The Enid Daily Eagle from Enid, Oklahoma on July 11, 1912 · 2
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The Enid Daily Eagle from Enid, Oklahoma · 2

Enid, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 11, 1912
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1' I I i ti o: fp:----TheHEnid Daily Eagle the presidency and had no difficulty in getting instruct- ed delegations from this state whenever he ran Today he could not carry a county in the state for any office 41 )'ttglished tverY evening exeept Saturday "int! On Sunday wahtNever say the Kansas City Journal From Ilan- thornmrs by Eagle Printing & Publishing (-Vansay istwins 11itial lo Jiipllit lie is execrated and denounced as a sel- f t corner ot Independence and Main Alfentleil Ehtered at the postoffice at Enid giartleld County Ok fis demagipot dial traitor Inhonia as second class mull istutilr — For the first time in a generation Missouri this their f 1 TEILIEPIIONEM k Rms had 1 hvorite son in the field for the presidency I lc i ti Rtimitiell cittica 99 " diturial oo 711 was the strongest mall in the race There -ere Job Printing Department ot more instructed delegates at Ilaltimoredfor him than t - Ltrn Hipruietative Wm D Ward Tribally lituildinc New York for any other candidate On nine separate ballots he A ' U e A t i in Representative Itobert E Douglas 1108-9 Steger vas given a majority of the whole number of votes of i E tinidihg Chicago ILL 10 1 11!WHIPTION II Virt!4 the convention It vas con fidently believed that he would he nominated and he wokd have been had' it By Mail per year tits mail six months It 00 4- t" tie not been for the opposition of one man—William J ne mail three months I ol by snail one month 40 th-yan t f - — Although not an avowed candidate Mr Bryan went By Carrier prr Year S Ca y Carrier six months 2 WO 10 1:altilliore expecting to capture the roPmination for !- - tiy Carrier three months By Carrier per week I "5 himself I lc held to this purpose until it became dear au l'''' 41 that it could not be accomplished Then hesletermined Sunday Edition per year $100 do the next hest thing—show his power - Ile under- t drops ail communications to EMILE PIENTINQ ti - took to Is the (111Vellirtni and tn-ike every candidate I ali44:LISIIINO CONIVANY—Not to individualal t - ' tr ailli leader do his bithling—and he very nearly 'tic rt actively 1 ( t -ceded Ile demanded of the cath lates that il hey Pit l'Ij 14 ki support I is efforts to defeat the national corn- I - - mte ite's choice r isn- ice or teary- chm airan Wilson THAT MAIL ORDER 1101'SI: DEMONSTRA- obeyed Clark d dined Thereupon forgetting or dis l T1OV 1:1R11 PROPOS1110V I i-arding the eela of gratitade !- owed Missouri for — its !oval suport in the pvt Bryan turned against I bl The Sears-Roebuck mail order house is a shrewdly Clark and suctuedzi iit prevetating his nomination1 managed concern It has become enormonsly vvealthy not w it hstanding that he vas' clearly the choice of a I by selling goods at profitable prices in communities majority of the conventiim I where it pays lot taxes It wants to grow more 1 i : it 1 y tin se: oso exhibition of his personal power Mr vrealthy The fertile brain of some one connected I:rvan achieved a ictory that vas no doubt highly With it has evolved a plan cleverly designed to place t uttering to his vanity but it was won at the expcnse ' every agricultural county in the west under obliga- of a very large share of his jupttlarity Nut only in I tions to it and to stand as a perpetual advertisement Nlissouri lint lir a dozen other states friendly to Clark This plan is to furnish a thbusand dollars 11r) the Nbraskan's name today iis anathema Am the each county provided the comities l'Ilt Ill' a like ptnalty will be paid in 'November when Ilrvan's can- amou u i'nt to be used in maintaining a dmo enstration didate Wilson asks these cheated and outraged Dem- i si tIirm Our Oklahoma Board of Agriculture bit and 4 oerais to cast their ballots for him for the presidency I is now engaged in working out the details of the pro- II the national campaign managers are wise they will position It - require Bryan to do his stumping elsewhere than in S Oklahoma needs no assistance from any foreign Nlissoui this year t : :t-fttail order loThse in establishing or maintaining demon - 0: : --- stration farms And too much of her money is al- THE ALINfliSS ALIN ready going beyond her borders never to return to — pay for things hick can just as profitably be 'bought I his mother is a woman at home Let usnot help the mail orde hrmses ill Te first person to take care of him is a female taking away the patronage of our home merchants trained nurse 0 After she gets through with him his mother and ' "Every woman" says the Medford Patriot "before she is allowed to vote slonild be able to make a cherry another nurse (mostly nurse) controls him Ile sees pie N hy? Does every man have to be able to get his father Saturday nights the cherries before he votes? I lis school teacher is a woman 11: ( ) in collego he is in love with chorus girls Petitions asking Mr Taft to relinquish his fraudtt- wk!) lie goes into business he itpends most of the Icnt Chicago nomination are referred to as "a Roose- time in his office with $ woman typewer vett plot" by the Republcan 'bosses in Washingion The At dinners he sits next to vvomen arrangement to hold a general election the first Mon-I te talks politics Ivith women (lay in November also has the appearance of an anti Taftteonspiracy—Konsas City Star ' lie marries a vvontan 0 When he dies anal goes to jleaven the first person The reactionary democratic convention vvhielt nomi- he inquires for is—a woman—Lift' nated Woodrow Wilson against its will being scared 0 - in LMI by Dryan and Roosevelt naturally pledged hint PRC 11 TUE GRASS ROOTS to a one-term policy—II'ichita Beacon I — - 0 The result of the Republican state :conention in AGRICULTURCS EIOLUTIOV Iowa was the first news from the front which reached : — the new Taft campaign organization after it got set- ne first planter the savage without helpers with- : tled down A resolution tndorsing- the alleged Repub outtools bioking chiefly to safety Iron his eremy—Ilican platform adopted at Chicago was voted down by ' 'I4 man or beast—takes poor land The better lands are! 73 to 342 and the convention was against Mr Taft 't i loaded with timber tvhich he cannot clear they need by m4re than that majority The action of the na drainage which he cannot attempt I he cannot tional committee and the illegal convention at Clica- lilough or fell trees or drain the rich swamp Ile is go was condemned And this in a stats where Taft i" a poor creature he scratches with a sharp stick lives von a majority of the ddegates do the Chicago con-in a cave or a hutch has no road but the trail of the ventito )-- moose or bear he lives on their flesh wben he can Roosevelt always did run well in the 17nited Statik m NII one on roots and fruits when he c-Annot i Ile kept out of Iowa in the recent (lintest out of con Ile falls and is lame he coughs he has a 'aitch in sideration for Senator Cummins and the Taft fellows his side he has a fever and chilk when he is hungry grabbed sixteen of the twentv-six delegates A nahe can not always kill and eat a bear—chances of war G ina! committee whose balance of power was corn- —sometimes the bear eats him "ris 1°:1g before "e posed of members front the Philippines Hawaii the digs or plants at all and then only a patch Aleutian Islands Porto Rico Scatnchatska Itoledupol- Later he !cants that his planting is better than hunt- - olu and other foreign ports beat hint out of what fie ipg that the earth works faster for him than he can had fairly von but the people 41 the Calked States vork for imsell—works for hint lien he sleeps when do not seem to be willing 6) accept the verdict it l'at1 when beat overcomes him The sunstroKe 0 1 which knocks him down brings his up corn A Ins 1 7 S still: Turvc orrR ic11 4 loaded with timber which he cannot clear they need drainage which he cannot attempt lie cannot plough or fell trees or drain the rich stvamp Ile is i ' a poor creature he scratches with a sharp stick lives in a cave or a hutcli has no road but the trail of the moose or bear he lives on their flesh wben he can " 'ON one on roots and fruits ‘chen he c-Annot 8 Ile falls anti is lame he coughs he has a titch in his side he has a fever aini 1 ill CI4 when he is hungry be can not always kill and eat a bear—chances of war —sometimes the bear eats him 'Tis long before he digs or plants at all anti then only a patch LAter he learns that his planting is better than huntipg : that the earth corks faster for him than he can 'ivork for imsell—works for hint viten he sleeps when it rains Ithen heat overcomes hint The sunstroke which knocks hint down brings his eoru up his family tli rives and other planters come up antund Lint ''le-ins to fell trees and clear good land: and when and by there is more skill and tools and roads the xnewgenerations are strong enongh to open the low- T-41-11 where the ash of the mountains has aceumu lateil: the best Si tit which kid a hundred fold I the former cnips la-t lands -dye the hest lands It science and rt numbers 1or cultivate the best lanilk :mil in the best manner Thus econ-Y:issLy is mit mean but and on the pattern of the snit and sky Population increases in the ratio of 1 1tuertality credit exi-ts in the ratio of mortality— tonersets S 0 BRYAN A VD In former years Misottri WaS reorded as the mcv-t Fta-Michly loyal 1'4-vatt state in the unintl rryatitwaq 14c fdlwite ennlidate of the lissottri democrats fir TI MAIL CARRIERS With FIX lar medicine lu -America "It cur- This Is an age of great discov- ed me ofst dreadful cough" writes 1 erie-s Progress rides on the air Mrs 3 F Davis Stickney Corner I Soon we may si‘e Uncle Sam a Nte -utter doctor 's treatment and mail carrier s 11)ing III all three- It all of hor remedies had failed" lions transporting ma"- l'"Ille 1 Excel it lit for Coughs Collis or any tnke a wonderful Interest in a 1 bronchial affection - Price fofe and discovery that benefits them That si Trial bottle free at all Is why Dr Kings NeW Discovery druggists " ' for Coughs Colds and other threat I :1-'- -— and lung dffRoa-ies is the inost popu- Enid Daily tail Destvered litle reAuttImuntykIsTiir-omILIAN-s-w—ArmettirAmlattimwzrKj THE SALTY DOG s rol 4 OJ Ar DASEDALL HEADQUARTERS 2 4 5 1 -ez---- Pli I Billiards Pool Cold Drinks and Cigars 4 11 0Mlft UnrAtieLtsaminaltrims-AltiwawAssm mow "1111111e atid Anstin Con liseate 11001e" is the versiiin Ow Vcs of the raid on the (Irani! Avenne Tuesdai' night )t course I itime vasn't there lot the Ictsivs must keep up its part in the funny attempt to mannfacture a record for the sheriff This rill probable cause the N:es to devote a column or two tomorrow to an eisav sin the liver or gall oftsoine individual connected ith the PaQle wilich is very convincing argnment in deciding- hi) shall lie the next -lieriff The News S:1 thk ni orning that it didn't say "Sheriff I fume Captures tbirse nnil Thief" tint that what it saiii was "llume Ntakes I hod of llorse Thief and I lot-se! This together tti a jag of billingsgate personal abuse of a member of the Eagle force contaitutes in the mind of the a satisfactory explanation and defense of its action in stipporting I I ume to tlte extent of misleading its readers PH 2YE 1118 C 4 11 I Nt ICE The Enid Daily f: acie's campaign mail subscription of $163 until January 1 1913 will expire Juir 15 After that date the mail sub& ription price will be $400 yet year Owing to the increased cost of print paper all mail subscriptions a ill hereafter be $400 per ytar THE ENID DAILY EAGLE -0 ULAssIFIED AD AMMER& Tho following answers to advertisements In tho Eagle are In this office They ill be held Me days and either destroyed or returned to the sender Vet tziths Farm 3 AV B W B-315 W W W R lid Want to Buy ALiLAfltTut1) ' I TrrlitirZ: From your own bar ihnt I falling out Don't keep on doing this and Li your hair get thinner a nd thinner—Don't neglect it—wait until it's too late Con stant care is the price of fascinating beautiful hair Get bottle of of IlAY'S IIAIR HEALTh and begin using it at Once It will stop the falling out and start a new growth—then you can have boron hair that's full of life and radiance—that you'll be proud of and that will be ad mired by others Remember the name—IlAY'S IIAIR HEALTH SUM and Sns at Drug Stores or direct alms receipt of price and drakes name Scud Iflc tor trIIbu1fjc—bbu Hay Spec Co Neon Ni The Corry Pharmacy and the Leech() Drug Co AMEDICAll MORALS (Continued front page 1) struck thirteen: - grams The rendition of their "it- "I shall not preach to jou pression of the circus" last night um going to tell )ou the truth was Particularly mirth-provoking "There is a master passion in the and the big house was filled agala flower the streatn the stars and and again with the sounds of gen the clod that makes each cnt'T of nine enjoyable laughter then) a type of beauty fidelityund Judge Lindsey struck honie right service they follow a law and from the beginning In his Litlierly that law is not a fixed and-Tiara and fraternal counsel wall the rule but IL Is a process an aetivaudience about the life of a boy fly: law is a statement of The rules hi prospects values fears timid- of action and not a chilled cold lions and peculiar modest xet inact1114 unchanging state" The stubboru pride and desire to make truth Ts beautiful it' you see it good you will become like it and thi re The judge insisted that It is is no other beauty the only cos-(Ito business of the father mother rnetie that lasts or proves interteachcr au & court x Th fact all esting Is the one that grow-s from persns who have to do with the ivithin beauty is heart il:ep" children—to put them Into the You can't mix untruth jth Wa It V b attit tole to real-art you cati't paint a lie on a c i Ceir 'Wilds and hiarts Low canvasst nor IdaY a lie on a fiddle: that boy fouls how he sees things and the relative power he phaps upon them moreover to Jinagia- !WM Ink ULF OFFN the lure of ctrtain appetites dnd Of the world fantods cnre to work with the lad understand- Torturing Disfiguring Fitin and ingly in Ids attempt to maltrtala Scalp Humors the agonizing itch-his balance and recover losses "We ing and fluiruu I n of flip Skin nq Ingo in ma attempt to maintall Scalp Humors the agonizing Itch-his balance and recover losses "We ing and Burning of the Skin as must know our boys know them in ECZenla the Frightful Scaling so well that an estrangement a as In' Psoriasis: the Lor-s of flair dispute in anger a quarrel between and Crusting nf Scalp as Is Seat-the boy nitd his parent or ttachr led head the Facial Disfigurement or the court will be entirely out as in acne and ringworm find of the quostion ati-d as difficult instant relief and speedy cure with to bring abut as such brea-hes gentle anoinring'4 ' NOW Binodine are altvays difficult to hear and for 'Ointment The Corry Pharmacy are I get It the judge had taken a so confident that Itiondine °Inttext It in have been the -words ment will cure all skin humors Get acquainted with the boy anl that they ask every reader of this he will make good" paper to try it on a guaraatee or Judge Lintiseys greatest tri wailed by the Illoodine CorrTation but toLhe boyhood of the natiol Poston Atags raiSt VIDESUIMOSEMZIESI 1 OgoaazIgog4 I I is his evident deep respect for the boy the mean interior flint so ()fun serves to embarrass a la I and work his undoing has no de terrent effect upon the jud4e its the hid under the coat w to gets ail of this remarkable inane in-interest and attent len The loci u re was recelled with the greatest eagerness an1 entkuslasm— This is Judge Lindsey 's neeond appearance In this thy and judging from- the Interest taken in his lecture he return many times mIre befits pepplu have been tatis may return many times wire before the !nipple have been atislied The Glee club and Vi Mara hennett the preacher and Iectilrer held the boards last nigTit Mr Itennett faced a taagnificent audience at the outset of his toclivir) oil ehe subjset The Face behind the race" but an impenirng storm soon affected the usual restlessness anti departures - In spite handicap Mr Bennett drove home to the minds of his hearers in hit livtly and rather over-active manlier sentence after sentenZe of the guod wholesome sentiment tr:r! elicited much applause: his stories were among the very 'mulles( that I have heard in years" remarked an old time enthusiast Ilere Br some of tlw Bennett beams that struck thirteen: -I shall not preach to jou am going to tell you the truth "There Is a master passion in the flower the stream the stars and the clod that makes each LAO' of them a type of beauty fidelity and f4ervice: they follow a law and that law Is not a fixed and—liar' rule but IL is a process an aetivIly: law is a statement of the rules of action and not a chilled cold inactivfl unchanging state" The truth Is beautiful it' you see it you will become like it and there is no other beauty the only cosmtic that lasts or proves interesting is the one that grow-a from hin beauty Is heart t:ep You can't mix untruth mitt" art you eati't paint a lie on a cataast nor plaY a iie011 a fiddle: so confident that It loodine Ointment will cure all skin humors that they ask every reader of this paper to try it on a guaraatee or maned by the Illoodine CorrTation Poston Mass 'q1! NOWIZSM12!1 111 Chronic Ulcers Mean Bad B1ooij If outside influences were responsible for chronic ulcers then extztnal cpplications and simple cleanliness would be a curative treatme31 lint the trouble is always in the blood which has beTc:nc unhealthy ak diseased and keeps the sure open by continually discharging into it thc impurities awl infectious matter with which the circulation is filkd Salves washes lotions etc may cause the place to scab over temporarily but the blood is not made purer by snch treatment an soon the old inflammation and discharge avill IRE return and the sore be as bad or worse than before Nor will removing the place by surgical operation insure a cure the eanse gill remains in the blood and the sore is bound to return S S S heals oh! Se Se sores by going down into the blood and removing the impurities and genus which me r:sponsible for "YEGE LE" the place S S S thoroughly purifies the circult tion and in this way destroys the source of eve17 chronic ulcer In addition to purifying the bhod S S S enriches this vital fluid and in every way assists nature in overcoming the bad effects of a chronic ulcer licok on Sores and Ulcers anti any medical advic free THE SWIFT SPECIFIC CO ATLANTA- CA- e M-- you can't speak a lie and te an orator" "If you have a gre:It power rest assured that it will In crtase and grow or leave you just as you tell the truth throug and by it or fail to do so" 'When Nir Ilryan first d:scoverod his power in ing"!nz: -en In oratory he rushed to his room threw himself upon his knees and begged God Almighty to help him never to abuse and power" "There are three great sPeeehes in history on of them Is the sermon On the mount one Paul's address at Mars Hill and one Lincoln's tz 'wee h at Gettysburg" "I believe u have two great senators from Oklahoma theY are espousing the cause of the underdog the undertrodden the unfortunate and all great men must do that" "I hear that Roosevelt is (Iowa and out again well now den't you be too sure ((Lout that: I have sometimes thought lately that he has just begot' to The speaker insisted that the thoughts entertained by any person make ths face: that the face is nter:dy the billboard telling the world about the live within the face behind the face - The lecture was well -received particularly the repeated appeals tsr high and better li ing clean I hinking and devotion to the cans (4 the man who is losing hisventures and faith Ito said that there was just two great passions or kinds of thought Fear and Faith At the close of the program ths rain had ceasod and the ride home was enjoyed by the hundreds of people who take their annuarVaea1 iTiTti at Lakewood during Vhantau- !qua week 0— (ARIA! GIRLS! 5 dozen girl's Norte lk sults arrived by express this morning' at Donald's and to intrrire a big rush on these suits will let 'em go for $2tIS while they last 7-11-1 t THE snn SPECIFIC CO AMIGA CA VO- IV ?P VON- odds its MAE SKOSIMIRIMarnMetZlennit2 Ermwormareremsrsasansmammumworsamanacmitxruanazzemmage Those who have failed to buy at this great slaughter sale have missed a life time opportunity Lots of good bargains gone but we still have sonic good ones left We hope we are proving to the public that we are positively quitting business We are clearing our store rooms as fast as the teams can haul the goods away Owing to limited space we are quoting n' ()prices All groceries are at actual cost Now remember only one more week of this great sale We hope to close out the entire stock by Saturday night We have disposed of part of our fixtures those interested can obtain some good bargains in the remainder such as Cash Register Electric Coffee Mill Computing Scale SpringScale Fancy Refrigetator horses and wagons and show cases of nearly every description ErMYBODY Coot L-g3o OeIrkEEFFffq 230 E Broadway GOODS Dalt1E17ED Phones133 591 1111 Improved Gas Light According to the Scientific American experiments are at present In pro gress in Paris as the result of It is hoped to secure an increased light efficiency from incandescent gas burrer Under preent coniPtions the ras pressure in the maims la sq' fielunt to draw a certain aiiiiiant s's into the burner where it becomes nil cd with the gas canqing the eh8racte7 istic blue flame But the amount lit air thug drawn Into the flame is on17 about three times that of the ga-4 via rens for the best effect the ration should be live to one It has been found that hy compressing the gas In the mains the desirable ratio ef air can be Ca UFOd to enter the flame ()no of thp boulevards in Paris has lamps wolking on this system and the re Milts are exceedingty FatIsfactory fteXuding(olci ii1111 A pY WO 45o N e ROOMS ' — FIRE PROOF RATES ROomSVirtmOuTBATe1100uP ROORSWittt BAT“siso up RoomsWrrs BATH $100 CAFE PRICES SERSIBLC CLUB EIREAKFAST 25C ugh NOONDAY tuNCot 40( 14s oolvoitR 7$t Piano Lessons By a graduate of Teacher's Course vf 161i In -Conservatory of Musi11 ? of Illinois MISS FEKNE MAIMS For Terms Phone z02 or call at 4 l5 West Pine Pcoorisoo 1 0 xi I N 0 k 4r- 4 10 Pl 4 i:ttrio! e ROOMS 40-01)° FIRE PROOF RATES ROomSVirtmOuTBATP1100uP Roomswittt BAT“siso up RoomsWrrs BATtrs100 CAFE PRIcts sEssIBLE CLua entAKFAsT 2SC up mooPDAYtuNcI 40 olPsoats 7$ t 7oo490 0170 Sollo OM' ' to i' ' v tso make a god? 1 J1 SIVIICK riv t r " -:z - as 1

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