow a-ttracted no attention on account of the roaring machinery As p matter of fact the sight of a man flourishing a knife is about the last thing to make men take notice in a slaughtering place Dr Hayes had not received a death wound The maniacal Murphy made another practiced stab at him catch-ling him over the heart The nine-inch blade -bit cruelly deep and Dr Hayes sank to the floor with a wound which is said io be fatal Swiftly Murphy ran along -the row of still unprepared shopmates As ha ran he smote one stroke to each man He struck nine men in gull By this -time the screams of the smitten nten rose over the roar of the machinery Cth-er workman turned and ran toward the maniac Murphy threw -down his knife With great agility he darted toward the doorway leading to the six flights of stairs Into -the street At the foot of the bottom flight he met Arthur Dearborn and Richard Bu'ler -fellow employees Dearborn a -husky man quick on the reach hit across and landed on Murphy's jaw Murphy staggered tattler closed with the maniac The two men p-inm d tarn -to the floor As others -men came tumbling down the stairs they held Mmrp'iy film About this -time the police arrived and Murphy Wiis finally arrested Senate Disposes of Cotton Schedule Washington — Aft r devoting tho major portion of the day to listening to a discussion of the cotton clotli schedule tlie senate entered upon a period cf voting late Saturday afternoon and rapidly dispose 1 of the entire subject of changing from ad valorem to specific duties for the pun-ose of preventing under valuation On all votes taken the lianree committee was sustained by a majiaity of 10 or 11 Drunken Doctor Kills Minister Hugo Okia— The Rev H 11 Kinsel of Antlers was shot and fatally wounded at that pace S still'd ay by I)r H C Johnson Two shots were fired from it he doctor's revolver both taking ef-ft et in tlie stomach near -the heart Ask County Officers to Resign Lawton Okia — Charging rtckless expenditure cf funds and deplorable imsmuiageuient in 'tlie county's affairs against Coniini-ssioners H E Julian and- W E McGuim-n chuinmiui of I lie boaid a special grand jury summoned to probe complaints Saturday fill 1 its final report with the court suggesting that owing to thd character of pualic acts raid morals conduct as pnvate cliizens their re-ignations would be more to pubic interest than their services To Expose Christian Scientists New York— Piorla-niiig Mary Baker G Eddy to be "either dead or a bill less ndudliss puppet" and charging the managers of the mother church with falsehood trickery ami fraud Mrs Della M Gilbert ill ail ojk-ii letter to ail Christian Scientists asks their co-operation ill a campaign cf exposure and purification Mrs G-llH-rt holds an influential position aiming tlie Christian Scientists of New York and is believed to be the mouth) iece of an Influential element ilc dged to her support Memphis Entertains the Gray Memphis Tcnn — Bedecked from load to foot with gay buntiing with tlie stars and burs of Hie Confederacy entwined mound -tlie stars and stripes of tin- 1-oiler 1 union Mem-phis is lee-iving tlie hosts attendant upon the liln- tei nth annual (Vnfi-der-ate reunion tlie advance guard of which lagan to arrive Saturday Ixoal head of emum'-titees are expecting fully lOOtiilO visitors and arrangements have been made to -take care cf such a vast host Interesting Items QKLAIIOMA or Happenings in w -- SHE IS THE MOST TALKED-ABOUT STATE IN THE UNION New Rural Route Established Claremore — The first rural mail route from this city will be established within the next few days It will be twenty-six mile In length b Natural Gas for Cushing Cushing — It Is confidently asserted that If proper efforts are made by the citizens that natural gas jvlll be piped into Cushing The main Oklahoma gas pipe passes through Daven port twenty miles south and perhaps Its nearest point to Cushing Singers to Meet at Enid Enid — Extensive preparations art-being made here for the choral concert June 15 in -which the Enid and Guthrie choral societies will take part Prof W R Lane of this city Is directing the rehearsals here and at Guthrie Prominent musicians from Oklahoma City and Chicago will take part in the program Starting to Inspect Hotels Guthrie — Oklahoma's hotel Inspection taw better known as the "nine-foot sheet law" is to be brought into the limelight again according to the announcement made by Dr J C Mahr state commissioner of health who says that a vigorous campaign In the way of hotel Inspection is to be started at once under the direction of his department Town Site Deserted Lexington — The old site of Denver In Cleveland county is completely deserted The buildings that were not destroyed by the flood have been moved up the hill opposite the Ot-tinger farm The new Denver site is a great improvement over the old one The gin is the only building retaining its old site on the bank of the river Carried by Big Majority Sayre — The result of the special election during the past week — 163 votes for $15000 electric light bonds and only 6 against — was a surprise to the most ardent supporters of tho cause It was conceded on every hand that the election would result in a rousing majority for the bonds but few if any conceded that the voters were practically unanimous for the bond issue 5 Carriers Want Annual Vacation Lawton — The state convention of City Letter Carriers of Oklahoma wkich was in session here for two days has drawn to a close Decisive steps were taken favoring the fifteen days per year leave of absence for postoffice employes William A Wolford of Chickasha was elected president G R Knup of Enid vice president E V Ford of Guthrie secretary-treasurer Guthrie was select ed as the meeting plare for 1910 Union Depot Rumor Says Enid — There is talk here of a union depot at which the three railroads will center their passenger trains The new station if built will be about half a mile from the present Frisco depot At present there are three depots -the Rock Island the Frisco and Santa Fe two of them are a mile apart The Frisco railway Is planing to build a big freight depot here which will cost about G000 The Santa Fe Is preparing to build a new freight depot The present passenger station is to be converted into a part of the new freight station DEATH FROM STOCKING DYE Blood Poisoning Follows a Slight Abrasion on Girl's Foot Guthrie — Blood piosoning resulting from a slight bruise on her heel by the rubbing of a slipper caused tho death of Miss Fannie Andrews ot Caldwell Kan who had been visiting relatives here It is supposed that dye from her stocking got Into the abrasion caused by the rubbing of the slipper although at the time it could not be seen that the skin was broken BOLT FOLLOWS CLOTHES LINE Lightning Fires Bed but the Sleepers Are Uninjured Weatherford — Lightning played a peculiar freak here when it struck the house of A J Wallace The bolt struck a wire clothes line in the yarn and followed It to the corner of tho house struck the Iron bed in which were two of Mr Wallace’s 6ons sleep lng The children were not harmed but the clothing on the bed took fire 5 PRESIDENT AT TONKAWA Prof J P Alley of Stillwater Takes Charge of Preparatory School Guthrie — The board of regents of the State I'uiversity Preparatory schools selected Professor J P Alley of Stillwater as president of the Preparatory bihool at Tunkawa succeed lng J 11 Kelley resigned ami Edmund A Murdiuigh former president of the f'enlrul Normal school at Edmond as president of the new East Side I’tepnrntory Bchool at Clare more COTTON MARKET New York New York June 4 — The cotton market opened steady at a decline of 2 points to a net advance of 2 points and ruled irregular during the early session with the tone nervous Active months worked about 2 to 3 points net higher early but the market eased and during the middle ot the morning was fluctuating within a point or so of last night's finals Cables were Jower than due and private acreage and condition reports compared bearishly with earlier ideas but continued rains were reported in Eastern and Central sections and there seemed to be strong support on soft spots New Orleans New Orleans Juno 4 — Cotton sts were steady Low ordinary 7 3-16c nominal ordinary 8c nominal good ordinary 9 7-16c low middling 0 5-16c middling 10'ic good middling lHic middling fair llc fair 12c nominal Receipts 3332 stock 150196 St Louis St Louis June 4 — Quiet middling 10c sales none receipts 303 bales shipments 588 bales stock 30226 Galveston Galveston June 4— Steady 10c BONDS FOR NEW RAILROAD Elk City Ok RaisesSOOO for the Colorado Texas & Mexico Elk City — At a meeting the citizens of this city secured $35000 as a bonus offer to the Colorado Texas & Mexico Railroad company to enter this city A feature of the bonus raising was that the ladies of the Cultus club contributed $60 The raising of this bonus cinched the proposition ot bringing the railroad into the city Work on the proposed line will be commenced within the next sixty days CARNEGIE LIBRARY AT PERRY Ten Per Cent Fund Will Be Raised by Tax Annually Perry — Plans have been approved by Andrew Carnegie for the construction of a Carnegie library in this city according to provisions made by the city council in conformity to the orfer made by Mr Carnegie during last year Mr Carnegie offered to give $10000 for the erection of a building here to be known as the Carnegie library providing the city would agree to set aside a fund by taxation equal to $1000 annually for the maintenance of the building and library proper The last city administration agreed to this and so notified Mr Carnegie to that effect submitting plans for tho building This has met with Mr Carnegie's approval according to a letter received here this week from his private secretary stating that funds for building wore now available Bids have been asked for and the contract for the erection of the build lng will he let June 15 and active work begun as soon as material can be obtained The plans call for a building 40x60 fec-t practically two stories In height to be built of buff colored paving brick The front will have four massive marble columns and the trim mings will be of terra cotta colored brick The structure will occupy the southwest corner of the public square a beautiful and convenient location surrounded by elm trees Native Grown Peaches Oklahoma City — Mrs W II Foster residing a few miles south of Oklahoma City was in the city with samples of ripe peaches the first native grown peaches seen in Oklahoma City this season and probably the earliest ever marketed here TO SETTLE STATE TANGLE Governor Haskell Calls “Peace Conference" of Department Heads Guthrie Okia — Governor Ilaskoll has called a meeting of the state board of public affairs and all of the state officials and heads of departments and an effort will be made to straighbi out the tangled relations between the new board and the other officers and boards which form a part of the state government and to arrive at an amicable adjustment of the relations between them Most of the officers effected believe that this is Impossible and that the matter will have to be taken into the courts be fore n satisfactory settlement can be reached Date for Oklahoma Fair Ardmore — The date for the South ern Oklahoma fair to bo held In this elty next fall hav ben set for Ortober 9 and will last for nine days This Is just between the Oklahoma state fair and the Texas stHte fair Brick Plant for Tulsa Tulsa — A Clianute Kam company will build the largest brick plan In Oklahoma tn this city The plant will have a dally output of 125000 and It Is said both building and paving brick will be manufactured NINETEEN DIE IN LAKE WHARF AT LAKE PONCHENTRAIN LA RAMMED BY STEAMER GRAND JURY WILL MAKE INVESTIGATION People Unsuspicious of Impending Danger Linger to Meet Vessel — Eleven Bodies Have Been Recovered New Orleans — Nineteen person went to their death Monday morning when the w-harf at lake Pouchentrain was crushed by a big excursion steamer The men an-J women on the landing had no time to get out of tho way They saw the vessel coming into port but no one dreamed -but that tho high speed would -bo lessened In time Because of the evidence of extreme carles&ness on the part of some of the steamer's officers a special grand jury has been impaneled -to investigate the disaster It is likely that officials of tho St Tarn-many railroad which owns the wharf will ibe prosecuted Persons who saw the aciden-t declare that the steamer was under full speed when it rammed tho wharf There was no thought of danger when the vessel hove in sight M-any crowded to the edge of the wharf t -be the first to greet the passengers to land Not unhl the ship was almost on them did those on the wharf realize their danger Then it was to late With a loud crash of timbers the vessel struck The impact was terrible The nose of the ship plowed through the planks like so much paper Shrieking in their terrors the victims plunged into the -lake Frantic efforts were made by those on -board the steamer on shore to rescue them but -before boats could -be lowered al most a score had perished The -tnagedy has caused a profound gloom in this city Eleven bodies have been recovered from the waters all of the victims -being residents of New Orleans The responsibility of the catartro-phe has not been fixed but a rigid tar vestlgation has been Ins-tituteed by the authorities of St Amany parish Pleasure Seekers at Sulphur Sulphur Okia — Gradually increasing warm weather is bringing many visitors to Sulphur from all parts of the state and from other states Railroad rates are not yet desirable and the commercial and boosters cluba are seeking -to have this adjusted through the local agents of the roads Fully 300 guests registered at the hotel Sunday The Platt National Park -has begun to put on its beauty and -tlhe artesian wells their attractiveness I rule alii one point to ia larger attendance this 6umr mer than ever before Haskell Refuses Request Guthrie Okia — It was positively learned that Governor Haskell has finally denied tlie application of Governor Campbell of Texas to extraditv W L Chapman A1 Brown and L C Grimes who are wanted in Eagle Pass Texas an several indictments for issuing forged documents New Plant in Operation Glenvood Springs Cal — Tlie great Shoshone power project of which ex-governr Herrick is chief owner -began operatoin Monday Water is earned through a mountain -by a tunnel 12600 feet long 17 feet -high pud 12 wide The plant furnishes electric lower for ere in mines amd for irrigation Fire Destroys Village Presque Isle Me — Fire Monday night swept one quarter of this village burning 100 dwellings ten -potato store-huses the Canadian Pacific railway station the Congrrgifionail church and Masonic hall The loss is estimated -at $300000 More -til-ail a thousand persons are homeless Investigate Night Riders Purcell Okia — District Judge U McMillan at Purcei-l Mon-lay ordered J le impaneling of tlie gj-and jury for a thorough investigation of the night rider cases f-n Mclailn county 20 Hurt in a Cohsion St Louis — Twenty persons were injured in a street car collision here Monday The accident was due to a broken axle Seven Inches of Rain Lincoln Neb — Seven inches of rain at Hebron and four inches at Pleasant Dale Monday caused floods and serious damage in and near these (owns Woman of Eighty Prisoner Enid Okia — Mrs A J I’arki (iighty years old was arranged In tlie federal court here recently charged with using a omcelUd iof-tage stamp Fite pleaded not guilty amd said if the offense were coinmittid it was through mistake Five Hundred Wounded Cracow Austrian PoUnd — 1-rive hundred persons were wounded many seriously by the explosion of an army powder magazine here Monday

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