The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 3, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 3, 1936
Page 3
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THURSDAY, DECEMBER 3, 193G .BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COUKIEu NEWS Seizes Oppovtunilies Undermine Presligc Supreme Tribunal Business, which heretofore 1ms re-1 lie will bo In thc picture for many gavcled the' court, as Us, bulwark | against social-economic change. Oreat Power for Onn Wan lo coma. There wevc Influential Republican!, whp wanted to make htm a Another extremely Important I'resWentini' candidate this year phase of the New York decision! 11 "' 1 b *' ia40 (}>cy ' mny te thlnk ' ' ls the fact that, It again makes' in * , tllnl ; how the future policies oVj cvcr he nation may . hung on the be- iefs of one man ; who htis a life ob ami h not subject to censure >y the electoialc. Right Justice I1Y KODNHV DUTCIIER WASHINGTON. — Present New Deal strategy Is to uiKlerinine thc prestige of the U. S. Supreme Court, to prepare the public mind for whatever Roosevelt decides to do about curbing the court—If and when he decides io do anything nt all. The court, not for the first time, has helped thc administration by a performance ut which its critics point a linger of scorn. Just, before the political conventions, when it appeared Unit. Republicans would make preservation of the court's ™>wcrs a campaign issue, the justices handed .down a 5 to 4 decision against the New York minimutn wage Jaw, a ruling so unpopular that the Republican candidate thereafter publicly suggested a possible constitutional amendment. Court nnd .Constitution faded away ns blgr political issues. ; Now tile court is on the pan again because • It split even, four Justices aeainst four, on the New York unemployment Insurance net, anm-oving as if by default a favorable decision of the lower court. If the lower court had held th3 act m' : ilid. Ibe .supreme court deadlock would have had the effect of denying states the right lo provide for unemployment' insurance, tearing away a New Deal - AiKl-*tlie fact that no opinion was written on cither side eavf Ihe critics additional opportunity for ridicule. Actini Called Absurd . Chief Justice Hughes once said: ."The Constitution is what the f.1ud?cs s»v it, jc" Thus, wiien judges of the highest bench fail :to sav anything/lit all on a vitally ylmnnrlant constitution".! issue. NIHV •Dealers are given a chance to say that the court's procedure in the miPmolfwmeiU insurance case : mnrks the ultimate in absurdity. - Of coii"«e it is is«'">n-<l thnf, i Justice Harlnn P. Stone hadn't .been ill. the decision .would have ;b"en 5 to 4 In favor of the New rYork lav.'. General supposition I • lint Justices Hughes and Roberts ."moved over from ttie conservative jside to-join the-two .other-liberals ^Brnmlpbf, s Rnd Cardozo. There I* »r> assurance at all ii - this 'tericm-i — ns some writer 'seem to think—'hat I 1 " 1 wtrt wil : Act. The Hughes-Roberts shif ciinc in the easiest, possible kirn .of n case for a justice who want ed to he temporarily liberal. .- r rho "no-decision decision" prov ed that there arc si ill four die Oiard justices — VnnDevaiiter, Me •Reynolds. Sutherland, and Butle —who not. onlv refuse to "folio 1 :the election returns," but flou tliem. The. nttilutie of this quartet is in interesting contrast with the recent conciliatory attitude of Big out In the .-potllght Is Roberts, who has been mown to vote with thc three lib ™l justices, but has clone so less rcquenlly tlmn has Hughes As- •imiing that Hughes were lo "lol- w the election returns" at all unes, you would have Roberts as •• one-man balance of power on he court, in „ position to validate ;'• invalidate all legislation pa '' n 'l " bcltcr Ulm l>ln " Steele High to Crown Queen of Basketball PAGE 'THREE when thc new officers will lie installed, - • ,.',.. The matter of erecting 'a sonic Temple here was discussed) appointed fenslbllilv STEELE, Mo. -!- A queen ~tccle high, .school basketball will nnd a committee to' Investigate building ut this lime, as well to investigate flnimclal minis. Thc committee Is comprised of Judge Jumps M, Reeves, Judge Sterling H. McCnrty, James R. Moore, Dr. O. C. Bishop nnd Wyimm Dlllinan, with the newly elected officers serving as cx- offlclo members of 'the committee. ulrils Ultcli Illk WlI.iaAMS LAKE, li. C,.tUP)~- be crowned In the gymnasium •lere. Friday night before the . "•me with Cooler. Queens of five According to Ed Barlletl, nnd Har- hlgh school classes are competing «V Oralmtn. humming birds use or the honor, which win be p mmdliln ECCSC as u 'means of awarded on the -basis of sales'of '™»s|>orlatlgn south. The Jwo me., wrsen Ixi'kctball tlcfet.s. . i shot lll!(l km « ! " .southbound goose, and under Its whig (omul a liny humming bird also; killed Robert^ wrote th c opinion which wed out the railed retirement ct on the ground that 'it violat- •''• the Constitution's due process • 1'iiiEc by.taking nlbney from one !rcup r 0 r |i, e | )Cllcfil 0 , anol>lcr n <- said matters ' pertaining only "social welfare, of workers were obviously outside the orbit of oiKjressional power." 3 'v he could have approved York's unemployment insiir- i iraye law and how! more tly, be can subsequently i-' federal Social Security r his railroad retirement ^ro questions of absorbing to all students of the op- °f the legalistic mind. »• »t ci, Is the youngest apparently the Healthiest' to nember of , hc con , t p^,,,,, ™ L ° kay Hi ct aflc iterest nrt Till! candidates .ire: Eighth •"•ndc. Jackie Taylor; Freshmen. Wlllard t'j'ltchard; Sophomore, •liiiilcc' McDennott; Junior, Mnr- ""t Copelnnd; Senior, Dorothy Pierce. • ; ' : * . . ii Percy Wrijjht New Head of Caruthe'rsviile Masons by the same charge. of iis 'breathes 'oiil ciibiigh « of 111 bonlc ac!J gas. to inake.ii 'diamond of at lenst 101) cu.i,\j 'Hy I. S. Klein I • '^r T3ELATED announcement from , Washington affords collectors ;vcry litlle lime to prepare covers ;for first day issue of thc first ol fhc Army-Navy scries of stamps. Word comes nt last that the one- :"cnt'values will be placed on E-ile in Washinglon, Tuesday, Dec. 15. \ -Those who still can get in under Ihe wire should prepare their self- addressed envelopes, leaving sufficient room in the upper right corner for application of three stamps, each the size of the present special delivery. There should be one set of covers for the one- cent Army stamp nnd another set for the one-cent Navy stamp, nnd since postage is 3 cents, there must be at least three of these jtamps on each envelope. Provision" for a ( block of four would be advisable.' -y Send not more than 10 o( each kind, with money order covering exact amount, of postage, to the Postmaster, Washington, D. C. Do this today, and you may still get your first day covers in on time. The Army stamp will bear the portraits of George Washington and Nathaniel Greene. The Navy stamp will portray John Paul" -Tones and John Barry, with the famous "Bon Homme Richard" o»d the "Lexington," battleships of the early days, in the background. J : • * • : Aden, thc new country for col- fcctprs. is preparing its first issue of siamps, to be released soon. 'There will be 12 values. 4 « » « 0 I Radio taxes in foreign countries have produced a type of stamp unknown in the United States. It is the radio tax stamp. France issues these, 6 new one each year. (CoJl)TlBhU l»36, NEA Service, Inc.) KXTRA VALUES FOR FRIDAY - SATURDAY - SUNDAY CASH ONLY AT THESE PRICES Haliver Oil with Uiostrol ^ARUTHERSVILLE, Mo.—Percy Wright has been elected worship- ''1 imifiter of Ihe Caruthersvllle 'odge No. 4C1. A. F. & A. M. to lictced Ilarejd S. Jones. " I Other oiiicers ejected were: John Pettlt, senior warden: Earl ""mpsgn, junior warden; Ralph Rsker. secretary.- \V. L. Cantrcll, treasurer. Haker nnd Cantrell we re-elected. Several appointive offices will filled between now and the (hit meeting night in -January, Iti'itl Collon-Corn Farms. Possession In '.limitary. Level" lilac It (Cypress) Land. Improved. Well Lo- ';ilc<L Ootiil 'Terms, .'Conic To Southeast Missouri. 140 acres. Improved, all cultivated. $40 per acre. Good terms. 240 acres. Improved, all cultivated. $40 acre, good terms. . Cnod Farms near town and gins. Why pay rent-and give away your labor and. profit? ' Caleb Smith, ftDye Hotel, Sikcslon, Mo. PECIALS Scc's TABLETS 100 for I)r. : Miles' SUPERD COI) LIVER OIL I'int CITRATED CARBONATES 8 of Magnesia 50c size 39c[ Vicks Salve. 35c Size $1,25 Albalum Chest Salve, 5 Oz. Albomist Nose Drops 50c Vicks Nose Drops $1 Wampoles Preparation 89c 6Gc Drene Shampoo 49c Yeast Tablets 59c Bnsulin U-40, Lilly $.143- Horlick's Malted Milk, SCc size 60c Mentliolatum ' WE GIVE EAGLE STAMPS BUY HERE AND SAVE TWO WAYS! CHAMBERLAINS Hand Lotion" HINDS LOTIONS 50c size JERGENS LOTION 50c size TOOTH PASTE. Ipana, 50c size •PEPSODENT Tooth Paste, 40c size PbPSODENT Tooth Paste, 25c size eOcLYSOL BAYER ASPIRIN/100 Tablets SAL HEPATICA. 6Qc size SQUIBB'S ABDG Capsules, 100 ZONITE.$l'«ze_ . SUPER D PERLES, 100 ~ 6Qc PONDS COLD CREAM SLOP size PONDS COLD CREAM~ SYRUP OF FIGS, 60 C size DRAKES COUGH REMEDY. SCc TTe SLOAN'S LINIMENT, 35 C size iJZONE FOR CORNS, 35c size NORWEGIAN COD LIVER OIL, Pt. PRICKS-FOR FRIDAY AND'SATURDAY Fresh E|gs LETTUCE COCONUTS RUTABAGAS TANGERINES 19 SPAGHETTI MATCHES SOAP POWDER CRACKERS FRUITCAKE PANCAKE SCOTT TISSUE 2 Rolls 15c PAPER TOWELS for 25c C. C., L)>. . French, Lb. Jewel, Lb. . Potatoes Preserves •Little King Jfrlb. Sk $l.liO 24-Mi. Sack BRAZIL NUTS ,19 WALNUTS CURRANTS WHEAT PUFFS 9 CLEANSER CHEWING GUM MINCE MEAT 10 TOMATOPASTEryO DTP A UO ! '^ c - ln 8 h d> occ rtUHno TH /D ALMONDS FiLBBRTS MIXED NUTS LI, 17 BEEF ROAST Medium Grade Thick Rib, Lb. Chuck, Lb ; I5c C Q Grade Thick Rib, Lb. 19c Chuck, Ib. 17y 2 e Fancy Sliced Kindless II.) 35 llcguliir, 'I,I). VARIETIES OF FRESH RED SNAPPER, Lb ; 28c FRESH SHRLMP, Llj. .......... 25c JACK SALMON, Lb. SAUSAGE PORK LIVER Bl ii» c ARMOUR'S STAR LEG of LA MI?, Lb. 32c SHOULDER ROAST, Lb. . PORK ROAST P ,r c 15 PIGS FEET STEAKES Bound or Loin Medium Grade Ib. C.Q. Grade ib.

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