The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 20, 1939 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 20, 1939
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 20, _ BLYTHEVILLB (ARKI)' COURIER NEWS Strengthen American Ties Uncle Sam's Two Chief Rivals Are At Each Other's Throats RY MH,TON BKONNF.K, NEA Service Staff Correspondent LONDON, DM. 20. — Tlic spec- lacnlar naval fighting between Iho Brillsh and Germans off the coast of Uruguay points up' dramatically (lie trade opportunities of Hie - United Slates wiili her sonlli American neighbors. Her two cliier business compett- lors in that rich market are at. each other's throats. Meanwhile-, U. S. ships ply the commercial' seas lo Hie Smith without hindrance. In the past six years there has Ijeeit a bitter salesman's battle for Ihe business or the South Americans. The British, like the business men of Hie United Slates, tried to .sell goods on their merits. But Nazi Germany often undercut them, because the Nazi government, gave heavy subsidies to German industries in their efforts to grab the South American market. With (he coming or war, much of the energy and resources of Brillsh manufacturers has gone into making of war material. But despite the war, many German factories kept turning stuff out for export. They could not ship it in German vessels, because the British and French navies controlled the seas. But they did ship considerable quantities of goods in neutral vessels. As n reprisal /or the Nazi mine-laying campaign, Britain and Prance have now placed an embargo on neutral vessels- carrying German goods. German exports by sea will now dwindle to a mere trickle. South America will look to the United States and, possibly Japan, to nil the gap. The new embargo order, follow- New Latin-America Sales I'laii Argcnlinc Journalists Honored by Columbia Univcrsily Illustrated 'map S 1 1WS iwcnt CTC| , (s (lmt naV(j ^.^ (Q slrm& commercial tie., between the United Slates and South America, ing upon German merchant marine being swept, from (lie seas, will give German business and finance a terrific wallop. Last year the sea-borne export trade of Germany was about $500,000,000. Taking the total volume of her sea-borne and land-borne export trade. North and South America absorbed about 15 percent of it. f Owing to the voluntary boycott > of German goods antl the dlscrim- It's a Christmas Carol Told Way Holly wood Writer Would Do It Today B? TAUI, HARRISON . NBA Service still Corrcsiiondenl HOLLYWOOD, Dec. 20 —.The scenario writer, tired after a lon» day of waiting for something to write at the studio, was settling into vi uciniun goexis ant! me dscrim- nfr-lrpiiB WHI Yi •,: inatory tariffs on German goods, by-'" ' Adt " Uo " al Dlal ° expert from Germany to the Unit s-fs,^^-^ -K^sass even before war started. Slnce....lhe.,>war, Ih-. her mad • scramble, .to..get foreign exchange,"" ,.,: , -">•'-. wicu. . . . . ouuui limns, anu uc nlso tells her scnuiiuie. 10 gei loreien exdiantre ,,..'ii • ' Mr ' clau s. v "and ! the true slory.of the great Injustice Germany has'been especial, a^!' ™ < ^J 1 '™,"?, Power ^and , that has been done her father. She Inui fn tpor, „., !,„,. „ 1 i. nJ . - n ' rlc i' temple, wilh Alice Pave, i regains her animation us he (nii^ Sous to keep up her export trade. it/i»i i, , .. — -.-ii-.v -...«.,. iul u presenimtr io With this foreign exchange, so on any screen" St . ' long as neutral ships could get past British and French contraband control, the Nazis hoped to buy and receive cotton, Bolivian tin and other raw materials. But even with the Allies stopping this, foreign exchange was a potent factor In Germany's favor. For Instance, suppose she accumulated foreign exchange In New York banks in payment for ex- perls to America sent there in neutral vessels. Suppose the Swedish firms, which sale, refused have iron ore for lo enter any barter arrangement with Germany. In that case, the Nazis could pay for the goods by an order on the New York banks which held Germany's foreign exchange credits. Cherry Tree Custom Spreads BUENOS AIRES (UP) —Buenos Aires, as Washington, has its Japanese cherry trees now. The municipal public parks department has planted 100 cherry trees, the present of Hie' Japanese minister, fwataro Uchiyama, in the gardens lining the new 9 de Julia Avenue, one of the widest in the world. One of the newest tanks perfected by the French army weighs 92 tons. Another Red Held In Passport Fake Fourth important Communist to be charged with passport fraucl, Harry Cannes (above) was indicted by a New York Federal Grand Jury. He is foreign editor of the Daily Worker, Communist newspaper. his favorite chair after dinner when a 4-year-old in pajamas wriggled under the evening paper and Into his lap. "j e otta assignment for yon, daddy. Mamma says you're lo tell me a story, daddy. Willya, huh daddy?— a story about Christmasl" "Okay," sighed the writer 'We'll call it 'A- Christmas Carol' and the credit title will read, 'Based on tlie Story by Charles' "But I don't wanna adaptation, "Well r ,'leinme sec, then": is a national calamity. 'Hie father is described as an arch fiend. He becomes a brooding outcast and Is shunned even by the lowest characters of the underworld. "Two years pass, and we pick up the father in the Santa Claus costume. lie has bought some cheap toys and has broken into Shirley's house In Bcverl)- Hills and is filling the ragged little slocking that hangs by tlie fireplace as a mule symbol of lingering faith. THE REAL JIcCOY BRINGS FIN'.VI, .10Y "Shirley tiptoes In and finds him. He takes her on his knee and convinces her that lie re/illy Is Santa Cliuis, and he nlso tells her and prese . . , regains her animation us lie talks for the first time i But when she klssei him -rale' I " P"'«. ing himself. Over tlie "cast and credits is a medley of Christmas music, which fades as we dissolve to a street scene. It's early evening, and in the long shot we see a holiday crowd. Tlie camera trucks up and pans along, picking out characters—n sidewalk Santa, a fat man loaded with packages, a ragged little girl looking cold and wistful, two good-natured drunks harmonizing- on a carol." f'Colossal, daddy!" whispered the infant in pajamas. '-Thanks, pal. M QW we have a close shot of a man standing nt the curb. This is Power. He's shabbily dressed, In angle shols, we watch him sneering at happy people in the crowd. He's embittered, see? The fat guy wilh the into htm and — fin — Merry shabby man , packages bumps says. 'Excuse me Christmas' The glowers, but his face sort of twitches and it softens some. "Then a truck passes and a package falls off and breaks open on the curb. The man picks It up and finds a SanUi Claus costume whiskers and everything. Close shot: As he looks at the bundle cynically you see in his face the impact of an idea. Then you see resolution forming nnd a faint quivering tenderness. He starts' off down the street. * + • PLOT IS SNAPPY, JUMOR HAPPY "Now a medium shot: a cheap hotel room. Tlie man is in the costume and standing beside a mirror. In a close shot over his shoulder at the reflection, we see he's putting on makeup* and doing it deftly. The scene dissolves and wa facie In on the same face, but in a different mirror. The camera dollies back and we see a swanky movie dressing room Hairdresser, valet, stooges " "I'm sleepy, daddy." whimpered ,thc writer's son. "How about lust a synopsis Instead of a final shoot- Ing script?" "Okay, here's the dope: The man Is an actor named Martin Dimple, and he's the father of a great child star. Shirley Dimple Tlie mother is Miss Ftiyc. After a few pages of buildup we sec- the father in a hot argument with a producer about a, new picture The producer pounds his desk and i screams. 'You're crazy! ni break your contract' Tlie actor says I •You can't break the contract just I because you think I'm crazy ' There isn't any sanity clause!' • "The child star overhears this' and. misunderstands it. She rushes out, sobbing hysterically 'There Isn't any Santa Claiisl My papa said so!' When they gel her quieted, they find she's dull and listless, she can't even try to act Her dream world is shattered Tlie studio loses lt.s big star and the story gets Into the papers The disillusionment of Shirley Dimple fully, his beard comes off. 'Papa!' she cries ecstatically. But her hnppy expression changes to one of fury. 'But you have played me false again, you rat!' Sobbing now: 'You're not Santa Claus.' I guess there ain't no Santa claus! 1 "Just then there ts a scuffling in the fireplace and out steps the Forced Sales Go Down To 16.8 Mark For 1,000 Report Hy FltlU) I1AU.GY Uiillfil }';eis .sail Corr«noliil>iil WASHINOTON.-l.Virm iitoitgftKe foreclosures, which led lo rioting in several communities u few years »B». have declined 10 the lowest poiiil In 10 yon*, (lie Department of Agriculture hii.s reve.-itol. The de-bl position of farmers has Improved considerably sliicv 1935. the rc:j»r<, compiled by the bureau of flfc'i-loiilluml economies said. Ijmil values have inm>nscd and the tolal farm real estate debt has declined to the lowest point In 20 years. Duvlns the yenr cmled lust March i, only ni every 1,000 ini-iii owners (heir land through forced sales, foreclosure and tax sales. This compared with 17,4 farms the previous s'enr imtl 28,3 In the year emlwl March 1. 1335. when foreclosures slarled to become less frequent. Mast -of the forced snles lust year were due to mortgage fore closures, bankruptcy or transfer of titles to avoid foreclosures. The bureau reported 13.4 ijirms in each 1,000 changed hands because of one of those difficulties-. In 1035 the number was 21 per 1,000 farms Tax Sales Dwindle The number of forced sales on account of delinquent taxes was 3.4 per 1,01)0 last year, compared with 1.3 In 1935. Forced sales of farms (o meet taxes has declined to the lowest point since 1020 the bureau said. Farms changing hands through I voluntary s ni es mul trailes were estimated at 2SJ.2 per l.uoo In the 12 months ended in March this yenr, us compared with 20 9 in 1938 and 19.4 In 1935. last yrai was tlie fifth consecutive year In which voluntary sales Increased. Using the years 19I2-10H us an index of 100 In computing land values of the Inst few years the bureau reported nn Increase froin 73 in 1933 to 81 in 1039. Tlie increase during this period wns most market! in tlie South Atlantic and East South Central states, where values rose 20 nnd 30 points respectively on the Index figure. Debt Smallest Since 1010 The bureau reported n continued decline In farm mortgage debt' during the last five years from' $1.800,000,000-011 Jan. 1, loss to $7.100.000,000' on Jan. 1, ' That wns the smallest debt, 1910. Foreclosures last year were heaviest in the thickly populated farm areas. In New England the foreclosure rate per 1,000 farms dropped from 18 In 1035 to Y>1 last year, while the West North Central states comprising most of PAGE SEVEN: FLAPPER FANNY 3riino Hanks—"the living ske'lc: on ,- a " msane, six-foot tliree- inoli, 90-ppuntl convict who (led the Phoenix, Ariz., stnlo hospital ho snroc institution that housed XATX' vl "'' vl " J "" J ""- >r .-UBS, to Winnie with Judd, escaped mur- $ on Jan. i. i 03 0; dei-ess. 'Authorities calledBlanks since "'" lnosl dangerous" of tlie 900 inmates. cors.ijjwMASiimcc.wc-, r.M, etc.u.s. Missing Person Query Receives Prompt Answer SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (UP) I'ollce Hndlo Operator A. H. sat (town nt his micro a missing person. nhone to bulletin. youth was standing hi front of Vcifler'N desk. When Vogeler finished (he description, the youth >![«! up: "That's mcl" m s name wns Frcdtliu Bberhaxl, la, He hail run uwny from his Oak- jluna, cm., homo. Salt, huko city relatives of tiberhnrd wore notl- ilixl, clime to the police station -•-•' look the youth nwny—coit- ] K ElH'rhnrd's own prediction thnl followed Vogoler's broadcast, The youth had permitted; "I'll bet Nr - won't let me stay here." "I guess llio fnmily doesn't want vcvy expensive presents (his year—all they've put in my box is 12 cents.!' 'Skeleton' Flees Slrnngo I)i'<|iU'sl Mmlo PRETORIA. South Africa (UP) —A will filed In the I'rctorln lis- lates Office Includes the following bequest: "My wife will receive the sum of one shilling un,i three pence to buy one bottle of spirits of sails, Imlf ror her and hnlf for her father lo think first thine In (he morning." Rend Courier News want nils. College Will Alter Famous Brick House EAST LANSINa, Mich. (UP)— Michigan stato College has decided to convert the red brick house 'at ho head of College Union Square into a laboratory fov home economies Undents, It's a house with a noteworthy history. Every former occupant -Is or has been Iblcd in 'Who's Who" The house was built lit 1857 and served as Iho homo of the college's first president, Ft. Williams One of the most recent tenants was Attorney General Frank. Muipliy who used it as a. governor's mansion (h 1038, Birds or prey attempt to maintain exclusive hunting privileges inside of fairly well defined boundary lines. WASHED WAXOUZED DDST-TREATED eOHSKTIY frt-fURNACe, STOVE or STOKER $7 GAY & BILLINGS, Inc. C7 ^ . I'hoiic 76 , T* Give a 1940 PHIL CO for Christmas real Santa Claus. He chuckles. ShlrloyJ-daiiutlng cimtract at the canceled The McCoy, 'What's this, _ I exist just I was a little delayed by a blackout In London? Here young lady—' He gives her seven-year moi/ie $5000 n week nnd .... _ ,..„, mortgage on the Beverly mansion As lie turns to leave, the door opens and In comes Miss Fays. very lovely In evening gown nnd sables. She has returned from her work as n ciraget girl in Earl Carroll's night club, and she lias brought all the chorus girls, still in costume, out to the house for a spot of tea or something. "They prance in .stnsjlno 'Jingle Bells.' A carnival spirit, prevail!; and we have a flash shot of Santa Claus doing an off-lo-Buflalo. The camera draws back as the music swells, and we fade on n foreground sllhoiicUe of (lie three Dimples holding hands." 'Hie scenario writer looke:! down at the youngster in pajamas "Spoiled brat." he murmured. 'Here I tell him a story wortli anyway $25,000, and it just puts ilccn" ' the corn and wheat belts, dropped from 40.0 to 2C.8 per l.DOO forms. Foreclosures in the middle Atlantic states declined from 230 to 13.5 per 1,000 farms In the four years. East north central states foreclosures dropped from 235 lo 13.5 nnd South Atlantic states from 245. to 13.4. 'Hie west south central declined from 22.9 to 15.5- mountain states from 35.7 to 242 and the Pacific coast states from 24.0 to 17.5. Mere than imlf of the world's inhabitants live on the continent of Asia. English Widower, 70, -1 Receives 500 Proposals tjg TWITCHENHAM, Eng. (UP)— l« Frank Mny, n 70-year-old widow- <& er, was lonely. 'jfft He'd always hnd a fondness for «•• a woman around, as he expressed .i| It, and-couldn't get on without one. K( In his plea to the local imiyor N: to find him a wife, he said, "I'll lie ^ kind to liL'r and I have a lot of &• clothes of my late wife's she can SK have. In fact, 1 have an unworn •=£ costume which she can have for "• the wedding." ^ The mayor did his best with jffi the result that 500 women be- ?,', tween the ages of 28 and CO have >£ offered lo console May in his lone- 'fR llncss. * , him to sleep." WE Will BUY YOUR GOVERNMENT LOAN COTTON George H. McFatlden & Bra's. Afjency E. C. PfiTTON, Agent Grand Leader Building CADE /fs^ 90 PROOF MELLOW AS .MOONLIGHT You will like this whiskey for its mellowness; for its exceptionally smooth, agrecaMe flavor. It is a whiskey made possible by Nature's finest grains and tier clearest waters. Made from llie life and rigor of the grain hy the famous secret Didcl formula. "FROM THE LIFE AND VIGOR OF THE GRAIN" SJ.25 Every Home Needs A America's Finest Smell Sell Safe, powerful, ricli-toncd. quality. tiillt AC DC Compacts wiin 5 working l.oktal tubes, Aniotnniic Vol- iiino Ciimrol and other fine features. Sec Ihcml PT-25. What „ radio.,. nnd what n value 1 Attached Aerial — no ground needed. Modern cabinet of brown bakclitc. PT-35. Smartcbonyfinisticdplas- tic cabinet, wilh dial, knobs and speaker Krille in contrasting cream. Attached Acrbl grounti needed. PT-41. Handsome, large-sized cabinet of genuine Walnut. Full- Vision Dial. Includes Built-in Loop Aerial. i;1 lU'' )vl v\ UNDERWRITERS' APPROVAL Sofa from Fire and Shock A JOY THAT ALL FAMILY SHARE* ... ALL THE YEAR lONG! This year, make your "family gift" a 19-10 Phiko ... and bring new beauty to your home and lasting enjoyment to every member! Latest Philco inventions give you thrilling "plug in and play" convenience, plus undreamed-of power and purity of tone, even in noisy locations. Come in ... choose your Christmas Philco now from dozens of popular, big-value models! PHILCO 165K. A console value-sensation! No ncrwl to install. IJuili-in Super Am'al System . gives jrou clear, powerful AmcricanauUForeign reception, plus "plug in " and play" convenience. /•» ^± —* _ A r Hleciric Push-Uiiiion ^ B*ffBHli Tuning. Slatcly Walnut S> BfeUJU cabinet.: : ; ; i ; i PHILCO MOT. Powerful, fine-toned American nnd Foreign table model, wilh Built- in Super Aerial System. Carry it anywhere, plug in and play! Rich \Valnutcabinet. •42 s " HU FURNITURE CO. ^^sa&fc'*** sfcte ffitgftl!

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