The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on April 22, 1959 · Page 7
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 7

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 22, 1959
Page 7
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LANDERS JYour problems, By --Ann Dnar Anns I was engaged at 17 and thought I was madly in love. The rest of the story is an old one. A month before the weeding ny fiance decided he wanted a ' pure and virtuous girl" although he knew good and well I was pure and virtuous before he tglKeq me ifitq "proving my love." He took back his ring and within three mqnths he married someone else. I thought I'd die of heartbreak and shame. I began to drink and lost all respect for myself. Every night I went out with a djffpren£ fellow. W h en my father put me out of the house I really hit bottom. There's no point in gping into the sordid details. Two years ago I joined A.A. I've been dry for 17 months. I'm 24 now, and trying tp make a decent life for myself. I'm going \vith a lovely, respectable widower with two children. Believe me. I'm paying for my sins. Do you know what it's like, pretending to be someone you're not? Whenever I see a face from the past I wonder if he'll tell. Shall I confess everything to my wonderful guy? Or would it be better to remain silent an^ hope. he won't hear anything from the people around town? Please help me. I'm a nervous wreck.~ KATE Dear Kale: I advise girls who have made one mistake not to go into the past with a fine-tooth comb, but when the story runs into volumes it's a different matter. It's better tp tell him than to live in fear of being exposed. Just hope and pray your "wonderful guy" is one jn a million and can forgive and forget. A girl who has succeeded in pulling herself out of the gutter deserves a second chance. I hope you get it. Dear Ann: My 28-year-old daughter recently went to work in an office where there is a twiee-di- vprced woman. This woman tells nasty stories and is a bad influence on the decent girls. She knows how to stay on the right side of the boss and can talk herself out of any spot. Once she had three martinis for lunch and had to sleep it off on the cot in the ladies room. When my daughter tells me these stories I get so furious I can't see straight. Why is it the boss never sees through these hussies? They get the privileges and the raises every time. 1'v considered advising my daughter to quit and look for another job in order to get away from this bad influence. Do you think I'm right?—MOTHER WHO CARES. Dear M.W.C.: If your daughter- is 28, she should be able to cope with the situation without coaching from mama. There's a variety of good and bad every place. The next office might have two such women, or a man who is worse. Don't suggest your daughter quit and look for another job. There are nearly five million unemployed right now, and she might be looking for a long time. Dear Ann Landers: I'm 14 and a half and have been going with a boy I thought was real nice, until last week. He has a very jealous streak which I used to think was cute. Then I realized I couldn't even say Hi to another boy without Ellis getting mad. Last week Ellis saw me talking to a boy at a bus stop. When I got home the phone was ringing. He said he wanted the charm bracelet back that he gave me for Christmas as well as the teddy-bear I got on Valentine's Day. He even had the nerve to request $6 which he figures he spent on me since the first of the year. My folks have advised me to give him the gifts back but not the money. Do you think I should ask him for the silk scarf I gave him for his birthday? My brother could use it.—LYDIA Dear Lydia: Forget about the scarf and the boy. Sounds like good ers- riddance. f,And a pair of angel wings to yoi) — for returning the loot.) ' ' Attend Matrix Table Mrs. Lee PerHins of Richmopd and Mrs. Lois Smith were in Lawrence last evening to attend the annua} Matrjx Table cjinner of Epsilon Pjiaptcr, Thefa Sigma Phi. journalism frater-njty f o r vvprnen. It was help" in I^ansas room of Memorial Union. Named putstand,ing ;oiu-nalist and presented an award was Mrs. fcu'a Bennington Greene, Tppe^a columnist and feature writer. Speaker was Miss Ma.ry Turk- [ngton, assistant managing director of the Kansas Motor Carriers Association in Topeka, j)nd editor of the association's monthly magazine, "The Kansas Transporter." Thursday N.N. CIRCLE. Mia. Lelant) Monioe V.F.W. AUXILIARY SOROPTIMISTs, Ouost NlRht, Lnrab's KIM GROVE. Mrs. Frod Thomas WHITE SHHINE LIBERTY community, jiotluck supper, 6:30 p. m. LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS, Mrs. Floyd Indr.ll, 0:30 a. m. Forecast Mrs. Arthur Jones To Head B. & P. W. Club Ottawa Business and Professional Women's Club elected Mrs. Arthur Jones as, president last evening at the meeting'In North American Hotel. Other ne\y officers are Mrs. Jim Kahler, 1st vice president; Mrs. Russell Crjtes, 2nd vice president; Mrs, Chester Medaris, recording secretary; Miss Alpied^ Sinclair, treasurer; and Mrs'. E! va Fleming, corresponding secretary. The new officers were elected as delates to attepd (he state convention in Wichita May 15-17. Mrs. Ivan Jones, retiring president, will attend as a member of the credentials board. For the program, Bertha Richardson,' chairman of t h e Pareer Advancement committee, gave a talk, "Development and Growth of Puhlic Employment Service." Miss Richardson is an employee of the Employment Service office. Forty - eight members attended. There were eight guests from the new Baldwin B. & P.W. Club. They were Miss Margaret Howoll. president; Mrs. Winnie Brown, Mrs. Goldie Cieland, Mrs. Cleora Davee, Mrs. SJirley Erickson, Mrs. Lenor'e Frye, Mrs, Olive Handel and Mrs. Frances Wilson. PRINTED PATTERN 4655 SIZES 10-16 The exciting, new EMPIRE jacket tops off a whirling princess dress — escorts a teenager from days to dates! No waist seams — quick to cut, easy to sew Printed Pattern 4655: Teen Sizes 10, 12, 14, 16. Size 12 dress requires 4Va yards 39-inch fabric; jacket takes 1»,4 yards. Printed directions on each pattern part. Easier, accurate. Send FIFTY CENTS in coins for this pattern—add 10 cents for each pattern for Ist-class mailing. Send to Anne Adams, care of The Ottawa Herald, Pattern Dept., 243 West 17th St., New York 11, N. Y. Print plainly NAME ADDRESS with ZONE, SIZE and STYLE NUMBER. bci'afeffes Mr. anfl Mrs. Irwin Heth of niisstoiuims. The™ were \'i rmm WilliamsbwB have returned homo fter spending 51} months at St, ' Fla. They report fine and good fishing during leir stay, but excess moisture in ate February and March. En oute home they visltecj their eld Attend Refresher A number of Ottawa women at- tencjed the spring refresher tour of Women's Christian Temperance Unipn at Ft. Scott yesterday. Those going were Mrs. Edwin Bchwarz, Mrs. M. Todd Macdonald, Mrs. Lucky Williams; Mrs. Albert Peterson, Mrs. N. R. Day, Mrs. Elsie Ferguson, Mrs. Mary Black and Miss'Helen Staatft. The Ottawa group, with Mrs. Mamie Cox of Garnett, presented a skit, "And They Did It." Mrs. Paul E. Reade of Ft. Scott, state vice president, was in charge. Mrs. Macdonald was one of the judges for a Silver Medal Bible Reading Content in which five young Ft. Scott matrons took part. The 39 women and three children present were from Garnett, Redfield, Jola, Ottawa and Ft. Scott. Silver Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Earl Qilliland celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary Sunday with a family din ner. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Gilliland, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Gilliland, Mr. and Mrs. Bud Gilliland, Robin and Leland, Mr. and Mrs. Harlen Britton, Mr. and Mrs. Rex Gilliland and Diane, and Helen and Keith Gilliland. Hills-Willis Betty Hills of Udall, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Redick, Rantoul, and John Willis Jr., son of Mrs. Ethel Willis, Udall, were married March 22 at Mulvane Brethren Church. Rev. w. M. Sanders performed the double ring ceremony assisted by Rev. Robert Blaine. Quality Counts Madison's Jeweler? ALLAN DALE Is (he son of Mr. an<l i\lrs. Dale Kceiler of Garnett. Grandparents »re Mr. «wd Mrs. Albert Schwnrz. Warden; nnd Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Rccrt- cr, 413 Willow. Great • grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Sultpn, Princeton; and Mr. Freeland, Butlfr, Mo. ..ead Hill, Ark. Jacqueline While, Ottawa sopho- nqrc a.t University of Kansas, has icon elected social chairman for er sorority, Alpha Chi Omega. Vnlpn Chapel W.S.C.S. prayer ircle at the church yesterday was ed by Mrs. R. j. Hoffman. Mrs. j. F. Evcrsmeycr completed tho (udy course, "Isaiah Speaks," even were present. Visiting Mrs. Mnrlhn Duddlng, 037 S. Locust, yesterday were er son and wife, Mr. and Mrs. larvey Dudding, Washington D.C. 'hey wj;i visit in En^porin and To- cka before returning home. Air. )udding was born here and ol- ended Ottawa schools. What's Cooking? Lemon pie has been called a refreshing dessert. Mrs. Dole poforth, 711 Pine, a member of Sand Creek HDU, provided t h c recipe below. Lemon Butler Cream Pie '/i c. butter 1 c. sugar 2 eggs 6 tbsp. lemon juice 2 tsp. grated lemon rind V« tsp. salt M: c. sugar 2 egg yolks 2 egg whites Cream butler and 1 c. sugar. Beat in eggs and 2 egg yolks, one at a time, Blend in lemon juice and rind. Cook in double boiler until thickened, stirring constantly. Cqpl siight|y. Pouv into baked 8-inch pie shell. Beat salt into egg whites, then beat in V4 c. sugar, beating until whites stand in peaks. Spread over pie filling. Bake 12 to 15 minutes in 325-dogree oven. Mrs. Julius Rqffclorji, fi r n n d resident of Grand De Molny lothers of Kansas, was honored t a luncheon at her official visit o the Pittsburg Circle yestcr ay. Other Ottavvans present, vere Mrs. Kenneth Keclin, grand ecretary; Mrs. William Becker, ;rand chaplain; Mrs. Charles Biirlingham, Ottawa Circle presi- lent; and Mrs. Harry Loyd. Fnilli Rible Missionary Society nade plans for summer Daily Vacation Bible School lost evening. Mrs. C. C. McFann was hostess. 'Irs. Neal Pritchard presided and Mrs. William Hjort gave dcvo- ions. Letters were read from Layette Shower Mrs. Charles E, Burlingham, RFD 2, was honor guest at a layette shower yesterday at Mrs, Rollie New's home. It was sponsored by the home economics committee of Hawkins Grange. Guests were women Grange members. A yellow and white color scheme was carried out. There was a doll in a doll bed which is nearly 60 years old. Mrs. New, Mrs. J. G, Lylle and Mrs. Leonard Bqrgoon were in chargp of refreshments. Mrs. Elmer Perkins and Mrs. Clifford Hunter directed entertainment assisted by Mrs. Dale Van Horn. Nineteen attended. KENTUCKY BLUE GRASS 79c Per f7C Lb. GLADIOLUS BULBS 10 Beautiful Varieties 75c Pcr *** Doz. OSBURN'S FLOWERS 118 E. 8th CH 2-2244 Workshop Patterns W ftulh W?*th SpMn JIG-SAW BIRDS THESE COLORFUL BIRDS make fascinating ornaments for house or yard. Save time with this pattern which may be placed face flown and designs quickly transferred by applying a warm iron to the Lack. No tiresome tracing required. A large owl as well as the parrot and eight smaller birds are included. Beautiful effects are obtained just by filling in colors indicated by number. Pattern 109 is 50c. —The Ottawa Herald Pattern Dept., Bedford Hills, New York. Ottawa's Lions Clubs (Noon and Evening) 5th Annual BROOM SALE Fri. and Sat., April 24 and 25 The "Broom Caravan" will be at 3rd and Main Sts. in front of Scott's Store all day FRIDAY and SATURDAY. The Noon Lions Club members will be on duty at all times. All Products Are Made by the Blind and Sold Through LIONS CLUBS ONLY! The Proceeds from this Sale will go to help finance the Many Civic Projects Sponsored by the LIONS CLUBS. If you can't get downtown , . . Don't worry, a Lion will be at your door to sell you a broom! Residential sections will be solicited by the Evening Lions club members during this sale. bcrs prcjcnl. Friendship circle hostess yesterday was Mrs, Vidu Adams, there were songs by the urn"!' nnd n business session conclude:! by Mrs. K. R. Enynrt. For roll fiivvi uisjjju mu 4 y VJoHl. VJ lJ!t3I( vJU* ..--*.. .... ... "««,j «•• <. i • >,ii 4 "ii st son, Wan-en, and family, at cfl11 lllc H '"embers gave spring A***) Hill A u i. nnnmc nrwl !«/•»« fliitriu TMin j-i/Ol/tst. poems nnd readings. The collcc lien was $2.42. Mrs. W. E. Hosan received the door prize, .Refreshments were served. Friendly Circle cltiss of Trinity Methodist Church hnd a potluck Slipper Iqst evening with Mr, nncl Mrs. Dwight ifnworth nnd Mrs. A, K, iSullins as hostess. Mrs, Norman Hazon conducted n short business .session and Mrs. Sulllnst gave devotions. Mr. nnd Mrs. Bill Payne nnd small son, .Ion, showed slides of their missionary work among Bra/ilian Indians. Twentynine were present. Nnvy Mothers sewed rug rags lor a V.A, Hospital yesterday nl Mrs. S. N, Hein's home. Mrs. Chapter GL, P.E.O had a pro- ?, nlph .^l 1 ' S r>> ?? Bar ? cr ^ ••mi "Tin-nnni, C r j Mrs. Frank Uuvn have b e en •™',, ..J^? h ,.. th . c . G ?. rdc » elected to attend tho slate con- yonlion in Kniuuts City April 27 mul 2fl. Mrs. W. 11. T.vyiruin received (lie dour prize. Enlre Nous had Mrs, 01 Curby as speaker last evening on "Sewing nnd Fashions." Mrs. Charles Carey Jr., Mrs. Richard Byrd nnd Mrs, James Ogg were hostcssc:; (it Mrs. Cnrcy's home, Fourteen ate," yesterday by Mrs. E. J. Inrris. It consisted of color slides f floral arrangements she hrfs latlc. Mrs. ft. A. Collier con- uctcd business. Hostesses were Irs, Robert B. Anderson and Mrs. A Tucker at the Anderson ome members wcro present. Officers will bo elected at the nexl meet- S with Mrs. John Hudelson, Pomona. Hie OTTAWA HERALD Wednesday, April 23, U)S9 ci»il> was ent«rtatn- Monday by Mrs. B. F. Bowers, She nlno was in charge of the program, "Vermont and H o r Early Settlers." Ten members were present. The Baby Hers Seen Named The dmiRhtcr born March 31, to Dr. nnd Mrs. ticorsc Coznd, Norman. Okki., has boon named Mar- Korct Ellen. Mrs. Cozad is the former Sortih Hill, daughter of Mr. nnd Mrs, H. D. Hill, 814 W. 511), The Ct«:\ds have two other children, n son. fi, nnd n daughter, 2, Paternal grandparents arc Mr. and Mrs. George Cozad, Hoi- Ion. Evening-in-Pari$ Roll-on Lotion DEODORANT Reg. $1.50 Value for plus 2 DRUG STORE 134 S. Main CH2.205P WHITE PICKET FENCE 25 Foot Rolls of Border Fence for Flowers and Walks Per Roll NUZMAN LUMBER 113 E. let CH 2-1572 What a Rough Time You Had Remembering Where and How Your Money Was Spent?? Start Now to Keep More Accurate Records . . . and ... the Place to Start is with a PEOPLES NATIONAL CHECKING ACCOUNT When you pay everything by check you will always have an accurate record of where your money is going . . . and your records will always be up to date. Meet Your Friends at "The Friendly Bank" Peoples —I /^hV-l MEMBER F.O.I.C. 1 [AREYOUR] CHILDREN 1 MISSING I j j I Maybe you've put off making music a vital part of your children'B lives .because of the coat—BUT, it's not that expensive! We hay* 'plans to fit any budget. So,' iwhy not come In, or give u« a can right away. If you jhave any doubts about the ivalu,e of music training, ask !any school band member* IThey know it 1 ? great fun for Ithem now—and great tra,in-' Ung for the future, too. ...the instrument of your choice! .Try before you buy—find 'out which CONN Inatnii 'rnent Is best for you. We will help with a simple, proven selection method de- Iveloped by the largest band (instrument manufacturer In ithe world. I COST is AS iOW AS I RENTAL APPLIES TO PURCHASE WEEK If YOU BUY YOUR MUSIC MAN Walter Butler Saunders

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