Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 19, 1969 · Page 4
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 4

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 19, 1969
Page 4
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ledtands Daily Foeb 4 - Wednesday, Feb. 19, 1969 Local Notes Mutt Find Coed Hame for mother and dau^ter Germao She^ierds, VA years and 2 months. 792-743$ after 5:30 p.m. HIctoncel Secicty DisMcf in nnanclal frouble BandBooshh SpOIBIVdMC6 afKghsclmi Bedbads Hish Sctod TBmr SUge Band win be the perfonncfs at a atudcpt tnnw^w. , Tlie posabmty of an dectionbased the tax increase propQsal|by decTfasint the percentage of spomoced by tte Band Booater San Beniaidino Cbaaty Histor-'sedans an increase in the gener-!on a combination of ticton. not-lfunds in the reserve fund and ona ^tiiai thk Ttantkr ical Society wiU meet Sunday atial purpose tax rate of the Yn- in« that "primarily due to in-jiirpoi &S peraissive excess taxi 'TTl fcJT^. 71^71' 2:30 p.m. at AsistencU Mission.'cava Joint Unified School Dis- flation." the cost of operating! levies." P-™- "»«»• 26330 Barton road. Harold Dean trict loomed today foUovdng an the district iias increased agni- j Yucaipa schools may ask for tax election I W«f weolfter eoRfiiwes He said the district's general of Rialto win'presenthis iDus-jagonizing appraUal of the'dis-ficanUy in the 20 years that the; reserve fund probably wiU be 1^1^ T >r<umn< "I 'fu.fitinniiia' trirt'c firutiriai tm>« $2.75 tax rate has been in effect (rated pn^ram, "\'acationing|tricfs financial woes. With History." Members and* Supt of Schools Dr. Jerome' A maor factor is employe sal- Ihdr families and friends and'R. Thomsley last night recom- aries. vrtueh account for about «S other interested petite are invit-'mended that the Yncapa School!pa- cent of the sdiod district's ed to attend. Admission is &ee|Board consider a tax electjoojbudget, he said. to seek voter approval of an in- According to Dr. Thomsley. it is "imperative" that the school and refreshments wDl be served. KniHin* Announcing classes. Wed. slightly over 4 per cent at the dose of the current fiscal year and there appear to be no permissive excess tax levies iriuch win significantly bdp the district financially. night in Terrier BalL llie event also matfcs a return engagement for the Hitc- fits, a popular musieal group of five BBS students, who wiU snpidy the danoe music for the evening. The SUge Band, nn- der the <fireetiaa of Baity Wood, is scheduled t» supply the enttf- tainment daring a spedal intei^ mission period. crease in the district's present is "imperative" that the school 'The (adml district) adminis- Fph iQ 7 0*^* P*"" 5*'* district rema'm competitive with tration recognizes the ever pres- 732.8114. Jo-Zoir* H !^« ^"v =rn' vahiation. ! salaries offered by other districts eat pressures nwn taxes m the Xtnit -r :*SSn« the Vuca^a School Dis-i-if it expects to attract and em-naU» and the state." Dr. * has been operating with theploy qualified teachers." Thomsley added. "However, ob- Admisaiao will be 75 cents • SealcMtmi «n >e general purpose tax rate! He said current salary sched- jertively viewed, education is student A discount price of SO Give your driveway that New ™ 20 years." Dr. Thorns- ules in the district for teachers one of the primaiy functions of c^nts is offered to ASB e«d Look. Free estimates on jeal-'^^.?*«»_,lr!*t*«*' "it is'and non-teaching personnd are a society if it is to continually j boilers only Courtesy cards will coating driveways and paricing**?*^ that additjonal sources bdow average for the county; progress. Itie SUte of California' ' v«u.«»jr w lou. Also paving and grading.I?: "f^^^ are needed for the:and state. :recognizes this fact in its Con- Kevari CoMractors 792-5SS2. x^f""]^ to continue offering thet "0 »-er the past three years," jstitution. which states tbat the educaUonal program and ser\--; Dr. Thomsley told trustees. "Yu-'n~» •^n imm twhlie funds shall ices it currently provkles." caipa School District has only The schools superintendent!been able to balance its budget MitMd Paper* Phone Hedtands OaSy Facts circulation department, 793-3221, before 6:30 p.m. week days, or 2:30 p.m. Saturdays to report missed papers and obtain de-. livery. Limited Budget? TTien claim your fair shared during kitchen floor sale at' Mounting reports of floodi Water Superintendent EmmeU MaxueU-Means, 100 Orange st .'^^n ^se - now shoaing t h e Lowry said some of the missing Thareday Friday, Saturday, x Kedlands to be $50.000, line might be found, but in ear,out of packet — have munid- City finds flood damage higher than anticipated first can npoD public funds shall be for education." the superintendent noting a ;Ux increase dection would require a majority (51 per cent) vote of approval for passage, said sudi an dection "would inldance spoMored by the pw^ if «ry democratic fashion attow|tJ«s year. The Band Boosters >s be available at the Ugh school office. "Proceeds from the dance win go principally toward our musi-j cal scholardiqk fund", according to Leo Goldwasser, Band Booster ways and means chairman. This is the second student Evening Kiwanis Mrs. Joseph Baccus and tier floods k had disappeared forever. They have continued their search today. It was MerriU u-ho told the pal officials reaching for help a'in several directions today, team of debators from Redlands' An unexpected $10,000 loss was high school win provide die pro-'reported in the Santa Ana riv-dly council Tuesday night that gram tomorrow evening at er wash, wiiere a city water line!$50,000 was a conservative esU- Tang's Pantrj- for the BedlandsHvas buried if not destro)-ed. It Evening Kiwanis dub. ! will cost that much to replace male of fiood damage to city properties. This included the loss] the community to voice its opiU' ion concerning the continuatioo an adult service organizaUon which supports the activities of hail add new touch RAINPAU TABLI Yecaipa . IJi .1.M tan Year 1SJ7 Ut 19.U 9M MM era* 1J3 J» 1MI »Ji HaU, lightniae and thunder were added to the weather fare last night accompenyfaig another M indies of rainfan which bas boosted the two^y storm total to 1.0S inches. Ganison wHiKss tcis of hbirinii pbMsM (CWthiued Ihan Pa«e 1) fired the fatal siMta from the Depository's sixth Ooat. : Carr testified that at noon oB Nov. 22, 1963, he was on the Tlh 'floor of a criminal eourtboasc building then under constmclion and facing Dealey Plasa. He said he saw on the fifth floor of the depository building just before the presidential motorcade entered the Plaza, a man in "nhe third window over." "There was a pistol shot." he said, "then a pause, then three tioa in Mil Creek canyon. Alabama street is open for traffic between Bedlands and San Bernardino today. had 32 ind*. of snow on the,' the station wagon Carr said, the third, the man he had seen earh'er in the window, "went across the street, came down toward the construction site (south from the Depository) on Houston to Commerce Stred, turned toward town and every ground this morning and added 2.43 inches of predpitation to their yeariy totai which now stands at a fantastic SO inches. Chains are required to reach Utis resort community just as they are in most San Bemar- Even more predjritation may cajon Pass were chains not be forthcoming, according to!„eeded early today. dino mountain areas. Only on the Barstow freeway throughj„ ^^.yj^ ^.^ ^^^^ the Weather Bureau. About a 40 per cent diance for rain is called for tcoigbt Skies are ex- "We've bad a terrific snow— jhis shoulder as if he was being ; followed." of the present education pro-the high school band and or- gram." diestra by creating a wider in- The reaction of trustees to the terest in scbod musical fiuc- tax rate dection proposal varied. Uons, and assisting in related "I don't sec an>' other alter- programs. natives," said Trustee Marion '• Amett "We need money la op- . • erate on • LODCZ OOain Thrustee Evan Skeen noted a m u "serious area of diminished in- fQ TOk0 OH , Earlier today, a maid who two feet since yesterday mora-,„^l;s jn an Eastern Airiines ing added to the 2 to 3 foot ..yiP" Room at New Orleans a guest book in 1966 as "Qay Bertrand" come. Dr. Norman MiUer. »cti°! AMAE office Personal Emergency? the line or S15.0J0 to driU a; of protective embankment north I gjuj^nan in the absence last, smaU wdl and restore water of the Redlands Municipal Air- night of John P. O'Connor, sug- Armando Lopez, a candidate Emergency telephone counsd- service to a rock crusher and port, and m this connection thejgpsted the administratton ex- ing available, call 7934710. Con-Ugighboring homes north of the {council approved an emergen-, pjore the alternate possibility of p«:^to be sunny to partly ^^.e." a Snow Valley ski, resort,,estified Shaw signed Hiursoay. i operator said thu morning. ' But the five^y forecast He added that condiUons were I-the name of the'mysterious sued thwmormi^ predicted ttat gj^ellent and that a large cro*^, figure, menUoned in the Warren ''^TL'^.hSZ^''^*'"'''*"''^^"'^''' Report to connection with m Cahfonua through the week- ^^ jj ^ ^^^^^ j Mrs. Jessie Parker pointed 'out the name in a guest registration book and sakl she remembered Shaw brant" "i admired his pretty gray hair.** fidenUal. no obligations. 24 hours. Redlands C^undl of Churches, x Aih Wadnesdar Holy Communion 7:30 p.m. Feb. 19. Wedcs HaU. First United Methodist Church. 1 E. Olive. X Immediile Caih We buy and sdl good used tmiWIITAIir furniture. 792-1111. x lUH!vnUW ri\-er. said City Manager R. P.Icy resdution. Merritt Jr. I Federal authorities were implored to "dfed repairs to ex- "cutbacks in some programs now SO to become U.1 dfiiens existing.' Noting that passage last No- (REAL), has been re-dected to yet another position. Lopez, a teacher m the Cdtoa scbod district wiU continue to serve as treasurer of the As—- - . „j, :Sociation of Mexican-American ir ^''i^l?mc"'.^^e Educators in the Inland Empire In addition, he is a regional for the Redlands School Board and president of Uie Redlands Educational Advancement League isting le\-ess on the north bound- 1 vember of Proposition 1-A. a tax ary of the aiiport" and to "con-jreUef measure, will result in a struct additional levees as nec-; reduction of assessed property essary to provide protectkmj valuation in the district and a from foture floods." In other council actions: Merritt was authorized to con-1 in Sacramento could make some)' The extra-curricular part of. ^ , last night's storm occurred dur-l P AnimieCMII ing the early evening hours aS' VVllll 'llaMUII lightning momentarily disrupted tclevision-\ie\ving and thuixler and hail drou-ned out audio portions. Much of the ihundirsiorm ac- jtivity came between 7 and 8 p.m. when booming claps of The "complaint department , thunder joujed the pcrcu^on of the Redlands Traffic Commis-j mid 4 A UP section and kept time for about gjon apparently wiU have its 140 anxious Redlands demenU- hands full Thursday when Uie to consider traffic hazards Union Oil ups scholarship . t..^ ,! - - - - - Seven University of Redlands o; schod children practicing at.commission hdds its monthly gtudents are receWng addition- Kimberiy school fai the All-City tract for JS.OOO «-or1h of en^-'meanmgfiil tax relief without pe- „..„.w„„, „, ,u., .««^m ,iMv V. new citizens Vring study r*gaidlng how and naliring local school districts." president of that orgamza Sherman Funeral „f*?^T^f,i,*^^^U^'Because of the absence last l^n. M; I.-*?.!. i{"J^«,!?Jf„,r. .^iUvery fnm, U KS San Bernardino!night of 0'Com.or and Trustee — ElemenUry sdiool orchestra. Little damage was reported, however, from the storm. Light- ,ning hit a television antenna at '4C North Center stred at about meeting at 2 p.m. m Uie Coun- al scholarship assistance Uianks Funeral ser\-ices for Oliver M. o» "»e umvaj MUZ, ^ . aerman were bdd Tuesday at,granted naturalization papers to-lh^^y ' 10:30 a.m. fnwi the F. Arthurby Margard J. Morris, il^^*' Corfner Chapd, with Dr. Ivan Presiding judge of the Superior "J 's .« T 11 deal with the dty's B. B«J1. -and Dr. V. StanleyiCowt- at the Masom'c Temple, I w Feather river water Silke, of the First Baptist Fourth and Arrowhead streets, church, officiating, interment I in San Bemardmo. was in Mlside Meowtial Pact! Ceremonies, featuring an address by Donahl R. Geggie, managmg editor of the San Bernardino Sun-Telegram news- McCormadc Sarvicsi Gra\<eside services for Jobn James McCormack were bdd paper, win start at I:4S p.m Monday at 11 a.m. at Modteci- Oath of allegiance to Ute new, to Memorial Park, with Dr. Max dtizcns will be administered b>' R. Fliddnger. of the OmstiV. Dainis Wardle. county clerk. Church. Unity, of Riverside, of- aw^ music »iU be provided byi fidating. F. Arthur Cortner Uie San (Jorgonio high school; project The rate for interment of ashes at Hillside cemetery, was increased from $29 to $3& Hie old price has been hi existeoce .since 1%8. said Superintendent M. R. Vander Unde. night Robert Emmerson, Uie board, tknt^trnw hl^ Ubled the tax rate dedion pro-j DUrgiOr niTS posal pending a "fuU board" dis-j CMrritfk httllM rassion at a future meeting. 1 WCHTlCIl ROmC cil Chambers of Safety Hall. | to a $5,000 grant from Uie Union I The agenda inchtdes: ; Oil Company of California Foun—Complaint by Mrs. F. J. Nation. 146 North center sj^eet « aoourMonm A« W^ ^^l^l^XU^ ; 11:20 p.m. The bolt "^"^.A.^?™'*^ "T^^^^ Redlands has received j nor damage to the set accord- in'««^^on of Alvarado and^ Foundation," ' ng to a fire department report Chestnut said Dr Georee H Armacost ?-We lucked out again in ^P'^"*- *f SlfveSty^S^i. . dty," Joseph Enarson, R«^'ands bee Chief R I Graefe ^ haz-.^ajor contribution to our efforts Edison company manager, »*-.f_'^'^i' «^'.*'^?_?:'«./»„^'T5 :f:ito broaden Uie base of our fi- Chapd in charge. Weather ATcnn Fcbnurr rainfan i.m Avcrasc *e*wa total ninltU UM \ ^^^^t^ < band. "We hope Uiat as many scbod-age youUi as possible will attend the ceremonies, and that every serice dub and vd- eran's organization win be rep- Wardle said. Temp. Jan. 19 . J»n. 20 . Jan. 21 . Jan. 21 . Jan. 13 . Jan. -i Jan. 25 Jan. 26 Jan. 27 . Jan. 38 . Jan. 29 . Jan. 30 . Jan. 31 -. Feb. 1 . Feb. 2 . Feb. 3 . Feb. 4 . Feb. 5 . Fth. 6 . Feb. 7 . Feb. 8 Feb. » Feb. M Feb. 11 Feb. U . Feb. 13 Feb. 14 Feb. IS Feb. IS Feb. J7 Feb. 18 .... 57 6B S4 .. . 58 58 SS .. 65 . 59 . S5 ._. 48 53 55 59 57 68 70 65 S7 SI 60 67 _ 71 _ 61 _ S9 _ 61 ,._ 61 5$ ... 63 72 M Boun 48 .55 SO 54 50 43 4<1 56 54 41 40 31 29 32 32 34 35 39 45 45 37 36 37 38 4S 47 43 43 45 40 41 .60 1.07 .39 •^64 3.41 se .47 .09 J4 Season 4ja 4.93 6.00 6.39 T S 10.44 11.00 11.47 IIJS Phone lines at airport put underground Vital Records BIRTHS TRUJILLO — Bom, a son. to Mr. and Mrs. Leonard TrojD- k>. 917 Lawton street. Feb. 18, 1969. at Redlands Oommimity hosiMtd. CHUBCmLL — Bom. a son. to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Church' iU. 34203 Yucaipa boiilevard, Yucaipa. Feb. 18. 1969. at Red- I«n:<s Community hospital. COLE — Bom. a daughter. Elirabeth. ID VT. .ini Mrs. Taxpayers group cites reasons for wage freeze A burglar broke into the home of Mary D. Carrick. 926 E. Ln- sonia avenue, last night and I took two diamond rings, a tran- ! sistor radh) and $5 hi cash, po- I lice reported. I Officers said Uie thief forced open a rear door while Mrs. Car. Salary increases for pubUc "ck was away between 6 and 9 !cmplo>-eshavcout.strippedoUier:P-n'- The toss was estimated factors that govern Uw public's'a* WIS. ability to pay. says die San Ber- naidino Cbunty Taxpayers association in a resolution being circulated in Bedlaads today. The resohition. addressed to alt public ageades that use tax funds, declares that new legislation "is antidpated and required for tax rrform. as indicated by over two million voters in the last election." And it says "Uie ported today. Ughts flickered throughout Uie dty but refused to succumb to the electrical storm. But. k>- oal mountam areas were not quite to ftatnnate. Abcve Mentone, many Camp log of traffle lanes at Redlands nancial axis program." The University of Redlands is boulevard and Ford street -Complaint by W. A. Bnmfon'a,^oiig"lo'inda)endent CaUifonM of die traffic situation on Sxth' colleges and universities to street betwea Redlands boule -I sj,are in Uie Union Ofl grants vard and Citrus avenue. ! ^-uci, totaled $50,000. The schol- . In andher matter, Uie results arship funds are to be appUed .•Vngelus rcsWents were withoutiof a police department radar to students of demonstrated su- elcctridty from about 11 p.m. to check will be presented in con- perior character, ability and am- 2:30 a.m. when transformers necUon wiUi a previous request bition, but whose academic rec- weie shorted by lightning in the'for speed zone signs on Oak Barton Flats area. [street between Redlands boule- Despite the hea\-y precipita-'vard and Franklin avenue. ords may not be at the h i g h level usually associated with scholarship grants. Richard S. Cdc' of Ladcra,'; major portion of ?ny Sovernn««l Men'o Pari:, Feb. 18. 1959. at! agency budget is saUnes and TelejMone lines v.ill no longer put the wiiammy on the Bed— —, lands Municipal Airport's incom- IZ ZZiing fliere- They've gone under— —; ground, at a cost of $2,000. ~S uiri It was a psj-dMlo^cai hazard t__lof the airport, even though they were far from the end of the fidd, said John R. Wagner, assistant airport diiedor. So flie dty arranged for their remov al. getting half of Uie cost by a grant from Uie SUte of Califor- 1S.01 joa. Overhead wires were removed JO .70 Santa Clara hospital. Matera al grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Croker of Vancouver. B.C. Paternal grandparents are Dr. and Mrs. Frank B. Cole of Berkdey, formerly of Redlands. MARRIA6E LICINSES ISSUID (La* Vafaa) GtmERRE ^CROOK - Migod Gutierrez. 21. and Karin Crook. 19; boOi Bedlaads. GOODHAN-CARLTON— Dewey R. Goodman. 66. Redlands; and Gladys T. Cariton. 59. Yucaipa from a 900-foot sti'dch paraUd-'MAIER-RAY — DaUas Leroy iAnnouncement of f unerof Services HEIDERGOTT. Frank H. 10:00 ajn. Thursda>- 138 Harruby Dr. Calnnesa. Calif. ing Uie Santa Fe nihnad's line approaching Uie East Highlands tresUe. next to Opal avenue. Twice in recent years fliers clipped ttie telephone wires wiUil thdr descending plains. Now the' dear zone has no obstades, imaginarj- or oUierwise, said Wsgner. Maier. 26, and Barbara Ray. 22: boUi Bedlaads. WALSH-CLARK - George Marion Walsh, 27. and HoUie Louise aark. 24; botti Bedlabds- wages." "The number of state and local government employes In Uiis area has increased 222 per cent from 1965. "Total population of San Ber- nadiao coiudy has oidy increased 5 per cent frtnn 1985. Tlie cost of Uving, as fariteited by the consumer price Index for ttis area, has increased only 10 per cent from July 1965 to November 1968. "Teadiers' salaries in the San Bernardino dty unifled sdiod district have increased 20J per cent since July. 1965, and are an indication of salary increases throughout county schod districts. "Qxinty employes' salaries have increased 2S.2 per cent since July 1, 1965." mAN0S ___793-2MI lOMAUNOA •mrVOA CU1M£SA _7»^»I6» UNDER DIRECTION OF f./WIHUI CORTNER 221 BROOKSlOE AVE. SaUs ^ilBikfact* FeyaM UM-7M TMT FRANK K. MOOBC Hilar. 708 BfoaksMt An. at CMr. M- ytat SlS.«a By aan vcr moB* WB. .There's a Cortner Funeral Service For Even the Most Modest Budget. r ^-^OPfH.TPHIOHT I Take a LONG LOOK at yow NGOME TAX V Mass Of* o pun In Hie UTH Mck M yae, kl UOCIC de fIDItAl Hi. Idi. h •>• lip*.yo»r AND retiini h prapored, doubt*- {f AH checked and gaarantMd • • far aceMocy. Try anieyiRt tanstaradioaie. ms 1. T« I wilfc Over 3000 Offices I • JUL »t PJL-M. * *m. i-ii in-nti • M wvonnMOiTS NECcssaav ^B HB JIM GLAZE SAYS... Sell All 1968 Company and Executive Mercurys «T IN ON THE SAViKCS DURING TWS WEEKEND SALE Fhe Low Mileage Qrs BiMid Now Nfc 962 '68 COUGAR ONLY ^3685 All Partery l^ipmMit SAVE $900 HURRY.SALE ENDS 6:30 PM SAT.... FB. 22 ^JSX- SAVE $700 SSSS-rVVE $800 ^Br- $AVE $1000 •48 MONHGO MX 2-D**r Haidley. FACTORY AIR CONDITIONINC, •ewer staerinff A brakes, vinyl reef, bucket seals, lets r^T-"^ SAVE $700 '68 PARKUNE HT beidtte. AIR CONDITIONING, Autematie, power steerine,'brakes, wkidews. Oduxe radie. Sleek Ne.lM- NOW $4295 '69 MONTEREY HY fery l«iipi"«n». This beauty said new far ever flON. *~"""" $AVE $500 Your Yrade Is Always Worth JIM GLAZE UNCOLN • MERCURY 420 WrRtdknds RM. COUGAR 793-2141

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