The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on March 27, 1930 · Page 1
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 1

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 27, 1930
Page 1
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Entered u Mcond CISM natttt. Oat. & 1M*. at postofleoat T^toa, InoU. nte tho Ml at }Uros> t Wl. VOLVME itXXV, XO.-S.--5 i . TIPTON, INDIANA. THURSDAY EVENING, MARCH 25, JMO. WILL BE OP AGAIN Repair of tEast Jefferson St. Will.|»roljably Be a . Question. ' AWAITS r fRACK MOVING Bandits Throw Smoke Srpwn Behind Car ami Make Escape I Syracuse, N. Y.,•-.Marsh 27. —Four men, believed by police to be members of a band which lias robbed seventeen safes here in two months, used a smoke screen to escape by automobile from officers in a patrol prowl, car yesterday mornisg. The smoke, released : from' the pursued car, left a dense pall over three blocks. By the time the..police got through it the other car was out of sight. The men began their flight as the policemen approached them near a laundry office. 1 Man-Made Sea Gull T< m ynderstanjung With Highway Commission Relative lb Hub Road. BABY BLOWN AGAINST ANY I PLEDGE Unlikely U. S. Will Enter Into Any Security Pact I With France. With the thdvent of.spring, repairing of greets and sidewalks' and new paiSng will probably be before the cjiy council. Just what Tipton residents may have in mind for improvement this year has not developed as yet but that there will lit! some i =ort of an im- I TWO DOCTORS BURNED provemenl program this; year, is certain as itkialways bobs up. The first jjiig proposition prob- BOTH MEN STRANGLED TOO MUCH OPPOSITION! Codies Were Found in an Abandoned Automobile in Suburb. Explosion in Hospital Operating- Room Due to X Ray Tube. . £ - • ' able for Tipijon the improvement • -jf East Jefferson street. Thereiin an understanding with the stni'e highway commission that something will be .done .with the stjjeet which in the route for tjoe Hub Highway. Plans are lining made by tii? Union Traction Co. of Indiana to remove its l[acks on this street, or to abandck them, the' laPt^r method beinpr the one that is likely to he c-nne. it is said. Since the Hub rot: and plans a abandon the there remain: \e has been located' |fe going forward to iir.terurban tracks, .ojily the city to carry out th'i improvement project for the ivtreet. Even without an unders-taijjdiftg or promise to improve thisj-.'treet. the time is rapidly approaching when a new surface will Ljie necessary. Many are of the opKiiion the necessity is here now anpj lias been "here for some time! ji ' .The highway commission de- highvifHy sires the street to be widened but it is doubtful if property j owners will wish to at this lime, jng the strict will enough many-i of t'li jgo to »fiuch jexpense Sxpense of resurfac- he great property owners belii><. i>. It is believed the. "Jefferson street projeetj i will be taken up soon and b~i • liefore the city council earlyf;this spring, maybe next .Month. }j ' The only .other .improvement impending isi!the one?lor North Main street land Erie street.. Incorporated iipithe road petition for" paving-nfr>th to the St. Joseph Acadenty con .er and* south, to the Hancock •corner, a mile south ot the city parte; Petitions have been in circulation for this improvement for some time but there is not much act on and just when it will be filed iVith the county auditor is not kjiown. Over the rt-ty area number of cement sidewalks which need {latching. A?ew years ago the city council :.iook up this" matter and startedi"' some action hut -• nothing was-^ever realjy accomplished! PatiUUng jibs should be •• compulsory. r ?h^ walks should be repaired : ano/insistence from the Making^ Improvements. ' The truste- s of the Odd Fel- lowa- lodge ft-fe makiifg some improvements Ti-the Interior.of the , Building ownjsd by the. lodge, ' - which housei: =>the jpostoffjice and ihs Ogle,* -fettle- 'establishment •n'tta;?ironf'i'floor. The 1. lodge ' iaum 'jn^.r'rtZ 1 y* v —"ft Canton, O., March 27.—Two physicians were burned Vseriously inu a baby of whom an X-ray pic tire was being taken was blown icross the operating room at the Molly Stark Tuberculosis Hospi- al, northeast'of here today by an 'xplosion of the film. Ambulances uid surgeons from Canton were ;ent to the hospital. Hospital officials were reluct- mt' to discus? the accident, saying il was not serious. They admitted however, that an x-ray '.ube blew up while the machine was in operation. Dr. H. O.i Black, who resigned •s president of the hospital several days ago, was called to the hospital shortly after the explosion. Police said the two physicians svere seriously burned, but hospi- al authorities refused to con- "irm this. Several employes of the Ohio" 'ower Company went to the hos- lital with an inhalator. Is Improving. John Langan Jr., of Indiana- lolis who recently underwent an operation for mastoid trouble at the St. Vincent's hospital at In- liariapolis is getting' along nicely ind was able to be taken'to hit, home Monday. ' He is the ison. of Mr. and Mrs. Tohn Langan of' East North street, and members of the family ' who visited him Tuesday tound him getting along nicely llthough it is still necessary for i physician to dress the incision which is still" draining. iCleveland, March 27.—Two more victims of gangland "ride" were chalked.up to bootleggers' j warfare today. | The bodies of two men, bound j and strangled to death, were j found in an automobile parked in ! a snow-swept road at Brecksville, a suburb, last night. Residents said the car was parked there yesterday morning. The dead men were identified as Anthony Borsellino, age forty, and his thirty-nine-year-old cousin of the same name, both of Cleveland. Police were convinced they died in some gangsters' feud which possibly extended to other i Ohio cities. The victims were last j seen Tuesday when they left for j Akron, saying they were "going •to see a friend." It was believed Akron. bootleggers might have been the killers, while significance was attached to a report that three men,one' recognized as a. rum runner operating near .Lorain and the other two believed to he hired gunmen, talked of plans to "bump some one off" as they stopped .it Elyria on their way here Tuesday. _ . The dual slaying was believed to have taken place between Akron and Cleveland shortly before the bodies were left in the abandoned car. Both bodies had been shoved head foremost into the rear compartment of the coupe and the hands and feet of both had been trussed with clothes line. A blood stained towel was wrapped around "the neck of the older man who -apparently—ihad fought his slayere. ' • \ American Upholsterer Bcekn ' Job at St. James's Palace London, March 27.—One of the - American^ senatorial delegates to the naval conference received a letter the other day from a constituent, asking the senator to see King George immediately and obtain tor the writer a contract to re-upholster the furniture in -Buckingham palace. He said he had heard the delegate was • OP speaking terms with the kine, adding, "I need a job 1 ." It is believed the recipient was Senator Reed; since there is no upholstery business in Arkansas. MM IS MO AGAIN National Ouard Units Ordered for the Miuouri State Prison. MACHINE GUNS POSTED Moment _of elevation at which hydro-glider is shown taking to- tte air after being pulled through tte water by a speedboat at Port Washington; L. f Rjlot Richard M. Atwater is at the'controls of the glider, whose flights were 'da- - clared successful (Right) Close- up of Pilot Richard M. Atwater seated in the cockpit of the glider nrior to makino- th« UVMIT. Understood Hoover Has Not Made Concessions to Raise Hopes. j IS After Dining Hall Demon! stration, Prisoners Rebel ! in Workshops. i Washington, March 27.—With. ! tbe United States and Great Brit-. . ; j ain at last convince'd that'JPrance Farm Is All Land! Y OF SLAIN YOUTH Remains of Ralph V. Graff Left Corsicana, Texas, Thursday. EXPECTED SATURDAY Bank Robbed. Germantown, O., March 27. — Two robbers entered the First National Bank here today and held up E. C. Oblinger, president; D. L. Oblinger, his son and cashier, and four customers. The robbers escaped with approximately $7,000. Official* Put in Cell by Prince Nicholas for Driving Fast on Estate? Papers Say Bucharest, March 27.^—Taking advantage of the last few days before the bill becomes a law. forbidding under severe penalties the publication of any reports derogatoryto the Rumanian royr al family, the newspapers Lupta" and Tara have printed a sensa- city council rvaulA bring results. Wional story jof the latest alleged escapade of Regent Prince Nicholas. - -According f to these .--accounts, the Prince's enthusiast for speeding does' not' tolerate fast travel by other than his own tars. Because a' motor Wr passed raTpldlV^throngh^the^gTOnnds r of about their- release. The men were officials of the -Ministry of^the charge from.' a shot Agriculture 'Sent to survey the Prince's estate. According to a more sensation7 ai version, the Prince actually fired on the rescue party, M. Mi- haiiache, > - hearing - the . ballets whizzing ; past, stopped the .car and, recognising .the Prince, cried, "Your Highness, why do you fire,at ;me?"-Whereupon the Prince ^happeared ^ into ' the woods. '• ..,"-.v ; Prince Nlcbolas!siname already. Is conns^Jstj^irt 'seTeral senaa !ld *QtSV -il :.*fcp!«i;iSr. jn which he-at|: - r whoCfailed tipnali;inclds«< .tacked " yield^pla£«^iRileklr r enough^to r .h. The body of Ralph V. Graff, who was shot in the back by a guard of the Navarro county, Texas', farm, 'who used a "shot gun to kill the Tipton youth, is en- route ;to Tipton, and according to a message received Thursday morning, is expected to reach here Saturday. The message which was jtrom the American Express Company's agent at Corsicana, stated the -body -bad-^-'.eft there' at 6:30 Thursday morning and would reach I Tipton at 1:20 - Saturday morning, over tlie Nickel. Plate railToad," arriving on the last St. Lonis-iCleveland passenger.. : The message was addressed to the father, J. P. Graff, who" has made arrangements for, the undertaking firm of Ogle & Little to be ready:to receive r it when it arrives. ;Until that time no plans for the -services will be made. The message did not , state, whether or not Homer Alspaugh, Jr., would be with the "body, although a message received from Corsicana Wednesday stated he would- probably accompany it: The same message .termed th<> death of the youth an accident, although- the press dispatches from Corsicana immediately following the shooting of tbe boy stated a guard had fired at the youth-when he attempted to run from'a truck of prisoners • and gun struck him in the back. The father of the boy,, who is said to be but 20 years of age, instead of 22, has written for full; details of the. kill(ng' of; the youth.and is anxious to get all Information possible regarding, the awful occurrence. Mrs. H.C. Alspaugh who: has been 1 much- worried: over the Aafe|' ty of ^ son thas; received liodlj rect-word from him and after the: meaa ^Vw'^ : fecetved^ morning, ^telegraphed to Coral| 'canilto^ s ^rUtn5 %**eth«rjor not he{WM;apeomMnying ihs^bod^toi OF MAKE-BELIEVE Missionary Writes That Dis cord, Strife and Graft Are Everywhere. INTERESTING LETTER ( Twice each year for the past several years. The Tribune has received interesting letters from Rev. H. G. C. Hallock, missionary located at Shanghai, China. He lias spent many- years . in China and knows conditions there intimately. His letters are always welcome. • Rev. Hallock sees China^ torn with strife, disserlsion and graft in all provinces. It is a land-of make-believe, he writes. His letter follows: : CP. O. Box No. 1234, Shanghai. China, Jan. 30, 1930 Dear Editor:; Here comes a letter from this land of "make-believe." This' is Chinese Ne^w Year, but the government would make believe it is abolished and forbids its celebration. But it is Chinese New Year. Fire crackers boom as .of old. People in their best "go-to-meet- in's" 'greet -their friends with "Kong-bsi fah-dzai"—"Congratu­ lations and abounding /wealth.". Stores are closed. Nanking's order is ignored. You can't change 1000-year old customs of 450 million people in a night. But this is not the only make believer Nanking makes believe China Is unified. It "ain't." x, China is split iuto^smlthereeus. Chang Fa-kweMn Kwangsl 1 B fighting Nanking. Yen. Hsi-shan has Sbansi and Chihli. and rules well. Chang Hsueh-liang lords It over Manchuria. Tang Seng -chV keeps a hornet's nest: bussing In Honan. Vong Yoh-dslang - swajra Shensi. Szechuen goes its own way, and other rebels -keep •- the Capitol on "pins and needles." Yet Nanking has repeatedly,. r «r. ported - each? of-^these discordant ones overeomeror :.won ,o»«r.-:Bnt It Is only^ make believe <o hoodwink the world. Chiang. Kat-shek 1s-the("congueror; of .:ithe.y'.>north; and the unlftar 'of Chlna .V'But ,whatthe ssimiT^.hay* ••dons ^waa 'done mostly iwUh |^nsstan brains and' capital luntU ^Ss ^tobk Nan- and Italy .will hot join in an armament limitation pgreement of a competitive character, and,' with present efforts" being directed to bringing Japan into an arrangement with the two English- speaking nations, confidence still exists in official circles-here that whatever treaty eventuates from the London conference will be an important .step forward in the direction of world peace and the curtailment of fleets. ' Hope has not been abandoned that Prance and Italy will sign a treaty of limited, scope, probably confined to a continuation of. 4he battleship building holiday and a declaration that • submarines shoutd.restrict themselves".'to- humanitarian .methods In .warfare. But it is evident that in Washington at least there is expectation that even with France and Italy left out, 'the prospective treaty- will be a substantial! practical contribution to the cause of naval armament limitation. ' x The Daily Herald says Mr. Stimson received instructions from President Hoover to inform Premier .MacDonald that America would.enter a consultative pact;if it ; would save the •'conference. American' headquarters stated thiB was not correct, that Presl- ... .. r iit . dent Hoover, had sent no instructions and'-that the. statement represented ..the setitiment of itie entire American delegation. It was added; however,.- that Mr. Stimson had kept President Hoover informed: of. all developments. . In considering the situation, observers''emphasize that even U France's disslres tor security are satisfied 'tnert 'would still remain the iMiie idf Italy's demand for parity with, t^rence as a stumbling -block: kpwever. it is plain that if the four other powers found themselves In accord on a basis which would make possible a fire-power' tfeaty, except for the Italian position,- the Italians would be put Into a corner.. It is emphasfzed at American hearquarters that the United One Person, Regardless of Its Size! i. Jefferson City, Mo., March 2fl —Another mutiny in the century- old Missouri State Penitentiary was reported today in the shops. Extra guards, posted late yes- j terday when convicts threatened | a revolt in the dining hall, had SOME OF THE RULES' m.-.cMne guns ready to cope with ; the itf-\v rebellion, reported to —= | have started when convicts went •! to their shop work today. A "farm, according 'o the Cen- j Reports of the new revolt sus Bureau, is all the land farm-; brought an immediate order from ed by one person, whether it is'! Gpvernor Henry S. Canlfletd to call out uational guardsmen. '• Governor CaulHeld 's orders called for all national guard anit* j over the state to stand by for mobilization. All Jefferson City units were mobilized for Immediate action. : Fifty -guardsmen, prison guards : and police, armed with riot guns, 1 were already on duty at the pri»- ! on. three acres or three thousand a,cres. Sounds- simple, doesn't it? Well, it wasn't so simple for the government officials to decide what should be considered a farm by the enumerators during the census to be taken in. April. Much, study and years of practical experience were necessary, before the short, concise definition was •agreed upon. The amount of farm land owned by one person has nothing to j Many Motorist * Finding Diflrnlty do with the definition of a farm . on the Country Road*. so far as the Census Bureau is concerned. The question is . not I Many motorists have been hav- how much. land does he own but; ing difficulty on the country roads how much does he operate or, due to the deep drifts which kept farm. A man who owns 300 acres j shifting Wednesday and Thurs- TOO MANY DRIFTS. might farm half of it himself and rent the other half out to three tenants, 50 acres to each. This would go down in the census rec- jords'as four farms, because the; day night. The north and south roads were especialy bad and many aut-os were tied up. The road running north of Hobbs is still impassable, it is re- land farmed by^ach man'is con-l ported with drifts 3 to, 8 feel sidered as a unit. On'the other hand, one man might-rent various tracts of land from 10 different owners. He might rent a tew acres on shares, a few more from' somebody else deep. The Hub road south of Hobbs presented many difficulties ! Wednesday and Thursday morning, three autos were stalled a qu.irt.-r of a mile south of the tot«u. One auto was in the ditch em anteelng France's security and that all she would in. any .' case promise would be mere consulta- > (Continued.on Page S). * for money rent, and the rest from ^ni on its side, another was other people on different terms. ; stn«.-k in the middle of the road The "different pieces of land j 8ud ^ the other ditch was still might be widely separated. It • a - l£ »thrr car. Roads south of TIp- they we're all farmed and manag- | ton wete also blocked ed by; one man,' however. they da y evening, would all be put down together : as one farm. If, however, a sep- j Wednes- Snow plows were pressed into : service by th. ;tate highway cbm- arate, manager were hired to supr j ervise a certain portion of land, that portion would go down I mission Wednesday bat after the 'P aths were cleared, .the roads quickly filled in with drifting as. a separate farm. No tract of land of less than three acres will be registered as a farm unless' It produced more j than -1250 worth of farm . pro-; ducts last year. In the Census. of i (Continued on Page 2). i j snow and again blocked motorists a short time after the plow had • p-is'sed. OBATORICA1. WDflfKR. Miss Marguerite Terhauw Witt ' Guest of KlwissW Cta». New Bond issue for S12JM0JM0 Has Been Floated in New York by the Nickel Plate | The Kiwanis clnb will mtor> i tain the winner of the connty ara- | torical contest which :*as dscld last New Totk. March 2?.— An adr dltlonpt Issne.of $12,000,000 Mew York,/chlcago * St. Louis Railroad Company .4V4 percent re- fundlnjr^ mortgage " bonils, ,dup Sept. t^l *?>i baa been- placed on por ; c|tt^TlioJorferiDg is maae by cd at the Tipton ajraiasJU week. Miss Margtorlt* •sisting fixed railroad property | was the winner of tk* oratsefeal and equipment of the company, r an( j sne W (n deUver «nd, in addition, by the pledge of f 10,000,000 first mortgage bonds of xthe Toledo, St. Louis *' Wattarn Railroad: , , The Uat financing Aone by the M|e|«l- Plate'was in mid-Korer-.; ber. When an j Issue of »J0,000> OOOs ^perreent notes, due;tn 1132 1 !^TsB«kat*d ;ai .'''pnr :iby .-the.^Mme ; ^ ^nji ^gvgroap.^nernresent; issno wfi'-!»M-to ^tbi/BiB*<rs^W; the before the clnb here Ifriday noe*. Luncheon will ho sertid at the Rita Coffee 8h4pff *A .^f Mlsa Terhnne^ stai|M at the Prairie school., had jl hor ntv Joct, "LincolnL^XM ttt tlon." till

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