Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on May 24, 1957 · Page 16
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 16

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, May 24, 1957
Page 16
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SIXTEEN EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD.,FKIDAY, MAY 24, 1957 Glassers Top Gelaiiesc, 2-0, In 11 Innings HOCKING CHA1H I.tAOlT (T, L. W 1 Ould«or , CJub I 0 K. of C. B T. 0. Elki 5 1 Moos* ... V. F. <K. .. J 1 C»l«n«« rjllJburch n, 32 «in<r'« . 'Pitch-Less 9 Redlegs Winning On Hurling Bj- TO.VV GALL! NEW YORK —(INS)—They may record )957 as the 3 .,car of lhe "pitch-less" wonders, the year Cincinnati won ,,«.« o^m c.uuor t:the pennant with pitching the exports claimed the Redlcgs' NKV * YORK— (NEA> —Three rdidn'l have. short years ago, Roberto Fran- Avila Slides To Bench Iii Fast Descent By HARRV GRAVSO.Y Sporls Editor Dial PA; 2-4600 lor a WANT AD Taker Booster Club Dinner Slated On Tuesday Bob Rosbiirg The longest game so far this! For a lln)e " lo< season In the Rocking Chair Soft- lwhcn B ' rdlc Tebbels losl seven oli ball League went II innings yes- hls flfs l " " m " anli ' lerday before Pittsburgh Plate al Glass blanked Cclanc.ic, 2-0, on the Silkmen's diamond. For a time it looked like the predictions might be right Cisco Avila was lhe lerror American League pilcliers, iu "I,"'.'""! So. il seems**-; _. .. e Ihe i\ation-,'was (he only scheduled game Oi.very slrange in- " igue campaign nol quite Iwojihe day and put lhe Redlegs Iwo'deed to see Bob-'' weeks old. , full games ahead of Milwaukee, [by Avila 11 1 ; But the Redlegs, even without] Gross, who struck out fix, re-'fforld Series Bill Thompson, hooked up in al he ,, s ?!, v ' ces °f- SU , Ch key " 1Cn as t tir<?d lhe first '- in a rnw bcforo'isccond baseman duel wilh Kicnhofer. had a no- Jcd Klusz < v » rsk '' lo ! ( on '- v tllrec ? tan Musia! "^^ a fourth-lot I9S4, confined hitler going until Ihc !0!h for " lor<; eamcs atlcr thal wl " le P"- mm "S home run. lie had a lhrec-:io the darkest the winners when Boh Williams ms " p !9 vlclorlM including a.hilter wilh one oul lo go for a'corncr of the ar.d Wolford singed for the los-, same road slrMk ' the tc ^^'s complete game when Hie Cards Cleveland dug ers only hils .longesl in four years. rallied for a run on Ihrce singles, oul. lispecialh In lhe lllh. Bill Bralt walked! r>owcr Sli " Th " e A( *? r put oul lhc fire ' * ilh » Delate and moved to second when Har-l Tne power was still (here as 'he Hedlegs beat Lindy -Mc-j-^j'b.v " gin Tebbetls shifled Frank Robinson!P ar> ' e .'. wiln a five-run burst The presentalion of the eighth- annual James H. Hipslcy memorial award will highlight the Korl llil) Booster Club All-Sports din- rocxl Tuesday, 7 p. m., al lhe Qf fOil Cumberland Hotel Ball Room. The award, presented to (he ^outstanding senior football play- be made by Victor D. Seen For er. year Rev Spurt KANSAS CITY Uei - Unorthodox Bob nosburg is a golfer whose ABC To DWonlinuer Broadcasting NEW, By BEANS RKARDON 'WHUen for NEA Service; QUKSTION: -With a man on first base and Ivo out, the ball is outfielders. The bal- fessional ranks. ' The 30-year-old San Krancisco ^*, ...11 w inauc u iV vitiui jj. pro, whose "baseball grip" on the lleisey. Fort Hill High principaUcmbs would make a duffer shud- Jim Crawford won Ihe award last der, shot a five-under-par 67 over Hillcresl Counlry Club's Hill-and- Dale course yesterday lo take a shaky lead in Ihe first round of , . Kenneth \V. Grove, pasior of Kmrnanuel Methodist Church, , n e rs roun o will be speaker at the affair with the annual 522,000 Kansas City Arthur Davis Jr., loajslmaster. |Open. gets,Ihc ball and touches second base lo relire Ihc batter. Does it count? .-Martin Hopp. Answer; It counls. But, the runner must score before the play at second base Is completed. after the June 19 broadcast; >'? f Robcrl Kaslman,.,president, ', pointed oul .that t)ie radid'-de- ? cision does not affect lhe r.egii-i lar weekly telecasts'of the \Ved-1 nesday.nlghl fights.'-., : ABC said the current lie'arinia 1 onccrning lhe monopoly / pray. ? tices of lhe International Boxing r Club, promoters of the fights, f had nothing lo do with lhe rle- i cision to discontinue lhe' - iJ1 shows. radio i Q. Wilh one out, a runner on| Iliird base tries a delayed steal! Gni-dcii Double Pavs coaches Bill Hahn, football and ... _„,.., „,., ivdj(i*f(ijit-i. W|>L-JI. jmtia oase ines a ociaycu steal' pA\rr\t,'M \T r "• - More than 100 athletes from Ihe Rosburg didn't gain an ounce ofias Ihe catcher throws lhe halli- < "™"*^- *• •>.• '-jv-tne Guer- i school will be honored along wilh security wilh his brilliant round of back to lhe pitcher. The pilcheri ' S i ,J i oc cy who h3 ' < coaches Rill Hahn fnnihall anH ri.m hii-Hin? -*«,! 11 ~-.~ r-,,.. i: 'M,..~...., i- 11.- -_._i.-- _ i .1.. won cach ol Garden Slate Park's t a«.uiu) nun u» mm am ruuna 01 uacr, 10 me pucner. ine pile ner „.„.. „-,!, , /T j „• , „ " ~. < five birdies and 13 pars, Compli- throws to Uie catcher and the "' Cach of Garden 5late Par ^ 5 f .-., n .^i^. ^^ u:_ _i i 1.1 .1- ti ji_ i.. .. . .. .. . ,DIB raCPS- . ; ".', I Cavanaugh, basc-jmcnts on his play brought Ihis •-"--" and lien-muttered rejoinder: all "I've got to play good because ?ir[lhe old hank roll is beginning to hurl; I've barely been making ex- ^bXWt^ Jm, Mornso. drew a pass w,,h Gros , a 25 . ycar . oM southpaw | Th ^ ^^ ^ ^ one oul. After Mil Dean doubled. from a ,m .uusm, a (ew days - Field Tomorrow to .352 with .. Are y- 0 u- rcady lo playi Bob-if/i Jersey Stakes |l>.v?" lie asked Avila. •' ninth-inning p ,- „ J „ ^ trskine Rendy To Go There lvas ™ oliler regular Sure, I'm ready, but I can't lied Roberto CAMDEN Farm's Ke penscs." Just as he did last year, Rosburg made a poor start (his season, winning only $5,926 in IS tournaments. That total includes the $2,000 lop money in the Mexican Open. 100 Under Lcckonhv imun» iu uje i-Hitner ana ine;^- batter hits the. hall safely to; f "f"' . ., - i right field. What is this?-John' r "V Q , ^ T . lhe ^ 269 ' 9 « f r a ^=r^ (Garden Stale wilh Summer Tan I and in 1956 he won the $136,273 i Gardenian .with Magic Forest.] ' BKTHI.EHEM, Pa.—'.TS—When Leliigh's golf team lurncd back A. Cascardo. A. Til* bailer Is out for Interference because he lilt a Ihrown ball, nol a pilch. The runner re- tunis lo third because the hall Is dead. Q. Kddie Ford of (he Yankees has a pick-off motion to firsl base which seems quicker than most. Is there anylhing he docs which has been suspected by opponents?—George Robinson • flv H ith - ias night w Hj decided the issue. from Acker. fliornson, making b;s first ap-, The 6-10-2 viclorv over St louis' v ™ oler reguar - pearance, won in relief afler sup-, - - - [activity scheduled but the Xew! B V ( tnere 's , ae .e York Yankees and Brooklyn's"'" 11 me > if that's what you I at Garden State Park " oVQ|*f>fJ Carl Erskine both were lakcn off| mean '" :the critical lisl in an exhibition 'game at Ebbels Field. planting" Charley Day in the fifth.| Each team collected four hils,| including doubles by Dean and! "Bub" Porter ol ODC and two singles by Riller ol lhe losers. • Blasting the offerings of "Chug"'Aman for 13 hits, the' Elks loss, runqerup spot. i aiia^er '-«o i^ti w» met uunn wenerwi Elks blasted a three-run homerJArcna tonighl. in the second while Rob Pence; Supporl for in e 22-year-old i"" U "B" s s ieciai .vray treatments larruped a fnple and double andlBeecham rested on conquests ofi tested h 's arm against the Bomb- Jonnny Cox and "Pooch" Orn- the once highly regarded Hector. ?«•' Af( « a shaky two-run firsl nCQ' tw'0 sinplp^ paf-h Prtn«ian/»a o«^ «.. ^ nAn _i n ^.j:i_ ! Inninrf lTi-cl-;>*<* __'m_j j-. . ^?°- a , wry £mile lraming Iron Ue ««- keo P in g '" m °r his while Icclh. ••There's nobody the Belmont Stakes heads the list! In 10 ye "'«": In- play with right now. jof probable starters for tnmnrJ'""- !os t 2 ' wrong! row's $50,000 added .lersey Slakes!" - out not thing Ford and all other to- are In 10 years, his golf learns won before throwing the ball. Ford " n Wl " and tied 3 matches, ijust does ft quicker. i~x.iiigii o &VII 11:0111 1UI 1LCU U< l*, *>(J. r UIQ UI1Q all Ot EN. N. J. Ifi — Calumet] Delaware H to 4 il marked the^ilchcrs must step direclly \enlucky Derby winner.! 100 "' victory on the links sinceiward the base to which they ne, L.*. nn :.._ :- »_:..^ t- .IBlll I.ecknnriv tnr»V- ni-r*r a< /*nar*Vi tlhrnu'ina ^nj ».«!._ ii-_ » COMPLETE 'i SELECTIONS! SPORTING GOODS WILSON Hardware 30 N. Mechanic St. Definite Authenticity . „.„. ila's bat contributed gener- The Yankees, in Ihe throes of ously '" s ttle Indians won 111 ja terrific batting slump, bombedi gamcs in ' 954 lo snap the Yan ' WASHINGTON wv-Virgil Akins,i four Dodger pilchcrs for 17 hits !iee ' s string of pennants. There , , n^unojuA^-virgii AXUIS, handed the VFW its firstjthe SI. Louis veteran, was an 9-1, and moved into the.'early 7-5 favorite lo defeat Jimmy iBeccham of Miami in Iheir 10- and a IO-to-7 victory. Mickey Mantle drilled a homer and Hi singles. • - - i,".->.i,iiciiii \ji i.iiduu in uieir in- ->.pi"..i. Manager "Tag" Reel of Ihe'round welterweight bout at Capilol Erskine, who had a calcium Iks hl«i^ „ iKr^..,.» u ..... ...:_,. jdeposit in his shoulder dissolved . was a definite ring of authenticity to Avila's slick as he led the league wilh .341. There'was zing in it—27 doubles, and 15 home rforft obtained Iwo singles each, each. Dick Klavuhn held the Vels to two hils, singles by Harry Min- I — ..^v.111. »ji ji t .-> oiiutituei Ul>jOiVctl t h e 22-year-old 1 through special X-ray treatments, "Vila's bat carried him al sec—— --— ._ -ritflft/tA hir- ~». n , ~~~: — i 1 1_. r, , ' ojjo base, where he was never adequate. So, Constance and on recent creditable performances. Bui il wasn't enough lo offsel Ihe liking for Akins' experience and punching ^ .„„..„„ ^i . . inning, Erskine settled down tor season ' Farroll, • the new blank the Yanks Ihe re.5t of hisj n j an jl !! "- (i<!c ' dc d to employ four-inning stint and announce he'"' nicks and Dick Morgan, and ability. made his record 4-1 for the sea-j Fourth Or Fifth Challenger? so " • ! Akins. 29. is fourth or fifth-, lie Knights of Columbus won ranked challenger for Carmen I Dark ' a slugfcst from Moose al StitclKBasiltVs welter crown, depending Bo™' er Field, 15-13. : 0 n whom you consull-Rin " '"-"-- was ready (o slart in regular competition ST1.0UIS t Ib 4 I 1 3 4 0 t i at third base. Afler 17 games, the harassed Farrell decided it was time for another change. Avila made only II hils in 57 limes al bat, for an average of .193. Thai won't do ,. • --- jw »lmul j \nl <-1IJI3l!ll — J111JJJ IMag- i\orni Geatz batted in five runs^zine or the National Boxing Assn wilh a three-run homer and sin-;Beecham is unranked. A craving gle. Bob McGreevy slammed ajfor recognition prompted him to homer and double, Don Harden take the Akins fight on short no- hammered a pair of two baggers. tice. and Mickey Clark oblained fouri Promoter Goldie Ahearn and of the Knights' 10 walks. Frank-jibe International Bo.xing Club Williams smacked a triple nndjlooked up Beecham after Randy Iwo singles to pace Moose. Bob, Sandy, previously matched wilh Wade obtained a two-bagger andjAkins, reported a cut eye would single and Joe Becker connected make him unavailable ........ for a pair of base knocks. AT CELAXESE (VW ------- 4 I 2 0 -Moon ][ I 1 a 0 II. Srnilfi c 1021 1000 3010 3 1 0 7 Miksfs il Kailo 3b UIUS , McDaniel p 1 0 0 1 Acker aKnnii 1000 \Velinieier p 0 0 0 0 bB. Smith J 0 0 0 Davis p 0001 Tolali .33 s zt t| Tol i-Flied out for .McDanicl i b-Struck nut for Wthmeie CINCINNATI abh o A Temple 3b 3001 Post rl 5360 Bf« cf 2030 Robinson U 4 2 a D | Crowe \t> 4 0 B 01 . B»iif>- c 3 i F ol '"g for runs. So, Al Smilli had "tcMi«? , i, !l lo be hr O"gbl in from lhe outfield. 4 „ I jjevcn though at limes he operates Calumet trainer Jimmy Jones said he planned lo start Iron Liege, with Willie Hartack al the!, reins. He was less certain about I Barbizon, which won the world's il richest race, the Garden State! worth $319,210 here last year. j Iron Liege is expected to run in the Belmont June IS. The Jersey Slakes, a mile and an eighlh lest ! for three-ycar-olds, is often re-L gardcd as a tune-up event for thejl Belmont. II is the biggest eventjr of Garden Stale's spring roeelingj and is expected lo draw inorell lhan 3.5.000 fans to the track. L Calumet will be out to add its I third Jersey Stakes win, having captured previous runnings of the event with Fabius and Citation. Jockcya INIiisl Wear WOW! What Deals! —• —- "" jwt:fvi:vs niii&i wear on any club, especially horn aj o . 'third baseman on an outfit starv- Safety Helmets In W. Va. er to l oul for H. Smith in Sih. e o n o ' .-iisyn etb. 3ln. ...000 1M C01—l . Cos do I OOx—6 As il finally lakes shape, thei nationally broadcast and televised] •t.\BC, 10 p.m. EOT)—fight is Pillabartfc n.u (Vw (KM 000 m—l f I ~'*B^, "> P-Hl. t,UD—IlgHl IS CeUn "« wo w> ow no—o i ija complele replacemenl for the Bill Tho fcoler ind Inning;) pson and B. Fry WoUord. " U AT ALLEGA.VT: : 300 Mfl Irt—f 4 j auttoer ..:.-«* I'D 01—5 I n Barbr and nilter. C. Day, J Morrison <5l and Bradj. C»je (5). m'_ AT ST1TCHEK FIELD: Scalelta. Loihel <ti lit o—n n » and 5larde Ntland. Wao> 131, Corrijjjn 131 Aniel- alia IS) and Ulra. ivp.-Loib«r. LP— .Viland. HR—McGretvy, N. Geatt, ' AT EAST SIDE: ' - IMI I originally scheduled Paolo Kosi- Joey Lopes lightiveighl battle. Thai was wiped out when Rosi hurt a hand several weeks ago. Wins Over Mims .;.• Beecham gained respecl in Washington off his last showing, a 10-round decision over Capital featherweight Holly Mims at Mi-i ariii, April 19. Thai was his third \Jfi straight triumph and avenged ~'- Aman and F. Corner. Klavuhn' and Fence. HR—Reel (Bits). PACIFIC COAST LKAr.UE Hollywood 9. Sacramento S Portland 7. Iflj Aneelr^ 3 San Francisco 5-7. ~San Die^to 3.3 Vancouver S, Seattte 4 St. L 1* — Blasingame, Musial, Trmple 2 Post Swls^'rtaf'p 1 ?'- ?~K' Srai " 1 ' 'lia'n 2, SiMnT Tsi-S'nT,? POM n"£|: - Vuvial - sn-TtrnpiV. DP-DI*. las.niame and .Mujial 2. Lerc— SI Louis 4. Cincinnati a. BB— Mc-naulel (. fl>6- meier ], D«M, 1. SO-McDaniel I. Wei~- in self defense at third base. "They jusl pitch Avila close to the hands and nothing happens," explains Farrcll, who requires a righl-hand power hitler like a horse player needs Iresh money. "The hall no longer Iravels when he hils it." CHARLESTON. W. Va. i.P _ A J new Stale Racing Commission I rule requires all jockeys at West .1 Virginia horse tracks to wear f safety helmets. Chairman James' G. McClure of Wheeling nounced. Actually, Ihe commission ^.,-,. plained, between 60 and 70 peril Only Jl Years Old Few accomplished bailers have icr 1. Gross 6. HO_McD__ Ameitr I in 1, Davij I in I, Cross t . - iel 7 in s. ..- vv l " • --<-D> -1. 1-1. Gro,, d.2. Davis Acker O-o. W Gross (4-0). L— McDs Son. fcJIM.^""'- G ™ srag rump an avenge a loss to .Mims in 1956. Altogether,!/7/«» /)} ||. „ H f t,- ea Beecham has won 18. six b ^«"'"<"' ftOl S6 cent of lhe riders already are wearing lhe helmets. Of fiber ...i-.,^, um.cLo ; 1 a>c ! n' as s construction, they weigh he- declined as quickly as Avila.Jtween 16 and 20 ounces This would be understandable if 1 " — Hoberto Francisco were an old pappy guy on his last legs, but the chili consumer is not yet 31. ( Nor was Roberto Francisco anylhing in the nature of a morning glory or flash in the pan. He, crashed the American League after only 55 games in the International, balled .299 lhe first time he got a real crack at it. then .305, .300, .286 and 341. There was Beecharrr has won 18. six by knockout, and lost Ihree, one by kayo. Akins has won his last four in a row, including a knockout of Al Andrews during the winter. He, has 41 victories in a career datingl decision over Franz S?uzina ofj BALTIMORE W - Two owners and trainers had their racing licenses suspended yesterday for participating in a one -'horse SAY, DAD LET'S GET A NEW DODGE OR PLYMOUTH AT ... WOODY GURLEY'S complete selection from 40 car stock - Immediate Delivery! PHC..S..H s 2 150 on DODGES . . S 1767 on PLYMOUTHS at Prices Start at ..... WE DON'T MEET COMPETITION . . . WE MAKE IT! AltfmTnum Scraining no genuine cause for apprehen-! H ordwo,. f.V'.M.n.w".'*"^.,.)!!™,. sion when his average dropped!s t re.m. Hon«.M.Id .my 10 moVi to .272 in 1955, but there defi-j Aluminum Window <»»n lit,, Whit* Pin* t Aluminum CamDinalian Docn COTTAGES PREFABRICATED For Easy ERECTION NO DOWN Payment From $ 895 up • Full %" Clear Siding • Fulf tize dry [umber • 1 3 A" Exterior Door • Double hung window! with removable soih • Free delivery within 100 milei to your lot • Prefabricated in 4' lections for eojy erection. • 222 Ib. roof thinglej ALSO PRE-CUT HOMES AS LOW AS S 1995 COTTAGE SITt ON STATE ROUTE 51, PERRYOPOLIS, PA. ADAMS SUPPLY COMPANY J Adorm Svpply Company I I Pirryopolil, Pa. ' j ! Q Sinif Hirt Information ' J [J Hov» RipiticntaTivt Call I I U Own A lal) J J NAMt • ' ADDRESS , ! 1 PHONE 1 CT-i !3-3t I fHONE: Ptrryopolil, Ptnnsyfvonia ffPFIELO 61112 DIRECTIONS Take ROUTE 40 to Uniontown and then Route 51 To Perryopolij. OPEN FOR INSPECTION EVERYDAY iiV'ew Bedford. Mass. According to, [tcslimony before lhe Maryland Racing Commission. Grubb wanl- od lo claim a horse named Heroic Song for S2.500 from C. Larnar Cresvvell. The bilch was that Grubb hadn't raced any horse al Bowie where Heroic Song was in a claiming race. Only owners racing at a track may claim an- olher. Grubb wired money and a re- quesl to make the claim to Frederick Preece, n trainer. Preece couldn't do it and asked John J. Cornell, another trainer. Cornell wasn't eligible cither. He asked Edward Merrit. Merrill, an owner from Riverdale, Md., claimed Ihe horse and turned it over to Grubh. The Racing Commission suspended Ihe licenses of Preece Cornel], and JUerrilt until June l', 1959. Grubb may apply for rcin- slatemenl on June 1, 1958. Creswell not only lost Heroic Song, but the horse has won about $4.000 since then. nitely was when it fell to .224 last (rip. 11 is sad lo relate, but there are unmistakable signs thai Bobby Avila is dropping all the way lut of the majors. 50U1HKRN ASSOCIATION* Chaticston 2. Momphij 1 l.L.l r , v\ ,n. \asn\ille * AUaata 6, MoMft 7 (u'inaimil Alwayi phnry o! FREl Parking *aac* T.l.phon. PArkviiw 2-SlBO Western Maryland Lumber & Supply Go. M<MuU*n Hffwy. CumWond, M<{. Woody Gurley's Direct Factory Dodge-Plymouth Dealer 123 S. LIBERTY ST. PA 2-0200 Boys' Wear ... In CUMBERLAND and Transmissions Rebuilt PHONE PA 4-OBlt FOR DETAIIS POUR IT- TASTE IT Notice its sparkling clarify... makes your mouth water just to look at itl Roll it on your tongue. Let it slide down your throat. Man! LOVE IT Mountain Water the difference Incomparably smooth. Refreshing! Makes you happy to be alive 1

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