The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on March 27, 1930 · Page 6
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 6

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 27, 1930
Page 6
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iMtaittdfe. M« Sett Urns j spent the -week -end -with his sis- " -Mr." and -Mrs:: I«w Groves'a»d | ter Mrs. Valeria Underwood; - daughter v ^jgited inV .Noblesville G. T.- Hannah and'family took Sunday' evening with' Mrs.' Cora [Sunday evening, supper with Mr. Groves." • '"• j '•'' '"( [and Mrs. Charles' Finley of Mrs. Clara Hartzler visited in, I Strawtowh. - Kokomo over the week end with £A«ully Reduces the dwelling— i Mrs. Vane Learning and Mrs. her son Aaron Hartzler. | fSofl Corns I»rj' R-"x«U< l *p and: Raymond Griffith were in Indian- .Mrs. Vessa-Myers, Miss Manta * Can Be Pirkfd t)tl. ; apolis Thursday. •" , Booth and Ralph Rollings called Get a two-ounce ilbottle of) Mrs. Roy EishV and Mrs. Carl, on-Mr.,a^Mrs. X)na Wiley of Mbonc's Emerald '3il (full 1 Campbell spent Tuesday in An,-; Kokomo Sunday afternoon, strength) today. Every well-: demon. '.••-'"' '• Mrs. Carrie-Bryant was hostess stocked druggist has tins, and it, .. Mr an3 Mrs Fred Martz and to the 42 Club Thursday night, the inflammation,,. 'ML jonnBd Mr. and - • Mrs. ^-'Charles iWhltinge'r r of .Indianapolis v were the Sunday: guests '-of \ Mr.'-' -and Mrs. Raymond Griffith and family. In the afternoon all went to Peru. • ' , '- > "' • The, Sunday guests of Dr. and Mrs.- B. M. Bryant-were Mr. and! Mrs. H. E. Castor of Hobbs and Mr. and Mrs. DR. Harvey of Elrj wood. ••. -• "• j Lawrence Whialer and family near Atlanta were the Sunday [ soreness ana n'ain mui^'quliker' Mlss H»."Hunt attdhded a birthday The evening was spent in playing i guests of Mr. and Mrs. D than any'remedy you eifer used.! . i dinner al the home of Mr. and the club game "42" with Val Un-i Whisler. , Your bunions may beijso swollen [ Mrs. Ed Dick Wednesday eve-'derwood winning first prize and] "Mr. and Mrs. Mahlon Es.sig.ofj and inflamed that you ;ithink. you , ning the- occasion being can't go another step, [four shops: ejRhtn birthday of BdgBr may feel as if they ivre cutting; • . . a,'• j. right into the flesh. Yap feel sick ! Jumor - A P 1 ^ 1 "" dinner was en- an3 Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Hill were all over with the pain :;,nd tortureJoyed, the main feature being, the visiting at Marion - Sunday. Mrs. the•. Martha Duncan second. Dick: > Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Winders and pray for quirk reli to Tie done? Two or three appl v Cal-Bray who has veen- visiting 'Dr: and-Mw:wFred f Biayrano^otn-' :«• relatives. 1 has- gone : to' :Ft. Wayne for a visit before returning to his {Western home. . 'Mr: and •Mrs...Oliver Branson, Mrs. Bart Wooten of Peru and Mrs: Earl Bryant - and daughter of MooreBville came Monday to attend, the -funeral of 4 babe, .still born^! Sundayrnight to Mr. and -Mrs. Everett Lowe. Mr. and Mrs.. Curt Sumner and P. j Mrs: Herman Reynolds were Tlp- ! ton visitors Thursday. "" Mrs. Louisa McCarty and Mrs. Indianapolis were the •-' Sunday! Gordon Sowers, spent Thursday guests of Carl Campbell and fam-j west o£ town with Mrs.. Lee Sow- ily. - ; ' j ers. Mrs. James Hershman visited J Miss Betty Smith is confined to <*-. What'.', birthday cake.- Others present Hill accompanied Mr. and Mrs.; in1 Ekin with, Rebecca Hershman.j her home by tonsilitis.. ions of W6re Mr- ' and Mrs " Pranlt - - Hunt,'; Winders' home to spend a fewj : Mrs. Joe Baden is visiting a 1 Mr. and Mrs. Prank Shew en- Moone's Emerald Oil lind in fif /£ia nd P aren1 -s . of the honor guest., days *'ith Mr. and Mrs. J. M .i few days at Kokomo and then ; tertained at their country home teen minutes all the paft and sore- •!Mripand/ Mr* • Glark. Jennings . Bowers. j will go to Hammond. , east of town Sunday-in honor of ness dissappears. A fey morertip- : anjj^jfanjadaughter Vivian Hart,' John Ross McGill of Anderson j Elmer Hodson who is era- 1 the birthday of 'Mrs. Shew which plications at regular in ;ervals /aira ~T)on Runt and son Dale. .was brought to the home of his I ployed in Anderson spent the' was' Thursday, and of- O. E. Phil- the swelling red roes. 2 v Mr , >3nd Mrs. Lloyd Barnett en And as for soft • co?ns, a few applications each nicftt.' at bed time and they itirl seeln to shriv. : honor of the .... •el, right up and ro-le O! T. Barnett who was 73 years of age.' to be out doors when the weather j of- Mr. and Mrs.: Vallie Etchtson. • othy Prances and Margaret Ann. Itjs1 a wonderful foijmula—this', Tlln guests included Mr. and Mru. permits. .'j Miss Mildred Bond of Indian-! of Noblesville, Mrs. Neva Smith combination of <s snntiitl oils with! - ! 1 parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ott McGill! week end here. lips whose natal day was Sunday, :tertainedat dinner Sunday in Saturday. He is slowly recover-] Mr. and Mrs. Harry Pressler of the guests being Mr. and Mrs. O. birthday of Mrs. ing from pneumonia and is able i Tipton were the Sunday guests! E Phillips and daughters Dor- camphor and ether antiseptics so I Fred Kassauaum - Mrs. Maude" Conrad Rodenbeck and family! apolis was home :from Sunday un- narvelout that. tlniiFabds of bot-; Lower - ^ av Devaney, -Miss. Alice 0 f Indianapolis were the Sunday! til Tuesday^ •ties are sold annually; | Bail, Mrs. Charles Shank, Mrs. [guests of Dr. and Mrs. Frank I Mrs. Merritt Marquis and Mrs. The Blue Front Drti* Store and \ Lulu Devaney, Mrs. Sillie Myers,; RoJenbeck every good druggist g guarantees j Mr and M ^ Q McC lellan, and j Mrs M(J llie Moone*s KTnerald Oil ro end your ' 1 • mn - aioiiie fool troubles or mone^f back. and Chet Aigen of Indianapolis, Miss Jeahette Garby and- Arch Hadley* of Lafayette. A delicious Claude Long of Cicero called on; pitchin dinner was served at the Yarling and friends' here Monday. noon hour. Mr.' Hadley and Miss Altt'AIHA. (Continued From '?age 3.) ne»' of Victoria Moshqvgh who is j son Billy. Mrs. McClellan, all of J daughter Esther have returned to j Paul Stevens who conducted a | Garby surprised all Indianapolis, Mr. and Mrs. Fre r J | Elwood after having spent last! barber shop on; Main street for Devaney of East Union, Mr. and week with Mr. and Mrs. Otto[ several months, moved the shop 'Mrs. Charles Devaney, Mrs.! Etchison. j to Indianapolis a few weeks ago, 'Martha Devaney. Mrs. Clarkel Mr. and Mrs: Ed Bond, .'and 1 and Sunday and Monday moved Burton was an afternoon guest.' ' Clyde. Miller went to Blooming- Uheir household goods. They lived Mrs. Loretta Butler spent last j ton Sunday and visited with Ediin the Harry Whisler property. CQ : Ined to her bed suffering with:'week near Cicero with her daugh-j Bond Jr., who is a student, at j Mr. Addison, the west side butch- hr -t trouble. Wayni; Mosbaugh; te r Mrs. Carl Rode and family, j Indiana University. j er moved from Milroy last week of • 1. Wayne was a Friday guest.; will Butler and family and.| Mrs. Mary Kibler spen't Sun- 1 and took possession of the Mrs. ' riends will be gla3 to 'hear- of ! Mrs. Loretta Butler visited in; day in rndianapolis with Mr. and'John Myers property on North tV improvement of IIMrs. Asa. Ekin Sunday with Mrs. W. L.JMrs. Ralph Hanson who is a pa-Cood who has been ilL Mrs. Godd R OSS . j tient in the St. Vincent hospital •u-as able to be on th(i porch Sun- ji r . and Mrs. John Hall visited j remains about the, same. . i On Tuesday John E. Kinder j reached his 79th birthday and his good wife prepared a fine chick' en dinner for the occasion. The ;i near Cicero Sunday with her fa-j Mr. and Mrs. Empry Hall en-, ther John Sutton Joseph Groves, small son of and Mrs. Ar R. Groves is tertained at supper Sunday evening Mr. and Mrs. A. O. Sowers • j{ r of Tipton and Mr. ;!nd Mrs. Ollie Kinder. Mr. anf Mrs. diet' „ lands ; 3f tne lhroat . Hall and son \ve;'e evening guests. quite ill suffering with enlarged suests were his only "daughter. Olive street. Mrs. Maggie -Rozell is spending a few days at Indianapolis with her nephew Lee Fear and family. Her son's wife, Mrs. Lloyd Rozell has been, sick and was ~ in the hospital for a few days. The by quietly announcing that they would be married Thursday. They will reside in Lafayette for the. present as Mr. ' Hadley is a student at Purdue. Mr.; and Mrs. Charles/ Rodeh- beck had as their guests Mr. and Mrs. Merritt Marquis of Cicero, Mr. and Mrs. JameB Correll and sons Bob and James;- Mr. and Mrs. N. M. Dickover, Pred Dick- ovei/ and son Newton.. . . Mr. and Mrs. John Neal and son! Walter of Indianapolis wert' guests Sunday of Mr. and. Mrs. Tom Butler west of town. Miss Inez Berg of Noblesville , -Mr.- and Mrs-Cliarles- Roden-J beck and Mrs. Mabel Whisler and daughter Luella Mae,; were at Peru: Sunday-and visited Mr. and Mrs. Jim Miller. Vane Learning' and family visited in Alexandria. Sunday with Mr. and: Mrs: Oscar- Clock. Harold Hunt and family- spent Sunday in Indianapolis. iHomen Wertz and. family of Indianapolis were, guests Sunday of his aunt, Mrs. Vint Calvin and Mr. Calvin. Ote Myers who is in ihe home of his' sister Mrs. Hattie Yeider in Logansport, is now bedfast and suffering terribly and medicine fails to relieve him. He is suffering with cancer. J. T. Griffith and daughter Mrs. Ruth Simpson who,have been in the home of Mr. and Mrs: Raymond Griffith all winter, moved on a farm, near Noblesville, Friday. '.'"', -^'-v.-.Mr. and Mrs: Ed Trebes and a friend of Anderson spent Saturday and Sunday- with ' Mr.. and Mrs. Verle Winders. . • Miss Jean Groves is out of school this week on .account of a gathered tooth. Mrs. Robert West of Hagers- CosT85Ceitsa ToLosePomdsofU|lyF«l Thousands of Women KnOWi ure and also gain In ambition and This Is True. lteennw '* of wMt How would to lose 15 pounds of fat in a month and at the same time increase your energy and improve your health? How would you like to lose un- Jiealtby fat.that you don't need Get on the scales to-rtriv and how much yoa Welsh—then grt an sr. cent bottle of Kruschen Salts wl.i fi wilt last you for 4 weeks. Tals* one h.ilf teaanoonful every morninrr in a Klass of hot water and when yon II.T. -- flnLthed the first bnttlf weigh yourself again. N"ow you can laugh at the peoi>l«- . ,. . • j • . - who pny hundreds of (totiars to tow it and don t want and at the. same ifew pou^g of frit—now you will know time feel better than you have for [the pleasant way to lose unslghtly years' --. -fat and you'll also know that tfcr *» How would you like! to 1™^^^.**%%$ « your double chin and vyour prom-j must have to function properly)-- inent 'abdomen- and at the same [have pruientui ynu with Blorimts time make your skin so clean and """"" clear that it will compel admiration? health. After that you'll want to walk around and say to your friends—"JC>n«- XS cent bottle nf Kruschen Salts How would you like to get your! worth "one hundred dollars of any fa> weight down to normal and at thej person's money." same^time develop that urge- totl^^^^,'^ 1 ^ activity that makes work a pleas-, get It at Blue Front Prue Store. having dental -work done.. /Mrs.; day evening when he suffered ;t James Moody accompanied them ' severe coughing spell, as far as New Hope._ where she | Miss Sarah Leach returned spent the afternoon with Sylves- i home Saturday after spending ter Lutz and family. j the past week with her sister. Mrs, Andy Nance and daugh -.I .Mrs. Carl Sinclair and husband town visited Saturday night with ] ter - Mr >- Lola Brenton visited [ or east of Atlanta, her mother Mrs. Leila Fox. They j Tnur sday afternoon with Mrs. 1 Mr. and Mrs. Sam Stafford of spent* Sunday at the latter's home j George Haworth of Atlanta. Mrs, Atlanta were the Sunday guests .William Jennings south of At- i of their son. Charles Stafford and lanta also was a guest. Mr, and Mrs. Albert Thurston in Tipton. ... ' Rolla Blake was in Marion Sunday and attended a birthday, i dinner given for his mother.' i an d daughters visited near Gold- Mrs. Sarah Muse of Indianapo-j smith Wednesday with their son lis was the week end guest of; Irvin Thurston and family. Mrs. Lavaiiche Durrell. I • Leroy Roberts and family of Prank Smith of Salerii was the j Indianapolis,visited over the week Monday, guest of Mr. and Mrs. i end with Mr. and Mrs. George H. C. Baker. Everett Bowser of Indianapolis visited wih' his parents' Mi*. Mrs. J. M. Bowser Tuesday evening. . : - Lutz and grandson George Moody. They all spent Sunday near New Hope with Sylvester j Lutz and family. j Mrs. Margaret Basey is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Roy Sigo were at]at Indianapolis with hei son Physicians diagnosed her case as; was the Thursday evening guest Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Terrell, Mr. and Mrs. Silas Devaney, Miss John -Juiii? and falinily of Port- Josephine Rode, Mrs. Ira Trout, land were guests of [Mr. and Mrs. Mrs.. Julius Kibler, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Crowder S-ituiday evening. Ccrdcn Sewers, Mr. and Mrs. ' Mr. and Mrs. Jol.n Laudlg ot • p xe ^ Waltz, Mrs. Ira Black, son Tipton spent Sunda|> with Mr. fj uy an 3 aauchter Hazel. Glen and Mrs. Wm. Qarrigus. : a „d Clayborn Leonard, Mrs. Herbert Woodruff and family, Elizibeth Kaapp and daughter of -Portland were tiuests of Mr.' i R U i, y> Lester Holman were at and, Mrs. Walter Gibson Saturday • Salem Friday' 1 night and attend- and. Sunday. j ed the birthday supper at the .Mrs. Wayne Mot'ehead spent'rjffethodist church. Friday in Elwood with the parents, Mrg ; Martna Duncan vi8i ted in of Mr. Morhead, Mr. and Mrs. | Indianapoli8 Sunday with her sis-! Ora Morehead who;, are both, in I ter Miss Editn rjjekover. the hospital sufierii: g with the; flu. Saturday both •;, were somewhat improved. Y Mrs. Mina Cook, [who is in the home of her daughter Mrs. O..A. Sowers of Tipton, visited in Ar-.' cadia from Sunday ihntil Tuesday In the hopes of Mr. ipid Mrs. Emery Hall and Mr. ajid Mrs. H. C. Bakerl ' c. Mr. and Mrs. V< ; .rne Stage of Bluffton. 0., spent from Saturday until Monday with" '.! Mrs. Dessip, Ooettle. i! Mr. and Walter Lewis are nicely located in the Railings property on Olive streej] formerly qc-j cupied by Mr. and [;Mrs. Wayne Morehead. ' |r ' Rev. and Mrs. G^vens and Mr. 1 and Mrs. Alva Davir were at Mid-' dletown Sunday anc attended the 98th annual dinner.of the ChrW- tian church of that place. Rev. Glvens is a former [pastor. Mr. and Mrs. M.;.' P.' Hammond have returned to thiir home in Talleqnah. "Okla., [after visiting Mrs. Maggie Afflerlach for several days. Mr. Hammond has been attending a ireeting of college presidents in ;<few York. .' :" Leslie Davis of [; Chicago Is •pending a few -dajts with his fmmMs. . ij --^ .''i-rMr.-and : _Mrs:.- ^iajarice Bock ^ndtBeed Devaney of South Benil avast the weelc-cndriwlth Mr. airi: *>il^ Jake iSmall. rpjireiiu '&?£im Mrs. John Heisseri and grand- 1 inward goitre. No operation w'as| 0 f Mrs.- Ralph'Waltz, daughters, Mrs. Edith- Bardon- performed dni she was taken! j,| r . and Mrs. Lew Groves and tier and sons, Donald rand John I back to her home Edward and Mr. and Mrs. Har-j proved, ry Waltz and daughter Norma. . Clyde Thomas of Muncie spent Saturday and Sunday with his family. P. D.- Waltz and* son Howard and Mr. and Mrs. ; Ralph Waltz and daughter Rachel spent Sun day in Anderson guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph 1 Waltz and daughter Rachel spent Sunday in Anderson guests of, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Waltz. slightly im-j daughter Jean were at Indianapo ; lis Sunday and attended a dinner The Saturday evening guests or| K iyen by Mr. and Mrs. Donavon Mr. and Mrs.J. M. Bowser, were j Wilson in honor,of their eighth Mr. an«T Mrs. Lloyd Hill of Mar- j.'wedding', anniversary. Other ion and Mr. and Mrs. Otto Jen-! guests were Mr. and Mrs. Fred sen and daughter Mary. ; Miller and daughter Anna Mar- Mr. and Mrs. Noel Beeson and i garet-and Stella Marie, Mr. and daughter Marjorie of-Aroma were] Mrs. James Shorter and Mr.' and guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs.! Mrs. Edwin Pettijohn and daugh- ! Walte? Hall. ter Janice Mae. Miss Alice Groves In-; Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Branson dianapolis Tuesday to spend a spent Sunday and Monday in La- few days with her sister Mrs.: fontaine with their.daughter Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Prank Bozell and Donavon Wilson and family. Earle Hill and family. Goqdland Wednesday and Thursday and attended the funeral of Mr. "Sigo's brother-in-law, Leo Rich. He'' died on Saturday following an ope.ratibn for appendicitis the" Sunday before. He. left a wife and three children. Lula Dickover was a Tipton visitor Monday afternoon. MIIJ.ERSBURG. Morton Albright daughter Margaret! and son Eugene were Noblesville visttors Saturday after-, noon. Miss'Murrel Stokes and Mrs.. Lola Brenton and William Moody were Tipton visitors - Thursday,Miss Stokes and Mrs. Brenton Jesse [Basey and family. Mrs. James -Moody and soil, William. Everett Brenton, John 1 Bennett and Charles Nan-ce at- j tended the Roy-WeBster sale of j household goods south-of Tipton j Saturday'afternoon. Mrs. James Moody is on the I sick list with a severe cold. John Bennett, who is just getting over a serious sick spell of heart trouble suffered a nervous spell Sunday morning. " . Alva Stokes who is ill with a complication'.of. diseases is about the same. . Johnnie Flannagan who. has been seriously ill with heart trouble was improving until. Thurs- family. •Miss Murrell Stokes visited Saturday and Sunday at Kokomo with her brother. Bert Stokes and family. Mrs. Lavina Hiatt and son Ross and. Miss Crystal McGill nf Arcadia, called at the homes of Miss Murrel Stokes and Mrs. Lola Brenton Monday afternoon. Mrs. Mary Tyner and three .children of Indianapolis were the Sunday guests, of William Huffman and family. In the afternoon Mrs. Tyner, Florence and Mra. Huffman called on Mr. and Mrs. Everett Huffman, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Thurston and Mr. and Mrs. Andy Nance. . Mr. and Mrs. Frank Richter and the former's mother, Mrs. Anna Richter of Indianapolis called on Mr. and Mrs. George Lutz and grandson. George and their guests Mr. and Mrs. Roberts and family Sunday evening, Mrs. Anna Richter and .M.<. Lutz are sisters. Morton Albright, and family motored to West field Satnrd-iy evening/and were the supper guests of their daughter, Mrs. (Continned on Page 7.) 'B- : .. V~.!) , , teti^%nd<:'y|] ;Mr:|^a.)M^ er,,Jacob ^Kreaf'^aad ' • i.-i*. Confuse You Save you money and you ! U get wondlnfiil ser : m vice. Come in and-ask to see the New Path- ^flnder—youTcan readily see the extra miles that \ "are built in this tire, $6.7^ ...,.:...,.::..,..;.;.$6\6i|i ,.. .... .$6.M m 29x4.40 Pathfinder , 29x4:60 Pathflnder ^30x4.50 ^aU^ufer . 3b%4J5 PstUbider 3(rxi76 Patliinder 1 E. 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