The Lawton News from Lawton, Oklahoma on July 27, 1918 · 4
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The Lawton News from Lawton, Oklahoma · 4

Lawton, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 27, 1918
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?ACE FOUR The Lawton News An Independent Newspaper Jccieph F W H Han!ey 1?!tner§ Manarer Putlished every mornitz except Monday at 320 C Ave Phone 63- MEMBER ASSOCIATED PRESS The As&ocieed Prei4 is etc:is!ve'l tied to the os-e for rev1:icaton of a:1 news dispechels credted to it or tot olhenvise credted in th's paper Lr-d ii:sso the local nes-§ Su bacrip Goa Rates: Mail ica3h-in-advance) S40 a year Carrier 10 tents each week Entered as aecond-clam marer on March 17 1904 at the porcffce at Lawton Okla crcier act Of corms& March 3rd 1E79 OFFICIAL PAPER CITY OF LAWTON Every German or Austrian in the United States unless known by years of association to be absolutely loyal should be treated as a potential spy Keep your eyes and ears open ll'hencrer any suspicious act or disloyal word comes to your notice communicate at once with the Bureau of Investigation of the Department of Justice We are at war with the most merciless and inhuman nation in the world Hundreds of thousands of its people in this country want to see America humiliated and beaten to her knees and they are doing and will do everything in their power to bring this about Take nothing for granted Energy and alertness in this direction may save the life of your son or husband or your brother UtUltICI We thought we had accumtorned ourself to: ' the small-portion service of the average restaurant but we did not encounter the ultimate: in small portions until ye5terda7 morning at a !ocal food di4ensary Among various other edibles we had ordered buttered toast Upon arrival cf breaklaFt we looked over the situation—also the toast—and found that it consizted of one anaemic looking slice of tread about one thirty-second of an inch in thickness which had been pounced upon cut into four infinitesmial pieces and then dried up over a E: ow -Cre For butter the chef trust have shown the dried tread a picture of a picture of a pound of oleomargarine For this "portion" we were maced out of 15 cents Faltaffian Shepler Siirn 11LE:hoes Dutch 1 Joe Rhinefort Pusy Foot and a half dozen or so Stealthy Steves gathered at the station last night to welcome Scotty They sang "Hail Hail the Gang's All Here" and selections from the "Boodlers Overture" Why don't you try to answer those Dutch Joe Rhinefort affidavits Demagogue Shepler? We know Simply because they are unanswerable They tell their own story Dutch Joe will find them answered by the electors however August 6 The Com-titution says Scott Ferris will have several speeches to make to the people of Lawton It isn't speeches the people of Law ton are asking for from Scott Ferris It's explanations HUN-CONTROLLED NEWSPAPERS The exposure of German control and propaganda in the office of the Evening Mail of New York has caused no surprise to those conversant with the course of that paper since! the early part of the war There are Bolo Pashas we suppose in all countries though not all countries dispose of them as appropri-! Ately as does France Those superficial obserlers who can see no treason in the columns of a German-controlled i paper here and who therefore think that no real harm is being done are sadly in error Ey the garbling of news just the elimination or the insertion of a word or phrase here and there great mischief can be done But after all the chief deviltry of the dis Lc IL I all'C a 11aptpal" on as" play Makes Upset Stomachs feel fine larze 50 ant cam Iny drug tom Pdk in Ity othssita I Vine MmMa love newsaer rrizLn is tot in the thingsl minilliprggitTe wInich pin:s which trsy be al quite it:no- Ii11111111ULIIILII I ti 1 cett a: in :he thic:gs which he is ab!e fin! o: trxrscrit ahroal Ns r-er7 tc kr-er--rAr eszracs:e ce mo of - : :nto gT-olei K-cl to tre 1eteee:c7ne5 in:) the cf infcrrnall:n cf 4 A -SLal IA e:t h-re eok-:L :he h'ghei-: i77--:rLance hc'1 r C'71f7:!i-::e A:: STATE rs ea this hci jer :trt C etrKt-- a c c Tin his r1er may c:anies- S'ate R:-ete—tzt e: :he Tr1: : ani C-17n- COUNTY r:r Ce6rty J-Ort: :a of a s scai rz erk: VON HINDENEURG'S AUNT A GENUINE Y-F-S GER7RT:L'E AMERICAN Von 11:nden-n-g the German leader has a-nt in 1::chester N Y Mrs von A: FA::EPen is F vears old and has lived in America E F JANES 117:-!!:7 59 years Her sister who wa I lady in 9-0- Attcovley: ing at the German co-rt rna-ried von Hin- LEK1E P EOSS denb-rg's father Mrs von r- !n's C A Stellia: bar& wIlo was a lietenant Pr an j LArri army resigned came to Amen and SO4)n becare a citizen cf this THE PEPLELIcA T S:-de of the strri is that the grandson uf Mrsr: sise-4: von Sa-icken Private Lois C Whitman who GEORGE H FRAYPT3N was a mernher cf the American rnIrines fight- C ert: cr e wsP-n front was ki:ed th action: 341-1zi LIZ U FCN Je 1st and hLs grandrncther weans a serv-F: cv 01 C4601! ice pin tearing two stars VS ANNA 3eYEFS icororated a S-gar Ezo Poard w:th a capita: of ft500000r) Lirnished Ly the Presi2ent o't of Ls emergency Lind The prochcton of a-! beet-sugar factories wi:I be v-irchased ar-d reio:d at a srna'-1 margin It ie be'ieved that the r'-ans of the board wl'1 save the consumers of the cour-try at least one cent a rod on 5gar Airplane mail row goes from Washinron to New York in two and a half hours averaging more than ninety miles an hour Chance°r von iiert:ing says there will be f no change in the foreign po!lcy of Germany and that she must go on fighting Napoieon got to Moscow—and went cn All German Larks in Eng:and and its po3- ite3siors are being cloged up This is a part of the price GerTnany is paying for her syseir of univenial intrigue And the Li1 i3 not yet canceled Erin athoritiei are cal:ing 14eirl the peop:e tl go bar-footed in order to save the stock of Ny)ol and warning is given that soon the 1n Tray Le made corrpu:sory The task of housing war laborers for which $4r000000 was appropriated will be drected Ly a corporation forriled under the laws of New York all of the stock of which will be held by Secretary Wilson on behalf of the government Amcrican beef sells in England at from 27 cents to 40 cents a pouni and mutton goes at 25 cents a pound The American consJmer would like to know what has become of his discount as againit the transportation charge Belgium lately got an allottance of 5500- 000 pounds of sugar from the Federal Food Board Let her go Hoover The American boy wi cheerfully sacrifice his birthday pound cake to help Belgium The two shining human lights of the ten umpires of wartime labor disputes designated by the President are Mr Henry Ford and the Hon John Lind The official announcement says that "up to this time there has been no final decision of the National War Labor Board upon which the entire membership has not been in complete agreement slid the nec- essity for the selection of one of the Presi' dent's nominees to act as umpire is not imme-i diately in view" Nevertheless the appointments were made possibly and possibly not I to the gratification of Mr Taft whose out-1 tspokeness respecting certain acts of the Ad- ministration we remarked with some surprise! last week The picking of Mr Ford is at!tributed by the Times to an official impres I a n ail sion that "his position as a prospective Senatorial candidate would be strengthened" thereby thus affording another vivid illustration of the adjournment of politics Why the lion John was resurrected nobody seems to know probably something was coming to him aa a reward for faithful reticence LAvi-roN ICEWS SATURDAY JULY 27 1918 T News to a wsormot41 to at 5c-omo "Bear" In Mind ThCERVA -LtWorishrs Best Banishes thirst thirst Puts vigor into digestion Non-intoxicating A remarkable soft drink with the good taste of hops Absolut:ly pure At groars' druggists' in fatatall cl2CeS where good drinks are sold Th i Ow CA: "7 1 I e f i : 1 t t " 1 4 - t:::: ::::: : - -': 1 orn 4' " ' k”ti 1 ' 1‘:: An NO I" " ' e01 -T fltrf7k 2 c- - ok7- - ' 2111 kfil ' Sib"es t11 -5 0 i DAILY PHONE 6S (Member Associated Press) ELEG RAPH 3 94 11 If istila lej slot s fi Jrlt 711 0 0 0 The Family Newspaper The News is the home newspaper—father's newspaper mother sister's and brother's It is the news- paer that gets the news and gives it to you straight Its arrival is eagerly awaited each day The News is a well proportioned newspaper—every taste and need is considered and met There is food for thought in its columns as well as entertainment for all Make the News YOUR newspaper Have it delivered to your home and office Call 6S and enter your subeription The Lawton News WEEKLY r C:-ty C eft: ALL:E FCX REAVEi-- FAN:T V GREG - "iY YRS GER r? 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"lik-:-(t I k- -074 '!'11ii t 1 " W e couldn't launder them nearly so beautifully at home" That is what scores of discriminating women who have entrusted us with the laundering of their pretty summer clothes' have told us Nothing is too delicate or too fine to put in our care Our advanced methods insure absolutely satisfying results 'Crystal Laundry service is well rounoxl out and complete Send us your wash dresses lingerie waists and let us also demonstrate the value of our family washing department Men too will appreciate the faultless way in which we launder their shirts collars underwear and hosiery L000 - 0:14 M James talted Slates nenatZT from Kertucky terms in Crtttenden ecTy Ky 47 years ago today 1e-n V Leaner representative in -cf1-nras of the Exleen-h Penns:ilea V R MORDY Manager MORNING EDITION 1 nla district born in Union County i Pa 12 years ago today IHarrison Fisher not&I artist nnd illustrator born in Brooklyn N y 48 years ago today I 2 1 I 1 tteo 6-re gt-atei aL K-cl to tre Lembo- 1-4:-e Pt- -e-Y to w : 1 A- IIa- -a4r- EA A:----- c ST AT E — 1 1—:):oxix'S NE7A- SPORTM NEWS SOCIETY SEWS IsAll NEWS TLLFEFfvRittH Ft Stee J - tt te ittt C '1'41— - r::::- :''"'t I '" of - : 'N't""::::' 7::::'': "'"4" H : mom o4Hsot J T Jcii-iNS-N 'Ho 4 entlet wt 411 141s4 It t 2:::: lipm- :: -t Oft Ft Stste Rtt-tte-tzt e: i " cr'—'411rg'Z'- I' Awirok 7 ' - " r - ':17 e 1-N 1-EW:S F-----zR : iri :' It' 'AO Pigl'-e ' V ' -Ok 7:Awl'' 4f:---- H '-':-'z --'-v- ''':' t — Aix 1 '''A-r dr V -' 'e- rte Ce-6ty J-27e: k : ' - i r c c : AL:-E 1--)3: t REAVES 1 a c: : -71144476— 1:0 1" I e:1:1 ''' ''''' ''' --- - d:1 ) - 77' r :::11'1 t: r : - vi - AN GREG -:''!- !11-S GERrEv--IE WI-A7T i P- — ' F Se-e-ft: CA1- ri-o-NEEE113ER- A: FA:--ER E F JANES I Frt-t!: D-r- ' The Family Newspaper C4:ety AttoeKee: 1ES:E P EOSS F) C -!" Astess-: J i LANTS CNI THE PEPLBLICA TICKET The News is the home newspaper—father's newparw SP-e11: GE01---GE a FRAYPT3N per mothers sister's and brother's It is the news- ' C lr o-ty C e: paper that gets the news and gives it to you straight i MRS LIZZ-E U r:1-i7N Fte C eic of C-001! Its arrival is eagerly awaited each day 1 ViiS ANNA 1'1EFS F:- C-:ty AttoIty: 1 The News is a well proportioned newspaper—every y L GENs3txx I taste and need is considered and met There is food Lf 1 for thouznt in its columns as well as entertainment P"vi 11 - fi-2r all fe-:-01 1 tiAs Make the News YOUR newspaper Have it delivered rl f ' hi Fv-:'1 11: 4 )5 ii - to -our home and office Call 6S and enter your sub- t eription I ait7-7 0 EW V 1-1- 4' - it 11111111100111INEENIIIIIIM111111 "0 it) ' 1 The Lawton News 44: 4z (Member Associated Press) "Bear" In Mind ' DAILY PHONE 6S WEEKLY r5erat c kli (-------- IteoriestVA le Banishes thirst t:trCr'k'r'9""''r""T'"7r17-77r 1 I ' - - t t Puts gestionvigor into di- ' -'--t - I 1 i-11A1--11"1-:i1'(-JJ V17-5-- "a-- a ir1" -- i -14 I Non-intoxicating ' -s- --41 - !01sd I A rem-rkable soft - ' '4' - v-'z'! 1 -r' ' -1 ' - -r--- --4r--)111' ' drink wit'a the gooci 141AN'&--3r-1 ':53IVLL-s-±-: 7----z:s4 le '') 1 I taste of hops ' N '''"17 4114)1' t ' ! el 'II Z t 1 Absolut:ly pure :- e 1 i ttlarl IA i 111') 11 li i ff i i iAt grrUrs at ilitt- - - ' : 1 druggists in p'13ij ----g414(4!il Li 17N fa1atallcinCeS j'll t 16111 '1') 4 : where good A I-TA i ri---- 11t !gf'4-7141 ‘ I 4 I drinksare- s7 II i CEO 4' 1 i the CA i 1 I I y iv 1 1 ! t - -romlik -i re: 1 AsavgbrIlfr - i - - -- 4 4--- 1 - tiltiss 4 f' ' i c :-4:0 i i fi -!:7--z ft - r Elterb di'Z:f 0 1 111' GORDON-Vlin gARROW form-fit COLLAR ! rlh444t 1 1 i I:1-A 1: 9-cc-J i ' '041?-5---1--- 1 ' - lk 7-wr4- I Ar- to zt" 1::--4 -‘i :LA - 3 ) J NOV 7"17P---Tr -154--tt ::-- - e---"i6r2c‘ i ii'r NZA"-ifetrfit t 'i-------- 16 Irlf --136 76114-frii 1 ' reot " t ---i 1'117'' 11 li ' 4 4 ----1 1 l)tt -7--'°f 41 t4!il ) 0A Thligilla :121 1:k :l1F 'IN -r 1 Ti a pi:i' 9 i 1 i'-I's lit 1 :' i lb 0 -1 IN t it 1 - ' ) ' : V::'s 4 i 1 r 14 " W e couldn't launder them 8 nearly so beautifully at 1: 1 ( ‘ it :i 1 517 :!:::1- V "Ji home" -i ill tegimixtAND 1 Y Komo1eDE8rataye

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