The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 3, 1936 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 3, 1936
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYrHEVlLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS r Queens of Bridge Onre More Contract bridge plajers at the tenth annual nallbtial tournament 9^ the American Bridge League in Chicago, got llielr second. BUT- prlso when these four women successfully i defended tlieli tide aa tho national champion womeus team ol four, A >tnr sgo, >nevor ha\lng me't around a bridge table before, lliey mnde up a team incl won the crounl Living thousands of miles apnrt, they had fio opportunllj to meet since ihen. The four aft 1 , led, t^> riglit 1 He|en White of Los Angeles, Florence Stratford of Cleveland, Mrs i* G Qulgley of Chicago, and Mrs Robert D rullcr of New York , MILWAUKEE (UP)— Cast Iron borings, an unused b) product In hiany Milv aukeo and nearby factories, are being potmtied inlo •useful, solid metal briquets at a jjlaht here, bellowed to be the first commercial metal briqueftlng con in the united states The,briquets are sold to foun- dries which rc-mell them and reuse the melal. Before formation of the com pany Nov. 1, the borings had to be transported long distances ' to steel mills. Alligators can go a month m Wore without food, Remember—Best News Is Usually In Small Print! RiTE PRICE G^IO.&MKT. . "Remember, Best Ne«s la In Stniill Print" HL7SS SPECIALS «-<=.™<™ PHONE 231 Frl . ]S ,,. &Mon . FINE FOOD3 T. II VanBibbcr, Owner 111 E Main, BIylhcUlle TrAde Where RIGHT TRICES t\ery Daj On Lverjthing Is A Kt-abtjl 30c 20c STEAK, Best K C. Round or Loin Lb STEAK, Round, MecL 1 7!-, Qualltj Li . . . 1 IjC - K. C, BEEF HO\ST Thick Rib, Lb . ... 17l£o Shoulder Clod, Lb. . , i 20e POl'K CHOPS, Lean & or Tender Lb . , .. &t)C SAUSAGE, Pure Pork Country Style. Lb ± BEtF LIVER, Fresh Pound . , ,11 FRANKS, All Meal Pound ' 'BOLOGNA SAUSAGt Whole Stick Lb SPAKF, BIBS, Fresh anS Meaty. Lb ' NECK BO>,ES, Fresh Ponnd . , IIENS, Full Dressed Pound , , PURE GROUND BEEF Pound POTATOES,^!'. S 1 Triumph Peck *44c, Lb ONIONS, Yellow Glob* tied Size Lb , TURNIPS, Uomt Grown \l\t\ 25c 15c 3c Ol. «2 PEANUT BUTTER Quart- Z5d; lint . OLEO, Lliy Brand I*Qund . , EGGS, Sunlight Frosh Guarantceil. Doz. , . BUTTER, Country or Process. Lb. BLACK PfePFER, L* 18c, Vi Lb Bo\ 15c 17Jc 38c 35c lOc _COCOA, Pure and Fresh 1 A 17c lOc K. (JO. BAKINGfOWDER ZSb Can for VANILLA FLAV01 10 Oar Botlle STARCH, StaTey's Glois, A Cubes. ^ Box \,\ , . .. !^»l» WASH POWDER Octagon. 2 Boxes SOAP, Laundry, Lgc. White or Yellow. 7 Bare TOILET SOAP, Camay 3 Bars MATCHES, True American, li Boxes . SPAGHETTI or Macaroni Li*. Lung llox . llItAN -.FLAKES, Okay 5c 25c 17c 19c 9c 15c 19c 5c 7c lOc lOc 9c 22c GRANGES, Fancy Juicy ilorida. Doz. APPLES, Del or WinesapOO Doz JOC LEMONS, SimklsU Juicj Inrje Mie Doz LETTUCE, Iceberg Calif. Nice bize t"ch CELERY, Calif. Jumbo Stalk GRAPE FRUIT, Julcj. Florida 3 for GRAPPS, Calif. Pound » . i PECANS, r Wild.. Mcd. 1 Size Lb. •• . . 1 MIXED _ HUTS, While -I Supply • ' Lasts. Lb, * RAISIN'S, -London Layer New Clap Lb SANDVYICFI SPREAD South. Lady 26-oi Jir MIR/.'cLE WHIP, Krafl Quail, Jar PICKLES, Sour or Dill Llbb/ s Jar > CATSUP, Inter Ocean H-Clz Boiile SAJ.DIN.ES, tlti Cans 4 ,ior , KpT TASIALhS 1^-Oz Can ' ., . CUILI, Paramount Lgc. EO*O7 Can DOG FOOD, ^ Choice Brands, ? Can < SARDINES,/Tall C*t IA Cin .' , PEACIIES./TaWe. Rose- -tr 3ale No r<!l£ Can ... U** PINtAPl'LE, Sliced 15-Oz..'i?ari ix . ... CRAV^ERRY SAL'CE Ocean' Spray. 17 oz can DICED / CARROTS IS-Oz, Can \. . CORN,/Extra Standard Can ot 13c 9c 15c 13c 14c 6c 7'c 12c I5c 7k 9c .KBA'C 1 *, Fancy Quality Q N«.'/3 Can ..'..:..'.."... *t PIJAS, Del Monte 3Iio'gct«iq_ No. 2 Can '.. "...-..... "« L 8c 25c 45c 25c 26c 73c 19c 15c 22c CAKE 'FLOUU, Swans iiu>vn. 13o^ ,, OATS, Mother's, Cup Saucer, Itox COFFEE, II. & K. !i Gal. Frull Jar , COCONUT, Baker's Lb Bo\. COFFEE; t'anova Ib Jar COFFEE, Rite I'rlcc Vacuum Pack. 3 Lbs. . TOILET TISSUE, 1000 Sheets. 4 Rolls CRACKERS, Delicious Fresh. 2-Lb. Box MILK, Pet or Carnation C Sni. or 3 Tnll C'ntis DtAM'S MfcAT SMOKE Quitt 85c; Tint . COHV IL\KES, KCllog Bo\ VANILLA WAFERS Lb. Box . ,. CAKES, ASsorlcd Full round BUTTER COOKIES 4.S in Box for . . uUI.K CUFFEE, We Grind It Fresh. Lb. . .. FLOUR, Gold Leaf. BO Lbs. 95c; lo: Lb.s .. SALT ICO Lbs. ?!; i5-Lli. Sic BATHL'OftDLR Mijtair V- Lb . , ALCOHOL, Uubbins lull 1'inl . CAKDi, reanul Brittle OP- 2 Lbs . 6JC AWLFb or 1'tACIIEb 1 O 1 - E\iporakd Ib. PRUNES, 50/60 Size 25-Lb. Box SALTED 1'EANUTS, Fresh, Delicious. Lb, FIG. BARS 15c 23c 15c 15c 50c 29c .$1.75 No. 2 Can 'SOUPS," Crosst & Black- .wcll.^Lb. Oins ....... > Packtd PORK A-/teEANS, Camp. Q- beirs.,"Tall,.Can *'*• Guaranteed Pure 29c - ^^^il^,^^M»:, : • M iMMJiilHI)illll!li[!i!WlR!liillllllJll!lll!!lll^ i • ' ..r^ -1 v * . ''' • CREAJt ,'4 Lbs. 6oc! 10 LK ... TUBS, -Will Bails Each I ;..... SHORTENING, White Ribbon, 8 Ib ?1.0Ti 4 Ib CRISCO, S-Lb. Can 62c; Lb. Can SNO\Vl)RlFT, In B«c-*1 Kc(. 6-Lb. .Bkl! «PJ SllGAfi, IHirc Granulated 10 rounds ............ G \ ttk&M HKisTi: ,^^{ lOc 29c 29c 57c 21c 'ffiURSDAY, DECI3MBER 3, i^._ ' WE ARE,GOING TO RE.MQDELf QL?R STORK - THE MEAT MARKET WILL HE MOVED FARTHER BACK IN ORDER TO MAKE MORE ROONf FOR tiUR F f \ST GROWrNG'GROC'BRY BUSINESS • SO HERE'S YOUR CHANCE TO PROFIT IN THIS ISIG 2 DAY SALE! REMODELING SALE FRIDAY AND KATURDAY , Golden Ripe, Doz. 15c OLEO MftRGERINE, Pound 13'c CELERY, :JumbQ y ; Stalk 7c TOMATOES, Standard, No. 2 Can CALIFORNIA ORANGES SALT MEAT, For Boiling, SLICED BACON U1ND-ON, U R1NDLESS, Lb 29c .V. Me 15c SCHOOL DflY PEftS s lOc LETTUCE, Ice Berg, Head 5c PURE CANE SUGAR, 10-lbs. 48c CREAM MEAL, 24-11). Sack 57c ROUND STEAK, K. C. Beef. Ib. 23c |> BEEF ROAST CHUCK, Lb THICK RIH, Lb. loc LIBBY'S FRUIT COCKTAIL 23c LUZIANNE COFFEE, Ib. Can SHREDDED COCOANUT. Ib. 19c VANILA,WAFERS, Pound Box 15c CORN, SpringTime - &- 3 for 25c CORN, Libby's, No. 2 Can IQc PURE PORK SAUSAGE, Ib. MUSTARD OR TURNIP GRF ;S W: KALE GREENS r,,,,, 11 CHUM SALMON ^ ^ 10 MATCHES^HCHOR » »^Mt SKINNERS SPAGHETTI Al 6i c ANGLO CORNED BEEF 17 PANCAKE FLOUR w " 5 T,"t 15' .BAKERS COCOA 14 BEEF. STEW Kr ' M « m CREAM CHEESE wlscons " BACON •»"«««« NECK BONES ; Ir ' !l •jnic Lb. 1*2. fiW Lb. Li Lb. 21 710 Ub: 1 2 MUSTARD QUart 1U DOG FOOD VIGO .„ 5 FRESH SPINACH , 2 GREEN ONIONS B ^u2f FRESH CARROTS :,- 5 CAULIFLOWER »,.a 17 SALT SQUARE BOX ,.,2!SALAD DRESSING , „ 22 CRACKERS _., ,, 15' POTTED MEAT s '™"' d o»2i° CABBAGE TEXAS GREEN u3 c tl AlIB Shibley's Best • QC^ rLUUK ..,..,. 24-Lb. Sack OUj. ROYAL GELATIN A " F " vo fc 5 F FLOUR '•"" c G<n ^.,.h. s- 75? SWEET POTATOES , *it? PURE HOG LftRD ,, S1.23 PEACHES ROSEDALE . 15 VANILLA EXTRACT ^15? PEANUT BUTTER ' ^•^^ -GRAPEFRUIT ::i " B: f*lL,5 G HAP APPLES ,„ 15 q EVAP, PEACHES ,,,121° SfiBDINES AMERICAN 3V LIBBVSPEABS n , m W LIBBYS PINEAPPLE »;,>„ 19^ P&GSOAP -»„ 3" flUIDCA Small Size ; -" IC^ vlllrOU 2 Pkgs. 13 AVVnAI Small Size - • ftC OAlDQL :Pke.i 9 IVORY SOAP L " SS S,^^:6 C POSTTOASTIES , te 7f SEMINOLE TISSUE ,25 HUMKO *'""'"" ,,„: c s ,,.n13F PIE CHERRIES IW S1c,.12f CANDY CHOC. DROPS ,i 10° MIXED CANDY 10 OADflUHU Tennessee CC ( - oUnunUm GM <* DD BRAZIL NUTS 18 GRAHAM CRACKERS 10 MARSHM ALLOWS 15 CUCUMBER CHIPS ' ' 17' PORK & BEANS Iiltes ca n T OLD TIME MINCE MEKT 9 £ 8° PINEAPPLE JUICE Wo-ttF TOMATO JUICE &n 5° SALT 5CLBSACK 57 C PIMIENTOES ,, h ,„ 5 C BLUE ROSE RICE ,„ 5 RUTABAGAS TURNIPS 2i TOMATO PASTE ,„ 2f COFFlEE MISS LIBERTY „, 19 C DRESSED HENS ,, 28 DRESSED FRYERS WEINERS FRANKS KRAUT Ne W :Barrel GROUND BEEF DADK f*UADC KI «I cuts i ii rllKn VSlVrO Center Cuts, Lb. ... SPRING LAMB £"""'" " SKINNERS MACARONI , TFYAC FIHC 8-Oz. Jar iCAHO TIUO Ifi-Oz Jar ORANGE PEEL GLACE CITRON GLACE PINEAPPLE GLACE CHERRIES LEMON PEEL NIGGER HEAD OYSTERS BAKING APPLES QUEER OLIVES w "J!,r REX JELLY DATES DROMEDARY ,. 30° ,,,17^ Lb 10° ,,, 15° 25c 29c l!)c 29c 6 1C 2 ... 9c i7c Lb. 24 L, 24 C M <- Ll). 0£ L,, 24° Can 12° Lb. 5 But. iw I'ail 37 |9U ['kg. IL IJQ8H Pride of Illinois 1Q1^ HOMINY STOKELYS , Cun 6 SHOE POLISH c ' y ""*,„„, W COCOA ••' °" r "•'""''«.„. DAIClllC London Layer nHiaario COFFFF IMdc, of. Memphis 17 C Box 1 f . Lb. Iv 17° Lb. 81

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