The Fallis Gazette from Fallis, Oklahoma on November 7, 1913 · 1
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The Fallis Gazette from Fallis, Oklahoma · 1

Fallis, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Friday, November 7, 1913
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A" t n rX :v VOL I NO 10 Eagle College Items A warning wild geese flying sooth Monday better get -ready for another snow saortn s Mr and Mr Cliff are moving this week to their new home the Charly Niteeell place ' Miss Kora Bieghler returned home from Hannibal Mo last Friday where die has been visit ing relatives llallie Hardesty returned home Saturday from Shawnee where she has been visiting tier aunt Mrs G W Guffey Well it seems that Jim Hyde did not m&ko that trip lo Meridian Sunday as usual He went Saturday Gaorgo McCaslin has rented the Thompson place Ed Heck is going to farm with Elmer Johnson next year Harry Canning is looking for a place to rent for the coming year W J Ladner and wfie were Saturday night and Sunday guests at the John L Hyde homo Walter Gilbert 0 E Hardesty and Roy Id-caster rook dinner with Hpnry Gilbert Sunday ' ‘We have made- letter pro-jgiVsk 'd tiring tiio'wtek just L - I past than really cculd he ox nin°AVrJ w t ’ T® ?l11hTra" mdU l0a Pl umL-r thw fievnilin CAall BASIS A e do this after careful consideration We 1 jAN NOU NCJEM EIMT have served you for a long timo and hav tried to serve you faithfully on a credit basis and wo want to thank our - VWivtri 111 ti JO t4 Ml it IIII9 many friend for their loyal support Now ve want to Uoii k vrrioms try to serve you on a CASH BASIS and ask a share of-L Mr futulu We also ll your patronage Below are a few reasons why we are going to sell for cash 1st We can sell merchandise for cj'It at a lower prie than we can for credit dud By doing a rtrictly cash business we can give our customers better goods for less money than we can by the credit system 3rd We say it is unfair to sell lo the cash customer at the same price that wo do to the credit customer 4th A store doing a credit business carries two stocks of goods one in the store and the other scattered among his credit cu-tomoM 5th Carrying customers on tile bonks increases tho cost of doing business it is one of llu things that compels merchants to get high prices from those who pay Gth Under the new system vc will pay cash for our goods au get the benefit of the ca di discount We -will sell them for car'll and give you the benefit of this discount 7th Under the new system we will save tho expense of bookkeeping collecting sending out statement:’ etc made necessary by the credit system 'J'hjok of selling your hogs cattje corn cotton etc to some ono on a years time or lunger without interest then iiuisc -ivaini” lu mzilWiiy loss xart of it m ba I ik-ouuU Umll you or i-otild you ruMv Wvtlvn 8iv‘o us a dal I ttii nit Ann n j t ii I 4 IVf t! !a f M t w ri sell as cheap as for i-pot culi? We realize it will be cm-harassing to refuse auyone credit We also realize that it will be abJriutely necessary to sell for cash only Wo can not break this rule for anyone As above stated we will sell cheaper for cash than on credit which will help solve the problem of high cost of living We want your confidence and supjiort and wish you to feel that we are Interested in your welfare and make this change in our business metluxl for your benefit a‘n well a - I w i ours C ' hanking you for pa-t favors and kind consideration and trusting that you will approve our action by continuing your business relations with e we remaiu ' Yours Truly 1 M A Vv FALLIS Roy Hardesty and Eirney Gil bert dined with Jim Hyde Sun day CaIa Guffy was the the guest of Hallie and Gertrude Hardesty friu Saturday night until Tuesday morning 1 - Overlook Happenings Chas Harris and family visited frieivds at Carney Sunday Another week has passed and the work goes on Despite the fact that all work is being done at a great disadvantage the work is being pushed as much as possible Just as soon ns the salt water can be cut o(f the hole will sink two or three times as fast Work will bo started at once to bring this to pass As the hole goes on down the more tensd becomes the interest for ever)- one firmly believes that it is only a matter of a few feet between the drill and oil Earth formation Leta Harris visited her sister l) cl everything else points Dallas Sadler and sitter Vida and Medio of Carney attended Church at Overlook Sunday 1 Theodore and Bryan Gardner visited their brother George Saturday night Frank Leverick visited at S- A Taj lore Sunday Belt Pearson spent Sunday with Hazel Rogers Will Sloan tilled his regular appointment at Overlook Sunday Mrs Hazel Gardner near Fallis Monday School commenced at Overlook Monday with Miss Lenora Saflle of Fallis ns teacher Miss Lenoia conies liigly rccomcndcd und we are hoping for a successful term of School - Smith OKLA FALLIS OKLA FRIDAY NOV 7 1913 WELL Pending Litigations (Dismissed— Work Continues uninterrupted-Hole Now Down 1925 Feet that way There is no direction from Fallis that you can point except that you point to it provenuil tield unles it be to the west If there is oil in every direction why not here? The following is another statemeht by the driller: condition It is Guw work with the present Umv of salt water in Che way but this trouble in drilling through some red clay hut now as wo have just passed tint litis j and aro now drilling in' blown -hale with the appearance of some sand we think now that wc can accomplish all that could h- expected in the face of the present diiiiculties Daniel and Watts have started a test well in Craig county n "‘ihea-t of lure about 100 ris I'lvsiiit i:-iti or t!vmjs tluM tJ lllc hole is now Iffi Oorl wv!U Now in conclusion for the bone fit of the company ami those who may ho concerned lint al t!ut hart- !: ic:i'Iiii" al it s t m Oiitliliv haw lavli ill Ilia h " j )k out lheroforc it looks as tiiO Monday on the K-ns Clni-a n thu company was in the right sou fario ly the Cirativ banco and see if we don’t make good” llaught 3 lbs Cali fur nfa 3 lls “ Raicns 2' ii i i eicues Cue Prunes 2 c -3c 31bs Evaporate I apples At M A Smiths Mrs J W Caldwell ami Mrs Oscar Sweeney will leave today for Kansas and ea-tem points After their viit in Kansas they will leave for tho caA Mrs Cald well for Indiana and Mr? Sweeney for Kentucky I Tulsa Nov 1— K A Bur-ham’s No 10 J II Patten farniin section 11-21 1C is a 3U barrell well and in the snnio section of the Steuben Oil Coin pany’s No "1 Richard Crosby is good for 30 barrels Scott Bros’ No 13 P M Scott farm in section 23 21 13 is a 33 bar-rcl well and in section 2 1-24-1 (J J A Scott’s No 1 C Curls fapn is a dry hole In section 23 21-10on tho K L Adams farm Scott Bros’ No 10 is a 30 bum! well Crosbie and Mallory’s No 7 Cherokee Jones farm in section 17-23-17 is good for O') barrels A C Parson’s No 1 Sarah Zeigler farm and No 1 Viola Connor farm are good for 10 and 3 barrels respectively In section 21 the Bratcher Oil Company has a 13 barrel well 1 'Newkirk Nov 4— 1 Tho Laclede Oil A Gas company Saturday completed their first well on tins Jones lease It is good for at least 123 barrels and is hcht-vd to le the best well yet uncovered in the fild Bird Orei Nov -J1i-lUp in Bird Creel A A Richard's test i: n the Chicalch o Richard's faruii being tubed and packed It is i 2 000 Old) fiot gncr The iii:Krt:mt te-ton the Hall farm will ba drilled today The Conway and Russell Oil Company's well at Bald Hill is a 1 3J ham! well riiu is on the It Starr farm Ni-vlirk Nov 4 —A wTI with a gas flow nppioximatd - iiii iwi I Gil Omnpany A mcoihI & t : i I was made by Win Jones one-half mile 'outh of t by Chi' sou farm (TL-jj 'Ills tiort'i l“u ihtlc wc-t of this Hold i The Luther Gas and Oil V at tiler regular weekly no ei'n i Monday night onion 1 the n::i- in tii 'tcrivl which will lie u--l con-t ruction of the- derrick t the test well Tii'cmi i:r fcuo raakintr their hc'i ! r well will have tlie date nin- gi-t visit thu leases mid sebtt iie ut wiuTo a i iut IA i to uo found— ketcr Luthtr is only (J miles suuthwo-t of hei i and there is no uouhl hut wlrt there is oil or gas there It only a inncter uf piirgdow n and gmiing it PUBLISHED On account of the inclemency of the weather this week it Ins been utmost impossible to gather up any local news So if we aro a little short this week you will have to overlook our delinquency Call at M A Smith’s for bargains AMU Raupe and Hal Weathers of Wellston were in town Tuesday- on business After finishing bu-iness hero they- left for home goingby the Sweeney place to attcud tho salo- ' W B Tcitzel was in Guthrie Monday on business returning home on the evening train Veahmry Coftoe Good “ Sugar 18 lbs At M A Smiths 23c 23c 1100 Mrs J V Caldwell went to Guthrie Tuesday Plenty of rain during tho past week Cotton picking is being delayed considerably Mrs Irani Lucas came down from t!ia oily Fri lay morning returning on the evening train after visiting a few hoars with her father II Falks Mis llallie Hardesty ritaraed home Sitrdty from Shawnee "lu'ra she hidhoeu visiting Lr several weeks We want to make our i t apd ! s this wed u tlJ niie lady who auive 1 on tho 27th of la-t month at tho homo of Mr and Mrs Roy Si file for having fdled t announce her arrival Wc knew by Kiy’h !o ks that there was something tho matter but could not tell wlut it was until we found out the rcaeon In the piano contest last week Ruth Mcrhiro won (the piano torj'i Burrows th watch M: ry Arcln-r the ring and Ger-Mo llo-totter the braceht Tli" Hollnr-is nreting Mill in von at the iv ball R-v Gaston is domg the ineiicliing nmv Old is jireaching some inivhtv -l 'rstli nnuv-IS worth 1 f"- Gioibue nt h-r o-tto hear hoi you lud better 'it 72 assstSM xsrrsaaa: or i i iji it rr- i I A Full ii cIigoS W V fij OWL DRUG STORE At T H 3 Fallis WEEKLY PRICE $1 A YEAR Garden Squibs Mbs Ima Briscoe visited Mri ’ Will Judkins Monday C Phillips left for his home at Emporia Kansas Thursday Joo Donnell and wife visited Ed Johnson and family Sunday Staley Hensley and wife speot Sunday with Mr and Mra J A rchcr the Horace Feat vidted at Boydston home Sunday Roy Miligan and wife epebl Sunday with Mrs Miligan’a aunt Mrs Will Dial Abe Archer spent Sunday with his brother Will Archer and family Miss Blanch Hayea was the Lucky winner in the contest at Luther rccicving the Piano and diamond ring Gertie Dial is on the - sick' list the last of the week Mr1 and Mrs a Will Judkioe visited Mr and Mrs- Lee Glasscock Sunday ' C C Hay a is under the weather this week He haa almost lost his speech wonder what ia the in itter with Charlie Miss Mary Bivert visited Mrs Ethef Miller Monday" L - -' ‘ Bargains I Bargains ! In Shoes and bats at M A Smiths V S llaught went to Wellston Saturday evening where his wife is assisting tho Oil Flats Laod Co in their stenographic work He whs on hand bright and early Monday morning and had the drill going at its usual gait r ISal rainsY Mrs Cora Stillman arrived from Chattanooga Tenn Sunday to nurse her father and take charge of his business Judge Fallis is improving nicely and hopes to be able to be out in a few days Canned Corn at t0c per doz jA( noll)ty at ()c )(r loz $ ljlM fur 2-c a M A Smiths Line Of Supplies The Oklahoma r t i

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