Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on January 13, 1978 · Page 11
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 11

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, January 13, 1978
Page 11
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Kit. Dear"Ann Landers: My sister's husband passed away reca)|ly and I stood next to her at the wake in the mortuary to greet people and accept condolences. 1 was stunned by some of the things people asked. .Will you kindly tell me how she should have responded to these two questions and one statement; ,(1) Did your husband leave any insurance*? (2) Do you have any plans for your husband's suits and overcoat? My son is exactly your husband's size and he could sure use them. (3) Don't feel bad, honey. I'll bet you'll meet another man real soon and get married again. I await your response. — Klamath Falls Reader Dear Reader: My suggested responses are as follows: (1) Why would that be of any interest to you? (2) I haven't had time to think about such things. I hope you will forgive me. (3) Such an insensitive remark deserves nothing more than a long look — punctuated with silence. Dear Ann Landers: My husband was a "Food Inspector," too — although not quite as bad as the man iri Michigan. There's achancehis wife might cure him if She is willing to try my technique. It wbrked for me. Never get irito a discussion with your husband about any food he thinks doesn't smell "right" or look "right." Tlie minute he questions something, agree with him that it is a little "off." Throw it all out where it can't be retrieved. Then go fix fried eggs. After thdt, at the first sign of a wrinkled nose throw everything out immediately and prepare a peanut butter sandwiph. If he says he prefers eggs, tell him, "Sorry, dear, I need the eggs tomorrow morning for a cake I promised the church bake sale." Three such incidents and your "Food Inspector" won'the so fussy. He'll eat whatever you put in front of him. Mine does. Voice Of Experience In Silver Springs I Hi Yo Silver: Thanks for a neat solution. And now, please, tell us what to do if the fish is really a little "off" and he gets a bellyache? Dear Ann Landers: Recently you printed a letter signed' 'One Less In The Family," from a girl who said her brother died from eating the leaves of a house plant. She then listed several plants that wer^ "poisonous." Periodically that letter (and others like if) pop up. This is to let you know that the National Clearinghouse for Poison Control Centers receives reports from the various centers all over the country. Usually these reports are filleid out in the emergency rooms of hospitals. We believe we get a very good picture of what is happening. Not one death from eating ornamental shrubbei^y has been reported since 1970. Sincerely Yours — John J. Crotty, M.D., Director, Division of Poison Control (Dept. of HEW, Bethesda, Md.) Dear Dr. Crotty: Thank you'very much for giving me an opportunity to set the record straight. We all. get taken in once in a while and the face with egg on it is mine. Friday,'January lj3, 1978 Ukiah Daily,Journal, Ukiah, Calif.— 11 CathyVelardi Your ft'iendly local three-dot journalists welcome Bil Alvernaz back to the fold this week. Bil is one of that rare breed who are able to- articulate well without dots! His column was resumed in this week's Journal, and we'r6 overjoyed to have him back...And back with us again after a four year absence is Jeanne Woll, whose sunny face now graces our reception desk. Jeanne previously w^s, a typesetter in the Jburnal composing room. Autoland's new Subaru pickup must be in the running for the Acronym Of The Year award — BRAT. That stands for Bi- Drive Recreational All-Terrain Transport—whew! The little vehicle has a switch inside the cab which enables the driver to select regular or four-wheel drive; it's styled like a pickup, with camper accessories and seats for the pickup bed available — sounds like a nice compromise for wives who want styling and room and husbands who want an all-terrain vehicle for hunting and fishing trips. NEW BOARD TAKES OVER — Directors of the Greater Ukiah Chamber of Commerce got together for their first board meeting Wednesday. Pictured above, seated in front from left to right, are: Mary Ashford, President Bill Fowler, Dorothy Martin, and Second Vice President Carole Jones. Back row. left to right, are: Scotty Turner, Redwood Empire Fair advisor to the Chamber; Vic Lopes, Treasurer Jerry Steele, Yvonne Metzler, Duane Mahan, First Vice President Charlie Chase, and Nick Schiitz. — Journal photo by MacLean. Les Ryan announces the opening of a new Century 21 Real Estate office in Willits to better serve mpre of Mendocino County. The skeleton staff, headed by Bill West, is proud of the spanking new building at 1766 S. Main St., which they share with Roy Platz Realty and the Redwood Empire Title Co. Bill, longtime Ukiah resident, is ably assisted by Marty Dean, and hopes eventually to have a staff of eight in the office. , . ' , Television in Review Kissinger show goes on What kind of wadding goes with today's new life styles? Does anything go? Ann Landers' completely new "The Bride's Guide" tells what's-right for today's weddings. For a copy, send a dollar zill, plus a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope (13 cents postage) to Ann Landers, P.O. Box 11995, Chicago, 111. 60611. By JOAN HANAUER UPl Television Writer NEW YORK (UPI) - The Henry Kissinger show goes ori the air Jan 13, but it isn't a question of David Brinkley bringing on Kissinger with a "He-e-e-r-'e's Henry," followed by the fbrmer Secretary of State doing a 10- minute monologue. As a matter of fact, there is less of Henry than meets the eye — that is, Kissinger appears more as contributor than star. And it is the wisdom, rather than the wit, of Henry Kissinger that is r explored. "Henry Kissinger; On the Record," in the 9:30-11, p.m. slot, concentrates on topic rather than personality and it is very timely — the main topic tinder consideration .is "Eurocom­ munism," the special brand of communism developing in the Western European countries such as Italy, France, Spain and Portugal. But is it a special brand? That is the question the show explores, with film clips, interviews by Garrick Ulley with Communist leaders, and conversations with Brinkley eliciting comments from Kissinger. The segments on Italy, where this week tlie political crisis may force the government to giVe key civil service posts to the Communists,- are particularly apt. Kissinger discusses what the Communist acquisition of power in Western European countries would mean, saying: "...I think the influence will be, first, that the priprities of that government will change. That is to say, less emphasis on defense and more emphasis on transforming a society. Less emphasis on close cooperation with the United States, more emphasis on a semi-neutralist position." As for its effect on NATO, Kissinger reminds his audience that European Communists are almost without exception critical of American foreign policy and he says, "It is difficult to see how the present degree of information-sharing and military cooperation could be continued with Communists having a significant share of governmental power." The program as a whole is a chilling look at the Cold War revisited, a reminder of past Communist i/niquities such as the Berlin Wall that raises questions about the reality of ' Eurocohimunism's "difference" from the Soviet brand. Waitresses at a local eatery, hard by a local motbl — which shall remain nameless at this time to prevent the destruction of its grass by thundering crowds of rubberneckers and autograph seekers—have been roiisted out at 3:30 a.m. recently to feed the cast and crews of the movie "Magic," shooting in Ukiah and Blue Lakes area. Stars, have entourages of hairdressers, chauffeurs, maids, and cooks, but apparently still need their morning sustenance. 3:30 a.m. seems like loyalty above and beyond the call of duty, so a Stayabed Slug salutes both movie people and restaurant employees f(lr*their devotion to the arts, Historical Society hears vineyard talk Re-entry day at Today's Almanac) colleg^e Jan. 28 ^ ' I y MendocinaCoUefie will hold welcome; 10 — 11 Sixty members of the society braved the stormy weather on Sunday, Jan. 8 to attend the luncheon and meeting at the Redwood Valley Grange Hall. The speaker, Mrs. Josephine Lane, gaVe a talk on old vineyards, their early owners, and wineries in Ui^ area. She has made an intensive study jpoth from old records, the 1880 history, and in contacting the living relatives or new owners of the properties. She noted the different nationalities represented in the original names, with French and Italian predominating. The earliest winery was built in 1880. Members will be able to rea4 the talk in the bi-monthly news letter put out by the society. The next meeting will be March 12 at the Potter Valley Grange Hall. Bill Fowler took over the gavel and the crown as president of the Greater Ukiah Chamber of Commerce at the i^nnual Installation Dinner Saturday, Jan. 7. ,A1 Norris acted as capable MC and was presented a T-Shirt prono,uncing him Permanent Sapta Claus. Bil Alvernaz took best dressed honors away from all the elegantljf, coiffed and couturec ladies in the place, but we all know he was merely trying to be hired on as a "Magic" extra, since the movie people were laving a soiree in the adjacent room. Bill (Fowler, that is) received a standing ovation when he announced his slogan for the upcoming year; Get TUF — that's "Try Ukiah First." Be the first on your block, to wear a "TUF" button—call youi- local Chamber of Commerce! . Personalities..Jeff Clark of Jack Clark's Men's Store ^ still talking (and talking and talking and talking) about his fabulous Tahoe vacation and sitting next to Bruce Jenner at the Mac Davis show. Only Bruce and Jeff know for sure if he really dpes eal his Wheaties.Bill.Barber of the aforementioned Century 21 Realty taking off for a Christmas Cruise on. the SS,Pacific Princess, and sporting a neat nautical jacket to prove^it.,..A Home Delivery to Lee Miller, of Jack Staley's Volkswagen, and his wife CHerie: baby boy Jacob Chardon Miller...Overheard at Johnnies Market; definition of a salami salesman — Close Encounters of the Wurst Kind. Ouch and Ciao. By United Press International Today is Friday, Jan. 13, the 13th day of 1978 with 352 to follow. The moon is approaching its first quarter. The morning stars are Mercury, Venus, Mars and Saturn. The evening star is Jupiter. Those bom on this date are under the sign of Capricorn. Horatio Alger, author . of "rags-to-riches" stories, was born Jan. 13, 1834. This is American actor Robert Stack's 58th birthday. On this day in history; In 1864, famed composer Stephen Foster died in a New York hospital, three days after he had been found ill and almost penniless in a hotel room. In 1868, the U.S. Senate refused to accept President Andrew Johnson's ouster of War Secretary Edwin Stanton and acting Secretary Ulysses Grant resigned. In 1970, Biafra surrendered to Nigeria, ending a civil war in the African nation. In 1972, New York state ruled that a woman may become a professional baseball umpire. ' A thought for the day; American writer Washington Irving said, "A sharp tongue is the only edged tool that groi^vs keener with constant use." Mendocino. College will hbld tts-re-entry Day Jan. 28 at the Ukiah campus, room 501, from 9:30 a.m. until 2 p.m. Re-entry includes anyone who has been out of school, homemakers, veterans, senior citizens, non high school graduates, or anyone interested in continuing their education. The schedule of activities for Re-entry Day will be as follows; 9:30 to 9:45 a.m.. welcome; 10 — 11, panel discussion (re-entry students and their experiences at Mendocino College); 11-12 workshops (decision making, assertiveness training, and making school work); 12 - 1 p.m. Junch; and 1 - 2, registration and feedback. If you plan to attend Reentry Day, please call the college at 462-0571. Free child care will be provided at the college during the prograiji. WHAT THE HECK Arthur Sullivan (of Gilbert and Sullivan operetta fame) , and Theodore Morse created the music—and D.A. Esrom (Morse spelled backwards) the words of a popular 1917 song entitled Hail, Hail, the Gang's All Here." Stress reduction class is offered ( Television Highlights) Friday's TV Highligi^ts By United Press Interhational —'~»>p.m. CBS. Speical. Hanna- Baipera's All-Star Comedy Ice Revue. Roy Clarke "roasts" animated character Fred Flintstone. NBC, CPO Sharkey. Chief Sharkey believes a visiting Japanese naval officer is a spy. ABC, Donnie and Marie. Danny Thomas and -Ruth Buzzi, guests. PBS, Washington Week in Review. 8:30 p.m. NBC, The kock- ford Files. Jim uncovers a 120- year-old homicide. PBS, Wall Street'Week. 9 p.m. CBS, Movie. AB,C, Movie. "You Can't Ste^l Love." Two light-fingered beach bums and a woman in love^th one of them leave a trail of empty jewel boxes and broken dreams. PBS, Firing Line. William Buckley Jr. and Ronald Reagan debate the proposed Panama Canal treaties. 9:30 p.m. NBC, Special. "Henry Kissinger: Ori the Record." The former secretary of state joins correspondent David Brinkly -to examine the recent rise of communism tn Western Europe, developments in the Middle East and the sharp increase of terrorism. STfAK HOUSE NOWOPEH fDAYSAWeEK I 'rwiitsNorthofUkraru A Stress Reduction Qass will be offered by Ukiah Adult School at the Senior Citizens Center, 495 Leslie St. It will be a six week class from Jan. 16 — Feb. 20, 5:15 to 6:15 on Monday evenings, The class is designed to familiarize class members with their own tenslops and teach them ways of eliminating stress and tension from their lives. A variety of tension reducing techniques will be experienced by the class including guided imagery, progressive relaxation, centering activities and breathing exer- HARRIS PHARMACY , 707;S. DORA' OKIAIf' I Convalescent' , Supplies cises. These techniques can show class members ways of changing their lives so they Can enjoy life more fully. Interested people can pre-register by calling the Ukiah Adult School at 462-1931. NON-SMOKERS Now Farmers can protect your home for less with Farmers Homedwners PoUcv W '^DAVE_ROSETTI FARMERS INSURANCE GROUP 442-1936 737-A S. Stat* St. Yokayo Stioppinfl Ctntar IT'S NO BULL, YOU GET FAST RESULTS WITH THE UKIAH DAILY JOURNAL DON'T LET THE OTHERS STEER YOU WRONG CALL 46a-0123 if. If jf. If. If if If If. jf jf jf if If )f If If jf if If If. CLEAR LAKE LODGE DINING IS FROM 5:00-9:00 pm Wed., Thur. & Sunday 5:00- 10:00 pm Fri. & Saturday DANCE TO THE MUSIC OF REFRIED Open All Year Round Motel Rooms Available Hwy 20 Nice (Closed Mon. & Tues) 274-1544 If If jf If If If jf )f if if jf jf Jf If )f )f f Jf )f f if ¥• TRAICERS ,4 MOTOR HOMES SIX PAC Campers & Shells FERREIRA PROWLER Trailer Sales, Supplies and Repairs mrCHtS INSTAl Lto' El tCtRlC, B«A«e SERVICE ; ' . e'lECTHIC HCMJR-OPS MOTOR HOME RENTALS 75 Soda Bay Rpad Lakeport, Ca. 95453 (707) 163 3420 HI-WAY GROCERY BEER SUNDRIES MEATS MAGAZINES UPPER LAKE 275-2380 KANCHETTE 4.7 Acres, Best Area, Solid Older' 2 Br., 2 Bath Home, Metal Fireplace/ Basement, 1 Br., 1 BathGuest House, With Kitchen Carport, Good Well Walnuts, Asking $75,000 Terms. Bill Cross Agent TOTAL R.E.S. INC. 1054 N. Main St., Laktport 95433 (707 ) 3*3 -5aM Anytima

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