Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on May 24, 1957 · Page 15
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 15

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, May 24, 1957
Page 15
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NEW YORK—(AP)—Independent boxing promoters today saw a crack of light in what for years had been a very black world. The crack was opened by Federal Judge Sylvester J Ryan during_yeslorday's hearings ' Elk burg's ! major leagues. Bohnny McHale first saw Bertoia on a Detroit sandlot during Tlie government, in a civil ae- the summer of 1933. McHale, lion - is seeking to dissolve the now '<. general •• manager of the boxin S empire of James D. Norris Tigers, gave the Italian-born in-? nd .' lls associates. Norris, who . heads both the Garden and the fielder '$25,000 spread out over a period of "•--- • n.i» >-uutu iurn oui- ng clubs.of New York and'ciji cago are the defendants. Whit did. McHalc. the scout, Tlle last fiine an independent see In tha then 18-year-old high P romo ' er took his show into the school graduate? Garden was 20 years ago when Wore Everybody Out the late Mike Jacobs staged a "He wore everybody out" re- Joe I ' ouis - Bot > Pastor fight. Sub- calls McHale, the one-lime Notre ? e< >«enlly Jae ° b s and 'he Garden - -•-- became partners. "I am heading In the direction — - - v, ,,M,^,, . , , -7 . "•"•'""B »» ""- "i/uujts win ae piayea Satto the stale tourney at Parkers-!!,- wouldn't surprisej urti <iy and the final two singles *""•« \nrnt. 'matches Sunday. didn't say (hat he will bei~ ainst Milt Campbell of In- ' 0 . made their first Iripjtime hut nthrW iM n v K" '"-"u"."u- „ •—•— - — ..™QS ootn me uarden and the™ "- , finals ^ eliminating . ,,e was timed at 4 toTt-nt™' "- ^ m&S perf ° rm ' IBC. his partner Arthur Wirtz, the * lw 7 efldd - 5-2, in their semi-weeks ago and is regard Garden and the fnternafional Box- flnals Thursday at Kcyser. Jlar- the prime contender - ino ri,,kr n f «„,., VT..I. __j „,.. tinshurcr W on over Capon Bridge, assault upon the Damer. "He had kids either hilling grounders or pilching to - ~ » — ""- «'ic\.nvji him all day. W« had to keep of a df cree that will compel Madi him as a bonus player, of course son Sql • - ; Garden and for two years he wore oul our coaches (he same way." Bertoia opened last season at second base for the Tigers, but it was too much for him, so he to Garden lo lease lhe any promoter for a championship fight at a fixed, reasonable rental," Judge Ryan said, "f have the power to direct that there be a compulsory rental on was shipped to Charleston ol the a reasonaD 'e basis and 1 am in• •-- • • • , clincd to think I should exercise American Association, where he batted .289, "In Charleston, he wore oul Frank Skaff, the manager." continues .McHale. "1 felt from the start that a kid who wanted to p!ay that badlj- couldn't mis that power," he added. • And if this were not enough to gladden the hearts of the independents,. Judge Ryan went on. "and if a promoter cannot get a reasonable basis, he should be able to come to court and ask the doing it. loo." Will Bertoia keep on going? -I- V . at)Ie l ° C0me l ° COUrt an " "sk the lndls - vvaler <»Z opposlUon ' lles court to fix a reasonable rental ices i" ^ track bas ' 5 -" .- Most of the fastest cars among "Thpro itn . ( - "--;-••- Tnis would put teeth in a move the 54 entrants are ready to run worW «hv ht h H -1 "'" l ° CUrUil a " the IBC ' S tar - nun S tom °rrow if weather permits. world why he shouldn I," says operations. The hidee's commenLs Th. hri.v „.,„ ..-„„. ..... year. Naturally, I don't expecJ rsof rs of , nmuiouj, t U un i cA^tn^t piutiitnp ngms, ine itnj nas nel the boy to continue batting around exclusive contracts to these tw WO but take mv wnrd fnr if sites e iS a U .U a ^te m r! U'C "%eHyan hinted he h «V«?S.^5^^.^^ ping in for him account for the to a decision before bo adjourned have to be extended through Tues olher 100 poinls. • proceedings unlil Wednesday. day. Showi Lot Of Power - • — -- - . Showi Lot Of Power "Heno is much stronger tha h« looks and h« looks plent> powerful, and (here isn't a thing wrong with his swing. He is not as big as, say Mickey Mantle, but on occasion will hit the ball just as far. He hit one clear out of the place in Boston the other day . , . over Uis left- center field ten<5e. "At this stage we don't want him swinging for the fences. We want him to concentrate on Just meeting the balL Like Mantle, he is so strong that he gets good di»'ance even when he gets Ifu'/ting more than a piece of the ball." Bertoia can run and .throw, stood out in the field from the time he first came around. He makes all the plays at third base, Is going far to his left to take balls in front of tha great shortstop, Harvey Kuenn. Swinging Same Way Reno, a handsome six-footer who weighs 185 pounds, has no explanation for his sudden upsurge, says he's twinging the same way. Bertoia Is a serious-minded kid, but has a delicious sense! of humor. He lakes two of! Trainer Jack Homel's patented! tranquilrang pills a haU-hourj before each game, poinls out thati they most certainly haven't done' him soy harm. "Jack gives Iheso pills to Al Aber for a muscle spasm in his leg," says Reno Bertoia. "Maybe they work just the other way around on me." SLATED TOMORROW KID WOP TRYOUTS Tryouls for new players and those who did not make teams! last year in the Dapper Dan Little League will be conducted tomorrow at 3 p. m. Boys from South End will meet at Penn Avenue Field, those from West Side at Allegany Field and players from North End at Stitcher Field. Managers will conduct the workouts and draft players after the sessions. Fishing Seen Good For West Virginia CHARLESTON, W. Va. Fishing prospects for the weekend appeared generally good throughout West Virginia, the Slate Conservation Department reports. Streams were reported normal and clear in the Eastern Panhandle counties with the exception of Mineral County where they were slightly milky, Tony Bartirome, who has been up BS a first baseman with the Pittsburgh Pirates, batted .305 for Williamsport in the Eastern League last season. He beat out Dick Sanders of Binghamton ^&a fraction of a point for the title Elks, Bulldogs In Title Game InfopendentPromotersMay Landy's Mark GetBreakOnJudge'sRulmgMayFall In IVlPW VATJtr I*TI\ T_J 1- , i . . . f^ Tfc 1 Coast Relays DW PA 2-4600 for —— • ' . — Tranquilizing Pills Making Bertoia Star By HARRY GRAYSON NEA Sports' Editor NEW YORK-(NEA)-Until „ . . . - this season started, few knew " yan during,yeslerday's hearings how to spell Reno Bertoia, let in tlie government's ease against alone pronounce the name e '"'ernational Boxing Club and But now -baseball and- feature Ma<fe ? n Square Garden, writers and cameramen gang up ^ e indicated during testimony on young Bertoia, and never mind by IB ^ Secretary Truman Gibson the technicalities. The 22-year- '^ a ' ^ e ma y direct New York's nnra-c nh f old Detroit Ihird baseman is, you famous E 'g hth Avenue Sports tam orrow 2^"n™"™ tp^"", see, the surprising spring phee- arena lo "°P cn '^ doors" to inde- charlw TnL f n a' n ? i of the major leagues P^ent fight promoters at a fixed u,"^, T-?, wn T. * c Rcg ' on 4 Dhnnv Mf .n a l» i r«i 8 ±, o», reasonable fee. baseball t.tle The winner moves EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MDi.FRIDAY, MAY 1957 Yank Netmen Favored Floyd, JacksOJl • ft IlaOnt Vn» n | n May Meet Iii July —•-* *»iiLjy — VUIIU Landy's 3:58 world record for the mile comes under mass assault tonight in the i?lh annual Coliseum Relays. In the field (hat competes in Ine mile race there are four Longest overtime game In Stan- To Beat CARACAS, Venezuela OK — The United States is favored to spoil Venezuela's debut in Davis Cup competition today and fake anoth- ,__ ., ' compeon oday and fake anoth- LOS ANGELES-(INS)-John er slr| de toward Auslralia and the 3nflV*R 3"^fl ttrnr-M *-««-,-J *.-. ii_ _ ph^ltorurn i-nun*] -r IL_ * . _--,__ .vrnutu 11UOI1 CUId dlHJ l(!\ challenge round of the Inter national Tennis Competition. Grant Golden of Wilmelle, 111., gets an opportunity to send the S. off in front in a match with " lyo Pimentel, Vonezu- Ihe mile race there are four meni 23 '^! 1 -^ lyo Pimentel, Vonezu wno have covered the distancei cla ' s national champion, Seixas Jin less than the once mythical ca P' a 'n of the U. S. team, meet, tour minutes. Ricardo Lopez in the second sin One of them, England's rwpt 81es match; -.' — •• R ,' cardo -M. ,,„ „ s ,,_ Th <.,,., , .1 "e aian't say that he will , „*„ . gs> b ^ ale " ° nl ^ once ln !'hc one who might run it in games, made their '" Weather Holding Good For 500 Test INDIANAPOLIS WV-The Indianapolis .Motor Speedway's fabulous weather luck (only one 600-mile race in 40 has been postponed) was turning a little sour today. Rains which washed out the second scheduled qualifying session last Sunday have poured down most of the week. There is a 400-acre mixture of lakes and bogs where some 30,000 autos were parked for last Saturday's time trials. Water oozed through crev- - - Jm-hours of running time. However The IBC has held Speedway Owner Tony u ' § "!7E " ld ' lloldin S The other contenders who have run the mile in less than four minutes are Australia's Merv Lincoln 13:59), Hungary's Laszio Tabori (3:59) and England's Brian Hewson (3:59.8). Ibbotson's best time is 3:59.4. Opposing the speedy foreigners will be American olympians Jerome Walters and Ted Wheeler, plus Max Truex and Joe Villareal. The program is so packed with Olympic champions that preparations have been made for a crowd of 40,000. In the field events, the performers will include those international love birds, Hal Connolly and his Czechoslovak-fan bride, Olga Fikotova, who won the women's discus throw at Melbourne. Bobby Morrow of Abilene Christian College, Texas, who won three gold medals in Australia, will match strides with a fast field in the 100 and may run a special 220 yards. Olympic champion Bob Richards and Bob Gutowski, new pole vault record bolder, compete against one another in an outdoor meeting for the first time his year. Oilier events will see Tom >- Lee Calhoun, the Olympic champion, takingthe high hurdles NEW YORK OB-A title defense cd 11614 minutes of overtime' by heavyweight Champion FJoyd Patterson against Tommy (Hur ricane) Jackson at the Pole Grounds in late July again was in the talking stage today. Lippe Briedbart, J a c k s o n's manager, said he was willing to accept 20 per cent of (he overall gate, including an estimated ?175, 000 for television with a loca blackout. However, Breidbart said his attorney had been informed by Emil Lence, independent promoter named by Patterson's manager to run lhe show, that Jackson would have to agree to a rematch if he should win the title. This latest demand and a request that parl of Jackson's purse be held in escrow for a possible return was holding up the show pending further conferences. , . played ton,. W. Va.. in the Internatu Woody's MOTOR TUNE-UP Special E1ECTS1CAI SYSTEM—Cl.a^ =nj Spot. Sport Plugi—Adjml or Rep[a<» Diltrifaulcr Poi/ili— tell Coil, Condenii,, Volta 3< Regulator ond SoHery onrf Canniflianl. fUEL S1TSIEM—Ad. jusl Co.burelor !dl.«te n n Fu«| Pump Bowl. Aiiuit Aulamolic Chok«. ENGINE—leil Com- fnakn. Tighten Cylinder Head ond Monifold Eolti. COOUNG SYSTEM—Adjuit Fon, Impett Syitem ca,il\i]\j, fXHAUST SYSTEM— Irupert thorovghjy for (taks to protect you from deaeMy fum«i. TIMING—Set for peok ptjformantB. AIR CLEANER — Cleon Air Cfeaner to protect y«wr ingin* from abrasive po " i<1 " $7.95 WOODY GURLEY'S Diiecl Dodge-Plymouth Dealer 123 S. Liberty Sr. PA 2-0020 sons with St. Louis and Cleveland in the American Hockey League, NATIONAL LEAGUE ESULTS GAMES TOXrGHT New York at Brooklyn'j? p m> — AntonelH <M) vs. Ntwcombe (3-3). Pittsburgh at Philadelphia (7 a. m.) — Frienrl O-3> v* San/ord -. St. Louis at Cincinnati <8 p. m.) — Jones (2-2) vs Lawrence (4-1). GAMES TOMOKBOW (SUrtinr Tirae*, EST> York at Brooklyn (1:00) Plttibursh at Philadelphia (1:05) Milwaukee at Chl»£o (1:30) St. Louis at Cincinnati (8iOO) AMERICAN LEAGUE •VESTERDAT'S RESULTS ics scheduled Chicago ... Cleveland .. New York .. Detroit Boston Kansas City THE MOTORISTS' FRIEND, Inc. 173 Baltimore Street for AUTO ACCESSORIES SEAT COVERS MOTOR OIL TIRES at LOWEST PRICES . . . The salary is unimportant — just pay me enough to keep me supplied with good Old German beer! Treat yourself to the finest Old German ever brewed! So light so mellow ... so deliciously satisfying it's winning new friends every day.. . Got it? Get it... today. This is nntioiio! tavern month . . - . a good time fo visit your neighborhood tavern . . . . where good friends get together.

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