Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on January 13, 1978 · Page 12
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 12

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, January 13, 1978
Page 12
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12—Ukiah Daily Journal, Uklah, Calif. Friday/January 13, 1978 Jon. 15-21 Cteafion Week Creationism versus evolutibnism theory Deep Valley , Christian School has learned that the week of Jan. 15-21 has been set aside as Creation Week; Creationism is the doctrine that tliis universe is the specialcreatidn in completed, functioning fOiTti by an infinite personal being. It stands in complete contradiction to the prevailing theory of origins, called evolutionism, which attemptJh|o explain the birth and development of the cosmos in terms of naturalistic, random processes. According to Dr. Henry Morris, president of the Institute of Creation Research in San Diego, the argument that creationism is solely the province of Christian fundamentalists, while evolution is the belief of the scientific community, is wrong. "There are many thousands ^ of qualified scientists who r6j<Set evolutionary theories. The Creation Research Society, an organization of academically qualified scientists, alone has more than'550 members," Dr. Morris states. "Neither creation nor evolution can be subjected to the scientific method because they cannot be observed in operation today nor can they be repeated. Evolution is as much • a doctrine requiring religious faith as is creation and in many wayg'more so, for it has numerous unresolved difficulties, and it contradicts established scientific laws. Creationism, conversely, is as much a model as evolution that can be used by scientists t6 explain origins. Many <3f the phenomena used by evolutionists to substantiate their doctrines can be better explained by special creation than by evolution," he continues. "The most serious flaws in' evolutionary theory include the absence qf intermediate forms, 'missing links', in the geological record, the absence of observable transmutations of Ijfe forms from one species or genus to another, and the abrupt appearance of mammals and flowering plants and the equally abrupt disappearance of giant sauri'ans. Eil^olution is in direct contradiction to the second law of thermodynamics which states, in effect, that everything wears out, runs down, becomes disordered. The use of index fossils in establishing the age of a stratum is a curious example of circular reasoning, for the ages of strata are determined by the fossils they contain, and the ages of fossils are determined by the strata in which they occur. Other dating methods, based on radioactive decay, are often conflicting and require unprovable assumptions of a uniform prehistory. Creationism does hot require either n\issing links or transmutations which would violate established biological laws, in fact it dispenses with the need for such links and predicts they will not be found. Dr. Morris states. "Creationism is in complete conformity with the pecond law of thermodynamics. It declares that the so-called column of geological hiSitory resulted not from uniform layering, but from a cataclysmic event. The creationist holds that the earth is young. There are many dating methods which tend to substantiate this idea. The measure of the decay of the earth's magnetic field, the rate of decomposition of short term comets, the influx of nickel, cobalt, silicon, and lead into the ocean from rivers, the formation of .river deltas, the rate of growth of human population, the growth' of coral reefs, and 'he influx of radio carbon into the earth's system all point to an age of less than 20,000 years for the earth." •» "More and more scientists are giving serious consideration to Creationism as a valid scientific model, as it justly deserves. There are many good books on tire subject which the open- minded person ought to read before he assumes that evolutionism is either the only scientifically formulated model of origins or that it is in any sense proved and correct," he concludes. Among the best books are "The Scientific Case for Creation" and "The Troubled Waters of Evolution," both by Dr. Henry M. , Morris; "Evolution, the Fossils say No!" by Duane Gish; "The Early Earth," by Dr. John Whitcomb, and "Scientific Creationism," 'by Dr. Henry Mori-is, and "Evolution: Possible or Impossible," . by Dr. James F. Coopedge are excellent books on a more technical level. "Genesis in Space & Time" by FYancis Schaeffer approaches creation from a philosophical — theological point of view, according to Dr. Morris. CELEBRATING mass in Latin, dissident Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre dedicated his St. Pius X Society's North American headquarters at Oyster Bay Cove, Long Islandi The 71-year-old French prelate has led resistance within the church to recent reforms, including the abandonment of the ^tin mass. Gnosfics-fhorn in the side of ChrisfianitY By DAVID E. ANDERSON UPl Religion Writer In the first centuries of Christianity, members of the early church sought to formulate and transmit the faith of the first followers of Jesus in a cultural environment " filled with competing and often exotic religious and philosophical systems. One of the most intriguing and influential of these systems was that of Gnosticism — a religious and philosophic syistem that sought to bring together elements of Judaism, Christianity, Greek philosophical thought, Egyptian and Persian religion as well as astrology and parts of the mystery cults. . Although the Gnostics were ultimately condemned as heretics and read out of the emerging church, there is Utile doubt that they had a strong influence on the church and some scholars have estimfited that for a time the majority of those who called themselves* Christians adhered to some form of the system. In general. Gnostics were believers in a secret revelation transmitted not through general knowledge but initiation. It regarded pure spirit as good but thought that spirit had been imprisoned in corrupt matter and salvation , was the freeing of Spirit from niatter! The debate over the Gnostic influence on Christianity has not gone away but is very much a part of the current dispute over the incarnation of Jesus. \ " , Some of those who maintain that the incarnation — the belief that in Jesus God became m^n — is a myth, believe the incarnation may be a Gnostic addition to "pure" Christianity and they argue that neither Jesus nor the early apostles argued his divinity. Until very recently the work of the Gnostics has only been known through the sometimes myopic attacks by the defenders of what came to be orthodox Christianity. Now, however, in a publishing landmark. Harper and Row has made available in English "The Nag Hammadi Library,',' a collection of Gnostic writings composed around the time of Christ and which is considered as major an archeological find as the Dead Sea Scrolls. The Gnostic texts, written in Coptic, the Egyptian language of the day, were probably secreted in jars and hidden in caves around '400' A.D. as Roman authorities sought to stamp out the movement [n the name of orthodox Christianity, according to James M. Robinson, general editor of Harper's English edition of the Library. Keeping an eye on your home while you're away HOUSTON (UPD — During long absences, keeping the house warm, pets fed, plants watered, car started, mail collected and burglars diverted can be a problem. Houston Homewatche^ Inc. will solve it for a price. They'll even throw in a supply of garbage to empty just to give the old homestead a real lived-in look. "We set up the business with a couple of ads in the newspaper and immediately got tremendous response," said Ms. Janice Beale, founder and president. "People were intrigued that we would be coming into their houses daily." For $4.50 a day, Ms. Beale, her neighbor and partner, Barbara Marcus, or one of their staff of four will enter the house daily to check security, adjust drapes, set timed lights and gather the mail and newspapers. "There is garbage coljection in Houston twice a week and on the days the people have their garbage collected, we put out a bag of garbage," Ms. Beale said. "If you don't have it, we supply it. From somewhere comes a bag. "We take great pains to make the house looked,lived in, to open and shut draperies. that sort of thing." They also will start the car and feed hamsters, goldfish and parakeets for no extra charge. But larger pets will cost you. Full service plu? one dog raises the fee to $8.50 daily. Each additional big pet is $2 more, but that includes two visits a day^ walking if requested and, of course, feeding, with the client buying the dog food. There are additional services. "F'or $30 a day we clean the house," Ms. Beale said. "We do supply a house sitter for $30 a week. Mowing the lawn costs $7.50 a mow. "For $5 a day, clients supply us with a grocery list before they leave town, we have all those groceifies purchased and cupboarded for them so there's no frantic shopping when they come back." They even consider special requests, . "We've gone to the grocery store to buy a certain kind of barbecued chicken for a certain cat. We've also giyen medicine to animals. One hamster would eat only hard- boiled eggs." Ms. Beale started housewatching in wealthy Hillsborough, Calif,, three years ago, after a bad experience in boarding her own dog during a trip to Hawaii. "We came to the conclusion that kennels and boarding places were just not the right place for dogs," she said. "Cats fared even worse." Her first partner later changed careers and Ms. Beale moved to Houston where "all the talk of burglaries" led her to start another housewatching business Sept. 30. She and her new partner, who are bonded and insured, have an average of 20 clients at a time, all in southwest Houston. Stip expects rapid growth with planned expansion to serve the entire city. PUBLIC NOTICE proposed construction of a new . hospital on Perkins Street. '• Said hearing to be held oh" January 25, 1978, at &:00 o'clock P.M., or as soon thereafter as the same, may be heard, and continued from time to time as the same may require, in the Council Chambers, ill West Church Street, Ukiah, California, at which time and place all persons interested therein may appear and be heard. Michael F. Harris „ Director of Planning ^ 1-13.1978 PUBLIC NOTICE NOflC^TO CREDITORS OF INTENDEDBULK TRAlVSFER Notice is hereby given to the Creditors of R.C. WILLIAMS, dba Ben Franklin Store No. 5838, Transferor, whose business address is South School and West Perkins Streets, Ukiah, California, that a bulk transfer is about to be made to MATLOCK STORES, INCORPORATED, Transferee whose business address is Post Office Box 158, La Canada, California, The property to be tran- sferi;'ed is located at South School and West Perkins Street, Ukiah, Cahfoniia. The property is described in general as: All fixtures and equipment including the inventory of Ambassador Greeting Cards and Simplicity sewing patterns and good will of Ben Franklin Store and located at South School and West Perkins Streets, Ukiah, California. The bulk transfer will be consummated on or after the 24th day of January, 1978, at |the offices of Bell, Cox and Mannon, Room 203, Savings Bank Building, Ukiah, California. So far as known to the Transferee, all business names and addresses used by "Transferor for the three years last past, if different from the pbove are: None. Dated: January 10, 1978 MATLOCK STORES, INCORPORATED BY: s- G.L. Matlock, Pres. Transferee. 1-13,1978 PUBLIC NOTICE NOMINEES AND MEASURE GENERAL MUNICIPAL ELECTION Notice is hereby given that the following persons have been nominated' for the offices hereinafter mentioned to be fdled at the General Municipal Election to be held in the City of Ukiah pn the 7th day of •'Mar£h--iw8: Councilmember (2) (Full Term) Letha O'Laughlin Actkinson Albert B. Norris, Jr. M. Hays Hickey Michael E. Hunter Donna Louise Fonseca James D. Shupe , Mary E. $nyder Measure: "Shall the City of UWah enter into the Shell Purchase Power Agreement with the Northern California Power Agency?". 1-13,20,1978 PUBLIC NOtlCE PUBLIC NOTICE NOTICE OF PUBLIC.\HEARING NOTICE IS HEREBY QWEN that the Planning Commission of the City of Ukiah, California, will hold a public hearing ' ' Consideration of possible revocation of Hillside Hospital's Use Permit for FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT THE FOLLOWING PERSON(S) IS (ARE) DOING BUSINESS AS: Davina Electric at 892 No. State St. Ukiah, Calif. 95482 John B. Thatcher 3800 No. State St. Sp. No. G9i Ukiah, Calif. 95482 Donald B. Ray 249 W. Gobbi Apt. L Ukiah, Calif. 95482 Tliis business is conducted by a general partnerhsip. s-John B. Thatcher JOHN B. THATCHER This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Mendocino County on Jan. 4, 1978. File No. 78-D-l 1-6,13,20,27,1978 Classified DireetVfantM Telephone Number 468-0123 Information Classified Department Hours: Monday>Friday 8:00 to 5:00 RATES (Family Want Ads) DEADLINES 1—Help Wanted Consecutive Per Line Times Per Day 20 + u< 14-19 19e 10-13 7-9 6.. 5. . 4. . 3.. 20< 2V 22' 23« 26' 30< Minimum ad 3 lines NOTE: All ads appearing in the Daily Journal on Mondays wilt in addition appear in the Mendo-Lake Advertiser on Tuesday and be charged at B< per line per Insertion. COPY ACCEPTANCE The Daily Journal reserves the right to edit or withhold publication and may exercise its discretion in acceptance or classifi-. cation pf any and all advertising. New Family Want Ads, corrections and cancellations before nooA the'day before publication Monday-Friday. For Sunday publication before 5:00 p.m. Thursday. CREPIT Courtesy credit is- extended to persons within the UKiah Daily Journal's circula- hon area. Bills are payable when rendered. Some classifications are payable in advance. ERRORS The Dally Journal will not be responsible lor more than one incorrect insertion of any classified ad or for errors not clearly affecting the value of the ad and is responsible only for that line or portion of the ad that appeared incor- recllyi *~-^^ SERVICE GtJIDE Rates for the Service Guide are monthly. Any ad running less than one month will be billed the regular earned classified rate. Changes are made on Tuesdays, deadline Monday noon. APVERTIS1N6 INDEX Apt. for rent-Furnished « Apt. lorrent-Onfurnished 7 Automotive Service parts 7'B Airplanes 30 Boats, trailers, motors 20A Business Opportunities 1' Business Rentals 12 Campers & Trailers 23 Cars, Trutks 29 Child Care '. 2A Ouplexes-for Rent 9A Employment Wanted 2 Equipment for Rent 15 Farm Equipment 14 For Renter Lease 14A For Sale (Miscellaneous) 21 Garages for rent 7A Help Wanted ....: 1 Houses for Rent-Furnished 8 Houses for Rent-Unfurnished 9 Income property -18 Instruction.: 3 Jnv «tmentSj^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Livestock 24 Lbstand Found .4 Mobile Homes 23A Mobile Home Service Repair 23B Money to Loan 28 Money wanted I'A Motorcycles and Bikes 21A Motor Horne!^ 23C Musical Instruments 24 New and Used Equipment 22 Notices 5 Personals 5A •"Pets 25 Real Estate for Sale .17 Real Estate Wanted 17A Rest Homes 11A Room and Board 11 Rooms for Rent 10 Services Offered 20 Situations Wanted 1B Trailer Rentals 13 Used Cars Wanted 19A Wanted to Buy 27 Wanted to Rent or Lease 16 PIIBIJC NOTICE , . ^— FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATMENt THE FOLLOWING PERSON(S) IS (ARE) DOING BUSINESS AS: FINE & FANCY FLOWERS at 1107 5-. State St., Ukiah, Ca. 95482. Ernest M. Fine 987. N. Oak St. ^ < Uldah, Ca. 95482 1—Help Wanted WORKER: '$676-$710. Fulltime Working in Ukiah & Willits area. Ability or experience to provide supportive counseling and assist in problem solving. Ability to provide own transportation when needed. Must be CETA i Title VI eligible. Apply at Employment Development Department, Ukiah. 462-2904. Closing Date January 16, 1978. Position with North Coast Opportunities, AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER. LIBRARY CLERK I: $725-mo. To perform clerical functions in College library. Some evenings each week. Type 45 WPM: High School diploma required. AA degree preferred. Applications must be received in the Administration Building of Mendocino Community College, P.O. Box 3000, Ukiah, CA 95482. No later than Januarv 27 at 5 o.m. An equal opportunity employer — Title IX — Affirmative Action Challenge And Opportunity UNTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION needs representatives to service and increase established accounts. ARBYOU: • Sports minded • 21 or over • Aggressive • Ambitious ^ • In good health • High School Grad or better IF YOU QUALIFY, YOU WILL BE GUARANTEED: • Immediate income to start • Two weeks pay training in San Francisco • Unlimited advancement opportunity - no seniority ATTODAY to insure tomorrow! Call for for appointment 468-0658 TRVCK DRIVER. No expr req'd. Age 17-34. HS Grad. Go<)d pay, excel benefits, educ opptys. Join the People Who've Joined the Army, an honorable profession. Gall 462r2991. STOCKROOM TRAINEE, No expr necessary. Age 17-34, HS Grad. Good pay, excel benefits, educ opptys. Join the People Who've Joined the Army, an honorable profession. Call 462-2991. RURAL COMMUNITIES CHILD CARE PROGRAM ASSISTANT 1550 mo. Ukiah Location. "The Program Assistant will be . p^roviding general assistance \o the Bi- County Coordinator. Must he Title VI eligible. Apply at Eniployment Development Department Ukiah. Job descriptions available at the NCO office, 101 ,West Church Street, Ukiah. Positions with North Coast Opportunities Inc. AN EQUAL OP- PORTONITT EMPLOYER. TELEPHONE Solicitors wanted for interview. 4621044 or 462-2531. HOUSEWIVES earn extra $$ teaching hobby classes with Tri Chem Liquid Embroidery. 462-6746 or 895-3577. PART TIME, Full Charge Bookkeeper for Ukiah Business Firm. SJEdary Neg. Send Resume to P.O. Box 667. PARENT REPRESENTATIVE — volunteer position with the Mendocino County School Attendance Review Board. Reviews cases of school problems vnih pupils, parents and public officials as parent Representative. F?irst and third Thursdays, 8:30-5:00 p.m. Must bfe parent with child in school. Call 468-4431. PERSONS to do Child Care in own home. 6 to' 10 children. Part or full time. $300 to $600 per month. Will lie. Potter Valley Anderson Valley or Ukiah area. UVCC 665 N. State St. ACTIVITIES DIRECTOR — Contact Driftwood Con valescent Hospital. 1162 So. Dora, Ukiah. 1—Help Wanted MATURE person wanted for positions in local fast food restaurant 25-40 hrs. a week. Send reply to P.O. Box 628 Ukiah, CaUf. BURNETT GALLERY of has openings associates. If REALTY Homes now for 4 new you are a Broker-Salesman or planning on getting a license soon, call for an appointment. Gallery of Homes is an International Network of independent brokers. A top professional training program wijh computerized referral systein are part of the advantages. You will find at our office all replies will be held confidential. If you want to be successful in Real Estate...Call up for an interview to hear what we have to offer. 462-6662 or write PO Box 1057 Ukiah, Ca. 95482. LAW ENFORCEMENT TRAINEE. No expr req'd. Age 18-34. HS Grad. . Good pay, excel benefits, educ opptys. Join the People Who've Joined the Army, an honorable profession. Call 462-2991. LETS BE HONEST If you weren't looking for a new career, you wouldn't be. reading this ad, and if we weren't looking for someone to do a job, this ad wouldn't be here. If you are a career minded adult and want the opportunity to earn $300-$500 a week, call toll free 1-^3279696 anytime (for a recorded message.) EXPERIENCE sheet metal person, knowledge of shearing, punching & forming operations. Must be able to read blue prints and do own 'layout. Apply To Advanced Manf. Dev. or call 707-459-4408. L^GAL SECRETARY Part or Full Time. Salary negotiable. 462-1906. WANTE|) MATURE Secretary!» Flexible, able to handle public, and take directions. Min. typing. Salary opea 462-8761 after 6.' WEEKEND RN needed $46 shift. Contact North Brook Conv. Hosp. 459-5592. RN PARTTIME. CGU or ER +. Venipuncture experience desired. Must be capable of working with specialized, medical equip. Call 468-9206 Mon. Wed. Fri. 9 to 2 p.m. GIRL FRIDAY — Gen. Office includes Bookkeeping through Gen. Ledger. Typing 45 w.p.m. Send Resume to Box No. A 846, Ukiah Daily Journal, PUBLIC NOTICE Michele A. Fine 987 N. Oak St. Ukiah, Ca. 95482 "This business is conducted by an individual. S-Michele A.. Fine Michele A. Fine Tliis statement was filed with, the doiinty filwrk of Mendo- docino County on Dec:' 15,1977. File No. 77'1F-18 12^30,-1977,1-6,13,20,1978 PERSON NEEDED 6 hrs. a wk. to deliver Toys, Notions, Candles to a supermarket in Ukiah. Retail Exp. helpful, but not nec. No Investment. Reply to: The Berton Co. 33454 Western Ave. Union City, CA. 94587. IMMEDIATE OPENING part time Xray. Tech. ARRT, CRT, for acute care hosp. 20» hrs. per week -f- call registery elible accepted. 459-6801 ext 210 for appointment. Equal Opp. Employer. , ROOFER EXPERIENCE, hot work. 459-6377 WANTED EXP . Cosmetlogists who don't want steady work, but would, like to work occasionally. Ref. req. 485-8851. • < . HOSTESS to welcome new family & maint. sales contact with local merchants. Part time, hours your convenience. Good pay, local training period. Reply to Box A 848 c-o Ukiah Daily Journal.] 95482. APT. MANAGER, new 19 unit adult complex, prev. experience, prefer married couple. Salary $250 mo. You pay own rent. No pets. 4621329. WE ARE EXPANDING ( We have several openings for persons interested in entering the Real Es^te Field. If you have a Real Estate license or are taking a Real Estate course, come in today or call us regarding our excellent training program, and the many benefits offered by ERA-Chalf^nt , Realty. All inquiries confidential. Lois Davenport-Mgr. M.R. Chalfant-Broker Chalfant Realty .Associates W7 K Pprkins .St 4H2-fl7(M ^> WANTED middle east doombeck drummist, sauze player, flutist for band tci work with belly dahcers. 2636610. . i SALESMAN WANTED Industrial, must be experienced, energetic, local firm, profit sharing, insurance. Send resume in own handwriting to P.O. Box A842 c-o Ukiah Daily Journal. REGIONAL OCCUPATION CENTER SPRING CLASSES NURSING ASSISTANT CLASS Learn practical and technical nursing skills Mon.-Fri. 1:00-4:00 p.m". Qass begins January 30, 1978 URIAH BUSINESS COLLEGE Learn how to be a bookkeeper, typist, secretary, receptionist. Train day or evening. Phone 462-1720 or 468-4260. i^ALES AND MERCHANDISING CLASS Train . now for s^les clerk, stocking, pricing, displays and cashiering. Tues. and Thurs. 7:00 - 10:00 p.m. KegisterNow! Call 462-1720 or 468-4433 ' FREE NO TUITION '1

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