Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on May 24, 1957 · Page 13
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 13

Cumberland, Maryland
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Friday, May 24, 1957
Page 13
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The For The Home Court Upholds Jury Award In Land Dispute Government Piling Apjicnl Concerning Plot In Kidgcley -deralJudge Herbert S. Borea man yesterday in Elkins upheld vhe verdict of a U.S. Dislrict Court of Northern West Virginia jury that set a price o[ $97,000 as Hie value of river bottom land in Ridgcley acquired for the Cumberland-Iiidgeley flood protection project. And today, Albert M. Morgan V. S. attorney for the Northern West Virginia District, said ho will appeal the jury's award to flie U. S. District Court of Appeals. On April 10 In the U. S. Court at Martinsburg, the jury awarded the Mineral County Board of Kducalion $97.000 for the 3.99 acres of land. Some ot it has been used for an athletic lield. Used For Fill The land svas utilized for the fonstructio/i of Ihe levee along the Potomac Itivcr and constituted part of the Uidgeley High School property. Under the Hood protection pro Ject agreement, the Cily of Cum berland must pay for this land Judge Boreman heard argu ments on a motion to set aside the jury's verdict and grant a new trial when the U. S. Court held its session in Elkins yester day. nation proceedings. Make: Verbal Ruling Judge Boreman made Ihe he will enter * forma! order after police headquarters had later. ' ' " In arguments at Marlinsburg, A.ii.s. GAVEL FA'CHANCED—In ceremonies today at Allegany High School the gavel denoting school leadership was exchanged. Pictured above, left (o right, are Miss Virginia Jenkins .senior class adviser; Robert Goodfollow, senior class president- Driver Given Ten Months In County Jail James William Fadley. 32. of ..." . " : •• "-•_"• v/i jiitmuL-iA 01 me cnurcn wno He overruled lhe motion made was sentenced to lhe county jail daVat Fort mnti-l^Schml^ by Morgan who represented the for a period of approximately ten U. S. government in Ihe condem- months as the result of his arrest early Tuesday morning on moto vehicle violations. Fadley was arresled near his Second Baptist. Church To Fete ort Hill Group Second Baptist Church will hold its annual dinner today in honor of members of the church who Kugene Shaw, senior class adviser; William Sitter junior class president; and Miss Betsy Ross Rankin, junior class adviser. The exchange of the gavel is a traditional feature of the farewell senior assembly at Allegany High. Review Board Files Awards For Property' The Board of Property Review iled six more awards today in _. .. - Circuit Court in connection with The dinner will be held in lhe hearings held on land being used social hall of lhe church, begin-iin Stale Roads Commission high- ninP at K'Xfl nm-in^-t+Vir, „-.,.! . . ° School hal ruling last evening, and said home by Officer James Bolyard after police headquarters had received a radio call from Chief ot --.- -• *. Policc Jack D - Cornell of Hidge- tllu , L1]i lfau Allorneys Clarence E. Martin \V that he was pursuing a car Leon England ning at 6:30 p, m.. and the pro-| Hay include brief talks " Corneliu improvement projects n.t paoiui. ntv. corncnus B. ....,„,„ Davis: Marvin Simpson,'Sunday] A . total of «l,l36.oO was award- t st a r t/ Second Section Woman Held To Be Owner Of Vehicle Judge Explains Hem JlnsJmnd Obtained Tillc To Wife's Car Associate Judge Morgan C. Harris loday handed down an i opinion in an unusual law suit brought by a Frosiburg woman to recover a car which had becn sold by her husband to a Cumber land used car dealer on a forged title. Mrs. Myrtle Williams Walters docketed the suil against William Gulick, trading as Uiilick Au'.o Exchange, and Ihe Frostburg National Bank. Judge Harris ruled in favor of the woman againsl Gulick but found the bank was not negligent in connection with the transaction. She obtains lhe car under lhe court ruling. Man Sentenced Charles D. Wallers, who married lhe plaintiff in September 1956, was tried in Circuit Court on a charge of forgery and after entering a guilty plea was sentenced to four years in the Maryland stale penitentiary. In his opinion Judge Harris related the train of events leading up to the forgery. CLARK-Mrs. Algin T 74 of •'J M . rS V, Wi ?V ers was firs( mar ' Vocke Road "Vied to David J. Williams in 1932. ,,..„_.,.., ' _ „ , . (He died in 1954 and in September, DOKSE\-JohnT., 78, Baltimore. 1956 she married Walters, in City To Seek (Settlement Of Court Action DVE—Charles, 71, Detroit, formerly of Piedmont. March of 1955 she bought a for approximately car and meny 01 rieamonl. lor approximately £1,000 and LASLO—Mrs. Barbara, 85, Mid- registered it in the name Myrtle land. Rose Williams. She and Walters ernport. MICHAEL—Jesse E 74 Wcvt-' l i vcd l °8 elher until February oi ' this year," the judge wrote. -x- . "She had a safe deposit box in bN-Mrs. .Oscar. 69,' lhe Fros i burg National Bank superintendent' ~G rfnr e<i '" the six cases - The P a P ers "" Frosiburg. )which was originally leased .... director 'of lbc! were sig " ed by willia m S. Jenk- TUHNER-Mjs. Martha L.. 79, the name ot David J. \tflliamsj and Donald • Holl, representing'" the .. „._ . the Mineral County Board of bridge at Hiver Avenue. Kducalion, pointed to the high cost of acquiring additional adjacent land lo replace the land losl lo the government. They also contended lhat unless more land is obtained, fulure school Knijrpcnberg, church's Training Union, and!' 115 ' resident 'of the h °PP * — " ji-vujj J^ugltiiiu, UI< n of the interstate Men's Brotherhood chairman; Charles L. William M. George, usefulness of the entire properly was destroyed. The charge was made lhal the government had changed levee location in order to imposed an additional 60 davs in charge. Fadley was also found guilty ot [^[reckless driving and drew a 30, day sentence in the county jail in levee location in order to spare - "nce n e co an industry on the other side of dcfau!1 »' a S3" fine; the Norm Branch of lhe Polomac River at the expense ot the chil-: dren of Mineral County, Morgan and Assistant District' Attorney R. Jacob Schtcuss said \in their arguments at-MBftlns- vtburg thai witnesses had shown the Ridgelcy High School had actually been improved by erection of the levee through providing prelection againsl floods. They also contended thai the defense estimates of the adjacent property were excessive. 17 Coal Cars In WM Wreck Early Today A Diesel road engine and 17 loaded coal cars of a 96-car \fesl- crn Maryland train bound for was convicted of operating a vehicle without a license, and was given an additional 25 days in.detault ol a S25 fine on lhat charge. Magistrate Dick suspended a $10 line alter finding Fadley guilty of failing to have in his possession the registration for David Pugh. John Rice and Jack Tipton. OWaker will be master of ceremonies. The dinner will be served by members of the Light Sharers Sunday School Class. - . - D the automobile he was driving at the lime ot his arrest. The jail sentences were to run consecutively. Magistrate Dick slated, afler pointing out to Fadley that he had a long record of motor vehicle violations including the previous conviction on driving under the influence. Fadley pleaded not guilty to the reckless driving and under the influence charges. Keyser Mau Held Ou Forgery Count The state had their property. Record Room Plan Studied By Officials ot 47 Oak Street. Harry R. Rowe Harry Rulhford Rowe, 346 Dorn Avenue, died Ihis morn-) . 'iing following ™\ years. Born illness of four and Myrtle H. Williams «nd was so carried on the bank records iox contained the title to the jcar and other papers. Presented Bank Paper "On January 7, 1957, Charles Cily Atlonicy Authorized To Negotiate Oil Liens The Mayor and Council early this afternoon voted to make an attempt to negoliale a settlement t in the $60,435 storm sewer item I placed in Frederick Street prop- i erfy owners liens, i Teh liens had been levied as a result of the improvement ot Ihe street from the 700 block to its intersection with Bedford Street. Arguments were heard on Tuesday in Allegany County Circuit Court on (lie action filed against the Mayor and Council by Casper S. and Mary J. Browne, Arthur 11. Bonp, and Raymond Zimerla and Mary K. Zimerla. Order To Negotiate The council approved an order authorizing City Attorney Thomas B. Finan to negotiate a settlement of this court suit. It is understood that the property owners have also mel concerning a possible settlement. Finan told Ihe Council the matter before the court includes liens totaling $100,383.64, of which $39,955.54 is for gutlering. curbing and sidewalks. There is no dispute on the S39.955.54 item, he pointed out. But there is dispute on Ihe $60,435.10 placed in the liens for the slorm sewer, he added. Elaborate System The original liens including curbing, guttering, sidewalks and otherwise improving Ihe street. When the project was completed, he pointed out, there was quite an elaborate system ot leaders, catch basins" and the slorm sewer. Of Ihe $60,435 for Ihe storm . ., , , ., r -., !»-••>••. oout 530.000 represents pany is the low bidder on lhe ilhe eo£t of , hc leader ^ , ead . project to finish the third floor ing ilUo u and , he ca(cn basjns ON RESERVE STAFF—Chief Pclly Officer John J. McLean has been assigned to the administrative staff of the local Naval Reserve Training Center. A son of Mr. and Mrs. William H. McLean, 140 1'olk Street, he graduated from LaSalle High School in 1941 prior to enlisting in the Navy. He served in the local recruiting office before drawing sea duty, during which he served aboard the carriers USS Randolph and Ticonderoga. He later served at (he Naval Reserve Training centers at Baltimore and South Charleston, W. Va. He is married to the former Miss Marie Louise Beaulieu of this city and they have three daughters and two sons. They will reside al 131 Polk Street after June 1. City Company ilLowBidderOn Work The John f. Vandegrift Com- SC wer, aboul • former Kelly - Sf ringfield e and Peter in SS. Peter and! 11 ao Church. His wifc,! M >' rl1 ret A. (Va]entme>j de . ste ed him in death. thLS ' - - , ----- ili= l(llu , t £lllu M]e L . al[;n oasi nSp aries dormitories of the men and wo-) The city's original share in the and -u. Walters presented to Mrs.jmen's residence halls at Frosl-jfederal aid project was to have hadjPaula Chidester, an employee ofiburg State Teachers College. jheen 5250,000, but when the job as aj" 10 bank, a paper signed by hisj Bids were opened ycsterdayjwas finished, it amounted to Tj re !wife purporting lo give Walters afternoon by the Maryland De-|S322.000. ne[[I <authority to enter the safe depos- partment of Public " Improvc-l • \\i box which was in the name ments in Baltimore. uox which was in the name ments in Baltimore. |y-v -• -, •rile H. Williams. Mrs. Chi-j The fjgure submitted by IhejUrCliai'US iter informed Walters thai \r,^^ nn ^rt «r™ ,.,..,- c,« •,?; Ti, n l National Bank ol Keyser. William F. and Leila A. [this was nol sufficient authority !lo 'and Vandegrift firm was S10.364. The) only other bidder was Jesse C.! a new lease in the name of hisj The third floors in the been offered S2.250 by HhVstate. Robert T. Weaver and Helena Mae Weaver were awarded Sl,A comnmlce of Ihe A)legany|o3r.50 for property near Rawl- County Bar Association and Clerk j ngs used in the same hiahwav °L, h.° U , r . ,^°^ JL 8 . 04 ™ m «iProject. They had been offered' The money to the Wea- Ihts city; Mrs. Grace Carries, laret him four Fifz| Vey G " Earl F '' Char!es and ' fT™jy r ™ t T S ^fi^r e da^hto?M».°^l^l»-^ *** Wmscll if he -anted]^,^ will get walls . cciljngs , vL Zr Lvl n%s Thev had !and MrS ' B!anche Harris ' b ° th "'i^'Tit 'h f f ^°™ H n °° r5 ' «*** «" d "'at. --..« „ „,„ ^ are «a> near Rawlmgs. .They had /llic - „„,.. *,„.„„„„ „„„„ | The bank then prepared a) They will be two large dormi-lheaded for a normal season this irrpi; anrt will ho -iKIn tn li^M: \-nm- -i ,-iVinni.- «r «i>_ : i~i ,1- C ""-M>iujei:i. inev na today wilh the county commis-is750 by Ihe stale s.oners to discuss the use of a w ill be distributed ,„ „,«= „„room m the basement at thejvers and First Federal Savings Court House for storage ot court and Loan Association. awarded record equipment. I Cecil E p arson3 " and Virginia William li. Carscaden. Harry C. Parsons and Joseph H. Cooper I. Slcgmaier and Leslie J. Clark,jw rtr " ->"--»-^"^ **<^i =* *•"- — — representing the bar group, in' formed the commissioners th...,-- - ....,—.. ..._., .._. plans have been made to reno- offered $350 by the state, vate the land records room of Edward W. Daugherty and Mrs. the clerk's office and install ncWjSusi May Daugherty were award- (CoGlinued on Page 14) Bedford Area Park To Open On Saturday Shawnee Park near Schells. — - _____ ________ aunmn:. for prop- Dur £ i" Bedford County will oiien| ant j )]e new lease in the name of Mr. and Mrs. Walters which gave each access. Wallers signed the leaes at lhe bank and was instructed lo obtain the signalure of Mrs. Walters on the lease. : Walters then lefl the bank wilh lhe lease and returned the same day with it, lhe lease hearing! the name of Mrs. Wallers. "On January 28 Walters was admitted to the safe deposit box Normal Year The orchardists of this area are j —. ~- — .". a ~ ~~.,... ..leaded for a normal season this [lories, and will be able to holdiyear, a check of Ihe major grow' approximately 20 studcnls injers loday revealed, each one. Consolidated Orchard Com- The Stale Deparimenl of Pub P an . v . which has peach and apple lie Improvements also awarded jholdings in Allegany and Morgan the contract for improving the| crnint ' e s, and the Romney Or- campus to the Houck Construe- 'I'Srds. fnc., of Hampshire Coun- lion Company of Cumberland. ' 5 '' had lilllB damage from frost. That work entails additional . llenr v W. Miller Jr., 'vice pres-. K.p.tLt u.vaiutu J10U.3U IDl piup- --t. •" "i.u.v.1^ ^.uumjr « ill ui,<;,i . an(J |]e was aza ] in-:erty near Rawlings for Ihe same! tomorrow for the summer season. J tne box each -, irii latlroad project. They had been! Tne hu se park, which atlracls! entrv recor[ ] al tli ,„ n «.^ «,v, K,. „,„ „„„ s of Cumberlandarcajh" aza ] n admitted (0''Tf> \T 17 1 ' t -, iriie siomng thc 1 HO lUCll JLllllSt ° A Keyser man was equipment, ordered! A letter ie saf ° deoosil f When Mrs. Walter. f went tc , lu ., , ------------- ----- DUX. wncn i\irs. uauers went 10 residents, was used by 1.350.000 lthe Eafe de it box on Februarv , ersons lasl summer. Th a's: - O Sci'VlCC . persons lasl summer. The . - --.--.. UUU .. U .u. -- _ _. _ __ . , V.1.J II 111 Connellsville from the Fairmont held for grand jury action ini Zander Jr., of the State ixijiari-i toal region wrecked early this SIOOO bond for taking a Washing-'ment of Budget and Procure-; Ion County Welfare Department ment. to the bar association staled that the inslallalion oil jwuj, .,!«> uduj^iitriy were awara- I'^'-'^i'^ 10^1 ^uunmri. me jjai^ ^:g 1957 the titl ed $275 for property near Rawl-i D£?2c ' 1 has been extended for 2<M. ncl | j n the box from William H.' in S s - Tna t was lhe aniounl Ihey feet - making a total of 2.000 feet Nnnle For ', • - n nttafnA nf ^anr{\- ctir»rf»li,i/> ^l^m ,i-K;^V, - ' . t-!^' 3 '' i offered. of sandy shoreline along which morning al Fairchance, Pa. Officials of the railroad said no one was injured and added that an estimate of the damage endorsement. check in the amount of $74.85 and cashing il after forging the has not been made. The mishap occurred at S:10 ----'- •— -* "-•" i-iraigtu xvun Meanng me cnecKiis unuersiood the cnuntv hoard — ",.^.. 11£ , .... ..,,1.,,,^ ^.. u *r Th ""I. ,?• 3 "?^ Bra " C , h mai!ed io - Mol!ie R ' Leasurc, 910 would prepare a room for place- aslcr rclief wil1 be taken up of lhe Baltimnrft and nh n Hail- \i«:_ * .,__ . . . . * i^um IMI [ji t n.i ,«.,....,,.., ... _n .\,i,. n nt;c-t ^K.L and Ohio Kail- rrn Maryland to haul coal from the Fairmont section. The road engine, rear of three units, and lhe firsl 17 cars in the Bti-car train, were jumbled in a maze of coal, broken rails and twisted hoppers. B&O work trains from Connellsville and Fairmont were at the scene cleaning up the wreckage, and railroad officials raid they had no indication when the track would be cleared. The fraction motors of the Die sel unit were buried in the ballast Main Avenue. Hagcrslown. and incnl ol cquipmcnl "!. e ™ ca5nin S it at a store after forging records the woman's signature to lhe moved. , via waived ^.^ UIJ hearing before Magistrale William P. Kreykenbohm. He was arrested by Detectives Grayson Wiglicld and Henry Wellington. Two Wills Filed | In Orphans Court Two wills were admitted to probate today in Orphans Court. The will of Milton J. Phillips, city, who died May 17 named the Liberty Trus! Company as executor. The bank furnished bond of $1,000. The document lists Emily P. Wilgiis. city, a daughter, as beneficiary of two-thirds of the estate and a son. Howard S. Phillips. Pittsburgh, a one-third share. The will ot Rebecca S. Dinning, Lonaconing. who died May 6 names her son, Zihlman Dinning. 296 Welsh Hill. Krostburg. as executor. He and Margaret D Slakcm, a riaughler of the de- A large caravan of i ra il,~ "^ are ™»""^ciarics. stopped along North Mechanic Man failed In Itmnl Slrect al the cast entrance to lhe i' " • M " Cfl lu " Om1 iNarron* for a lunch period to- Uofanlt In Morals Case and the damage to them will not be known until the engine is uncovered. Joseph M. Miller. Western Division superintendent, was at lhe scene today with other officials. H. R. Zelty was engineer and J. D. Malcolm, conduclor. of lhe train that was due lo arrive in Connellsville about 6:30 a. m. Large Trailer Caravan Stops Here For Lunch Henry \. Sylvia. 41, .__ ..._ ..„.. Ihe new equipment has been dis- „ ll cussed wilh lhe slale was (roller's office. Zander comp •aid il By Advciilisls . , ,.„„, ............... t . .„„.„„.., .„„„, „ wilh stealing the cneckjis understood the county hoard An offering for famine and dis- -gfi On Paper forged the name . ., , , i "aiu.-i:> lorsen me name bathers may relax. There are . M ,, c Rose t f iniams - on , he 22 lifeguards on call with seven assignment of ccrtificate of Ulle nr P]on( \rnri-tnn of nnr*a 1. .. _ or eight working at once. made some mon drawn up for the ment for the Circuit Court record room will cost somewhere between S50.000 and $75,000 wilh the state paying lhe entire cosl. The county is required to furnish some changes such as painting. lights and similar work. The trailers, approximately 40 Benjamin Imcs Jr.. Flinlstone. lhe land is to jlmorrow at all Adventist church- The West Virginia Conference ol Advcnlists, of which the local Of those there last „„...,„„,. £4.000 were vacation-time campers. There are 400 camping sites available and four new jw-ash houses xvill be creeled soon. Test holes for lhe build-!f 0 'J.' to the car and had a notary, walks, concrete steps, lights andi ident aild S™eral manager, re- sodding, porled lhe freeze damage was not as serious as first believed. Recent favorable growing conditions have been a great help in gelling lhe apple, peach and cherry crops of lhe two firms off to a good growing start. Mountain Fruit Sales Inc., of — — j ... „,„ . u ,.ui .vt-iutiiL,£ jm- Komney, the big Hampshire lion, according to Masler Sgl. W.iCeunty fruil cooperative, through C. Hartley, recruiter. [R. L. Sumner, manager, said They are Charles E. Bohrer.ithere was no commercial damson ol Mrs. Myrtle Rudy Bohrer,|age to peaches and apples. 243 Massachusetts Avenue, who : uiite uepoMt uux on r eoruarvi „ 1957 the title to the car was . Two me " have enlisted in lhe Army at the local recruiting sta- ,l U " 1 ™"'! Mrs ' McGann, acknowledge the without 'Myrtle Rose has three years previous Army service, and Waller wright, son of Mr. Lee and Cart- Mrs. wuBm ^ ^ ^ ^ being P re<entIfefhen; Cnar | es H Cartwright OIdtown ; ,,i, ,„ , hn r:,,i,,i, *,„„! took lhe title to the Gulick Autoj and sold the 1955 car ings have been made. Sl.OOO in cash and a aulo. Tlie auto dealers sold the V,- . , -,,i. irtiuu. i [iu HLUO ueaicrs sola me Picnickers will have 175 more| car b(|t latcr recovered u from tables his year and three more lhe p urcha!;Dr . ™™'" cmca lat tn ca .' lo asK lor Dlds on lhe new i preparations to take part in the ed The olantin- of 150000 trees ™™'" cmca l f at tws trat i sact '<> n quipment lo be installed at the: Dr0 n ram ,™- „ f Vi- . r - r i had becn adjusted satisfactorily. 10 and plansj corne almosl new set up.[drain as a , due lo the Beside the beach and ' * of Hungarian "™ as soon Bohrer enlislcd for the Quartermaster Corps while Cartwright joined the Armored troops. Sgt. Hartley said Lt. Colleen J. Maier. WAC procurement officer at Fairmont, will be at the local Army recruiting station Thursday to interview women interested in joining the WAC. Lt. Maier is a native of Tunnelton and has been in service since 1949. Carscaricn said Ihe new equip- relief and must be replenished. Union Meets Today A special meeting of Local 180 of the United Glass and Ceramic Workers Union will be held today I ' pi uvt\.uiin;> d^ciui^i nun a^ auoi and camping areas Ihe park pro-] as snc learned of his wrong do- vides fishing opporlunities in lheii rg . \Valters was returned "from large lake in the center the layout. Many persons have been us- r ---c,- Florida and sentenced to th penitentiary. "Judge Harris ruled that the ing the park during the warmlassignmcnt ot the certificate weather of .recent weeks, but <hejti,,e bein The season's prospects are normal, he added, noting that this year is an off-season for some varieties, such as Yorks. Both men reported that yellow transparent apples should be ready for market about July S, a, little ahead of normal. Cub Scout Pack Takes Field Trip (rip Towpalh Rights Granted To City The city lias received permission from the National Park Service to breach temporarily {he CtO Canal towpath near the new sewage Irealment plant to permit discharge to the Potomac River of impounded water inter- al 8 p. m. at the Rubberworkers;beaches will not be open untilivoid and lhe Reynolds- c ''isaid i . . r;aces Hall on \ortn Mechanic Street. [Salurday. a forgery is null ., « i- i . . i'"^ uti.iuiu x^uiiiuy, fa. was the Gulick Auto tx- (akcn Sa(urday bvJ ' Cub '^^ (Continued on Page 14) in number, were all similar in size and the group of travelers consisted mostly of elderly rclir- cd couples. The trailers which were nol parked along the street pulled onto one end of the used car lol operated by Spocrl's Garage. The group is headed west on U. S. Houto 40. The immediate goal is Indianapolis. Some members of the caravan will continue on westward to California while others will break off and head for Canada, according lo reports. [this morning was ordered lo the county jail in default of S500 bond for action of lhe grand jury in connection wilh a morals case involving a 13-year-old girl. Charges were preferred by Edwin H. Lilya, counly invcsliga tor. after questioning in Stale's Attorney's office, preliminary hearing was before Trial Magistrate J. Miltor. Dick. Imcs is another of some 20 men who have been charged in the case involving two 13-year- old girls. the The Pack 8 of St. Mary's Church. Twelve members of the pack Permission was contained in a letter from Harry T. Thompson, associate superintendent of the National Park Service of the U, were accompanied by a number S. Department of Interior. o parents and scout officers in-j The breach will be made at the eluding James Casde. pack:downstream edge of the floc<l chairman: Glenn Kimberlin. cub-{protection dike of the sewage master, and Mrs. Edward Cline j treatment plant which is located bell, den mother. The group hadjal Offull Street, lunch in Bedford before returning Work must be completed by '«• September 30 tinder these terms: Members of the pack making j That the towpalh is repaired and restored: thai the federal agency is saved from any claims or liability: that the project he the trip were James Castle Jr., JGcorge Griffin. Francis Fannon. Richard Kimberlin, Michael, .... --- r - - J —. -_ Weiscnmiller. Mark Hassclber-j operated, constructed and tnain- ger. den chief. Edward Cline- itaincd in a safe manner, free of bell Jr., John Ellis. Michael La-j haMr<is: an(l that tlic <"'*>' con >- ipl v vv j (n instructions f rom t nc Park Service or its representatives. . Gralta. James Keech. Bradley Deetz and Kahn Campbell. CONTRACT SIGNED AT ABL-Ofticials ot the Allegany Ballistics Laboratory at Pinto and union negotiators arc pictured above as they signed the first contract belvecn Amalgamated Local 400, United Plant Guards, and ABL. Lett lo right, seated, are D. H. Little, plant manager; E. Leon Rice, regional union director; Clyde LaRue and Chester Jenkins, ABL guards. Standing are Carl Grim and Albert Middleton, ABL guards; R. W. Meals, assistant ABL manager and E. M. Pueschel, supervisor. V:mdali?m Reported Cily police are investigating Man Found Dead Oil acts of vandalism which tool; ,, , rvrii- >i place Wednesday night al the ' orc " Of lhs Ho!uc Pennsylvania Avcnwc hall ficM.j Ral „ A] , abou , 40 d The damage was reported to po-'. dar ^ dead on arriva , this morn . hce by the Recreation Depart- | ing a[ Mcmoria , Ho _ spita i aitcr |appareiilly being stricken while vr\Tr »• i 'silling on the porch of his home > I- Vt Aide | at 312 , 2 HJ1 , S(ree( Guy C. Smith, 727 Fayctlej City police were called when Street, has becn appointed an neighbors reported him acting aide-de-camp to Cooper T. Holtiqiiccrly. When police arrived, no of Chatanooga. national com- pulse could be found and he was mander of the Veterans of For- taken to the hospital, cign Wars. | A post mortem is being held.

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