The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on March 26, 1930 · Page 4
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 4

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 26, 1930
Page 4
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Movement Said to to Gala Release 61 RESISTANCE TO Many farmers have learned to their sorrow that ordinary oils won't dp for tractor service. Friction . • .j . wearing, tearing friction . . . it takes an oil like White Star to stand up under that endless grind. Its j special heat-resisting and free-flowing qualities assure perfect lubrication at all times . . . and perfect lubrication is the prime essential in the operation of any piece of machinery . . .especially a tractor. There is a White Star station near at hand . . . order a supply today. For v •:William lj?.\siiulty luvs filed as ';a candidal aate to Hit: IHepubliian venlioii, maikjng nine who have fii-ed for tin" the'Republican ticket. of Windfalljimd Willmh- Swing of:fall received Friday of last.week, Shurpavillc aire the epily crals who have filed. Daily Jiblc Quul For the Scripture sa: ever believe;"h on him . v ashamed. Tor there i|> no differ-,,; ence between the Jew Greek: for i'tlie same 'cii is rich unto all tha|t call upon Mm.—Romans 10 ;ll -i2. If Windfall i for dele- State con- eindidales on .Mrs.- Jinn' RntK'i-.soji Recovering I'Yoiu Fail at Met- Home. office, . F. Owen JTrs. Jane Roburson of South Main street is reported to be slowly recovering from. a. bad Uumo_ 'wliGii she: tripled,, Vier 1 rocker./find fellj,heavily floor a chair to the Mary Jane Gnrr and John liurruni Jr., to Speak at Christian Church. On Sunday night, the young people or the-West Street Christian church will have charge of the service. This is a continuation of the services which were started the last Sunday night in Feb- lt was at first "feared tliat.j ruarv -. • jj ' The-speakers are to be Miss Mury. Jahe Carr and John. Barrum, Jr.! Miss Carr will speak on China and Mr. Barrum will speak on The Need of a Third Political Party. ; (I • " it ion. iior hip liiighl jbe broken as she tit. Whoso-; lla(5 a severe pain in her hip, but hall not bej ,u, " kilv lhl 's proved not the case. A peculiar incident connected and the; with the accident is that the hip Lord over;on which she fell .was not the ane which gave the pain and it is Haird Coal for Brooder it Stoves Phone 55. liUKKHART & CO {-believed the muscles were strain- jed. _ j Mrs.' Roberson is oonfined to ! her bed but is reported to be get- tins along nicely. Miss Mary Acheubach and Miss Crystal Stewart are to v.sing a duet. | ' !.''"• The pjublic is cordially invited and a very* splendid program, ANNOUNCED Ottawa, March 26.—That the Canadian Government is negotiating a reciprocal anti-smuggling treaty with Washington covering the entry of contraband into Canada in return for its refusal to permit clearances of - liquor * for the United States, was disclosed by-Premier Mackenzie King this week at a hearing on the export liquor, bill before a Parliamentary committee.. •.- ' C. H. Cahan and Dr. Manibn, Conservative, criticized the government for not making a treaty with the United States and receiving something in return. Henri Bourassa, Nationalist, refused to accept Premier King's previous statement that he had not introduced the legislation under pressure from . the United States. The only justification for j the bill, Mr. Bourassa said, is' that ! a nation of 10,000,000 people 'cannot with iifipunity resist the ! demands of an adjoining country of 12,000,000 people. Premier King said in reply that lhe~l)ill was purely a Canadian measure designed to control Canadian officials. It had nothing to do with any attempt to , enforce prohibition in the United StafSd. C. H. Cahan asked if the crimi-i nals referred to were criminals under any law of Canada, and it the rum-runners Fere citizens of Canada and subject to the laws of Canada. i •"No," replied the Premier. "The rum-runners are . mostly Americans, bat if .we are going to co-operate with any element in the United States let us co-operate with the respectable element." '• Attempts had been made, Mr. King went on, to misconstrue his references to the serious conse-.| quences which might 'follow the failure- of Canada to prohibit clearances. All the members were aware how quickly feeling had been aroused in Canada over the I'm Alone incident. He asked what the situation, would be if, as a result of some action hastily taken by a United States official, a! were sunk between Windsor and- Detroit and several Canadian lives lost: . . • ' , . If it were then shown that the government of Canada by a certificate issued by its officials had releasetf the liquor on board for export to the United States, Canada would riot be in, a very fav ; arable.position, he said: Have Started Hoover -V •-• . Itr'was rumored -Wednesday, that a movement' for. the release by parole from-the Michigan City prison of Elmer Hoover,' 32, sentenced from this county . Ave years ago to life imprisonment had been started by relatives and friends of the .prisoner. ' •. . -' Hoover received ..his life sentence in Circuit court after pleading guilty before Judge C. W. Mount to a charge of 1 criminal attack "on an eleven year old girl of this city. The occurrence had taken place on the evening of February 7, when-.. Hoover enticed the girl and another child into a truck 'and afterwards attacked one of them.. He was arrested at the_ home of a relative hy Claude Louks who was then sheriff, of the county and the late George Finley who was serving as Chief of Police and after three hours questioning admitted he was the man wanted and offered to confess the crime to the Hoover got the surprise of his life when he did confess and was given a' life sentence, as a few minutes before.he had talked with parties in the courtroom and remarked that he would likely get a sentence . on the penal farm. The man evidently never fully realized the full extent of his crime. It is said a petition for a p'a- rofo 'was heing circulated and that several persons were signing it, asking for the release of The man. Continues Very III. There is little change- in the condition of Cyrus Edwards, who is very critically ill at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Charles Gathmaii and family, southeast of Tipton. A trained nurse is - in that warrants your/"presence, being prepared. is Still Improving. Al Won't See Yov Accident Alike! 'j).'"'' '.. |<.":-.~-.v.. ' " No, of cot rsorthey won't, and w some per/«M wfll say tkat the nntoMoW: arridtat was YOUB fault—tfci t TOU ate to blame.. , Kegardlojj of how bright" you f ••y "kH^w" yon are, others ~ m*r *Jmi':*i* t a jary differently. ]' Thenaadi aa accident may coat .yaa tkawiaria af,«WUn—uajtaa ~ro»:'a«<*4fce •wtecti— of aa JaTLAB PaUfe liafaUitr ana rrovartvOaai^ ' •met caller. Mrs. Roy Grinstead of 5TO Oak street returned Tuesday evening from 'Indianapolis where she visited through the day. at the Robert Long hospital with her rhar^e of - the case, and reported j husbfind, who has been a patient there for several weeks. She found him still improving iu a very.^'encouragiu^T and.", satisfa'c- tory xa.y.. It. will, still be several weeks before' he; will be able to bo brought to Ills home, but the physicians are hopeful'of-: .a complete recovery in a short time and the family are'uch- encouraged dyer 'this noticeable' gain Mr. .Grinstead is making each day in strength. - : - • '."' 1 ! V>f dnesdav morning that the sick man had. a fair night, but asid;! I from that there w-as but.little, if j any. • change noted. lie has pneu- Imonia. With ^ouiig Kuiiuturic Company. %i V-f «g (|f |i lit* John A. McNeal, son of -Mr. and Mrs. Ross McNeal has taken a poBiUon with the Young Furnir ture company and has already entered on his duties. Mr. McNeal will have charge of - the deliveries and assist, inside the store; ;- Notice. i A meeting of, the crypr ownera and;directors. of the Tipton ^ EUT soleuin^Company'.will^e^e/dV _ Tuesday, -Apr|f 2', at ,^at I \jA the ^ffee'ofHlie First National-ln- 1 w ' * Isnrance Go, for lho"'purpose of 1 m m Washington, March 26", —Tjio Oanadia government has proposed to the United States the negotiation of a convention under which each country would'refuse to grant clearances to products the import.of which into the other country is -forbidden by law. Ku Practice. There will be no practice this evening of the Methodist Sunday school orchestra. The meeting has. been postponed because of the -weather. :• Attack of jKeurltJa. Mrs.:;; Scott ^talncis ~- ^as. : - connnod to^)h>«» ta ^gMM} fpjr more ^f^^JSS^ 1 ^ IP riJiame. M. BAAS & SONS GOOD CLOTHES FOR M1H AND BOYS Rt\S PNEUMONIA. . . \ ' Father oC Mis.'J Very A. Knoivlton Is HI. Mrs. J. A. Kno^lton, of East North street, was called to Flint, Mich., Wednesday morning by a message announcing the very serious illness of her father, Isaac L. Waltz. Mr. Waltz, who is 83 years of age, is suffering with pneumonia and the message indicated that his condition was very critical. Some time ago Mr.. Waltz suffered serious injuries when.struck by an automobile and- it was feared then that he • wo,uld not survive. , But he had a strong constitution which" ; carried, him through even to the surprise of the physicians attending him. X RARE OPPORTUNITY to purchase an entire spring: supply of bo- ** siery at exceptionally low prices- All new shades featured. Fine Feathers Gold Stripe $1.00 to $1.95 $1.50 to $2.50 i THE BOSTON STORE (A Home Owned Store for 74 Years) <—A/» • a»^» • m m «Jfr»» aa «J|> • • m aj|s> *a *iV FILING t3iAISIS. NATIONAIi' EG<: WEEK. Time Limit Approaching ' World War Vctcmns. [•'or . Poultry Industry Sets Aside Week , 1 for the Hen. The Director of the Veterans'! Bureau has called attention to' the approaching time limit foi filing claims for compensation Fou the fifth consecutive year the United States will pay homage to the American hen and cele- , brate development of our great . poultry, industry in a truly nation- for disability by veterans of the. ;:il wa> . "National egg week" has World War which includes menj come t0 I)e a great national insti-i who served between April . »•..; tiition, paying'tribute to our bil-! 1917 and July 2. 1»21. lioii and a. quarter doHar poultry The World War Veterans' Act; industry and commending eggs,! makes the following proviso: i the. product of the hen,' to ourl " compensation shall ne jgreat -American consuming pub- payable unless- a claim therl'or ilfc as one of the most complete shall be filed in case of disabil-! and valuable.foods available to the ity" within five years after dis- j human race. THIS INTERESTED CS— MAYBE IT WILL YOU, TOO Why do we say, "Doa't *b?" "Don't tell a fib.'" we may say occasionally to a child or good' friend as a gentle reproof or the attempt to impose a falsehood of minor moment. Probably not one in a thousand of us, in using the term, has ever stopped to think how the word "fib" should have such a connotation. And if we did, it would be only by the sheerest luck that we could guess the connection. If you don't believe it. try it yourself—before reading the next paragraph! " Now that you are convinced— charge or resignation from serv r : Under the provisions of the pro- ice, or in case of-death during the icjamation, national egg week is aj who would have imagined,, that service, within five 'years after: Period set aside in order that yeei "fib" is simply a colloquial cbn- siich death is officially recorded [/in the department under which he may he serving: provided, however, that . where •compensation is payable for death or disability occurring after discharge or resignation from the service, claim must be made within five years after such death or the beginning of such disability.'' "The time herein provided may he extended by the Director up to may recognize a great agricultur-i traction for "fable?" It was nl industry that stands sixth; coined by the author Conserve in 1694 and apparently was consider ered so apt that dt was immedjpt TAKING CENSUS. Atlanta and Arcadia Data to ilv Gathered by Women. 1 Myra 11. Stapleton and India S." Krug have been named -by Will Irwin, director of the census for this district to take the census in -Arcadia and Atlanta. Mrs. Krug is a sister of Mrs. Mattie S. Crawford, who will take the census in part.of Cicero township in this county, both, being, the daughters of Mrs. Mary Sinclair, who resides one mile east of Atlanta. ' " ,'•'*• Files For Commissioner. Samuel Dickover, well known farmer residing iji Madison township has filed his declaration with the county clerk as a candidate for the Democrat nomination for Commissioner from the First district.' Mr. Dickover is the only Democrat who has filed for this, office. John DeWitt is the Republican candidate to file and the only one from that party asking for this nomination. John P.-Morris, former commissioner, whose name was mentioned did not file, for the place. The two candidates for. commissioner from the second district are James H. Harper, Republican, the present incumbent, and Clarence Lortz, Democrat. Dentil of Infant. 111 mm ' Short funeral services- were held Monday afternoon for the daughter, stillborn Sunday Tilght- to Mr. and Mrs. Everett Lowe of Arcadia.' ,ThiB is the second 'child, ttgrn'to Mr. and Mrs.'Lowe, toe: ot^eryiyl^I but a few days after j^nr^tieJ'njother was tojmerljr' M .i8s Pre'cioub 'starUman, daugb- in one: our agricultural pursuits as measured by the value of products produced. It will be a period in .[which to acquaint the consuming public with the peculiar and val-j uaiilc protective properties- pos-i scssed liy eggs as human food. It will be a special period in which great emphasis can be laid upon more efficient antt effective methods in the production and market- ately adopted by everybody. 1 litis Scarlet 'Kcver. April -6, 19S0, for good cause j ing - 0 f eggs, shown. If at the time that any ' right, acmes to any person such j person is a minor, or is of ti'n/i sound mind or physically unable j DonaItI Moore, son of. Mr. and to make a claim, the time herein j Mra - Ra >' Moore, of West Wash- provided shall not begin to run : iv ^ l " n stl ' eet - is confined to the until such disability ceases." [Home with an attack of scarlet fe Veterans of the ;World Eveready glue bottles, a handy office accessory. The Tribune Press, j War' who desire to make 'claim for disability compensation and dependents of deceased veterans who desire to make claim for compensation by reason of, the. death of the veteran should at once execute and submit their claims to the nearest regional office of. the U. S. Veterans' Bureau, in order that such claims may be received not later than April .5, 1930. Forms for the exe-: cution of such claims may ,be secured from Regional' offices or may^usually be obtained from an- ex-service men's organization such as the American Legion, the Veterans of Foreign 'Wars, or from the Ameri-can Red .Cross. If it is not possible to obtain the ver, having: been ill since Monday.: The home was placed under quar-. antire Wednesday, morning. Dnr- ! ing the quarantine. Mr. Moore is staying with his mother. Mrs. Laura Moore, on North Independence street. Another son is visiting with his grandmother near Cicero-and lias not been exposed to the disease. Donald", is a pupil at the First 1 ward school, but it is not known where he contracted the disease. At the. Diana. Theatre Tonight and Tomorrow .. Shows 7:00 and 8:45 Admission: 10c and 25c. NOVAEBO'S greatest romantic TRIUMPH! He Mii;p> new Mm £!i to cncliiint you! He wiiu* your heart with li i» flashing acting! A musical romance centered about the time of Napoleon and: Elba was chosen as the first all- talking vehicle for Ramon Novarro, entitled "Devil-May-Care," V -which'opened Tuesday at the Di-j regular application form, a letter I ana theatre for a three days' run. I addressed to the Veterans' Bu-1 - The picture was adapted from reau stating tiie rank, organiza- the French play. "Battle of the' tion and date of discharge of the [Ladies, hy Richard Schayer, | veteran and stating that the writ-! Hans Kraly ind Zelda Sears. The; er desires to Ulc claim, may bo' direction was under the skillful, considered by-the : Bureau as a {hand of Sidney Franjclm. whoso: claim pending the filing of a tor- mal one., • All eviUeuce submitted for the purpose of showing service origin of any disease or injury must reach the Bureau not later than April 5, 19 ^6. last jiicture was the more successful "The Last of Cheyucy.' than Mrs. Too? Health. Eclipse of Sun. GrtssonK a#Griupni{! til^were'Tlpton' Jacob Getele of Arcadia who suffered a second stroke of paralysis last Thursday remains about the same. Mr, Gettle hae lived alone since x the death of his wife Indiana-citizens with smoked | a few years ago but since he basj glasses will be much in evidence.been in poor health he-has been on Monday, April 28,_when they sUying"with his daughter Mrs. will .have an opportunity of ob- Ramond Bhaftr. He was abls to ssrvlntan eclipse of the sun. r sil^up a snort'(tine Tuesday. .-;It .will-be a central eclipsV the -': . ... „ mm.m..'. . centers of yth^e. sun being entirely Back la Tipton. d^rii^Mut^/bniyj >a'. -nrilltantvhaib:i •.— -•:•,. r —^ - wUi-Jb'e ^viBlble.i ^lib;;^pBe'-£w'll Gq/ofpis. Balser and family have laat-Jialt .au ^hour .andsWili^occurl moved back to Tipton and are,10^ »,u ,Mr^ Balser is geUIng *]b|cfcsln iftthe trucking, bualneas and 4i

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